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TransUnion: Credit Monitoring App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

TransUnion: Credit Monitoring app received 39 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using TransUnion: Credit Monitoring? Can you share your negative thoughts about transunion: credit monitoring?

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TransUnion: Credit Monitoring for Negative User Reviews

Stay Away - Can’t LoginLike many people have mentioned here, I can’t even login to the app (oddly no problem on the web). Multiple calls to their poorly outsourced customer service results in being left on hold indefinitely until you hang up. Luckily I did not pay for this service, I only wanted the ability to lock my credit file. Also they are obviously filling the reviews with 5 stars. Sort reviews by recent. Almost all are 1 or 2 star reviews, so how is this app rated 4.6 stars?.Version: 3.5.28

Never ending login issues...Once again, can’t login. Invalid user name or password. I got it to work one time. Even though I signed up with TU to view my credit score I have never been able to login, whether it’s through this app, the website, or with Credit Karma app, it always show “Invalid User Name or Password” or Invalid Credentials”, even after using “Forgot Password” to reset it multiple times, I have not been able to login for months. Useless app and no customer service. Yet no problem logging into Credit Karma, Experian, & Equifax..Version: 3.5.24

Don’t pay for this!It is a total waste of money. I tried many times after I initially logged in, to log in again. This app wouldn’t let me. I called Transunion and they cleared the password for me. As soon as I tried to log in the same thing happened. They have so much power and little responsibility for consumers. I should not have ever downloaded this as they never fixed anything that was wrong with my credit report. Like this is a single home but they insist it’s an apartment complex. A joke.Version: 3.5.35

HorribleThis app is horrible. I have reached out to TransUnion several times because the information on it is not accurate. I monitor my credit through all three and this one is always wrong. I had TransUnion send me a copy of my report and it was different from what is on the app but seemed to be accurate. I asked about my score because it didn’t seem right, and I was informed I had to pay for it. I was wondering then why am I paying for the app? So, I am canceling my service with this app. It’s not worth the $20/month..Version: 3.5.35

I cannot get through to them for helpI paid for TU monthly monitoring and CANNOT, after a week of trying, get through to them for help. When I did reach a real person, she said her system was down. When I tried to access the text help, they went blank or stopped answering. This is disgusting . I will call my bank and stop any further payments to these people (even if it means my credit report is affected). When you have entrusted your personal info to a credit reporting agency and you cannot reach them to correct information that is totally out of date, there is a MAJOR problem!.Version: 4.0.6

Poor Password ManagementI signed up and successfully logged in through a desktop browser, and then downloaded the iOS app for easier access: same credentials do not work. This is also the case on their myTrueIdentity app. I then went back and tried again on their desktop browser based website. No problems! I’m in. However, when I attempt to access the sites from a mobile browser - FAILURE! TransUnion: you have a mobile issue - I suspect that your full browser site accepts different passwords than does your mobile sites. Embarrassing..Version: 3.5.5

Great except for debt ratio glitch...I really like the app and the it displays. A couple complaints: There is no way to contact TransUnion other than to call during business hours for minor questions. One such thing is that the app shuts down every time to try to do something in the debt ratio section. When I turn to that feature now, there are several multiples of the same “debt added by me” data (like 20) and the app crashes if I try to delete them. The website just wont save any changes. Weird..Version: 3.5.3

Corruption.The whole TransUnion is a scam. When you call their customer service to start a dispute or something incorrect shows in your credit report, they do little to nothing to help you but try to pursue you to buy their membership for better response. In the first place it’s not my fault that something incorrect shows in my report and when I’m trying to address the issue I have to Come out of package to pay for an issue that is on their behalf . They purposely don’t want to help you fix the problem unless you pay. I would give them a 0 star if I could..Version: 3.5.15

Horrible and verge of scamVery difficult to get around. Sends you around in circles and charges you multiple times without providing the service it says it does. The website never works and it’s impossible to get anyone on the phone and when you do, you get shipped around with zero result. Also delays in reporting. Would NOT recommend. And then to make things worse, it makes you pick a nickname to submit a review and after five tries of finding a nickname and denied, starting to get fed up. They even make it difficult to post an honest review.Version: 3.5.18

