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Stop Motion Studio Pro App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Stop Motion Studio Pro app received 45 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Stop Motion Studio Pro? Can you share your negative thoughts about stop motion studio pro?

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Stop Motion Studio Pro for Negative User Reviews

Not met expectationsThe app seems limited even you get the pro and most tutorials I have seen are web based. The text only comes in white and you can’t change the font either which is pretty disappointing for a paid app. You can’t preview the songs/audio so whatever you select gets embedded to your project, you either delete it and start all over. You can’t even merge your videos/projects together into one movie. You have to save each project into your iOS photo gallery which is an extra step then create a new project by selecting those movies which is another step. I don’t know why you can’t just add them from where they are in the app. There’s a lot potential in this app but it is mind boggling why you can’t preview songs before adding them to your project/movie and why you can’t change the color or font of the text..Version: 10.4.1

I dont understandI hot the stop motion app in expectation that you could draw, add backrounds and create lego characters and such as it showed in the mini demo. It has none of that. I’ve searched the whole app and nothing I am very dissapointed and it was a waste..Version: 10.4.1

Very useful!I have used this for everything that I have ever animated. This app is worth the five dollars, so make sure you check into it if you’re an animator, or into filming stuff. This app is just perfect for anyone who wants to create something, because it is easy to use, and doesn’t have many bugs. Few things bother me with this app, but there still are some problems. Maybe I will be recording a voiceover, but if I am in the “Preparing to record countdown”, and you press done while it is happening, the audio will glitch a little. The only thing I really need on this game though, is for it to have better processing in general. It may skip just about every other frame if your stop motion is too long, and it is hard to watch your project. It also takes too long to show somebody else your project, and gives me nostalgic flashbacks to 90’s internet. Even though it’s not the best, I really couldn’t live without this app. 5 stars anyway!.Version: 9.2.1

Zooming and button issuesI’ve been excited to make projects for the summer, but my bubble was bursted when the new update hit. I cannot zoom in and out, and the entire video has to be from ONE angle. When I go to my camera the zoom works fine, but not on Stop Motion. The buttons glitch constantly, and I can’t push them to get out or go into settings or help. I have to close the app and go back in to fix this. Working with these conditions is frustrating, and I will no longer be able to make animations with this app. Please fix these bugs because this app has been fantastic before this disaster..Version: 9.0

Sound doesn’t workAll the sounds within the app don’t work on my iPad air so it’s really limited on what I can do. Also, I’ve tried emailing the support team months ago and there has been no response so basically this app has been a waste of money..Version: 11.1.1

Stop MotionLighting issues when using green screen and 3D models are a major challenge. Other aspects of the program work well..Version: 8.4.1

Please help!I have this bug that when I take a photo it blurs the image and that is really annoying! Please fix it if you do I will be happy! ☺️.Version: 9.2.1

Green ScreenThe app is great but I am having a problem with the green screen it does work on a green background for me.Version: 5.4

TerribleI like the editing software but i can’t connect remote camera so now i am going to fail on my school t need to complete to pass this year.Version: 11.2

It will not let me add a clipI have had this app for a long time I can’t add clips now I was wondering if you have a way to fix it..Version: 11.2

This app is horribleYou can’t actually use audio it is so dumb and you Pay five dollars for what this app is basically just like the free version none of it works after I download the app I was so happy but then after I tried to use it I was just like sitting in my bedroom crying I know it sounds dramatic but it was such a letdown I wasted my money for something that I could’ve gotten free I hate this app but there’s nothing else I can use there is absolutely no good stop motion Apps out there and I’m not settling for OK because that’s not OK so do not absolutely under any circumstances buy this app try out the free version and see how you like it you’re probably not even like that either because they’re all trash absolutely trash and I’m not paying $200 for an app like Dragon Frame so thanks for crushing my dreams have a good life because I know I won’t.Version: 10.4.1

