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BURGER KING® App app received 37 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using BURGER KING® App? Can you share your negative thoughts about burger king® app?

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BURGER KING® App for Negative User Reviews

Your order couldn’t be completedAs a family of six, staying home during the pandemic, we occasionally like to mix it up and bring something home for dinner. I dread every time the kids vote for Burger King. I’ve gotten pretty good at using the various fast food restaurants apps, and Burger King by far as been the most glitchy out of anything I’ve used. The worst part of using the app is after I get everyone’s order in, I click on checkout and get the “Your order couldn’t be completed” error message. Why is this so bad? For those who haven’t used the app, when you get this error it forces you to empty your cart and start over. As someone who works on this technology behind the scenes, this is the worst sort of error message that you give a consumer. You want me to enter the entire family’s order (6 orders) in again? I try one more time, usually get the error again, and then veto the family and go to the arches instead. I’ve tried to be patient, as it does seem the BK technology team is making improvements, but after running into this error today, I give up. I’m banning BK for family dinner in night until further notice..Version: 5.26.0

Scam scam scamI would love to give no stars, but you can’t. So there is a current PS5 promo. You might have seen something about it on tv or on the app. Great promo. If it wasn’t a money grab scam. The proof is that every time I have tried to enter my receipt info from my in store purchase, it doesn’t work. You try to enter the info, and it locks up. Now I say it’s a money grab, because the only way you seem to be able to enter the contest/promo is by placing an order through the app. The app only takes credit or debit cards. And if you see how many people have issues getting refunds for app purchases, it shows they just care about taking your money. The app doesn’t take gift card (money already spent) so they just want to push the promo as app based, even though they say you can enter your receipt info (which is broken), so they can get money now that it’s hard to get refunded. And when you contact support, they just send a reply about clearing your cache, and so on. Done everything on the list. Can’t get it to on on my phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. And they don’t care. Nothing but a cash grab scam..Version: 4.23.0

Really bad app/ Customer supportI’m not sure why this app has a 4.7 avg rating it has been a consistently awful experience. The app chronically has an issue successfully submitting orders because if there’s some kind of unexplainable issue it will not tell me ANYTHING until I submit the order for payment then it will inform me that the “restaurant is unavailable”. Interestingly the store isn’t ever actually unavailable the app is simply bugging out and won’t accept my specific order until I resubmit without removing my allergens from the order. Secondly, I have ordered food within the breakfast time frame only to be informed after the order has been reassigned multiple times that they won’t make it, and the only way of contacting support to request cancellation or a refund is by email meanwhile the order is being reassigned again and again. This is not 4.7 avg rating experience I don’t know what everyone else is doing but this app is one of the crappiest pieces of tech I have EVER used in recent memory. If you are an unpaid reviewer please don’t encourage them if you are a paid reviewer please have some sense of how ethically inappropriate this is for such an incomplete app..Version: 5.30.0

No cancel optionI had an unfortunate experience using this app to place an order. I usually use apps to purchase food from fast food restaurants when I’m getting off of work as I don’t carry card/cash due to my line of work. This way is just super convenient for me. After placing my order and heading to the BurgerKing, there a was festival happening nearby and it was just too busy making it hard to get to and from burger king. I truly didn’t have the patience to deal with the crowd just to get a meal so I left. I did this thinking I would be able to cancel the order and change locations. There was no cancel option. I was charged and without a meal. I contacted support via email and immediately received a response. The good thing is they did give me a credit but I had already bought food from a 2nd location thinking I’d get my money back. At that point I preferred my money back instead of a credit. Outside of using the credit in the future, I will not use the app to place an order until there’s a cancel option on my end like the Wendy’s and McDonalds app..Version: 5.41.0

WARNING: Do Not Download this AppHello. This review should serve as a warning, please don’t download this app. I placed and order through the app and my card was automatically drafted for the order total. When I went to the store to collect my food, I was informed by the extremely rude employee “We out of meat”. I asked if I could substitute something because I was hungry and had already paid and was told “No, you need to call the app if you want a refund”. After calling the 800 number given on the app I was informed I would be getting a phone call to refund my money, it has been a week and that call has never came. I will never use this app or eat at a BK again. Will be filing a complaint through the App Store, my bank and the BBB if I don’t receive my refund this week. Update: After around a month of calls not being returned, getting the run around from “support staff” and hour long wait times I’ve come to the conclusion that BK will not refund. I have had to escalate this to Apple support. I have informed them of the issues with this app, and corporation itself. Guess “the King” has fully accepted his role in McDonald’s shadow. 😂😂.Version: 4.21.0

