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WaterMinder® ∙ Water Tracker App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

WaterMinder® ∙ Water Tracker app received 65 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using WaterMinder® ∙ Water Tracker? Can you share your negative thoughts about waterminder® ∙ water tracker?

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Constant CrashingJust purchased this App for my Apple Watch Series 5. It crashed every time I try to use it. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the App five times with no change. I tried installing other water reminder apps and every one of them crashed. So, I deleted the lot of them installed this app again and finally it worked. A frustrating start of my experience with this app so will update you later if it restored my trust..Version: 4.1.3

Almost uselessBought this app for the reminders feature, and maybe 2 of the 10 reminders I set up actually show up on my phone. Tried everything to make it work and I can’t believe that something as simple as a reminder doesn’t work, which makes this app almost useless for those like me who forget to drink water regularly during the day. I would have put only one star if it wasn’t for the good amount of drinks you can chose from, and the nice interface that makes the app easy to use. A shame really, I’m using a 6s so maybe my model is too old but I doubt it, and I hope they fix this..Version: 3.7.8

Don’t Waste Your MoneyIf you are looking for an app to sync with your watch DONT purchase this App You will be WASTING your money. It does not work and you won’t get your money back..Version: 3.5.3

Needs some workData updates to your other iOS devices is slow or none existent please check and fix please.Version: 4.2.6

Not syncingThe app on the phone doesn’t sync correctly with the Apple Watch, it takes hours to show it on the phone. Plus i need to open the app and keep refreshing it. Still same issue as before. Nothing is being fixed —————————————————————————————— So i have received a response regarding the issue of not syncing, which is not convenient at all. I have tried deleting the app and restarting the devices and all the things that have been mentioned. So when i ever have this issue the ideal step is to delete the app, restart the devices, reinstall it and wait for it to not sync again. Thanks for the response but that was not an issue way back in the early stages of this app, after the latest updates you guys keep pushing out that is causing the app to crash and not sync. Good luck.Version: 4.1.3

It’s a great app - butThis is a great app. Has really helped me increase my water intake and I’m beginning to feel the benefits after a month of use. The only gripe I have is the constant crashing of the app on Apple Watch Series 3. Opening the app on Apple Watch to log intake results in crashing the first time it’s opened. Second attempt is fine. I’m running the latest WatchOS 4. No issues with the iPhone app. Once the Apple Watch app crashing is fixed, it will be an almost perfect app..Version: 3.3

Expensive for what other apps do for freeI’ve tried this app for a few days after seeing it so highly recommended, and I just don’t understand what all of the hype is about and it makes me wonder if it’s being hyped by the app developers and people working for them. It’s an OK app, but it doesn’t really do anything more than the free apps I’ve used in the past, and it has a very expensive up front fee for what it is. I mostly wanted it due to the Apple Watch complication, but even that isn’t what I expected. I wanted something that I could just click on once and it would add a preselected volume of water to my daily intake, something quick that I didn’t have to engage with beyond the watch face. This isn’t it, clicking the complication on the watch face just opens the app, and I have to make further clicks to choose a drink volume. It’s no less faff than other apps for a lot more money. Overall just a disappointment and I’ve applied to Apple for a refund..Version: 4.3.7

Great!This app is great to keep track of how much water you drink. Love how it connects to Apple Watch. Only thing is I wonder why, after spending $7 on the app, that we still have to pay MORE to unlock characters? I believe that $7 is a hefty app price as it is. Not sure if I would purchase again... probably would just stick to a free app since the extra fun options on this one cost more money..Version: 4.1.5

Watch App Rarely WorksNeeded a good app that tracks water consumption. Friends recommended this. Ended up purchasing this $5 app. Ultimately the app is good on the phone, but the app on the watch is horrible. I’m looking for functionality, and this app continues to freeze when I need it to work. I have to open and close the app multiple times on my watch in order to actually get it to track water. Half the time I end up having to remember to just log it on my phone. Not worth it in my opinion, unless this issue gets fixed. Update: Developer reached out to ask me to delete and reinstall. The issue still persists. It keeps getting stuck and it’s time to move on to a different application to manage this. I don’t recommend this app if you use the Watch complication. It’s decent on the iPhone, but the watch app needs a lot of work..Version: 4.1.10

