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Nextdoor: Neighborhood Network App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Nextdoor: Neighborhood Network app received 135 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Nextdoor: Neighborhood Network? Can you share your negative thoughts about nextdoor: neighborhood network?

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Nextdoor: Neighborhood Network for Negative User Reviews

It’s called in app purchases or, no adsIt has promise but, as it stands right now it’s not for me. I might go so far as to say pathetic. If I see one of their stupid adverts for something I’m not interested in I’ll swear. That’s why I deleted it. It’s called in app purchases where you can choose the option of no ads if you want to. This app doesn’t have such a thing. In fact, there’s nothing you can do if you don’t want to constantly see adverts for this or that or the other not once but multiple times and the junkies are doing nothing wrong. By junkies I’m referring to junk adverts which, I suspect, nobody really wants to see or if they do then it’s their choice just as it ought to be mine to have the option to opt out. Since I can’t see a video doorbell option is no use yet I have to see it and i can even explore a meaningless image as well. Get it together. Let’s choose to see no ads for heaven’s sake..Version: 6.2.2

Can’t sell anythingTried selling items on the community marketplace section and it is utterly useless. Can never see photos and thumbnails can’t be expanded to view clearly. Responses are hard to view and we never know what area the seller is from being unable to view the ads clearly. This flaw seriously needs some repair..Version: 5.326.7

UselessI was encouraged to use this app in order to keep in touch with the neighbors. As soon as I followed the instructions and received the verification email I downloaded the App as invited. I put in my email address and password and they were not accepted. After a few attempts, I tried to get the “renew password” email but a note came up stating that the email address is not recognised. I went to start the process from the beginning but was given a note stating that there is already an account registered with my email address 🤦‍♀️.Version: 4.89

Becoming impossible to use on an iPhoneOver the last few months the app has become so slow that I’ve given up using it. Constantly stopping when scrolling, won’t refresh and the feed has become messed up, showing posts from over a year ago. Too many repetitive ads, some of which are really trashy. Shame - it used to be great. Update: So I get a response from Nextdoor that is nothing to do with the issues I raised. I said nothing about notifications or emails. The app is virtually unusable on an iPhone- that is my problem. It constantly stops and won’t scroll. Others have mentioned this too. And the repetitive ads are irritating and mostly completely irrelevant. I have deleted the app. It’s the only app I have ever had such a problem with..Version: 5.326.7

It just won’t die!I’ve deleted the app and unsubscribed to the incessant emails every time I get them and they just won’t fkn stop! I don’t care to know about what my neighbours think the person of colour next door is doing. That’s all this app is, what an annoying product! Please leave me alone!.Version: 5.206.8

Like watching Neighbours but worse and not secureI do not recommend this app. It has benefits such as helping out people with questions and supporting local trades/businesses but the drawbacks far outweigh the Benefits. The app is not secure. I started receiving more junk mail and unsolicited phone calls when I joined so I removed my last name and this stopped. Unfortunately the app wants you to have your last name out there which in my eyes is a massive security breach. I do not want my nosy neighbours researching me, giving out my full name and address to their cold callers in order to make some money on me. There’s no way to hide your last name either. On top of that the app is full of Mrs Mangles being nosy posting replies about reporting people to the authorities if they do certain things which in my eyes is none of their business. I contacted support and they didn’t care so if you want to be secure and you don’t want you don’t want your nosy neighbours knowing everything about you then do not join this app!.Version: 5.209.6

Think twice before joining Nextdoor!I joined the Nextdoor app to get recommendations for local businesses and services, as well as to keep up with events and/or possible emergencies affecting my local community. Unbeknownst to me, Nextdoor took it upon itself to leverage my identity (name and street name) to send out invitations to strangers in my community without my permission to get them to join the app. I was horrified to discover this feature when I received an email notification that a person I didn’t know had accepted my invitation to join the app. Clueless as to what invitation had been accepted, I did some digging and discovered that Nextdoor had sent out 200+ invitations in my name without my permission. I feel completely used and violated by Nextdoor and immediately deactivated my account due to the company’s unethical business practices and invasive customer exploitation tactics. The overly invasive nature of the app completely overshadows any positive features I previously enjoyed. In addition, the app indicates that users can opt out of this feature, but only after hundreds of invitations have already been distributed on your behalf to neighbors you’ve never even met. If you value your anonymity, privacy, and safety in your local community, please heed this warning about Nextdoor..Version: 5.291.16

Full of PC Police & SnowflakesTechnically the app usually functions with error however there is a significant number of community persons who deign to live their lives through the app and are at best hugely over sensitive snowflakes, attempting to be politically correct to the point of worthless contribution and woke with it. It’s unofficially policed by some of the same persons and frankly you’re discouraged or at worst banned from posting objective criticism or any objective negative feedback - everything has to be ‘wonderful, perfect, lovely’ which we all know isn’t the real world we live in. I have read the response to my feedback and frankly it’s irrelevant. It fails to address the fundamental problem with this platform - you are not allowed or permitted to post anything that is remotely negative however fact based, truthful and objective it may be and in fact a lot of folks appreciate otherwise they would be fooled into believing that everything is perfect and wonderful with the world around them and we cannot allow that can we..Version: 5.222.5

😡 Breeds victimisation for business bullies****developer finally got in tosh asking me to contact them, the day after they cancelled my profile, absolute joke**** As no one (for weeks) from admin has bothered to respond to me, I have been reduced to a review (0 stars if I could!) because I’m disgusted by the ignorance of bullying and being reported for every post almost. You email me to post a commerce post to get more business in, I do just that, and magically EVERY SINGLE TIME I DO it is reported, and you side with the person who reported something totally innocent, who has a grudge against me personally. You are not helping the community, you are siding with bullies. Disgusting behaviour in this day and age.Version: 5.318.7

Scrolling hitchesUpdate: I uninstalled the app (which said it would delete its data), restarted my phone, then reinstalled it. The first couple of times I ran the app, scrolling was smooth again. What was quite weird is: I didn’t have to log into NextDoor again. So it kept some of my data, somewhere (key store?). It did ask for permission to send notifications again. Anyway, let’s see if the scrolling problem builds up again. April ‘22 The scrolling hitches are still there. If you keep the panel moving slightly, even by dragging up and down, it will scroll smoothly through pages and pages of content. But the moment the panel stops completely, you cannot scroll at all for 3-5 seconds. Not can you hit buttons. The app doesn’t heat up the phone, so it’s not stuck in a loop. It just goes idle, and forgets to poll for input. Obviously, QA would have noticed this. So it must be an issue w iPhone 8, only. Maybe a bad assumption about equal update rates everywhere? I’m on the latest OS. March ‘22: The last few versions have a performance bug where scrolling hitches, and buttons are unresponsive for a moment. No other apps on my iphone8 are doing that. I love the service and seeing local posts. Also, it would be nice as an admin of a group to be able pin/unpin posts in the app. Right now, you can only do that on the web..Version: 5.308.10

CrashesThis app crashes constantly even when I delete and re download.Version: 5.212.9

This app has what they call “Leads” these groups decide which posts are shown.Nextdoor has what they call community standards which if you are in violation they flag your post. Ok I guess. But then you have groups that WORK for nextdoor called “Leads” which supposedly vote to have a post removed but yet? You don’t get a warning from nextdoor about violations. Nope. Well how can nextdoor give someone a violation warning in a post about LBTGQ concerns without being exposed for their bigot beliefs. Well they can’t of course legally. So they allow these “Leads” to remove any posts without explanation of why or how the LBTGQ posts are being removed. I posted a pic of Caitlyn Jenner and explained a fact that when he was 10 yo he always wanted to be a girl. Swipe post was gone, but not before bullies and trolls had a chance to comment aggressively. The bullies and trolls? ARE THE LEADS that nextdoor HIRES to eliminate the true community. Do not download this app they also sell your information to 10 software companies. This app is conclusive to dictatorship and keep their hands clean by having these “Leads” which are racist people that dictate what gets seen. And what gets removed. Their idea of community standards is to get rid of LBTGQ and minorities. Just check out reviews on this app on review sites. Some “Leads” actually admit to what I have stated. And these “Leads” get paid to bully and discriminate wow just wow.Version: 6.15.11

Vigilante hate campaign.My address and vehicles were shared to the public by a woman on your app. When I tried to deal with this I was prevented from logging in. I’m very concerned that she is continuing her hate campaign against my family and I. Several times I requested that the entire thread be deleted by you and I reported her and someone who was joining in with her enciting hate towards me, but instead I cannot log in..! Nothing was done to help me by anyone on your site. Maybe they have reposted my address....This is causing me stress and worry. I want this dealt with... it is very serious that my address and vehicles types were shared and that nobody did anything about it! I advise everybody not to use your app... it is a dangerous place for people to harm others and you do nothing to help!!.Version: 5.189.3

SCAM ALERT -they send letters out using your identityDO NOT SIGN UP - they will use your name without permission and send letters to your neighbourhood coming from you. I have had to help my mum deactivate her account and we have also reported and lodged and official case with our local police. My mum signed up thinking it was just a neighbourhood community group. However we found out through one of our neighbors that they received mail (as in an actual letter) asking them to sign up to Nextdoor and it’s signed off using my mums name. Needless to say, our family is super cross, shocked and outraged that a company is engaging in this kind of scammy predatory marketing and using the identity of its users to try and get more users on. Have flagged to my partner too who is a lawyer and will also submit a complaint to consumer affairs and the anti-scam watchdog..Version: 5.283.11