What’s the point if you can’t order anything?I’ve tried too many times to get this app to work and it just won’t. First off, the whole sign-in process just seems ridiculous. There’s no password setup being prompted, just enter your email address, go to your email, open the link in the sent email and it takes you to the app where you’re suddenly an account holder that’s signed-in. I really don’t feel like giving my payment information to something so seemingly not secure. Next, I want to order and this just simply can’t be done. You tap an offer from the offer list you want and it has you select pickup method, your store, and then, just a blank screen that never loads your order no matter how many tries I give it. (Okay, I think to myself. I’ll just try ordering without the offer.) If you try just making a non-offer related order, you go through the same hoops, just to end up at another blank screen. This app appears to not want to be an app, because it randomly seems to be loading the mobile version of Burger King’s website within the app and I think that’s where the problem arises? I’m not even sure. I got fed up and just ordered Wendy’s. Screw this!.Version: 4.17.0

Don’t know if it’s our local store only but….Several times my kids have had friends over and we have made large orders using the mobile app to feed the large amount of kids. About 90% of the time when I pull up to pick it up they say they do not have the order and there is nothing they can do about it .Now where does this leave you, The app takes the money and you don’t get your food and have to wait 24-48 hours for the app to register your order wasn't filled and refund your money, Which isn’t a big deal when you are ordering a regular amount of food. But when you are ordering a large order it can be over 100 dollars depending on how many people you are ordering for. Can you imagine having 10 plus kids over for a sleep over birthday party ordering the food, being out of 100 bucks with no food then having to find another place to spend said price on for food( the kids have to eat). So instead of spending 100 bucks to feed the kids you have to spend 200 . The staff will check your phone to make sure the location is correct and if it is they will simple tell you there is nothing they can do and leave you high and dry with the situation. No bueno …..Version: 7.13.0

Have it Your way? Not on the app!The Burger King app has a serious flaw. It will not allow you to mark “no” on ingredients. If the sandwich comes with a topping by default, your only options are “light”, “regular”, or “extra”. We’ve made it a habit to mark anything we don’t want with “light” and tell the drive thru that anything marked light we don’t want. Except recently, a change was made and now you are only able to do this to sauces. You can’t do this to veggies. So you only have the “regular” or “extra” options. It is such a hassle to explain to the operator what you don’t want on your sandwich when you pick up. Most of the time the toppings are wrong then anyway. Sure veggies you can pick off, but it’s difficult to remove a sauce you might not care for. This causes unnecessary food waste as we pick off and toss out the onions/pickles/tomato/lettuce/etc that we don’t want that could have just been left off. I have submitted two feedback messages via the app. The responses I get are essentially “yeah, it’s a pain point but we’re working on it”. I would think such a big company could have fixed this in the past three to four years..Version: 7.13.0

Bad App use Doordash or Uber eatsI’ve used this app twice, both times something was wrong with my order. The first time I customized my order, when it was dropped off the order was completely wrong. The app didn’t nothing about, doesn’t give an option to fix it nor does it give you the address to contact the store. My second time using it was the worst, I placed an order at 4:15 pm, the app said it was still being prepared and will be ready in 30 mins, an hour went by no changes, then 2 hours so I called customer service and they told me they will contact me about my order and if something happened they will refund, a hour went by no email no response so I went ahead re ordered on Uber eats while calling to cancel my previous order, then I was told sorry can’t refund u, but wen the order is dropped off ask for the location and call them for a refund. That was nonsense due to the fact I ordered through the app and my order wasn’t even process. So I am very displeased with them, I got my food half an hour later (Uber eats still got there before them) and I tried to call the store and no one picked up. Do not use this app..Version: 4.18.0

Absolutely horribleI went in to get lunch on my break! The service was very slow to begin with but I stayed anyways because I did not have much time. When I received my order it was not right my sandwich was thrown together and was not cut in half like I asked! I told the young lady at the counter I believe her name is Solmary and she took it back to the manager so that she could fix it! Well the “MANAGER “ seemed to be aggravated that I wanted my sandwich fixed how I wanted it (I mean I am paying my money) well since they seemed not to care about customer service I asked for my money back because why would I spend my money in an establishment where they CLEARY don’t care about their customers! Several of the employees working in the back began mouthing off saying that I need to “GONE ON” with that and I said I sure will and I would be writing a review! Well when I said that the cashier up from named Solmary said “WE DON’T CARE”. This was absolutely HORRIBLE and if the employee don’t care about the customers then they should not be working with customers because consumers are the ones that pay their paychecks! I will NEVER but from the Burger King again because their actions were inexcusable! They could definitely use some type of customer service training.Version: 5.41.0