Appalling waste of moneyI’ve never seen an app you pay for with so few features. I saw it on the Subreddit and it was so highly recommended. Theee was no option to try it for free but I figured the recommendations were reliable. Turns out they probably spent all their budget on marketing instead of building a product. This app is extremely basic and they have done zero work making it sophisticated to earn the $5 per download they are charging. For example, I am pregnant and breastfeeding but the maximum water volume recommended to me is 64 oz. Pregnant women need three liters of water a day. I don’t even know what the recommendation is if you are breastfeeding and pregnant at the same time but you know who should know the answer to that? This highly rated and expensive app that exclusively encourages daily water goals! Moreover I drink my water in one liter bottles so the app constantly thinks I’m behind. And Siri on the Apple Watch can’t follow the logging instructions. So the logging feature is incomplete also. Again, fine if this app was free but they have plenty of money to build a better app. I’ve learned my lesson regarding not being tricked by viral marketing. Please think twice before you pay for this version as there are many free alternatives..Version: 4.4.6

A bug that is starting to become a real pest.This is by far my favorite water tracking app but I’ve ran into a constant issue that prevents me from pressing the quick add button on the iPhone. If I click the button write next to the + button then I can manually add whatever ounces but for some reason the moment I click on the quick add button; it crashes. Update: I was recommended by the app developer to remove drinks and try re-adding them? That also didn’t work. Anytime I press the plus button it crashes. I also recently just got the 12 pro on the latest IOS. My original issue was occurring when I had the 11 pro..Version: 4.2.3

Not greatDon’t like app. It adds coffee as hydration.Version: 4.1.3

Disappointed...I just purchased this app with great anticipation. Unfortunately, I am greatly disappointed. I created a Siri shortcut to log a 16.9 ounce bottle of water and then used that shortcut to log my first water intake from my watch. Siri replied that it logged the water as expected. However, the log didn’t update on the phone. Meanwhile the watch app still shows that it needs to be setup with all the same information I setup on my phone. I attempted to refresh the connection from WaterMinder but this had no effect. I tried closing WaterMinder and relaunching it to no avail. So, I figured I’d try the Siri shortcut on my phone. This logged the 16.9 oz. and magically the previous 16.9 oz. also appeared, giving me a total of 33.8 oz. obviously this means I should delete the duplicate entry I had just logged which I did. Now every time I select the history tab WaterMinder crashes. I had high hopes for this app. I’m still hopeful that the developers can fix this. Update: Clearing iCloud data, removing the app from the phone and watch, and starting over has resolved the crashing issues. I did have to setup the app on the watch. It also appears that the watch interface settings are not syncing. I configured it to use the ring interface on the watch as well to get around this..Version: 4.2.5

Good but the volume of alerts is offI like this app, but it annoys me that the volume of the buttons is mapped against the music/media player volume and not against the ringer volume, which means that unless you have your music app volume cranked, you can’t here the button sounds really at all. Dev, if you’re reading this, please switch the volume control back to the ringer volume in your next update..Version: 3.5.3

Great app butWhy is there micro transactions?!?!?!? 8 bucks is pretty hefty app price. Double dipping isn’t appreciated..Version: 4.2.8

Not worth $6.99The function is limited. It worths no more than $1.99. I feels like I was scammed when I read through the review..Version: 4.1.3

Use to be awesome… Then I updated. Still great on the phone and it’s freeThis use to be the perfect app for tracking my fluids which I need to do for a medical condition. It worked great with my Apple Watch and Shortcuts made adding my drinks a watch clock away. Then I updated to Watch OS 8 and iOS 15 and the app stopped playing nice with my Watch. I’ve given up trying to use this app with my watch because the app on the watch and the phone no longer sync and every time I try to use Shortcuts on my watch with Water Minder I get an error. Things seem to be working fine on the phone, but I’ve deleted the app from my watch because it’s become completely useless. Still, in the end, it’s a free app. Unless you wanna get ripped off by some subscription model, go ahead..Version: 4.4.1

