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Hangouts App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Hangouts app received 62 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Hangouts? Can you share your negative thoughts about hangouts?

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Hangouts for Negative User Reviews

The worst app I have ever seen, don’t waste your timeThis app has the most illogical, unusable, unintuitive, incomplete, confusing interface I have ever seen, rendering it completely useless for making group calls. It looks like it was designed by an insane person. No real menus or controls, just random icons with a few options that don’t make sense under each. No logical organization or tracking of contacts or groups as they are added. When you try to create a new group for a hangout, it allows you to name it, but then starts editing an existing group. Type in the contact you want to add, and it won’t recognize it even if it’s already in your contacts. Try to confirm the contact so you can move to the next one, and it disappears, along with your group. However, being a Google product, it keeps logging every action, including contacts you removed, presumably for data mining purposes. Just an utterly frustrating waste of time. I would rate it zero stars if I could..Version: 36.1

Great but...This app is great because my mom has a Samsung and so I can’t call her through my iPad so this app is great because you can communicate with anyone you want no matter what brand it is but than one day I got a message that said that Hangouts will be removing calling and that’s one of the BIG reasons I have this app and so I ended up just getting a different app called TextMe (5 star app) now they got a new app to call but it is sooooo complicated just to call one person and another bad thing about this app is that I never get the notifications for it so I always miss everyone’s call and than they get mad at me and start thinking that I’m ignoring them but I’m not and I went to my notifications for this app and it said that they were on and my ringer is ALWAYS all the way up so I wouldn’t get this app if your looking for an app with good calling because it is also really glitchy when I CAN call someone so like I said don’t get this app if your looking for a calling app by the way if you are reading up to here thank you so much for reading all of this you are a great person and I know that I wrote a lot but it is all filled with facts so I give this app a 3 star rating! Thanks for reading this! Bye!.Version: 36.1

As much as it is good, there is a MAJOR ISSUELet me say that you need to lookout for two fellow people: SirTZN and Aimbot_Aangシ. They send friend requests to random people, whoever accept will have their accounts DDoSed. Do not accept their requests, immediately block them..Version: 36.1

HangoutsWhat is going on? Me and my friends are hating this app. Seriously? Why did u even make it? I know it’s a app for contacting, but still. There something that gives me the creeps. Me and my friends are minding our own business chatting. But then this creeping things pops up. It is a call from ‘unknown’ last time my friend was call me and she ended the call because ‘unknown’ was calling her. I feel like we are going going to be robbed. HANGOUTS, DO U KNOW THAT WE ARE KIDS? WE HATE SCARY THINGS! CHANGE IT UP. PLEASE!.Version: 35.2

Worked great until it didn't, repetitively messed up my phone, can't uninstallIt worked great for a while, but it often didn't notify me of new messages. Then it just straight-up wouldn't work and constantly messed up my phone. It would freeze up and the only way to get it to work again was to wait Multiple Days for my phone to die. Sometimes I couldn't open the app (a lot of the time, actually). Sometimes I'd open it just to have it crash. So I uninstalled it. Only to find that every time I power my phone back on or connect to wifi or renew my phone service it reinstalls. Meanwhile, it Still says I have the app in my settings, no matter how many times I click 'delete app' as soon as I go back to the manage storage page it's listed again. I DON'T WANT THIS APP ON MY PHONE ANYMORE!! IT MESSES IT UP AND NEVER WORKS!!! Tell me google, why can't I remove your apps? What are you doing to my phone? How do I know you're not stealing my information? I mean, of course you do, that's how you make your money, but I mean off-Google stealing info. You have no idea how much it bothers me that I can't remove this app....Version: 35.0.0

This app is terribleThis app is terrible Literally, users can't log in. I used all the google accounts I own and none of them are even able to be added in. Apparently it's not just me, a few friends of mine have also been trying the same thing. I don't think this app is even made to work. Please trust me, users, you will only get frustration if you download this app. I cannot talk about the features because I haven't even got through the log in page yet. This is without doubt the worst google app I have ever used in my life..Version: 27.0.0