Great offers, and a vastly improved appOLD REVIEW: So I assume this review will get lost in the sea of other reviews, but here are the specific problems I have noticed. I ordered a deal which included two sandwiches. If you customize either sandwich, you can’t customize the other. But ok whatever. I wanted to order a strawberry shake, but oops, it’s not on the menu. The other flavors are, just not strawberry. Weird. And I didn’t try it, but it seemed like it was going to allow me to order a root beer, even though I know my local BK doesn’t have it. I worry about what the employees would decide to substitute. So, I didn’t really end up with what I wanted, but it was a good deal I guess. Even though I know my review isn’t going to make it to the CEO’s desk, I expect a lot of these little annoyances will get ironed out in the future, and new ones will appear. That’s how it is with app development these days. NEW REVIEW: Yay, they actually fixed most of the little issues I mentioned. Did they read *my* review? Haha, I doubt it. Otherwise I’d be able to order a strawberry shake! It’s a minor annoyance though - they still get 5 stars for great improvement in the latest version. LATEST: App is broken. Can’t order from any bk listed. Really bad timing too..Version: 5.26.0

This app is so hit or missThe idea of this app is great. Everything all in one spot to place my order. Sometimes, it works just as expected. But more often, it is so buggy. I’ve had the location not confirm, no matter how many times I try, and have ended up selecting a different restaurant to make the order work. I’ve had offers not load so I can’t claim them and end up buying food somewhere else. And now, I CANNOT get the order payment to happen. I’m getting the error that my payment won’t go through and to check with the cardholder. So I input a totally different card, same thing. Then I waited two days. Same problem. My husband has the same original card on his account and his order went through just fine on the first try. The user experience with this app is lacking. I originally started using this app because of the T-Mobile Tuesday promotions. I hadn’t been to Burger King in years before that, but have used it more since downloading the app. But really, the app is making the experience not worth it. I’ve wanted to claim this week’s free whopper and no matter how I’ve tried, I can’t get payment to go through. The app feels like it has too many screens in the order process and somewhere along the way, something always seems to break..Version: 5.26.0

No customization for Breakfast itemsI was shocked at the lack of the ability to customize your order when ordering breakfast items via delivery. Also, I had ordered two coffees with one being regular and the other being decaf (significant other CANNOT have regular caffeinated coffe), I was further shocked I there was no option to add any creamer/sugar/splenda, just straight up black coffee (McD’s and Wendy’s offers this in their respective apps). Received my order and to which the two coffees I ordered were not marked on the cups in any way, shape, or form. I know this is error on the employee preparing the order and not the app solely, but there should be a comment section at the very least to further state special instructions for food allergens or the like. So taking caution I tested each coffee to figure out the decaf and thought it was identified. Nope!....Significant other ended drinking some of the regular caffeinated coffee and that didn’t go over so smooth with the heart rate but she is fine now thankfully. Unless these obvious oversights get resolved, I will skip the blatant hassle and potential danger of using this app until these issues are addressed entirely! I don’t understand, how are these very basic elements absent from your app and as a blatant oversight?!.Version: 4.22.0

UselessThis app is useless. In order to see the menu, you have to select a restaurant. When you try to select a restaurant, it won't allow you to select a restaurant near you. I've tried at least ten times to select the Burger King that is 2 blocks from my home. The closest Burger King that it will allow me to select is 8 miles away, and is in a part of the city that I never visit. I don't have a car and travel by bus or foot, so prefer to eat in the restaurant... however, that doesn't seem to be something that the BK corporate idiots seem to care about any more. All they seem to care about is directing people to drive to certain restaurants for drive thru service only. As a result I am unable to even look at the menu to see what is available at any Burger King restaurant. Whoever thought that this was good customer service really needs to have his head examined, right before he is fired. One additional thing... whoever thought of the idea of sending a link to e-mail to log into app, really has no clue. The whole idea of using the app is to make things easy. Now, instead of just opening app on phone... you have to enter number, open web page, open e-mail account, enter e-mail password, open BK e-mail, click on link, and finally get to app. This defeats the whole purpose of having an app. BK just lost another customer....Version: 4.17.0