App sends mail to neighbourhood using your personal detailsBe aware that this app will post snail mail to your neighbourhood asking the residents to join the app and the letter is signed off using your full name and street name. When I contacted the app company about feeling this is a breach of my privacy they told me I consented to this when signing up to use the app. ****scam app****.Version: 5.314.3

Feed doesn’t sort chronologicallyPlease fix this and extend my preferences, why is an app allowed to override the users’ selection after 60 days?.Version: 6.18.12

App great but new glitch annoyingNextdoor is a great app for disseminating information locally and would have got 5 stars) but recently myself and neighbours have noticed we are getting lots of messages from a long way outside our local area. They are well outside our 12 local areas map so we cannot switch them off. It appears to have coincided with the “post to anyone” function that can be switched on by a poster. All posts that have been on the site for 60 days plus also seem to automatically go to be “seen by everyone” even if they were originally designated to a specific area. The app has been great up until now but it is very frustrating to get numerous posts from a long way away because you miss those that might be useful in your local area. Is there anything that can be done to fix this?.Version: 5.237.9

App crashes constantly on iPhone 11 ProThis app would be great if it worked properly but it crashes every time I open it and try to see my messages. I’m using an iPhone 11 Pro. Not recommended..Version: 6.18.7

ToxicInitially subscribed after moving to a rural area for local info. and to aid in familiarizing myself I with the new area 2.6 years ago. In the beginning it was just that, with very little of the toxicity other social networking had become flooded with. I’ve recently deleted the app. I had to do the same with all other social media 6 years ago for the same reason. Mankind at its core has both compassion and immorality. Compassion, many times genuine, is also often used as a ploy to gain favor with others. This is sometimes referred to as (Virtue Signaling). Immorality on the other hand is the side people hide, more often then not. It comes to the surface in different degrees, held at bay only by what consequences a person would be forced to deal with at that moment. You see this on display most often with the personality change that takes place as soon as some people step into their car for a drive. Very often it’s shown in the different way a person interacts with people who may in some way be viewed as subservient to them. Children, The waiter at the restaurant, employees, strangers etc… Social media, including Nextdoor, having some potential good uses on another planet, has become THE place where Mankind can finally show themselves without the mask. Save yourself, save your children. Unplug…..Version: 5.277.3

UnsubscribeWhy can’t I unsubscribe from nextdoor. I don’t want it, never use it, have clicked unsubscribe many times..Version: 6.18.7

Won’t unsubscribeOnce they get you name they bombard you with emails. Unsubscribe does not work.Version: 6.18.12

Beware!!!!!!!This app sends a letter out to everyone in your neighbourhood with your name and address at the bottom asking you to sign up. It’s disgusting. Do not get this app..Version: 5.201.1

Stuck on endless loopAfter seeing the app on current affairs tonight I’d thought I give it a go and see if it works in regional areas as well, but after confirming both my email and phone number it then asked to verify my location which I confirmed only to end up on an endless loop of verifying location. After trying everything in my settings and also deleting and then re-downloading the app I never got pass verification. 🤷‍♀️deleted for good now.Version: 5.234.13

Couldn’t verify myselfOnce I downloaded the app and made an account it wouldn’t let me access anything with out verification! I tried multiple times to verify myself through the app and the website but was given a blank screen every time! Worst app ever!!! 🤬🤬🤬.Version: 6.18.7

Annoying garbageThis app is a great way to connect with your neighbours and community, with the exception of the dozen emails and push notifications you are guaranteed to receive daily *after turning off* all notifications in the app. Nextdoor - you’re bad. Try again..Version: 5.272.10

Awful!I very quickly ended my very negative experience using this app. I thought it would be amazing to be part of an online community of neighbours, all providing mutual support and information sharing. Instead I found people to be often extremely negative and antagonistic. This left such a bad taste in my mouth, that I unsubscribed and deleted the app. The problem is that I still keep getting email notifications. I want nothing more to do with those who only spout vitriol. I don’t know what else to do other than keep hitting the unsubscribe button - surely it’s a GDPR issue? I would recommend that you don’t touch this app with a barge pole unless you have skin as thick as a walrus, and are armed to deal with all the haters!.Version: 5.271.14

Next door.caI read ALL of the instructions and DECLINED to give access to ALL my contacts; my neighbours see me in person. I’ll wait to see how it uses my info..Version: 5.203.0

No different from FacebookSorry but this really is no different from the local town Facebook groups! It’s just the same old queries, moans and gripes. For example, people hearing a police helicopter circling in the sky and taking to social media to find out what’s going on. Then there’s all the moaning - about fireworks, dogs barking or cars parked in front of people’s property. Yes, I understand that these problems are significant to each and every individual. But we all have our own problems and we all have two choices - either do something about it or just put up with it without having to voice it on social media..Version: 5.267.3

Buggy, SLOOOOW, and where is everything??!Nextdoor has become increasingly slower and buggier, and options that were easy to find before are now hidden and take several clicks to locate. You can swipe and swipe and swipe before the screen will actually scroll. Clicking on a post or image? Hurry up and wait, and half the time now the whole app freezes up. Even typing a comment is a monumental effort … I’ll have the entire sentence typed before it shows up on my screen. Then there’s the censors and moderation. I’m a neighborhood lead and have been for several years. I petitioned hard to become one. But then Nextdoor decided to dump a bunch of random people in as moderators. Many have absolutely NO idea what the rules regarding content even are! They’ll flag one word comments like, “Really?” as public humiliation. Because it was directed toward them or their pal. *true story* It’s frustrating to those of us who originally were tasked with this responsibility. Nextdoor’s auto-censor algorithms are utterly ridiculous too … flagging words like “stupid” or “jerk” and reminding us to be “nice.” 😐 Nextdoor: you have an awesome thing going here, great idea overall and content, but PLEASE bring back the earlier format! Speed things up, minimize the constant barrage of irrelevant ads, and go back to neighborhood leads only instead of all this random crap. I don’t expect a response to this review … Nextdoor isn’t real keen on that sort of thing either unfortunately..Version: 5.319.2

Social engineering??I have found since uploading this app I have received multiple texts daily with links to strange URLs…many more calls from voice generated marketing …just saying I haven’t been able to adjust my privacy setting in app quickly Questionable whether this is worth uploading!.Version: 5.273.9

Next doorI originally joined thinking it was a great concept. But as time went on and I continued reading posts and even decided to respond to some, I found that this App was so one sided politically and otherwise, and if the coordinator or anyone else didn’t agree with you, they’d cut you like a knife! It got to the point that people actually ganged up on you or were simply angry and mean! I joined to find friends and all I found was petty people, mostly leftists whereby you couldn’t express your opinions without being called out!!! So that’s it! DONE!!!! So here I am and decided to give it another try, but to no avail because it’s the same old Karen’s on here with their petty nonsense, their cliques and boring stories that any fool can read about in Esquire and they get so caught up in their simply minded beliefs but god forbid you jump in with your own different opinion and either you’re ignored, just passed over, or their discussions become private! But this group isn’t different than many others I’ve read about from other states, it’s nothing more than a repeat of HS, much like Facebook for dummies, mean spirited small minded Karen’s who think they know it all! So again, whatever this account was meant for sure didn’t turn out the way it was intended, and I’ll say it again….the hardcore righteous right wingers are crawling all over the place!!!.Version: 5.326.7

App Performance Degraded RecentlyI have been using this app for 2+ years. Like most of social media, sometimes it’s great, and sometimes opinions are way out there. But what the developers can control: App performance. This has seriously degraded in the past 2-3 months. Now, when you open the app, it takes MINUTES - not seconds - for app content to load. Routinely. Should you ever post that you have something to sell, and someone message you, those messages seem to get lost and have inertia so days can go by between sending and receiving responses. But the primary issue is the load time of anything initially when you open the app. I understand this app is settings-rich, and loading the settings is a display burden. But it’s recently crossed the line between “Okay, it will just be a minute” and “Oh. NextDoor. I should go get a cup of coffee. And shower. And meditate.” Before I expect to see any content load. What other app has that??? NONE. I don’t know what has changed, but most days I now cancel out of NextDoor instead of checking in because of the extreme initial load times. If your performance is going to be so terrible STOP SENDING THE EMAILS PROMPTING ME TO CLICK FOR UPDATES THAT WILL NEVER NEVER LOAD..Version: 5.318.7

WOMEN BEWARE: ZERO PERSONAL SAFETYI hate writing something so inflammatory, but this is pretty important. Because of the design of this app, you are: a) not able to block anyone b) automatically and permanently linked to the person who invited you c) unable to remove this person as connected to your account d) will always see their picture on your home page. I’m guessing they also get a notification when you join/re-join. When I brought this up to them their response you can “mute” them and they won’t see your content unless you are in the same neighborhood. So if there is a person who makes you feel unsafe in your neighborhood - you cannot block them. If there is someone who makes you feel unsafe and knows which neighborhood you are in - they can change their address to one in your neighborhood to gain access to your feed. I’m also not sure how much of my personal info they have access to (can they see which neighborhood I’m in? What street? What state? My picture?). This is so far beyond unacceptable in 2020. Blocking someone on a social media app is simple feature and should be part of the first round of requirements in the first implementation. I’m already talking to the product team on this, but I think others should know that until this is implemented - your personal safety is not being taken seriously by this app..Version: 5.226.4

