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When You Get The Craving - Order!I do not get that flame broiled craving to often, but when I do the Burger King app makes satisfying that need easy. I have range of offers/coupons to choose from and I can decide on delivery or pick-up. The App allows for the “have it your way” experience that we actually don’t use in-person to often and customize each burger and sandwich to each persons desire. And yes, the orders have come perfectly prepared from our restaurants to order - me extra pickles & onions, the wife has nothing but tomato and lettuce on her Big Fish, the boy gets his burgers no sauces and and the daughter says “bring it all on with the extras!” App easily lets you customize to each persons tastes. Order status is tracked and you get push notices when it’s arriving. So far, food has arrived hot..Version: 5.30.0

The badI love Burger King it’s my favorite !! Best burgers I’ve ever had ! For the last year the service at my location in Victoria TX has been really bad, half the time when I want to place my order no one ever comes on to place my order and then sometimes I’ll sit there for 10-15 minutes and someone will finally say they are busy and can’t get with me for another 10-15 minutes so I end up going somewhere else. I’ve heard that they got new management and I really hope that this place gets better. Okay update I just got home with my food and my whopper was put on a child’s bun. And the manager was super rude yelling at her employees when I asked for a ranch saying no no that’s .27 cents each I said that’s fine no big deal I’ll pay it. But for me to get home and have a tiny bun and the lady was yelling about 27 cents is ridiculous!! They should have told me they were out of buns I would have changed my order..Version: 4.18.0

Altamonte springs locationThis was my second trip to this location. The first time I left without purchasing I had 20 minutes left on my break from work and the two workers during lunch time were extremely backed up on orders. I waited 10 of my 20 minutes just to be acknowledged at the counter. To then find out No burgers or fries were ready. There was nothing I could take quickly and go. This visit I had more time and I ordered in advance on the app for pick up through drive through. There were two cars ahead of me I still had to wait not terribly long. But the mozzarella stix. We’re as hard as a rock both inside and out. The burger was just ok. I love Burger King and coming from NY everything was always ready and hot and fresh. Sadly I have not had a good experience in Altamont springs at all..Version: 5.27.0

Great coupons, great appI’ve used this app many times over the past few months and it’s excellent. The coupons save me money every time and the app works correctly without glitching. I have now used Taco Bell and McDonalds apps and BK blows them away! TB and McD repeatedly claims orders aren’t received despite screen shots proving the order and when probs arise, they have no desire to fix the problem. Their apps don’t save any time or save me any money. I’ve only ever had 1 problem with BK and the store admitted it was human error where a new employee accidentally deleted the order. They worked with us to recreate the order with my screen shots and made sure I wasn’t double charged. BK is doing it right! Their employees are adequately trained on using the app and they care about service. Well done BK, your app actually saves time and money like apps are supposed to!!! I’ll be going to BK more than any other fast food chain. 🥇🏆🥇.Version: 4.6.1

What’s up?What’s up Burger King? I’m 70 and been eating your meals for many years, from California to Arizona, never have I ever had an issue with any of your restaurants and or the way you operate your business, such as specials that comes from the corporate office, manager specials, coupons, specials that are on television, until now, the end of January 2022 and February 1st. I saw on television and was impressed with the special $5.00 meal, well I’m sad to report to you that not all of your restaurants are honoring the price, I’ve been told from two restaurants that the meal is in there system for $6.00 and they can’t and won’t change the price and honor your advertisement, now one dollar plus the tax isn’t a lot of money, but some of us are on a fixed income and every dollar is more valuable than a few years ago, but that’s really not the point, you at corporate take the time and money to run this special for your customers and a number of your restaurants don’t honor the price you set, now, that makes me question your operation of business, how can I trust your organization if your employees are not willing to observe what comes out of corporate? As a long standing customer, I hope you get this under control, thank you for letting me express my thoughts. ☹️.Version: 5.32.0

Good app with awards but unable to edit sandwichesSo I’m not sure what’s going on but BK’s Slogan has always been “Have it your way”. This app however doesn’t allow you to actually edit the sandwiches save for options like adding cheese or bacon to them. Take a Whopper by example - I hate onions, at least the kind used for sandwiches (onion rings are acceptable) and the app makes it seem like you can edit it - just nothing ever happens. You click the pencil, you click the word that says “Regular”, you click the word Onions or even the picture and it’s no good - the app freezes for a few minutes and you can eventually scroll through it again but it’s impossible to edit to remove onions or add extra pickles, etc. For someone who may read this - picking off the onions still leaves the taste of onion on the burger. I’d rather it not be made with them, thanks - if I had an allergy “picking them off” wouldn’t stop me from having an attack from them. Thankfully I’m not allergic I just can’t the taste or smell it brings to the burger..Version: 5.41.0

Best coupons, easy to use appBurger King has the best coupons out of any of its competitors. When I’m in a rough spot I can buy dinner for me and my spouse for 5 bucks (Whopper Jr Meal Deal for 2, Chicken Sandwhicj Meal for 2, etc). They have great breakfast deals too, and you can’t beat 10 nuggets for 1.50. The app definitely gets points for ease of use, customizing your sandwiches is a breeze. You can tap “I’m here” even when you’re not at the restaurant yet, that way your order is ready for you when you get there. This is a breath of fresh air compared to the McDonalds app, which necessitates that you be within range of a restaurant to place an order there, and when you’re using a smart phone or tablet that doesn’t support GPS, or when the app’s GPS tracking is glitching out, your SOL). There aren’t any arbitrary rules that prevent you from using coupons within a certain timeframe. This app gets 5 stars for having good deals and being easy to use..Version: 4.10.1

