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Paylocity Mobile App User Positive Comments 2022

Paylocity Mobile app received 25 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about paylocity mobile?

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One thing I would like to addApp works super smooth for me. I don’t really have a choice to use it because my employer requires it, but we were doing paper timesheets I do enjoy being able to clock in on the phone. Super smooth and quick and it seems like they are making improvements to the app. The only thing that I would like to see changed it being able to modify the notes after clocking in and out. My brain is so use to clocking in and out that I forget to add a specific note and by the time I realize it is too late..Version: 20.2.545

Super Intuitive With Awesome FeaturesWhat can I say negative about this app?............ Absolutely nothing! It gives me all the info I could ever need and a plethora of features that I would have never expected! Features like being able to send “Awards” to fellow employees, and looking up shift schedules so you don’t have to bother your busy boss!! Hands down one of the best if not THE BEST (in terms of purpose and functional creativity) I’ve downloaded this year!!.Version: 17.11.929

Best app ever!!There are many things that I love about the Paylocity app (use it everyday) from time of requests to checking payroll to documents - everything is easy and accessible. One of the things that really stands out to me is it all looks the same whether I am on my laptop/desktop or mobile! Many websites out there look very different on your desktop than their app which makes it challenging to find your way around the app!😡 #bestappever.Version: 20.7.459

Easy to navigate no problemsI love this app a lot, I’ve never had any problems. What I like the most is, I can always see what My check will be before I actually receive my direct deposit or paper check. This app shows me my hours worked as well as what my pay will be, it gives me the option to email myself or any one else I choose to send my paycheck stubs to. It’s easy to navigate and very reliable, I would definitely recommend Paylocity to any employer..Version: 21.1.336

Very good app w/occasional annoying crashesMy employer uses this app and overall I like it. I can track my work hours and see at a glance my vacation & sick time balances. Love being able to request time off on my phone. My biggest complaint is it randomly forces me to use my password rather than my touch log in or saved password login. I’m that jerk trying to clock in as I roll thru the parking lot at work and I haven’t memorized my password so it’s frustrating that it sometimes won’t allow me to log in. Restarting my phone always fixes this which makes me think it’s a bug. Other than the above gripe it’s a very good easy to use app. Highly recommend..Version: 20.10.329

Great app except for one minor problem...This app has everything I need for my work. However, myself, along with many other coworkers, keep on having to log into the app on the daily because it will log you out even though we’ve enabled facial recognition. This happens sometimes several times a day. Idk how hard or easy it is to fix something like this, but it has been happening for many months. I would give 5 stars if it were to be fixed..Version: 20.8.198

Good app, very glitchyHas a lot of great features and the design is clean and straightforward. However there are lots of issues. I keep getting logged out despite always selecting the option to stay logged in for months at a time. This happens 4 or 5 times a week, often multiple times a day. My app is up to date. I also am sent back to early February every time I open the schedule inside the app, despite it being mid-April now. The hamburger menu icon also disappears frequently and I have to restart the app to get it to return, which often logs me out. If these issues were fixed I’d give 5 stars..Version: 21.3.599

Facilities StaffIn a former life I sold computer systems, small and large, and only dreamed of technology this capable to facilitate payroll processing. I use it every day to punch in and out on a very large campus. Saves having to go to a time clock on the other side of 83 acres. Increases my productivity, makes me feel trusted by my employer and truly proud to work in such a forward thinking environment. One year later, and I still feel the same way. It's really just gotten better. Thanks folks very, very much. I retire in October. Hope you guys continue to do well..Version: 17.8.160

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Clean, efficient and easy to useThis is one of the best apps. It’s simple to navigate. I can see my pay check for the pay period or YTD, W2, PTO balance, request time off simply, approve of supervisees PTO request, and provide staff recognition. I prefer to approve and submit time off through this app. I do wish there was a way to see supervisees time off balance when going to approve PTO request..Version: 19.10.34

Love itThe company where I work was recently purchased by another company and everything changed including how we clock in and out. At first we were all very skeptical about this new system but honestly it is very easy to use very interactive you could access everything through an app including W-2s and precious paychecks. The only con is that with our old system we got paid a day early and the system is on the actual day. Still though I like the system better I would highly recommend.Version: 20.11.649

Incredibly User Friendly even to the beginnerIf you need to view anything associated with pay/benefits this is the app to use. You can even view or print previous/current W-2 forms that normal companies take until the deadline to send to you at tax time. You can view you pay stub, time off hours etc. I think it’s better than keeping up with paper pay stubs without a doubt!.Version: 18.6.109

Time entryNeed to make where you can enter a.m. to a.m. doesn’t make sense why y’all made it where it is only a.m. to p. M. And also p.m. to a.m. people with a 3rd shift can enter their shift times. Because of this issue, I have to use paylocity on browser and being on my small smart phone screen, it is understandably difficult. Make the a.m./p.m. a selection to add to time. Other than that, outstanding app..Version: 18.6.303

HR Huge FanI’ve used multiple apps like this over the years with different employers, ADP in particular. This is by far the BEST! Our company fully utilizes all the features like community, learning, performance, and more! The community features in particular have been so helpful during remote work during Covid-19 quarantine. It’s really helped with announcements and staying connected to our co-workers and company culture..Version: 20.3.138