Privacy not respected by nextdoorNextdoor stated in several emails that they deleted all my personal details when I asked for my account to be deleted. I did a test “created an account” and it seems that my mobile number is still in their database “phone number already in use”. I am going to contact Apple in regards to this and the relevant authority. This is a breach of customers personal details. Breach of privacy..Version: 5.270.7

Garbage app filled with racists and terrible designHonestly this is one of the worst apps I have come across the amount of notifications Nextdoor send you is crazy and the amount of hoops you have to jump through just to turn them off is crazy they really really don’t want you to turn them off. Also The app seems to be plagued with Racist users and is generally not a great experience all around. Can’t say I can recommend this app to others.Version: 6.18.12

I have never regretted downloading an app moreI should have known better but when a round robin letter was shoved through the door suggesting everyone in the road “should” join up, I foolishly signed up. How I regret it. It is like the very worst kind of Facebook group you can imagine (I deleted Facebook years ago) - ghastly, nosey, bigoted people I would cross the road to avoid. Worst of all, it’s impossible to unsubscribe from emails, so one still gets bombarded with them. Think you’ve unsubscribed? Think again. As for privacy, forget it. Maoist China would have loved to have technology like this. I can only imagine the 5 star reviews are coming from the kind of people who would rat on their neighbours for lockdown breaches and tune into GB News 24/7. **Update: Months later, I am still receiving emails from this ghastly site, despite many attempts to unsubscribe. Avoid at all costs.**.Version: 5.297.5

Racism, bigotry and rants from the middle classes.The concept of this app is amazing, a social network that focusses on building a community spirit with your neighbours... where could we go wrong... 1) Content is mainly about pets and dogs doing stuff in the road. If you want to know where the dog mess is however, this is THE app for you. 2) Normal societal problems, but from people you kind of know and pass on the street. Secretly a big racist?! You will love this app. Just be sure to prefix your xenophobic comments with ‘no offence’ so no one knows you’re a big racist ;-) 3) Need to Google something but life has you crying out for social interaction - perfect! You can ask questions on here like ‘is the Chinese takeaway open’. No longer do we need to answer life’s challenging questions alone. Just ask it on Nextdoor and wait three days for a reply. 4) If you’re worried about being too middle class but actually find it hard to put that can of Stella down at 11am on a Tuesday and don’t actually have a job, you will have loads of company on the app. Everyone will join in the game of pretending with you. 5) Whilst not looking your neighbours in the eye is a British tradition we should all respect, the app offers you an insight into the community... luckily estate agents are also on there so you can find another one or find a builder to erect a 20ft wall. Don’t want these trades pitched to you? Tough. Stop being rude..Version: 5.203.0

DisappointingI thought this was for the neighbourhood in which I live. It isn’t. I’m deleting this app!.Version: 5.306.5

Close to becoming unusable on an iPhoneConstant updates, very unpopular features introduced (make ‘contacts’ and the silly feature where if you welcome a new member, you’re expected to gift them a virtual cake or whatever. Has been slow and unresponsive to the point of being almost unusable on an iPhone for a few months now - not just me, I’ve checked with other members. Get rid of the silly, unwanted nonsense and concentrate on making the app usable. Also, full of racism and other forms of discrimination, plus naming and shaming, which when reported, takes an age to be removed. As a ‘lead’ (not by choice) I concentrate on trying to get this sort of stuff removed - and then see that other ‘leads’ vote for it to remain! I stopped using the ‘invite new members’ postcard stuff when I realised that the postcards had my name on them! A serious privacy issue! I asked to he removed as a lead, and was told that wasn’t possible, as I’m the only lead in my area. and no one else was interested/suitable. So, apart from reporting nastiness, I don’t take this (unpaid and unasked for) role particularly seriously. I get my own back by posting stuff about national political issues, which, despite being popular, is officially not allowed. Tough. I love winding up Tory fascists.Version: 5.322.5

App getting annoying in a few waysAlthough I still enjoy using this app, there are two aspects that have made it incredibly frustrating. The first is that moderators/leads have way too much leeway to police the messages being posted, and removing things at will, often times without any warning or explanation. While I completely agree with the need to have people overseeing the content, too often it feels like leads are allowed to do whatever they want, including removing things that do not align with their own personal beliefs, or ideas of a business recommendation. Second, and this one is huge, why does the app keep resorting the order of things that are posted? I open the app on my phone, and the first entry is about horses (for example). I close the app, open it right back up, and now that same posting for horses is 15 entries down. At the very least users should have a choice on the way entries are sorted, because right now I’m finding postings that haven’t had a new comment added to them higher up then new postings from today. And this issue is severely impacting the user-friendliness of the app..Version: 5.212.9

Postcards could be less personalI really like to be able to connect with my neighbours however I wish there was an option on the postcards to have it send anonymously. I just had the delightful 20 minute conversation with my parents about why their friends are getting postcards with my name and street name on them and how it somehow was “irresponsible” of me to do so because they don’t understand technology. It would have just been easier if you could send postcards but had the option to check an anonymous sender so instead of being sent my MY NAME, MY ADDRESS it could say “From a neighbour in your area” or something..Version: 5.174.7

Nextdoor App is Corrupt and not privateThis app is corrupt and used my personal information Name and Street to drop a letter at all my neighbourhood promoting the app. Please be aware they can and will misuse your private information..Version: 5.202.5

Your satisfaction will depend on your expectationsI’ve been a Nextdoor user for several years. I’ve found it to be an excellent place to post things I have for sale (as long as they’re not vegetables from my garden, eggs from my chickens, quilts I’ve made, etc.). My neighbors have also kept me informed about various criminal activities in the area, events that might disrupt my commute, contractors both good and questionable, and opening dates for new businesses. On the other hand, discussions about serious and meaningful topics are often flagged for removal, even if the discussion is lively and respectful. Nextdoor policies also prohibit neighbors posting services they offer (babysitting, dog walking, house-sitting, etc.) unless the person creates a business page (a bureaucratic tangle few individuals are willing to navigate). Finally, it’s entirely too easy to flag someone’s post without first contacting them to explain the problem. So, if all you’re looking for is an online forum to learn about which roofers are dependable or get rid of that old furniture cluttering up your garage, you’ll be happy with Nextdoor. If you’re thinking you’ll have a place to discuss the positions of your local elected representative or the merits of proposed legislation, or let everyone nearby know about your side business, you’ll likely be disappointed..Version: 3.90

Verifying addressFirst of all I love the concept of this app but the verification process for your address has not been straightforward. I’ve been unable to complete the process using either my mobile or landline phone no’s - if this is because my no’s are unlisted then it’s probably a good idea to flag this to other prospective users of the app so they know not to waste their time trying to use this method. Also, I’ve requested the alternative method of verification (a postcard sent to my home address) several times which has never been actioned. Finally, there doesn’t seem to be a contact email address you can send queries to and the help page had very limited information which didn’t resolve my query. All in all a very frustrating user experience..Version: 5.162

Terrible interfaceI downloaded this app to try to keep up with neighborhood happenings. But the interface is terrible. Posts are never in any kind of order and then if you refresh they reorder and you can never find the post you were looking at again. Once you mute a conversation it’s gone forever. I just didn’t want notifications on it, but I still wanted to be able to see it. I finally deleted the app because instead of neighborhood things it was mostly people complaining that a car stopped on their street for .2 seconds so everyone keep an eye out or « why is this restaurant closed no one wants to work ». If I want to see those posts I’ll go to Facebook. But now that I’ve deleted the app, I’m still getting emails about posts and it doesn’t allow you to do an unsubscribe all situation. I have to unsubscribe per category that people post in so I have to wait for them to trickle in, and I’m not convinced I’m being unsubscribed to begin with. My other option would be to re-activate my account, then unsubscribe and then de-delete. So if you want to get rid of the app be sure to unsubscribe from emails before deleting your account..Version: 5.295.11

Can’t unsubscribeI have unsubscribed from email notifications from my phone, and computer. I am far from tech illiterate, and I am still getting spam Nextdoor emails everyday about random posts. Should just delete app/account at this point..Version: 6.18.12

RobberyInstalled this app now i have been robbed 3 times myIdentity has been stolen now i can't sleep at night .. delete this app fast ...Version: 5.311.4

They just collect dataThe process for deleting your account and data is extremely difficult and frustrating. I had to send multiple emails with my personal information in order to close my account and delete data. This should be illegal..Version: 5.305.13

Disappointing and depressing to find out who you live amongstDon’t think I’ve written an app review before, such is my disappointment with this app. I live in a nice area; I was hoping that it would be heartwarming to see how my community join together and a good way to get involved with the community or find people with similar interests but frankly wish I hadn’t joined because I’ve discovered how sneery and judgemental some of my neighbours are at heart. The amount of neighbours who jump to conclusions and think the worst of people in our community are too widespread. It largely becomes a wingeing forum. I’ve mostly been just a passive observer but sometimes I pick people up on their comments and then it’s a pile-on to me. This also occurred when I’ve posted a question - the arrogant and demeaning replies left me feeling negative. I’ve not seen overtly racist comments. The for sale listings were fine (unlike in some other reviews) but you can get that functionality on other common platforms. I suppose the only positive was the lost and find- frequently lost bank cards or keys or pets finding their way back to their owner. All in all the negatives far outweigh the positives and made me sad that these are people I live amongst, so I’ve deleted the app and deactivated the account. I’m feeling better already; I guess ignorance is bliss. We’ll just have to hope we don’t lose bank cards or keys!.Version: 6.0.4

