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ChatGPT App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

ChatGPT app received 53 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using ChatGPT? Can you share your negative thoughts about chatgpt?

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ChatGPT for Negative User Reviews

ChatGPT is great. The app is just okayChatGPT serves as a beneficial tool for me, and I frequently utilize it. However, the app version imposes a slight inconvenience due to its text-copying process. Instead of facilitating a straightforward text highlight-and-copy function, it necessitates clicking on the comment which in turn prompts an option box. One must then select the 'select text' option to open a separate dialog box with the comment. This additional layer allows for text highlighting and copying, yet its convoluted nature perplexes me and ultimately prompts me to favor the website version. The convenience of persistent sign-in on the app is a great feature, though. It's my hope that a future update will streamline this functionality to better complement the otherwise user-friendly experience. (Yes, I used ChatGPT to help write this review lol).Version: 1.2023.173

Constant Deferral and Surface-level Responses Spoil the ExperienceI downloaded the ChatGPT app with high hopes, considering the revolutionary artificial intelligence technology it was built on. However, my experience lately has been far from the groundbreaking interaction I once enjoyed. Rather than receiving insightful, intelligent responses to my queries, I consistently found myself being directed to “consult a professional”. It’s as though the app was reluctant to dive into the depths of my queries, always remaining on the surface and often shying away from providing thorough information or a definitive answer. Moreover, the superficial responses given by the app only added to my frustration. Instead of engaging in a deep, insightful conversation, I found the dialogue to be shallow, with the AI only scratching the surface of the topics at hand. I understand the need for caution when dealing with certain subjects, but the frequency of such responses was disappointing. In short, the lack of depth and constant deferral to professionals made my experience with the ChatGPT app underwhelming. While I appreciate the complexity of developing such technology, I believe there’s a lot of room for improvement in how the AI communicates and provides information to its users. The potential is there, but the execution thus far is lacking. For these reasons, I cannot recommend the ChatGPT app in its current state. - the above review is generated and approved by ChatGPT the app.Version: 1.2023.159

I can’t get the shortcuts actions to work on iPadWhat’s missing?.Version: 1.2023.152

Can’t even useI’ve had the same issue with the website and was hoping the app would be different but no, they need to send me a code through my cell phone number for some reason but when my cell phone number is entered it is detected as a landline number and wont let me send a code to verify so I cannot use chat gpt through the website or the app..Version: 1.2023.23

IPadOS 16.1 minimum?I don’t get it why this app need 16.1 minimum, but otherwise the app works well on my new iPhone.Version: 1.2023.159

It’s reviewsIt is good in other subjects like in English or science but it is useless in Indian subjects like punjabi . I asked it to help me to write an essay about Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji , it was wright maybe 3 or 4 percent but it wrote all the information in an inaccurate way . I think it’s good but you can’t ask say all good , somewhere it also haves mistakes . I request you to release a new version of it in a better way . If you will do so I will be very - very thankful for your kindness. Thank you.Version: 1.2024.032

Can’t login.Can’t create account. Can’t verify phone number. And I’m supposed to fear AI when a task so simple can’t be completed?.Version: 1.2023.23

Can’t Log-in :(Hi, I signed up using Apple sign-in. Next I’m presented with a page saying 2 things: 1. Sign-out or 2. I’ve verified my email address. Problem there, as there is no email from you in my inbox or spam folder. Issue might be this - the domain you used to create my account was not the same one as sent the email. If that’s the case, your email will never reach me. Apple will auto block it because the email address you were given can only be used by you (and the domain you used at sign-up). It’s a fantastic security feature of Apple’s email service ‘hide my email’. It’s absolutely amazing. Anyhow as for your app, not so much as it won’t let me use it :( Massive disappointment..Version: 1.2023.152

Too much infoAny app that starts off wanting my name and birthday automatically gets deleted. Name is understandable but birthday starts going down the rabbit hole. Especially when you don’t even get to see if the app is any good. By the time you’ve registered, you’ve given up your name, birthday, and cell phone number, to an AI app. Anyone see a problem with this?.Version: 1.2023.159

