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Paylocity Mobile App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Paylocity Mobile app received 25 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Paylocity Mobile? Can you share your negative thoughts about paylocity mobile?

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Paylocity Mobile for Negative User Reviews

Some functionality good, others notThe time & attendance is very good & easy to use. Also like being able to do Supervision Notes from the field. It is tremendously disappointing that there is no ability for candidates or in-house employees to apply for open positions on mobile. This is a big miss. Had to set up Easy Apply with 3rd party. 97% of our applications come in on mobile. Also, no benefits enrollment or view. Mobile should have same functionality as desktop. Finally, your Community (desktop and mobile) misses the mark entirely. You have it geared to being completely social, at work. What employers need is for employees to access organizational knowledge easily and ask questions from the field, from managers, colleagues, SMEs..Version: 19.10.34

Hate this App and HR for buying/using itA completely stupid method to distribute my pay and tax information. Company sends out a notice by email that new tax forms (corrected) are on App. After a three hour search for my password and other company ID info, no tax forms listed anywhere on the App. You folks are idiots. Who the heck is giving you five stars for your ability to present a pay stub? And BTW, to all you security nuts....I have a MS-word document, it is five pages long. I print it and keep it in my backpack. It contains the 50-60 different ID's and passwords I have to keep track of to live these days on the computer/phone. Biometrics? Your fingerprint? Stored digitally by Apple or Google? That's secure??.Version: 21.3.599

I give this app a 1 only because that’s the min allowedThe app is only good for two things and that’s to look at paystubs and print them. The rest of the app is read only you can’t do anything but look. You have to go to the web site to do anything else. In the age of tech and you make an app that doesn’t do much of anything and the website isn’t much better. It’s complete trash if you try and do anything from a noble as well. Pc only and the password protection is even worse. Even when your browser saves your password it’ll tell you you put it in wrong. Then try a new password put in the actual one you was using and looky there you can’t use an old password (that it said was incorrect) but you’re in charge of the security of my money.... wish my company would have never went with this trash..Version: 19.8.142

Wish I could give zeroHad this problem last time I had to use paylocity as well with a different employer. My login information is all correct but keeps getting an error message saying it’s invalid. I’ll even use all the same info on my app and desktop at the same time and usually it will let me log in on the app but not the desktop and now today both are not working. I’m very frustrated. Even attempted to do forgot password but I’m never sent the passcode. Just hoping that like the last time this happened I just have to give it a day or two and then log in using all the same stuff again and it will magically work. This needs to be fixed though it’s extremely frustrating..Version: 18.10.317

White screen is frustrating as all get out!!!I have had the app for a couple weeks due to our company switching over. Worked great at first but then just white screen over and over agin! The majority of the company has iPhones as well as I, no one else’s seems to have a problem but myself and one other co worker. They said it was our phones. I don’t understand!! How is it that out of 250 employees two of us are the only ones it doesn’t work! We both have iPhone 7&8. We can uninstall and re install and it still not work!!! Frustrating as heck!.Version: 19.10.34

It's alright, could use some improvementsI've only been using it a few months, but there are some things I encounter that are irritating, here's a few: The app could use a dashboard or home screen with useful info and shortcuts. Currently, when opening the app you're shown the plain menu. It would be nice to see a screen with relevant info like your current timesheet/hours, your last paycheck amount, etc., as well as shortcuts for your most-used items like clocking in/out. Why do I constantly get logged out? Even after enabling TouchID it still logs me out every other time I open the app. If a user's own biometrics aren't a secure enough method of logging in, then why even offer the option? It's frustrating to make a user keep entering their password. When you do have to log in, it's nice that the app uses the OS's password manager integration. However, it doesn't work correctly. When attempting to use my phone's password manager, the app searches for a credentials for "localhost" instead of Paylocity. So then you have to erase that text and type in "Paylocity", which is super tedious. Combined with the above issue, it creates a very frustrating login experience before you even can use the app. Please add support for Siri shortcuts. It would be incredibly useful to say "Hey Siri, please clock me in", or "submit my timesheet" or whatever like you can do with many other apps at the moment..Version: 18.12.133

Awful app and schedulerPaylocity has been a nightmare from a manager standpoint. My company switched from hot schedules to Paylocity for all scheduling (for a restaurant group). It’s been a month and we still have to fix stupid errors on Paylocitys end. For example, multiple employees are in the wrong time zone even though the company is Colorado based and the employees live in Colorado. The app also doesn’t save my preferences. I keep seeing employees from other restaurants in my team schedule. I can narrow it down to just my restaurant but if I force close the app when it won’t load I have to change it again. The whole thing is a joke and I would never recommend it to anyone. Stay away from paylocity for anything other than payroll!.Version: 21.2.317