‼️DO NOT INSTALL OR SOGN UP‼️They will take your information and send letters to everyone around your neighborhood, please DO NOT download!!!.Version: 5.227.5

Account settings don’t work and developers don’t careStill no redo from Next Door and still continuous spam from all over, outside my identified neighborhood! When I contacted them directly, they told me how to stop these postings. I followed their instructions and the posts stopped for a couple of weeks but are back. If I can identify my neighborhood, why do I have to sort through all this garbage????? I have been trying to get this fixed for months. There are settings to turn off the “popular posts” from outside my area, but this does not work. I’ve contacted Nextdoor and the do nothing! ANNOYING!!!! It gotten to where when I go to my notifications, the first thing I see are the so called “popular posts.” These posts are all from California and New York! Why would I care about looking at photos of ducks from California??? I go to Nextdoor for information about my local neighborhoods. Next is supposed to be a local community app, thus the name. This is so annoying, especially when there is Facebook which stays local in the local sections. I know there are some people who are ok with it, and that’s fine. But allow those of us who have better things to do with our time to turn off this feature. Nextdoor told me that’s not possible! 😡.Version: 5.301.7

Karen’s paradiseIf you wish to listen to people complain about kids playing outside, salting and sanding sidewalks, dog poop and social justice signalling this is your place. Also if you would like to keep personal details like address or name hidden from the public, you can’t. Too invasive towards privacy. Nothing more than data mining. Would give zero stars if possible..Version: 5.251.12

ModsI first joined next door because it was a good way to keep up-to-date with the local community. Unfortunately next door have let certain members of the community run the local page, these are known as moderators. I have never dealt with such rude bullying people all of my life. They mustn’t have a real job they must just sit at home all day believing that being a moderator on next door is a full-time job and that is okay to bully people because they have the power to. I can’t believe next door have allowed this to happen and by the looks of it I’ll let it continue. Next door always take the moderator side and end up not having a leg to stand on. Personally it’s just not worth the aggro for me.Version: 5.273.10

Obvious lack of moderationThis app reminds me of gumtree. Full of free time good home kittens that aren’t even chipped - even though this is quite illegal the app does zero about it. I guess they don’t mind illegal activity. As someone that works in the rescue community and sees how many kittens are euthanized and don’t make it - every year - this app makes my blood boil. Won’t be using again.Version: 6.14.6

Discrimination reallyI posted 2 weeks ago about a POC and it got taken down for discrimination but the ones about whites are still up. Next door why have the feature of race if you’re not going to let some people use it. Also why pick and choose a bunch of Randos who weren’t even at the scene decide whether or not a post can be put up or taken down. secondly why not add customer support. I like to be seen and heard not just one or the other. I mean were you there next-door. No you weren’t so you can’t really judge someone’s post unless you’ve seen it for yourself. I know what kind of App you are. you take the ones down for POC but never the ones for white people. Discrimination is judging someone based on a disability or something or their skin tone. I wasn’t doing that I was just describing because I was going to file a police report eventually. Also how would it be discrimination if it included a minor who is POC. you’re protecting an attacker who was hunting down a minor. Thanks a lot next-door. 🙄🙄🙄 it’s that if I don’t see it it’s not there with you guys. You will protect an adult but you can’t even protect a child. Wait until there is an actual kidnapping or a murder that happens with this person. That will make some headlines I bet..Version: 6.2.2

Impossible to unsubscribeThis app is impossible to unsubscribe from. Continuously get emails after unsubscribing several times and blocking the email. App is deleted. Do not get this app unless you want a constant annoyance..Version: 5.311.4

SpamSigns you up to about 100 email notifications — there’s no button to turn them off. Have to go into each setting and turn off email notifications otherwise you get spammed multiple times daily. Wish I never downloaded this app..Version: 6.14.6

Don’t waste your time!This app is full of bullies to where if you say something they will make fun of you they laugh at you they come at you and these are your neighbors!!!! Yes some of these things get reported and sometimes they’ll get shut down but it doesn’t get shut down by next-door there’s community reviewers like myself who reviews these posts (it’s like a job you don’t get paid for) that’s been reported and if you’ve got biased people who are friends with them they will not remove the comment and they will continue to let these bullies go on being bullies. I was even threatened with a knife by one lady on there it is ridiculous it is a site that has gotten out of control and next-door does nothing to monitor it even though I’ve reported things in the past I just got my account shut down for three days for re-posting news articles in a private group that I created! They said if you want to talk politics make a private group So I made a private group you had to request to join when you joined you seen news articles that I reposted they shut me down for three days and said that I shouldn’t post those things!!! It’s just news it’s not conspiracy theories or made up it’s actual news! I will not be on this app ever again!.Version: 5.301.6

Logging inI think it’s a great idea but I don’t like people selling things in groups. We have a market place for that. The administrators should remove them. Also I just used to chat when I wanted. Now it’s all passwords and such every time. Please keep it casual and easy to use. B T W Next Door is not a scam and they don’t invade privacy. The reviewer who thinks that must be paranoid.Version: 5.287.5

Steal your infoYou think Facebook is bad try nextboor this app does not i repeat DOES NOT SUPPORT FREE SPEACH. Delete now . Don’t forget The warning...Version: 5.311.4

Way too many updatesThis is 11 updates in about a month. You should not be fixing this many bugs in production software, and I certainly don’t see that many improvements wing made. Version history should be an honest change log, not just the same canned text every time. My internet service is capped and for me to consume over 1Gb per month just for updates to one app is totally unacceptable. Previous review: This is my weekly review of what’s new in this update. Oh, never mind. Can’t find anything mentioned. So I won’t waste time updating the app. This is a revision of my original review. The version history for this app’s last 25 revisions is the exact same text. If you are adding features, then let us know what they are. If you are fixing bugs, then you need to do more internal testing before releasing the change to the public. I need to know what is changing before wasting my time and internet bandwidth on non-applicable updates. This app is useful to me and works well. However, I am annoyed by numerous apps that do a weekly update. Please do more internal testing so you don’t have to update all the time. I really don’t see much in improvements from week to week. I have a slow internet connection, so dealing with 50 apps that need updating all the time is a major pain..Version: 5.301.6

Very annoyingI am so annoyed with this app! I happened to accept an invite from a neighbour and decided that the app isn’t for me. Although I deleted it and unsubscribed, I still receive emails every half an hour! I click the link to unsubscribe which is actually a trick to trick you to subscribe again! Can the developers please change their strategy?!!.Version: 5.304.8

Download if you don’t care about privacyThis app forces you to use your real full name otherwise you risk being deactivated. It also encourages to upload a profile picture for everyone to see. Now if you live in a community that is with it’s time then there shouldn’t be much issue. However, like others have mentioned, telling your neighbourhood your full name gives them access to look you up on Facebook, Instagram, etc. This can promote racism and discrimination in the area and cause further exclusion. Just make it so the first name is needed. And don’t push for a profile picture. (Also worth noting, if you sign up with Apple and then want to change some account details then you are asked for a password which you never gave in the first place. You have to enter the apple generated email and then reset your password to make one). The thought of this app is nice, but it needs huge changes. You can tell the makers of this app are not a small minority in their neighbourhood..Version: 5.242.6

Just cancelled this appI had been on this app for quite awhile and enjoyed it until recently when I had a difference of opinion and was very surprised with the behavior of many of the members. I thought it was a site where people acted like adults and you could exchange opinions in a reasonable way. But I quickly learned that if your ideas differ from the majority, you’re not welcome . So if you’re a person who likes to complain about everything- this is the site for you- if not , look elsewhere I received your response to my review , and it had nothing to do with removing anything - my problem with this app is that it’s controlled by a group of people that verbally attack you if you don’t agree with them - they act like childish bullies and don’t understand the idea that each person can have their own opinion. I thought it was a site for adults to rationally discuss ideas. I do appreciate the alerts of strangers in the area and neighborhood info , but as far as having an opinion that differs from the majority- don’t even bother. I also noticed that not all responses get posted. The site needs definite improving when it comes to everyone being able to express themselves MY CONTENT WAS NOT REMOVED!!!! Are you reading what I wrote?????? I deleted the app on my own because of what is explained in my note to you ..Version: 5.321.1

Buggy AppLot many bugs!! It points me to a different location. When trying to confirm address, it neither sends and email nor confirms with location. Deleted after few tries..Version: 6.18.12

UpdateCan you possibly do an update that will get rid of the rabid liberal bias that goes freely unchecked by anyone? I guess there is not a real desire to grow this app just to let it be a place where ultra libs can go to enjoy word masturbation..Version: 5.310.3

Good intent but not beneficial to the communityI’ve had this app for over a year. While the app is useful for certain things going on in your personal community, you find there can also be a negativity by those close to you. In the year that i had the app I post only one single communication which was to find shelters near me that I could donate clothing to rather than dropping them to a Goodwill or other for profit organizations. The intent was to donate items to people in need in my community rather than give them to mass organizations that in turn use those items for profit. In less than 24 hours of me posting my single post, my entire account was suspended because I chose not to disclose my last name. I believe that info was not relevant to my intent to benefit my community however, someone within my community complained that my last name was not posted & Nexdoor chose to delete my account based of that complaint. I’ve read multiple posts over the past year about petty things such as how to get rid of the homeless or how annoying cyclist are but I find myself suspended for not providing my personal information which was only noticed from a post meant to help my community. This app supports those that only have negative complaints about the communities it serves but does not support those actively trying to help those in need within those communities..Version: 4.83

