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Wuthering Waves app received 134 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about wuthering waves?

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Wuthering Waves for Positive User Reviews

This game is so good, but..I’ve played for a few hours so far. The game is really great but it causes my phone to overheat badly, even with the graphics turned down. I’ve also experienced lag when grappling, sprinting, and during combat when trying to dodge. I’ve also had trouble rotating the screen during combat, it’s as if it’s getting stuck. Also, while in a cutscene, I needed to flip my phone and the orientation of the screen messed up. The game was facing the right way but the bar for swiping to change/close the app was instead on the top of my screen. Besides the issues I’ve listed, the story is interesting, the character designs are beautiful, the world and environment are fun to explore, the puzzles are fun, and the combat is really great..Version: 1.0.0

FantasticBeautiful characters! Love how there is a even split of male and females in this game The game is very immersing and vivid Similar to genshinny, but at the same time it’s not. Im happy that this game is out and the story is pretty decent too. This game has its issues but nothing is going to be perfect at launch and the devs are constantly working and patching the game Keep it up KuroGames!!!.Version: 1.0.0

PlsBye i try to load the game but it just freezes after file integrity, it just stops. I tried deleting and reinstalling but alas, same problem ;-;.Version: 1.0.0

Please add controller supportThis game is amazing. I play primarily on PC but on the game I play on mobile. I honestly expected controller support for mobile because I use the Backbone as my mobile controller. I cannot use and will never get used to touch screen gaming. Please add controller support for mobile. The other issue I’m having (on PC) is performance. I have a beast of a pc with a 4080ti. I pretty much run all my other triple A games on high and get very smooth high fps gameplay. For some reason WW stutters often and when it’s not stuttering the fps isn’t smooth. I’ve tried lowering the graphics setting but that changes nothing. This to me suggest that there’s something else. Please fix these issues, I’ll quickly change this to a 5 star as I do actually like the game..Version: 1.0.0

Game is good but the ping is ???For the idiots crying about stolen content: you clearly haven’t played more than one game EVER, in your entire life. Putting them aside, the ping is honestly pretty bad on my iPhone. It’s an iPhone SE (2020 release) so it’s not like it’s that old. I have over 100 GB of storage left on here, and I never have any other tabs open when I’m playing, BUT the game still lags and freezes. ~200 ping every time I play. I have the graphics and such on low. My wifi isn’t great, but it’s not bad or anything. Wish the game was more accommodating. Besides that, the gacha is good and the story is good so far. I haven’t gotten too far into it yet, praying there is not artifact system..Version: 1.0.0

Best game everI have now just finished most of the quests, and the combat skills are FIRE, AND I MEAN IT. u guys did a great job at making this game and i live for it, thank you!! :3.Version: 1.0.0

HiSo I finished down loading all the stuff at the starting screen but I can’t get past the river and snow backround thing so if you know how to fix this bug I will appreciate it and thank you for reading this and using your beautiful time and thank you again.Version: 1.0.0

Who Up Wuthering They WaveCurrently enjoying it, the world is really fun to explore, I find myself just running around a lot. The only issue I’ve encountered is clipping under the map during one of the quests with the inferno rider guy (it was quite goofy). I’m sure with time these will be addressed, but for now it's a pretty solid game!.Version: 1.0.0

No controller support??I was super excited to play the game unfortunately their is no controller support for the mobile version its pretty disappointing and it dosent work with the steamdeck either i guess ill have to wait a while before playing….Version: 1.0.0

Great title but needs controller support.This game would be so much better if it came with controller support for mobile straight out of the box. It’s not like they haven’t added it to pc already surely it’s not that hard?.Version: 1.0.0

Best game everThis game is beautiful, it is perfect i love character designs and unique gameplay and just ways to move around (grappling, that one echo, etc.) animations are flawless..Version: 1.0.0

LOVE IT!!!Love this game and I just started playing when it launched!(22nd) I am grinding nonstop and can’t stop playing this game it’s extremely addicting! I have had high expectations for this game and it certainly didn’t let me down!!! On my PC it’s doing fine,iPad wise it’s buggy at Home Screen but I don’t mind. This is a fantastic game and sense I play genshin impact I got used to the controls easily! I love the battle movements and the movements the main characters makes when he’s talking to the others. overall FANTASTIC game 10/10 I recommend people to play this game!!.Version: 1.0.0

When will the game be outCould you tell me when the game will be out because you just saying a time doesn’t actually say it for every single region?.Version: 1.0.0

The gameWill update review after playing.Version: 1.0.0

Why did i find this out nowThis game is absolutely amazing im hoping for different games like this and maybe a place to customise your oc Im using an ipad 11 pro so it works best .im speechless its stunning.Version: 1.0.0

Release dateSo over all I haven’t played the game but just by watching other play the hate I just know it’s going to be a good game. I’m so excited to play it but when I go to long in and everything and when it recommends me to a certain server after that a pop up appears. I thought the game was supposed to be released today at 7:00 pm but the game says May 23 at 10:00 pm which I’m really confused about. Because the game description in this app says today also at 19:00 which is 7:00 pm in regular hours. I think it’s probably a bug or something I just wanted to come in here and just write a review so that maybe anyone else who is having issues like this know that others also have. Anyways thank you for reading my review and I hope you all got a good day..Version: 1.0.0

Better than genshin??Okay so I haven’t been able to play much yet but so far I’m loving this a lot the character designs are beautiful the map is done nicely as well, the mechanics and ui are smooth and easy to play with. It’s a lot of fun to play and it doesn’t seem terribly play to win. I have had issues with it crashing on my device despite having graphics turned down I’m not sure if this is an issue with the game or my device, but I can look past that and appreciate that the game is fun, beautiful, and overall well made. Ty for the new game 🙏.Version: 1.0.0

