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KicksOnFire - Shop Sneakers App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

KicksOnFire - Shop Sneakers app received 17 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using KicksOnFire - Shop Sneakers? Can you share your negative thoughts about kicksonfire - shop sneakers?

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Great app but....Love the KoF app but the prizes are only limited to U.S citizens? If that's the case why allow people from other countries to buy coins like I did? I bought 1000 coins only to realize prizes are only limited to U,S?? What about Australian sneaker heads etc?? What a scam.. I want a refund!!.Version: 1.2

Terrible for orderingI ordered the gym red Jordan 12’s which were supposed to arrive before an event I planned to wear them too. Two days AFTER they were supposed to arrive I received a refund with no notification that they weren’t coming. Luckily I checked my bank statement and realized the deposit. I reordered them (of course the price went up $10) and I’m still waiting. They were supposed to be here 9 days ago and I still haven’t received the shoes or my money back. I wrote customer service 4 times requesting an update and finally got a response that they reached out to their fulfillment center and thanks for my patience. That was 2 days ago. It’s good for keeping up with new releases but I’ll never order another shoe from this app..Version: 4.0.2

NEVER AGAIN!!!I’ve been using this app for years and had no problem with it till now. I purchased a pair of jordans size 6 because all of my jordans are a size 6. Once i got my package i tried on the shoes and they were a bit small on me so all i wanted to do was change the size to a 6.5. I checked on the app and both the sizes are the same price so i don’t see why it would be a problem. I contacted the help center and they said they don’t do exchanges and that all shoes are final which i wasn’t even informed about when i purchased my shoe. Which makes no sense because you can’t even try on the shoes before buying it because they only sell through the app. They also said that they would “see and ask” what i can do and i never got a response back after that. Absolutely dissatisfied with my first purchase from this app and the company. This is horrible business and don’t do everything that they can to help their customers. Do yourself a favor and don’t bother buying anything from this app and use other shoe apps that are way better such as grailed, stockx and goat. This app is very sketchy and sometimes they don’t even send you the shoes that you purchase or send you fake ones. Btw they also put in fake reviews to make them seem good..Version: 4.0.3

CanadaIs this App Canadian friendly any hiden fees or extra charges?.Version: 4.0.10

Worst service ever!!!!!!!!!!!!I’ve been waiting nearly 3 weeks for my order, they never respond to emails.... still left in the dark🤮🤬.Version: 4.0.10

Marc SmallsTells you the exact dates of releases. Wish they told you told you if a release was North American or Asia only releases. But I follow this app to a T.Version: 4.0.10

First and last time I buy from KicksOnFireOrdered a pair of Jordan 3 black cement as a gift and I received it defective. The elephant print on the back side of the shoe looks like it got messed up during manufacturing. There’s a straight line going through the print 🤬 I honestly can’t believe KicksOnFire would actually let these sneakers leave their site. Any customer that pays $200+ for these shoes should expect to receive an up to standard pair of shoes. I sent their customer service a message for a refund on their app and I have yet to hear back with any reply. The shoes themselves are beautiful, I bought a pair from a different store and it was perfect. KICKSONFIRE IS A DISAPPOINTMENT FOR SELLING SNEAKERS THAT AREN’T UP TO PART. Which only makes me think that these just might be fake. Honestly, take your money elsewhere..Version: 3.3

I wish they would just delete the app!!!The app is good for keeping up with releases but other than that don’t order from them. I ordered a pair of Jordan 4s. I already had a pair but wanted a extra size pair. I saw KicksOnFire had a pair for $275 and went ahead and ordered (I should have read the reviews first). After ordering I noticed all the bad reviews and got extremely nervous about my pair. So I called my bank because I saw a lot of people say that they were not able to get in contact with them. So my bank refunded me my money ASAP. So right after I get my money back I get a confirmation that the shoes would be here by that Friday. So Friday comes and the shoes show up. Remember that i got my money back and they still sent the shoes. So I opened it and didn’t notice anything different from the pair I got from footlocker until I noticed that they’re no size chart on the inside of the shoe. The insoles were two different colors. And the Air Jordan that’s on the tongue was stitched incorrectly. They really tried with the fakes because they look like the originals but you really have to pay attention to details. I’m not upset though because I never paid for the shoes. Who doesn’t like free shoes. I would advise people who order from them and have a problem getting in touch with them just let your bank know and you will get your money back and possible a free pair of shoes..Version: 4.0.2

