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Clue Period & Cycle Tracker app received 175 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about clue period & cycle tracker?

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One of the greatsBeen using this for 3 years and it still blows me away. I hope they never ever change the interface because it’s so beautiful, economical and uncluttered; the whole app experience never fails to make me feel soothed (which is useful because I’m often going on it when stressed). So handy for letting the doctor know when your last period was, going back to look at previous cycles, tracking any bodily symptoms. I also used it as an example of amazing app UX & UI on my graphic design course so Clue should be proud. Thanks for taking women’s bodies’ seriously, using neutral colours, being informative about the science behind periods rather than adopting a ‘there there dear, has your auntie flo come again?’ approach. Such a fan. ❤️.Version: 5.20

Love the appThis app is fantastic! It allows me to stay ahead of my period, and I love that. I am never caught off guard by my period because I use it daily and pay attention to when it has predicted my next cycle. The birth control input is also very nice because i never forget to check my threads. I also like that I can track when I have sex because my doctor always asks me about the last time i had sex and i could never remember until i started using clue. The only thing I have against the app is that there is no way to add other things to track. They have a set list of things and that's all you can track. I know that there are other things I would love to track but there is no option for it. I wish you could customize your own things so that women could track things that are important to them, but not necessarily everyone. I also think it would be nice to have the option to make notes on some of the things you track, like where your cramps were or how sharp or dull they were. i know this matters to me because my iud causes me to have many different cramps. overall, i love the app and will definitely continue to use it and tell my friends about it..Version: 5.3

Great app-but read moreI use this on a daily! Clue is amazing I have loved this app for a long time. I have used it religiously for like 2 years. It even had my period bang on the date too. There was on time in December’18 and March- this year where it was one day out but I think that was when I was stressed out. This app adapts to how you cycle goes every month and predicts how you are during the cycle. It even has my PMS says bang on every month. It’s actually great because I know that that’s when my mood will be out of whack- don’t get me wrong I have had times where I don’t get symptoms of it but let’s face it 99.9% we all do! Recently I have found it to glitch where it shuts off to my home screen and the notifications are a bit messed up so I can’t read them. But I can make it out what it’s predicting because I recognise the pictures (that’s how much I use it!). I love this app and I will continue to use this for a while longer because it’s so reliable for me..Version: 5.9

Great but also clue plus?!!!On clue, you can see the symptoms you’ve log and what they meant which can be super helpful if you want to know what cramps mean or why you’re getting headaches all the time. Now you need clue plus???? Not everyone has the money to pay per month to see what their symptoms mean. A lot of options have now been taken away by clue and I don’t really think that’s 100% fair. Women go through a lot each month and I’m sure the last thing they want to do is spend the money they could be using on tampons and pads, on something they shouldn’t need to spend it on..Version: 17.1

ProblèmeDepuis la dernière mise à jour, l’app prend beaucoup de temps à afficher mes nouvelles données ou à commencer un nouveau cycle. De plus, je ne reçois plus les rappels même s’il sont activés. Vraiment frustrant! Sinon, super app!.Version: 16.1

Love Clue!Clue is great! I’ve been using clue since March 2017, and each month I’ve recorded my details through it’s easy to use app. It’s pretty accurate. I would like some more information based on the data I input each month. It would be great to know what’s consistently recurring just like it shows my cycle length, or what’s changed within the data I input.. I do know my body pretty well to know I could stop using it, but I like to know how it’s tracking each month. Thanks Clue! I’m glad I discovered you in the App Store in 2017!.Version: 5.14

Review and SuggestionsI’ve been using Clue since middle school. It has helped me so much with accurately tracking my period. I like all the options it has, ones that I can choose to see or not. I love the birth control pill option, and the information it gives me on what happens if late or missed. Overall, the app is wonderful and I would highly recommend if you want something easy to use. It’s customizable so if you don’t want to track your mood or daily habits and would rather focus on seeing your period and cramp habits, you have the option to not see them available so it’s easier to access. A suggestion I have that would help greatly is chance of pregnancy! I would love to see what days I’m most fertile. Especially for girls who have birth control methods, it’s hard to know when it’s safest to have unprotected sex since there is always a slight period where that option is open. I understand it would take time to insert that, but it would ease my mind knowing whether because I had unprotected sex these days, if I could risk pregnancy or not..Version: 4.0.7

Update failuresI have been using this app for about 2+ years now and after an update a couple of months ago the app wouldn’t work at all. I’ve redownloaded it in the hopes to use it again as I find value in this app.Version: 7.0

Good appHi my name is Nicole, My daughter just started her period and she is 14. She showed me this app about 5 minutes ago and I already like it. I wish I could give it 5 stars but I only just stared so I haft to give it a 4 for now but I would of given it a 5 though if I have gotten to know about the app earlier. This app is so good even without clue plus. My daughter has clue plus and she just got it about 10 minutes ago with her own money before she showed me this app. I just bought clue plus and it is so good. The new features that came into this app is super good even though I never saw the others but my daughter has. I really recommend you use clue if your looking for something to use to track your period and pms. I wish I knew about this earlier lots of wishes from Nicole and my daughter Lily 🌈💜 #ClueIsTheBest.Version: 17.1

Sometimes change isn’t always goodIm a long time user of this app(since 2014). I absolutely love it and have recommended it to many friends who also love it but I recently got a notification that they are removing the fertile window from the app and while I understand their reasons for this i really do not think this feature should completely disappear from the app. I know this feature is not completely accurate due to everyones bodies being different but it works as a amazing indicator and is a great feature that helps me understand my body and why i could be experiencing things at certain times of the month. I was already upset when they changed the colour of the fertile window from blue to red which made it too similar to the period tracking area of the cycle and made the app less aesthetically pleasing overall. It would be great if the option of fertile window was available in settings so it could be turned off and on depending on each users needs. I personally would even pay for the premium if this was still an option..Version: 26.0

So reliable (worth a read)So after using the clue app over a period of 21 months I find that the clue app is one of my go to apps. I’m the type of girl that stresses over scheduling events around my period. I find it a very uncomfortable week and tend to hide away. At first the clue app isn’t 100% accurate but that is because it isn’t psychic. It’s important to constantly put as much information into it as you can to allow it to become accurate and gain a better understanding of your cycle. After a few months of using the app, I could rely so much on the dates it told me I was going to come on, I was super prepared and it’s always right or 1 day different. I find that my periods are quite heavy and I tend to get a lot of pain. I used the app to show the doctor days from past months to pinpoint as all my information is there, even from the littlest detail of if I was craving chocolate on 17th June 2017 😂. I recommend this to everyone. Try it and my advice, stick to it. The longer and more frequently you use it the better it gets. It knows me more than I know me! I love my period calendar 😂.Version: 5.9

Best of the bunchI’ve used a few period tracking apps and this is by far the most detailed and accurate. It’s easy to use and you can log a lot of data. I only have the free version and it’s fantastic. Since my periods aren’t regular, it helps to more accurately predict when I’m due based on my past periods. It also helps to figure out when you’re most fertile too if you’re trying to conceive or avoid it. It sure beats a wallet calendar like the old days!.Version: 5.7

Happy long time userI’ve been using Clue since I was 14, and now at 18 I’m as happy as ever. When I was younger I knew my cycle was long but I didn’t really pay attention to it so I never knew when it was going to start. After using Clue for a couple months it told me my average cycle length was about 40 days! I never would have known without Clue, and this way I could plan a lot better. As I got older and my cycle began to shorten Clue dutifully informed me that my average was 34. I had a hard time realizing that the shorter cycles were my new normal but Clue laid out the data, and I knew I could trust them on it. When Clue switched to premium I happily paid the 10 dollars, and it’s worth every penny. They do such good work and I know they’ll continue to improve even more in the future. The only possible requests I have would be to allow people to create their own tracking options. My mom gets migraines, and she can put the generic “other” tag on it, but nothing for severity or duration. I would also like the ability to track what time of day my period starts, as that would be useful to know if there’s a pattern. Thanks!.Version: 14.0

Brings clarity to my body and emotionsClue has helped me to track everything, including things I've never considered have a direct impact on how I "feel" or how I'm behaving and experiencing things. Clue allows me to check-in with everything, in return it shows me my pattern of experiences and advises me of upcoming ones. I've been able to feel less out of control of my cycle and far more in-tune with my body, it's frustrating changes all month and allowed me to enjoy good days and be patient on bad days. This helps my home life, relationship and allows me months in advanced predictions to help me make plans. This was a huge help with my pregnancy and my "baby brain" that has me forgetting things so quickly. Best hormonal cycle app for sure! It's always right and so helpful! I've tried them all and clue remains the best for sure. Thanks Clue!!!.Version: 4.0.2

