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ChatGPT App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

ChatGPT app received 44 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using ChatGPT? Can you share your negative thoughts about chatgpt?

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ChatGPT for Negative User Reviews

Review of app (not ai)It's a bit sad that an app that costs me some 35$ per month and is put together by some brilliant developers can't be bothered to make an iPad version. Maybe you can ask ChatGPT 4 to cobble together the iPad front end code for the next update? Should take a few hours, no?.Version: 1.2023.23

Improvement required — Highly recommend for everyoneTo all the users reading this review, I want to emphasize that, for now, I can only give it 1 ✨. However, despite the shortcomings I will address shortly, I strongly recommend this app to anyone who interacts with ChatGPT on a daily or regular basis. The user experience and the amazing design are commendable. Now, let's delve into the aspects that need improvement. There are several problems that I have encountered, which I believe will be resolved soon. I love ChatGPT so much that I hold high expectations for various aspects. While I understand that technology is evolving, I can exercise patience. Firstly, the app freezes frequently, requiring me to kill the process and restart it. This issue can be easily mitigated with a timeout or an automatic retry feature. Addressing this problem alone would greatly contribute to earning the 4 ✨ up to the 5 stars rating that you deserve. On a positive note, I personally love the haptic feedback, which adds a delightful touch. It would be even more amazing if, upon tapping and holding (the equivalent of right-clicking), the menu would provide the option to save the reply as a high-resolution image for sharing on social media. I intend to provide more extensive feedback in the near future, hoping that you can incorporate numerous features that expand beyond the main feature of our beloved ChatGPT. The minimalistic interface is pleasing, but I encourage the addition of various features limited only by our imagination. I have countless ideas, too many to list here, but keep up the good work. Once the app implements a resilient fallback mechanism, replacing the need to kill the process and restart, I will be thrilled to restore your deserved stars. (yes I got help to review my text but... Hey!!! I said that I love ChatGPT I am using it many hours a day — AI Assisted by OpenAI powered Technology).Version: 1.2023.23

Like the service, but the app could be greatly improvedI subscribe to ChatGPT Plus, and as a learning tool, I really like it. I’m not sure I use the service enough to justify $20/mo, though. I think there should be a middle tier added at $10 or $15/mo. That being said, the app hasn’t given me problems, its been stable, its just very bare minimum and limited in features. I did notice that math/science formulas and such don’t display correctly in the app, but they seem to be ok on the web browser version. I prefer using the website from a design and function perspective. I have some suggestions I truly hope you will consider 1) different color themes other than just black and white…at least add gray like the website 2) font type/size and line spacing options please 3) add ‘new chat’, ‘delete chat’, and ‘rename chat’ buttons on the chat screen instead of in the menu…just throw some small buttons in the corner somewhere 4) option to show the history in a sidebar that can be sized wider or narrower by the user like the website..Version: 1.2023.222

Lacking IPad Screen CompatabilityThe app has all the functions of the web version which is great. The issue right now is it does not take up the whole 12.9 of my screen. Also, it seems it’s just a direct IPhone port as it’s not intuitive to get to your other conversations. They should leave the conversations on the left like the web version when they make improvements to the screen usage..Version: 1.2023.23

Fluide et facile à utiliserLe titre veut tout dire. ChatGPT est un excellent outil pour toutes questions qu'on pourrait se poser. Il remplace clairement une grande partie de Google en ce qui concerne la recherche d'informations. D'avoir une application aussi fluide sur iOS est très avantageux!.Version: 1.2023.23

Phone numberI rather not give them my phone number..Version: 1.2023.23

Almost perfect except for…Please provide a TABLET experience on iPad with the collapsible list of history on the left and chat on the right - similar to your desktop browser app. 2) while generating responses on the desktop browser, it pauses and keeps displaying “Continue generating responses” button for every few items/responses forcing to click the button repeatedly. During generation, there is a button to “Stop generating responses” - if we need to stop, we can always click this button - there is no need to pause and ask us to click continue again and again which is a bad UX. 3) there is no way to delete individual chat items from a chat history list of items to clean up the list. Eg: I open a chat history and it has 10 questions but I’m not able to delete 2 questions from this list on long tapping on the questions. 4) if I ask for “top 20”, it generates just 10 answers and displays “please let me know if you’d like more “ but no option to generate more responses to the question. Either generate all 20 answers (ideally) or provide an option to continue generation. Please provide options to delete questions from a history and also move questions/responses to another history. Please offer these features and I’ll gladly give it 5 stars. Cheers!.Version: 1.2023.159

