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Stop Motion Studio Pro App User Positive Comments 2023

Stop Motion Studio Pro app received 172 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about stop motion studio pro?

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Stop Motion Studio Pro for Positive User Reviews

Love itIt’s a very inquisitive app you get to let your imagination run wild to create what ever you want and very educational because it teaches you how to animate..Version: 9.2.1

Stop motion studioThe $7 I paid for this app was well spent! I used to always want to get a stop motion app! I love how they supply theme music, and, if you don’t want that music you can take music from your music library. I wish it had Star Wars gun sounds and more voice filters.Version: 10.4.1

Really nice!This app is great! This app made me make a stop motion YouTube channel, PR film studios. I’m really grateful to this app..Version: 11.4.1

Absolutely love itThis app is awesome, sure it’s 7$ but u get so many perks and it makes the experience so much better.Version: 11.1.1

Stop motion studioI’ve used this app since I was a kid and it’s a pretty solid film making app. However there was one distinct feature that I can’t find in the new version. Where’s the draw tool?! The one where you can draw on your pictures in various different colors..Version: 10.3.1

Nice appGood app but you should have the option to import sounds from other videos.Version: 10.2.1

BUG PAUSE AUDIO !!!Suddenly, I don’t have the “Audio” button in the Pause menu anymore. Please fix this ASAP..Version: 10.4

Stop motion is awesome!🤗I think stop motion is a great app to use for little videos and very useful and easy to use..Version: 8.4.1

Great but can be improvedThis app is very good and easy to use but there aren’t enough sound effects, please can you add more sound effects like rubble, Lego connecting and shockwave..Version: 8.4.1

Stop motion studio proI really like stop motion studio. I think it’s a great app but sometimes it can be a little hard to use. It is a great app I really recommend it. Aoibh O’Sullivan.Version: 10.4.1

Worth the moneyThis app is definitely worth the money.Version: 11.4.1

Brilliant!!!!!!This app is the coolest, way better than the other one. Only reason is because you have to pay for a lot on the other one, like erasing, editing and other things, I give this a FIVE STAR review because everything on it is free, and I’ve been able to make my animation characters look like that have jumped, fallen or flew! Keep up the great work!!!! Yours truly, Krazy Kurtis.Version: 10.4.1

Stop motion rulesThis app has helped me so much to 8 frames to 12 frames to 15 and now I'm at 24 frames I could of never got in this far If it wasn't for you thank you so much and it had helped me on a choices for a career.Version: 5.3

GoodIt’s good but you should be able to choose r,g,b colour with colour picker.Version: 10.4.1

Stop motion is so good because...None of the photos go in your camera roll, and I can now make epic Lego stop motion movies! That is why I think stop motion is so good..Version: 8.4.1

No undo featureI love this app and am using it on my iPad Pro. One problem that is annoying is, there doesn’t seem to be an undo feature on the timeline. For example, I merged two frames as a test, then couldn’t undo the merge and had to delete the merged frame. Is this an oversight or am I missing something? Otherwise, this is a great little app and great fun..Version: 8.4.1

This is awesome!!!!I absolutely love this app because you can make any type of video you want with any material like lego, clay, toys or even real life stopmotions.Version: 8.4.1

Great appThe app has helped me get a better view on how much work is put into a stop motion and recently I have made a 1 minute stop motion and my goal is to make a 2 min 18 second stop motion in order to finish a favourite song.Version: 10.4.1

Cool appThis is a great app! I like it because it’s (sort of) educational and I can make movies anytime, anywhere! But I have this glitch. I just started my movie and I need to import a clip and it goes black and kicks me out. Anyway, it’s still a great app 👍🏼.Version: 10.4.1

How this app changed my videosI had never actually tried stop motion before but when I downloaded the original one and there were tons of features for just five dollars, I knew I had to buy the better one (this one) and for the first month or so, this app was wasted on me. But after about a year of animating, I became so good at it just from this app. It’s all I use and I hope you have the same experience..Version: 11.4.1

Just amazing!Though it’s features are sophisticated and surpass my expectations, I would like to suggest some more features and ones you could improve on. Otherwise, this app is flawless :D 1. Green Screen It’s ok but when green screening the pixels start to appear frequently making the resolution look bad; could you make it smoother? 2. Rendering When rendering the photo it sometimes takes a REALLY long time. The process where the photo unblurs itself makes the resolution higher, though sometimes it takes really long :/ 3. Framing I’m not sure if you have already fixed this, though if i am correct occasionally (when you are speed framing) the snap button suddenly freezes on the colour white for a while then you have to wait before taking frames..Version: 10.2.1

VERY GOOD APPI love this and it is useful for lego.Version: 10.4.1

Awesome but...There is a problem with the camera whenever I put certain Colours in Frame it bugs out so I would like you to fix it please.Version: 10.4.1

NiceI’d say this is a great app to get if you want to start animating stuff..Version: 10.4.1

It’s amazingI do LEGO stop motion and it’s the best thing for it you can make videos like a pro with the different faces and expressions it’s definitely worth the money.Version: 10.3.1