Please don’t changeJust got a notification that the fertility window will disappear. Please please don’t get rid of the fertility window, I find this to be really helpful and valuable information. Already changing the colour to red was strange because it made it too much like the period tracker but getting rid of it altogether literally makes the app less useful. We are hoping to start a family in the next year or so and this was one of the main features that I recommended to friends and helped one of my friends get pregnant after a year of trying unsuccessfully. Otherwise this app is amazing, I’ve been using it religiously since 2015 and it has allowed me to get a much better understanding of my period, pms, and migraines. I’ve recommended it to tons of friends and family. Please don’t change !!!.Version: 27.0

Love ItThe best period tracking app I’ve tried! I love how many things you can track and how each section gives you proper details for each sections possible selections. Really helps me stay on top of taking my pill as well as I know I need to mark it off that day! Kinda wish there was an option to show when it’s the “sugar” pill days of your 21/7 day contraceptive pill pack without it thinking that I’m going unprotected (as I don’t take the red/7 day pills). Other than that, as I said, I love Clue!!.Version: 5.14

Helpful until the latest changeClue has been a very helpful app, I’ve used it to track my cycle and moods which helped confirm a Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder diagnosis. I’ve loved using it, until it’s latest change where the ‘fertile window’ shows as a lighter shade of red and therefore looks too similar to the period window. It had better readability when the fertile window was blue, and I hope they offer a way to change it back..Version: 18.1

Great period calendarGreat as I’ve had health problems it’s been very useful in keeping track of period and a great predictor of when next one is going to be! Would be useful to be able to have a serious pain button rather than just cramps and to be able to choose different levels of pain and for what days as some days a woman may not have pain but some days they might and different levels than the other days. Also changes to skin button and weight may be useful. Maybe in the future as technology advances also to be able to input sleep patterns during period to detect any patterns. Overall 5* though - don’t use it to check my fertility but definitely continue to use to detect period..Version: 5.15

Left me cluelessI really liked Clue and found it quite accurate however this is the third time now that it has deleted my data and left me clueless (mind the pun). It seems to happen each time the app has been updated and I have to rack my brain to figure out my previous dates and data I’d entered to start again. If it wasn’t for this problem I’d rate it 5 Stars..Version: 4.0.2

Love it, but could include pregnancyI’ve been using Clue for six years now, ever since I stopped taking the pill. Its been so useful and has definitely empowered me in tracking my fertility and not having to rely on hormone changing contraception. I really feel I know my body so much better now! I love how it looks and how easy it is to use. The only improvement would be if it included any pregnancy tracking, that’s the only reason for the four stars. After pregnancy my ‘cycle’ comes up as 15 months long! I know you can exclude it, but just some different tagging would be great..Version: 5.25

Amazing App!!I think Clue is amazing, I have been using it for a couple of years now and it has really helped me keep track of my periods and keep on top of things. I try and make sure I track all my moods, cravings etc so that it can keep me fully updated and aware of what’s going on in my body. I love that Clue gives you a review everything 2 months or so, this review shows everything you need to know about your cycle and if there is anything that maybe need to be checked. It’s very simple to use and I would recommend to every lady looking to keep track of their periods. It’s a good thing to do so you know when you are coming on and you can keep on top of your feminine health..Version: 4.0.1

Great!I’ve had this app for a couple years, and have had my period since I was ten. I used to keep track of what days I got my period on a physical calendar, marking the day with a red star, but I would forget to do it. Since I got Clue, I’ve been better at knowing when I’m going to get my period. It gives me notifications as to if I should be getting my period soon, and that gets me more aware of what pants to wear and when to wear a pad (I do that when I don’t have access to a change of clothes and don’t want to be taken by surprise in a public bathroom) to play it safe. I’m also one of those people who need to be in control of their body, their self, and their functions (“I am the one thing in life I can control!”) so when something happens that is beyond my control, I like to know the exact science behind it. Clue has scientific explanations on so many things surrounding the period that are good to read (I’m also one of those people who like learning things, so take it how you will)..Version: 16.0

Great tracking, missing optionsI love this for tracking and prediction windows! However, I’ve noticed it takes awhile to pick up on new trends, particularly with period length. I was previously 4 days and now down to 2 - it took multiple months for Clue predictions to change, and they’re still at 3 days. I previously used the birth control implant and that wasn’t a contraceptive option, and now there’s no way to indicate that my partner got a vasectomy - meaning I only need two of the options for the sexual activity tracking. I’d love to see the ability to customize the things you’re tracking to add things you want and remove things you don’t (ex: types of activity, or bodily symptoms of PMS). I know tags are an option but they’re not for me! The ease of tracking, reliability of predictions, and helpful educational tips are definitely worth using, particularly with the smooth and neutral UI. Their newsletter is great too! I happily pay for the pro or premium or whatever option they offer!.Version: 5.8

Update the fitness section please!!I love Clue! It has helped me to become more aware and educated about my cycle and my body. I try to track every day and have done so for years. The only thing that I don’t like is how exercise is tracked. I do weights training, HIIT or martial arts, and I am always unsure which option to select when tracking. All options are some form of cardio and intensity could vary for each. I would love if the options were tailored to the type of exercise such as low, moderate, high intensity cardio, and weights - or something along those lines. I have found that exercising helps lessen my period pain and I want to be able to track it better to gain more insights. I love how Clue provides tailored insights into my cycle, with hints and facts. Clue has provided me with an essential education that I had never had access to before, but should have had. I recommend this app to everyone!.Version: 17.0

Good! Needs more optionsI’ve been using this for a little over a year and it has been good. It’s the second period/ovulation tracking app I use. I switched to Clue from Flo because Clue claimed to be free and Flo only had 1 month free trial. Now Clue won’t stop asking to upgrade (pay) to premium and has removed some of the free features to only available with a subscription. I wouldn’t mind paying after so long but only because all my information is there for over 1 year but all this time I have been wishing that it would get improved with every update. It has not. My main request would be that it would have more OPTIONS. As in more symptoms to log in. It’s very limited on that. Example: Under Emotions it only had “ Happy - Sensitive- Sad - PMS”. I think we should be able to log in more than that. Same as the Medication and Pain categories. Well all categories only have 4 options and that’s all. Hope to see it get improved soon so that I can justify it to myself that I should pay for this limited service versus going back to Flo for a few dollars more or looking for another similar app..Version: 15.0

Long-time user, big-time fan (with caveats)I’ve used this all for a few years now and it just keeps getting better. I love delving into random explanations of how things work from time to time and appreciate just how many elements can be included in their magical algorithm —if my body were any kind of normal, it’d be so very handy, not to mention trustworthy! I do get annoyed by silly little things that haven’t been improved yet, like how you can’t alter the original tags (nor your own); because if you’re, say, dragging yourself awake and open the app to input last night’s fun while it’s fresh in your mind, you might open the Tag screen to fall upon the loud “CERVIX HIGH, SOFT & OPEN!!!” or whatever ... which just sort of a buzzkill for someone like me I guess (also, annoyingly all-capsy and not really at all tag-like, but I did add the exclamation points for effect). Anyway, great app and I’m happy to contribute to seeing it get better and better, which it continues to do. Thanks for reliably giving me a clue, Cluemakers!.Version: 5.8

A must have appI’ve been using this app for years now, it’s very simple yet effective to use and they have very good customer service as well. it has everything that other paid apps have, but it’s free. user friendly and very accurate with cycles. I have been recommending it to everyone..Version: 5.18

Best period appI’ve been using this app for over 2 years now and I can’t stress how useful it is. Because I’ve used it for so long its predictions on when I’ll be getting my period every month is almost always spotless. Absolute must have for anyone who has a period and loves to keep track of when they’ll be getting their period as well as when they have their cravings/cramps/PMS/migraines and more!.Version: 4.0.6

Omg so goodReally good!I don’t use premium and I don’t think it’s needed. But it’s a really good app and it’s able to guess my cycles perfectly!😱.Version: 5.15

Love it but it’s currently having problemsI have been using this app for at least three years now but recently the app has been really slow, like I can’t open my calendar or cycle it takes around 5 mins to load or doesn’t at all and the app crashes. I have clue plus but sadly I don’t see me having the plus subscription for much longer as using this app is becoming a nightmare. I love the app just upset that my up to date app is no longer really working.Version: 16.1

Great app!A dear woman recommended this app in feb 2017 and I started using it in March. Amazing app, love how I've been more in touch with my cycle and more aware too. The reports sent on the email didn't find them really useful as they pointed out things I could already see in the app. Now that they are changing them to make them more valuable, is really appreciated!.Version: 3.7.1

Easy, informative, and empowering!I’ve had trouble keeping track of my cycle and even general health for years, but I have now had Clue for several months, and it is very empowering! You can customize what fertility/hormonal symptoms or even more general health symptoms you want to keep track of, and just have to swipe through the categories and tap one of the four options for each that applies to you that day. I do this every morning, and it takes 30 seconds, tops. Clue also has options for keeping track of your doctor and ob/gyn appointments, and adding notes to particular days, which I have found very helpful in remembering when I’ve had appointments or begun birth control or other medication. Understanding my body’s rhythms at last has been so empowering! I now can work with my body rather than just waiting anxiously to wonder when Shark Week is going to arrive in a bunch of mostly unexpected blood, and have definite answers to give my health providers instead of general guesses. Thanks, Clue team!.Version: 5.5