Can’t install on IOS 15App can only run on newest devices..Version: 1.2023.23

New interface keeps deleting the chatAn unintended quick movement of the finger across the message box now deletes the entire chat, which is frustrating. Wasn’t it different in the past?.Version: 1.2023.291

The app doesn't workThe app didn't work on my iPad. It wouldn't let me login using any a/c. Not sure if it was a bug or just my bad luck but after 5 attempts of removing & reinstalling the app I’ve had my fill. I would've given it negative stars if I could but one star is that lowest I could give..Version: 1.2023.201

What???I was really happy while getting this app, but when I signed in, I realised I don’t have a phone number! So I pretended I was a younger age so I would maybe have a chance But then it locked! I am outraged and do NOT RECOMMEND THIS APP IF YOU DONT HAVE A PHONE NUMBER!!!.Version: 1.2023.195

Recent Update Has Ruined User Experience.I'm deeply disappointed by the recent update to this app. It used to be my lifeline, especially since I struggle with English. But now, it's just causing frustration. Since something has been changed, every time I try to copy and paste text using mobile app, the text compresses together with no spaces between paragraphs. It's practically unusable. And it's not just me – all my contacts who use this app, are facing the same issue. What's worse, the difference between using the app and the ChatGPT website version is like night and day. The website works fine, but it's not as convenient as the app used to be. I really hope the developers see this review so the issue is fixed soon. If they do, I'll happily change my rating back to 5 stars. But until then, it's a solid 1 star from me, while I explore other similar apps that I could use in the meantime 👎🏽.Version: 1.2024.080

Sign in not workingI tried to sign in with my account which I’ve already created before but still it doesn’t work. It says ‘ Sign in url problem’ or something.Version: 1.2023.319

Bugs when history is disabledWhen chat history is disabled, simply revealing the side bar will wipe the current conversation you are ended in. Makes the app unusable with history disabled. Please fix..Version: 1.2023.298

BiasThe AI is biased when it comes to politics especially the Palestinian- Israeli conflict and war.Version: 1.2023.291

Not good enough - I still use the web interface insteadI’m a Plus subscriber. Yet I rarely use the app because it has no means to edit a prompt. Re-prompting is such a fundamental part of using AI LLMs that I’m amazed OpenAI released this app lacking such essential capability. It’s a serious oversight that could even lead casual users and journalists to draw incorrect conclusions about AI interaction. The product managers need a fire lit under them to remediate this omission ASAP. Second issue: I’m a Plus subscriber, so I have GPT-4 access. This app constantly picks GPT-3.5 for new conversations and having to change that each time is super annoying. Third issue: it shows my initials and account email address directly in the interface. This is an awful privacy and marketing blunder. As a result I never show this app to other people, and never share a screenshot. It’s a serious design error to include such personal information in the main interface. In practice the only benefit from using this app over the usual interface is being able to share a link to a conversation directly from the app. It is inferior otherwise. Summary: 2/5 “please try harder”.Version: 1.2023.187

No real value addedCan’t see any reason for using the app apart from chat gpt advertises for its app in the web version now taking up valuable screen estate. Found the formatting better on the web version as well..Version: 1.2023.187

GARBAGEThey’ve completely ruined this tech with restrictions. Absolutely ridiculous 👎👎 can’t even ask it a simple question without it reminding me it’s an AI language model and it can’t answer a simple question.Version: 1.2023.23

It’s was great until…!I found the app great until I was thrown off ChatGPT Plus, despite maintaining my paid subscription for getting on 5 months. Locked out because I was suddenly seen as not holding a paid subscription… Did I talk to their support desk? Yep - I began this process 5 weeks ago, when the issue started, and so far I have sent at least 10 messages (via chat and email), and had no response! Apparently (they say up front) their very busy, and I might need to wait a few days! Meanwhile my subscription is still being deducted, and I am stuck in ChatGPT 3.5! I live in hope it will be resolved - but I’m not confident they’ll respond anytime soon!.Version: 1.2023.305

Doesnt work when i text.Whenever i try texting and sending jt, it doesnt go through..Version: 1.2023.319