Don’t go to Burger KinBut get King in Marshalltown Iowa is in sad shape. 4 weeks ago the grill was broken, they were out of fish, out of cookies and the ice cream machine was broken. 2 weeks ago grill was fixed, out of cookies and ice cream machine still broken. Today, out of cookies, ice cream machine is waiting on parts, they forgot to give me my drink. This Burger King is run very poorly. I only go to drive up window. Today they made me wait 5 minutes because they said the cash register was down. It was not because I could hear the employee talking to the customer at the window, making change and giving their order. 2 weeks ago they took my order and told me to pull around front and the would have someone bring my order. There were four cars ahead of me waiting for order. Quite a few times they have you drive to the first window ,which is a shed , pay and then wait until they tell you to go to the pickup window. When the grill was broken 4 weeks ago they were making the hamburgers in the oven (flame broiled anyone). This is the only Burger King in town. I’m going to have to start going somewhere else for my food because this Burger King should be SHUTDOWN!.Version: 7.10.0

Store Vs. AppSo up until recently I have had minor issues. Mainly the app not showing what my actually store has and doesn’t have, the lack of options for a large icee(I know, trivial), other smaller items that I can deal with. But my last order has made me pretty upset. I ordered a whooper double and an icee, when I hit yo the store both the icee machine and broiler for the burger meat where down. I told the woman at the register that I just wanted a refund, she told me that the store has no control over that and I needed to contact app support. I have since contacted them and they are not telling me that the store needs to give me the refund but if they don’t to contact my bank. Sounds like someone doesn’t know what they’re doing. I shouldn’t have to contact ANY third party to get my money back. And now that I have this feeling I will not be using the app anymore since I have to call the store to insure that MY MONEY won’t be held up due to bad customer service. I want to be clear, I am blaming the app. Though the store has broken items, the workers can’t control that. Anyone working in customer service for the app should know how to help me rather than shove me off to someone else..Version: 4.11.0

Not logged in.I used to like this app but now it’s hard to get into your app profile because it does not keep you logged in. I already register but every time I go to used the app it tells me I have to sign up or login when I go to login it tell me we sent you an email to login it makes me go through everything again and I have to open it through my email and then when I go back to try to open my app again to use it it brings me right back to login with email again. You guys need to fix it so you can just open the app and have your profile right there logged in already so you don’t have to log back in and go through all that the set up again. When it started doing this I end up just leaving Burger King and going someplace else to eat because this is hassle every time and I waste time doing all that. So if you guys can look into it so it’s easier to just open the app and it’s ready to go and not a hassle till then my family & I Will not be going to Burger King for a while until this. Because I can’t use the coupons unless I login in it says. Thank you for your time..Version: 4.17.0

It took my money!Okay so I made a small mistake and that was not double checking the pickup location. I realized my order had gone to a different location upon entering the location I intended. The cashier said nothing I can do for you that’s the app and you would have to contact somebody else because they knew nothing about the app. I contacted customer service to request a refund for not receiving anything and my card was charged (even though they don’t make it until you get there?) and it was charged twice! Cleverly it went through because the 2nd one was .1 less than the first one. Customer service very nice person took the information down and I got an email that said sorry we will not refund because you selected the wrong location. Wow not only was I out for the one I made a mistake on but also the additional charge. You can’t charge someone for something you didn’t get! No terms and conditions on the app it takes you to a webpage that is an error #BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU Plus it’s confusing app and you can’t see what you ordered and it isn’t clear when selecting the location..Version: 4.17.0

Just needs some bugs fixedOverall I like the app. Here are the issues as I see them. When customizing your order, there is no option to remove a normally included condiment. The outings are light, regular and extra. So the diligent employees ask if you meant light or if you wanted the option left off your order. Also, the drink options in combo meals are not complete. The soft drinks are listed but there is not an option to order an iced tea which I believe is the same price. The app says it's checking with the local/chosen store before finalizing the order but it doesn't. Twice I've placed an order that should not have been accepted. One time the store was closed early for cleaning. The other time I ordered a milk shake but their machine was broken. Most recently, the app has been glitchy. Just today I was going to place an order. It took several tried to get to the order or deal screen (the home screen appeared to be nonresponsive). Once I could get to the offer/order screen, it key me choose my order then went to a blank screen and froze (tried more than once). This has been happening more often recently and as I usually place an order just before leaving the house for work, if the app doesn't work I choose another restaurant..Version: 4.23.0