Not displaying missed callsI’ve been using hangouts for about a year. If it works it’s great but more recently I have noticed that it does not display missed calls on my lock screen. I am an iphone user and only when I open my Recent calls I can see a missed call. Sometimes there is a notification on the app itself that there is a missed call and sometimes there isn’t. In order to receive a call I have to have the app opened and arrange a specific time for a call, otherwise a caller cannot get hold of me as my screen does not flash when a call comes trough and I am unaware of someone calling..Version: 26.0.0

What happened??Can’t make outgoing calls anymore on this app , worked fine 2wks ago not anymore.Version: 36.1

Carl GrayThis is a good app for privacy. But if you don’t know the person who asked you to join them on Hangouts, I’m a guy, so I don’t really care to have anything to do with guy’s. So if it a Woman, 99% chance she is a scammer. Mostly Love Scammers. And I don’t know if some of these Women are letting like Porn group’s piggyback in to your account. But once there in they usually somehow leave it where they can get in when they want too. Never the less there is a lot of I guess hackers gets on here. And There is a lot of Porn group’s have a Woman not necessarily the one in the picture send you a request to get in and talk to you. That’s for sure a Scammer. So if you get a request for a Woman with I think 4 colored circle’s before or after her Picture and name. DO NOT ACCEPT IT. And if a Woman on another site talks for just a minute or two and ask you if you have Hangouts. Tell them what you want, but don’t give her your Gmail address to come on with you. It’s a 99% chance she is going to ask you for Money. BELIEVE ME IVE BEEN THROUGH THIS NUMEROUS TIMES. WELL I GUESS EVERY-TIME!!! IF YOU DO AS I RECOMMEND YOU WILL PROBABLY BE ALRIGHT ON HERE!!!.Version: 36.1

What google hangouts hasI definitely agree with Nan 2016 because the app always crashes. I hate the app I wish I could have another app. I hate the app because the makers took bits and pieces of what us users liked. So when you make another one will you please put some bits in but some bits out and when you have finished please contact us to ask us if some things need rearranging because this is just unacceptable😡😡. But other then that.... I liked how you can take a picture and then draw on it.🙂. Cheers mate🥂🥂.Version: 21.0.0

HangoutsI am so disappointed that I can’t get on hangouts now because you want me to pay for a free app and I was always using hangouts and now I can’t even get on unless I pay that is awful to make me pay for a free app so I guess I am done with hangouts. I have friends on there I need to talk to and now I can’t because I am not paying you for a free app this is really sad you are doing this. It is a free app so why are you trying to charge me to get on and wanting me use a password. A free app should be just that and not have a problem to be able to get on it. You are doing this with two free apps I usually use hangouts and Instagram this is really upsetting to me. I am still trying to add hangouts and Instagram app but it won’t let me it is telling me I have to pay for a free app which I am not going to do. I do have family and friends I would like to chat with but I can’t because you want me to pay for free apps which I refuse to do. You people should feel ashamed trying to get money from people for a free app.Version: 36.1

Issue sending locationOn both my ipad and iphone (running ios 13.1.2) .....if I try to send my location.....I get : “can’t load search results try again”. Please fix, thanks in advance..Version: 26.0.1

Can’t access my messagesI’ve used hangouts for over 2 years and it’s been so so (I can’t video call for some reason and the messages take a while to actually get to my friend) but this is the final straw. I opened up the app today and it said that my storage was “insufficient” and that I needed to go to settings to fix it. I went to settings on my phone, saw no way to clear the data or cache, so I went to settings on my google account and still no way to clear it. This is the only way I can get in touch with my best friend (who lives in another country). This app isn’t great but I NEED it. I’ve left multiple complaints and help requests over the last months but not a single person has reached out to help me fix it. I’ve seen other people who’ve had this problem and they never replied to those help requests either. In short, I will not be using your app again (because I physically cannot) or any google products including your web browser. I hope you’re happy google that you’ve separated me from my best friend for perhaps forever..Version: 36.1

