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Wuthering Waves App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Wuthering Waves app received 79 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Wuthering Waves? Can you share your negative thoughts about wuthering waves?

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Wuthering Waves for Negative User Reviews

No controller supportPlease add controller support!.Version: 1.0.0

A bit boring, sorry! The character design is amazing though.I was so excited for this game because I know it is going to be so good!! However, when I first login the game it disappoint me a bit because it reminded me of genshin but in a different styles and… just in a different way you know I mean that’s a good thing! But it feels like it’s not original,… . They say this is genshin mix with honkai… which it excites me , but I guess I expected a little different… I think the voiceline of the characters are boring and storyline too. I’m way to judgmental about this I’m sorry but this is “my” review..Version: 1.0.0

I cant play without it crashingI really want to play this game because i've heard it is really good and from seeing clips from the game i was really excited for it to come out. but when i got it on my phone, it would rarely load and if it did, it would crash immediately. i've tried to lower all the display settings but it still says overloaded, i've tried waiting for better ping before i move, but i cant do anything without it crashing. i want to be able to do the first quest but once they mention baizhi, it crashes and it does every time they mention it. like i said, i really want to be able to play this since i want to play something different since playing genshin only for three years straight. i really want to play but my phone won't let me. can you at least find a way to solve this issue. even though i play on iphone 8, my phone can handle genshin very well and i don't see why wuthering waves is so laggy. additionally, the game takes WAY TOO LONG to load. like the home screen is amazing but when the text appears it feels like an eternity..Version: 1.0.0

I uh.. would rate it a 5Except for the fact… it doesn’t even make it past the loading screen after i downloaded it and the files… i tried on my phone, nothing, tried on my ipad, nothing….Version: 1.0.0

Could be better, but still greatI started playing on day 1, and I would say there are still a few bugs even after the beta. For starters, the screen orientation on iPad is quite glitchy, often spins unnecessarily at the slightest tilt, and even with screen lock on the game is upside down for some bizarre reason. The graphics are of varying quality at times, mainly good rendering but can become quite pixelated during cutscenes. But all in all, the new game has an intriguing story, with unique characters and a pretty open landscape. I’d say it’s worth trying, my plan is to return once the major errors are fixed..Version: 1.0.0

Controller supportHonestly I’ve been looking forward to this game for a long time as I’m a long time PGR player. So , it genuinely baffles me that there’s no controller support? For me this is a dealbreaker as it’s basically impossible to comfortably play this on an IPad so it’s really hard to get into a game where you’re even struggling to move around properly.Version: 1.0.0

Fun but unoptimized, glitches and bugsOn some of the lowest settings I crashed twice in 2 hours. There are left over dialogue issues from the beta, movement feels nice but janky and buggy at the same time. Camera lock on isn’t great, I’ve experienced a lot of lag. I feel like this would play a lot better on PC than on an iPad, but its advertised as a cross platform game that runs well on most devices. I really like the combat, characters, bosses, world design, and general idea of the game, but it doesn’t feel amazing to play due to these issues. Also, the rotation on my iPad isn’t working while playing despite having rotation lock on? On every other app it’s fine but while playing it ignores the lock and flips my iPad UI. And it’s also so sensitive that just laying the device flat makes the rotation flip. This never happens with any other app..Version: 1.0.0

CrushingKeeps crashing and lagging. Can’t play. Please fix it..Version: 1.0.0

Horrible graphicsI didn’t expect this game to have the graphics so bad, I’m playing on iPad 12 pro 12.9 inch 6th gen at max graphics and the graphics are horrible I don’t have this issue with Genshin and HSR and or any other games that I play. Please fix this it’s awful. You don’t care at all about mobile players , hoyoverse actually cares about mobile players and makes their games good on mobile devices..Version: 1.0.0

Good game but bad network for AUGraphic, story, battle I like all of them but I feel a bit lack of bgm. For Australia it suggests SEA server but it still hits 200ping and other servers 400 or more. It’ll be a great game if it has a good network that can have less than 50ping.Version: 1.0.0