Awesome app! but...So the app is really great and useful but I noticed an issue where the more frames I duplicate, other frames seem to disappear when I run the stopmotion but are however still clearly present in the edit mode. I'm not sure if this is normal however it is extremely frustrating and stops the stopmotion from running smoothly. Hopefully I could get some kind of help with this or perhaps some kind of fix if necessary. But yeah great app highly recommended..Version: 9.3.3

Stop Motion Studio is great! One suggestion thoughI love this app so much. It's really cool what you can make out of it, but there is one thing that bothers me. Whenever I film, I'm midway through a scene and then go to check what the film looks like. In a scene that I'm filming, it is usually zoomed in, but after I check what the film looks like I go back to taking pictures to see that it wasn't zoomed in like I had it. It just went to the regular optimized mode. Is there a way you could lock the optimize mode so it doesn't go back to its regular extent (if you know what I'm saying here)? If not it's fine, but adding a mode like this would be helpful..Version: 9.1.1

I use this to animateI use this to animate for my yt channel. It works good for the most part, but I would like it to be improved a little bit more. I don’t wanna get a really animating app tho because I think this app works really well for animating. I just think a few more option for the pen strokes, like maybe a crayon or fill option, a few more backgrounds or maybe even an annotation tool. So you can bend and manipulate the lines to your liking. Very very great app for stop motion and animation. I give it a 4.5! You guys are doing some great work!.Version: 11.4.1

Just awesome!!!Amazingly useful phone app! I love it and I really like the new white balance/good focusing feature! One thing I'd recommend though is that they could add on some simple effects that allows you to put a cut out object (like a flying saucer or something cool) over the picture in editing. 😜.Version: 8.3.1

My reviewIt is perfect in every way!.Version: 10.4.1

The new update is awesome, but there is one more thing it needs...Firstly, let me just say that I love stop motion studio and it has been my staple for quite a long time, so when I saw the new feature of facial expressions I was pretty excited. However, I was somewhat disappointed that you can’t put only a mouth and that you must put both a mouth and eyes or nothing at all. I’m not sure if this is a feature and I just haven’t found how to use it yet, but if it isn’t a feature, please give us the ability to choose if we only want a mouth or only eyes as this would definitely come in handy..Version: 9.1

Very good app for iPhone and iPadThis is a very good app because there aren't many out there like this and it includes all the features of a stop motion creator on stuff like really expensive PCs. Anyone thinking about getting this app I highly recommend it for all sorts of stop motions..Version: 8.3.1

Great App But...This app is incredible I have been using it for two years and I have been able to create several different films but, just recently the audio has stopped working for my voice overs, I thought it was my phone but the audio seems fine on every thing else I even got my phone checked and it turned out to been fine, so I was wondering if anyone else experienced this if so how do I fix it?.Version: 9.2.1

ReviewJust awesome great app👌.Version: 9.3.3

By far the best stop motion app!This app has really helped me with making my stop motion animations! Me, being a animator, needs a reliable app for stop motion-and this app has everything you’d need! You can mask frames, add images, add titles, and so much more!! The only criticism I have is that when your animating, it will take pictures when you didn’t press the button, which I find slightly annoying, but you can always delete the frame 😉.Version: 10.4.1

AwesomeYou can do so much stuff, you need to get this app and you can make a lego fight scene or lego adventure..Version: 11.2

Really goodI love this app cause it has all of the features that I couldn't use in the free version..Version: 9.2

This is a great and reliable app for stop motionIve used stop motion studio pro for many years now and it has many useful features for making stop motion. That being said, it has a few small issues I’d like to point out. First of all, when My animation reaches a high number of frames, the playback plays back the animation at a lower frame rate (although when I save it, it plays at its normal frame rate). Second: when I use the eraser tool, the frames I use it on become lower resolution for some reason. Third: sometimes when I leave the camera screen for a sec to edit a part of the animation or something and then come back to the camera, the lighting looks slightly different (keep in mind, i have it set to fully manual) and this can sometimes mess up continuity and the quality of the erasing tool. But that last one might just be a problem with the iPhone’s camera resetting or something and not the app.Version: 11.1.1

Oh my godI found out about this app and i was like: o jeez dis is good! Totally worth leaving my wife and kids and playing this 24/7.Version: 8.4.1

Great app no problems absolutely in love!!!!!First I can’t say how good this app is I just started today but I already fell in love with stopmotion!!! I’ve had absolutely no problems and will keep creating stopmotions!! I really recommend this app and great for everyone at all ages and is super duper fun!!! So I give this app 5 STARS!!!!!! Well done stop motion studio pro!!.Version: 10.3.2

Brilliant appDoes everything that it says it does!.Version: 9.1.1

Good but could be betterIt is a good app out of other ones the only down is the drawing function is not as it could be. 🙂 ps not worth getting the free version ..Version: 8.4.1

Good app but I want fxI love this app it’s fun to make stop motions but I really wish there was a feature were you can add special effects so please make a feature like that in the next update or something😕.Version: 10.4.1