Needs improvementThe app is decent, and works well enough. It just seems as though the largest use for this app is to clock in and out, yet you have to tap through the app in order to get to the punch screen. Even then you have to select through a toggle to determine what type of punch you want. This is less accessible than the web interface! Punch should be the default screen, and it should be as simple as having 4 buttons: clock in, start lunch, end lunch, and clock out. This would make the app infinitely easier to navigate because the majority of users simply want to clock in and out..Version: 19.9.216

Truck DriverThis app controls my pay which the reason that I work. Every several months I can’t punch in or out. I am always told I am the only one having this issue which is not true. This last time, for three days in a row the app won’t let me log in or out. I was asked by the app to update and that didn’t work. Then the app wanted me to change my password which did nothing. And there is no place in the settings to not have to change my password every 3 months which is a pain. I have lost a minimal amount of time each time this app doesn’t work, I don’t recommend this app or this company..Version: 21.3.599

I have been completely disappointed with this app lately.This app never wants to load. I have been using it for the last couple months now, and half the time it doesn’t want to load. Most of the day it just shows a white screen, or the Paylocity logo just freezes on screen. It’s disappointing. I really don’t understand how a simple app like this cause be so much trouble to use. No matter what time of day it is, I’ll be lucky to be able to see what my pay is. This app needs major fixes..Version: 19.10.34

The app works good but!The app overall works really good but one recommendation is to add a start time feature, my work requires me to call a voice mail every day and sometimes it is not clear and have to call twice and besides that I have to listen to everybody else’s start time before mine, it’s not convenient, it would be cool if you guys add a start time schedule feature and receive an alert when our schedule is up for the next day, thanks.Version: 20.11.673

Not workingSo there is no option to put in a application that isn’t working right unless we do a review on here I guess. I have been trying to access my account for work for a while now and I have updated my password I put in all the right information and it keeps saying “the credentials provided are incorrect” or “this business doesn’t allow access through biometric” and then tells me to go apply it to my setting but when I tried it didn’t even have the option in the settings. I kinda need this app to work especially for my job right now..Version: 20.11.673

Doesn’t understand billable hoursThe app is great for checking your paycheck and scheduling vacation, but they simply do not understand how to track billable hours. We track time for our clients as billable hours. I may have nine entries per day and there is no running total of the hours worked per day so that I can see where I’m tracking for the day. I literally have to type in each client’s name per day even though I may have worked on that client or project for the client multiple days prior. It’s just not the right app for tracking time..Version: 21.3.599

App won’t updateI am using an iPhone 8 running iOS 13.4. When I hit the update button in the App Store, it spins for a sec then returns to the update button. I am no longer able to use the mobile app and it won’t update. Seems like you should have thought of this when you created the update. If my phone is too old to use this app then you are losing a customer because ALL my other apps run just fine. Please fix this. This app is ok, but our HR department uses it in a way that allows them to be “not responsible” for you not checking on all your stuff. They don’t have to tell you when things change they just repeat....did you check your app? Did you turn on all the notifications and read all the small details that were posted? Did YOU manage your own HR stuff so we can stop having to tell you in person when your job and benefits will change? It’s a layer of buffer so they aren’t responsible for you not getting info in a timely manner, I guess. I ALWAYS get the last day notice when things have changed, always on the last day to do something about it. I was told “ check your settings” like it’s my fault that you don’t want to talk to your employees..Version: 20.6.304

Missing some featuresOne feature this app is missing is the ability to tell what the current hourly rate of pay is. It shows the hourly rate of the last paycheck but not the real time hourly rate. This is an issue for me because I got a raise but there's no way for me to tell if it's been updated in paylocity until my next paycheck is released which means I have to ask for a retroactive adjustment if it wasn't updated. If I could see it in real time to see that it's wrong, I could get it fixed before pay checks are released instead of after.Version: 18.7.1015

ClerkThis app is ok. I have a few issues with it being I have used this for one year so far. When others get a paper check the previous day of the official pay day, people that use this app should be able to see their pay a day ahead as well. When the year ends we should still be able to see our last eight paystubs. Instead they all disappear and now your left waiting to receive your w2 for the previous year. Some people would like to go back and compare their paystubs, especially when they clicked the paperless option. Other than these two issues, the app is ok..Version: 20.11.673

Employee vs SupervisorAs an employee I really like the app. I can see and do a lot of things. As a supervisor that works on time for my employees the app is terrible. The only thing I can do is approve timesheets from the app. It’s not much better from the mobile site either for supervisors. It would be better if I could correct times from the app and not have to be at a computer for it. Since I have to do so much at the computer as a supervisor I do VERY little with the app anymore as an employee because there is no point in me using both..Version: 19.10.34