Truthful reviewThe game itself is beautiful and fun to play. From the graphics to the storyline it doesn’t fail to keep you entertained. Though, my only problem that I have seen is the lagging of the game from time to time. This isn’t even a ping problem, the game itself at certain points does lag. Another point is that, it crashes. Like a lot. Crashes mid quest, mid battle, mid exploration, even mid summoning. I’m going to take it as a work in progress due to it just being release, and that the problem will be worked on. I play on an iPad where it can handle games like Genshin, star rail, FPS games and others without any problems. Good progress so far, I hope the game doesn’t keep crashing as it’s a little frustrating. Thank you..Version: 1.0.0

Does not loadHello! I tried playing on an ipad (since I don’t own a pc), and it’ll load and then freeze after downloading everything (so im literally stuck on the very first screen with the mountains). I’ve tried deleting & re-downloading, but nothing works. Yes, I deleted Genshin and any other big apps but even then it freezes. :(.Version: 1.0.0

HelpThe game looks great and seems great from what I’ve seen but I spent a long time waiting for the game to download/update but when I try to load into the game it’s just the mountain loading screen and it won’t let me into the game at all? It never loads even if i wait hours.Version: 1.0.0

Terrible storyThe story feels like it was written by the CCP propaganda department. They’re more interested in pushing Chinese words than building characters or developing a plot. You end up skipping most of the dialogue because it’s just written badly & the VAs obviously got bad (or no) directing. Exploration is drab. The characters are mostly indistinguishable. The combat system seems good, but not engaging enough to bother with given the state of the rest of the game..Version: 1.0.0

I don’t know how to feel with this game..I am using a good device with lots of space and works well with other games yet the lag on this is quite disappointing as I was really excited for Wuthering waves.. another disappointment is the game randomly hopping out on me, hope theses issues are fixed in the future..Version: 1.0.0

BrokenUpon waiting months to play this game, there is one major problem. Upon countless redownloads the game is just a black screen upon clicking on the app. Needs to be fixed for ios as i tried multiple devices same issue. Pretty pathetic for it to be like this on release..Version: 1.0.0

Massive performance issuesOn any settings, even low, large visual lag occurs for no particular reason. My phone gets very hot when playing with any graphics settings. iPhone 13 mind you. These freezes make the game hard to play at times, especially during combat. The jumping doesn’t really feel professional. Also, because it’s made by a Chinese company, the names sound Chinese as well, and it doesn’t sit right with me. I’m familiar with names like Kyle and Washington cuz I’m American, and this has names like Yangyang and Xianfu and stuff like that. Other than those things, the sound design in exceptional, and there’s various good things about the game as well. Try it I guess it’s literally just Genshin but less fatherless and HOPEFULLY has a more mature community with a mentality more than that of a 4 year old and one that doesn’t ship characters..Version: 1.0.0

Only works with WiFiI wasn’t gonna give it a 1 star but for a game where u have to connect to a WiFi spot in order to play a mobile game is y I did it and before u go and judge my decision right here me out so I pre downloaded it on soon it drop I downloaded it so of course I was super excited to play it but everytime I would login and actually try to join the game would say the gateway connection timed out so me being a gamer I was like maybe they servers was down and besides I was at work just trying to make the time go by so I waited and got home connected to my WiFi at my spot and lord behold it works perfectly so I didn’t think nothing of it but when I took my dog to the park with no WiFi the something happen gateway connection timed out I’m not saying it’s not a good game that’s not the problem I’m saying it’s a mobile base game u should be able to play on ur mobile device without connecting to a hot spot or WiFi cause the way I feel if u wanted it to be like that just put it on console instead of mobile way better but ppl want to play on the go so for devs please fix that problem if u make a mobile game ppl are expecting to the play the game without connecting to any internet just by using the phone data not connect to a hot spot or WiFi and play it that’s the whole point of a mobile game but this my opinion on it and I’m sure as the time pass ppl would understand when they start diving into the game a lot more.Version: 1.0.0