Unexpected amazing first impressionI, like many others, initially had the intention of supporting wuthering waves to force hoyoverse’s hand in improving genshin impact. however, the extremely fluid combat and unique echo system immediately peaked my interest, and i unintentionally spent a good chunk of the day genuinely invested in this game. the combat and ‘artifact’ (echo) systems are extremely fresh and interesting, exploration mechanics such as the ability to run up walls and use a grapple are extremely welcome, the npcs feel carefully designed whilst the playable characters aren’t overly flashy to the point they feel alien in comparison, the rewards are generous, and the world feels lived in. i appreciate the somewhat muted, more ‘real’ overall colour scheme and the fairly mature storyline early on. additionally, when the signal drops out it seems to save your progression through dialogue so you aren’t restarting each time you reconnect, which is a massive game changer for me as it was a source of extreme frustrating with genshin. WuWa definitely has huge potential to be a big player in the market, and if you’re coming from genshin with the same intentions, i encourage you to genuinely explore and enjoy this game for what it individually is..Version: 1.0.0

Game is lowkey fire ?!?Pls don’t read this if ur looking for a srs review or if u don’t want ur brain to get fried Story uh pretty much we wake up on new world and then boom chacalacaacacacacca we have super epic kewl powers that can absorb stuff (yippeeee!!) (this is to the point of how far i’ve gotten into the story) that’s all i remember i played the game at 3 am Animations (they are super kewl!?!) ok tbh i jst wanted to include this part cuz there’s a red haired girl and her facial animations r so expressive and cool?? like ohmigosh!! also the animations in general jst feel kinda upgraded from the other games. idk but that was for me it jst felt smoother ig Combat ITS SO FUN IM GOING TO COMBUST!! i can’t explain it my brain is too smooth but there’s counter attacks, u can dodge, and there’s like this pokémon system thing where u kill enemy’s and then u can use them in battle by absorbing them with smt similar to the kewl epic powers u discover u have. also there’s more to the combat like a combo where u can do a certain attack and then u can switch to a different character to do a combo attack. and im pretty sure there’s more to the combat but im forgor.Version: 1.0.0

Xbox controller support pleaseGame is fantastic really good story and the gameplay/fighting is very smooth my only issue is I can’t use my Xbox controller..Version: 1.0.0

Wuthering wavesI’m gonna be honest it’s a good game but I really hate how laggy it is. I can play for only a few minutes then I get kicked out of the game. I wish it was a bit more smoother because I want to play more longer, thanks!.Version: 1.0.0

Rubbish doesn’t workAlways freezes when I’m trying to start it up and I’ve re installed it so many times and it doesn’t work it’s the same with another 2 devices I’ve tried none of them work fix this problem please!.Version: 1.0.0

Started playing this game since day 1 and it’s amazing.Graphic design is good and the combat gameplay is good..Version: 1.0.0

FIREE🔥🔥🔥Art is nice, game doesn’t take to much space nor is it too laggy, and gameplay is nice. It contains what I’d deem the best parts of Genshin and as of now I can’t point out things I genuinely hate. It also doesn’t have Paimon so I’m cheesin. It has some new/unused elements in a common genre which I like a lot. Voice acting and character design is great, in my opinion the characters feel new and unique, something I feel hoyo has been lacking for the current character roster. Fighting is fun, rewarding, and easy enough to understand while also having some challenge. So far game is a 10/10 and I can’t wait for more content!.Version: 1.0.0

ExcellentI’m the first.Version: 1.0.0

Wuthering waves looks pretty amazing so far hope you could improve moreThe combat mechanics and the character design looks pretty good it caught my attention. But overall this game is a solid 5 star I saw some videos about this and I thought that “hm maybe I should play this game it looks very appealing and fun” and also the scenery is 10/10 bomb and also the monsters could also fight each other is what makes this game interesting and I am so excited to play this keep it up the good work kuro so excited to play this game 😁 keep up the improvement and good work..Version: 1.0.0

LoveThis game is awesome I love nearly all the character designs I’ve seen so far, really good story takes a bit to get in to but still great I love how easy it is to get around I really like the combat stuff too I’m obsessed with this game bro.Version: 1.0.0

Unplayable five star!The game is absolute fire.. but having played mobile games for years, the game play is not optimized for phones. I am currently playing it on pc. I switched over to my phone to keep up my hype after playing for hours and was met with glitchy game play, unresponsive buttons, and laggy ping. Hope they see this and fix it or just make it a full pc game. I will continue to play regardless of how it plays on mobile simple cause I play it on pc but I do feel bad for this having my same issues.. keep doing good stuff i love the game. 10*/10*.Version: 1.0.0

AaaaFINALLY AFTER SO LONG.Version: 1.0.0

A very well made role play gameThe lore , character designs and mechanics are so well made. It is definitely a very refreshing role play game that is made f2p and for both pc and mobile players to enjoy :) I enjoy playing this game a lot and i definitely recommend others to do the same too! You wont regret playing this game so go ahead and install this game :p.Version: 1.0.0

So far so good!I am really enjoying this game! For a 1.0 release it’s been running surprisingly well on my iPad. The environment is very nice and the characters are beautiful. I like the story so far and the pacing is pretty chill. The devs have been responsive and generous with compensation for various issues at launch and some other games COULD NEVER ;) I’m excited to continue playing and I hope they continue to put as much love and effort into future updates. By the way Kuro can we please get the option to change/edit the button size and placement on mobile? Maybe it’s just for iPads but I find the jump button to be very small and low on the screen and I consistently miss it with my finger. I’d love to switch the dodge and basic attack button placements also..Version: 1.0.0

Honestly pretty solid, not a copy of THAT game.The game is relatively new but it’s actually not that bad. the storyline is semi original and while the UI and map pathing is similar to that game we all know and love(?) the actual fighting and bosses/challenges have their own uniqueness. there are combos and the story/companion quests go into a 2d straight path mode at times which is honestly kinda nice. now the app itself is a little buggy/laggy which im sure they can fix and at times does crash but the game save is great and leaves you exactly where you were beforehand instead of making you replay certain parts. and it doesn’t overheat your device which is surprising. each characters ability and fighting style is unique and definitely not just a rip off of other competitors. i’d say give it a try at least. the codes they’re putting out don’t all work so that would be a good fix lol..Version: 1.0.0

This game is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!So I’ve just started playing this game and all I can say is, IM ABSOLUTELY OBSESSED & LOVING THIS GAME!!!! It DEFINITELY A MUST DOWNLOAD game!!! Thank you so much for creating such an awesome game with great story line and awesome graphics..Version: 1.0.0