Can’t install on IOS 15App can only run on newest devices..Version: 1.2023.23

Good for a mindset thinker and a good play toolHas been a good learning tool, but unfortunately it’s not up to speed, subconsciously I’m driving light crazy sorry “ like “😊 and I’m have to try slow down and it’s hard to do when your going so fast and have to stop 🛑 as you loose yourself in the moment and sometimes you miss it 😢 But it’s still good though.Version: 1.2023.264

ChatGPT is great. The app is just okayChatGPT serves as a beneficial tool for me, and I frequently utilize it. However, the app version imposes a slight inconvenience due to its text-copying process. Instead of facilitating a straightforward text highlight-and-copy function, it necessitates clicking on the comment which in turn prompts an option box. One must then select the 'select text' option to open a separate dialog box with the comment. This additional layer allows for text highlighting and copying, yet its convoluted nature perplexes me and ultimately prompts me to favor the website version. The convenience of persistent sign-in on the app is a great feature, though. It's my hope that a future update will streamline this functionality to better complement the otherwise user-friendly experience. (Yes, I used ChatGPT to help write this review lol).Version: 1.2023.173

Every sign up method result in failureCan’t sign up.Version: 1.2023.23

Ideas to update training data for more accurate answersHey there, been using ChatGPT for a while now and its really cool! 😎 But you know what would make it even better? Updating it with 2022 or early 2023 data! 🤔 We live in a fast world, and stuff changes all the time. Imagine how dope it would be to get the latest info on trending topics, tech updates, and even the new memes! 🌐 Like, I get it, keeping up to date is hard but this could really be a game changer for peeps like me who wanna know whats happening now. 🕒 Just an idea, but think it would be super cool. Keep it!.Version: 1.2023.235

Constant Deferral and Surface-level Responses Spoil the ExperienceI downloaded the ChatGPT app with high hopes, considering the revolutionary artificial intelligence technology it was built on. However, my experience lately has been far from the groundbreaking interaction I once enjoyed. Rather than receiving insightful, intelligent responses to my queries, I consistently found myself being directed to “consult a professional”. It’s as though the app was reluctant to dive into the depths of my queries, always remaining on the surface and often shying away from providing thorough information or a definitive answer. Moreover, the superficial responses given by the app only added to my frustration. Instead of engaging in a deep, insightful conversation, I found the dialogue to be shallow, with the AI only scratching the surface of the topics at hand. I understand the need for caution when dealing with certain subjects, but the frequency of such responses was disappointing. In short, the lack of depth and constant deferral to professionals made my experience with the ChatGPT app underwhelming. While I appreciate the complexity of developing such technology, I believe there’s a lot of room for improvement in how the AI communicates and provides information to its users. The potential is there, but the execution thus far is lacking. For these reasons, I cannot recommend the ChatGPT app in its current state. - the above review is generated and approved by ChatGPT the app.Version: 1.2023.159

Can't save history without sharing your conversations with OpenAIOpenAI seems to be pulling a questionable privacy trick by only giving users a single configuration button that both turns on your history and shares your conversations with OpenAI for training at the same time. If you want to keep a history of your conversations, but do not want to share them with OpenAI, then you are out of luck. Surely there cannot be any technical reason to do it this way, but OpenAI seems to be deliberately bundling both options together to steer users into sharing their conversations even if those users don't really want to..Version: 1.2023.159

I thought they would fix a massive flaw but they haven’tIf the response you (ChatGPT) are writing is way off the mark I need to be able to stop you mid flight and then redirect you. Unfortunately when I stop you and enter my text, I can only restart what you are writing and waste a significant amount of time while I wait for you to finish your wrong response. This is a constant issue!.Version: 1.2023.249

Sencer shipHi there, I would have rated this five stars, was it not for the censorship by which I mean it refuses to answer certain questions I thought this was for research and if you’re not going to answer certain questions then why bother also it refuses to write stories about murder well what’s the problem well the problem is but it’s just a story it’s not real and it will refuse to write it. It’s not a real life story it’s just fiction and it still refuses to write it, I am so sick of the censorship and also I would like to send a message to the developers of this app. Stop worrying about what people think of you. This is for research and research should not be sencered, neither should creativity. Very disappointed. It's good for some stuff but if you want it to write a story where something bad happens then this is not for you..Version: 1.2023.242

Needs to be updatedThis app is a valuable resource for accessing authentic information and fulfilling various informational needs. However, it's crucial for the app to continuously update its content to keep pace with the passing years. Currently, it appears that the information is only available up to 2021. It's essential for the app to prioritize accuracy and relevance, ensuring that the content remains in sync with the evolving nature of human knowledge. As having to continue a conversation with CHATGPT, it seems to occur a failure of regenerating the reply. Your attention to this matter would greatly enhance the overall user experience..Version: 1.2023.242