Stop motion pro for the phone is awesome but for the computer it’s terribleStop motion pro over all is a great way to produce some great animation without paying to much for software and my favorite part is that the app on the phone is great and allows me to do fun with quick animations on the go however I purchased the app for the laptop in hoping I would be able to use my DSLR tethered to my computer but the app does not connect to the DSLR 👎🏽I looked everywhere online to find a solution I tried multiple configurations and even reached out to tech support and asked for my money back but got no response from either department that being said DONT BUY THE COMPUTER APP ITS A JOKE.Version: 10.1.2

BUGSBug 1: There is a problem with the remote shutter setting. I will turn it on, then exit settings and try to make a movie. The remote shutter function will not work. Then I’ll go back to settings and find that remote shutter has been disabled. As a result it’s currently impossible to use a remote shutter. Bug 2: Every time I change a setting for my movies it will reset the FPS to 5. This is only a minor inconvenience but still would be worth fixing I will change my review to 5 stars if you fix these bugs.Version: 11.2

It wont workMy app won’t open for some reason? It was updating then it got stuck when it was donloading again.Version: 10.1

TERRIBLE,BAD,CAN’T DO ANYTHING WITH IT DO NOT BUY!Don’t waste your money on this dumb app. Not worth the headache or the money. Green screen doesn’t work out for the app. I recommend a different stop motion app! It gives me a headache,I cannot erase and it says media file offline! I hate this app and I think I’d use 7 dollars for something else,like a watermelon,or donate,rather than wasting money and who knows if I an get a refund. I cannot rate zero because stop motion stupido pro thinks that they are good enough. Everything is glitching and I say DO NOT BUY! I have watched 8 videos on how to use it and they are all useless waste of seven dollars and will write a complain to the company,hope this was helpful.Version: 10.4.1

UnstableLots of possibilities but the app crash on ipad.Version: 9.3.3

GLITCHYThe earbud shutter feature would stop working mid shoot. In order for them to work again you would need to exit the scene your shooting on and reopen for the earbuds to function again. Onion skin won’t work until you keep exiting off the project which becomes frustrating when you would constantly have to reset the camera settings, framing, and lining it back up without subtle changes mid filming is hard so you end up starting over. The app is great they need to fix the earbud shutter issue along with some in app glitches. Plz fix these!!! I use this app a lot to make videos and it’s frustrating to work with at times..Version: 11.2

Frustrating cropping issuesApp works pretty well, with a huge exception relating to auto cropping of imported images. I take photos on better cameras, intending to use a full frame, but once imported, the app crops your photo, in my case cutting off the top and bottom to fit its own aspect ratio, not the photo's. You can manually edit this FOR EACH PHOTO, which is extremely time consuming. There should be a setting to preserve the original photo's aspect ratio. Also, why is there so much black space around the finished movie? Why can't it use the full screen size? These screens are small enough, why not use all of it. I'm cropping my photo enough to fit already, and now it doesn't even display full screen. This seems poorly executed..Version: 8.3.1

Update is badGreat app, good quality but the new update is so confusing! I can no longer find green screen or erase, all the stuff I use the most! So upset, would not recommend 😡.Version: 9.2.1

Not coolWorst app ever because whenever I try to erase something in my StopMotion it does not work upgrade it now.Version: 10.4.1

VERY HARD TO WORKReally really really hard I just wish there was a few tips on how to Do this still a good experience with it just too hard for me to work without any instructions.Version: 11.4.1

Can start the appI just downloaded the app and it keeps playing the first tutorial non stop and won’t let me start a project.Version: 11.2

Good but one thingEvery thing is really good apart from the erase feature. When you erase some thing it just takes you back to the image before so please fix that..Version: 9.1.1

Video quality randomly breaks!When I was making a animation, at 20 fps, suddenly the video quality goes super low and distorted some parts loop when I play it, some parts are completely deleted. Please fix this bug!.Version: 10.3.2