App overcharges you a LOT and customer service doesn’t respond!Watch your receipts like a hawk if you use this app. They may be overcharging you big time! I placed an order with the app 4 days ago, and the subtotal it showed on my review order page was different from what the app charged my credit card. I was overcharged by over $11! The email receipt I received clearly shows the amount charged is completely screwed up. When I submitted a help request through the billing support section of the app, I got an email saying someone would be in touch with me within 24-48 hours. Nope. I sent another request today. Nope. I finally had to put something on the BK Twitter feed to get them to even open a case. This app, and even the regular website, has been hit or miss for ordering in this area (Chattanooga) for at least a couple years now. A lot of times it just flat out doesn’t allow you to order, although I’ve used the app here plenty of times in the past. They need to just flush this app and start over with something that 1) works consistently, 2) doesn’t overbill customers by almost $12 on an $18 order, and 3) gets you a response from customer service when you submit a help request through it..Version: 5.30.0

They completely screwed up the UX in this “update”Dear reader : please excuse my hangry tone. There are many more things bothering me (same as the rest of us)than this app. BK app just becomes my lightening rod today. They completely screwed up the UX. It is now hard to customize a whopper. It used to have a simple highlight the topping option. Now it’s a confusing more, regular, light option with pluses and minuses around it. Also I can’t see where my cart is. What have I ordered? I click “order” and I’m dumped back to the beginning “where are you eating today”. Whoever did this UX should be fired. Here are some tips for these amateurs : 1. Have sensible defaults, especially based on what I’ve ordered before 2. Make it clear what my current order state is 3. Make it simple to continue my ordering from my order state screen. You guys don’t understand that UX in a app like this is to guide me to what I want and not throw me curveballs leaving me baffled and frustrate. Don’t you get it that 80 percent of your orders will come from only semi motivated buyers who won’t make an effort to do more? Rigging hoops for us to jump through will lose you business. I literally walked away from a BK because I couldn’t place an order on the phone and get a deal. Why not just order old school? Because I feel disrespected that you destroyed such a great experience. You must not care if you have my business or not. I got pizza instead..Version: 4.17.0

All in all, absolutely horrendous!I don’t know if they have someone in India or Eastern Europe making their apps anymore, but this app is ridiculous when it comes to the ease of customer use. They ask you to pick a restaurant each time, so you have to go to your favorites and pick one. Then, God forbid, if you have chosen a deal that they are offering, it becomes such a complicated mess that I literally drop off snd start the McDonald’s app. Today I had the misfortune of ordering a deal with other items. I worked through all the hoopla of paying Apple Pay which was approved. Then it tells me that the chosen restaurant would not except my order for some reason. Apparently restaurants are allowed to skip on preparing whatever food they don’t feel like making that day. I had to make a 10 mile trip to two different restaurants, starting the order all over again, fearing that I was going to end up being charged twice, which I’m still not sure about. If they were planning on getting more customers with this app, I think they all need to go back to the business school to learn a new way of doing things. Because what I can tell from my experience, this app is just as bad as the 70’s condiment selection that they offer inside their restaurants, pink sugar substitute and all..Version: 4.22.0

Frustrating and uselessI’ve been using the app on and off for about a year or two for the only reason that it either works perfectly or it just doesn’t work and takes up storage space on your phone and wastes your time opening and trying to refresh. Recently the app has been useless and disappointing because where I live I don’t get the paper or mailed in coupons so I rely on the app to get some good deals but what’s the point when it doesn’t work, not even to peak at the coupons I have picked eating at other restaurants then going to BK only because the app doesn’t work especially right now at these times of the virus you can’t have even order online you get through all the trouble of adding everything all the coupons and food only for it to tell you “your order cannot be completed try again” and then the app takes all of the food off your cart and forces you to redo everything only for it to do the same thing and not make any progress towards an order. There have been days where I’ve thought I’d rather go to Arby’s then Burger King and that’s crazy because the only good thing there is the curly fries but if their app works better it’s worth filling up on then going through all that pain. Please developers work on your app fix all these issues the app has I’m sure I’m not the only one with these problems..Version: 5.26.0