DisappointedWhen I first joined I joined because I assumed I would be informed in my area of new business openings in town, services needed, companies nearby, etc. My experience has been the complete opposite. The neighbors in a nearby community are very toxic and negative bickering back and forth - it’s worse than Facebook high schoolers. The neighbors take up the majority of the feed and lash at each other which I believe should be against the community guidelines, not to mention both sms messages and emails were coming in filled with these particular messages. I was looking for Nextdoor to be a helpful resource but for some reason I cannot turn that particular part off. I unfortunately live too close to that neighborhood and it continues to pop up so I have decided to sign off the app, unsubscribe all, and delete it completely. I would love the option to be able to block that community so I can get back and enjoy the app the right way. It’s really a shame. This is a great app for families in need of many things that other neighbors provide. I can only hope that maybe I am using the app wrong and don’t know how to turn off that part. Thanks.Version: 5.174.7

Just seems like facebook groups to meNot really seeing a big enough difference between this and facebook groups for your local area. Perhaps it needs more people in my area to initiate ideas. Personally, I would like the chance to remove any “for sale” posts from my stream. I’m sick and tired of seeing con artists trying to sell used items for more than they originally purchased it. Would be nice to consider how people can organise groups with regular meetings/events, such as dog owners meeting for dog socialisation, parents meeting up, get-to-gethers for the elderly Etc. But to be honest, I don’t currently see enough benefits to see people moving away from FB groups to this until you can get a better input from the government/councils. Such as adding using info for neighbourhoods about bin days, police communications/announcements, neighbourhood watch, service pulse/status for example like Virgin media, BT and so on..Version: 5.254.9

I wish it was better.While this app is extremely useful for living in a rural community like I do, it’s not a very good app. It’s hard to keep my dashboard preferences intact. To be kept up to date with local emergencies, I need it to be in chronological order. It will be in order chronologically for a short time, but generally when I refresh the app I get random posts each time, including some that are weeks old with barely any activity. On top of that, as others have said, some posts will be removed even though conversation remained civil and on topic. These post and comment removals are seemingly random? On the other hand, when a neighbor posts blatant and dangerous misinformation about covid-19, the post will stay up despite it being reported under the specific category of Covid-19 misinformation. Most Facebook groups are run better than this. I want this app to work properly so bad. It’s glitchy, and notifications are weird, no matter what you set your preferences to. This app is very useful and important to have in a community like mine, where important information on wildfires and other emergencies are shared. It has potential. But definitely has some extremely annoying shortfalls..Version: 5.215.3

The good, the glitchy, and the bad customer careThis app is fine. It’s great for selling because it’s way safer than CL, but it’s really no different than any other social network. Everyone with their inputs and soapboxes is still here. That’s fine though, who cares. What burgers me about this app is that it is extremely glitchy and their policies make no sense. Every message I receive renders a double notification bubble, you can’t change pics out in your ‘for sale’ listings, even though there is a button to click to change them. You can sit there clicking “remove photo” until the second coming ... It ain’t coming down. So then you have to delete the entire posting altogether and repost it. When you have 15-20 postings, this becomes an issue. I’ve now moved exactly 1.5 miles down the road, which means (apparently to these guys) MARS, and they take the liberty of deleting my items. Not put their ability to be sold on hold, not muting the post, not even archiving, but simply deleting them altogether. When I contacted customer care about the issue, they said they could do nothing, as this was their policy. Hmmmm. This tells me they have a VERY lazy and/or sloppy coding team and complaisant customer care group..Version: 4.85

Terrible, doesn’t work! And now bombards with email that I cannot turn offThis is the first app review I’ve submitted cos generally I can’t be bothered - but since signing up to this app it has negatively impacted my life with annoyance and frustration. Basically, each time after logging in, the app works for a single session. When I return to the app, nothing works - the feed, setting, profile etc, all the features of the app. Completely useless! BUT I still get emails notifying me of pointless activity of the app, which I can’t turn off because you guessed it, settings don’t work! The only way I can get around it is to de-install the app, re-install it - then again it works for a single session then everything breaks! But I am never able to turn of the email notifications. Next Door - how do I remove myself from your database to stop receiving email notifications since your app does not let me???!!!!! Do you comply with new GDPR legislation as I don’t know how to stop receiving these annoying emails.Version: 3.73

Censorship at its worstDespite being respectful - if you voice controversial opinions or even disagree with someone you will be banned from responding. One wonders who the censors are behind this app where someone can report you for disagreeing and then your access limited. This is a a case for human rights and freedoms. Read the terms carefully - anyone at anytime can report you for absolutely nothing. “We reserve the right to refuse registration for, access to, or use of our Services by any person or household at any time and for any reason.” Update: Now the site maintains there is a known « bug » that targets individuals but which cannot be fixed unless a new version of the app is developed. You can then no longer see what you are typing as the app blocks your message window past the first line. This is laughable. Now, they even make it impossible to delete Next Door Messages in your inbox. Orwellian nightmare..Version: 6.18.7

Beware - Security risk!They send out physical letters “on your behalf” with your name and street name to your neighbours inviting them to join the app. They say it is with permission - it is not! It is very difficult to opt out of this and is very upsetting to think my neighbours are going to receive letters with my name and street on them that I do not want sent out! I joined to see if the app might’ve been useful for me as saw it in TV and now it has put my privacy and security at risk. Update - I have emailed you already (before I posted this review and gave time for you to respond) using the email address you provided asking for help and have had no response and am disappointed in your cut and paste answer..Version: 5.314.3

More bug issuesI updated but unfortunately it’s made my app experience worse. I filled in the contact form to get help and essentially got a standard response that doesn’t help. When I then click on the link no I still need help. It redirects me to an expert page that you can do nothing with. The issue I have is that I now have limited operations with my business account attached to my personal one. It shows I am an admin but doesn’t let me undertake full admin duties. In addition when writing content I could previously leave the screen & go back to it - now however it is dropping the content & U am having to start again. I wish I hadn’t updated.Version: 5.312.10

Disturbing indeedThis app seemed such a good idea when I first heard about it. A chance for people to be neighbourly and sociable and help each other out but, unfortunately, several people are misusing it and are just treating it as a means of insulting and accusing their neighbours of all kinds of offences even when none have been committed. It seems tobe used by busybodies and killjoys who spend all their time looking for things to complain about or people who are having fun which they can put a stop to and if you dare to contradict them you just get personal insults in return. Some users complained about one racist comment and the moderators did nothing about it. I have deactivated my account and would recommend avoiding this app and website..Version: 5.202.5

Quite useless, also unworthy of trustInsists upon ‘confirmation’ for accessing the useful functions (join group, start group, post, comment) and never allows an effective means to achieve that confirmation Does stop them, and those they on-sell to, spamming you from the benefit of personal data this front of theirs harvests from you Research alternatives.Version: 6.8.5

It Is An App Of Social Bully And Gather Personal InfomationThis so-called social media forces everyone to use their true ID including house number, and let untrained volunteers manipulate the contents without supervision. Posts about crimes and abuse of power by white people are deleted without reasons given. Posts about suspicious black or Asian people without proof of any crime are protected and wide spread. The rules set up are ambiguous and disable complaints. It excludes whose who have different voices by deleting their posts then ban them from the platform if they make complaints. They openly discriminate and segregate. It is a snob-lead social separator which alienates people of various views. The personal information it gathers are dangerously in the hands of unknown people with unknown purposes. Any decent person with common sense will question it’s legitimacy and intentions. If this is not a scam, then what?.Version: 5.153

Should be able to choose own areaMy postcode doesn’t reflect where I live since the suburb boundaries are weird. Geographically I spend all my time in the adjoining suburb, & everyone thinks I’m there as well. All the local shops & amenities are in the adjoining suburb, I spend almost no time in my actual one. But now I’m lumped into my postcode suburb that I have no connection with. I think this app should be more flexible?.Version: 5.222.5

Drama & Connection issues1 - if you are asked to become a lead, don’t. 2- connections issues constantly, just don’t ever try to use it on any WiFi 3- the app was useful at first but really the only thing people use it for now is to argue. As leads we used to have some backup from the powers that be in CA but not so much anymore. It seems I spend all my time voting on repeat police Violations. I know there are supposed to be consequences for those that continuously break the rules but nothing seems to happen anymore. I’ve reported those that have literally made threats to my life just for deleting their post & they are still trolling ND. There are leads that really try to follow the guidelines and live up the commitment we made in this volunteer position. However, we are attacked over and over for simply requesting that a group of neighbors stop cussing each other out over something like a difference in opinion of dog breed. It really gets silly. I understand why we now vote as to remove or not remove posts but so many leads don’t vote based on policies, they vote because it’s a friend, Family or they are part of the current argument OR it’s their post/comment in violation. I know not everything is perfect but I feel like this app is missing its purpose when it could be so helpful..Version: 3.42