Loading screen issueI first downloaded it on 21 of may and did all the normal things right? Down loading the game updating.. but then after the update.. I had to wait 10 mins on the loading screen so I deleted the game and re tried, still not working… I’m stuck on the loading screen… what’s going on?.Version: 1.0.0

Excited but lots of bugs right nowI’m very excited for the game and am sure it’s a great game but as of right now it’s unplayable. And I’m very disappointed by it. Granted it’s the 2nd day of release so it’s understandable but everytime I get into a battle to fight anything it continuously says connection error every single time and makes it impossible to continue the battle and only load after they’ve defeated me. So basically it’s as if I stood in place and let them do it when in reality the game crashes and freezes. It’s not my wifi cuz I tried my wifi. My data. My hotspot. And even other peoples wifi and other similar games I play are working perfectly fine. Then when I try to do any challenge in the overworld it kicked me out the game and makes me log back in. They need to update it with a patch with fixes asap at this point.Version: 1.0.0

IssueI love the graphic of the games and the aura of its gameplay. However, I struggle with a few problems. I’m playing via iPad and every time I launch attack or do something slightly, it glitched. My second problem, it does not seem like a mobile-friendly environment. When I started the game, I followed the tutorial and everything, my ping suddenly changed from 20m to 999m. Mind you, my wifi is good, but I think it’s just my iPad or the game. Last issue is that, when I’m on quest, it glitched and logged me off the game, although I really like this game but this issues kept bugging and it’s not a fun experience to play in such environments. I hope you can fix and make it more mobile friendly please. GREAT game so far 🫶.Version: 1.0.0

Won’t LoadAfter I exit the app after “Update Complete” it loads for a while until it gets stuck at “Hotfix Complete”.Version: 1.0.0

Issues with game loginPLEASE. im begging you, please fix this.. i think it’s only happening to some people (including me) i LOVEE the game, im already lvl 10 within a few hours, i literally just went on a grinding spree yesterday and the game is so amazing BUT, it won’t let me play it ANYWHERE else except for my house/home😞 whenever i get to school and i try playing it, its always saying “System Notice; The gateway connection timed out. Please try again later.” And it’s not where i’m at (school), because 2 friends of mine that play it are able to play it at school. I just have to watch my 2 friends who play the game play it at school since i can’t play it. And all of us are even on the same server (America) so ik its not the server problem. It happens anywhere. Anywhere thats not my house / where i downloaded it. It’s not my mobile data either because its up-to-date, and it works perfectly fine for all my apps and websites. I’ve tried everything i could, i even tried pressing that “update” thing at the side of the WuWa (Wuthering Waves) homescreen to see if it’s that or if it works, and it didn’t. I’ll give this 5 stars if this problem is ever fixed for me. :( i seriously want to play the game right now but I can’t because it wont let me!!!☹️ (Yes i’ve even tried re-installing it. I’ve tried so much methods, none of them worked.).Version: 1.0.0

OverratedWay to much story… unskippable, and you need a RTX4090 to even boot up.. not worth downloading. But it does look pretty so 2/5.Version: 1.0.0

Can be great, currently isn’t even closeAs the title says, this game has potential. Lots of it. And I want it to succeed, both so I can have another game to play and so genshin has a more direct competitor. However, launch has been a trainwreck. Optimization issues for so many players, including myself. I’m on a 9th Gen iPad and I know I can’t go crazy, but even with every turned on lowest settings this game crashes CONSTANTLY. Like every 5-10 minutes. I play genshin with medium ish settings AND 60fps and have legit never crashed a single time there. So that’s incredibly frustrating. Another major issue is forcing players to manually scroll subtitles. We can’t do that in combat dude. Or when we are navigating a tricky bit of exploration. Make subtitles scroll naturally, this is basic game design. Then in forced dialogue the subtitles will stop because they don’t scroll at all, and even when there is CLEARLY more text you CANT EVEN SCROLL lol. Enemies dotted around the place feel like they were just arbitrarily cobbled together. Lots of complaints so far..Version: 1.0.0