It’s a great game but..The 108 pulls were not free, obviously. I did take the time to play the game and I was hyped, I was not disappointed. Great character design, and great landscapes and such. When being compared to Genshin Impact, I feel like you should skip this unless you already play. Really fun game, but prices are rather high for Lunite (you buy it with real money to wish) and the game is bland and doesn’t have much color. Animations are also smooth and gameplay is fun, mechanics are really good. I feel like this game has a lot of potential, but as a Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail player (along with games like Reverse: 1999 and Cookie Run Kingdom) It is a great game. The wishing items are hard to obtain and take a lot of time to get, so wishing isn’t ideal for f2p unless you’re p2w (f2p is free to play and p2w is pay to win) Kuro games did a great job, but could be better. If I’m comparing them, the 5 stars in this game look like 4 stars in Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail. It’s a safe bet you’ll love this game if you haven’t played games that are created by big companies. Still, I’m bias towards Hoyoverse’s games. I’ve been playing them for longer and I love them so much. But with all that said, try the game! It’s really fun!.Version: 1.0.0

Good gameI am enjoying the game but though it says it’s compatible with my iPad i still get kicked out of the game And it lags a Lot i really hope this gets solved soon.Version: 1.0.0

AmazingAs a long time genshin player, this game has exceeded my expectations. The combat and exploration is amazing, plus the story and characters are great. I’m already hooked, I haven’t had any bugs, just some lag occasionally due to ping. I look forward for future updates:) also everyone who is complaining about the bugs or not being able to play the game, the game JUST got released, of course they are gonna have bugs. Genshin had bugs on their release as well. Plus when kuro picked beta testers, they chose a select amount with specific specs, now that the game is a world wide release, not everyone is gonna have a good device to run it 🤷‍♂️ anyway this game is worth the investment.Version: 1.0.0

Good gameThe game is fun a bit laggy but the main issue is that they need to improve the echo system because half the time your not even guaranteed an echo then it’s worse if it not the correct element or bad main stat.Version: 1.0.0

Awesome gameThe game is fun and enjoyable i love the combat the most for the amount i could play however the games been freezing for me after i finished the first quest, it was already laggy but it started to freeze while i was in mid quests or just running around. It has been slowly making me mad. I have contacted supp about it as well i also deleted and re installed, both on epic games and just from the website , literally nothing changed still keep’s freezing even on load screen. The game is fun but the freezing makes it unplayable.Version: 1.0.0

On Hoyoverse’s tailThe “game” itself looks awesome, combat is fun and the puzzles are enjoyable, overall a pleasant experience…if I were to disregard all the infuriating nonsense I have to go through to enjoy that INCREDIBLY SMALL part of it. It’s like creating a new account for Genshin Impact in exchange for a few quality of life improvements here and there. Would you go through the same story, side quests, essentially restarting your digital collection of characters, just to experience the same treatment of vomit inducing content, that locks you on to skip button that rarely even exists? A game that forces you to wait to play it? And it’s not even finished developing, players experience a variety of issues. Don’t forget to spend $1000 on a new flashy character, whom you can’t level up unless you go through literal torture called “quests” under the umbrella of “storytelling”. Me personally, I would much rather listen to a homeless person describe his day than go through another “incredible journey”. But you do you, kids..Version: 1.0.0

Was waiting for this to arrive!!Don’t get me wrong it’s a beautiful game so far. With good graphics but the devs definitely need to fix a bunch of bugs. Right now I’m having trouble logging back in since I keep getting gateway errors.Version: 1.0.0

So good but..This game is actually insane i love it SO much!! one thing to know is if your on mobile it can become really laggy somtimes, hopefully we can see some improvements to this to make the game more smooth, but other than that its a 5 star!!!!.Version: 1.0.0

WowDidn’t even play but I want to send a review.Version: 1.0.0

GoodIt’s a super good and fun game, I enjoy it. The only problem is that it keeps crashing and kicking me out of the app every few minutes. It’s super annoying, please try to fix!!.Version: 1.0.0

A few problems I noticedI downloaded the game and so far I noticed a few problems for some reason the ping isn’t good I don’t know why, the game keeps closing itself, sometimes the audio cuts out before the character finishes speaking when it’s on autoplay, when opening the map or the menu sometimes the screen will freeze in place without bringing the map/menu up,When in cut scenes the character stops talking but the cut scene continues (basically the cut scenes show the character talking but the audio cuts without finishing what is being said) Hopefully I have explained the problems I have experienced well enough. And I’d hope that this can be fixed in the official update! Other than these problems this game is really good the combat, the scenery, and the character design is well done and I enjoy..Version: 1.0.0

Good game but…How do I get my 108 free draws? The game is great, tons of different characters and game mechanics, with a variety of things to unlock. But, again, how do I claim the draws? The ad said I could….. please devs, tell me. Otherwise, amazing game.Version: 1.0.0

YAYAYI find this game really good for just coming out, I can tell they put tons of effort into the game and they truely deserve all the support they can to create a wonderful game! And don’t work yourselves too hard. Other then that I have only seen one glitch from an npc spazzing out which was pretty funny..Version: 1.0.0

Amazing Quality Game with minor hiccupsFirstly I’d like to state how amazing I think this game is. The cinematics are top notch for a mobile game, the exploration and combat feel fluid and natural. The combat is easy to play, with PLENTY of opportunity for mastery and finesse, I can’t praise it enough. I even think the gacha system is better integrated than most, especially with all the currency being offered for day 1 bugs and the general rewards. However, I do think that not having controller integration on such an action focused game, after saying that it would on mobile, is a HUGE misfire. It feels very imprecise at times without a controller in hand. I haven’t gotten many of the quality issues that I’ve heard floating around, but WITH controller integration and continued amazing communication and support from the Devs I would definitely change this to a 5 star and recommend to any action focused or open world enjoying gamer..Version: 1.0.0

An amazing gameAbsolutely amazing. Even though it may be similar to Genshin, it has its own unique style and its a lot less of a pay to win unlike Genshin where you’d have to pay a lot just to simply get a 5 star character that you want. Where as for Wuthering waves, right after launch they gave 40 free tides/wishes not to mention how Genshin gives not even close to 40 for free especially not at once. Even though Wuthering waves is a bit bugged and glitchy (I mean it was just launched by the time I made this so what do you expect?) it is still an amazing game and I’d love to see what potential this game has for the future. :).Version: 1.0.0