Paylocity needs a desktop timeclock app.I downgraded my rating since the developers are complacent and haven’t changed anything in five years. Paylocity is likely bilking America’s working class millions of lost minutes due to superfluous security questions and offline issues preventing instant login. The solution would be a timeclock-only desktop app for Mac and Windows, which could stay open all day without access to personal info. I used to keep the website open on my computer so I could easily clock in or out, because logging in each time is such a multi-step hassle. It times-out for security reasons, so this doesn't always work. Leaving the page open is a risk because if you're away anyone can then browse and see things like your pay rate and other personal information. For whatever reason, my employer has chosen to disable the timeclock feature on the mobile app, thus defeating the only useful feature of the app. This option shouldn't be available to employers. Paylocity needs to make improvements before another provider beats them at their own game. Again, a desktop app that's timeclock-only would solve a lot of problems. The manual punch is also ill-conceived. If you forget to clock in, or a bug prevents it, you have to punch whatever time it is and type a note with the correct time so your manager can be inconvenienced with fixing it. Would make more sense to honor the employee's entered time and flag the actual time as a missed punch..Version: 18.10.317

For managing my team this app is lameYeah, app is awesome that i can clock in and out anywhere with my phone. But... other than that what i need it for it is useless. If i have a coworker call out on a day i don’t work, i can’t view to see the schedule. We also have many departments that I have staff that could switch over to help, but app only shows my dept. So i have to login through website and hassle with the login. A WASTE OF MY TIME ON MY DAY OFF. Also, if i need to go to the website because app won’t show me what i need, what is the first thing that pops up? My Pay!? If i am sitting at a computer logging in through this ‘super protective portal’ and then shows everyone my private info... that seems inappropriate. Maybe just a home screen would be better. If i could make changes they would be 1. Make it so on the app if I’m not working i can still see who all is working 2. Be able to customize who i would like to see ‘i am working with’ (across all depts) 3. When logging into website, NOT having my pay large and in the middle of the screen for all to see. 4. Once your biometrics have been used... STOP having me resign in. Your ‘register as a private device/computer’ doesn’t work either! Streamlining is needed! Too many tabs and sub folders! Easy to get lost and not user friendly! I do like that i can manage my hours and email HR as soon as I realize i forgot to clock in or out. But again, that doesn’t help me with my day to day job!.Version: 20.8.198

Punch Default ProblemsThe updated version just released has one flaw that is new, and one that carried over from the previous version. 1. The new flaw is that every time one goes to do a punch, the punch type defaults to Transfer. Then one has to manually change it before punching. 2. The old flaw is that there is no way to set a default on the user device to make the second punch of the day Start Lunch. This also has to be changed manually, every work day. It defaults to Clock Out. Otherwise, it's a great app..Version: 20.2.339

NotificationsI’m not happy with the notifications. It would be more user friendly if there was a notification on the icon showing if you have announcements in the community. I missed a notice of a company meeting even though I have all the bells & whistles turned on my phone. I’m required to keep my phone on mute during business hours, and that’s when the announcements are sent out. 99% of my app icons will show a red circle with the amount of notifications you have, so why not this app? Very disappointed with this inconvenience..Version: 20.8.198

Great when it works.The app is great for quick review of information and is great for remote punches for time keeping. However, the app has issues retaining the login information and the biometric settings. It’s been reported multiple times of the year and the same issue still comes up. The only reply from developer is a generic uninstall and reinstall app which has been done multiple times and should not have to be done every time this issue creeps up..Version: 20.9.575

Major bug that will never be fixedThis app is absolutely terrible. never have i experienced such a miserable helpless time while using an app! There’s multiple bugs that cause this app to constantly crash forcing you to have to continuously delete the app and reinstall it in order to correct the issue but only for a limited time until you need to repeat the process. Taking a simple photo will crash the app, or saving something will cause it to get stuck during the save process, or if you switch to a different app and then back to the paylocity app it will cause the photo preview to not display the correct image you just took with the camera, all resulting to have to delete the app and reinstall it. such an awful user experience. A cruel sick joke of an app....Version: 20.2.339

Options missing from mobile appMy company went with this system and it seemed great at first. Now we can put time in on our phone. This is important as we constantly travel at our work. Until we found many of the input options required for our timesheet input are only available when using a computer. Rather than add options to this app to access items like location, and other features we need they have forced us to work around these issues. Now using this system has caused us more time and effort than was previously accomplish with paper timesheets sent via e-mail. Also system is glitchy. Often unable to log in. If you want a company that will work with you on tour payroll needs. Look elsewhere..Version: 18.4.546

BrokenGreat job making this appealing for management and a daily chore for employees. Fix the punch in and out options for mobile. I hope managers are taking notes as your employees sit at their desks waiting to start work because the app takes forever to log in or suddenly wants you to change your password, again, or only lets you edit one stupid field at a time without saving. Maybe stop making silly “social” platforms and make a punch clock that actually works, physical punch clocks have been around for decades and I have used many of them without incident. The real shame is that you don't even need to build a physical machine, you could program it to do literally anything. It’s easier to get $500 in cash out of my bank acct than it is to punch in on the god forsaken app. Get after it..Version: 20.3.138

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