Needs some workPlease add a rating feature for when users sell/buy. It would be great, if Nextdoor is linked to Facebook that ratings from ND would show up on Facebook too and vice versa Please add time stamps on the messages!!!!! Add a way to mark pending for items. Allow a way to share a profile so interested buyers can see items for sale Great for finds, staying connected, etc. Needs work though. App is kinda of glitchy. Especially in main feed. In messaging, if you’re in the inbox and someone messages , it doesn’t appear. And the first message is hidden unless you scroll down a bit. Shouldn’t be this way upon opening messages or when in inbox already. Also, there needs to be more clarity on how to stop receiving notifications on certain posts. I tried to do it and I accidentally blocked the person and can’t unblock them on phone. Maybe I can from a desktop. MOST RECENTLY- when I list items for sale, I copy and paste the info for the item I just listed elsewhere and Nextdoor no longer allows to copy and paste. VERY FRUSTRATING. FIX THIS PLEASE Also, please make it possible to share a link within Nextdoor to someone’s profile so potential buyers can see a person’s listings. Otherwise, I have to individually link each item..Version: 6.9.6

Impossible!I opened an account using my Apple ID to login. However I wanted to change my name from Anthony to Tony this proved difficult but eventually managed it. All I had to do was click Save. Then it asked me to enter my password but I didn’t have one, I’d used Apple ID. It refused to accept my email address and said it wasn’t recognised. I deactivated the account and deleted the app - which said all my data would be deleted. Good. I reinstalled the app altered my phone number and it said this was already registered. So what happened about deleting the data? Last time it wouldn’t recognise my email but now it said it was already being used. I’ve gone round and round in circles within and have now given up..Version: 5.265.5

Questionable Local ModeratorsI used to love and trust the Nextdoor platform when it first came out, thought it was a terrific idea. Years after years, it gets more and more questionable. For one thing, I discovered your posts can be removed or suppressed by their local so called moderators. They are located in every neighborhood. Some of them don’t even have the level of qualification but yet holds the position just because they are in the tech industry. They can control everyone’s post based on their own subjective and some times, hypercritical view of the subject. Basically, you are under their control. When I posted message advise people to be careful out there during the pandemic, my post was removed and threatened with account suspension. I was not spreading false info but to tell people to be careful and keep their mask on. Then today, I posted a message about some young kid stole my belongings out of my front door. The message was immediately suppressed for no reason. Such practice feels like communist dictatorship and their censorship! The only reason I’m keeping it is because my wife wants info on street closing and school infos. Not really recommended..Version: 6.11.9

Garbage, spam, scams, bullying & discriminationI had hoped this to be an interesting forum to connect to one’s neighbourhood. Instead I get uncountable notification emails clogging up my inbox (takes ages to unclick them all), weird ads for questionable goods (including probably stolen) or services (including clear scams) as well as racism, xenophobia, ableism, anti-vax nonsense and all sorts of other bullying and discrimination. If that reflects my neighbourhood, I’d better move away, but I know that the REAL neighbourhood is a much kinder and real place. The whole thing feels like a phishing for personal and big data. Loud-mouthed bullies dominate any discussion. Criminals have a field day. Hate vendettas find a perfect platform. No thanks 🤬. At first I thought that I simply wouldn’t want to be using this app much, but now I only want to delete it and distance myself from it as much as possible. Dodgy to the core. Exploitative. Intrusive. Unregulated. Unsafe. Would I let my children loose on it? Certainly not! 🛑.Version: 5.302.5

These guys have no clue how to write a decent appThey’ve “revamped” the app so now you can only see the latest few of your saved items, anything past the few they show is now completely inaccessible. The new app design is awful, it takes a bunch more taps and scrolling to do what used to just be a couple taps. I primarily use this for the stuff for sale, and they’ve completely messed it up, tons more painful to use and everything is much harder to use! The app is very spammy, because you don’t have anyway to exclude topics you aren’t interested in, only to “follow” to see everything. For example, it seems like half the posts are about pets, which I have no interest in, but also no way to disable. There's no way to disable notifications for just one thread, so any thing you ever do or participate in, you'll get harassed and inundated with a barrage of notifications for any active conversation. The only other alternative you have is to never participate in any thread to avoid the barrage of notifications. Yeah, that's an incredibly "smart" way to build a social-type app. Not! And even though the app supposedly has notifications settings, it seems to ignore them because I keep getting notifications for types of things I’ve clearly disabled. Because of this I have to keep notifications for the WHOLE app turned off, which means I don't see important stuff going on, which really makes the app pretty useless to me..Version: 6.5.5

No iPad supportLooks terrible on a 12.9” iPad, essential these days. Also when signing up the default option should be not to display your full address and to send invites with your name as this leads to confusion over privacy for people that don’t read things properly..Version: 4.63

Terrible appDon’t sign up to this app, unless you want your emailed spammed. I’ve been unsubscribing from so much spam mail and I still continue to receive them. Trash app!!.Version: 6.18.12

Major bug in programAccidentally swiping to the right erases message. No way to recover the message. Waste of time to find out what your neighbours are like. App is not currently working. Started working again a day later. Not sure why..Version: 6.18.12

SiteIl est difficile de naviguer sur ce site, je suis un peu perdue….Version: 6.18.12

Terrible appSends actual mail to neighbors around you saying your name and address, just to get more people on the app!!! People on the app just give each other a heads up when ever "meth looking people" in old trucks drive by assuming they are the ones stealing packages, as if that's not discrimination!! Garbage. Never use it, Facebook 2.0 in terms of gossip and fairy tales..Version: 5.204.4

Email overloadFills your inbox with indiscriminate email messages from people in areas twenty miles from your home or 100 miles away. Impossible to unsubscribe from their email diarrheal blowout because they are sending out so many “types” of email that you can’t figure it all out. It never stops even if you delete the app. Absolutely infuriating and typical invasive programming from a invasive company.Version: 6.15.11

Still getting other neighbourhoods in feed even after changing settingIts a great idea, but the app doesnt work properly and there is no support contact email. Really clunky app. Also I got a lot of people advertising in my feed, outside the guideline use of the app straight away which was really dissapointing..Version: 4.83

Toxic McCartheism + Privacy NightmareThink hard before you sign up: there is no way to delete your account or personal information if you change your mind. They, and your neighbors, will still have your name and address. Use a fake name, a (nearby) fake address, and burner email and phone numbers, else you will come to regret it. The obituaries are a good source of viable info if needed. Key point is that when you join the app (a neighborhood) all posts are silently moderated by other neighbors that are secret “leads”. Leads can silence you at will for simply disagreeing with them or their viewpoint by removing any post. (Looking at you Rica Mendes!) The company cedes all control over local content to these “leads” so you have no recourse if they shadow/outright ban you. My real-life-neighbor was banned for posting links and explanations of federal and supreme court decisions that the leads did not agree with in a discussion about alleged racism at a local business. The reason: discussion of national politics prohibited. The site is full of brainwashed and uninformed ideologues (your neighbors!) but you are not allowed to post about prevailing (federal/national) laws if the leads disagree with the courts ruling. So that’s what you’re getting into here, a cesspool. And no way to escape..Version: 5.316.2

Posting about Ukraine is deemed political and unfitThere are posts on this platform that say admins will remove all posts showing solidarity for Ukraine considering them political in nature. Shame on the developers. Uninstalled this app and will never use it again..Version: 5.303.1

Run by a bunch of bored Karen’s with very strict guidelinesI’ve never particularly like the app but after yesterday I dislike it even more. I’ve had people be very rude on my posts in the past and nothing was done in the past. Yesterday I tried posting the I was opening my clientele list for a short time if anyone’s looking for a dog groomer. It got flagged immediately and I was told it was against the apps guidelines. I was then told I had to post in For sale or Free so I did. Later on in the day that was also removed since I don’t own the business I work at. I did have permission from my boss since we haven’t been getting a lot of phone calls lately. I was am told I’m not allowed to post anything about openings or “advertise” for the business since I don’t own it and have to wait for people to post asking for recommendations. I thought this app was supposed to connect the community and it’s doing the exact opposite, half the posts are complete nonsense anyways. I will never be using this app again! So if you like apps that allows all your neighborhood Karen’s to run it then feel free to download it and see blurry pictures of your neighbors dog and that someone’s yard is overgrown then this is the app for you..Version: 5.325.8

Kind of a shady appTried to unsubscribe to notifications (way too many), yet it only lets you unsubscribe to certain topics. When I tried to do it through accounts settings, notifications turned back on when I click out of page and back in. Deleted app.Version: 6.18.7

Adds and ClutterThis use to be a good app when I first joined. That’s all changed. There are way too many ads. It use to be advertising for neighbors that had businesses, now it seems to encompass the United States! The app has become harder to navigate and regardless of how I configure it, I continue to get neighborhoods (even more clutter) that I’m not remotely interested in, and of course even more ads to go with it. After reconfiguring, they go away for awhile sometimes, but inevitably come back (and yes, I save the settings). I quit using the app and have started going in the old fashioned way. However, while that seems slightly better, it still falls way short of what it once was and it’s constantly trying to force me to log into the app. Because of the aforementioned issues, I now rarely use Nextdoor anymore. I’m just about ready to delete this app altogether! Main issues? Too many ads, too much clutter, and neighborhoods I can’t seem to eliminate permanently. By the way, I’m not alone in this critique, I’ve talk to others that echo these same complaints. I guess the younger generation, particularly those that like or use Facebook, feel right at home. Suffice to say, I’m not in those demographics! One last thing..The version history says the same thing on every update. It’s doesn’t list any specific thing that have been addressed; just general categories and therefore pretty useless!.Version: 6.10.3