Why dose’t Google Hangouts work with iPhones?!😡I’m giving this app 3 out of 5 stars because I’m really disappointed and frustrated about that it doesn’t work with your phone!!! Whenever I try to sign in to my Google account to set Google Hangouts up it makes it look like it’s gonna work but then after I press “Done” it says “unable to load account” I don’t know what I’m doing wrong because it works perfectly on my laptop, but not my Apple Phone! (I have the same Google account on my phone and my laptop) It’s SO ANNOYING that it doesn’t work!!!! I’m very disappointed!!!!!!😡 Please improve this app so I can use it on my phone as well as my laptop! Other then that it works great on my laptop! I would recommend Google Hangouts for someone who wants to text and video call on a laptop, IMac or any other type of computer!🤠👍🏼💻 Again please improve this app! Thank you!😁.Version: 36.1

.I loved this app so much but there was an update and now doesn’t let u call ppl with their phone number which is why I used it and now I call only call ppl that r in ur contacts 😭.Version: 36.1

Can’t add another accountI had this app for quite a while when I accidentally pressed a button to log out of my account (I had two accounts signed in that time). After that I tried to put in another account but was unable to do so please help.Version: 26.0.0

“Storage Almost Full”I just wanna chat with my friends!.Version: 34.0.0

NopeThis app is crap compared to messenger and that is really saying something. on iphone6 it is nearly impossible to even see the messages due to the tiny strip of screen which remains when one has the keyboard up to type (the resolution is formatted for longer screens). the kb is supposed to swipe down but doesnt work easily. it creates a lot of lag and is frustrating. it also doesnt let one select multiple pictures for a message, so one has to send them one at a time. and fhere is no tab to see photos one has sent, like messenger. there are also no reacts on messages which do come in handy and save some time and typing. anyway it is /ok/, i suppose. it’s just about usable but not at all high calibre. very beta and glitchy. i would have expected better quality from google. you own the internet, ya think you could make a decent messenging app. oh also the sticker oacks are weird and ugly lol. AND Fb just made messenger 1/4 of the size it was. it is now only 36mb whereas hangouts is 100+mb. fail.Version: 27.0.0

No callsRemoved calling, was literally the only reason to use hangouts. It’s completely useless now. Overall it’s good news, drives more people away from google faster..Version: 36.1

Very poor compared to WhatsApp/Facebook Msg/iMessageThere are so many things wrong with this app. It’s incredibly poor compared to the competition. - send a weblink to a friend and all they see is a url. Every other message app downloads an image from the website so your friends no what it’s about - send an emjoi on its own and it’ll be tiny, other apps make them bigger - no reply to functionality - google don’t do proper native iOS apps. The keyboard in this app is very slow and sluggish - use the app with a poor 3G signal when you’re out and about? Well it will be nearly unusable. It doesn’t seem to cache the message history and it can’t be used until it downloads it. On a poor signal that can mean you have to just give up Long and short of it is, if I could persuade my mates to use WhatsApp I’d drop it tomorrow....Version: 26.0.1

Hangouts disappointmentI really get angry that this site has no ability to block a scammer or delete them when they have conned you into allowing them to chat on here so i am stuck with alot of people i know longer want to know can the app instigators please fix this problem. What is great is the ability to contact my brother overseas and speak to him and the foresight of the developers not allowing the erson at the other end to see or know your email address but then perhaps that is why the scammers who use it dont get caught so good it protects me if I’m smart enough to be able to get their email but sad if not and they have mine..Version: 24.0.0