Lacking an iPad appPlease natively support the iPad..Version: 1.2023.23

Would love to have pwd lockThe layout is very simple and the functions are easy to use. Unfortunately the app doesn’t have built-in password / pin lock function. Would be great if the team considers adding it to the security options..Version: 1.2023.23

Locked out of app due to simple mistakeI started the process of creating my account and accidentally typed in the wrong age “2011” instead of “2001”, I’m fully locked out and can not create a new account. If simple mistakes like this lead to the app being locked, then I no longer have any interest in trying to acquire access to the app and its features. I understand the reasons behind not wanting underage users however locking users from using the app is not something I agree with and unless I am missing the obvious fix, I will not go through a long process just to undo a simple mistake..Version: 1.2023.187

Frequent app crashesApp crashes a lot. It seems to get stuck responding and nothing can be done to stop it or anything. If it is your first chat, killing the app means you lose the chat. Also, the ability to select and copy text is a necessity. This would also make it easy to use iOS tts.Version: 1.2023.228

Mobile number is a landlineStuck in Chatgpt hell. Cannot setup account says my mobile number is a landline. Although my number was once a landline number it was ported to my mobile account a number of months ago. How do I get around this?.Version: 1.2023.23

Lots of infoNo credit or source given Everytime i ask a general question it wont tell me where that info came from. That’s highly unethical. Chat gpt could be a very useful tool but only if it cites where it is getting the information from. If you don't fix it, people like me will move on to an ai chat that references and gives credit to the original writer/researcher..Version: 1.2023.264

BugCan’t complete the inscription. It keeps telling me that my phone number is voip but it is not..Version: 1.2023.23

Can’t use on iPadI installed this on my iPhone and it works great. I have already been using chat GPT through Google. So I had to use my Google log on on this iPhone app. I clicked on my Google account, and it filled in the password using Authenticator. But the password was wrong! so I typed in the password. Then it authenticated me on Google on my iPad. I confirmed that I was trying to login on my iPhone and all is good. So now I tried to install it on my iPad. Again, I am asked to login. Unfortunately, even though. I typed in my password on the iPhone authenticateDid not update the password file! So I had to type in the password again. Unfortunately on the iPad this app does not fill the full screen. It looks like it is only meant for iPhone. To add insult to injury, no numbers appear on the keyboard. They are all blank. So I have to click the button to view the password, and try to guess where the proper numbers are. Finally, I got my password typed incorrectly. I clicked on, and I get a transfer error message and the whole app locks up. I guess I will only use chat GPT on my iPhone. But you guys need to figure this stuff out!.Version: 1.2023.22

Horrible appI tried to make an account but accidentally set my birth date to 2020 in stead of 2000 didn’t give me a second chance also didn’t let me use a different email and no options to resolve this issue horrible customer service don’t download.Version: 1.2023.23

Can’t verifyIt telling I have a virtual phone number and it’s a cell phone from Telus so it won’t let me verify.Version: 1.2023.23

Absolutely BrokenAnnoying verification systems aside (and the demand for unneeded person information like name, birthdate and phone number) I’m unable to login as it claims my number is unable to receive texts because it’s a landline. The web version doesn’t require any of this..Version: 1.2023.23

Can’t registerThe app is defective. It requires a cell phone number to register. When I enter my cell phone number it rejects it and give the error message that “this appears to be a landline, please enter in a mobile number”. Umm, it IS a mobile number. There is no way around this and therefore I can’t register and launch/use the app..Version: 1.2023.23

No Serbian languageIt has Bosnian, Croatian and Macedonian but doesn't have Serbian even though all mentioned languages came from Serbian. The web version has it. It's really disappointing..Version: 1.2023.23

Chat GPT-my experienceI have tried CGPT on a number of varied subjects and the response has nearly always been helpful as a first call. I would recommend this app to people who can’t be bothered searching and especially my now adult kids who keep asking questions out of laziness when the answer is usually right in front of them…….on their phones!!! Another thing I have noticed is that CGPT is the question doesn’t have to be spot on as the answer is always so comprehensive……it’s just a matter of reading through..Version: 1.2023.249

Doesn’t allow login or signup if phone already usedHorrible UX for on-boarding. I’ve apparently used my phone for web registration. But I cannot now sign up with the same number on the mobile app? Nor can I login. Stupid..Version: 1.2023.23

Won’t let me send messageIt just loads indefinitely.Version: 1.2023.23

Not good enough - I still use the web interface insteadI’m a Plus subscriber. Yet I rarely use the app because it has no means to edit a prompt. Re-prompting is such a fundamental part of using AI LLMs that I’m amazed OpenAI released this app lacking such essential capability. It’s a serious oversight that could even lead casual users and journalists to draw incorrect conclusions about AI interaction. The product managers need a fire lit under them to remediate this omission ASAP. Second issue: I’m a Plus subscriber, so I have GPT-4 access. This app constantly picks GPT-3.5 for new conversations and having to change that each time is super annoying. Third issue: it shows my initials and account email address directly in the interface. This is an awful privacy and marketing blunder. As a result I never show this app to other people, and never share a screenshot. It’s a serious design error to include such personal information in the main interface. In practice the only benefit from using this app over the usual interface is being able to share a link to a conversation directly from the app. It is inferior otherwise. Summary: 2/5 “please try harder”.Version: 1.2023.187