Not worth the moneyThe app works ok; I haven’t experienced any bugs yet. But for what it does, it would be overpriced at $3. Really not worth $6..Version: 4.1.5

Doesn’t sync with health appThe data in the app doesn’t sync properly with apple health app, watch and iPhone out of sync, gonna try to get a refund..Version: 4.2.8

Data issuesThe app does not update across versions very well. I can’t just update on my Apple Watch, iPhone or iPad and find the data in the others. This is inconvenient as usually you want to just enter your usage into the apparatus that is closest to hand..Version: 4.2.3

Bugs, bugs, bugsI used to have a long streak on this app a year or two ago. But those are gone several times over even though I’ve exceeded my daily target everyday. The problem is that inputs on the Apple Watch don’t sync back to the iPhone. Even the Refresh Connection button on the iPhone app does nothing. The water intake recorded on the phone and in the health app is a mess. Other bugs are a rounding error where entering the target intake value will still have the percentage at 99% instead of 100%. And then there are issues with the data if you delete any entries from the app. Bottom line: the app could’ve been a simple water intake recorder to motivate people to hydrate, but it’s been quite buggy. The addition of more features doesn’t help when it just adds to the backlog of bugs that are not fixed..Version: 5.1.3

Notifications don’t workThis app would be 5 stars if the notification feature actually worked with the Apple Watch 5. Sadly it does not. Running latest iOS on both iPhone and Watch as of the date of this review..Version: 4.0.3

Bad onboarding and doesn’t workPurchased on Apple Watch. Doesn’t load a complication - that’s the only reason I bought it. Then when you open phone app after setting up on watch you have to set it up again. Surely these apps should keep in sync! Plus, to make things worse, if you accidentally add water on the phone app (using this below average interface), there’s no way to undo or remove that water without some convoluted trek into the history tab. The aesthetic is ok, but the general user experience is very poorly designed. Edit The more I use this the more trash it appears. Restarted watch and got complication but it isn’t a progress bar as advertised. Just displays a text percentage. Also, the phone widget is highly unresponsive, and when you get it to work, there is a gross tick that appears. And again, you can’t undo from here. And also again, adding drink on watch is not in sync with phone. This app needs a lot of work for something that is apparently so highly rated. I definitely want a refund..Version: 4.0.2

Almost ThereI have it three stars because of just one reason; the app registers several drinks besides water but it remarks the ability to track coffee BUT it won’t register caffeine levels with Health app. This is a must have and kinda confusing too, only after purchase one can realize that it won’t do it the right way. Besides that the app it’s flawless, I just think I was left without one important feature..Version: 4.2.5

Shares data with FacebookFor whatever reason, this app wilfully shares our information with Facebook.Version: 4.2.8

MehI purchased for $7.99. I believe that it would send a notification to my Apple Watch at each notification time with and add button. Similar to the “breath” or “time to stand” feature the Apple Watch has build in. Bit disappoint that I don’t get this notification. It does go to my phone but my watch would have been better..Version: 3.7.9

Apple Watch app crashesI really want to love this app. It’s beautiful and simple. But it always takes twice to open the app on Apple Watch. I can only presume it crashes the first time. This really needs to be fixed..Version: 3.3

Why not family sharing + no mac store support?All good with app but why I am not able to share it with my family members. The app supports family sharing but when my family member clicks on the download option its asking for purchase. Secondly, when i try to download the same app from my macbook apple store, it asks for purchase. Why this more inconvenience ? It is supposed to work seamlessly across all my devices. Please solve my issue and i will increase my ratings to 5 star..Version: 4.2.5

MehI report on my watch 24oz of water and the app then reports 6 times 24oz. You try to remove one from the app and they all are deleted. Great app on the watch. At least it’s accurate..Version: 4.2.7