The 90s called and want their app backSeriously dissatisfied and disappointed in this “update”. The app doesn’t update daily, especially when you have the “membership” to track all three credit bureaus. Also, when your score changes it doesn’t give you any indication whatsoever what the change was. There’s zero detail, the app is stagnant and I’ll be canceling my 3-bureau membership because it’s wrong, seriously out of date for when you say you update the credit report, and it doesn’t give you the detail that other bureau apps do. Go to Experian or Equifax—they provide much better detail!.Version: 4.0.1

Unnecessary membership costsI have a credit/identity protection membership with the two other credit bureau’s. I’m only paying for one membership and I’m only going to pay for one membership but I can’t fully utilize my TransUnion application because i have to pay to use it. And I’m not going to pay one credit bureau for the same features that I’m already paying another credit bureau for. So what I’m saying is TransUnion needs to allow all consumers full access to their application without paying for the service and benefits, if those consumers are already paying another credit bureau for the same services and access and protection benefits.Version: 3.5.31

Late payment biasOne late payment when my wife of 49 years died suddenly in one day. Paid the installment two days late due to emotional upset. Called the creditor and Transunion to explain the situation but that would not give me any grace and would not commit to when that late report would be removed even though I have had no further late payments in over 20 years and my wife died 4+ years ago. Refinanced my house from 5% to 2.75% and they slapped with “too many credit inquiries” even though it was due to rejected mortgage companies re-running the credit report on their own and then calling me to say they could give me a better rate. DO NOTFILL OUT TOO MANY INQUIRIES ONLINE AS THEY WILL PUNISH YOUR CREDIT RATING..Version: 4.0.4

ATROCIOUS, not WORKING. SCAMMERSCompleted all the sign up info, get to the credit card information. Can’t log in right away, getting error message “Something went wrong”. But they already charged me subscription fee WITHOUT ME LOGGING IN ONCE. Called customer service, they said, I should’ve completed my profile on the computer instead because subscribing through the app doesn’t work. THEY WILL LEAD YOU THROUGH SUBSCRIPTION SIGN UP IN THE APP AND CHARGE YOU MONEY FOR IT THOUGH. For the app you can’t even use!!!! Mind me, they have different subscriptions through website and the app. Web - $25/month, app - $10/month. You can’t complete online profile without signing up for more expensive service of $25/month. Tell me: what’s the point of your app if people can’t use it?! SCAMMERS, don’t give them your money or personal information..Version: 3.5.7

This App is ONLY for People that Pay for Transunion to Monitor their CreditUnlike Experian and Equifax, nothing is free from transunion except once a year you can get a free credit report. I have spent a very long time on the phone with them and finally today I asked the person about the app. All of the customer service reps I spoke with said this app was no good. I finally asked if it costs to use this app, and it does. To use their “free” app it is “My Transunion”. It’s a waste of time with one exception, if you need to freeze or unfreeze your report with them then that is the app to do it with. What a huge waste of time..Version: 3.5.5

StatementsFor some reason you decrease my points by 67 points because my Bank of America account went from 0 tp $19 along with items being removed and then a statement that is wrongly worded about the account is =inaccurate. So I guess with you people as normal, you do something correct like try and keep a zero balance on all of your credit cards and you let $19 go on there, you do havoc to the credit score. All three other bureaus are are at a much larger number. Experian at 756, Equifax at 768 and the FICO is at 777. They all have the same information and 2 of them have removed the statement from the bureau. I am going to call BOA and tell them about your dealings and what you have done. Disgusting what you credit companies do to help the banking industry by only reporting the bad things that happen to you and very rarely report anything good. Very rare.Version: 3.5.21

DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!I have been known to waste money and I really don’t care for spending but not here! I downloaded this app because this app had a 4.6 out 5 rating and if I could rate it a 0 out of 5 I would! This app provides absolutely no real vale for what you pay. It give you one credit rating which is not even accurate or updated when it should. When I sign up this app asked if I wanted a package which was valued at $29 which I opted out of but upon signing up it charged me $24 and some cents with out any clear knowledge that I would be charged. It really felt like they just stole my money just like that. A pice of advice downloaded credit Karma or Wallet Hub they are much more accurate and honest then this TRASH of an app and if you want to pay then use experian. 0 out 5 RATING!!!!!! I am convinced these 5 star reviews are all fake..Version: 3.5.29

Credit Compass not workingOverall app is ok. Is a bit laggy and slow. My biggest complaint is Credit Compass never works. Not matter how many times TransUnion updates the app, it never works. It’s always the same error “ Credit Compass is unavailable, please log out and try again “. This is the same every single time you try to use it in the app. From a website it works fine. The issue lies within the app. Please fix asap..Version: 4.0.4

Horrible AppThis app charged for everything. To just download the app, you get a notifcation for a 7 day trial, where the other 2 credit report apps at least let you get their basic app for feee. Then their scores don’t even match what the score actually is when you get your actual credit report. That’s is fine so that you can choose their pay option for ten to just update the score that is not low to begin with. When you call their customer service, you have to press all the selections to include if you’re having a heart attack, for their VRU system to just hang up on you. If there was less than a “1star”, that would be way they would be rated..Version: 4.0.1

Fix it!!The fact that I went through a tedious process of resetting my password thinking I forgot my password… when I should have just came and read the reviews of this app. Why is wrong with y’all app also attempting to reset on the website doesn’t work either. And when I try to reset my password from the link sent to my email it says it’s blocked. I had to copy and pasted the link to iMessages and text to my work email just to access it… ridiculous.Version: 4.0.2

Still needs workOnce you’re able to login it’s great. The app is very glitchy though. I signed in with FaceID and it still won’t let me in. I’ve been locked out due to failed attempts. Doesn’t make sense! They temporarily suspended my account. I know all my login information is correct. It’s a huge pain to keep calling support. Fix this now! Fix your glitches!!! Incredibly annoying!.Version: 4.0.5

CAN’T ACCESSSooo difficult to log in to your own account when you’re trying to reset your password. & rep. is saying there are two separate website for different purposes. WHY?!?! Basically you would pay about close to $ 50 a month and when you have trouble logging in because you forgot your own credentials or what have you, you’d better have a really good temperament because you will lose them after going back and forth with reps. million times to regain access to site and this is for what you already have PAID for. And guess what, I still can’t log in !!!! @&$;)/&!! NOT HAPPY..Version: 3.5.25

App and website is unusableI signed up for this service through my credit card company and now a week or two later I can’t log in on the app or website. Keeps telling me I have invalid credentials, so when I proceed to login help where it requires you to enter you social security # and last name in step 1 to go to step 2 it won’t go to step 2 it just keeps taking me back to step 1. If this issue keeps persisting after I get back into my account I won’t hesitate to delete it and just stick with credit karma & lending tree..Version: 4.0.4

I’m not amused.I see they have an app now so I says to myself “let’s give it a go and see how it stacks up to Experian”. 1. I download the app and my my amazement there is no free trial, it’s behind a paywall from the very beginning. Ok. I agree to create account. 2. I create an account, it prompts me for my payment info and then after taking said payment gives me an error “access Is denied. You personal info is important to us. We are unable to verify your info. Please call ‘out’ (not our) customer service for assistance So I call customer service. 3. The lady asks for my info then Tries to tell me I need to call someone else. Eventually she gives me to a supervisor who instead of fixing my account... 4. Deletes the account, doesn’t tell me what’s wrong with it, does refund my money BUT insisted that I tried to create the account again. I didn’t want to cancel, I just wanted to use the service. I deleted the app, experian wins by default..Version: 3.5.25