I think it looks greatFrom seeing things online the game seems awesome, but, unfortunately when it try to start the game I’m stuck on a glitched loading screen after the game tells me to restart if you could please fix this problem I would seriously appreciate it 😃.Version: 1.0.0

Controller compatibilityTHIS GAME NEEDS TO HAVE AN OPTION FOR USING CONTROLLER ASAP!!! Please. Love the game and the content but having no controller option is making it unbearable. Please can this be done. Love kuro games fan.Version: 1.0.0

In love w it alreadyI keep seeing people complain about lagging and bugs, but people don’t seem to realise that Kuro Games isn’t like MiHoyo. They’re on a budget AND the games still quite new with not a large studio as one would think, so it’s bound to have bugs and lagging. And despite all of that I’m enjoying this game as much as I would from a AAA game company or from small Indie companies. I know that any lag and bugs are bound to be fixed with time, and I’ll keep giving my support for this masterpiece.Version: 1.0.0

Great game but just blurry and a bit laggyVery fun, super good soundtrack, expressive and well designed characters, beautiful environments. Only issue presently is how blurry the characters and environment is zoomed out, the resolution setting makes minor/ barely noticeable changes as well. Additionally, there is a lot of lagging— it’s very inconvenient. Hopefully these issues can be fixed in a later patch. Overall, lovely game and worth the wait!.Version: 1.0.0

Great potentialEnjoying the game so far I’m a very big fan of kurogames style of combat gameplay like PGR. I love the open world scenery and story, the different character designs and kits are fun even the weapon designs look amazing. The different mechanics in the game makes it even more enjoyable. As long as the game isn’t overloaded with too much content (like having too many echoes to collect might turn the game into Pokémon) it will be on the right track. I’m loving the game so far and it has a lot of potential for future updates..Version: 1.0.0

AwesomeDespite its rather recent release and the fact that I have not gone far, there are many outstanding quality’s this RPG has that make it marvellous and very fun to play. 1. Downloading it What I mean by this is how usually when you download RPGs (talking about genshin here) it takes up a lot of storage, and while this is still a lot (6.29 G is a lot-) it’s a lot cheaper then other RPGs I’ve played. 2. Graphics The art; animation if you will, are simply stunning. Artistically speaking, the colour combinations, shadows in animation, and general style are beautiful. 3. Voice acting. You can actually tell that these voice actors are somewhat experienced with their job, their voices are level and smooth, and have a pleasing quality to them. You can really feel the emotion as if the characters they were acting as were actually speaking to you. 4. Mysterious quality’s. I’m still on chapter 1, as I downloaded this game today (no regrets) but the fact that our character has such extensive lore to discover, amnesia and other good stuff that makes characters interesting and worth sticking around really compels me. Thank you game devs for creating this awesome game <3 Love, Reyin.Version: 1.0.0

First ThoughtsI’ve been playing on my IPad Air with this game and the graphics are smooth and lag is minimal. Ping is okay and the game loads up pretty quickly. However, I’m not the biggest fan of the mobility and control system. It’s very hard to control the jumping and the enemy auto lock camera angle is hard to manage. The sprinting start animation also looks pretty weird. For about half a second, the character is just stuck in this weird forward motion which choppily transitions into the normal sprinting. The story is somewhat creative but it’s not the most captivating. This game also reminds me of a few other hoyoverse games I’ve played. I’ve yet to see an element in this game that makes it stand out. Overall good game but has lots of room for improvement..Version: 1.0.0

Needs to be fixedExtremely laggy, and keeps kicking me out the game, and very hard to get into the actual playing part.Version: 1.0.0

Its really funIt's a nice game and i get that it's only been out for a day, but it often freezes and kicks me out of the game..Version: 1.0.0

Amazing gameGame hasn’t lagged at all for me so idk about the complaints. character designs are SO beautiful, it’s so nice seeing chinese culture being incorporated into their designs. the story at first is quite confusing because all of these phrases are thrown at you but as you play and get to around level20, it’s AMAZING. really will stay an avid fan of this game, it has huge potential and is sooo good.Version: 1.0.0

10/10, but major lagThis game is beautiful (character design wise + world scenery wise) and the gameplay is VERY fun Main story is a bit hard to follow in my opinion, I’m not really sure what the goal is right now, but that might just be me System of building is sort of confusing too • Above all, the lag is horrible; In my experience, I can’t move without constant lag spikes that prevent me from doing ANYTHING + fighting things/doing quests takes forever due to that Clicking options to bring up other pages has long black screens and music constantly cuts in and out Some character models are glitching very badly, but it doesn’t happen often and I’m unsure if it’s a worldwide issue yet If the lag could be fixed somehow, this game would definitely be amazing and worth playing, I genuinely love the gameplay and characters a lot.Version: 1.0.0

I love this gameThis game is super fun and challenging.It is kind of f2p I think.Version: 1.0.0

Bug in the gameThere is a bug in the game, that every time I play the loading screen I get goosebumps.Version: 1.0.0

Highly recommended!!!Ever since I got this only yesterday I have been ADICTED to it and finally Genshin has got challenge and it’s a new gacha legacy I love it but please more characters in the future bc you only have just launched the game but highly recommended and I think you’ll love it too.Version: 1.0.0

Music is 🥰Game isn’t even out yet but just for the loading screen music it slaps..Version: 1.0.0

WuWaThe game is interesting and immersive, character designs are sleek. Combat mechanics are exciting and fun. The movement controls are a bit janky on mobile. I’m a little disappointed there’s no controller support; this game would greatly benefit from having it. Overall enjoying WuWa so far..Version: 1.0.0