SettingsCan't access the app settings, so can't actually set any reminders etc. Happy to change my review once you fix the app. Cheers..Version: 1.7.3

Doesn’t updateGreat app in nearly every way except that it NEVER updates my drinking progress right at 12:00AM. Unless I first log some water. Please fix.Version: 4.3.7

Favourite Water Tracking AppThis is my favourite water tracking app. I’ve been using it for at least the last 5 years. Unfortunately, in the last few months, anything logged from my Apple Watch doesn’t sync with apple health, so to keep them synced I either have to go in to apple health at the end of everyday to add in my hydration from the day (which doubles everything up in the app) or log everything from my phone. For some reason, logging on my phone instantly syncs with apple health. I’ve tried contacting support and kind seem to find anything other than FAQs, so I’ve resorted to leaving a less than stellar review in the hopes that support will see it and help. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app on my phone and my watch multiple times. I’ve tried restarting my phone and my watch. I’ve soft reset my phone. I’ve tried unlinking the app from apple health and relinking. Nothing seems to fix the problem. I’ve not had the app completely removed from my watch for three weeks. Prior to that I had it off my watch for two months..Version: 4.2.8

WidgetCan not longer click water consumed widget without the app opening. Which is not what I want. Keep it simple. Not more complicated. Edit to response. So how have I for the last 6-12+ months since iOS 14 and prior been able to click the widget with a corresponding value (473/500/591/916ml) and have it automatically apply that amount and I date the widget without ever opening the app or having it in the background? But the update 2 days changed the widget completely and then forces it open. I’m confused here....Version: 4.3.1

There is barely a pointI was happy to pay for this well reviewed app. It has never once in the month I’ve been using it been able to launch the app from a notification on my watch. I also expected the notifications to be personalized - to take into account my goal for the day and how much I have already had to drink that day - it dos not provide that. It is just set timed reminders, a graphic and digital confetti. I could have set a recurring alarms and tracked using Apple health just as easily and for free..Version: 4.2.6

Looks great but is dumbThe app looks very good. But it keeps telling me to have a drink minutes after I just told It I had one. It’s 2 pm and I’ve been drinking regularly all day. Had a glass of water half an hour ago, then just made a cup of tea and added a cup of 250ml tea - but 3 minutes later it popped a message on my watch saying it’s time for another drink. It doesn’t seem to take into account what I’ve drunk, and seems like underneath the fancy interface is a simple timer to remind you to drink every hour or so regardless of what you’ve just drunk..Version: 4.2.8

Response slower than previous versionClicked on plus sign to record the water taken. The result shows much slower than old version. I am on 11 Pro with latest iOS..Version: 4.1.5

Great but beware paying twiceGreat app - slick looking and well functioning app for reminding you to drink more. Nice simple reminders that don’t annoy but just gently prompt. My only criticism is that I really hate the fact that you pay £4.99 (relatively expensive for an app that basically just reminds you to drink more) and then have to pay again for certain features via a ‘tip jar’. It never crossed my mind that there would be anything off limits after paying a fiver for the app, you assume that unlocks everything, so it’s really annoying that there are. It is mentioned in the blurb but who reads all the way to the bottom of that and the screenshot mentioning 50+ characters to choose from is misleading - only the first 10 are included in the price. Doesn’t leave a great taste in my mouth - no pun intended..Version: 4.2.5

Annoying notificationsI get that this app is meant to remind you to hydrate but even at 120% I don’t need reminders on the hour. I get them at random, even after I’ve drank an entire bottle of water so it’s really just an annoying notification spam after a while and not really based on hydration level. I couldn’t find any way to turn the notifications off either. No option via my phone or in app or anything. It was really frustrating and the notifications are even causing issues with my watch because there are so many. I enjoy the complication on my watch face and just tracking it in general, it’s very simplistic and easy to use, but the issue with notifications are causing severe lag on the watch (waterminder also opens at random, and I have the 5) and forcing me to have to delete the app which is also unfortunate considering I paid to use it..Version: 4.0.4