Users Spreading of Opinions Sprinkled with Misinformation and Flat Out LiesI wish Nextdoor would fix this: users seem to be allowed to force their opinion of how others should use the platform and misquote or lie about the community guidelines. I have muted users who attempt hostility like this by using the “mute” feature but the muted users can still see my posts. I don’t want them to see my posts. They are not healthy people and I would really prefer the mute feature behave more like a block. I have seen an unprecedented number of authoritarian types attempting to control how others use your platform and ethically there is a problem with that. I believe we should follow your rules not individual rules made up by local bullies. If there was a way to stop this and have Nextdoor intervene when terms and conditions or community guidelines are misquoted by users then user engagement and traffic might go up and it would definitely create a more harmonious experience. Maybe an additional reporting option for misquoting your terms? I have essentially been bullied for standing up for others even though I correctly quoted your terms and conditions, community guidelines. What can be done to resolve this issue? I am 100% certain I am not the only one. Otherwise, I love this platform and would love to continue using it..Version: 5.278.5

Racist members of the appDescribed an event where at 2:30am I opened my front door to be directly greeted by two Eastern European men, asked if I knew them they apologised and left…described the event via the app because my road had a string of break ins so was just telling neighbours to be vigilant of strangers wondering around my road at this time of night and loitering was accused of being a xenophobic and asked how I knew they were Eastern European I speak Bulgarian and Hungarian (being black it’s obviously rare but I have a lot of friends from various nations) and how offended three specific people felt about my post even though the majority had no issue with my post. And defended me but I left to save arguing be very careful with posts on their majority of people are okay but some really dramatic people on their with nothing. Better to do and make drama for no reason.Version: 5.305.13

Worst app that you cannot unsubscribe toI have unsubscribed from emails from this app 3 times and these are still appearing every few days..Version: 5.311.4

Fragile logicWas moving and trying to change address, but took me quite a while since all the road blocks, have to reset password, receive a 2FA, type new address, then finally received an error of can not change address more than once every 30 days, and my address is locked…really absurd since I never successfully changed my address thanks to all the unnecessary blocks, now it punished me for doing that. So basically you can not change your address, every time you move to a new address, you either register a new account or delete it for good. Basically seems to be designed as a one time usage app from the get go. Do not know why. Very unique product design..Version: 5.314.4

I’d give it a higher review if the notifications worked properlyI’m still fairly new to Next Door, but right off the bat, I found it demanding and overbearing. I got bombarded with emails that I never signed up for. I had to adjust my settings to not receive any emails, then I had to sit there and unsubscribe. For push notifications, I said I only wanted Top Posts and responses to my comments or my posts, instead it sends me notifications to things I’ve reacted to, so I’m being spammed with notification requests for things I don’t want notifications for. Perhaps I’m missing something, but it seems like the settings are too basic, it makes me not want to use the app. I guess for now I’ll just turn off all notifications. There’s a pop up that says “oh you might miss out on <insert whatever>”, but I suppose missing out is better than being bombarded by unnecessary notifications. It would also be nice to prioritize categories, so that I could receive only notifications for specific categories. Perhaps some people like to buy from their neighbors, but that is considered low priority to me, so I would prefer not to see posts. Am I just missing something or does that feature not exist?.Version: 4.98

Could use a few improvementsEvery time someone comments on my post or is selling something I am interested in I have to get on Facebook to look up who they are. I have had Nextdoor for two years. There are many benefits of being able to communicate with people living near you that you wouldn’t otherwise meet or know how to reach. For instance, there is a help map where you can find someone who is willing to pick up a prescription for you or walk your dog. Neighbors helping neighbors. Biggest problem I have with the app is I have no idea who these people are because your not able to see anybody’s profile unless they are in your “neighborhood” and that is limited to a few streets. I live in a small town yet there are dozens of “neighborhoods.” So I have to refer to Facebook to know who I am talking to. Most people don’t fill out their profiles or even add a picture on this app too so that is annoying. The app needs to remind people to do that because talking to a blank face gets old. The profile is only a couple questions about yourself so why all the secrecy? This is supposed to be an app to get to know your neighbors. Falls short of that..Version: 5.249.15

Huge privacy concernsNot only are there massive privacy concerns about how they use and share your data, it is almost impossible to unsubscribe from their emails. Rather than have a single unsubscribe button which stops all communications, you hit subscribe which only stops communications in one of the categories and there are dozens and dozens of categories so the emails keep coming. I am about to report them to the DPA for breaches of GDPR..Version: 6.17.7

No real privacyYou have no ability to choose not to display your full name. They prohibit anything other than your complete name. You have virtually no privacy at that point their support states it’s because it’s how you introduce yourself to complete strangers. But, I choose what information I give to complete strangers up and including if I am going to share my last name. I find it disgusting that they force it to be shown on the site not allowing the user to decide how much information of theirs is displayed. You can run the site and do a verification process while still allowing people personal display preferences. It’s disgusting and sorry but it’s perfect breeding ground for killers, serial killers, rapist and other. People get your name and your town and if they read enough of your comments I am sure they can use it for a hunting ground so sorry that I think the practice of not allowing someone privacy is disgusting. I thought the app would be great but it is a little to fascist to me. Until they allow some privacy measures for their users I won’t be utilizing this or any program of the like. I don’t introduce my entire name and area I live in to complete strangers especially not online. Not even my Facebook displays all identifying markers for people. So sorry I think this app needs to remember that there are sick people out there and they are helping not hindering those sickos..Version: 5.195.2

Email spamThey will spam your email with notifications and when you unsubscribe, they keep emailing you from a bunch of different types of notifications..Version: 5.281.8

App Usability is InconsistentUpdate: 3 days ago a new update came out and the app is even clunkier than before. Everything has a delayed action, comments won’t show when there’s more on the thread, and you can’t react to comments. They really need to figure out what’s wrong. This mobile app has several issues that haven’t been addressed, and seems to be becoming more difficult to use from a software standpoint. Scrolling in the app is very slow and more often than not it freezes. This is also apparent (as others have mentioned) when you try to add a reaction to a post/comment, it doesn't allow you to do so. Another issue I’ve noticed this for several years and notified the help center (to no avail), is when you scroll through the “Finds” section for more than a few seconds, it heats up your phone significantly. Overall the platform is what it is with regard to social media, but focused more on your immediate town/neighborhood for updates and questions. Unfortunately, there can be a lot of cruel neighbors, but it’s a resource to better to know and avoid those who treat others poorly. Those who complain about “free speech” are the ones neglecting the fact social media is a private business that can regulate offensive and malignant content..Version: 5.302.4

How can I remove my name?I don’t like this!.Version: 5.308.10

Nextdoor is a fraudI created a business page to promote my local landscaping business. It was great for awhile. I got lots of messages and calls from my neighbors for my services. I got good reviews. I was recommended by a lot of people. I posted once every other day and did not message anyone unless they inquired. I kept getting emails saying I was violating guidelines or something and that I needed to create a business page, which my page already was. The messages also said my posts were deleted, but they weren’t, so I was confused. I thought it was just a generic message or an error. One day I made a post, and a “lead” or “administrator” messaged me on the app. That’s what he claimed he was. He said I need to stop posting advertisements. Kept sending me a link to the rules and terms. Basically he said I could not advertise and if I wanted to advertise, I needed to create a business page. After a couple messages back and forth with this person trying to figure out what he was talking about or what I was doing wrong , this person finally realized it was my business page. So he started back peddling saying Nextdoor wants no one advertising, ever. He told me the rules and regulations are misleading. The next day, I was blocked out my account. All my customers are outraged as am I. I cannot contact several of my customers. I lost out on a lot of business..Version: 4.58

Function not workingThe app has five icons along the bottom of the main screen. Home, Notifications, Plus, Messages and Menu. The Notifications icon does not work and needs to be fixed. I tried deleting and reloading the app to no avail..Version: 4.75

Poorly monitored/managed application for neighbors that truly care about their neighborhoodsFirst off they allow ads for puppies and kittens To be given away for free. It’s a known fact that this encourages those looking for bait for training their fighting dogs and good for their large snakes to pick up these animals. Applications that care about the welfare of animals do not allow ads that list them as free for this simple fact. Secondly the application is full of ads for all kinds of items pasted in between the posts. Thirdly I wrote a post asking my neighbors if they knew when google fiber was going to be installed in my neighborhood as their contractors had put up “no parking “ signs in front of all our homes two weeks ago but no one had started working. I stated in my post that I was asking because I had contractors coming to work on my home that would have to park in front of my home and that I had called the construction hotline provided to us but they did not know when the work would start or who was going to be doing the work so I couldn’t even try calling the contractor to ask. Next door sent me an email an hour after I posted this stating they removed my post because it was “soapbox “. Not sure how that is determined but definitely not an app that is interested in neighbors gathering and sharing information that is pertaining to them..Version: 3.99

Scam Doesn’t care about privacyI unsubscribe regularly but that is ignored and I keep getting weekly emails and now try to delete account but can’t do that either so now I am gathering evidence to submit to privacy authority. Given the slap dash way they manage your data wouldn’t be surprised if they were next on a hackers hit list..Version: 6.15.11