ProblemI cant seem to get past the loading screen. After it completes downloading its stays stuck on the loading screen. I deleted it and downloaded it like 3 times😭 Help me!!!! I wanna play so bad!!!.Version: 1.0.0

Good but really laggyThe game is good but there is way too much lag and it crashes often too.Version: 1.0.0

Laggy and crashesTLDR don’t play this if your on mobile I have a 128 GB phone with 40 GB free and it is crashing sometimes losing progress all the time and it’s so bad the combat in this game is good but it’s so laggy like-.Version: 1.0.0

LagIt’s very laggy and I often have to play with 300+ ping. Another thing is I feel that the creators are trying to get us to ship MC with everyone because of how much fan service there is, also the resemblance with Genshin impact and Honkai star rail is there but not huge. It’s a great game but there could be more work done.Version: 1.0.0

Like itI would say it is very good game. Good combat mechanics. Good graphics. Nice character design. I am at lvl 15 so long way before I explore the game. Generally i like it but it has gatcha system in it. I never rate 4-5 star for gatcha games because it is simply too expensive. Takes over hundreds of punds to obtain characters i like. Very boring at times while i can not skip dialogue. Genshin impact, tower of fantasy and all gatcha games are much worse than world of warcraft in terms of content , price and everything despite releasing those games in 2020+ . Although for rpg it is interesting game. Might give 4 stars if it is improved. And remove this gatcha systems from that games it makes no sense. You addressing kids who play videos games and they got no 500$ to spend on gatcha game in one go..Version: 1.0.0

UhhhhI love this and I’ve been waiting for this game for a while now but it keeps saying that I should check my WiFi? I can’t even get pass the loading screen, I’ve resented my device multiple times and even deleted a few apps just in case my storage wasn’t enough, still doesn’t work though..Version: 1.0.0

Great game BUT needs some changes badlyThe game is pretty good so far.. BUT one thing I would try to fix is the amount of lagging and bugs in the game. It almost makes the game unplayable because me and so many other players ( they’ve posted it on Tik Tok ) are having trouble just playing the game cause you can’t move or fight bosses or anything like that. Also, maybe add a option to change emails on accounts? A lot of people lose access to their emails dude to different situations and it would be good to just have a unlink and link option for emails so that you can modify your email if you have a new one. Obviously having some form of verification with this as well. I think fixing these issues will bring in a bigger audience to Wuthering Waves too. In conclusion, it’s a great game but it needs some issues fixed. 🩷.Version: 1.0.0

Game is broken.After downloading the entire game, all resources, the game does not load. It freezes on the start up screen. Many people are having the same problem. I am using a brand new gaming iPad, and had no problems with any other games (including, Honkai star rail, Genshin, Azur lane). Hopefully this game breaking issue will be fixed soon. NOT a good first impression at all..Version: 1.0.0

Fix ingame lagI had high hopes for this new game, but it turned out to be a major letdown. The graphics, while advertised as next-gen, are mediocre at best. Characters and environments look flat and uninspired, with frequent texture pop-ins that ruin any immersion. The gameplay is equally disappointing. Controls are clunky and unresponsive, making even basic actions frustrating. The storyline, which was supposed to be a major selling point, is riddled with clichés and poorly written dialogue. Character development is almost non-existent, making it hard to care about the plot. To make matters worse, the game is plagued with technical issues. Crashes, bugs, and glitches are rampant, and it’s clear the game was rushed to release without adequate testing. Online multiplayer is a nightmare with constant disconnects and lag. Overall, this game feels like a half-baked cash grab rather than a polished product. Save your money and wait for something better..Version: 1.0.0