VERY DISCUSSED!!!I really enjoyed the website was completely easy to use, was an extremely easy platform to follow!!🤩 On the other hand I ordered through the mobile app last night to pick up in Blythe California, I placed the order around 9pm. Was there around 9:20pm. My order hadn’t even been started to be prepared, which wasn’t no big deal figured at least my food would be freshly made since I customized my food for my way. My order purchased was $31, so I felt at best I would be getting fresh food. Except the food I received was HORRIBLE AND YOU COULD TELL OLD! I customized requests for absolutely no condiments on my burgers it looked like the opened old food and scraped off the Mayo and added the requested extras, the poppers and cheese sticks were dried and hard in the inside. Same with onion rings and fries. The only thing that was fresh was the 8 piece nuggets I ordered for my dog’s. This was extremely disappointing, like most people we are barely getting by so unable to AFFORD GOING OUT SO FOR ME TO SPEND $31 for old Horrible food, sincerely PISSES ME OFF!!!😡🤬😡🤬🤬🤬🤯.Version: 5.35.0

Loved until I couldn’t.I live in Astoria, NY which only has one location near my home (3310 Astoria Blvd). The App came in very handy and I went to BK more often being able to preorder deals and pay on my way home from work. This week they decided to remove themselves from the App from this location. What’s to like now? UPDATE: The location finally agreed to add themselves back to the ‘nearest location’ list, and I enjoyed going back using the money-saving specials. However, the last few months it will not process payments to prepay. I get a message, ‘error retrieving item pricing,’ with instructions to retry. Retrying never works. When to settings and contacted support. I was eventually emailed that I should clear cache and reinstall. It’s all hogwash. Didn’t work. Contacted again and they said they would escalate. That was months ago. Still useless. The reflection this gives of the Company is really disappointing. BK, please be aware that I spoke to management at my location and they said all their App customers are experiencing this. All those App customers are lost income to your business. If I wanted to deal with lines, I wouldn’t use App. My solution is to simply go to the McDonald’s App which has no technical problems and is down the road nearby. Think it’s time you address it..Version: 4.12.0

Wrong order/Disrespectful managerI placed an order through the app and picked up through the drive thru. When I opened the sandwich, it had cheese and onions which I had ordered “No” on both. The employee running the registers, apologized and said we will remake it and refund your money. At this point the manager(Tom) came over and interrupted and said they would remake it. He notified the cooks that they had put both items on the sandwich and it was wrong(the order stated both.) when I asked him about the refund, and he said “No, I remade the sandwich and that is all your getting.” I told him what the other employee said and he informed me that the kid was 14 and it didn’t matter what he had said. I asked why he was at the front if he was dealing with mistakes and making decisions. At this point the manager they would remake the sandwich of I could leave. I told him I would filing a complaint and he responded go ahead you are no longer a customer. Tom was one of the most disrespectful managers I have ever met. I have worked in restaurants and customer service for 30 years, this response to me was unbelievable and flat RUDE!.Version: 7.11.1

WORST FOOD APP EVERI know this won’t be seen through all the fake five star reviews but this is the WORST food app I have ever used… even worse than Chick Fila. It doesn’t tell you until after you pay for your order that the coupon/deal you used wasn’t for the location you went to, DON’T SHOW THE COUPON IF IT’S NOT AVAILABLE AT THAT LOCATION, I lost $22 on that order. When I complained they gave me a $10 off coupon I could only use through the app. I used it last night with a gift card and it didn’t take $10 off instead it charged me $1 to use the support coupon… ARE YOU SERIOUS?!? I have screenshots of my receipt showing this. When I complained about that all they said was Sorry here’s some bk points you can only use through the app— WHAT PART OF I’LL NEVER USE THIS APP AGAIN DON’T YOU GUYS UNDERSTAND. And the workers say that they have no control over the app and they can’t fix anything for you when the app messes up and that they’re constantly being yelled at by customers because there’s always an issue when someone uses the app to order. The people who chose this app and its programmers should look into whoever did McDonald’s app because theirs is flawless and if something messes up the restaurant is able to fix it themselves. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP UNLESS YOU WANT TO LOSE MONEY!!!!!!! I don’t think I will go back to Burger King simply because of my experiences with the app and the horrible customer service that comes with it.Version: 6.1.8

Can’t cancel an orderIf you make an order and need to cancel it, Burger King says they “currently don't have the ability to edit or cancel orders after they have been placed.” And will only issue you a $5.00 coupon if you ask them to cancel it. But accusing them of trying to steal the additional $7+ from me, my response got kicked up the management chain a bit and they offered to fully refund me. However, they did say in the email that it was a one-time thing. So unlike other fast food restaurants that actually let you cancel an order, Burger King actively tries to steal money from their customers. Also, the app has options listed that the location you are ordering from does not have. The app let me order a Sprite Zero, yet the location I was picking the order up from doesn’t even carry that. Any restaurant app worth its salt will have the ability to limit your order options to thing the location you are picking up from actual has. Furthermore, as you can see from all of the other 1-star reviews, the developer response is a canned/automated response of “We are bummed that you didn’t have the most ideal experience…” Any dev that actually cared about feedback from reviews would at least have some sort of personalized response to negative reviews..Version: 7.0.4