Just sucksIt’s so bad.Version: 26.0.1

Pretty DireNot impressed , the App does not refresh itself properly and I frequently have to boot my phone to refresh the App , I know there are other ways , tried them they don’t work . There are issues when you block a contact . The person blocked can still see you online and are still able to call you via the App . Only way I found to stop this was to delete archived messages from blocked contact and then stop notifications . The video is of poor quality as well ..Version: 21.0.0

You should still be able to call on hangoutsThis app is okay, but it seriously needs to stop swapping and changing things. My friends and I have used this app for over a year, as an easy way to communicate after school, as it is compatible with any device, and isn’t classed as social media so no one has trouble with strict parents. We use it for calling while studying, with often up to 9 of us in a call. But now, you can’t even tell who’s in the call before joining, let alone see when a call is happening so you can join it. If you wanted to see if a call was going on, you’d have to scroll way up the chat to see if someone sent a link to google meet. Also, you wouldn’t even know if the call was still on, or if certain friends you wanted to talk to were in it. Could you please make google meet and google hangouts two separate things, we just want to be able to call our friends in groups without making it professional, where you can mute people or decline access to a call. Thanks.Version: 36.1

AwfulI can't use it all of the sudden. It's been working and then boom, it crashes before it even loads. Fix this dev. I have iPhone 5.Version: 35.1

ScammersThere’ A lot of scam on this app. Lots of criminals trying to get your money. Don’t be a victim..Version: 26.0.1

Please add video messages capability!This app has definitely come a long way from when it was still Google Voice. I'm glad picture/gif messages are finally allowed but now the app just needs to be stepped up just a bit more and allow to send/receive video messages. On more than one occasion, I find out later someone has sent me a video but I didn't even get an error message acknowledging any message was attempted so I wasn't aware. Please add video soon. Or even just email us the video! Everything loads so slowly if it ever gets through. Sometimes, I get repeated messages twice in a row. And other times messages are lagged or out of order and don't appear until I manually exit and enter the app again. I have to do that to refresh the app it seems. Currently, it won’t let me send any messages. It keeps saying “Failed to send. Touch to retry.” So I can’t even use the app to send out anything for hours now..Version: 22.0.0

Why google meet?I would have originally given this a 5 because all my friend and I talk on this. However, due to the recent decision of changing calling to meets this rating is low. Why the frick would you do that? I don't want to download another app to call with my friends. If I want a meet I will make one, but I don't..Version: 36.1

Make a delete button for messages 😑Do u know how hard it is upif u want to delete the message? It love it but if I u want more people to like ur app then u have to make better changes. Also, when I send a video. It takes so long to load, then it won’t send my other messages..Version: 26.0.0

Good overall, but horrible problemsI’ve been using this app three years, and until a few days ago I have had no complaints. But three days ago, I opened hangouts and found I had been locked out of the account I use for %90 of my conversations (it is a school account which I use because the school gives everyone an email address and most of my friends just use that email and don’t have a personal one). This has happened before, so I immediately went to the “add account” option. After completing the process it sent me back to the home screen with a little message reading “unable to add account”. I went through this process multiple times on both of the devices I use hangouts on, and found that it won’t let me add any other emails. I have tried to find helpful videos and websites and haven’t had luck, and I would vastly appreciate advice and explanation from the Hangouts team..Version: 26.0.1

Never stop supporting it!!!I've been using Google Hangouts since 2013 as one of my main forms of communication. I've liked the interface for all the years I've used it and all of the improvements from sending multiple photos to sending your location to your friend(s), to even the animated emoji gumdrop gifs that you could send dubbed "stickers" (which are still cute as hell)! It's basically a triple threat app that needs to still be relevant if Google expects to compete with Apple in any way. It has FaceTime, Phone, and iMessage all in one and it's taken for granted every single day as it loses support for the newer apps like Allo and Duo. It's frustrating to see Allo and Duo catch on when they're two separate apps that can do what Hangouts has been doing for years. Keep it around, update it, don't let it die! Update: On iOS 11.0.3, it seems it’s having some issues with photos? Whenever I try to go to my photos directly inside the app and share a photo, it won’t let me. It’ll tell me to Cancel or Choose, and when I tap Choose, it slide over and shows the photo with no way to go back to typing or viewing my conversation. I have to forcibly close the app. Another issue would be that it won’t let me share my gifs via the share extension. It does allow me to share, but it freezes the gifs in place, making them a still. I hope you guys resolve this problem. It’s a great app that still deserves support..Version: 19.0.0