Great but, has a bug.When I was changing the movement guide, the end of the guide got stuck in the black bar at the top, and now I can’t move it..Version: 10.1.2

Flynn’s ReviewThis is a great app I have used multiple other apps and this is by far the best..Version: 9.2.1

Can you add gun effectsThis app is amazing I love it but to make it better could you add gun effects to this like the flash and sounds if you could that would be great thank.Version: 9.2.1

Amazing!Amazing! It has everything you could even think of on this app for stop motion! 🔥🔥The erase function is really useful.Version: 10.4.1

Need some helpI LOVE this app and I mean I LOVE it. I got this app a while ago I loved it, but one day I deleted it because LEGO was the main thing I used stop motion for, and I got bored of LEGOs. So one day I came back to this app thinking about how much fun it will be to start recording again, so I made a cool little video. Really liked it, but when I was done making it and watching the video, I realized somethings wrong, and I noticed it. When I was watching the video it was blurry unless I paused it, and that makes me really sad, because I really love this app and I want to use it a lot more than I do, but It’s hard to do that when my videos come out all blurry. I really hope you guys are gonna do something about this. But anyways other then that, just keep doing what you are doing..Version: 9.3.3

FreezingThis app is very helpful and has so many great features that can be essential when making a stop motion film. It works great most of the time and I really enjoy using it. BUT, there are still some issues that I have run into when using this app. First off, when the video gets to about 800 frames the app starts to slow down. I’m not sure if it’s just with my device or if it’s actually the app though. Second issue is when I try to play my video the play button just turns blue and I have to wait like 30-45 seconds for it to actually play. Third issue is that when the video actually plays it just randomly cuts off part of the voiceover which can be frustrating. Overall I do recommend this app if those things don’t bother you or if the app works fine on your device. Thanks! :).Version: 10.4.1

GreatThis is a great software that enables you to do anything!.Version: 11.0.6

Very goodSome glitches to fix but over all the best stop motion app..Version: 10.4.1

Great appI love this app it’s all I ever wanted I would recommend it to everyone.Version: 10.4.1

My reportI really like the app but it does not have all the sound affects I near.Version: 10.4.1

This is what I wantFor sure I hope everything goes great thanks I love your app thanks.Version: 9.3

Very inspired!I love this app it’s very creative and it is the app I used to do stop motion and my sister helped me. I do use other video creating apps,and this one is for stop motion. I don’t know how to do green screen though..Version: 9.3.1

YOU SHOUDL BUY THIS!This app is OUTSTANDING. You can make incredible stopmotions and this app is perfect for animations! 10/10 would recommend!.Version: 10.4.1

All I can say is...So, uh. Hello stop motion studio pro. I'm Lukas and I'm thirteen years old. I was twelve and a half when I REALLY started getting into animation. All I can say is that the over all app is very well done. Although, I have a bit of a hard time making more perfected animations with the lack of different sound effects, especially when I have a YouTube/Website animation career ahead of me. If you could update it with a wider selection of different sound effects and songs, I would appreciate that. But again, it's definitely a TERRIFIC starters app for animation until your competent enough to move on to big guns(as they put it) like "Dragon Frame" and countless other Animation apps for laptops. Thank you for your time..Version: 10.0.1

Great AppThough there is just one problem with the upload function. When uploading photos from the files, the app will slow down and after a certain point or number it stops the download. After such gives a message. This is one of the more annoying things about the app. But overall the app is just amazing, easy to use, organized, and perfect for animation. Overall Five stars without a doubt. But still I would like that bug to go away..Version: 10.2

Stop motionThis app is really good and i found it easy to find out how it works i give this app 5 stars.Version: 10.4.1

AwesomeI really love this app it helps to explain things.Version: 10.4.1

Why some people can’t hear the soundHere’s why some people cannot hear the sound: 1. Your audio is on mute 2. You need to export the video to hear the sound (That’s what happened to me).Version: 11.0.2

INSANEI used to use another stop motion app to make my LEGO movies, but this is by far the best! It even has and edit mode to make their mouths move! The only thing I would say could be a little better is the trimming around the edges of the green screen mode. It looks a little fuzzy but otherwise this app is incredible!.Version: 9.2.1

Needs a fixI honestly LOVE this app. I really wish that this reaches out to the creators but, in case it doesn’t, this it a warning to other users. I love this app, I spend most of my time on it, there’s just a major bug that causes my stopmotion to skip frames when reaching over 500 or 600 frames, which is really inconvenient. Another glitch is the sometimes constant freezing, it gets annoying and sometimes makes me lose my progress. Please take note of this and fix these urgent problems! Thank you very much. P.S. Thank you for creating such a great app..Version: 10.4.1

Audio not workingThis app is everything you could ever want for stop motion however I have encountered an issue with my audio, when I add shared audio to a frame I can’t trim or edit the audio what so ever, I can’t even remove the audio and I was wondering if there is something I could do to get that fixed..Version: 11.3

I love the game butIt won’t let me use erase and I was wondering if you could send me a link to how to use it or tell me how.Version: 9.3.3