Can’t get refunded.I ordered on line through their app. Something I have done before with no issues. Tonight I ordered 3 whopper meals and use my BK points to order 3 other items.. I paid through Apple Cash which was immediately taken. When I get to the store they tell me we don’t have meat. They then try to talk me into chicken. If I wanted chicken I would have ordered chicken. Or I could come back tomorrow when they had meat. I asked for a refund they told me since I paid Apple Cash I had to get my refund through the app. She offered me no proof that I did not get my order. Just told me I had to go through the app. There is no refund Apple Pay on the app. Instead I had to talk to a robot because they don’t have a person at 7:30 at night pacific time. All the robot could tell me is someone would get back to me within 24 to 48 hours. Not sure how I was supposed to feed my family with no food and no refund. I finally demanded a piece of paper stating I didn’t get my order or my refund. By the time I got home it was 9:45 pm and I have to start dinner. My kids won’t eat for 45 minutes. Well past their bedtime..Version: 7.0.99

The app is good when it worksOverall the app is good it’s when it work but doesn’t work that’s the problem the majority of the problem is it’s very glitchy it’s very laggy and for something that should be fixed because it’s 2020 literally all those issues could be easily fixed. I get discounts all the time popping up my notifications however when I click on the notifications it will not let me login it will not let me even look at the menu it just gives me a white screen for hours and hours. this is not a good way to have an app out if you have an out make sure it’s fixed. And another thing if you order from the delivery on the app it does not work because not all their restaurants are not connected to the delivery system. Making me lose a few bucks which is totally unacceptable. Even if I change my passwords right a few minutes before and then put in the right password it won’t let me login. And if it does show up the login page which it doesn’t anymore. It will take about 30 minutes to see anything it’s not an easy app if you wanted to coupon honestly go online and try to find one or wait until it comes in the mail because that’s a lot quicker..Version: 4.23.0

Major app issuesMy husband and I have been using the app for several years. He started having issues last year with not being able to get the 4 digit coupon codes anymore, only the 6 digit codes which none of the Burger Kings near us take. He has called BK several times for help with no action taken. I started having issues with my app last week. It just switch from 4 digit codes to 6 digit codes while I was standing in line getting ready to order. They don’t take them at this location or any others that we frequent. We eat at BK at least twice a week sometimes more. I called corporate yesterday and they told me they sent the issue to the tech dept and that I should be receiving a response in my email within 1 -2 hours. Guess what haven’t heard a thing. Very disappointed. We used the coupons on the app all the time. Since they changed the app to mobile ordering it hasn’t worked right. Very disappointed with BK and the non resolution of the issue. Not even a phone call or email to say they don’t accept 4 digit codes anymore. However the person I spoke with at corporate yesterday told me that most places haven’t changed to 6 digits codes yet and the 4 digits are what most stores accept. So why can’t I get them?.Version: 5.33.0

Refunds Need WorkI ordered through the app from pick up. We ordered two original chickens which is about all my wife eats from there. Pull up in the drive through and they are out. Of course they can’t refund there, so I have to go through the app. I put in my request and all I get is a lousy 15 dollar coupon. We barely eat there as is, so now I’m forced to still use the money there. I was told because my purchase was under 15 all they can do is a coupon. That seems shady. If all someone has is a few bucks and they pay for it then they are basically stuck either asking for something else or have to deal with it. That isn’t right and there needs to be a change. Until then I’ll use the coupon and never use the app or eat there again. Edit: what the response from BK below shows is they don’t really read these reviews. When going through the app for a refund you have to contact support. If your amount is under $15 they won’t give you your money back. That is exactly my issue. Support is useless. Give your stores and support refund capabilities!.Version: 6.2.4