Hopeless design for casual useI really wonder if the designers have ever used this in real circumstances. First of all you can’t paste a telephone number that you want to call. When you finally type it In manually, switching between screens constantly because you can’t remember 14 numbers shown on a webpage, then you press call and it says it can’t call the number. Eventually you realise that it needs some sort of indication that it’s an overseas prefix. Well how do you get that? After a lot of hassle you realise that you need a plus sign. And how are you supposed to access that on this app? And the number of times I’ve accidentally phoned a contact in the middle of the night rather than begun a new phone call to a new number is an indication that the interface is frankly, dreadful. Update: now it interrupted a phone call to ask me to review it! Unbelievably poor effort, google..Version: 21.0.0

It was great but now....When I first got it it was to talk with all my schoolmates during lockdown but after a month or so it stopped working and wanted me to sign back in on my Google account. We tried it but now it says it’s unable to add account! I have deleted and reinstalled it many times and tried to do the same thing but it’s not working! Please fix this!!!!!!!!! Thanks.Version: 35.1

Google has ruined HangoutsBefore the most recent update, there were occasional bugs. Enough to make me give them a four star. From various things such as when you join a call, it would act as if you were receiving a call for over five seconds and you couldn’t hear nor talk. Other bugs included some inducing whence sending photos and videos, as well as the extremely poor quality in all videos (though this is not a bug, just the way that the app is.) What has further lowered my rating on Hangouts is their most recent update. The update now requires you to set a google meet in order to call or FaceTime. This is most infuriating in group chats, because it sends a message with a link, but most people do not suspect a call unless they actually hear a REAL CALL. Google meet (just use it and you’ll see) is not at all practical for casual conversation, nor official meetings, and is still very clunky and even MORE BUGGY. Much of this you have to use to understand. I’m still going to use the app. I have to. Hangouts is strong in the area of connecting more people than ever, because all you need is a Gmail or some school emails (though school emails are a bit limited, they can’t send photos or videos, but that is understandable.) I’m just disappointed that Google is valuing Google meet over the people. I hope this review was helpful, and congrats for reaching the end!.Version: 36.1

Good but needs a few things addedI don’t use it for calls and things as much as I use it for messaging and with the messaging part there could be a couple of things that should be added to make it better. 1. You should be able to delete messages. There’s many times I’ve messaged something to the wrong person or sent something to someone which I immediately regret and want to delete it but of course I can’t, I’ve mentioned it to my friends as well and they’ve also complained about there being no delete. 2. I’m not sure if this is something the company can fix but sometimes someone’s icon appears down the bottom like they’re online when they’re actually not. it can be really anxiety inducing to feel like someone’s reading your messages but don’t bother enough to reply when they’re not actually online it’s happened with me to my friends and my friends with me Please take my requests into consideration as it will most likely improve the quality of your app But my main request is add a delete button.Version: 26.0.1

This app has been played with & all the good bits goneThis app has been played with & all the good bit’s have been taken out and the people who have made it don’t care about what we the users liked and used all the time. When you’re are in a call that is important for both parties to be able to get them to hear what they are both saying and that’s when something goes wrong the call goes dead and you think they have given up on you then you have to get them back to chat 💭 with you and they are really mad 😡 at you but it’s the app that drops out on both parties. So can we please get back everything that we use to have put back into the app when we had windows 7 as that’s the last time everything worked right and if you are going to be fixing the app then please tell us what things you have fixed and then your user’s can tell you if. It working or not working. This app is in need of a good re building so they can find all the things that are wrong with this app and how the hackers are able to get get into it so please go through this app and get everything done that needs to have work done on it..Version: 20.1.0