Life changing!I’ve been using Clue properly for 5 months now and I absolutely love it. I feel like I have a better understanding of my cycle and I’m only going to learn more as the app forecasts for me. I have been working with my GP and Clue to track patterns in intense cramping, anxiety and mood swings, by using the personalised tags. It’s changing the way I view my period and symptoms as things I can work with and predict—I know when to be more kind to myself and I don’t feel as frustrated with my body as I once did. I find Clue incredibly user friendly. I like the circular view of the cycle and I just pop in my data each day. The analysis is helpful, I hope one day they get more detailed. I would also like to send myself reminders for things like diet, magnesium supplements and yoga poses for certain times during the month. And I would absolutely LOVE a partner app, or predication notifications/reminders sent to my partner...that would help around PMS time!.Version: 5.9

What happened?Clue was the first tracking app I ever downloaded. I found it very user friendly and all the information and insights super helpful. However, I’ve noticed some glitches have started since the new iOS update in September. Where the app always worked seamlessly, it now takes a long time to load and occasionally crashes half way through doing things. I’ve also noticed they haven’t adapted for “dark mode” and seem to have generally fallen behind. I will continue using the app because it has months and months of my tracking history but I don’t think I’ll be recommending to anyone else like I used to..Version: 5.27

I love it!!I’ve been using clue since i was like 14 years old. I’m 17 now and i still use it! Its very reliable and so helpful as there’s written info about symptoms and why you may have them. They also link the studies which i find super helpful!! I recommend it to every girl who questions me about how I’m always prepared for when my period comes through. Clue literally reminds you that you’re due in ‘2 days’ for example. Its super helpful cus i can get in the right mindset, have everything prepared and avoid any preventable accidents and issues! What i’d LOVE to see them add however, is a easy to access notes section. Like for where you record the info for your period, such as flow and sleep? I think it’ll be helpful for those who just want to add a few notes or go into detail about their symptoms. This’ll be especially helpful for females who need to record their symptoms in order to have it reviewed medically, it’ll all be in one place and ordered by date under that specific day! But that’s up to you guys tho! All in all its a 5/5 for me🥰🥰🤝. Oh btw did i mention i LOVE the lay out? So cute🤣.Version: 19.0

Love this app!! (I have a suggestion)Okay, so I am a 13 year old female. I’ve had the clue app since my first period which was in december of 2017. the app helps with so much and helps me to figure out how to handle each day. it gets to know your cycle and that’s very important. here is my ONLY problem, I have an extremely heavy flow sometimes and it’s on a different day each time. so I manage to ruin a lot of pants and underwear sometimes. it would be amazing if you guys made like a timer to tell you when you should either use any other tampon, pad, or period cup. there should be an option to select your flow, if you are using a tampon; pad; or cup, the absorption level of the tampon; pad; or cup, etc.. Then it should calculate how many hours you have before you need to change it. yes, I know a tampon is not to be used for more than 8 hours, and a pad for 4 hours. but sometimes I can only use my tampon for 4 hours and a pad for sometimes only 2! and it would be helpful to at least have an idea of how long I should kept it in before I change so I can stop leaking through so many clothes. thank you, clue app!☺️.Version: 5.0.2

Love the appIt’s really clear and easy as well as having many different formats to show you what you need to know. It’s almost always accurate even though my period is often irregular but I assume the accuracy is because of all the different options you can fill out. Wish I could get the fancy membership and pay them but I’m a broke teen so that’s not gonna happen.Version: 10.0

ClueHave found this app so amazingly helpful not only with recording my cycle and reminding me when it's coming up, but also updating on what I'm feeling emotionally at which time in my cycle..Version: 3.7.1

Best tracker app on the marketI have tried and tested a number of period tracker apps and this is by far the most useful, easy to use tracker. The app is easy to use, I love the level of detail you can add each day and the clear visuals give you an instant overview/prediction of your cycle, PMS, fertility window and even a rough estimate of your ‘unprotected days’ if you’re on the pill and miss a day. I always go back to this app when I try other trackers. I have found this one helps me maintain my routine to keep taking my pill on time. Highly recommend..Version: 5.7

More than anticipatedI got clue because I was having a difficult time remembering to track my period on my messy calendar. When I began using it, I found that it was very easy and straightforward to use with customizable tracking options besides just the period bleeding itself like emotional state, pain, ovulation, sleep, digestion, etc. I just wish that the exercise tab had more options to choose from. After using it for a few months, the app had enough data to show me patterns during my cycle which were very enlightening to me. By recording my daily experiences and looking at the generated patterns and predictions I have been learning a lot about my body that I was previously unaware of before. But my favorite thing about discovering clue is that the company provides articles on women’s reproductive health for free on many different issues, and that these articles are fact-checked and use peer-reviewed journal studies as their sources (and list the sources so I could look them up myself if I wanted to). These articles provide me with information I otherwise didn’t have access too or was too embarrassed to ask about like the many birth control options available, how they work, and their pros and cons. Definitely more than just a period tracking app..Version: 15.0

So helpfulLiterally such a great app its free and u can enter how u feel and everything which is so satisfying and also super interesting to look back at and see the patterns of ur emotions etc around ur cycle, it’s so good at predicting after a while which is so good and I fully would recommend to anyone x.Version: 14.0

Easy to use and understandHave used this for a couple years now and it’s great being able to track and analyse my cycle across time..Version: 5.15

Great For TrackingThis app is great in the way it tracks patterns and can approximate your period each month. The only issue I have is that sometimes I either can't be bothered to fill out the information, I'm busy, or I just simply forget. I understand that the app has the ability to send notifications to my phone, but it would be great if there was a button that indicates to app, that no data was recorded for that day/week, but the period did still occur (otherwise, if no information is supplied, the app believes that there was no period for that month)..Version: 4.0.6

Lock screen functionAbsolutely love Clue! Incredible way to track everything that I need to and it's so helpful to know my stats from previous months. One thing they could do better is that when they have the lock screen reminder to take your pill, it would be so helpful if it automatically logged it as you swiped left. Sometimes I've done it and clicked "took my pill on time" and then had to log in, but it didn't actually log within the app. Just a little bug that would be very helpful if you fixed it! Thank you!.Version: 4.0

Love this app but suggestionI have been using this app for over a year now and have found it extremely helpful. 5 stars if they can do anything about my suggestions. Prior to my husband’s vasectomy it made it easy for me to remember when to change out my Nuvaring. Since I have stopped using birth control it has helped me track when I can expect my period and made doctor’s visits a little easier. You know, ‘when WAS the first day of your last period?’ I don’t have to hunt down a calendar and think about it anymore. Also, it has helped me get a better handle on when my PMS is beginning so I can take steps to mitigate the symptoms and fallout. Lol! Now, my suggestion, please stop asking for money every single time I use the app to track. It is extremely annoying. Also, while I would very much like to donate/invest some money in the app a monthly amount is not possible for me at this time and the yearly subscription is more than I can manage. Is it possible for you to offer a way for folks who want to contribute but have more limited resources to give what they can as they can?.Version: 12

LIFE SAVERThis app really has changed my world. It has enabled me to not only understand my PERSONAL period more how I PERSONALLY tend to feel and more importantly my whole cycle. Through a women’s entire cycle there are hormone fluctuations and bodily processes. This app has enabled me to understand at certain stages of my cycle (which is 31 days NOT 28 which I have always just used) I experience headaches and fatigue and I have never before been able to see a pattern. It’s a very easy to use app with a great design which doesn’t just focus on the stage on your cycle when you’re bleeding (which has been my previous experience). Can’t recommend enough. Get this app and learn to understand YOUR cycle and feel empowered not deflated by PERIODS!!!.Version: 14.0

The best and most accurate tracker ever!!!I have now been using clue for a year and it is amazing how accurate and how much I can trust their predictions every month!! Usually get it the day after it says my periods about to start so I can buy products or whatever I need and I love how it isn’t only just a period tracker and it allows you to fill in your moods/other physical things rather than just your period. Would reccomend!!!.Version: 5.0.2

I LOVE CLUEI really love this app. I just need to track everything and clue is perfect for that..Version: 27.0

Helpful and reliableTldr: helps with gender dysphoria, tracks a BUNCH of stuff, needs more options for birth control tracking i've been using clue for years now, and i love it for a lot of reasons. i'm nonbinary, and my period gives me a lot of gender dysphoria, but clue's visual design layout being fairly neutral/not very feminine alleviates some of that discomfort. i use it to track a bunch of other things too, like my mood, how frequently i get headaches, my weight, etc. my period can also be pretty inconsistent, and since i also use it to track my sexual activity, i can see if im late due to my body being weird, or something else. last month i started the pill, and not only does clue remind me to stay on track, but it also gives me a lot of helpful information on whether a pill is missed or late. my only criticism is that i'm using the pill to skip my period and there doesn't seem to be an option to set that. so every day the app tells me "your period starts tomorrow!!!" when i know it isnt and it's a little stressful. hope implementation for that is added soon!.Version: 22.0