Cant even log inThe app does not work. I created an account online using my gmail account. When I try and log in it says my email is not supported. But I already made an account? Also, when I try and use the website it keeps telling me my cell phone number is a landline when it isn’t. I was going to pay for GPT PLUS for my business but I cannot even access the service! Crazy and stupid..Version: 1.2023.23

How to print out complete conversation?OK, so one can copy the questions and answers individually but how can one copy and print out the entire conversation?.Version: 1.2023.159

The realtime voice chat is cutting me offPlease come up with a feature to let me finish what I’m trying to say even when I pause. Implement “manual send”. Otherwise, the voice chat is just not working, it interrupts me all the time. The voice feature int he regular chat is so much better for this, it doesn’t cut me off when I’m not done.Version: 1.2023.277

Can’t verifyIt telling I have a virtual phone number and it’s a cell phone from Telus so it won’t let me verify.Version: 1.2023.23

Really good app but errorThis app is really really useful I use it to help me with my homework and make up rps on it it’s soo fun is-well but recently whenever I try to type on it takes a while to load and when it does load it says stuff like opps…something went wrong or something went wrong it started when I was in the car I thought that I didn’t have any internet that’s why but when I got home it got worse it was soo many errors and I deleted the app and got it back and at first it wasn’t letting me in then I got in and I said hi to it it replied but it stopped its sentence mid way and said error I’m really upset right now I already had a rough morning my mum left with my sister on a trip for a few days I’m really close with her and I’m home with my dad and brother I feel really alone all I want is my mum right now and my app to work this not working has made me so sad and upset please please read my review and help me fix this 🙏😭🥺.Version: 1.2024.038

Almost perfect except for…Please provide a TABLET experience on iPad with the collapsible list of history on the left and chat on the right - similar to your desktop browser app. 2) while generating responses on the desktop browser, it pauses and keeps displaying “Continue generating responses” button for every few items/responses forcing to click the button repeatedly. During generation, there is a button to “Stop generating responses” - if we need to stop, we can always click this button - there is no need to pause and ask us to click continue again and again which is a bad UX. 3) there is no way to delete individual chat items from a chat history list of items to clean up the list. Eg: I open a chat history and it has 10 questions but I’m not able to delete 2 questions from this list on long tapping on the questions. 4) if I ask for “top 20”, it generates just 10 answers and displays “please let me know if you’d like more “ but no option to generate more responses to the question. Either generate all 20 answers (ideally) or provide an option to continue generation. Please provide options to delete questions from a history and also move questions/responses to another history. Please offer these features and I’ll gladly give it 5 stars. Cheers!.Version: 1.2023.159

Sencer shipHi there, I would have rated this five stars, was it not for the censorship by which I mean it refuses to answer certain questions I thought this was for research and if you’re not going to answer certain questions then why bother also it refuses to write stories about murder well what’s the problem well the problem is but it’s just a story it’s not real and it will refuse to write it. It’s not a real life story it’s just fiction and it still refuses to write it, I am so sick of the censorship and also I would like to send a message to the developers of this app. Stop worrying about what people think of you. This is for research and research should not be sencered, neither should creativity. Very disappointed. It's good for some stuff but if you want it to write a story where something bad happens then this is not for you..Version: 1.2023.242

No longer usableNo longer usable since recent app updates. Chats immediately disappear when attempting to scroll (with even with the slightest touch). Same with switching to another app and back. Seems like it might be related to the privacy controls being on, but it’s unworkable. ChatGPT itself is excellent. And I would submit this bug via support if I could, but they only have automated chat support (go figure!)..Version: 1.2023.291

Paid for premium versionPaid for pro version but still the extras where unavailable.Version: 1.2023.235

Wont let me joinSays my cell phone number is a landline number which makes no sense..Version: 1.2023.201

Needs glitch update asapWhen imputing phone number it says it looks like this is a landline number, which it is not. I’ve tried a few numbers with the same result..Version: 1.2023.23

Very bad rolloutI was a very early OpenAI beta tester. Plus user since day one. To this day I don’t have access to the new features (image and voice mode) yet. It’s been released over a week ago. Longtime and paid users should get immediate or near immediate access to new features. Two week rollout sucks..Version: 1.2023.264