Amazing!This app is close to perfection. So many different sound effects and ways to edit a stop motion. It expands on everything that the normal Stop motion app did and adds so many new mechanics. If added a gun sound effect then it would be perfect..Version: 11.0.2

Why I love this appI love this app because I love doing animations and I've already have started a movie about the entire series of my favorite show witch is Harry Potter 👦👓⚡📙and I have seen someone else who has made funny versions of Harry Potter and it's Ssssssoooooo funnyand I am positive that they used this app.Version: 11.4.1

This app is so good nglSo I am now about to make a fnaf security breach stop motion for the channel. Toonanoob please subscribe. And then this happens. So yes I love this app so much and I think it is really useful and I like Lego..Version: 11.2

PerfectThis has made animation so easy recommend downloading if you are interested in animation so many good features like the eraser ✏️. (If you want to use this on a MacBook you have to pay 2x the amount as mobile I recommend getting the Mac version and using the remote camera app) -😎.Version: 11.4.1

Love itIt is very good keep it up.Version: 9.1.1

Awesome Stop Motion App! 👍Hey, this is definitely the best stop motion app ever! 😁 But I think it would be even more awesome 😎 if you could make trailers in this app like in iMovie, and if you could watch other people’s videos that they made. Also, if you wanted to make a stop motion video with legos, it would be cool 😎 to be able to put a LEGO logo in your title for your animation. I think 🤔 this app needs lots of improvements. I wish there were LEGO logos to put on your titles, like the regular one (the one that is red, black, white, and yellow that you see on all LEGO sets), and ones like Ninjago or Friends or City. Also, I think there should be a search bar when looking for the music and sound effects in this app, and there could be all the songs in the world 🌎🎶, so you just need to search, and then your song pops up. Anyway, I think this app is great, and I hope that you’ll improve this app like I want..Version: 11.2

Stop motion StudioIt is really fun to make stop motions.Version: 10.4.1

I love itThis app is soooooo handy and really fun to use! It has everything I need on there and makes stop motion really easy for me to do! I rate it 5 stars⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!!!.Version: 9.3.1

Love this app howeverI’m getting an issue with the audio, when I edit the voice and put the setting to high or low, the audio just doesn’t work, can you please fix this?.Version: 10.2

Stop Motion Animation Helps…As I suffer with Combat PTSD & other related illnesses I use Stop Motion as self Therapy & as a type of Escape. I love it even though still learning. It is amazing what I can do..Version: 11.0.2

AwesomeThis app is awesome if it's from making Lego films to watching the day go by .I love it ,used so many times 5 stars (please more updates :) ).Version: 4.3

I love itI love stop motion studio pro but one thing... Can u make an update that u are able to put clips from movies and stuff that'll be amazing if u do that. Thx😄.Version: 8.4.1

I think this is a great app but....I think this is a great app but.... I don't understand why some pics I put in from my phone won't show and I get a pic in black with a question mark on it? Any ideas why? Please help as I'm trying to create a few motions.Version: 8.4.1

MoreCould have better effects/ ready made effects.Version: 9.2.1

I don’t have a titlePlease make this app so you can see the stop motion while your adding the voice. This would make it easer to make good voice for the stop motion movie. Thanks,.Version: 9.3

Amazing appThis app is amazing and has everything you need to make an awesome stop motion. They have masking to make things fly, they have custom sound effects (I’ll be honest the sound effects aren’t the best) for your stop motions. They have backrounds and green screens. I think anyone who wants to do stop motion should definitely get this app it is worth the money and will greatly help your stop motions looks better.Version: 11.2

Perfect stopmotion app!!!This is the perfect app for stopmotion like it’s says on the title,it has sooo many features but the down side is that when you try to save a video it takes a while but I always make long stopmotions and have lots of stopmotion so that’s probably why anyways this is a really good app and would recommend it..Version: 10.3.2

This is AMAZINGAThis is so fun to use. I use lego and clay with it. Add something where you take a pic and add text to it..Version: 8.3.1

This app is great!👍🏼🎥I’ve been using this app for quite awhile now and I must say, this app is the best way to make stop motions on you’re phone. If you are a beginner I recommend this app because it even gives tutorial videos to watch! When I first started out my videos looked like trash, but it takes time to get better. One way this app helped me was the pack with all the extra stuff in it. It gives you the ability to record you’re voice, make sound effects, erase objects to make things fly, and much more. It is definitely worth the money..Version: 11.1.1

Just 1 (other) small change.I’ve been using this app for years now, especially its “draw” features and I can’t lie, I’m a bit disappointed on one specific change. Whenever I copy a drawing and want to paste it, I must always “add drawing” and then paste it from that layer. That might sounds SUPER unimportant, but it gets quite tedious after doing it so many times. Before this newest update, whenever I copied a drawing, I could simply paste it then and there from the + button. But now, that option is simply not there anymore! Can y’all please fix it, cause it will surely make things better! I mean, I know y’all actually do pay attention to these reviews considering you guys added the option to rotate drawings, which was something I asked for a long time ago! Thanks for reading!.Version: 11.2