FAKE AIThis is a not AI program it a data collection program which I think it is hilarious reading all the reviews for the wanna be nerds . If this was a real AI program why would it need your phone number which I provided but then rejected because it was a landline . This is the number 1 flag because if they wanted to get in touch with me the landline is the best way. They want my mobile phone because it so much easier to get CC# off a mobile phone but I don’t have any cards LOL. When I finally got in then I found the 2nd red flag, I use it while having a sex session was myself. When I was done I ask the program how I did and it said job complete , are kidding me I was ABSOLUTELY AWESOME ! Look down at the bottom of the page and see all the info collected and then if you are still not convinced then ask the program to have a conversation with your toaster. I know this may sound crazy but after reading the other reviews I have lost hope in our future when everyone here thinks this AI.Version: 1.2023.208

Lent comparer au site internetLe temps de réponse est beaucoup plus lent que sur leur site web.. dommage.Version: 1.2023.23

Can’t edit the promptsJust use the mobile website; it’s so much better You can’t even edit a prompt If there is an edit button, then it’s extremely unintuitive.Version: 1.2023.23

WAY too easy to accidentally delete conversationsI don’t know why openAI seems perfectly OK with how easy it is for a user to accidentally delete a conversation. Especially considering that the model will remember everything you input in your writing styles that you may have been working on for days, bu memory only extends to the conversation in which your presently giving input. I just experienced this firsthand as I was trying to highlight a text and ended up swiping to the left and poof! A day and a half of work gone. That’s it. No way to recover. I went searching online and wound up on a ChatGPT forum, hosted by openAI, where dozens of users have also encountered similar experiences of accidentally deleting a conversation. OpenAI’s response? “ this is a good reminder to export your chats every once in a while. What?? How about taking this user feedback into consideration, and don’t let it be this easy to delete a chat. Or if that’s too difficult, apply a feature to retrieve a deleted chat. This seems like textbook stuff for a company that is on the cusp of earth changing technology..Version: 1.2023.215

Can’t login.Can’t create account. Can’t verify phone number. And I’m supposed to fear AI when a task so simple can’t be completed?.Version: 1.2023.23

Love it! Awesome service…the model should be given more transparency regarding updates.Needs to have further training and to be given info on when it gets updates. Very disjointed conversation when it tells you all about the new features in the app but then does not know when the app was created, updated or any detailed information. Then after pointing out the inconsistency it would not repeat the info about the app..Version: 1.2023.23

No support of iPadHorrible, no support of iPad, literally few parameters update to increase size.Version: 1.2023.23

Can’t even log inWhat the hell is this puzzle thing that kills you at the last step? Tried three times, then deleted it. Useless..Version: 1.2023.23

App reviewNo doubt, this technology is absolutely life-changing, especially for me. You don’t know how thankful I am. However, I’m not reviewing the underlying technology, I’m reviewing its implementation on iOS. I use it for about 12 hours a day for my work, so I’m a bit picky. But it seems to me like you should have the resources to do a great job here. 1. Why does the app not work in the background? If I send a request, I have to stay in the app to wait for it. That’s just horrible, and it’s completely unnecessary because you’re doing everything in the cloud anyway. Just finish processing and send a notification when you’re done, especially for browsing features. I don’t care if it takes 10 minutes to find the answer. I’d be glad if it’s browsing in the background. (To browse in the application as of May 24, start a conversation in the browser, select the browsing option, then switch back to the app. Browsing is still in beta, and you cannot select it directly in the application, which is fine.) 2. Please add the option to choose Chat GPT4 as a default. I never use GPT 3.5, and it’s annoying to have to switch every time. 3. Don’t let the speech-to-text button disappear once there is any text. If there is any text and speech recognition is started, just append. (The speech recognition is completely amazing, congratulations!) As soon as those features are ready, I’ll be glad to give five stars. Thank you very much..Version: 1.2023.23

Too intrusiveThe app starts by requiring your name, date of birth, email, phone number. Why? This app (or the technology behind it) will learn things about you and your motivations, it will look into your very being. The fact that this detail is mandated let’s you know what level of detail it needs to thrive. #unnecessarily_intrusive So no, I will not use this app until it reduces the personal details required. Other apps exist..Version: 1.2023.159

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