Great job by the South Burlington BKThese folks are absolute all stars, I swear they couldn’t have had more than 4 people on all day but nonetheless handled huge rows of car after car after car at their drive thru each time I passed by, then once I thought “hey why not share BK with my gf for the first time?” and she’d never had it (was always a McD’s person) but then today the crew at our location made her custom order (thru the app) so perfectly that she said she has fully converted...and wanted me to go get another for dinner! So I’m back at the same place, they’re making the same order for her again and couldn’t be cooler about it, in spite of what I imagine could only have been one of the longest and busiest days in history (that I personally witnessed). Thanks again to the team at your South Burlington Shelburne Road location — they helped brighten our day today!.Version: 4.21.0

Bad service to good serviceTo be honest I love this app. But I had a bad experience today at a Burger King when they didn’t give me a 2nd package of sauce after I ordered 4 items. They tried to charge me 27¢ and didn’t even give me ketchup. I would’ve complained to company Headquaters but they’re the ones who probably told them they can’t give sauce because of inflation. The manager literally told me “you can’t put sauce on fries”. I personally know she was having a terrible day and trying to abuse her authority on me. That’s exactly what it was, but instead of arguing at all I just took my food and left very calmly. I’m thankful I didn’t turn over a trash there; instead Burger King just lost a customer until they give me a few free meals. I understand trying to save money, but to act the way she did and I’m not even detailing 25% of how bad she was.., that’s unacceptable to me. Update: Burger King Headquaters helped me out and forwarded my complaint. Hopefully this doesn’t happen to anyone else. I love Burger King!.Version: 5.32.0

Double HamburgerIt would be great to have an option for a double HAMburger in the app. I always have to order a Double Cheeseburger & then ask for them to remove the cheese once I’m at the order window. There’s no option to remove it in the app. I’ve even tried selecting a hamburger and then adding a second patty, but it doesn’t give the option there. I’ve been using the app for a little over a year now, I know it seems small but it’s a but inconvenient because there’s always a chance the restaurant will add the cheese on accident since that’s how the order comes through. It would also be nice if our cards aren’t charged until the restaurant processes the order. There have been several times where a restaurant will be closed (during hours when it states it’s open) but because I’ve placed an order, I’ve had to reach out for a refund. Otherwise, I enjoy using the app and I love the perks and offers!.Version: 6.6.2

Fantastic for your businessWe are a family of six and you can imagine how that can add up even eating fast food. We were leaving the McDonald’s app and the dollar sandwich specials because we could each get a sandwich, a good sandwich, for only a dollar. Pretty cheap dinner! Add fries and some drinks and it was amazing. Now that we are using the Burger King app we have discovered that your food is truly of a higher quality than McDonald’s. People that use the McDonald’s app and the Burger King app on a regular basis well quickly realize that Burger King’s food is much better, fresher, and just overall a higher quality of food. Put more one dollar sandwich offers on the app because that’s what will really bring people in. People will usually add fries and drinks just get them in the door with the one dollar sandwich deal we really love the one dollar sandwich deal :-)...Did I won’t mention the one dollar sandwich? :-).Version: 4.1.1

Constant Change is Annoying but it is ImprovingI have been using the app since the first Covid lockdown last year. Every time I use it the version and features are different. That’s annoying but alit seems relatively complete and coherent now, so hopefully the future changes will be less disruptive. Last year there were a lot of great deals available through the app. Now it basically just accesses each store’s menu and pricing. I am sure that’s appreciated by the franchise holders more than by the end user (lol) but it’s better than having the stores pull out or refuse to honor the deal on the app. (At one point the process would just get stuck when what you wanted wasn’t available. Now that they check with the store every time before you order that doesn’t happen. So in the end I think this app will be adequate and work as expected for most users. It’s not going to help with prices but using in store pickup saves a huge amount of time vs using the drive through! It’s also much easier to do counter pickup than the drive through when I am on a motorcycle, which I often am!.Version: 5.28.2

My own little slice of Burger King HeavenFor years I would have to drive all around town to secretly quench my overwhelming Burger King thirst, but NO MORE. I used to visit my local BK so frequently the staff would start to make fun of me. This happened for months and got to the point they would do it openly and sometimes even with other customers. I remember once when an employee told the family behind me they could cut in front of the “little fatty chicken fry boy” because I had “no where to be for no one who loves me”. It was at that moment I realized I would have to start visiting all my local BKs evenly and at different points in the day. Making sure to mixup in person visits with drive through trips. I started charting my visits and that worked for many years. However, recently my yearning for BK has ran that well dry. I get mocked at every BK in the lobby and at the drive through. They all recognize my voice. That’s all changed though now with the BK app. I can order my food anonymously and have it delivered that way also! The only hiccup I ran into was noticing the same delivery man bringing me food, I cut that off at the bend though and now I make sure to 1 star every driver to ensure I don’t get the same driver! From the bottom of my heart thank you so much BK, your app saved me a world of embarrassment.Version: 5.30.0

Technical Issues with AppEDIT: I was contacted a day after writing my review. Despite my frustration at the time, I am glad that the BK Team took time to reach out and resolve the issue. Despite the fixes the app may need, their act of taking accountability was superb. To the BK Tech Team, if you’re reading this please contact me. I’ve used the BK App for more than a year now and my experiences have varied. There’s been times that I’ve made an order through the app with absolutely no problems. However, there’s been many more times that the app has given me some sort of issue. Based on the reviews, it’s clear that the app needs PLENTY of work. Now you may be wondering why I decided to post a review until now. That’s because I now have several screen recordings of the app providing issues. Today, specifically, I was using a coupon that required the purchase of another item. The coupon and additional item were visible in My Cart/Checkout (and in the screen recording). However, after paying, the order completely erased the coupon. Given I was on my lunch break for work, it made a lovely afternoon, very inconvenient..Version: 4.21.0

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