I used to love thisWhat the freaking heck!! I type in my email and it says unable to add account and I don’t understand so please fix this!.Version: 26.0.1

Good App,but needs some good help.I can finally be able to text relatives that have different types of phones than me! I don’t have a SIM card, there is no point! With this app I have the thing I want. This is one of the best apps ever. I would recommend it!! I love the kitty stickers. I like to send them to relatives. They are funny. I also like that you can select the pictures you want to send to them. Whenever I want to call them, this wonderful app is able to call them! There is also FaceTiming. This app is a very good app, but sometimes I regret texting on it. There are big things like when I type in a email then it pops up two. I always click the wrong one. Please fix that. I would give this app 5 star if you fixed that. Another thing that I want them to fix is they should have one more stickers. In conclusion, this is one of the best apps ever! Rated: 3 star Not good for sending funny stickers and not good with emails..Version: 26.0.1

Pretty good but has faultsIt is awesome because I can talk to all my school friends because iMessage doesn’t always work. Other things like Snapchat or instagram my mum doesn’t allow so when I saw hangouts it was amazing. Something bad about it is that if I was trying to send long texts it wasn’t loading and then 2 weeks ago I had to delete it because I t would freeze and I couldn’t do anything My recommendation is that don’t send really long messages ʕ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʔ.Version: 26.0.0

Unable To Receive Calls & NotificationsSince this update, I am unable to receive any real-time call notifications to my Google Voice number in the Hangouts app. This is my first time ever having this issue as a long time user. My settings are unchanged in my iPhone for receiving all notifications for Google Voice Hangouts inbound calls. Calls to my number ring on the callers end. Also, I am not receiving notifications in the Hangouts app when voicemails are left. I do not have my Google Voice number forwarded to any other number. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Hangouts today (Apr 9th) without any resolve. Not a good time for this issue to arise. - NOTE: I have Hangouts installed on an older iPhone (running 12.4.5) and it too will not provide any inbound call notifications whenever someone calls my Google Voice number. Also, I am not getting Google Voice Hangouts voicemail notifications on this old iPhone either when previously I could. (Outbound calls from the Hangouts app on either phone is NOT an issue.).Version: 33.0.0

ReviewWhen I am on FaceTime it’s not very clear anymore and sometimes it cuts out. The voice calls sometimes cuts out to. I use to be able to share my location if I chose to now I can’t even do that. Why can’t we delete a message after we’ve written it and why can’t we if we choose to delete a contact or block them if we don’t want them anymore. If you could help me fix these problems I would be happy with it. Google Hangouts worked perfect for me when I first got it now it feels like it falling apart..Version: 27.1.0

What theI couldn’t even log in this app SUCKS 😡 this app is garbage.Version: 27.0.0

MehDo not use with strangers they will have your email if you do. Beware of scammers (anyone you don’t know) asking to message you through hangouts. It is good for staying connected especially with groups. I wish there was a way to just react to a message without actually responding like I can do with my texts on my phone or the “like” feature on other social apps. Also you cannot flip through pictures in the group using iOS you have to open each picture then close before opening the next. Also you cannot message a gif straight from the app in iOS, I have to copy and paste. It would also be great to be able to search within a thread like when we are planning an event, or just to remember a detail about something that was said. Basically it isn’t the best for being social, but is more for just staying connected through quick texts in a separate app that doesn’t have to bother individuals in a group that hate being bombarded with group texts on their phone. It is pretty good with video chats. Easy for many people to use and less interruptions than Skype, less reliable than FaceTime or Zoom though. But I can use it with people that don’t have apple and the time isn’t limited. It really is free and you can use it across all devices or computers. Some glitches and bugs, but they usually fix it fairly quickly or I am able to reset things and it works it out on its own (just slightly inconvenient)..Version: 35.0.0