No longer able to view app in landscapeOne of your recent updates eliminated the ability to use the app in landscape view, only profile. I access the app on my iPad and always use landscape as it’s easier to balance the device and to read and access the features. I’m using the app less and less because of this change, hopefully you will bring back the versatility of accessing in either view. Overall it’s a good app and I enjoy it for the most part. Unfortunately there is a lot of ugliness and meanness that gets by way to often from “neighbors” as the leads evidently can’t keep up with it, reported or not. I think closer monitoring with more leads or other individuals would help minimize this. We as users can’t attempt to correct the people making any rude or mean comments as then we get reported and blocked, and users just reporting the comments and posts hasn’t eliminated those posts or comments quickly enough…if at all. If anyone blocks specific individuals then those individuals can still see those posts and continue harassing and making rude, threatening comments that we can no longer see or be aware of which isn’t right. So I don’t block anyone as I need to know how threatening they are getting…to not only me but to others as well. If people are suspended for bad behavior then the posts or comments that caused the suspension and were reported should automatically be deleted…permanently. They show back up again when someone is reinstated if not deleted..Version: 5.291.13

Nice idea poorly executedWhile it’s nice to have a community app that is not FB, this app has a long way to go. There’s no easy way to reach support from the app and when you finally find the form on the web site the captcha fails. There’s no way for Canadian Customers to manage Emergency Contacts and finally someone who could be tagged is no longer ‘taggable’ 5 minutes later. I’ll try again in a year and hopefully it will have mature by then..Version: 5.287.5

Horrible appHaving been trying to stop the emails and I just keep getting them. You need to unsubscribe basically from every possible topic to have them stop sending you emails. Unacceptable!.Version: 5.310.2

UnsureUnsure what this app is supposed to achieve. Seems good idea on the face of it but the idea that on your say so, will post invites to twenty folk in your area is a bit off. Ok it’s getting the word out, but there was nothing on my letter that indicated why chosen or who the sender, apart from name and name of their road. Also most of the discussions are not within my immediate area but encompass further afield. That the discussions are mostly complaints about the council are disheartening. I can get the same on my own town’s Facebook group. We’ve always been a close knit community. Perhaps the app would better suit one that is not..Version: 5.263.13

Unsubscribe Does Not WorkErrors.Version: 5.309.11

USERS BEWAREBefore getting an account with this app, note that it can be a very intensive and inconvenient process to delete your account, which may require several emails to their help centre. It is NOT as easy as clicking on something. They make it incredibly difficult to get out of. Had I known, I would not have signed up. Beware..Version: 5.309.11

DeletingWAY to much private information on this app!.Version: 5.307.6

Pretty good app, but annoying to accessI have been on this app for a year or two now. It is good for reports of criminal activity and seems to be good for people looking for recommendations for craftsmen, etc. it is, however, very annoying to sign in and only be able to read one post before being required to sign in again ! To the point it is not worth the trouble to sign in at all. This seems to possibly being worked on, because for several days now I have been able to read a whole string of different postings on different subjects with only one sign in required. If that is to continue, Thanks! The only real annoyance for me is the many, many URGENT postings only to read that someone sees a dog or cat wandering down the street unaccompanied. This is not URGENT in the overall daily workings of life to me, but I always read the ones marked URGENT in case someone has lost a child or a grandpa with dementia has wandered from home or there is a gas leak and neighbors should evacuate, etc. if neighbors would reduce the use of urgent s when it is really not a life or death matter, I would consider the whole thing less of a waste of time..Version: 3.93

UnsubscribingCan someone please advise me how to unsubscribe from this App. I keep getting mail ,even though I deleted the App. I’m sorry I got into this..Version: 5.308.10

Be warned. They will make you an involuntary ambassadorBe really careful to read the fine print. When I signed up, I must’ve skipped something. Some months into it, I suddenly started to receive emails ‘congratulating’ me on signing up some local neighbours. Then, my next door neighbour called me to say that she received a letter in the mail (yes old fashioned post) with my name on it telling her to join and download this app. Against my will, my name had been used to advertise this app to people in my neighbourhood. When I complained they said I should have paid more attention to the fine print. Some more research showed that this was a common problem - worldwide - with this app. If you like your privacy, don’t join..Version: 6.0.4

ReviewI can’t remember so many passwords what happen to finger print that is easier thanks have a good day.Version: 6.18.7

Privacy concernsThe app pushes you to verify the address by using your location and phone number. I am very concerned about it and there is no chance to clear your details from there app. Even if you deactivate the account, still your information is available to others. I hope apple can help me with this concern. I’ll report it to Apple..Version: 5.231.9

TrashUtter trash.Version: 5.309.11

Subscription detailsI tried over 10 times unsubscribing to stop getting emails without success I DON’T want to subscribe anymore how can this please get resolved!!!!.Version: 6.17.7

Opting out of emails very difficultThere's no option to opt out of all emails easily. Instead you have to disable email notification under so many different categories one at a time. I don't want any emails (except password reset etc). How hard is that? Terrible user experience..Version: 6.15.11

UnsubscribeI want to unsubscribe from this and every time I hit the unsubscribe button it tells me there’s been a problem..Version: 6.15.11

Good concept but poor executionThe app relies on two neighbours elevated to lead status to manage their area, who behave like they rule a dictatorship through their own poor interpretations of following the app guidelines. Since joining I’ve been harassed in the lewsey farm area of Luton by one such individual who’s let the power go to their head in their own micro-kingdom presenting me from selling household items. These individuals have no formal training, no association with the application itself and are neither employed or regulated by Nextdoor. Simply put, these individuals are the nosy neighbours from hell who’d normally be telling kids not to play ball outside, report their neighbours to the council for having a bbq and endlessly spy on you peeping through their curtains. The app could be a good concept but are allowing individuals to abusive their power over their neighbours without any accountability..Version: 5.220.6

Quite DisturbingI thought this app sounded a good idea. And potentially it could be a beneficial community resource. I’ve seen a couple of good outcomes as a result of the app. However, the advantages are outweighed by the negatives. The reality is the way in which my particular community uses it (and I’ve seen reviews discussing similar concerns in numerous other neighbourhoods) simply highlights the bigotry, racism and arrogance of my neighbours. For example, God forbid should there be a non-White person seen at someone’s door or a White person perhaps in a hoodie who doesn’t quite look middle-class enough, because that person’s photo could end up on the site with everyone suggesting the criminal intentions they are likely to have been harbouring. Horrible allegations are constantly made about people with little to no evidence. While a few rational neighbours will comment on such problematic assumptions and allegations, they’ll likely then in turn be subject to disparaging comments and nastiness. It’s so upsetting. Until there is more rigorous monitoring and handling of these issues, this resource will continue to compound societal division and fuel racism, snobbism and bullying..Version: 5.196.1

Rough startWhat I find most annoying so far is that it can’t help me with my password reset. That’s basic and about to delete and create another account which is a pain. The number of notification is alarming and fills your inbox with no option to unsubscribe as you have to do it for every time someone post something individually! Still trying to navigate and like it..Version: 5.241.4

Not what I’d expect from nextdoor!!So I have been a member or user for quite some time and I’ve posted multiple different things to sell from new to used never have I been restricted from signing in until now?? All because this woman who I’ve never met and doesn’t know a dam thing about me send me the most rude,judge mental, racist message but here I am the one paying the price for her actions which is why I rated this app a one star. Until the situation is properly taken care of and she is warned to stop bullying other member's on the app then I will change my rating but why am I restricted from signing in? I have always followed the rules and posted as according to the rules but because one woman bad mouths me and assumes based on no literal evidence that I am selling stolen goods. I’ve posted in general if I ever needed advice or help finding a local mechanic I’ve never bullied, never bad mouthed never broken the rules so why am I being restricted ?? Have you even consider looking into her part because I have reported her and have proof of the messages screen shot to my photos that I will be more than happy to show you (NextDoor) treat everyone equally nextdoor and I shouldn’t be assumed anything based on my profile pic or the color of my skin or do I look poor like I can’t afford the items I’m selling so the next bully has the right to assume? No not fair at all..Version: 5.220.6

A Little Too Much for MeAfter having this app installed for 3 months I’ve finally deleted it. It certainly has good intentions, but to me it felt like a very toxic space for neighbours to air grievances. Lots of complaints about dogs, cats, what children in the community were up to, and targeting of POC as suspicious. I’ve deleted it for my overall mental health..Version: 5.273.10

Deleted my thread on Covid which was a great thread.Covid is killing people and I created a thread where people could help each other. You deleted it. I have a lot to say. First the idea is great. However you took down a thread that was possibly the most useful ever. I had created a thread where any neighbor could express their opinion about Covid and report their actual experience. It worked. People were reporting if the testing was accurate. They reported which drugs or otc meds they were using. They reported what equipment they needed to get through the sickness. They reported what their doctor said and what happened at the e r when they went. They reported on relatives who had died. We had many nurses chime in. IT WAS USEFUL. You deleted it and I never was clear why. You said it might discourage people from getting vaxed. Adults should have every piece of info available to make up their own mind. I recreated this thread without the comments and it was much less useful. I was actually crushed that you chose to take something away. Did you know doctors offer nothing? Did you know pharmacists have no drugs to offer? Did you know my entire family cheated death with 30 days or more of Covid? Do you know my daughter died from an immunization reaction? As did my friends daughter? It was a great and unique Covid thread that was a wonderful resource snd you destroyed it. Shame on you..Version: 5.299.6

Full of advertisements - lacking purposeful contentToo many advertisements and no relevant content. Can source same info from other social media platforms and noticeboards. Disappointing..Version: 5.212.9

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