AmazingIt’s a brilliant app, but I’ve found that it’s slightly inaccurate with its predictions?? I mean, right now I’m at a friends place and I’m sorta getting a cramps feeling but idk if it’s actually cramps or the fact that I ate too much so I looked at the prediction and mines not due for like... a week?? So are these predictions pretty accurate or what?.Version: 5.7

The Best!I used to have irregular periods. It was impossible to know when they would come. With clue, patterns started to emerge and I wasn’t caught off guard. It also helped me fall pregnant first go-bam. Thanks clue. I was able to tell it to ignore the time during pregnancy/breastfeeding too so my data wasn’t affected. I love this app..Version: 5.8

Great AppSuper useful and informative!.Version: 3.7

Absolutely great (but, like anything, you can’t rely on it 100%)**worth the read** So I’ve used this app for a year or so now and it’s a great thing to have to help you track both your cycle and other features such as exercise, weight gain/loss and other habits and how you’re feeling each day. I use it regularly and it is very useful, I haven’t downloaded an other app for this purpose so I can’t compare it to others but i can easily track both mine and my friends’ data on this app which is good. Hoooooowever...just bear in mind that the app, arguably like every other app for this purpose, will not be 100% reliable, and so even though this advanced technology seems like it is extremely accurate, you should always be prepared just in case your cycle is a little earlier than expected (a mistake easily made if the app told you your cycle would only start when you got back home from holiday, when in fact you were caught by surprise in the last few days of your holiday, for instance). Everybody’s body is different and so many reviews will say that Clue has never been inaccurate for them regarding their cycle, however this may not be the case for most people. Hope this helped, and overall a very useful app to have at all times 👍🏻.Version: 5.1

A really good way to track your cycleThe app is really useful, and given that you track your cycle properly and provide as much information, the app will work in your favour. It always reminds me about my pmsing and since using this app, I haven’t missed any periods too. Some improvements though, I have seen in other apps features where you can log your health better; ie, steps taken, in featured apps, and also using the health app by Apple which I think Clue could benefit from. A section also to better track and log your ovulation, birth control and the possibility of a pregnancy feature too, again this is what I have seen in other tracking apps. I think these tweaks and improvements would be more useful to have for the app.Version: 5.1.1

Amazing! Pregnancy option needed though!I’ve used the app for absolutely years and have loved it for so long! The only thing I would recommend to improve the usability is to include an option for when you are pregnant! I am 1 week out of giving birth and have received so many notifications reminding me to track my cycle which obviously I haven’t been able to do! The app is amazing though and I would highly recommend to anyone - because I’ve been using for so long I was able to track my fertile window with absolute ease without ovulation sticks etc and was very lucky with trying for baby first month was successful! The options to predict how you react at different points in your cycle is so reassuring to know when you can’t figure out why you’re acting a certain way! The more you use it the better the predictions! Would highly recommend to anyone experiencing periods!.Version: 17.0

Easy, Quick, CustomisableLove this app. I’ve been using it for four years now and can put everything I want to in. It really helps me keep on track and keep objective about all the little things you start to worry about. Helps to identify patterns and explains why I feel good or not so good. 10/10 recommend..Version: 17.1

Handy for whatever you need it for.Well designed app. Helpful, easy to use and it’s free! 💗 Ladies: if you notice ANY changes in your body, get yourself checked out. I’m 40, had no irregular bleeding- only progressive changes to my discharge. I was diagnosed with stage 1 Cervical cancer. I no longer need the app because of early menopause due to the pelvic radiotherapy. I think they got it, but please: nobody knows your body better than you, so listen to it!.Version: 10.0

The best way I’ve found to keep trackI use this app very simply, mainly just to track the days and heaviness of my period. It’s perfect for what I need. So quick and simple to use, and consistent tracking makes it easy to notice if your cycle is becoming irregular. The additional information about menstruation and fertility is also really helpful if you want to get a bit more informed. Highly recommend..Version: 5.19.1

Great for conceiving & preventing! And generally tracking everything!I have used this app for a few years now, so when me and my husband were ready to try for a baby Clue helped me know exactly when to try and within 1 month we were pregnant with our now 1 year old son! I know it won’t be that easy for everyone but i really believed it helped us. And it’s always been great for tracking not only periods but alsorts of other things, for someone who struggles with PMS/Hormones it’s fab to know when i’m about to enter PMS and warn my husband!! haha You can track loads of things from emotions, skin, hair, hangovers!, weight, meditation! I honestly would recommend to everyone..Version: 5.3

SuggestionsJ’adore l’application ! Je l’utilise depuis plus de 6mois. J’aimerais cependant pouvoir personnaliser mes options de suivi. Par exemple, entre pleine d’énergie et pas d’énergie, il y a d’autres stades..Version: 28.0

Great app but bring back the shading of the boxes please!Used this app for probably around 4 years religiously and don’t know how I lived without it before. It’s perfect and I’ve got no qualms whatever. You can log EVERYTHING you can ever imagine. I’m gutted that a recent update has changed the way that bleeding days appear on the calendar - it was much more useful for me to be able to gauge and compare how heavy certain days were by the fullness of the box vs now when I have to click on every individual day to see the heaviness of my period and it is trickier to compare months. This is an issue for me with heavy periods as when I meet my doctor we used the clue app to compare periods on different medications whereas now this is much harder as it’s not visual anymore! Please bring this back!.Version: 14.0

The best tracker app out there.I have PCOS so tracking my cycle and my symptoms is very important. I’ve tried a lot of different period tracking apps, but Clue is by far the best. I love the simple layout, the way I’m easily able to log my symptoms, and I’m easily able to view my past symptoms. Some tracking apps are complicated when they don’t need to be, and it puts you off making daily logs. The predictions are very helpful, even with my PCOS which sometimes can be unpredictable. Unlike some other period tracking apps, also, Clue premium is very affordable for anyone..Version: 5.3

Great gender neutral Period Tracker!I love clue, I’ve used the free version for about two years and it has a good amount of features. It’s easy to track your period to you specifically along with other things like potential pre-mensural symptoms (e.g cramps, tender breasts). You can also track other things that may have an effect on your cycle like flu or a cold or what contraception you are using. It has a great gender neutral design as often period apps lean towards pink and floral which often make me feel uncomfortable and have made me reluctant to interact with in the past. However, clue has simple and user friendly interface that’s a truly enjoy using. The only thing I would love to be added is a note making function, just so I can highlight anything that’s not easily categorised and I’m not a fan of the fact that you can no longer track ovulation if you have an IUD as it’s still relevant to overall health and useful to know even if not actively trying to conceive. Overall it’s still great a great app that’s always accurate and keeps me aware of my cycle and allows me to have further understanding of my body..Version: 5.16

10/10I’ve been using Clue ever since I first started my period, and it’s been a big help! I could warn myself about when my period will come up so that I can buy more products to stock up. It’s been really helpful and includes a section for you to insert called tags. It lets you create custom tags to be more precise about how you’re feeling. Overall, Clue is a 10/10 app. I’ve recommended it to all my friends and they agree..Version: 4.0.3

Fertile WindowI don’t think the fertile window should be removed, I know it’s not 100% accurate but it provides a good estimate and I will likely move on to another app if it’s removed..Version: 20.0

Great app for awarenessI’ve been keeping my track because I never knew before how many days was my cycle and with this I know that it’s between 31 and 35 days. Also, I became aware of why I get bloated sometime during my cycle and it was because I’m ovulating (which is also great to know if you want to get pregnant or avoid it)..Version: 12

Love it, but needs some workI really do love this app! It’s clean and has a nice color scheme, though perhaps it could be a bit more feminine. I like the way it processes data and allows you to see your cycle trends. I also really appreciate being able to learn about my body from the articles is has. However, the symptom tracking items need to be more specific... there need to be more options. Sometimes I have a symptom that is not on there and I really wish I could record it. For example, I wish they had an option for “watery cm,” since I’m sure I’m not the only one who gets that. They only have 4 options for cm. Another thing that needs fixing is the glitching. At least 4/5 times that I use the app, I get kicked off for no apparent reason... it’s annoying, but I don’t mind too much. Still, it need to be fixed. Other than those things it’s be pretty good app! I definitely recommend it , even tho it has some problems. No app is perfect and this is one of the best period tracking apps I’ve found. :).Version: 22.0

Best period trackerI love clue, is the best and most effective way to track my period. I have used this app for almost three years, and it almost always accurately predicts when my period is about to come (if not, it’s only one or two days off). The only reason why I knocked off a star is bc I really wish that they would take birth control into consideration when predicting my period. Whenever I logged in my birth control (I was on the shot so it was every few months), Clue would always tell me that my period was supposed to start the next day. The only reason why I didn’t like that is because it completely threw off my data when I got off of the birth control and my periods went back to normal. Now my periods are just the same as before I went on birth control, but clue is more likely to miscalculate when it’s going to start. With that being said, it’s not too far off, only being a day or two early or late. I still think that this is the best period tracker out there, and would highly recommend it to anyone..Version: 5.7