Very good but could be betterSuch a great app however the green screen could’ve been better there is a big line and the more things there are the worse it is. But still a very good app and it is better to just pay for this app then pay for the peace in the other app because it is the same thing it just takes less time to just get the app..Version: 10.4.1

Perfect stop motion appThis is a perfect app for people who want to get a start in stop motion like me. The settings are easy to use and there are many tutorials to help you get more advanced films..Version: 11.4.1

Thank YouYou and your app have entertained me for so long I LOVE YOUR APP.Version: 11.4.1

Download this app!Great app! the $8.99 was sooo worth it! I can use it for everything I need it for. The LEGO faces work really well, so does the green/blue screen.Version: 10.1.2

Great app! but PLEASE READ SOMETHINGS WRONGI love this app and have used it for years and it’s amazing! I needed to delete for storage a few weeks age and just redownloaded. When I go in the does the tutorial, but when the tutorial is over it pops up again. Finish the tutorial again and it pops up again! And again and again and never goes away! Pls fix I love doing my animations!!!.Version: 11.2

Get It NowThis is the best app ever my lego sets come to life!! I have nothing bad to say about this app. Just download it now! The money for the app is 100% worth it. Download app now!.Version: 10.4.1

Incredible Value and FeaturesI purchased this app about 5 years ago, and I rarely spend money on apps. Then, it worked well enough, and I never really expected much more. In the years since, Stopmotion Studio has been updated faithfully, fixing bugs, streamlining the animation process, and adding new features, all of which are available in the basic paid version, which just makes it a joy to use. For lego stop motion especially, this app outdoes a lot of the significantly more expensive desktop editing software and has features like face animations of a quality I’ve never seen anywhere else. Though I run into a few glitches now and then, they are very rarely anything major or unfixable, and this app has been completely worth every cent and more. Development works regularly to fix concerns of users, and I would be doing it an injustice were I to not leave a review of strongest praise..Version: 9.1.1

Stop MotionI love this app. It lets you edit and more. If your a child like me or older you will still love this app so it doesn't look that good but it’s awesome! You can do clay, Barbies, cars, and much much more! So please try this app what you on this app is worth it. If you don’t want to spend your money yet they have a free version and when your ready buy the real app. I got the free version and all it took was one movie and I got the real version. So please try this app!.Version: 10.4.1

ExcellentThis app is great! It has green screen, and so many features! I’m so successful with this app in animating, definitely recommended!.Version: 10.2.1

Best app ever!!! (Just one thing)This is amazing and I use it to make films on a daily bases. It has so many special effects and features you can use too! I would just say though I would be so grateful if the green screen could be fixed because it’s very glitchy and often doesn’t work how it should. So good!!!.Version: 10.3.1

Best animation app!This is so good with awesome features like green screen and the eraser feature makes things look like they can even fly. Awesome for brick films!.Version: 8.1.1

BrilliantOmg I love this app soooo much and I make so many short films. I love how there are so many features like green screen, lenses and even backgrounds. I know it’s a bit of money but it’s definitely worth it. One thing though, when I take photos they blurr but other than that I think it’s the best app on my device🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩.Version: 9.3.3

Great!I enjoy it so much it helps me a lot worth the money!.Version: 8.3.1

Pretty goodI think it’s good but it’s disorganized. I had fun with it.Version: 10.4.1

Great app bad sound effectsSo I am a fan of flapjack films and I’m pretty sure this is the app he uses. It is fantastic and I use it for all my LEGO stop motion. The only thing that could be better were the sound effects. Most seem loud and long and nothing that fit the description or is similar to flapjacks sounds. Though you can record your own sound effects so it’s less of a problem and I’m just being picky. But in conclusion I think this is a great app with just about everything you need for stop motion, the camera, the sounds, the editing, etc... so I definitely recommend it..Version: 10.4.1

Great app, bad frame adjustment toolsI’ve been using stop motion pro for years and have had minimal problems with moving and resizing frames until their resent update, which seems to randomize the whole process. Everything I select or move a frame I’m currently adjusting, it randomly resizes itself, and I can’t just make it bigger or smaller without having to completely readjust its position again. I recommend that coordinate position and frame size spectrum/scroll bars should be added to the adjusting options to make the process easier and more precise (much like angle change has)..Version: 11.2

Really epicI would totally recommend this app. Worth the £5.Version: 11.2

Good but one thingThis is a all in all amazing app I love making stop motions on this totally worth the 5 bucks. I just have one suggestion I would be cool to have effects of some sort. Not like more sound effects but like Visual effects. Now you don’t have to include this but it would be nice. Aside from that this is thee best app for stop Motion on the App Store, so If anyone Is thinking about buying the five dollar version it is totally worth the money.Version: 11.0.5

WowI love this app for those who love iMovie I disagree.Version: 10.4.1

More soundsIt would be awesome if you could add gun sounds to it.Version: 9.2.1

E P I C ! ! ! !I’ve been working in stop animation for 3 years now. And this program has been the Light of my career!.Version: 10.0.1