Horrible refund policy and customer serviceAfter I placed a mobile order and my card was charged, the “manager” said the ice cream machine was down and they couldn’t give me the shakes I already paid for. I asked for equal value in food and they refused. I said my credit card was already charged for food items and this individual (who refused to give me her name) said to take it up with the app and closed the drive thru window on me. I sent 3 emails to customer service from the app and have been waiting almost 2 weeks now with no response. This is the 2nd time this has happened and I never got a refund either time (total of nearly $20 charged on the app and no food or response). If you are going to use this app, I highly recommend that you only use it to display coupons prior to payment and not use mobile orders (they literally steal your money). Update: After weeks passed, I received a message from a BK representative asking to call back to resolve the matter. I called back numerous times only to be sent to a voicemail message box that was “full” (couldn’t even leave a message). I also received an email with a customer service link (link didn’t work) and an option to change my review. I’ll change my review if and when they make this right..Version: 4.22.0

Highly Disappointed!!I just used my app to place a mobile order on 5/12 through the app with no problem, a few days later I received a notification from the app gifting 100 points due to being a member for a year, once I clicked on the notification and tried to access it, I noticed I wasn’t logged in and when I tried to get back in, it kept reading email address doesn’t exist. I’ve tried contacting customer service about this issue on May 17 which is when I got the notification, they responded, told me to try uninstalling and reinstalling the app, I then responded letting them know I’ve tried doing that and it still keeps saying my account doesn’t exist, not to mention the app is also up to date as well; and they still have not responded nor am I able to access my account, and nothing has been done to try and resolve the issue. I’ve even sent a screenshots showing that it says my account doesn’t exist and still no response. Extremely poor experience with trying to get this issue resolved, it’s been well over 24-48hrs. 9/10 wouldn’t recommend..Version: 7.1.1

Absolutely horrific on iPhone 7First and foremost, this app KILLS the battery. It needs to refresh each and every time you switch off the app. Searching and selecting a location takes at least a minute; 3/4ths of which is spent twiddling your thumbs waiting for the app to respond. Trying to pay at all is a nightmare. I got to the payment screen and my phone got hot enough to fry eggs. Not to mention the fact that the app would be unresponsive for LITERALLY minutes at a time. I had to stick my phone in the freezer to cool it down enough for the processor to work at normal speed. I have no idea how a BURGER APP of all things cripples a smart phone but I nevertheless am appalled. And God help you if you need to add a source of payment, because the app will make that take as long as possible. I spent 20 minutes trying to add a credit card to the app so it could add $10 to my crown card because it had insufficient funds, only for it to tell me it was invalid (why would you not have the option to pay at the store??). So basically I spent 30 minutes on an app only to walk away with nothing..Version: 5.35.0

All I do is wait, wait, wait no matter what.Having a large family, we’re no strangers to being pulled at the drive-thru while they conjure the order to feed my village. Which is why I wanted to give the app a chance. To know what it feels like to be every Jane, Bob and Harry who simply orders and takes off immediately with food in tow. You know, the ones I rather begrudgingly glare at in the rear view mirror as they drive off while I’m still sitting in the parking lot. I hope you enjoy your whopper, good sir. I’ll get to mine next year! I digress. So as you can imagine, I was ecstatic hearing the good news of such an app! Order beforehand and roll off victoriously in under five minutes? Sign me the heck up, my body is ready!! I regret to inform the inquiring masses that my happiness was short lived and dreams were most definitely shattered. I was still pulled. My wait was longer than usual. And my experience was not magical. I did NOT have it my way, people. Not even with the app. No sorcery here and I am most displeased. I give you three stars because I still acquired my food and I’m ashamed to admit it was delicious..Version: 4.7.1

Very disappointedFirst time using the app and since it says Burger King I assumed that the new restaurant actually had team members that did deliveries. I ordered my food without an issue, did my modifications without an issue but when it came time for payment it did not let me review delivery charges, taxes, order total, convenience fee for using the app and then leaving a tip on top of it all. So then a $12 order becomes $19... they let me know the driver was on their way but they left the food and was gone and then notified me with a picture that they didn't knock at the door they just left it outside on the wet cement at somebody else's door. When I contacted the driver it was sorry that's where GPS led me... OK well those aren't my doors and it doesn't look like you left a full order anyways. So this went back-and-forth she never returned, Burger King's telephone number is wrong and I can leave an email with possibly being contacted within 48 hours?? No food no money. two hours later after going back-and-forth relentlessly I am only going to be issued a partial coupon!?! I don't know about anybody else but to me this driver is compared to a waitress, they should verify the order, make sure everything's there, give it to the right customer... But instead it's like dump and go because they get paid no matter what!! so I am not pleased at all and this will be the last time I use this service... pretty disappointed Burger King.....Version: 7.13.0

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