Blurry pictures....I’ve been using the free version of stop motion studio with the feature pack for a long time now and it’s always worked great, I got a new iPhone 11 Pro Max and bought this expecting it to work as well as the feature pack did. But when I opened the camera, it takes really blurry and low quality pictures and messing with the focus and exposure doesn’t seem to fix that. I tried the free version and it works just fine. Please fix this issue.Version: 10.3.1

OkThis is great for making stop motion movies, but I can’t be able to airdrop my movies and when I try to delete a photo, it just takes a photo automatically. Please fix..Version: 11.0.5

It’s great for beginners, but not for anyone else.This app is great if you are a beginning animator. However, although it claims to make it simple and easy to animate, its only problems are with its own self-made limitations. I have been animating using Stop-Motion Studio for over a year and I have encountered a large number of issues. It has difficulty displaying videos at only 12 frames/second. The “erase” feature doesn’t work very well at all. The camera is inconsistent from frame to frame, making it very difficult to make a decent-looking film. My worst issue with it is with the “4K” feature on the app. It has built-in “draw” and “erase” features, and occasionally while drawing or erasing a 4K photo, it will warp the frame and make it impossible to work with. It is also completely impossible to retrieve the frames once they are warped. The onion skinning doesn’t work very well either, as it displays a blurry and very bright or very dark version of the frame before and makes it very difficult to find exactly what you’re changing. There is also barely any competition for this app on the App Store. No other software I’ve tried does what I need it to. I have been forced to settle for “OK,” and that is not okay..Version: 8.4.1

3 StarsI have bought a nice green card for the green screen and my figure is almost not showing, my figure has no green and I am very confused,.Version: 10.0.1

Cant get past the tutorial.Whenever i open the app either the pro or normal i cannot get past the tutorial it just keeps on popping up. Please fix this!.Version: 11.4.1

It’s really good but...It’s really good for stop motion I have been using it for 1 or 2 years now but there is this weird glitch that when I take a picture it will erase the pictures before I don’t know if it’s my device or a bug but it’s really annoying I would recommend it but I hate this bug if it is the app I would recommend another and I payed for it and this happens it just makes me mad.Version: 10.4.1

Merge option?The recent update has stopped me from being able to use the merge button, I use this tool in a lot of my projects and would greatly appreciate it if you fixed this problem.Version: 9.1.1

DéçuImpossible d’utiliser l’application . Le tutoriel vidéo qui tourne en boucle . Je suis incapable de mettre une note pour le moment ..Version: 11.2

Really good but...I love this app I use it to make sims stop motions american girl stop motions and more but there’s just one problem..... when I go to add text my iPad doesn’t respond and I can’t add text I have tried to draw on pictures but....... I don’t have the best handwriting in the world so y stop motions always look horrible.Version: 8.4.1

Amazing on the outside.... But has some, KinksThis app is probably one of the best options out their, with plenty of options such as adding sounds and music. But there are some problems. For example, it seems like every once in a while, when you use a camera clicker, or are taking many photos in a row, the camera freezes. When using the Add video option, it does not add in every/ most of the frames in the video, or even enough frames to match the frame rate you are using. Even worse is the edit option/feature. When using this feature, the frame gets zoomed in on so you can’t edit the full frame white the painter tool. I mean you can, just if you want to paint the edges of the frame, you have to guess what goes where. It also seems that the option to go up to 60 frames per second has been cut down to 30 FPS. PLEASE FIX THIS! You should not e limited to only 30 FPS. Also, the feature to merge photos does not exist/ work anymore, so you can’t create motion blur. Also, on the IPhone X, part of the screen is cut off in camera mode. One more nitpick, returns us to the edit option. In painter mode, whenever you try to adjust the opacity on different colors, and or drawings/backgrounds, it gets rid of the opacity on another drawing. To conclude, while one of the best stopmotion tools out there it definitely has problems that need to be fixed to improve the app in many ways..Version: 9.2.1

Great but glitchedI’ve been using this app for almost three years now and never encountered a problem with it until now. Randomly my photos start glitching and part of it is sort of corrupted and I don’t know how to fix it. Unsure how to contact the developers so I’m writing this in the hopes that they see it and fix this glitch..Version: 11.4.1