It’s good, but you pay for lots of stuff.Amazing. Just wish I didn’t have to pay for literal TEXT and literal MUSIC..Version: 11.3

Awesome but...You should be able to share an account as I am a pic fedder and I would love to use both my iPhone and iPad to film but I have to wait while my iPad charges. Apart from that the quality is awesome and it’s all good.Version: 8.4.1

Ideal update.I’d give this app 5 stars if it had this one simple update. Adding remote access to Canon/Nikon cameras on iPad. This would be truly ideal. Remote camera (Canon/Nikon). This would be excellent. Cheers..Version: 11.3

Good app!I enjoyed this app a lot especially that you can add music to your video..Version: 10.4.1

Help!I love the app but for some reason the first take the first picture it randomly takes a white photo! Can U help :(.Version: 10.4.1

High Quality!This app is amazing! It has everything from green screen to onion skin, and everything works the way it should. Those who say the green screen doesn’t work properly are either lying or using it wrong, ‘cause it works great!.Version: 9.1.1

The best and app to ever❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.Version: 9.3.3

Awesome!!!!!Amazing app, really easy to use and enjoyable. I just have 2 problems: 1: green screen is glitchy 2: often when I try to download a file into a project the app shuts down mid-download. It doesn't happen every time but when it does it's really annoying Otherwise, perfect!.Version: 10.4.1

Stop motion reviewI love making stop motion videos this app is perfect for making movies or videos.Version: 10.2.1

WowSuper good stop motion.Version: 10.2

Green screen is too glitchyFix it pls.Version: 9.2.1

Awesome! Love it!I love the app!.Version: 9.3.3

Cool and should definitely buy itThis is so goood. It has green screen, credits, and special affects.Version: 10.4.1

QuestionWhile using the remote and then trying it with my iPhone ear buds method both ways the app stops working mid capture. To reconnect I have to close the project then return but that changes the exposure and it is impossible to get it the same again. Wondering if the app needs some more adjusting to iOS 15..Version: 11.0.2

The bestIt’s great!.Version: 10.4.1

Nice features but always looses connectionIt is a nice interface but the failing remote camera whenever you are ready to work is just too annoying. its been over a year and it does not get any better. ok for an adult with a lot of patience, not recommended for kids due to the frequent failures and freezes. Follow up a year later, freezing seems to have been fixed and we can access music on itunes again. However the last update lost the simple zooming feature. Getting better overall..Version: 9.1

Best app for STOPMOTIONSo 6 years ago I got into stop motion and the free version of this app was the first software I got and used and even now, the free version is great. I think it helps how unlike the other stop motion apps, it has a lot of great features in the free version like onion skinning playback, iso and loads more and then there’s this version of the app that is just even better. The fact that you can improve your quality to 4K is just amazing and then there’s the paint feature, masking, merging and green screen as well as title and credits. So yeah if your new to stop motion and have a couple of spare pounds then this is a great way to start your stop motion journey.Version: 10.4.1

It needs more audio optionsIt needs more audio options.Version: 9.3.1

Is pretty goodWhen you erase wy is a character under a character? But do like it it’sawsome.Version: 8.4.1

The best for your phoneI’ve not been using it for long but I have made more than usual stop motions in only a week. It is a highly recommended app for stop motions.Version: 9.2.1

Brilliant for kids and adultsI got this to teach my kids (4, 6 and 8) how to make their own little lego movies and cartoons. Within 5 minutes we had made our first movie..Version: 9.3

WGoated app fr.Version: 11.4.1

Makes the Cutest Animations! 🤩I paid for this app and it is totally worth it! You can use anything to make an Animation, legos, dolls, stuffed animals, you name it! The videos are super helpful, without them I would be making pretty boring films. 😂 I have gotten other apps and none can match up. Now, I do need to tell you you’ll need lots of light for a good end result, but that isn’t a con. 🔆 It is a great way to make toys move ALL BY THEMSELVES! It is super adorable. I have realized I do rush too much and you’ll see tons of skipping, so you’ll need lot’s of patience! The pro’s outweigh the pro’s of other apps, and this is the very best app to make cute movies with any objects you wish! 🧸 I am never turning back to those old, confusing, hard-to-use apps, I’m hooked! And I’m sure if any of you out there get it, you WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!.Version: 11.4.1

Best £4.99 I’ve ever spent!I love this app even though had a few issues with importing clips lately , Cateater have responded quickly to my problem. Would highly recommend as you can also photoshop stills with all the available tools. Great little app for creating professional looking stop motion..Version: 10.3.1

Great app but…Hi, this is an amazing app! But there is one major issue that I have. This “issue” might have been fixed in the update, but just in case it didn’t, I’ll tell you what it is. So one day, I was just adding on to my stop motion movie, (Yes I want to create a stop motion movie and not just a 1-2 minute film) and it was skipping frames! This really disappointed me, and I was afraid that I had to quit. I hope you see this and all around, the graphics, the backgrounds, everything about this app is awesome, but I really hope that this issue is, or will be fixed. Thanks!!!.Version: 11.2