Not badBut discord is better.Version: 36.1

It’s great but...The app is great in general but every time I type the word/letters always lag and it’s quite frustrating since I’m a fast typer. Sometimes the call button is also glitchy and in general the app could be a bit more functional. Videos take way too long to send and the feature where you can remove people from a group is helpful but perhaps it should be changed so only the creator of the group can remove people. But It’s really helpful since it makes life easier for people who can’t have other social media (nearly all my friends) I recommend it..Version: 22.0.0

StupidThis app is so freaking stupid like it is app it have to go no one likes this stupid freaking app.Version: 27.1.0

H e l pI have been using this app for years on end but yesterday when i re downloaded it, it doesn’t log into my school account even though i’ve been using that one ever since i’ve been using hangouts. it loggs me out and brings me back to the “welcome to hangouts” screen please help me thanks.Version: 35.2

Delete messagesIt’s annoying that you can’t delete messages, and if you do try to delete a message you have literally 1 SECOND to delete it before it sends and it’s too late by then because once it’s sent you can’t unsend it. It’s frustrating. Also I have VERY good internet connection but there are times when none of my messages go through. This app is by far one of the worst I’ve ever used. By far. The text is too small..Version: 34.0.0

They took calling outThe app based on talking to your friends disabled calling, would not recommend.Version: 36.1

Getting startedI just recently downloaded Hangouts so I can text my sister, since she has a Samsung tablet and I have an Apple and iMessages won’t work. I’m pretty impressed what you can do with it, except when I typed in my school email, it didn’t work. I tried over and over, sat right next to our internet, plugged my iPad INTO the internet, but nothing worked. I can always use my parents email, but I really like using my own. Please help me!! 😞😞.Version: 24.0.0

Won’t let me see profile picturesI today, Google hangouts is just showing a letter instead of someone’s profile picture. Meaning in group chats I can’t tell who is who, or see if someone is actually active. Please fix this! (I have deleted and reinstalled app and logged out and logged back in a few times.).Version: 36.1

Video chat is terribleVideo chat burns through battery like you wouldn’t believe, within a minute my phone gets hot in my hand. Yet for all of the power this app uses, the quality of the video is awful. Latency problems, poor resolution, poor frame rate, plus frequent drop outs of audio and video for no reason. For comparison, FaceTime on the same device has a sharp picture, silky smooth frame rate, minimal latency, lower battery usage. Only use this app if you have absolutely no alternative..Version: 26.0.0

Goods and badsI feel like you should be allowed to change the names of people instead of seeing their email. It just seems impractical, like what happens if people have a similar email address, someone could send a message to the wrong person and you can’t even delete a message. The calling on the other hand is just as bad you are constantly getting kicked out of the call and it’s super glitchy. But the messaging aspect is really good..Version: 35.2

A minor problem but still very goodRecently I’ve had a childhood friend move away from me, so there was no way to contact him as he got a new phone after. We both found out about hangouts and decided to talk on this software. It runs really well and smooth, the only thing I’m finding a bit annoying is how sometimes it fails to send any photos I send to him. At first I thought nothing of it, but over time it became a frequent problem. I had to uninstall this app and download it just to send a pic, please do something about this as I am quite infuriated with the repetitive scenarios I’m given.Version: 34.0.0

Unable to manage Incoming CallsI’m a software engineer and Google Fi user. I’ve just spent the better part of two hours trying to get my iPad to stop ringing every time I get a phone call. As far as I can tell, the setting that used to control this must have been removed from the app, as I can’t seem to find it. I had no trouble performing the same action in the web browser on my computer. Due to that, the Hangouts integration with CallKit is stuck permanently on the ON position and I therefore am unable to keep my iPad from ringing every time I get a phone call. This is doubly annoying because Hangouts does not seem to respect the spam block settings I’ve set up for my phone, which means in addition to all of the real calls I’m getting which ring on both my phone and my iPad, the 10-12 spam calls I’m getting per day are also ringing on my iPad. This situation makes Hangouts untenable for me. I’ve deleted it, and I’m urging my friends and family to uninstall it as well. We’ll get by with FaceTime or FB..Version: 36.1