Long story but short storyGonna start by : I play Genshin everyday since the 1.0 I’m at the point I feel trap in the game so not gonna judge it as a Genshin Killer or whatever. There’s a lot of place for improvement for Wuwa and I think Kuro Games really listen to their community. I play on IPad 10 and on Pc version. I have PING issues whatever platform I play on it’s laggy and I’m not gonna judge that it only has 2 days and they improve everyday. Top : I know it’s gonna be controversial cause hmm a lot of people disagree but I kinda enjoy story. They told a lot more than certain game after 4yrs. The combats are amazing and very fluid ! The music and the ambiance are pretty cool and mature. I enjoy the open world and the peacefulness behind it , it’s not to much , it’s not empty. Echos are fun to farm and I enjoy the fact I don’t need resin to farm them Bad : The French translation is the worst I’ve ever seen but again there’s place to improvement. The emotion of certain characters are funny and weird in the same time. The map is a bit messy. It’s not worth a 5 sure but I think it can be a good game with the time , the patience and the energy Kuro Game invest. I enjoy all the effort they put to make the game better where Genshin doesn’t try (no 200 resin and new abyss feature gonna glue 4years lack of endgame content).Version: 1.0.0

I love the game, but…The visuals are good, the story is meh, the combat is fast paced, and the puzzles are fine; there is just several issues like the fact that I can’t play on my iPad. It works fine on my iPhone but when I open the game on my iPad, it won’t even let me log in. The screen is just forever stuck on that loading screen with the lake in the middle of two snow covered mountains! The other issue is that the controls are a little delayed (in my iPhone), especially the dodging and don’t forget the camera! On the scene where I fight this vulture looking bird as Jiyan, that chicken keep disappearing from the screen! I have to keep looking for it only to get a face full of claws (doesn’t help that the control mechanics are delayed). So, I hope this issue is going to be fixed soon because it will be difficult to play the game like this..Version: 1.0.0

OBSESSED WITH IT (literally have nothing bad to say)When this game came out I was thinking to would be just a Genshin copycat but NO IT IS NOTT, sure it’s a Gacha game buts there are soooo many amazing elements in it. I love all the character play styles (that I have) and the reward system is a perfect mix of not overly generous and also not being “stingy”. A couple things I’ve noticed and love are the fact that enemies will interact with each other, like you will stumble across a couple fighting and their health is going down. Also while the animation is a bit stiff (obviously will get better with time since it’s VERY new) but their are so many unique animations just for running in jumping (ex: swinging up top to smth) the amount of detail put into the game is amazing and I can’t wait for it to get bigger!!.Version: 1.0.0

Really Promising Game <3A great game that you can tell the devs put a lot of work into. Keep in mind it’s (currently) only v.1.0 so a few bugs are expected! It’s really fun, the characters look beautiful, the graphics are absolutely gorgeous, and the game mechanics are intuitive and fun. 100% will be recommending this game to all my friends!.Version: 1.0.0

Only Gatcha I have actually enjoyed.Way better than Genshin in my opinion. Traversal and combat is better. Went into this expecting to drop after a couple hours, but might actually end up playing this long term. Only complaints are of course the currency multiple systems and the “rolls” for characters and weapons, but I know Im just not into these style of games and is apart of the experience. Not a fan of the 2 separate battle passes either. They price seems to be all over the place depending on region from what I see online..Version: 1.0.0

BugThe game works on my iPhone but when I downloaded it on iPad it’s stuck at the loadin screen after in installer.Version: 1.0.0

Good, but currently bug riddenLove this game and the way it plays. Sadly at this point it is very bug ridden and prone to overheat my phone very quickly. It’s a new game though so will give it a chance to patch itself up, particularly as what I have played has been exceptional..Version: 1.0.0

Great start but still has room for improvements.I would like to start off stating this has been a fantastic launch, with very few bugs I have encountered. So let’s get into this (I am union lv18 atm): Pros: -Combat system is beyond fantastic. -Summon system is very fair with fantastic starting rewards. -Gearing via echos has been amazing. Hunting for gear in the open world instead of just doing mini dungeons incentives you to see the world created. -Story is decent so far, there is actually progress (pacing might actually be a bit too fast). -Exploration is not tedious, with different types of puzzles and world events to keep you engaged. Cons: -Lacks some finished animations I would like to see (ie. destroying boxes gives debris instead of a poof) -Voice acting is mediocre at best. This needs improvement. -There are incorrect words used during dialogue. There are also reference used to within an ability that doesn’t match the name of the actual ability (rover). Really, the game just needs that “finishing polish”. That little extra to make it shine..Version: 1.0.0

Great so farI’m finding it great so far and drop rates are pretty good for 5 star characters. Gameplay is a little buggy but is to be expected as it’s so new. I won’t let that impact my rating as I’m really enjoying the game, puzzles, fighting and the storyline..Version: 1.0.0

I havent even played it yet ;-;Yall are complaining about bugs and everything when they JUST released the game like CHILLLL ;-;.Version: 1.0.0

Birthday…Okay so it is amazing I love the animations especially being able to run up the walls BUT. It set my birthday wrong.. like seriously 😭‼️ I set it for April 29th and it’s set for April 1st?? And I’m unable to change it, PLEASE make it able to change since it may of bugged and I don’t want it set on the wrong day!! 😕 Still a amazing game, I do love it a LOT and it’s just BEAUTIFUL! I have my own theories but seriously please fix the birthday thing 😔.Version: 1.0.0

Great game overall..It’s a fun and enjoyable game with very fun game technique like parrying and dodging, however I play on SEA and live in Australia but for some reason my ping is over 400+… Despite the high ping everything else is great..Version: 1.0.0

I love it but I hate the lagI have been so excited for this game since March. When it finally came out, I played it immediately and I loved it! But after some time it started lagging so much. Today when I play, the second day after the game released, I can barely move around without the game glitching, kicking me out, or just lagging a lot. I absolutely love the game and I won’t stop playing, but when I’m in the middle of fighting or in the middle of a quest the lag makes me mad. No game has ever lagged this much and I hope that the developers can fix this issue because it seems to be affecting many people. Thank you!! 😁.Version: 1.0.0

I LOVE ITI honestly feel so bad for the devs, everyone is dragging this game down because it's lagging and has bugs ON RELEASE. They listened and are providing compensation which is amazing and I never expected anything like that considering I'm a genshin player (they never listen or give us anything) so thank you. I love the game, I reached Union Level 27 on day 2 and honestly it really is one of the best games I've played. YES it is laggy for me right now, the fights and even the cutscenes lag because of the ping, not my device. But I really do love the game, the story, the combat, the exploration is all amazing 💕 Thank you kuro games.Version: 1.0.0