Great period appThis is the best app for your period it’s wonderful I recommend it a lot it lets you understand your self more and you know when it’s coming and when not to make plans like swimming 😳 If your wondering if you should get it GET IT, ITS THE BEST NO JOKE my whole life fells better after using this app it’s great and also gives u something to do in the morning and at night or whenever u feel like doing it!.Version: 24.0

Clue is just amazingTracking cycles and ovulation was just so so easy with clue. The only downside is now I’m pregnant there is no way (apart from marking a positive pregnancy test) to tell clue to stop reminding you that your period is well overdue etc. My suggestion is that you add a pregnancy ‘marker’ that stops your periods and ovulation being predicted for 8 further months and you can add the data in yourself if you spot etc. And if you really wanted to push the boat out you could add a pregnancy only section with symptoms you could log which would help when you go for your midwife and health checks so you can log how long sickness lasts for, what other symptoms you’ve been suffering from. Overall great app, however some additional sections should be made for during pregnancy or at least a marker to tell clue that you are pregnant..Version: 5.0.2

Suggestions from the Husband of a Clue UserHi, Developer(s), This feels strange for me to be commenting on this, but let me start off by saying that having explored your app (accidentally inputting my non-existent cycle information before I got it to track my wife’s account), I noticed some thing that could improve the relationship &/or life expectancy of the partners of your users. Notifications for a partner that can follow y’all tracking the cycle of our significant others we can obviously see the data but what happens if we have a busy week and neglect to open the app...unforeseen consequences (pregnancy or pain). Wouldn’t it be a nice idea for a husband to know that the woman that he went to sleep with the night before was going to castrate him the next day once Aunt Flo decides to visit. Or something like nuclear bomb warnings go off the day before the fertile period hits. Just some thoughts of an amused but very impressed husband. No joke; y’all have done a good job. Keep up the good work..Version: 9.1

Useful and not too invasive with notificationsI find it really helpful to keep track of my cycle and give me an indicator of when my period is due. I’m useless at remembering otherwise so it’s definitely filled a hole there! I have no interest in other things the app can help with so can’t comment on those features but I like that it doesn’t constantly send me notifications, just when my period is about to begin (and it’s pretty accurate for me too!).Version: 32.0

Great AppI love this App. It has been helpful for tracking when my period is due and hormonal symptoms throughout my cycle and also when trying to conceive as it shows estimated ovulation dates etc. I think it could possibly be improved to have more than three future cycles shown. As a few times I was planning and event or holiday and wanted to look into the future to see if it might be a period day! Cheers.Version: 5.27

Option to track food??Helllooo! :) Just wanted to say that I love your app, I have zero complaints! I just would like to add something I think could make Clue better. The option to track the foods and/or drinks you consume, possibly at what time. I realize that this is an app about periods, but I’ve been learning recently that certain foods can mess with your cramps, make you gassy, make you dehydrated, etc. I would say I eat kind of unhealthy, due to being a picky eater. Every time I got my period, my cramps would be terrible the first 2 days, often I’d be in tears. I looked up ways to make them calm the hEck down and I figured out some foods help! I tried it out the following month, and it actually worked. My cramps lessened in pain. I think this would be a great touch to the app to learn more how food affects you. Maybe it could save someone a doctors visit, or even help a doctor to get more information about a person’s health. Thank you for reading and hopefully considering my idea. ~Lexi <33.Version: 5.7

Clue Suggestion (mostly think it’s great!)Hi! I really really like clue; it has a great interface and is very easy to use. I would really love if there were a way to track birth control pills a little bit more carefully though. Specifically, I would like to be able to choose whether you are taking a placebo or active pill, because it would provide better information for women on the birth control pill. It is important to be able to track how many days from the day that you begin your placebo pill you will start your period, and I really wish that clue had this feature! I also went through a period when I purposefully stopped taking birth control pills but I couldn’t figure out how to turn off the “unprotected days” feature, even when I shut off pill tracking. Also, I couldn’t figure out how to turn back on the feature that shows your probable fertile period. If I could get some answers or if this birth control feature could be considered that would be great! Other than those things, I really do like the app! I have been using it for a very long time and I really find it very useful. Ellie.Version: 5.19

Works greatI love the way this app works. It makes predictions for you (after a cycle or two it gets more accurate) and you can customize notifications to however you want them to be displayed. For me personally, it doesn’t work as well as it would for most women because my period is irregular, so the averages don’t work accurately. However, the functions on the app work perfectly and any issues I have are almost guaranteed to be caused by my own inconsistencies. I know my period isn’t ever going to become regular because of my genes, but it’s convenient to have all of my menstrual information in one place in case I need to look back at the dates during an appointment. Love this app :) HOWEVER. Because of my irregular period, the averages show that my average cycle length is around 46 days, which is okay and all, but because that number is so high, there’s a little icon with an exclamation point on it. If I click on it, it tells me I need to buy the subscription to receive more info. It makes me really frustrated!! Clearly Clue is trying to tell me something about my menstrual health that could be helpful to my situation, but I need to pay in order to receive that insight. It doesn’t help that the icon looks really urgent and important..Version: 5.22

Great for Period trackingI’ve been using this tracker for a few months since having an IUD removed. It’s been great to monitor my cycle and see the patterns. It’s easy to use and looks lovely, I have used other period apps in the past but this one is by far the best! The app has certainly helped us to get pregnant. Now that I am pregnant, like other reviewers, I too would love for it to also be able to track pregnancy data or perhaps link/interact with another app that allow you to monitor your pregnancy. Keep up the great work team Clue!.Version: 5.22

Great appGreat app, very useful. Would recommend for anyone interesting in keep on top of their body signals and menstrual cycle. Feedback: Would be good if we could split a day, for example to show that on the first day we go it overnight/at bed time. Otherwise it distorts the results and makes it look a day longer than actual..Version: 5.8

Great regulator for period trackingIt helps detect when the period will be approx. and with unprotected days when missed a pill.Version: 3.7

Love it, but a suggestionI really love clue, it’s a really easy place to keep track of everything related to my cycle. One thing I would like to suggest is to allow us to choose if we want to log our flow (or other things) multiple times a day or just once like it is now. Personally I would love to be able to mark my flow each time I use the restroom/change my tampon/pad and have clue give me the average flow for that day. I just thought this would be a nice option since I know I sometimes have trouble deciding what I want to mark a whole days flow as (like if I’m light in the morning and night but heavy in the middle of the day). Another part of this would be to be able to log the time (if you choose), like if I get my period at 11 pm (when I normally get it in the morning). I have a really hard time remembering when I got my period and most of the time if it starts later at night it’ll go an extra day long. So it would be nice to be able to see what time I got my period, and (if marking the time for each restroom break) over time you could be able to recognize patterns of your flow throughout each day of your period. Just a couple of thoughts, but I love this app. Thanks in advance for reading my suggestions!.Version: 5.7

NewbieI totally recommend this app, I got my first period this year and downloaded Clue as fast as I could I don’t think I could live without it, they even just launched their podcast `Hormonal’ it’s really good..Version: 5.25

5 StarsThis app is literally the best period tracker I’ve ever had. I started using it just over a year ago(ish), and it’s truly been helpful. I added in my past periods from another app and that helped a lot with it being able to always be spot on for my days. One thing I would recommend, is having a “Notes” section for days. I feel like that would be nice because I can remember why I didn’t take my BC (birth control) at a certain time and I can work on being more on time with it. It’d also be nice to keep track of other things in there, such as “my cramps were this bad today because xyz.” And instead of using just the cramps button, I can make a note of how bad or mild they were on which days so I can expect it for next time. I also feel as if it would be easier when talking to an OB/GYN about my periods because my cramps can sometimes be too horrible to the point I can’t even get up and out of bed (the top reason why I’m even taking it - and how irregular my cycle was before). A couple months ago I got the subscription to Clue, and it’s even better than I imagined! I enjoy getting the articles for what I feel on my period; certain emotions, why my cramps can be killer, etc. I’d definitely recommend this app to all my fellow friends. 💕.Version: 27.0

Used to be greatGot the app about 2 years ago after watching a YouTuber talk about using it to help with tracking patterns in anxiety and depression as a way to help me see what I’d been doing, how I’d been feeling, if it was ‘my time’ etc. I paid for a a subscription too. Then it became free as the model switched and I’d basically paid more than they were now going to charge so I carried on using it to understand patterns. Now, it’s free to just plot things in but you have to pay to see patterns and it crashes every 3rd item I plot in, it’s exhausting and there’s been no update for ages to fix the bugs. It’s a shame that an app that was so helpful in my anxiety has now become another ‘pay to play’ but with poor ux, bad bugs and little more offered than extra podcasts and blogs which I’m not interested in..Version: 22.0