Disappointing upgradeThe recent update of this app has removed many features I used. This includes the value of how much water I need to drink to reach my goal. I now have to manually calculate this where I used to be able to glance and get the amount..Version: 3.5.3

Was great! Now uselessHave been using this app for a very long time on my Apple Watch and occasionally on my iPhone. The recent update makes no mention that support for Apple Watch One running Apple WatchOS 4.2 is no longer supported. The icon and the app has disappeared from my watch. After investigating it now says it requires WatchOS 5.2. Had I known this I would not have installed the latest update that was released a few days ago and would’ve remained on the old version so I could continue to manage my water consumption from my watch. Why wouldn’t you list such a significant removal of functionality in the headline description of the update features? I will now install one of the other water tracking apps that still support the old Apple watches and insure I never update them..Version: 4.2.3

I consider this the biggest waste of moneyUsually when I buy an app and it doesn’t function as advertised/promoted, I just move on. In this case I thought it would be worth warning others who are looking into it and save them the $9 (or whatever the price is in your region). This app does not sync the usage data properly to widgets, so if you log intake don’t expect your widget to update. If you have an Apple Watch, same thing. The data does not update to your complications and vice versus (logs done on watch don’t sync to phone). This is a huge oversight and the images are incredibly misleading. Don’t take my word, head to reddit or google, and you’ll find community forums of people discussing their issues with this..Version: 4.2.3

Transformed my health, but watch app laggyTracking my water intake has utterly transformed my health - thank you! I have two issues with the app. First, the reminders to drink water aren’t “smart” — they just go off at the prescribed time, even if you just downed 500ml. I’d love if they would remind me when I haven’t drank water in a while and I’m still behind my daily goal. Secondly, and more frustrating, is a lag in the corresponding watch app. The first tap of the day is quick, but subsequent taps often seem to freeze, and then I tap again thinking it didn’t register, only for it to “catch up” a few seconds later and double count my drink. This is also the only app I’ve ever had to force kill on the watch since it sometimes dies altogether. 3/5 stars primarily for the lagginess. Still the best available from what I can find..Version: 4.1.10

Won’t launch on Apple WatchHi guys. Have downloaded the app to my watch and phone. Seems to work on on my phone but won’t launch on my watch - Please help.Version: 4.1.1

Buggy for such a simple appI love the app and as much as I hate to say this, for the level of complexity of what the app does, it should operate flawlessly. Yet it doesn’t. The bug that annoys me the most is logging and display of current intake. For example, when I press to log 8oz of water, I hear the sound but the app doesn’t display the increase unless pressed multiple times. It’s been the issue with probably past 3-4 updates and yet it’s still happening. I also agree with poor synchronization with Apple watch like other users mentioned. I’m about to install the app at this point. No offense, but the essence of the app is to remind user to drink, log and display intake accurately..Version: 4.1.3

Extremely flakey watch integration for premium priceWatch complication rarely updates, watch app requires triggering manual sync to show same data as phone. When watch is not raised complication shows a different (fourth!) percent, often from a different day. Reminders are useless. Even a very simple algorithm would be welcome here, but it’s just counting out the hours of the day. The part that annoyed me enough to write a review is that this is the first time I’ve paid for an app that immediately requested a donation. I don’t expect a lot of features here. In-app purchases for skins or whatever in a paid water tracker is totally absurd..Version: 4.2.8

Reminders not working on Apple WatchI bought the app mainly for its reminder feature and it was working for a day or two and then it stopped. Very disappointed.Version: 4.2.4

Great App but a few issuesGreat App for tracking and reminding to drink water during the day, especially with a Apple Watch. However, finally sharing doesn’t work and I wish there was a way that when you add coffee etc it add it to the caffeine side of Apple Health, just logs others as part water drinks.Version: 4.0.2

Not coolWhat’s this app even meant to do? Reminders didn’t work. Not compatible with my Apple Watch series 3. No sync feature so iPhone couldn’t tell how much water I’ve had. Waste of money..Version: 4.4.4