To developersThe game is amazing from the character designs, to the game mechanics, to the plot and I understand it’s still in beta. But for those who just started and to the developers there is an issues with logging into servers. When logging in to a specific server for me it is the American server. It says “gateway connection timed out” I was told by a close peer of mine that this error is due to the amount of players on the server. Even so, please developers this ruins the experience of a player esp when they are forced to start over in another server. I had to uninstall the game and reinstall in order for me to log back in. But it only worked for a little. Then the issue reappeared leave me no choice but to start over through another server. I wanna enjoy this game to my hearts content..Version: 1.0.0

Optimization and FoggyIt needs optimization in smoothness, graphics and frame rate. My device is very strong but the game needs to be polished..Version: 1.0.0

Few bugs but overall interestingI keep trying to turn my screen to one side but it forces my phone to be facing a certain way which is upside down for mine and it flips between the two no matter what I do I can’t fix it, while playing I’ve also experienced having some of the enemy’s being stuck in the ground like so I can only see the red health bars of them. I really like the game tho kinda hope they do more cool stuff with the story like giving more impactful options like choosing to side with the villains or etc etc which would be cool and give reason for people to make more accounts to play each side. Mechanics for the grappling are a bit goofy to get used to but overall good game I’m excited to see more characters and where it goes..Version: 1.0.0

It just came out a few hours ago but whateverHonestly i thought this game was going to be a cheap copy of genshin when it was first advertised, but once i got to experience it i realized it was not and that it has its own unique features and mechanics that make you feel like you’re inside the game. Not to mention, the story is very interesting and from i saw the quests are voiced. There’s great graphics and it’s pretty easy to play the game, i definitely recommend especially for people that played genshin and are trying to find something new i feel like this is a great new experience..Version: 1.0.0

Looks good so farThis is my first impression but it’s a very visually and audibly pleasing game. I live in Australia which I assumed would suit SEA server but I’ve found Asia server has a slightly better ping! I also love how you can move around so versatility and even pet pets! I’m looking forward to getting to know this game more *\(^o^)/* Congratulations on your release!.Version: 1.0.0

Day two after release reviewPros: sprinting w/o stamina drain, over world travel is parkour-like. Fast climbing. Characters are all very different and fun fun fun to play! Best of all, AUTO LOOT! No more exploding chests as your loot rolls off a cliff! The utility selector is designed great. Combat is a blast. Cons: it’s early release so expect some bugs. Ping is high, around 140. Still playable but high ping is annoying. Some dialogue doesn’t make sense…I’m like…wtf are they talking about? I’m on a iPad w M1 chip. Seems older phones are having the issues. I can’t stop playing this game and having a ton of fun. And did I mention AUTO LOOT???!!! Haha. Great game, I feel confident the bugs will be fixed..Version: 1.0.0

Better than I expectedIt’s a great game. I’ve been playing on my iPad and the dodging mechanic is my favorite. Although it won’t let my log into my phone for some reason so I’m trying to uninstall then reinstall but redownloading the cache doesn’t work..Version: 1.0.0

Buggy right nowBut the devs listen and they pushed out multiple hotfixes day one alone and even compensated with a full 10 pull on the standard banner. It’s an amazing game. Fast paced like Honkai 3rd but open world like Genshin, but the combat is next level. Real dodging and parrying that actually matters, jumping and air grappling to do plunge attacks without needing a specific character like Genshin. Exploration is a similar experience, you don’t need a specific character to make exploration less of a chore, every character can run infinitely, stamina only taken from dashing, running up walls, climbing walls, swimming etc. Character modals are great, the world looks great, combat is unmatched in any gacha and exploration is fun. After all the major bugs are ironed out, and they will be because Kuro actually care about their players, this is pretty much the best gacha out there. Better than Genshin..Version: 1.0.0

Please add controller supportPlease add controller support, I have a backbone and would really like to use it for this game.Version: 1.0.0

Its PERFECTI dont see why everyone is complaining when the game is still new so OF COURSE there will be bugs and glitches from time to time. Other than that the game is absolutely amazing!! I just wish it came to Console so my phone wont die so fast😂❤️.Version: 1.0.0

Awesome developers! 🤩The Wuthering Waves developers are amazing! They listen to their players to improve their game and are very generous!.Version: 1.0.0

Iphone 11 promax bugThe bar that you use to return to homescreen is bugged. The actual phone screen doesnt rotate according to the game screen. When you rotate the whole phone only the game screen rotates..Version: 1.0.0

HiI love the game but can you guys please fix the issue with the app crashing every 15 20 seconds the app crashes.Version: 1.0.0

Great, ty Kuro games!!The game is great. I haven’t played much but all I want is more men lol. Too many revealing women characters. Anyway the gameplay is fantastic, the rewards are generous, the graphics are beautiful and the company is honestly just amazing. If you’re reading this review, you should definitely get this game!!.Version: 1.0.0

W Kuro GameDevs are insanely supportive of the playerbase. been only out for 2 days and they’re already applying bug fixes to the game while giving out rewards.Version: 1.0.0

Perfection, just one concern.I love this game, it has great quality throughout graphics, storyline, and gameplay. The one problem I have? Connection errors. However, this could be something wrong on my part, hence the five stars. However, if not, I just want to let others know to see if they have similar problems to me. Just a side note, this game is similar to popular Gacha game Genshin Impact, however Wuthering Waves is simply higher quality with less storage space. A much better game that I totally recommend. All in all, great game, and I can’t wait to see how it progresses..Version: 1.0.0

Great game, but needs multiple patchesThe game is amazing to play and explore. Problem is the glitches that needs to be patched asap before game dies. I have not been able to play the game on my iPhone because the loading screen kept saying that it was out of time or something. Even needs patches on the windows since that’s how I play but needs a lot of fixing and correction on the connection from the servers. I even had the game do multiple updates on itself, but when it finishes update and does a reboot to put the patches in it freezes on me and I have to force end task on my computer to reboot the game. Amazing game but again needs a lot of patches and fixing..Version: 1.0.0

Добавьте русский язык для русскоговорящей аудитории и цены вам не будет ;)Игра лучшая динамика, сюжет, графика просто огонь пушка, но у людей которые не знают английского, сложновато понять что вообще происходит, а по 100 раз заходить и выходить из переводчика надоедает.Version: 1.0.0