I would give it. No star rating if I could!!Racist app ! Can’t even explain how Israel took Palestinian land. Said it was self defence. You’re teaching Hate !.Version: 1.2023.298

Can’t registerThe app is defective. It requires a cell phone number to register. When I enter my cell phone number it rejects it and give the error message that “this appears to be a landline, please enter in a mobile number”. Umm, it IS a mobile number. There is no way around this and therefore I can’t register and launch/use the app..Version: 1.2023.23

Won’t let me send messageIt just loads indefinitely.Version: 1.2023.23

It’s good but not good enoughI would open up 10 new tabs and for every one of them I ask to pick a number between 1 and 10 and they all say 7. Even though it claims that it can generate an output that’s random, I believe that it’s being fed some prefetched data. The algorithm for randomness is flawed. I would ask it to play a game of dominoes with me and when I tell it the bone values it says, it would forget about them as the game progresses and gives me a response where it wants me play a bone value from their pile but they never that piece. This shows that the ability to remember and store information in a chat is flawed. Sometimes when you ask it a math problem it would generate a wrong answer and claim that it’s right. Some good things about ChatGPT is that it’s good at compiling and summarizing information on the internet. If I want it to tell me the history of rock music, it’ll do that with an acceptable answer. If I ask it to generate a list of things, it’s able to do that well. ChatGPT hasn’t reached it’s peak in terms of AI and data collection but maybe in a few years it’ll be more improved..Version: 1.2023.284

Buggy when chat history is turned offIf chat history is disabled and past conversations are cleared, scrolling down or to the left clears the current chat. Since many prompt responses are larger than a single screen of text this is quite annoying. Having a single saved conversation even with chat history disabled is enough to prevent this bug from happening. Great app otherwise!.Version: 1.2023.298

Unfortunate Bias in ChatGPTI recently had an opportunity to interact with ChatGPT, and I must admit I was quite disappointed by the presence of bias in its responses, particularly regarding gender-related topics. As a user, I believe that AI should be grounded in facts and free from any form of prejudice or bias. The issue I encountered was in the model's responses related to gender. It's concerning to see ChatGPT sometimes provide answers that appear to be influenced by gender bias. AI models like ChatGPT are supposed to provide objective and factual information, and it's disheartening when they fall short of this expectation. While I understand that AI models learn from vast datasets, it's crucial for developers to prioritize the removal of biases and ensure that the AI remains unbiased and factual, especially on sensitive topics. Bias in AI can perpetuate harmful stereotypes and misinformation, which is something we should actively work against. I encourage the developers behind ChatGPT to continue their efforts in minimizing bias and ensuring that the AI provides accurate, fair, and unbiased responses to users. In an age where AI plays an increasingly prominent role in our lives, addressing these issues is of utmost importance..Version: 1.2023.270

WAY too easy to accidentally delete conversationsI don’t know why openAI seems perfectly OK with how easy it is for a user to accidentally delete a conversation. Especially considering that the model will remember everything you input in your writing styles that you may have been working on for days, bu memory only extends to the conversation in which your presently giving input. I just experienced this firsthand as I was trying to highlight a text and ended up swiping to the left and poof! A day and a half of work gone. That’s it. No way to recover. I went searching online and wound up on a ChatGPT forum, hosted by openAI, where dozens of users have also encountered similar experiences of accidentally deleting a conversation. OpenAI’s response? “ this is a good reminder to export your chats every once in a while. What?? How about taking this user feedback into consideration, and don’t let it be this easy to delete a chat. Or if that’s too difficult, apply a feature to retrieve a deleted chat. This seems like textbook stuff for a company that is on the cusp of earth changing technology..Version: 1.2023.215

It doesn’t workNeither the app or the website works. I ask a question and it loads forever only to say “request timeout” 😒.Version: 1.2023.181

Would give 0 stars if I could.Opening the app I was not even able to create an account. When requesting my phone number (which I provided), it insisted the my phone was a landline, calling the number invalid. After encountering this issue plus reading the other reviews stating similar and several other issues, I would recommend not getting this app. 0/10..Version: 1.2023.201