Not really worth it.I had a free water tracker app before this one and it was buggy and frustrating to use so I thought that a paid one would be better but it’s not. I can understand the concept of having a game that encourages you drink water regularly but they all seem to have the same issues: - Sometimes doesn’t notify you, even with custom reminders you’ve set up. - Doesn’t know how to count. I always drink the same amount every time and input that amount yet some days it doesn’t fill up the meter the same amount. - Sometimes doesn’t update the app on your phone so your progress isn’t recorded properly. I now just set up alarms on my watch labelled “Drink” for the recommended times to drink that I’ve gathered from this app and the free one and just deleted these apps. If you want a game for encouragement then you can still try them, just don’t except them to be perfect. But if you’re just looking for a way to remember to drink just look up the recommended amount to drink everyday for someone of your health/activeness/height/weight/age and set alarms throughout the day like I do..Version: 3.5.3

Performance of watch app seriously degraded with watchos4Used to be an awesome app quick to update. Since upgrading to watchos4, performance has degraded significantly. App freezes, crashes, takes up to 30 seconds to accurately refresh, even with background app refresh enabled. This used to be my water-minding go to app. I believe I will start looking for alternatives if stability isn’t attained in a very-near-future update..Version: 3.3

Notifications Do Not Work!!!!!!!Unbelievable, a paid “reminder” app that fails to do what it says, do not get any reminders on phone or watch. Have tried EVERYTHING (even turned off/on!!!) and still get nothing, can’t even contact support, all I get is a message saying set up mail account, ridiculous, please refund me.Version: 4.0.1

Not syncData on iPhone and Apple watch are different. I added a data on Apple watch but it didn't come to my iPhone..Version: 4.2.1

PriceHow come it charged me $40 when it said $6?.Version: 5.0.4

Can’t even get past setupI have the new iPhone X. Just purchased this app for 4.99. Have gotten to the page where it asks for name, weight, age, climate. It will not let me move on until I enter my name, but every time I try to enter my name, the screen goes grey and I can’t enter anything even though they keyboard makes the noises. There is no way on the support page to ask a new question. I would like a refund please.Version: 3.5.1

Great app but where's the current weather integrationAfter the recent update the iPhone app is much improved BUT the Apple Watch functionality has gone missing the changing the hydration type has been removed and it double entries the non water pre set Cup types on the iPhone app 🙁 I wrote the following pre the last update Lovely app which because it works with Healthkit it reads the water intake from H2OPal no trouble which is great but as as the recent hot weather in the UK proves this app badly needs current weather from Healthkit so it can work in the cold UK winter to warm summer including occasional HOT periods.Version: 4.0.1

Doesn’t remember what I enteredSeems like this latest version every time I enter that a Dean water, the next time I open the app to enter more it says I haven’t entered anything please fix very annoying.Version: 4.2.4

It’s fine.I like the app, it’s a fluid tracking app and that’s fine it does the job well. However I’ve had a few bugs. Three in fact. 1. I tried changing the look of the person I use. Once changed I saved it but it reverted back to the previous default person. I had to change it again for it to stick. 2. I updated the ml of fluid intake I’d like to intake on a daily basis. This like the above didn’t set. When I opened the app again later to add an entry, it was showing my previous value. 3. On the main screen I add my intake using the plus icon and the entry is added but the amount of fluid doesn’t update on the person so it looks like nothing was added. I have to switch to the other tabs like settings, history etc and then go back to the main screen to see the blue filling up the human. So it’s fine but there are some refresh issues and settings being saved correctly is a bit hit and miss..Version: 4.1.7

My 1+ Year Usage ReviewI have been using this app for over a year now and it’s a very good app. However, it can be much better because anything consumed doesn’t always update the main screen. At this time, I need to tap History and tap Hydrate to see the updated totals. Next, how does one determine the hydration factor impact for soy milk because this doesn’t appear to be a standard option in the app? Furthermore, Reminders need to be simplified to something like every half hour, hour, and other value entered by the user. BTW, this could be similar to the Podcast app. Also, I should be able to receive these reminders only during certain interval during the day and the reminder should tell me how much to actually drink to meet my daily goal. It would be nice if I could say, ‘Hey Siri, log 8 oz of water’ or similar phrase but I know that Siri is very limited in its abilities to do anything at this time. In summary, this is a very good application for tracking my fluid intake per day but there are a few enhancements that I feel would make this app even better..Version: 4.1.6