Controller support for IOSSo far I absolutely adore this game the voices acting and the character designs are beautiful, fighting is dynamic and freeing especially with lock on target combat. What I do have a wish for is that controller support gets added to the mobile versions of the game, many of us do prefer to use a controller when playing games such as this and it would make for a much smoother experience overall..Version: 1.0.0

ShayI love it😻.Version: 1.0.0

Really good!It’s a really nicely developed game so far, and it’s really enjoyable, the character designs are also really nice! Thank you for this ❤️ Don’t mind the negative comments that keep comparing it to other games, i.e. genshin..Version: 1.0.0

Please stop crashing on meI love this game it’s really nice but the game has crashed on me 22 times in one day we need this fixed because I’ve had to go back into the game so many times.Version: 1.0.0

FunGreat game! Love it!.Version: 1.0.0

AMAZING GAMESo far I love it! I love the fighting mechanics and design. It’s okay if it has errors, it just came out so it won’t be perfect, also, they’re very generous! They are compensating because of the errors! Thank you Kurogames, we don’t deserve you 😭❤️.Version: 1.0.0

So far seems to be a better genshin game the names are a little funny in EnglishI didn’t really get into genshin + how big it became made of hard to get into and kinda cringe but this game is actually interesting straight away feels like genshin + botw and you get cool animated super abilities not sure if that is in genshin but I appreciate they went this far to make it look this cool please update to 120hz for iPhone 15 pro max I would love to see this game fully optimised and utilising everything the current flagship has to offer.Version: 1.0.0

WutheringThe game is really really good I really like playing it, but there is just one thing, I don't know why it's doing that but it keeps kicking me out of the game, and lagging, I'm hoping you could fix this issue. Something else I'd like to add is that it is extremely laggy.Version: 1.0.0

SO GOOD!For the people complaining about bugs,lags,etc etc remember its a NEW game, itll obviously get better over the past few months on bugs like that, please use common sense before commenting something, next, this game is SO good the graphic and VAs are so good! my personal opinion, i just hope it doesnt reach 26gb like genshin (though i know it might), in my own opinion i think i like this game more than genshin, but thats MY OWN OPINION NOT YOURS..Version: 1.0.0

Lack of Controller supportGood game but I'd prefer if I can play the game using a controller like backbone or Xbox controller.Version: 1.0.0

Very nice game!! some glitches tho but idm !There are some glithes. for example when YangYang says “Lets move forward” She says it like “Lets move forw” “Lets move forward.” also, if the text is too long it get cuts off, which isnt a big problem but maybe theres deaf people playing?.Version: 1.0.0

Good game but won’t let me past the opening screenI pre-registered this game excitedly, and waited the whole day for it , opened the app right after launching time just for me to not be able to choose a rover and telling me I have some internet / other issues. I’ve already uninstalled and reinstalled the app but doesn’t solve my problem, I switched accounts just in case if something was wrong but still nothing. I deleted the files and re-did the installation of the files again but didn’t work. Hope the bug/issue is fixed and I get to play the game since I was really excited to play just for an issue to stop me ..Version: 1.0.0

Very great game even at its very first launch!I'm fortunate to not experience any lags and such in this game, everything runs smoothly and i'm playing in mobile/ipad. I love the characters, their designs, their voices, and their unique facial expressions. The cutscenes are very cool and the puzzles are unique and fun. Thank you for the developers who are working really hard to fix any issues, you've done a really good job and is very responsive to all feedbacks. I wish the best for this game cause it's really fun!.Version: 1.0.0

Developers please fix bugs.When I load the game it flips upside down and I can’t open the announcement or bulletin without it appearing upside down. It happens every time I load the game and it’s so annoying- along with the random crashes and the fact most idles have a glitch where the item the character holds isn’t visible. There are multiple times where my character gets stuck between things and there’s no escape button or any way to fix the issue. Also the time it takes to even load the game when you first open the app is insanely slow. Hopefully all these errors get fixed in the next patch but for a game that was in development for so long these kind of simple errors should never have made it past beta..Version: 1.0.0

Some bugsOk some bugs I have found are: being teleported away while doing the inferno rider quest, the game disconnecting some times, the bottle on the back of the mc stretching and a few smaller ones, other than that 10/10.Version: 1.0.0

StorageThe game looks sick but you need to your storage, because I DO HAVE ENOUGH STORAGE WHAT R U YAPPING ABIUT…..Version: 1.0.0

AMAZING GRAPHICS AND QUALITYOh my gosh. when i first looked at it, i thought it was gonna be crappy. but, it was AMAZING! its a open rpg game and looks just like a hoyo verse game! and, it looks like genshin impact the most. PLEASE GIVE THIS GAME MORE ATTENTION.Version: 1.0.0

Crashing issuesThe game itself is good its fun its got a good combat system and interesting story and its got the same as games like Genshin Impact but better in some aspects. The only issue is that the graphics is too high. I have turned my graphics to the lowest it goes. Every single setting is at the lowest in terms of graphics. But it still keeps kicking me off of the game VERY frequently. By VERY I mean about once every 3 minutes. Please fix this as I want to enjoy the game without having to load if every 30 seconds..Version: 1.0.0

Just started playingAbsolutely amazing game so far. Graphics and character designs are absolutely beautiful. The fighting mechanics are enjoyable and fun to use, and the characters are very amusing and interesting. Overall great game so far! Worthy contender against Genshin Impact and Honkai Star Rail..Version: 1.0.0

(Updated) Rough launch. Needs controller support badlyKuro is probably the most generous gacha dev around. They are working hard to fix all of the launch issues and have provided some excellent compensation for the time being. Their quick response and receptiveness to the feedback from the community warranted a positive update to this review. Issues aside, the game totally rocks. It’s absolutely worth your time and you should just give it a go if you’re even remotely interested. So the actual reason for this review. THIS GAME NEEDS CONTROLLER SUPPORT. Not singling this game out, but touch controls are garbage in general. This game requires a kind of finesse that a touch screen just can’t abide. PGR (another Kuro game btw), HSR, and Genshin all have gamepad support for mobile. The fact that this doesn’t is… Well, it’s not good. For the other problems people are talking about, your mileage may vary, but I haven’t encountered any major issues besides random performance dips, I can only assume due to high ping. Whether on iOS or PC it seems to run just fine for me. Not saying these other issues don’t exist but they haven’t really manifested for me. With that being said the game is really good. They just need to handle their business. And again, for the love of God, ADD CONTROLLER SUPPORT..Version: 1.0.0