Great app but problem with frames per secondThis is a great app for stop motions and I would recommend it , however it seems when making longer stop motion videos , the frame rate seems to become choppy and less smooth could this be fixed ? Otherwise great app.Version: 11.2

Worst app ever I wasted 7 dollars for nothing JerksIt’s hard to navigate horrible at picking up sound and not very stable. I was doing a project and I was duplicating it and it disappeared 2000 frames gone I handed in NOTHING thanks to that stupid bug! It crashes at the worst times. What a waste!.Version: 9.1.1

AmazingI've been using this app for a year and a half I've made 105 stop motions cuz of this app I know what I want to do when I grow up start a little company and make stop motions any way the quality is really good with photos love the editing features and can help children who want to make mini movies (review by rudy age 10).Version: 8.3.1

I love this app but the Apple Watch no longer worksI absolutely love this app and its features. I went to make a claymation video with my iphone and Apple Watch as a remote but it kept disconnecting with my iphone. The app on the watch would initially connect with my iphone but after taking a few pictures using my watch it would become disconnected once my watch would go to sleep. This was very frustrating and so I gave up trying to do it with the watch. I even downloaded the free version and paid for the remote feature and it still failed to work properly. I later found the remote app so I used my ipad and IPhone to get the project done. Please fix this bug.Version: 9.2.1

Extremely frustrating.While my experience with this app has been mostly positive before, I’ve noticed many disappointing parts of your app after starting to animate a lot more. For example, Even when i’ve reached only 600 frames in my animation, playing the video doesn’t work nearly as well as it should; the app often skips frames when playing the animation back, making it impossible to see my animation the way I animated it. That’s already annoying, but there are multiple flaws in the animation itself. For example: sometimes without reason I can’t see the pictures I’m taking because the camera freezes on a frame and refuses to show the actual pictures. Also, if your lucky enough to have the camera work as it should, editing pictures that you’ve took is also annoying. I find that when I erase parts of the animation that I don’t want, and then try to draw on the same picture, that it doesn’t work. It instead takes away the previous erasing, and let’s you draw on the original picture. While I used to love your app, I now have very negative feelings for it. I now know to get a good app before starting a big project..Version: 9.3.3

Sound effects problemOkay so I started importing sound effects from the internet like punching sound effects and talking sound effects and it was all just fine until today, okay so I begin making a new stop motion and I am or at least was gonna call it Lego police breakout so I tap a sound effects button and it doe sent work so I brush it off as nothing but then I keep doing it and I still can’t here it WHAT THE HECK there’s literally always a problem on this really annoying app oh and if you solve the green screen problem than your probably gonna come face to face with the problem I’m dealing with right now please help me.Version: 8.4.1

Great app, just one problem.I’ve been using stop motion studio for a couple of years now, and usually after each update there’s a small Problem that’s usually resolved soon. Ever since the most recent update, there’s an issue with the camera! It is off balance…I don’t really know how to explain it. I would take a picture in a certain position, The next picture I take, the camera would move up (this is only for using zoom in feature). It’s been really frustrating dealing with this problem, please fix!.Version: 11.0.1

Why is this not workingEvery single time I try to delete an unwanted project i delete it then I close the app and go back into it a it’s still there I paid 6$ for this and now I’m using too much space on my phone because I have unwanted projects please fix..Version: 9.3.3

Great App For Teaching but licensing qGreat app for teaching stop motion principles for young people and great price point for them. Recently had the audio/music included by/in this app, blocked by Instagram, due to it breaking copyright. Can the developer please confirm it has covered the proper licenses to include what it has included in the paid app for public use afterall. Thanks. Music from app is Kevin MacLeod’s “The Builder”..Version: 11.4.1

Audio not workingThe audio stopped working. I upgraded to stop motion pro and audio still doesn’t work. The audio on my devices are on but somehow the app doesn’t playback audio. Can someone help please?.Version: 10.2

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