Wasting your moneyI’m a person who has impeccably flawless credit. I have never been late on a payment. Everything I pay is on auto pay so I never see a bill. I’ve had my American Express platinum card with no spending limit for 33 years. I have a $4 million apartment in Miami a $5 million home in Colorado, way over $10 million in the bank and I have a 740 point fico score with Transunion. Hah! They have no idea what accounts I have whether it be utilities, communications etc. I am very blessed to be where I am at this point in my life so it’s disheartening to have a company like this give an impression of you that is totally false. In today’s business claimant whether it be because of Covid or a myriad of different things, if you do business in Europe for example, they look at your credit score. It’s the only barometer they can use to make sure that you are a responsible standup human being. In essence, Trans Union has hurt me and my ability to do business in many ways. I guess the only smart thing to do with this is just stop the membership. I bet they’ll call me then………. Very disappointed.Version: 3.5.35

They just take your moneyThey tricked me into paying them $25 a month. I wasn’t told what it was , or that I was going to be charged anything. There wasn’t even a confirm option, once my info was in I was instantly charged. Then to add insult to injury, they charged me another $25 when I canceled my service. If your reading this, never use them, there are so many better options out there. And the other ones won’t try to trick you into paying for nothing..Version: 3.5.32

WORTHLESSThe app has you sign up for an account and pay $10+, but offers a less than basic credit app. Unlike with the FREE Experian app you cannot file disputes from the app AND the login information used for the app doesn’t work on the actual website—where I must go to file an online dispute. The app is TRASH! I should’ve signed up on the website, which is now blocking me and telling me I have an account, but won’t accept the login information—even after I change my password. It makes NO SENSE!.Version: 3.5.25

GlitchyIt’s quite disturbing to learn that TransUnion, one of if, not THE most powerful credit reporting agencies in the world has an app that is primitive in style and glitchy. For example I could not find any dispute option and when I entered an added expense to my debt analysis it entered it 20 times !!! And there was no option to delete them. I’m wondering if this is in fact actually TransUnion. Terrible app, I’ve canceled my subscription immediately I would advise you do the same and use Experian’s instead..Version: 3.5.26

Bad serviceI purchased this package to be able to lock and unlock my TransUnion and equifax bureaus and the service will not lock either of them. I called customer service to get help and they transferred me from person to person and the last lady I spoke to stated in order to get it to work I need to call the bureaus directly and when I asked her how that makes sense since I paid her app to perform this service and asked her for a refund. She stated that I need to the bureaus to get the refund too. I told her that doesn’t make sense because I paid for it through her app. I asked her if she could escalate it to a supervisor so I can figure out how to get this worked out and she said sure and hung up on me. I would not recommend this service at all. Waste of time and money..Version: 3.5.25

A joke to be honestFirst off the app kept timing out before I was done signing up even though I was doing it in a timely matter. Secondly they have a design flaw where they didn’t send a verification text until after they had taken my money. I kept inputting the number exactly as they sent it to me and it some how couldn’t verify me making me call. All the questions they asked to verify me where like 10 years old and they had none of my recent addresses or loans on file. App is poorly made, the whole operation is a joke..Version: 3.5.11

Not worth the $25 go with something elseTerrible subscription and bad app. Has issues with FaceID login. If you want your other two credit scores it’s $30 (for every refresh btw...). And it only gives you a vantage 3.0 score and no break down of missed payments or when they are made. You get more from Credit Karma and it’s free. If you go with a paid subscription go with the one from Experian it’s cheaper and more informative and it gives you the other two credit bureaus..Version: 3.5.25

App is terrible and uselessDownloaded the app to freeze my report. But no way to signup without paying $20/month. Ridiculous how they try to fleece you for something that is free. So I just created an account on their website and froze my account for free. Now when I try to login says the password is incorrect. The very password I setup 5 mins ago. Works in their website BTW. So this is a completely useless app and they are trying to make money. Of course TransUnion doesn’t care about giving you a good app. They just want to make money. Now they will ask me to call them to sort this out. Not waiting on phone and wasting my time cause they hired incompetent app developers. Fix your app!!.Version: 4.0.5

What does this app even do?You have to PAY to see your own credit score??? Ridiculous. You’re entitled to a credit report that includes a SCORE annually from all the credit agencies. Bonkers that they’re asking users to pay to receive their own score. And how do you even see your credit report here??? I see my name and blank fields for my file number and date. That’s it. No way to see a report. No way to request a report. This app is completely worthless. I’d give it zero stars if I could..Version: 4.0.6