I cant get inI cant get into the game. i restart my device and it still doesnt work. i have deleted the app and downloaded it again and it still doesnt work.Version: 1.0.0

Love the Intro! A few bugs.I’ve been waiting for this game! I had it downloaded pre-launch, and now that I get to play it I must say I’m obsessed with the loading screen, great bgm and themes, as well as lovely character designs. I love the game functionality so far, although it can definitely be improved as I have noticed many bugs and glitches, especially during fights. The most annoying part as of now is that although I already have an account with this game, I can’t log in again anymore. I got to play it once, and now that I’m trying to log back in, it shows error and won’t let me log in no matter what I do. I will be uninstalling and then reinstalling to see if it fixes anything. I’ve already contacted the customer service so hopefully I should be able to log in back soon enough..Version: 1.0.0

I’m excitedLooking for a gacha game other that Genshin because I’m disappointed by their reward and updates . There is no 50/50 In the weapon banner , sign me in . Hot men with BEARDS . Sign me in . And of course jiggle physics hehe . I just hope that kuro games does something about storage cause I’m hanging on with this game and hsr .I only have 64gb 😭.Version: 1.0.0

A decent startVarious types of objects in game can be interact with. Excellent combat. But visual effects and performance needs to be improved..Version: 1.0.0

GoodActually good, f2p friendly but the game is kinda laggy, even when my setting are on very low, im using ip11 and my fps keep dropping from 60 to 20 or even 10 💀 pls optimize your game.Version: 1.0.0

Need a bit more male charactersCan we get an anime limited 5* character collab.Version: 1.0.0

CrashingMy game continues to crash as I’m playing it and I’m very confused on why, but otherwise I really enjoy it :).Version: 1.0.0

Beautiful game but…It’s a beautiful game, lots to explore and really cool characters. My only issue is that after a while 10-30 mins it kicks me off. I’m uninstalling and reinstalling to see if it fixes it as I’ve tried rebooting both the game and my iPad and checking files for problems..Version: 1.0.0

Loading Screen IssuesI really love this game and it has been so fun to play so far. As well as the amazing character designs and the story. Just a small problem that happened to my this morning, the loading screen every time I open the app has been black and nothing has been working. I restarted my phone multiple times, I deleted and re-downloaded and followed tutorials to fix it. Other than that it’s a great game..Version: 1.0.0

ITS REALLY GOOD JUST MINOR BUGSDude when I tell you my jaw open from the beginning it did, the scenery, the coloring, it’s so beautiful genuinely!! Characters are gorgeous they kinda have repetitive designs but I know it’s just starting and of course I’ll let it develop before judging so much, I hope this game gets a lot of attention because I’m really into it I really like how the characters are so expressive when they speak or move to do something it feels non robotic in a way. Bugs: Some bugs I experienced are that dialogues get cut off, when someone speak they almost finish there sentence but get cut off to the next person speaking. When Rover (MC) does his idle his speaking gets cut off, I’ve experienced that a lot throughout the game I think that’s the only problem honestly. UH I THINK THATS IT ILL DEFINITELY UPDATE A REVIEW IN 5 OR MORE MONTHS TO SEE HOW IT IS!! :3 LOVE THIS GAMEE.Version: 1.0.0

Nice gameEverything about the game is very nice but the lag is unreal while playing this on iphone 13 with the lowest settings possible i would recommend playing this on PC and not a phone since I don’t think it can handle the frames you can especially feel the lag once you reach the big city. Will definitely play on PC and not phone.Version: 1.0.0

SecondI'm second and great game kuro.Version: 1.0.0

OverallYou guys deserve this 5 star at 2am yall post an apology about the bugs and I respect that The game overall is soo amazing the graphics 10/10 the rewards 10/10 everything even the quests are fun Overall I enjoyed playing the game 👍 for the developers.Version: 1.0.0

LagDear kuro your game is so good I had fun but the thing that I hate the most is the lag I have a powerful device but the lag is so bad and there are so many over people experiencing lag in Wuthuring waves.Version: 1.0.0

Super fun!I’m having a lot of fun with this game. It looks beautiful, I love the character designs and the music is really good in my opinion. I love female MC’s design. The combat is so enjoyable, and the echo system is fun. I’m also super into all the ways you can move around, running up walls is so fun, and the grapple hook!! I adore the look of the world, I know some say they don’t like it but too much saturation hurts my brain so this atmosphere is perfect for me. Plus, the beautiful areas pop out even more because of it. You get so many free standard pulls off the bat, and the 5 star standard selector is really generous. I took off one star because of the bugs and the stuttering. I also think some of the voice actors could use some better direction in the future, especially Yangyang and female Rover. The story isn’t the best, but it’s not horrible. I’m confident they’ll be able to improve in the future. I hope people who were deterred by the bugs will come back when patched. I understand the developers were probably rushed…it is unfortunate but Kuro is quick with trying to fix so I try to be understanding..Version: 1.0.0

Honestly a great gameFantastic game that unfortunately had a bad launch. Compensations from devs are on the way, and I am excited to see the future of the game..Version: 1.0.0

10/10Such a great game love it , but some people are complaining a bout your game bc of their potato devices anyway for me it didn’t even lag and run smoothly keep up such a sooo goood games.Version: 1.0.0

The future awaits.Hello WW developers! In no way am I professional or whatever, but I truly think the game is well done. I like how the NPCs are mostly the same, but at the same time they are also unique. I like the designs of the characters as well. Simple, but I think they could be a bit more flashy. The animations are nice as well, but the combat will take some getting used to. I’ve never really had to dodge in a game before (I’ve been playing HSR 😅). One problem I do have is that I can play for about 10 minutes, and then the game crashes and I’m back on the home screen. My Ipad has more than enough storage right now to run the game, so maybe it’s just some early on bugs or something? Idk. Overall, 4.5 stars, and I look forward to seeing what else WW has in store. 🤘🤠🤘.Version: 1.0.0

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