Hangout account not workingThis is not a review actually.. this is to report that my account in hangouts isn’t working ... it doesn’t open since this morning... there’s no word “open “ nor “get” every time I click it regularly to read messages and to write as well. The only thing that appears instead of open or get, is a tiny blue square whereby I click on it hoping my account will open but no.. pls do something about it, so I could read my fiancé’s message to me. Pls reply once you got this report so hangouts can work it out today as well. And also how come my previous or past messages between me and my fiancée are also gone or deleted??? Hoping you’ll act on this report. Thanks..Version: 35.0.0

Good, but has flawsThis app is good because it’s handy to have a platform that most people are on, because I am one of the only people in my friendship group with a phone 📱and that means that I can’t text my friends. So, on Hangouts, with no phone number requirement, I can text all my friends 👭 with ease. One of the problems is pressing enter. Please can we add a feature where it is possible to press enter without sending the message. That would be great as it is very annoying. Another issue is the fact that you can’t delete/edit messages. It bothers so much! Please add it in that part where you hold down on a message, hoping you can delete it, but then it just comes up with some other stupid options, like viewing the message details! Like, as if I care what time I said hello to my friend! I know when I did, I’m not an idiot! The last thing is that I was texting my friend and then it showed the icon that she was on Hangouts. Then, I asked her a question. I waited for aaages! And she was on Hangouts, just staring at my message, but she actually wasn’t ! Because the stupid app said she was on when she was actually at Great Ocean freaking Road and she didn’t even BRING her tablet! Like, what the hell!.Version: 26.0.1

Took away the call featuresTook away the only good feature which was the phone call option. Shame.Version: 36.1

Media - pictures, videos and linksThere should be a button that says “view all media” for chats that haven’t been deleted so people are able to see the pictures and videos they have sent because it’s important and it’s a need for the app because personally I need to go back and look at pictures or maybe go back and re-watch some videos or even save them because i didn’t do it before. This is the thing that’s bothering me the most. Also there should be an “Unsend” button to be able to Unsend texts or anything. But mainly, it’s the media that I really need, and if this review is seen and hangouts is updated, I want to be able to see everything from when I first started texting in a chat whether it is a private one or a group chat (and haven't deleted anything). Also, on Gmail, when u search a message, there should be like “Go to Message” button because then I could have saved the video or picture from there..Version: 26.0.0

Wish I could searchGreat app. But it is simply infuriating how one cannot search old conversations. The ONLY way to search conversation history is through the desktop version of gmail. Ridiculous. Very annoying when you want to quickly find some information that might have been communicated a while ago. The only option in that case is to scroll up! Good app otherwise. But this is a critical missing feature that so many have been requesting for years..Version: 36.1

Having issuesI really like the app for the fact that it allows me to stay in contact with my girlfriend while she is deployed overseas to some less than desirable locations. What I don’t like is that the only way I get message notifications is if I have the phone unlocked and the app open. Otherwise, I have no idea when she sends a message. I’ve checked my notification settings many times. I’ve even deleted and reinstalled the app a couple times. Another minor annoyance is the refresh time. Most evenings I open the app on the phone and iPad both so we can have something close to a real-time conversation. I have to continually exit out of and re-enter the app on both devices in order to get the latest messages in a timely manner. If not, there may be a 30-90 second delay between when it shows up on one until it shows up on the other. For us this is a big issue because we have a very limited amount of time together when we get to chat. Maximizing the time available is quite important. Other than that, I think it’s pretty good..Version: 34.0.0

It’s best for scammersYou can’t make video calls or regular calls in this app also it does not show if you are online or not and it’s very unsafe.Version: 36.1

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