Mobile app/ appleThe app is very useful, but not every feature is available as on the site using a computer, which can be a little frustrating being my company is using what seems to be all of them. Would be awesome if all could be accessed through mobile device, instead of trying to find a computer, which you may not be sure of trust factor. Thank you for your consideration.Version: 19.10.34

Efficient enough and inspiring!Thank you team for all that you do to help us keep up tracking our schedule, timesheet, clock-in-out, awards and lot more! After using the mobile app for more than 3 years now, I would like to bring some minor modifications that you may further research to check the possibilities of bringing them into implementation! 1. Schedule: Can you add an option for the employee to pre-add their own timings into Paylocity, instead of looking into their own calendars! 2. Tasks: Can you add a new option for the supervisor to be able to add new tasks routinely (everyday with a checklist option for the employee to mark complete and later notify the supervisor) and special or urgent tasks labeled ASAP! With additional notes dialogue box! 3. Inventory: Adding an inventory option can help keep track on the office or work related items and mark them up immediately for purchase or supply request! Making the application holistic in nature can bring in more traffic, which I felt to share with you according to my personal experience. With regards Avi.Version: 19.1.247

Absolutely love the app!I NEVER write reviews for anything. Good or bad. I use my Paylocity app so much that I felt like I needed to give my 5 star opinion! First, I love using the app on my phone. If I am clocking in at work and want to make sure that everything is correct, I just open app and check my timesheet. I also love the fact that I know when my director has made any adjustments! It just pops up on my phone. The best part of the app is pay!!! My entire check is available to view and I love the fact that I can pull up pay history, email my check information to my spouse and have everything at my fingertips. I haven’t had any issues with clocking in at work. System is always up and running. If I missed a punch clocking in I can hit manual and clock out. If I could suggest one thing: When I look at my schedule and it gives me the option to see who I am working gives me everyone working my shift time but all over the place. Not just at my location. So you end up going through hundreds of names just to see if you recognize any coworkers. I wish it would just show my company! Other than that I love this app. Keep it up. Thank Ashley Cobb.Version: 19.2.189

Wish I could respond to negative reviewsMost people complaining about these topics don’t realize they are company settings that their employer sets up in paylocity’s system, not a limitation of software. punch in/out issues, no access to mobile punching (company setting), incorrect PTO balances (company setting), took out too much child support (company set up), have to log back in after too much time away from app (standard security setting). The list goes on and on. Some people just don’t know the bigger picture. Otherwise it’s spam from Paycom reps. Wouldn’t put it past them..Version: 20.5.51

Enjoy this appSo far with the whole use of technology and apps in my work place as been a kind of nightmare, though I have to say this app doesn’t fall under that category at all love the clock in format how I can just clock in and out over my phone, the ability to see my pay in detail on spot and all my vacation and sick days I’ve accrued all in one app! Well overall I’d say this app helps and doesn’t hurt at all. Thanks for making a useful app.Version: 19.2.189

Best HR appThis app is great to keep with the time clock at work. Great thing about his app is even if you forget to clock in and out you can leave a note in addition to your manager so that the time card can be corrected. Saves a lot of time when I come in to work in the morning. While I enter the work premises I clock in for work and hit submit and that’s how easy it is!!!! I would suggest other work places also to use Paylocity for clocking in and out!!!.Version: 17.11.929

Love the upgradeI have been with my company for almost two years. I love the basic set up for app and website. I will say though, since the upgrade done most recently, it works seamlessly. There are no bugs (that I could tell). I also love the Facelift y’all did too. Everything seems to work more streamlined. Thank you for making it effortlessly. Keep up the good work y’all!!.Version: 20.5.51

Works great. Needs some small improvementsBecause my company uses this service for scheduling, there should be an option to “publish to calendar.” The service we used to use would automatically publish the schedule to the calendar on your selected device and even the university I went to had the option to do so. There’s other small “quality of life” improvements that could be made to make the app to make it more of a seamless experience. Great app and browser experience but could use some small additions..Version: 19.8.142

Love This App!I’m in the app every day. I use it to view my paystub’s, request time off, see journal entries from my director in video messages, take trainings, updates from my company on our community page, view my HSA and FSA balance and file claims, and enroll in my benefits. It is so easy to have everything in one place. I just refinanced my home and was able to email my paystubs and W-2s with a secure password to my mortgage broker. I can’t say enough good things about this app. It has really been beneficial during Covid and getting updates from my company. I am a remote employee so I don’t go into an office every day and this helps me feel connected to my colleagues..Version: 21.3.599

Best HR mobile app I have ever usedI have used paycom, ADP, and paychex. Nothing compares to the depth in functionality and ease of use in this system. I have held director roles in several organizations in my career and will take Paylocity where ever I go. Absolutely the best customer service I have ever experienced, implementation was seem less, I never thought I could advocate a company more but I absolutely love these guys!!!.Version: 17.10.350

It’s ok but it could be far better.If Paylocity actually liked to the time clock it would be fantastic. It doesn’t so that’s a non starter, but I love having the app to access my past checks whenever I need to. It would, however be much easier if I could simply pull up a printable version instead of emailing everything to myself first. In order to pull up a printable version I must first use a PC. That’s not always easy. Otherwise I like the app just fine!.Version: 18.11.217

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