Laggy and unresponsive on iphone 12The game lacks of optimization.Version: 1.0.0

Great game, only works connected to wifiSo far the game has been great, I’m still pretty early into it but I’ve been enjoying it. I wanted to play it on my break at work but the game will not allow you to play on mobile data and only works connected to wifi, which is pretty lame since Genshin Impact and other open world gachas don’t rely on wifi to play. Aside from that issue though the only other thing wrong with it is that there’s no controller support yet and tapping the same buttons in intense fights can get pretty tedious. If or when these 2 issues get fixed, I’d immediately change it to 5 stars for how well made the game is, although it is super similar to GI..Version: 1.0.0

Frustrating to playWhile I love the character designs and am enjoying the storyline it becomes increasingly frustrating to play when the game continuously lags and crashes despite having a stable connection and sufficient storage space. Very disappointing and feel I will likely uninstall the game because of it..Version: 1.0.0

CrashingIt keeps crashing on mobile every 5 minute with low graphic settings..😞.Version: 1.0.0

My mobile can’t handle thisIt’s a pretty good game. I just started it and it’s very good. I just want to say that it takes up 10 GB and I just started. So I think that’s unnecessary. And also the graphics on my mobile look like Roblox having technical problems. So it could be better. And also please make the cutscenes have the option to skip dialogue because it’s pretty long. That’s it. Apart from that it’s a pretty good game so far..Version: 1.0.0

Some issuesIt says it’s compatible with this device. Yet I downloaded all the data and its stuck on the starter screen with the music oh the background, Ive re downloaded it around FIVE TIMES yet the same issue keeps popping up.. please fix this soon.Version: 1.0.0

Glitch/bugThe game is really nice but on iphone 12 the white bar used to return to home screen does not disappear, instead it stays there..Version: 1.0.0

Wuthering WavesWhenever my daughter uses this app, she said the game keeps kicking her out and along with signing her out. She also complains about how the game is so laggy and slow. Please fix these bugs asap. I would like to play once the bugs are fixed. Cant wait to play!.Version: 1.0.0

Wuthering waves 3/10First of what im gonna say is from my experience, so, bear with me :) this game is EERILY similar to both genshin impact and honkai: star rail, in which i used to a player of both. so i feel like i should know better. the story is quite, well, bland. “oh no, mc is trapped in a world and now i need to help them find a way out or find their sibling 😱” this has been done before, its bland since its been done before and it was done even better by hoyoverse!! although i dont favor hoyoverse (i’ve had game issues with legit all of their games) i will say that the visuals are STUNNING. LIKE ACTUALLY ‼️‼️ but its all similar to both genshin impact and honkai: star rail. these narratives have been done before, its all the same and even honkai: star rail (which i used to love sm and i ACTUALLY USED IRL MONEY ☠️) to buy things in game, but in the end, i deleted this since i had issues since pre-download?? how can issues already start that early?? i played on the last iPhone model?? THE 15?? HELLO?? ITS SUPPOSED TO WORK THE BEST BY COMPARISON TO OTHER DEVICES?? but no, it was literally bootleg 😍 regardless, if you’re looking for a WELL DONE GAME, go to genshin where the world actually immerses you or, honkai: star rail, in which i actually really really enjoyed my time playing until they started adding new things and new characters in which i did not like, so in the end, choose a reliable device and game and you’ll be happy 🤷‍♀️.Version: 1.0.0

InterestingIts so laggy on mobile even on the lowest graphics. It also kicks me out randomly. genshin impact or even honkai star rail isnt this laggy..Version: 1.0.0

Game keeps crashingHey i hinestly loved the game so far but unfortunately all of a sudden since last night i am unable to open the game without it crashing once reaching (at first it was a cutscene i was stuck in and had to login on a different device to complete and now its the loading screen after i reach 75 on the loading progress) please fix this issue i have not been able to play At all due to the errors that have happened and i honestly like this game, but i unfortunately dont know how to reach CS. So please kuro fix the game i cannot play at all.Version: 1.0.0

WuwaThe game is good, BUT the optimization is terrible. I'm playing on a powerful phone, but the FPS is sagging. The graphics are blurry, not everyone will like this. Personally, I like the graphics clearer. There are fewer such problems on the PC. I hope you will correct these errors. And it would be very nice to add the Russian language.Version: 1.0.0