Good but.With eraser you could add target color and target area so erasing would be easier..Version: 11.2

Needs more camera supplortI feel like we should be able to use other cameras, and not just our other tablets and phones. If I could use my GoPro it would be amazing!.Version: 10.4.1

Amazing butI have used this app for I’d say 2 years and it’s fantastic both normal and pro but currently there is a glitch that makes it so you cant see while your taking photos for me please fix this I use this app almost every day and this is a huge disappointment bye ✌️.Version: 11.4

Stop motion as a hobbyThis is a super easy concept and a great app to do slow motion with. It’s the most affordable and simplest to operate..Version: 10.4.1

No problems whatsoeverThis app works really well with any kind of material you want to use in your Stop Motion for example I use Lego Play-Doh and action figures they’ll work there’s not much downside to it well. This app has some difficult settings but that’s OK cause there’s tutorials on how to do things just one downside You need perfect lighting for this to not have shadows but all you have to do is probably get about three desk lamps to make it work the best. In conclusion that’s why this is a very very good StopMotion app I have tried many more but almost none of them work they all have downsides to him this one’s probably the only one that has not too big of a deal with the downside. I looked somebody else reviewThey said the erasing doesn’t work very well. All you have to do is have good lighting and no shadows and it should work a lot better.Version: 11.2

Pretty goodThis app is very useful in some ways and others not. One of the reasons this app is nice is because you can erase things that slip into your background and you can draw. One of the reasons it's not so great is it takes up alooot of space by just downloading it. Then it takes up EVEN more space from making stop motion. Not only that but it gets glitchy and sometimes crashes, but luckily your stop motion saves itself. Overall this app is pretty dang good I recommend you get it, but make sure you have decent amount of space..Version: 8.3.1

ProblemsI think the app is very good. I have been using it for about a year. But the reason I am writing this is because I noticed lines going throughout the screen when my lamps are on. I tried to close, redownload it, and power off my phone but the lines are still there going up the screen. I tried to use my siblings and parents phones but the lines are still there. Is there anything you can do to fix it..Version: 10.4.1

Must add thisThis is the best stop motion app by far but to truly make it the best can you please add visual effects like lightning or lightsabers or gun flares and allow us to import our own visual effects like how you can import sound effects but with visual effects please.Version: 9.3.3

Supa gr8Its the best app I’ve ever come across 4 stop motion. The only problem I have is that on the remote camera you can’t have the camera be vertical you can only have it on its side. I wanted to start making shorts instead of full videos but I can’t turn my phone so that the camera is vertical so I can’t make shorts because in order to make a short your camera angle has to be vertical. Other that that it’s a gr8 app. Definitely an app worth getting.Version: 11.0.5

Best stop motion app on iOSSo there’s not much too say be cuz this is one of the best stop motion apps on the App Store even know u need too pay too get the pro version so u can do cooler things it was still worth it I made a lot of stop motion then I stopped for ages and ages and then I’ve just countined and made and amazing stop motion better then my other ones so great app and thx for this app!! Woohooo.Version: 10.1.2

WOWGreat 👍.Version: 11.2

Stop Motion Studio ProIt’s the best app ever!.Version: 10.4.1

FunPlay this game.Version: 10.1.2

It is awsomeIt took me a long time to reconize all the feachers but once Ifigerd it out I was a pro I highily recomend this app for others.Version: 9.2.1

It’s da bestIt’s so good I haven’t deleted it since I got it the first time I downloaded it. U can edit with drawings ,custom titles n credits and post it online and ad fx n sound fx. Lastly it’s worth it it’s da best. Thanks for reading cus it’s the end now so u can close it and read some else’s ..Version: 10.4.1

Amazing AppI just got this app and I absolutely love it. It has a green screen , filters , and foregrounds. I have made a movie and you can add music and make it look like a doll or object is singing. It is most definitely worth the $5 with all of the features and you only pay once which I was confused on if it was $5 a month or if it was only paying once. But in all it is an amazing app I would most definitely recommend it to anyone who has time and is creative..Version: 10.4.1

BrilliantIt's cool, easy to use and has lots of different sound effects and facilities. Everything for a budding film maker!.Version: 10.4.1

RotationHey man. THIS APP IS SO GOOD!!! But just one thing... when you copy your drawing from one frame and paste it to another, it would be great if you could like rotate the thing....Version: 10.1

AmazingI have only had the app two days and I have already made 2 movies I think stop motion animation pro is amazing and is worth the price of $4.99c.Version: 9.3.1

Great appGreat app. Thanks very much.Version: 10.1.2

AmazingI don't know what to say except it is great! You can do green screen in it as well!.Version: 8.3.1

Very goodIt’s an amazing app that I love using. It is very fun to make LEGO movies using it and it has heaps of great features to use. There are so many possibilities that you can do to create incredible stop motion video. Whether you have just started making stop motion or a professional at it, this is an amazing app..Version: 9.3.1