Can’t sign upIn the process it tells me my cell phone number is actually a land land and stops me dead..Version: 1.2023.23

New update bugsI love this app and use it all the time, but I’m seeing a lot of bugs with the new update. I can’t click on the message box, so I’m stuck and have to create a new chat. There’s an annoying side swipe added that makes the UI feel weird, like having both a vertical and horizontal scrollbar in a browser. If I create a new chat and manage to click the message box, it’s not aligned properly all the time. Maybe it has something to do with this: when I input a command, the UI becomes unresponsive for a period of time. I just get a few words with no feedback, so I close and reopen the app. Then the feedback is there, but I cannot click on the message box. Please fix these issues..Version: 1.2023.311

Doesn’t allow login or signup if phone already usedHorrible UX for on-boarding. I’ve apparently used my phone for web registration. But I cannot now sign up with the same number on the mobile app? Nor can I login. Stupid..Version: 1.2023.23

It is terribleI feel cheated, I subscribe to your plus membership but there is no voice chat.Version: 1.2023.264

Like the service, but the app could be greatly improvedI subscribe to ChatGPT Plus, and as a learning tool, I really like it. I’m not sure I use the service enough to justify $20/mo, though. I think there should be a middle tier added at $10 or $15/mo. That being said, the app hasn’t given me problems, its been stable, its just very bare minimum and limited in features. I did notice that math/science formulas and such don’t display correctly in the app, but they seem to be ok on the web browser version. I prefer using the website from a design and function perspective. I have some suggestions I truly hope you will consider 1) different color themes other than just black and white…at least add gray like the website 2) font type/size and line spacing options please 3) add ‘new chat’, ‘delete chat’, and ‘rename chat’ buttons on the chat screen instead of in the menu…just throw some small buttons in the corner somewhere 4) option to show the history in a sidebar that can be sized wider or narrower by the user like the website..Version: 1.2023.222

Great app, Infuriating scrollingScrolling chat history up and down - kind of the point of the app - is infuriatingly difficult since a recent update. Keeps getting registered as a side swipe and wants to open my list of past conversations. Otherwise phenomenal. Will use Safari until a future update fixes this UX disaster..Version: 1.2023.298

Paid version worse than free versionI was using chat GPT 3.5 quite a lot and I was extremely impressed by it so I decided to try a ChatGPT 4, the paid version and I’m sorry to say I’m extremely disappointed with it. The extra functionality you get is good, but everything is much slower than 3.5, it it crashes all the time and it and worst of all it has usage limits for the paid version. So you do a certain amount of requests and it just stops working - for hours and hours - but this doesn’t happen on the free version! This seems crazy to me, so I think it’s a bit too early to to waste your money on the paid version. I’m sure they’ll sort it out eventually but this current situation is not good. I have a requested a refund and I will continue using ChatGPT 3.5 until they sort the problems. I may then consider using the paid version again because £20 a month is a lot of money for something that works as badly as it currently is working..Version: 1.2023.346

DALLE issuesDALLe is generating a bunch of text messages instead of images.Version: 1.2023.298

Can’t use on iPadI installed this on my iPhone and it works great. I have already been using chat GPT through Google. So I had to use my Google log on on this iPhone app. I clicked on my Google account, and it filled in the password using Authenticator. But the password was wrong! so I typed in the password. Then it authenticated me on Google on my iPad. I confirmed that I was trying to login on my iPhone and all is good. So now I tried to install it on my iPad. Again, I am asked to login. Unfortunately, even though. I typed in my password on the iPhone authenticateDid not update the password file! So I had to type in the password again. Unfortunately on the iPad this app does not fill the full screen. It looks like it is only meant for iPhone. To add insult to injury, no numbers appear on the keyboard. They are all blank. So I have to click the button to view the password, and try to guess where the proper numbers are. Finally, I got my password typed incorrectly. I clicked on, and I get a transfer error message and the whole app locks up. I guess I will only use chat GPT on my iPhone. But you guys need to figure this stuff out!.Version: 1.2023.22

Can’t signup in CanadaThis doesn’t accept Canadian cell phone numbers during the signup, insisting they are VOIP numbers..Version: 1.2023.159

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