Good game with severe performance issuesFirst of all it’s a spinoff of Genshin. I’m using iphone12mini but the performance of this game is truly subpar like freezing, game crash and most annoying would be the rotation issue of landscape mode which in my case kills my joy. Before I enjoy the game I got frustrated with performance of game.Version: 1.0.0

Not loadingIt would appear that the game is not compatible with any older generation Apple products. Most iPads before 9th generation and phones before iPhone 13 are pretty much facing the same problem of being stuck on the first loading screen. I hope the developers are aware and see this as an issue, hopefully this will be resolved soon before it kills any momentum for the game. But it makes you wonder if they bothered to test for compatibility with any of the older mobile devices during the beta..Version: 1.0.0

If I wanted to play Genshin… I’d play GenshinThis game is just not engaging, it takes the entire Gatcha system and rates of Genshin and then cuts the party size down to 3. I pulled a 5* character that is a clone on Gaming from Genshin, I think its the same voice actor and there is no rerolling, so I am stuck with this sub-par not-my-style character and I’m not spending money of this garbage in hopes of getting a good character. I’m supposed to jump and grapple into the air and climb to the top of high structures and have fun. The controls are not fun, they are frustrating, sometimes your character moves forward after a grapple to have you fall-off instead of landing. Also playing on a tablet is not the way to play this game, this would be better with a controller. This game is a hard-pass, maybe I’ll try it again when it comes to consoles….Version: 1.0.0

UnpolishedThe game is unpolished. It is very poorly optimized for PC. Animations and movement feel incredibly stiff. The combat is dull, enemies move around a lot, and with an unresponsive camera they are hard to follow. Added on top of the camera being unresponsive, the attacks are very poorly telegraphed, the sparks/circles or whatsoever are very faint, so it will take time to learn the behavior pattern of every enemy, as the indicators do a poor job. VAs and the writing are pretty uninspired, you doze off while skipping through the dialogue. Some VAs sound like AI voices, as if they’re over their character and show zero personality. But hey, breast physics, so people will swipe. A rather lukewarm game, gonna play for a bit and probably drop it. Could use extra time in development.Version: 1.0.0

It’s good but needs some more stuffIn this game it’s so beautify created but while I keep playing I keep getting either kicked out of the game or lag very much even being at the lowest graphic quality.Version: 1.0.0

Cheap Chinese knockoff of Genshin ImpactThis looks, feels, and is a cheap Chinese knockoff of Genshin Impact, which is hilarious because Genshin is itself Chinese. Did they really have to call the main character “Rover” just because Genshin has a “Traveler”? “Rover” is the dumbest name for a MC ever, and it sounds dumber every single time you hear it. Also, play this if you enjoy writing that consists of endless jargon sandwiched between shallow jabber. “Hmm, the Tacet Discords are gyring discordantly in the Ethereal Sea, causing the TD Synchronization to hyperbolate while gimbling in the wabe.” “HEHE OMG you DID SO GREAT fighting those Lamental Reverberations in Dissociated Spacetime!” “Yessssss, I agreeeeee. Deesssspite being unable to dissssincorporate the Echo from the Waveworm Tassssetite Reverberation, your corporeal entity was coooherent when disssassssssociating from the Lamentation Complexsssss.” “OH SO NOW I GET IT! Hey, are you hungry? Let’s go! Make sure to harmonize with the appropriate terrestrial frequency in your Pangu Terminal so you can get around quick and easy!”.Version: 1.0.0

Probably goodIt seems great from ads, loading and all that stuff, but once all the initial downloads and file checks are done it’s just the plain background with little to no movement! I’m redownloading the app to see if anything changes, I’ll update if it does but based on the cover and stuff, seems amazing!! Update: Same issue, nothings helped it. I’d really like a response so I can still play.Version: 1.0.0

ITS crashingITS crashing Every two seconds I play ans bam its crashing pls do something ...Version: 1.0.0