Great app!Currently a few bugs that include when seeing the information on all of the categories and the options that you can add/remove it doesn’t allow you to scroll down. Another bug is that it doesn’t notify me when I’m meant to be due or if I am late, I haven’t turned off my notifications or changed them so this is rather confusing. When going into my notifications it asks me to add in information about my previous period which I do periodically every month and have for the past one or two years. Other than the few odd bugs I have encountered as mentioned above, the app is great, easy to use and when it does work properly it’s very help on explaining each category and (if you use for your period) it will notify you when you are due or late which is super handy and makes my boyfriend no longer panic..Version: 5.9

Really great!I really like this app, I think it’s very helpful to be able to track your period, and gives a lot of explanations to what everything can mean in regards to blood flow, cervical mucus, and energy levels etc. For a while I was on the birth control pill, so I had a lot less need for the app because everything was always very structured with the pill, and I always knew when my period was coming. However a suggestion; I now have the non hormonal IUD, but there’s no option to change your birth control method to “non-hormonal IUD”, just “IUD”, so the app thinks I’m using hormones so it doesn’t allow me to track ovulation in my cycle. Even though I’m not looking to be pregnant (obviously), I still want to know when I’m naturally ovulating because I’m curious! I changed my birth control method to “none” so I’m able to see everything. Non hormonal iuds still let you ovulate, but the egg does not survive when it gets to the uterus. Either way, love this app and will continue to use it!.Version: 5.8.1

The best free app I’ve found to track my periodsThere are some features that I feel would be helpful to be added. There is an option to select that you have had cramps, but it would be useful to maybe have a pain scale like 1-5 to know when to expect cramps to be the worst and just to know how bad they were as they can vary so much. Also I wish the app kept a record of how many days late you are (by the date the app predicted period to start and then when you actually start). Also more pain options like back pain maybe. And then maybe some way of recording how long cramps (or other symptoms) last/ what time of day eg if they were all day or worse in the morning or whatever..Version: 5.9

Love this app!!!Clue has really helped me to understand how and why things are happening in my body and what I can do to equip and beat look after myself! I love this app, most period trackers rarely work for me so this one is really one of a kind!!.Version: 5.2

Good Tracker, but there can be improvementsI love using clue, it is the first app I have used to track my flow and I have used it for about a year now. I think an improvement could be to add a scale for the heaviness of bleeding because sometimes I am in between two options. By a scale I mean one where you can drag a point to the heaviness of your flow (sort of like the diagram below but with labels in certain spots). Also a scale for the pain of any headaches or cramps. _______ . ____ I also think that you should be able to track the amount of bleeding during the day, and separately during the night. This would be easier to chose the heaviness because it would be more specific. There should also be a diary or notes section for each day of the period so you can add in more detail on how you were feeling or just to write a diary entry. I hope these improvements can be made, thanks!.Version: 26.0

Trans guy friendlyThe app is really useful for predicting and documenting your period, but in my opinion the best thing about it is that its is completely gender neutral. Most other period tracker apps presume that all of their users are cis women and its can be quite uncomfortable and dysphoric to use them as a trans man. Clue uses no gendered language or stereotypically “feminine” design elements so its very suitable to trans people that don’t want to be misgendered at what is already a difficult time of the month for us..Version: 5.7

LOVE IT!!I have tried many cycle tracking apps and clue is by far the best! With 2 pregnancies my cycle has changed and clue has adjusted accordingly. I also love all the settings to make it more personalized. I would recommend this app to everyone!.Version: 3.7

Really goodI love this tracker a lot because it’s easy to track also it’s good for girls who just started the period cause it’s easy form them to track I also like how Nothing cost money it’s all free which is the most helpful thing I would like there to be more information about a body parts as I have recently started and it would be helpful to know a bit on what’s going on Other than that it’s really great and I recommend definitely.Version: 5.7

Amazingly helpfulI’ve been tracking for over three years now because it’s just so SO simple to use and helpful. I get pretty fierce PMT and sometimes I just open up Clue to see where I’m at in my cycle..Version: 14.0

Perfectly simpleLove how easy it is to add everything ad see it all in one place, the option to see the current cycle or a calendar is fantastic. I think my favourite thing is being able to customise the symptoms and track how your body changes through the cycle. I’ve used the free version for over a year and I love it. I’ve tried other apps and they’re either too complicated, too simple, or just look to girly! This app is fantastic, I’ll use for as long as it’s around!.Version: 5.25

Such an amazing app!! ♥️♥️This app has been so incredibly accurate for my cycles and it’s so handy 💖 However, I do have one suggestion: For the exercise section (when you log in your details for the day), I think you should have more of a variety of options, as this can improve the accuracy of our cycles even further. Maybe the 4 options could be: - Biking/Running 🏃🏼‍♂️🚲 - Swimming/Rafting/Canoeing? 🛶 🏊‍♀️ - Ball sports 🏈🎾⚽️ - Gym (anything from weights to yoga)🏋🏼‍♀️🧘‍♀️ This is the only thing I think could make this app even more superior than it already is. Even without this potential improvement though, this app is amazing and I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants a nice, simple period tracker.❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💖.Version: 18.0

Love this app (and a suggestion)I have used Clue for years and I love it! It has helped me learn about my cycle and take control of my healthcare needs in a way I’ve never experienced. The only suggestion I have is that I wish I could track pregnancy in it as well- as far as I know there is a pregnancy option but it basically shuts down projections and eliminates the data from that time in the analysis. I don’t want to track fetal development or anything like that but it would be great if I could track my symptoms and experiences associated with pregnancy without having to mark a cycle as inactive. I had a miscarriage last fall and as we have started trying to get pregnant again I have wished that data was more available so I could see patterns and trends on months when I was pregnant compared to months that I wasn’t. As it is, when you say a cycle is inactive it won’t show you what day you were suspected to have ovulated, etc. which would be really valuable in trying to conceive. I really do appreciate this app and the work you are doing on it- I just wish it could track additional information and normalize the pregnancy experience without skewing or losing data. Thank you!.Version: 4.0.6

Amazing idea really, but could be betterI got the app with my 1st period so I didn’t know the difference between the flows, maybe would be better to use an image (not a real one)comparing the flow Types. Then at different times periods can be lighter or heavier, so instead of recording it for the whole day at once maybe it would be better to split days into morning, evening, and night for tracking. I also think that clue should average what you might feel, your type of pain, cravings, and things like that. But then again I haven’t had the app too long so I wouldn’t know if it does. There should also be a feature to say when you should change your product, although I understand that it may be difficult to do so because the app would need to know what you are using. The app in general is good but I also do think that if the person doesn’t know how long their period lasts, for example, me(1st timer) it would be good to consider irregular periods. Then again I haven’t had the app long, and it is very helpful so far just as a tracker. One question if I chose not to put an age where would I go to add one?.Version: 11.1

Please fix the PMS indicatorI have found the predictions to be very helpful and have started to notice trends in my cycle that I never really paid attention to before. I have been having very strong pms symptoms and my doctor wanted me to chart them to see if it warranted treatment. This is where my issues with clue come in. I love that it’s not pink and not flowers and doesn’t get all- isn’t womanhood magical?! Don’t even try telling me that when I am in pain or suffering. It’s just miserable. The app should tell me when I am in pms based on my symptoms. Sadly there is no option for night sweats, hot flashes, insomnia, or any of the other more severe symptoms I experience. Unless I click pms in mood the app refuses to recognize any of my days as having had pms. This is a major issue when this is what I am trying to track. I also wish there were more than 4 icon choices per category. Maybe a whole area of pms specific symptoms? So I can just say ok I’m having all of these things and not have to swipe through 10 categories. If they would improve this issue I would be so much happier..Version: 4.2

Love love loveI absolutely love this app. Been using for years now and never ceases to amaze me how accurate it is. My cycles are so crazy and out of whack but when clue tells me my period is due tomorrow, 98% of the time it’s dead on right! Recommend this to every girl/woman I talk to basically. Keep up the good work guys xx.Version: 4.0.5

A suggestionThis is a really great, helpful app but it doesn’t have every birth control option and it’s a little frustrating! I have the rod implant in my arm and the option for that isn’t available so it says I’m constantly unprotected when I know I’m not. Would be really great if that could be added as an option 😊.Version: 5.3

The best!Best app! Honestly, I love it so much. Very detailed, quite easy to use, I’ve personally always had an irregular cycle and even more so now due to my bc, so I love having this app to be able to track all my symptoms. And, I love that clue takes your entered data and tries to predict when your next cycle will be! Because it’s actually managed to be pretty accurate for me even with my irregularities. 😍.Version: 11.1