A disappointment!My first and last time ordering from here. I ordered on December 4. I log on to track and it says they are coming from Hong Kong! I thought they KicksOnFire was in California. No tracking update or help from their customer service. I believe the customer service is just computer responses based on keywords; nothing I asked was really answered. Last update was December 9th, it says at facility in Hong Kong. You can’t cancel or get a refund so I am stuck with shoes that I have yet to receive and I am not feeling to great on the authenticity of the shoe. What a let down. Disappointed and aggravated! Do NOT buy from them. I ordered in Dec 2, still haven’t got shoes. Tracking last updated on Dec 9 and says they are at a facility in Hong Kong! Customer service has been nothing but copy and past answers until the last one when they come at me telling me “Almost a month, you ordered on Dec 2!” Yes, I did and today is the 17th! I have reported to PayPal, Better Business Bureau and Internet Fraud and contacted my bank. At this point I don’t need the shoes. I needed them by Monday. I can almost guarantee they will be fake. Looking at reviews it seems many have had that issue. My mistake, I should have read reviews before hand. Look at their app reviews and the reviews on here regarding fake shoes or shoe that never arrive. Do NOT make the mistake I did! Not a great company. Not willing to come to a resolution. SMH.Version: 4.0.10

Didn’t receive productI order two pairs of foamposites, the crimson for me and a pair of obsidian kicks for my girlfriend. Her sneakers were supposed to arrive before mine. My sneakers came quickly. The service was excellent. DHL said the information was received, I thought this was awesome. 12 days later and they still did not receive the package. I’m not in the business of giving away money. At this point I would much rather have my money back and shop somewhere more reliable. $258 for a pair of 6 1/2 female sneakers is a lot of money. If the product is nit in stock, don’t list it as being available. I could have spent my money on something else. It would not have been a problem if I was told about a delay or the item nit being in stock and offered the chance to pick something else of the same value for her. This will definitely be my last pair of sneakers from this application. The no return/no refund policy is convenient especially when you never receive you package. Now I have to get my girlfriend another gift because the original gift is God knows where..Version: 4.0.2

NEVER AGAINMy girlfriend ordered a pair of dark grey 12’s from this app for my 23rd birthday and after the 50$ shipping fee she ended up paying $300 for the shoes only to be sold one fake shoe and one real one. This not only amazed me that they would stoop this low but surprised me that they thought nobody would notice. She only ordered through this site because she thought it was a reputable company,as did I but that clearly is not the case. We hope to get this issue resolved but have not heard back from them yet. Update-It’s been almost a week and no response back from their customer service, this app has a lot of fake reviews obviously and if you don’t feel like getting ripped off don’t even waste your time with this phony app and company. Update- the issue has been resolved and they sent me a new pair of authentic shoes. Very glad they got back to me and resolved the issue but after waiting nine months for a response am still uneasy about spending more money with this site..Version: 4.0.1

Damn ad!Get rid of the stupid ad!.Version: 2.0

These people are criminalsBeside sneaker these ppl are crooks. And should be held accountable. I prepaid for a pair jordans on the first day kicks on fire put them available for preorder. Which was week before they even came out. The original price they sold them to me for was 308 dollars. And that my estimated delivery was from 15th to 19th A week later the shoes come out. I get no information on when my shoes would be sent. I contact company on the 17th. They said my shoes would be sent in a couple days. Two days later still nothing. Then they cancel my order. But they are still selling the shoes on the site. So when I ask what happen. Trying find information. They couldnt tell me anything. But tell me im welcome purchase them again. But this the shoe prices went up almost 100 dollars. And they would not adjust the price. Even though I purchased the shoes a week early for 308. They are unprofessional. I will shop here again. They ruined my experience. And I missed the release of the shoes I really wanted..Version: 4.0.3

DONT BUY FROM THIS APPThe people who run this app do a great job of telling information abt the sneakers and i love that they do sneaker news and updates for sneakers. however, DO NOT AND I MEAN DO NOT buy ANYTHING from this app. I ordered a pair of shattered backboard ones for my gf for christmas and they cost me $670 ( i had a little help from friends and family to get the money to order them) and they were scheduled to come on december the 12th. they came on the 27th. and not only that, THEY WERE FAKE. yes, i spent 670 dollars on shoes that came almost 3 weeks late and turned out to be fake. absolutely ridiculous. don’t buy from this app. use goat or stockx if ur looking to buy sneakers but if ur interested at looking at the sneakers, definitely recommend this app. just don’t buy.Version: 4.0.3

Doesn’t workDoesn’t load, when it does it keeps loading or crashing.Version: 4.0.3

YoThe shoes on here legit.Version: 4.0.3

A SCAMTHIS WEBSITE IS A COMPLETE SCAM!. I payed over 300 dollars for shoes that NEVER ARRIVED and still have not been issued a refund. They have absolutely no way to contact them. The directions they give u don’t even exist in the app. There is absolutely no way to cancel an order nor go back to an order. It’s now almost a week later and I still have not heard back from anyone after countless emails. At this point I’m going to take legal action because I’m not the only person they have done this to. I hope they shut this company down because in no way shape or form is it okay to take peoples money the way they do and the communication is non existent. I’ve spoke to a lot of people that have even received fake Jordan’s from this company. They will definitely be hearing from my lawyer. That one star is not deserved they deserve to be taken out of App Store..Version: 4.0.10

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