Great!I love stop motion and this gives it the next level! I just wish it had Lego Friends faces as well since I do Lego friends stop motion. Five stars though! I would totally recommend!.Version: 11.2

STOPMOTION STUDIO RULES!! 🤩I’ve used Stopmotion Studio since I was like six, and I love it!! Whenever I’m bored, this app always entertains me! I have a YouTube channel, and I use a lot of my Stopmotion videos for it. If you want to see my YouTube, here’s my handle. 11.4.1

My 2 cents on: stop motionThis is one of my favorite apps and i make alot of movies on it but i’d like to point out afew bugs that i hope you can please fix: #1. First things first, as you know 1 stop motion movie takes from about 30 frames to 1,000 and over, but in stop motion it gives you a pain in the back if you go to about 100 frames or over if you play the movie at some points it acts like one of my frames doesn’t exist! And so i have to make it longer and then if i make more i need to make it even longer, and longer, and longer! And i’m trying to make a movie! And when i try to fix it by transporting it to another app it says “an error accured” and i’m stuck with a skippy movie! #2. In the version for the iphone it has a light scale in other words it let you make it lighter or darker and that was a game changer! But in the stop motion version for your ipad it gets rid of that option! Thank you for reading this review, and it would be great if you could fix these things thank you❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💘😀.Version: 9.3.3

GreatThis helped me so much to make cool animations 100% recommend it The best ever.Version: 11.2

Very good!This app is a must get for those animators who can't afford software like dragonframe and stop motion pro. All is great accept for the fact that it can bomb out on you halfway through a scene! In total, it's four stars!.Version: 4.3

Fabulous and easy to useI've been using this app to make short animations with lots of young people. It's super intuitive and engaging for them to use..Version: 8.3.1

Great!Stop motion studio pro is a great app, but there is one thing that I don’t think is working properly. When I try to use a background, the background goes over the image that I took. I still love the app, and I definitely think that it is worth buying!.Version: 11.0.6

Green screenI got a green screen for Christmas and I use it a lot but some time I need on and there don’t have it like if I need a road are a house I made 20 stop moving movies now and 5 are green screen because the other ones don’t have roads are stuff like that so I think that there should put more green screens in here but other then that this app is totally worth the the money. 💙.Version: 10.4.1

GoodI liked it but how do u take several pics at once?.Version: 10.3.2

Almost 5 starsThis app would be 5 stars for me, except that since the recent update, I cannot change the brightness in the settings when in the editor. Please fix this..Version: 9.2

Why?Why do you have stop motion pro? It has no difference but worse then the regular one.Version: 10.4.1

GlitchesThis is an outstanding app, it has cool features that i guess are worth $5 like Ultra4k, built in sounds and i think there is more, some problems that keep ocuruing happen when i change the quality, my film always goes to 5 fps for no reason. also when i click audio to trim it, it goes to the list of what i recorded instead of the trim option. Adding clips that are longer than 5 seconds makes the clip skip frames. The green screen is whack, first you have the camera taking a white picture when you exit the camera then take a picture, when you edit a photo, it turns the green screened background white, and hovering over a frame make the green screen again, white. please fix all of this..Version: 10.4.1

Stop motion studioI really like stop motion pro because it come with everything, unlike the normal version that you can barely animate good movies with..Version: 11.2

My reviewStop motion pro has helped me make a ton of animations my friends think I’m a hit at doing them (thanks to the app) every thing is free! today I will be making another animation and stop motion pro will help me power through them.Version: 9.0

It’s good but has its flawsI’ve had this app for years and it’s a good app great for beginners but the audio part of the app is really frustrating to me. Whenever I try to add audio to my video it doesn’t show up at all. If you go to the frame where you selected to audio to start and tap on audio and press play it goes for a little bit then stops and it you try to check the volume it says it’s at a hundred but again no sound is coming out and the green screen isn’t that great either. Can the workers on the app please fix these problems.Version: 10.2.1

Stop Motion ProI really love the way it’s so coordinated and that you can see the last slide. The audio is amazing and I always feel the need to keep on making my movies!.Version: 10.2.1

Amazing appI love this app. It’s amazing. My kids and I have used it all the time. I’m a little annoyed about the latest update. It’s taking me a while to figure out where new buttons & links are located. I had to contact the app makers to figure out how to access the remote feature. Then, I had to figure out how to turn the shutter sound off whilst using the remote feature - not even turning the iPad volume off worked. I gotta say the company has amazing communication. They responded ASAP..Version: 9.1

Great app but still need somethingI’ve been using this app for one year and one of the major issue I’ve been facing is that we can’t use the green screen feature when we import our photo from a camera. The second issue I’m facing is the feature called”modify”, we can only modify the image one by one when it would be useful to select many photo and modify them at the same time. Overall, it’s a great app for beginners but if you want to use some more advanced features, you’ll need to go on a professional software like Adobe After effects on a computer.Version: 9.2.1

Cool AppThis app is great for young users and easy to use for Lego, Play dou And much more. Although this app is amazing for those who are experienced at stop motion animation. There is a green screen ability that allows you to be anywhere you could imagine..Version: 9.0

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