The best tracking app I’ve foundThis app is incredible compared to basic calendars and calculator apps that I have used in the past. It’s motivated me to get into a routine and pay more attention to my health. The reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because I would like there to be a few more options in each category (or the ability to add options per category). For emotions you can only select; happy, sad, sensitive or PMS. I want to be able to add things like; flat, irritable, excited, hopeful, moody etc. I’m rarely just happy or sad. Same goes with energy levels; an option for a neutral level of energy would be great. I have endometriosis so this app is fantastic because I’ve always been interested to gauge the different phases of my cycle in more detail. Providing some extra information and symptoms for those with endometriosis or PCOS would be wonderful too (for now I have added some customised symptoms). I’d also love LOVE if there was notes about the phases of the moon as these generally have massive correlations with our cycles and it’s super interesting to gauge and learn more about. Great job with this app. I’m looking forward to using it more and hopefully seeing some addditional functions in the future! :) thank you!!.Version: 4.0.3

Just one pointThe app is working well. I would like to have just one thing more. It would be good if I could fill some information manually like a diary in the calendar. Sometimes I want to write a note, but it is not possible.Version: 14.0

Full Moons?It would be very helpful if full moons were marked on the calendar or cycle because i find that they often effect when i have my period. And also the exercise log options are very limited. But I really like this app, I find it’s quite accurate and useful..Version: 28.0

Accurate trackingI have used a few different cycle tracking apps and this is by far the easiest and I found it was accurate right from day one unlike others that need you to use it for a few cycles before it's accurate! Highly recommend 🙂.Version: 3.7

Been using since my first periodAt first I thought my periods were irregular, but as I added more data I realised it was actually following the monthly cycle. It was so much more of a relief to have an idea of when my period was coming so I could plan around it. Furthermore I actually get to know what's going on in my body!! This app gave me a better education on periods than school ever did. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels less anxious having this information; it's even calming to record the information in each month. This app doesn't have any ads, doesn't ask for money to unlock extra features etc. honestly just the most useful and trustworthy app. I would donate a bit to the devs if given the option though :).Version: 3.7

Absolutely LoveI’m usually really bad at keeping track of things but with Clue it is really easy for me. Clue really helps me have an idea of when my cycle might be starting since it has a tendency to be irregular. Absolutely love using this app and would definitely recommend to anyone.Version: 5.20

Love this app! + SuggestionsI was pleasantly surprised when I downloaded this app to see how many options it had to log data. As well as tracking my flow, I use it in general to track my health and see what causes moods, sore stomachs, bad hair etc. Two things that I know have a big impact on my health are 1. Sleep and 2. Liquid Intake. 1. I would love to be able to enter the specific amount of time I’ve slept, (including naps) as having 6 hours of sleep compared to 9 makes a very big difference on how I feel the next day. It’d be great to log the quality of my sleep too! Whether I had insomnia, restlessness, nightmares, or was uncomfortable etc. 2. If I could track the amount of water I’m drinking each day, as well as things like coffee and juices, it would help me figure out what I get headaches from! This would be a great addition. Altogether, I’m very happy with Clue and the details of the app..Version: 11.1

Very simple and very useful 👍🏻I’ve been using this app since 2015! (so I don’t really know why I haven’t already written a review?) The information provided in the app has taught me a lot of things that I didn’t know before. Just putting my information in monthly over that past couple of years has got me into the habit of actually getting to know my body a lot better, I’ve learned about how I kind of change over my period and how I can help myself with that. It has given me the ability to see how my period affects me has changed since I’ve grown up too (I’m 18). Overall, I think it’s something that all women could certainly benefit from. For me it’s highly accurate, it has always been either spot on or one day off either side - the only time it’s ever been wrong was recently when it was a week off, but exam stress is sure to have taken a toll! This app is very simple and very useful!.Version: 5.13

Clue is AMAZING!I love using clue to track my cycle - it's an invaluable tool for checking my patterns during my period, and I've never had any issues with it. It has so many options for what you can track, and they're customisable too, so you can switch off anything you don't need or want to track. It's also so useful for going to the doctors, if you ever need to answer a questions you're all good if you keep yourself tracked on clue! October 2017 - I’ve altered my review from 5 to 4 stars due to the issues my friend and I are having with clue connect. There is an inability to reconnect our cycles after disconnecting because they were not synced. I am really annoyed about this, and I hope clue do something to fix it. I have emailed them about it, but they’ve suggested creating a new account which isn’t something I want to do because I have at least a years worth of tracking on my current account. I hope clue sort this issue out, as it is really frustrating for both me and my friend. Otherwise, the app is still amazing for tracking my period and I will continue to use it, despite the flaws with clue connect..Version: 3.7.1

Had it for a couple years now!I got this app a year or two ago to help me figure out when my next period was coming, to keep track of the days between my periods, and to maybe figure out a few things about myself along the way. Through out the time I've had it, it has only helped me and the app has grown to include so much more than just tracking your period. It also tracks ovulation, pms, almost every symptom out there, and whether you have certain cravings, your energy level, weight, motivation, sleep, etc. It has helped me keep track of me: my body, my feelings, everything I'd want to know or need to know to tell a doctor if something is wrong, or even when everything is going right. Mostly it has been able to predict the day of my period or at least the week, but recently I have not been hitting my mark, which only helps me to know that maybe I should go see a doctor. This app will help you in ways that you wouldn't know you needed, until you had it!.Version: 5.6.1

THE BestLet me start by saying I’ve been using cycle tracking apps since they first appeared on the App Store when I was a teen - I’m 24 now and I’ve trialled many different tracking apps but this is the one I’ve always settled on. I’ve never been caught by surprise with my period since I’ve used this app, it’s been a few great years. With so much information, newsletters, customisable reminders, and all the tracking options you may need for your cycle - this app is the pinnacle of Cycle Tracking. The interface is so much more pleasing than other apps and this one comes with an abundant wealth of information, even I’m still learning about my body..Version: 4.0.4

Visual changesHi I love this app and have for many many years. The changes are....ok....Though I hate that you changed the visuals so that I can’t easily see when my heaviest days are on the calendar the way the levels of red used to clearly show. This is a big thing because I genuinely want to be able to compare my periods on the calendar to get a sense of my body patterns and fluctuations. I used to be able to do that easily. I understand the removal of the ovulation track though I would encourage it returning to pay version for folks who are using the app fir that for a period of time. I also really wish the exercise was not activity based but level based. Yoga, running and swimming don’t help track levels of exercise. But if it were high to low then I could used that relative to my own levels. A lot of exercise might be a huge hike or it might be active yoga or dance low might be a walk or a gentle swim or no exercise at all But yoga running or biking is only relevant to some people. It’s not really a useful tool..Version: 27.0

Great!I really love clue, I haven’t compared it to other apps but it works really well for me. It’s helped me understand my body better and it really has helped my partner also understand the whole cycle better. I have a medical condition and my only nitpick with clue would be if I could input this data into it so it could make it more accurate in predicting due to the variations. As I’ve used clue on and off since 2015 I wouldn’t change to a different app as building up that information is how it has become so accurate which is great! I am completely irregular and clue has helped me dramatically keep my head on every time I miss or have a late period so definitely worth it just for that!.Version: 5.7

Love the App; SuggestionsI absolutely love this app. When I started going to the gynecologist at the age of blooming my doctor suggested, like any gynecologist would, that I keep track of my menstrual cycles. However, their method was a little old school: I'm talking pen and paper. Now, there's nothing wrong with that, except that I'm prone to forgetting that I have an important task to complete when it's buried away in a drawer. Menstrual cycles, along with all that comes with them, make us women, and it's important to know this aspect of yourself as it makes you you. Clue has completely revolutionized womanhood and allowed for the personal tailoring of every individual, making what many dread a colorful part of life. As a loyal "customer" I would like to make a suggestion: I would personally appreciate being able to write notes on specific days in which the tracking option categories don't quite fit the funk. Or maybe have the option to create my own tracking characteristics to include other emotions, other pains, other mental states. I would love to see the app continue to develop..Version: 5.3

Definitely get it!I have only used Clue for a few months now but, as someone who has their period twice a month, I have ended up tracking quite a few periods! The symptom tracker is really helpful and tells me what symptoms I'm due to have. It also gives me a choice to get notified and it doesn't have to say "you're due today", it can say whatever you like! Like "This app needs an update" or "You have a notification that needs to be viewed" which is really discreet so your friends or family don't need to know when you are due- and also it's helpful so that any boys might see your phone at any moment, you won't get ridiculed for it. It also tracks PMS so that you can mentally prepare yourself for the pain that it so come! I can find no bad things to say and, app-wise, it is really easy to use and if some people don't understand how to work it, you are sent an email which tells you how to use the app..Version: 3.7.1

User since 2014I have been using Clue since 2014, thats 5 years and if that doesn’t express to you my love of the app, I don’t know what will. This app is incredible, it’s helped me track periods, to missed pills to changes in birth control. It is easy to use and its interface is user friendly. I love the ease of specifying which birth control the user is using or even just being able to look at cycles from 5 years ago. The reminders are useful too, customisable from your birth control to fertility window. There’s also the added bonus of being able to share your cycle with someone else or add someones cycle to your app. If you need an app for tracking your cycle, this is the one for you. Ps. Please add a dark mode, I often use the app at night, summing up my day..Version: 5.25

