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USFS & BLM Campgrounds Negative Reviews

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USFS & BLM Campgrounds App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

USFS & BLM Campgrounds app received 30 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using USFS & BLM Campgrounds? Can you share your negative thoughts about usfs & blm campgrounds?

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USFS & BLM Campgrounds for Negative User Reviews

Filters are brokenWhen I apply filters, no campsites appear despite many meeting the filter criteria. Also, this paid app has a lot less information about each campsite than most of the free apps. Save your money unless you’re specifically looking for USFS/BLM campsites..Version: 2.0

Weak on infoIt lists some information but is not of much use. The author seems to have some kind of fetish about the air miles to everywhere. Maybe they should be marketing to airplane pilots instead of rv'ers. It doesn't matter what you're looking for, you're going to get the air miles for everything..Version: 1.9.99

TerribleDespite the good reviews, app was horrible. Missed many usfs and blm campgrounds. I just travelled 3000 miles through AZ, CO and UT. The app either didn’t list the places I actually stayed or stated they were closed for the season, which clearly was not the case. Not sure how the app missed the mark so bad... very disappointing..Version: 1.9.99

Poor design, nothing that you can’t get for free elsewhereThe design is messy, this is basically the same app as Boondocking, except it costs $$. No info on BLM dispersed camping or costs for campground sites..Version: 1.9.94

Compromised card!Paid $.99 $1.05 after-tax yesterday today woke up got a text message that five dollars from my account was taken. last five dollars in my account. I never ever bought anything on Apple store except for this app and my account gets compromised buyers beware.Version: 2.1.64

Very Inaccurate .. worthlessNot enough info about a site. Campground location is very inaccurate. Ex..there is no Joe’s Campground near Torrey in Utah. BLM sites have no info and the locations are not true. Terrible app .. do your homework!.Version: 2.0

HorribleTheres absolutely no information other than the gps coordinates. photo system is outdated and often not of the actual site, no reviews, no amenities or pricing information website links dont go to the actual site link just a general site where the names of ranger stations dont match any of the site names this could be such a great app if someone just took the initiative to beef it up with some useful information.Version: 2.2.45

Hack-Job of an appIt’s quite rough around the edges; seems like some vlookup of a BLM csv file interposed with map. Not worth the $1 by a gsx mile — or a crows path!.Version: 2.2.53

Not accurateSome free camping aren't free anymore and requires permit. SOme links are broken.Version: 1.9

BLMCan’t find number of sites at each campground and amenities at each site Also site doesn’t recognize where I am.Version: 2.0.31

InfoGreat app overall. Would be nice to have access to the campground website links since it is not always descriptive on camping laws..Version: 1.9.99

Near UselessI’ve checked whether FS/BLM sites I know, that are substantial sites, is included in this app. They are not. I’ve found other apps that are more complete. This one isnt worth the resources to keep.Version: 1.9.94

Not worth itExtremely difficult to navigate for a paid app. Disappointed!.Version: 1.9.94

OSU73Must be using incorrectly. When clicking on a location, does not give you needed info. For example, nothing about size limitations, or size of camp area???.Version: 1.9.99

Waste of MoneyJust a every site I look at is missing information . A waste of my money . Save yours..Version: 2.1.2

Good resourceShows campgrounds that it is otherwise almost impossible to find. Poor base map..Version: 1.9.99

Why did I pay for this?Must be sponsored by KOA and it’s fine except I had to pay for the app..Version: 2.1.61

AwfulWhen I first started using this app it worked great. Now nothing works. Hasn’t for over a year. Anything USFS is awful. Website awful. All the offices closed. No one answers the phone. Nice..Version: 2.2.4

Bad appI want my money back. This app is no good because it doesn’t show if the campground is open. Thanks. Jean Dalton.Version: 2.2.46

Robust but incomplete listThe first site I was looking for in the app wasn’t populating. Would like to see more added....Version: 1.9.99

UnusableI just bought this app. When I search for any area to camp it gives me zero results even though I know there is camping there. Waste of money..Version: 2.1.63

TimeNot totally user friendly. Need more time to acquaint myself with this app..Version: 2.2.53

ReviewI wish I knew which sites were free and how much they cost if they aren’t..Version: 2.0

Can’t use appnot user friendlyNo where is there any location areas to enter a trip???? no where is there a directions how to use???? completely useless garbage.Version: 2.2.1

Missing vital info.This app is great for finding campgrounds. However, the base map does not show FS and BLM land boundaries. Since we can disperse camp on much of this land it would be most helpful if we knew we were on public land or not..Version: 1.9.96

Useless informationWhile this app does have a lot of campgrounds, there is no useful information about the campgrounds. You have to look them up on google..Version: 2.0

Don’t BotherThis app is a bust it tells no information on any campground and nothing on dispersed BLM sites. Not worth the money..Version: 1.9.99

Not Worth Paying ForSo I’m currently at a long established and popular BLM campground, discovered through friends. Decide to buy this app as the other 5 apps I have don’t really show BLM land and campgrounds. This app doesn’t even show the BLM campground I’m at despite choosing BLM campgrounds in the filters!!!.Version: 2.2.53

Actual gps coordinates can be waaaaay off.I did significant damage to my small RV using rds that lead to the campground indicator only be be a mile or so off on a totally different route. Great for showing you what’s out there but don’t trust The locator at all..Version: 2.0

Prices?Needs to have prices! If looking for disbursed camping no need to drive to site only to find a fee.Version: 2.0

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