LagPlease give us an Oceania server for us Australians the lag is so bad that walking is difficult even fighting and moving the camera is difficult. Npc’s talking just gets cut. Can’t even appreciate the graphics because of the lag..Version: 1.0.0

It’s not workingI tried multiple time tor restart the game but the game always crashes and in the end I only see the main screen with the winter background without anything else for a long time. I can’t even register for the game. Can you gives help me.Version: 1.0.0

ProblemMy device is compatible with the game, yet, it is stuck on the landscape with the music playing and I can’t enter the screen. I’m on iOS 15.8.2, I’ve deleted the game and re-downloaded it, restarted my phone and it still isn’t working..Version: 1.0.0

Won’t downloadData stops downloading after 1.92gb. Completely stops and froze..Version: 1.0.0

Super interestingBut I cant play for more than 5 min without it crashing and its soooo laggy..Version: 1.0.0

Disappointing so farHonestly I was really looking forward to this one. It’s OK, just average. Characters designs are a bit one dimensional but if it’s your style you’ve got a buffet, I guess. Combat is good if your connection is solid, bad otherwise. Who would’ve thought timed dodging and parrying in an online game could backfire, especially a mobile game… *sigh* The story, especially the first few hours of the game, are so hard to get through. It’s just so much boring dialogue. Please, just let us move and interact with the world and get in combat a bit between the exposition dumps, at least. IDK, maybe I’m just not the intended audience. I’ll keep playing maybe, not sure for how long though really. If my thoughts changed I’ll update the review but it’s not looking good so far….Version: 1.0.0

Epic FailWas enjoying it until I hit the ceiling. In less than a day. Now every time I open it, it wants a major download. Meanwhile, I have no way to go from lvl. 8 to lvl. 14 just to continue the story. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.Version: 1.0.0

Not up to par.It’s a cool concept and offers more needed competition in the “open world gacha” genre, but the quality feels so low compared to other mobile games/gachas on the market. It doesn’t feel responsive, the UI feels very cheap, the graphics (at max) feel more than a few years old, the world design isn't as masterful as other open world gachas, and the combat honestly feels rather clunky on mobile. I can’t yet speak much for the story at the time of writing, but the few hours I’ve played have been alright. Performance is good, and my phone (15 Pro Max) doesn’t heat up too bad at max settings. Character designs are high quality and well executed. It’s a fine game so far, but it needs more polish to really be comparable to others on the market..Version: 1.0.0

Lack of polishingPros: visuals and most sound effects are 4/5 Cons: open world play style and controls are laggy. Easily jam your camera angles to can’t see a thing. Boss animal and player can be stuck at landscape, allowing you to farm lv120 boss. But, normal nobody bots often zoomed out of battle just after a few seconds, restoring full hp..Version: 1.0.0

Boring game with absurd lore dump right at the start.Extremely boring. Played for 40mins or so and it just talking and talking. Never ending lore dump that just consists of word salad that makes no sense nor evokes any connection. This is the worst way to introduce the game and its lore. At that point I don’t care about any of that. I’ve no idea if it gets better later, but I’m done..Version: 1.0.0

Epik gameThe mail is really generous with many rewards so I have more characters to play and even the purple characters are fun but the game crashes too much on mobile.Version: 1.0.0

The game keeps crashing every few minutesI can't even make it past the starting quest, I can fight the enemy, but the game keeps crashing and going back to the dialogue before the point to fight the enemy, please fix the crashing. I really want to enjoy this game as it looks so good, which is why I gave it 3 stars, but the constant crashing makes it hard to enjoy..Version: 1.0.0

Title screen stuckI cant even play it because the words just disappear and the background just stays there playing music and nothing happens. I saw a lot of other peole with similar stuff happening but theres no information how to fix it or when could it be fixed..Version: 1.0.0