Good app bad infoI thought that by paying, I would be able to see my fico score. I wanted to monitor it while I purchased a home. It does not show you your FICO score. iIt shows you the same score as credit karma which is way higher and not what’s used to determine your credit worthiness. It’s the Vantage 3.0 score. For $25 a month, you figure it would let me see the FICO score. Maybe I missed something. Stick to credit karma if you just want to see what’s being reported and how..Version: 3.5.29

Should be much betterThis has nothing to offer but very simple data which can’t be drilled down into to see details. I couldn’t find a dispute option anywhere and why would there be a separate app. to view and lock credit accounts. You should take a look at Experian‘s app., which looks like their developers wanted to give the user of their app. a lot more of the users own information. Developers, think about what you want to see in a credit report and then think outside of the box of things that can be added to the app. that gives the user more information and more control of the users information. *if a manager or VP won’t let you make this app. better than you should update your resume because that person is dumb as a box of rocks and should be transferred to the data entry area because that’s typing information directly from a piece of paper. ie.... no thought involved. IJS.Version: 3.5.4

Broken AGAINUpdate :Every time this app is updated it breaks. Now I can’t login or access the app. It took away Touch ID which was working fine. Now it won’t keep my login credentials and asks for a password every time. It won’t even take that wo 2-factor ID via email. Then it’s a constant loop of not taking any credentials. I am PAYING for this app! Fix it please!! Right now I CANT LOG IN. I’ve had multiple, ongoing issues with this app. Actually had to call the office of the president to get help with the lock/unlock report feature. That was resolved after about 3 weeks working with USA support. However, I previously spent a a year off and on with the useless outsourced support. Now, after the most recent update, I can’t login. Every single time it rejects my pw and I have to do 2fa. I can eventually get in but it takes multiple tries and the annoyance of email 2fa. It isn’t that difficult to get a secure working app. Banks and credit unions all have them. I have dozens on my phone. I’m puzzled why TransUnion over YEARS can’t make a secure working app..Version: 3.5.35

Unreliable and non functional appI downloaded this app to manage the freeze and lock on my credit. To my surprise it doesn’t recognize my user Id and password from website. I can login to website however not on this app. It seems this company has created products within itself that requires people to create multiple accounts thus giving away confidential credentials everywhere and then every once in a while there is a news on credit breaches happening. We don’t know the third party vendors that this company hires for its various services and how they mishandle our information. I think it is important that congress looks at these credit monitoring companies for their internal working to understand that they remain bound to their purpose and not make money by being officially incharge of every soul in this country while selling their data to such ancillary with their other hand!.Version: 3.5.32

Nightmare App - Worst app everThis is seriously the worst app ever. I'm a product owner in technology and this is an embarrassing product. I've got a membership with all three credit bureaus and this is the only one with huge issues. Can't retain login information. Reset it multiple times and still not recognized user. And I have a paid membership. Ridiculous. As others have mentioned, can't freeze and unfreeze credit report independently. Please hire some legitimate IT professionals who know what they are doing or get some real leadership on these projects. Please fix everything. So sad..Version: 4.0.6

Beware!This is honestly the worst service I think I’ve ever been part of.. I ordered the monitoring service and after ordering they gave me the option to have all 3 bureaus so I did for another $29 the problem is the double charged me for this and then they still didn’t give me all 3. I’ve called 5 times and their overseas call center people must be coached to hang up if you are a easy solution because I’m not kidding you everyone of them hang up.. some are pretty good at making seem like it’s by accident but most are not.. I definitely not recommend their service.. stay away! Experian is a better option..Version: 4.0.7

Disappointed AppI have been waiting patiently for the update to happen hoping that it will actually work....still not working. Using login credentials or Face ID out of order again and my account is locked even though I haven’t tried to login in weeks. The app doesn’t offer any solutions and neither the website. Very poor design and definitely horrible customer service, since you can’t reach anyone at any time. It’s time for these to be put out to pasture and get someone else that is dependable to get the job done and make sure they work efficiently..Version: 3.5.33

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