Too Top expensiveToo expensive.If I wanted to get reminders I have a FREE reminder app on my phone provided by apple.Version: 4.1.3

Works great. Constantly hounds like an obsessive b****.WaterMinder works great. You CAN track any liquids you take in, water, milk, wine, pre-workout, rea, whatever. HOWEVER: The notifications are extremely annoying. It doesn’t matter how much you drink. The app hounds you like a passive aggressive ex-girlfriend still obsessed with you, with comments about how much you should have drank by this time of day. No consideration for your personal habits or routines and not enough customization to fix that. The constant preachy hounding is almost enough reason to dump this app, even though it (mostly) works for the intended purpose. Tone down the bossy reminders and I might even keep using it. Do I recommend this app? If you really need someone telling you to drink constantly, certainly you should get this app. If you hate being constantly reminded what a failure you are for not drinking enough water early in the day, skip the app..Version: 5.0.4

No notifications on Apple WatchThe app works as it should but no matter what I’ve tired I just can’t get it to show or sound a notification on an Apple Watch 7. Notifications work on the iPhone but disappointed they don’t on the watch, which is where I need them.Version: 4.4.4

App Stops WorkingThe app fails to work sporadically and the notifications stop sending. Pretty disappointing app.Version: 4.3.7

LackingSeveral features leave much to be desired. It helps remind you, and track, when you ingest liquid - yay! 3 stars for CRUD app. Let’s get it to 5 stars by fixing some lazily implemented features. If it’s 2 mins to the hour, I just recorded I drank something, and there’s a reminder set for the hour - do not remind me 2 mins later. There should be a “grace period” so I’m not flooded with needless reminders (reason I uninstalled the first time). Next, not all liquids are created equal. Diuretics and liquids that dehydrate the body should be weighted as such in the percentage toward goal. After all, I am concerned with my body’s hydration level, not ability to ingest liquid. Next, the slider on the phone app for changing ounces is annoying - MyFitnessPal took care of recording this better (take a look a their implementation). Good luck!.Version: 3.7.2

Apple Watch s5This app is not working with my Apple Watch s5, I demand a full refund..Version: 4.0.4

Almost what I wantI have this on my iPhone and watch. Before having this, every morning on my way to work, I would remember that I needed to drink at least 2.5 L that day. Every evening, on my way home from work, I would remember that I failed to drink my water that day. Since I installed this I have not had a single day in which I drank less than 2.5 L of water. So why is it not what I want? Frequently, the app reminds me to drink water minutes after I have reported to it that I just drank 300 mL or 500 mL of water. When the app become smarter and gives me reminders based on time and when I most recently reported that I drink water it will be what I truly want. For now, I appreciate that I am remaining hydrated, even with the minor irritation of the app not being smart..Version: 4.2.3

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Relaxtopia Negative Reviews

Simple and straight forward relax sounds app. Relax your body and mind with Relaxtopia today! SOUND THEMES Variety of d...

NoteFolio negative reviews, comments
NoteFolio Negative Reviews

NotesFolio: Private, Simple Note Organizer. Passcode protect your notes and folders. Simple and straight forward text ...

Hit The Island negative reviews, comments
Hit The Island Negative Reviews

As simple as it sounds, Hit The Island with the ball and score points. But wait, there is a catch! The ball speeds up. I...

Orbs: Countdown Timers negative reviews, comments
Orbs: Countdown Timers Negative Reviews

With Orbs you will be able to run multiple timers at once. See your progress of multiple timers running at once. Customi...

3 Wins negative reviews, comments
3 Wins Negative Reviews

3 Wins app is a simple, yet effective achievements tracker, that helps bring out your positive thoughts and form a good ...