Very disappointedThe game is already released and it is saying “your gateway connection time out” the hell is that.. i have uninstalled this game three time and again installed it but still it is not working.. server is down .. very very disappointed with this game .. i am playing in iphone 15 pro max and i am very sad .. is itnonly me or other people also facing the same problem...Version: 1.0.0

Pathetic Service, Poor ExperienceKuro Games has no business ‘launching’ a game when their server systems are entirely insufficient to support players attempting to play. I've tried for almost two days straight to join the SEA server and the server gateway has timed out every single time. To make matters worse, it has been 36 hours since I emailed support directly for assistance, and there has been no response. The experience has been well below expectations, given that the developers would have been well aware that their servers would need to be up to the task; the lack of support is abysmal. I'd advise the developer to pull the game from the app store altogether until they have their act together. Rubbish!.Version: 1.0.0

Wethuring waves reviewMy weathering waves keeps lagging and in the intro it cant work and i can’t play it.Version: 1.0.0

画质一般即便选了高分辨率,但整体画质还是模糊…而且和原神好像…像在玩低配版的原神.Version: 1.0.0

Super long cutscenesCarbon copy of genshin impact. Stopped playing that because of the hour long cutscenes. Can’t start the game properly because there’s 5 minutes of gameplay and 1 hour of cutscenes. I get there is a story to tell but it would be nice if tapping the screen could skip the dialogue and the scene in places where it’s just slow moving hand gestures or characters smiling for too long..Version: 1.0.0

Request for controller supportHi everyone, Could you please add controller support to your wonderful game? Thank you!.Version: 1.0.0

Beautiful details, but a little jankyThe battle is genuinely fantastic. It’s beautiful and smooth and just awesome looking. The world design is great as well! I love how everything looks in this game. But, the only thing I think could be worked on is the movement. The animation is a bit stiff? I am in no way a professional, but to me, the movement mechanics feels a bit unpolished. Also, the motion sickness in this game is real 😭. I’m not sure if there’s a way to fix this, but every time I move the camera I feel like I’m going to throw up. Truly, the only thing I am displeased about is the movement. Other than that, I think this game is awesome! This game is very VERY similar to genshin, but you could say that genshin copied Zelda so I feel like it’s not that terrible. In terms of comparisons, the details in wuthering waves surpasses genshin. The hair details and clothing on the characters are just MWAH! So much attention went into creating these characters. I just genuinely really like how this game looks..Version: 1.0.0

SiigghhhhHeya! I’ve seen a few gameplays of this game and it looks like a good game. However, there have been some issues regarding with the loading screen and I’m not exactly sure if that’s supposed to happen. It would be a great pleasure if you could help fix it for those who are unable to get past the loading screen (including me), thank youuuuu..Version: 1.0.0

It’s way to laggyI love the way the game is so far but I have some issues with it like the fact that I get kicked out the game every minute and it lags like crazy, in dialogue the npc’s faces are blurry and when u zoom out or in on the characters their face’s are also blurry sometimes! Also everytime I wish I get kicked out of the game as well 😭 ( I really hope you can fix this problem! Because there are other people complaining about the same issue ).Version: 1.0.0

Lack of controller support.So I’ve played a few hours of the game and aside from the bad UI and the weird text glitches for the English dub, also Yangyang iykyk, the game is great. The combat system is probably the best I’ve seen in a mobile game ever. However; the combat is so unintuitive on touchscreen. Considering that the mobile market is such a huge market for gacha games you’d think the devs would have had the foresight to add controller support on day 1 like PGR, but here we are. Until controller support is added I’ll continue to feel like I’m only experiencing half of the amazing combat system they worked so hard to create. Hopefully this is remedied sooner rather than later..Version: 1.0.0

My game keeps crashing!The design is great, the storyline is interesting, and i enjoy the characters! but my game keeps crashing after i fight the boss "???", its really annoying since it makes me go through the dialogue and cutscenes again, and again. I hope you can fix this..Version: 1.0.0

Don't waste your timeThe game design is very difficult to understand. The picture is very inconsistent. A lot of it fits together in a weird way. Very poor experience.Version: 1.0.0

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