Helpful with on-point predictionsLove love love my Clue app! Its predictions are smart, and unlike other apps if I enter a positive ovulation test then it shifts the predicted ovulation date which is super helpful. The missing star (4/5) is because I cannot work out how to tell the darned thing (said with love, haha!) that I am pregnant as it is saying I have not tracked in a while - no duh! Even though I entered a positive pregnancy test in my tracking it did not put the app into a Pregnancy Mode unlike other apps I use - a bit frustrating..Version: 5.20

Love this app but...I love this app. I have used quite a few period track type apps and this is the best one by far. I have issues and really do need to keep track of symptoms and this is the best! I would give this app 5stars if it had an option of each day with ‘notes’ there are extra little things I need to comment or remember and there is the tags section but it’s not quite useful as a note. So if you could add a ‘notes section’ that would be AMAZING!!.Version: 5.23

Amazing app!!Let me start by saying I have been using this app for around 4 years now and I love it! But ever since it came out with the whole “premium membership” thing I miss some aspects that I used to have. I no longer receive emails basically as a summary of my last cycle and I used to look forward to receiving those, it helped me get a better understanding of my cycle. And I don’t know if that is a feature in the premium membership I just noticed that when the app came out with premium membership I stopped receiving those emails, and personally I think that’s something everyone should have the privilege of receiving premium membership or not. But i also wish the app was a little more descriptive with its data, or at least had more options. For exercising I wish it had more options, it only has things like running and swimming but what about those who weight lift or walk? There are other things I wish it had as well like dizziness or how much you ate in a day or anxiety/depression, some of these things may already be on there some of them may not but I still think it’s good to have them/look into more options to collect data for. Overall, this app is great with tracking my period I just wish it went a little more in depth and helped you understand what all of it meant like it used to..Version: 5.6.1

I get that you want people to get Clue Plus but...I'm getting really sick of the cycle screen never loading now and the calender screen takes ages to load, and then you prompt me to get Clue Plus every few minutes. I'd be keen to buy it if it wasn't so expensive, but also if you were making the app unusable until we sign up..Version: 16.1

Suddenly very slow to load.I have been using clue for several years. I am a subscriber. I had worked great the whole time I have used it, until the past few weeks. Suddenly it takes ages to load..Version: 16.0

AmazingClue is such an amazing app for young teens that have just stared their period right through too adults that just want to track periods!!! This is far better than any app I ever tried, but I do think there should be a little more options with how much blood you have produced because on days that you aren’t on your period I just have to leave it blank and with the cravings option. But other than that fantastic!!!!!!.Version: 4.0.2

Thanks for bringing this backWhen a few months ago you guys took away a feature I had been using for free for over two years I was a bit annoyed. Using the new paid for Clue Plus’s subscription they took the normal three month predictions down to only one. Needless to say I was unimpressed. I was okay with being attacked with pop ups for their other content because I was still keeping those features. When it was gone it made things much harder. Thankful, they’ve recently reinstated that feature as it was, and now offer six month cycle predictions for paying users. Glad to see from a long time user.Version: 27.0

Brilliant app but needs the implant optionI have been using Clue for about two years now and love its gorgeous design and easy layout. I find all the tracking options really useful and it’s been so helpful for me. One big problem with this app, however, is that it currently does not have an option to add the implant as a form or contraception to track. This is of course a very important part of my cycle especially as I came off the pill a couple of weeks ago and have just had the implant removed yesterday. This means that although I was off the pill I still had the implant in, however there is no way of putting into the app that I was in fact still protected until yesterday. This is especially annoying when trying to track in the app when I will begin ovulating, plus tracking my cycle in general. Would be so helpful to have the implant as an option for so many women using Clue.Version: 5.19.1

ShockedI stopped using contraception nearly a year ago after being on the implant for around 7 years and then using the pill for a few months. I was sick of spending hours trying to get appointments to pick up pills and having to have a consultation every time! I didn’t have time for this! So I thought I would try to go natural! I downloaded this app as a means to track my periods and have a rough idea of my ovulation cycle. I rarely took notice of my time between periods until it went a long time and I was convinced I was pregnant! After many tests being negative and emotions running high I finally came on my period! This was when I became concerned and looked back through the last 8-9 months and noticed my periods range from 3-7 weeks in between! A few weeks after that, I logged in and a pop up appeared! The app had also recognised my irregular pattern and requested I complete a lifestyle quiz. I did so and it suggested I may have PCOS! I have never thought about this or looked into it- so I sought out Dr GOOGLE! (Being a nurse I would never recommend this however we never listen to our own advice!) After many doctors appointments, blood tests and scans I have been diagnosed with this! I am so grateful to this app for picking this up and spreading awareness! I might not have known until trying for children and I’d much rather be prepared! Definitely recommend- it may have changed my life!.Version: 5.24

Problems with opening appWhenever i try to open the app it goes to the white clue home screen and then just crashes.Version: 14.0

Love it but some suggestionsThis is such a great app. I remember to fill it in about 99% of the time which is quite miraculous for me and must say something about its simplicity and usefulness. It takes just a couple of minutes at most so is an unintrusive habit. I have what feels to be a quite irregular cycle and it's been useful to track what actually happens in a clear and simple way. It would be great if the paid version had a few extras. For instance, adding your own notes. As an example, I used a Mooncup for the first time today so that's relevant information that would be useful to make a note of for future reference. Also, back pain could be added to the ailments because it's a consistent reason I use pain meds that's not really an 'injury' as such, but is the closest thing that I can currently record it as. Back pain can sometimes be related to, or confused with, cramps, so another reason it would be useful in the app. To push that further, it would be good to be able to add any other more constant illnesses or ailments and medications that might effect mood or physicality..Version: 5.7

Great app but would love more optionsI have been using the app pretty much since I got my period and have loved it but I feel like there’s a severe lack of options and the tags feature that I guess is meant to let you make your own is a little redundant. One of the things that I find the app is lacking is that there is no way to log back pain or clotting in your blood which are two things that would be incredibly helpful to track. I also think it would be good to include other emotions because sometimes it’s hard to pigeonhole my emotions into happy sensitive pms or sad. I think adding stuff like angry or flat would be very helpful. Overall I love the app and will continue to use it because it has such an incredible simple design and is easy to use and if just a few more options were added that would be great..Version: 5.5

Medical related issuesI’ve used clue for ages and I would say it’s pretty accurate, very occasionally it might be a day or two out but very rarely. This is great for me as I have epilepsy and it’s more active around the time I have my period. The only problem I’ve had is that lately it won’t let me complete the whole days info before just going to my Home Screen, and then when I try to go back in to try and fill in the rest of the days info the app opens and then will just go straight back to my home screen. This is really frustrating because I’ve been able to use clue to refer to when seeing my specialist or nurse. Now I’m unable to do that and am worried about uninstalling the app to then reinstall it as I’ve read some reviews that have said when people do this they lose all their info. I don’t know what the best thing to do is because I really need all the information for my health but I now can’t get all that information in or see it all. Does anyone have any suggestions?.Version: 23.0

Just needs a few tweaksThis app is good and generally reliable. Needs to allow more freedom for selections. For example take away the specific sports and just put an exercise and length of time category and allow the user to add detail of what specifically they did. Otherwise it’s user friendly and reliable. I like that I can share the calendar and notifications with my husband..Version: 5.7

Great trackerHaving recently coming off the contraceptive pill I wanted something that would help me keep track of my cycle and see any patterns. I love this app and now track everyday and find the information very helpful. The only things I would suggest they add on the tracking options is an appetite tracker as I find myself more hungry at different parts of my cycles, also I do shift work so it would be nice to track if I did a night or day and then I could also see if this has an affect on hunger, tiredness, bloated, nausea etc or whether it really is my cycle causing it. Also a notes page would be good to add anything else i notice during your cycle. But overall a great app and I recommend it to all of my friends..Version: 4.0.1

So great!I have used this app for years and I’ve never had an issue or lost information. It is super accurate and helpful with knowing when fertile. It does need an option to show pregnancy. I often recommend this app to others..Version: 5.7

Great appClue has helped me keep in check with my moods and emotions, making sense of the more difficult phases in my cycle. It’s good to be able to make the links between problematic thinking patterns to hormonal shifts. It’s also good for observing erraticism in my overall period as I always knew it was whack but now I can look back over the years and see bigger patterns.. Due to this erratic nature, one option I would love would be noting temperature shifts: for ovulation, natural family planning, and bleed prediction - but, now that I think of it, it probably already is an option so I will go look right now and add it in!! Thanks Clue.Version: 5.8.1

So helpful!This app has been so helpful, it’s super easy to use and have notification options if you want to be notified of when the monthly is coming, reminds you that your mood may be elevated etc. it also has a great calendar feature to track when you are likely to have your monthly for the next few months..Version: 5.8.1

Medical IllnessesSo basically if you have a medical illness which could affect your monthly cycle there is no way of inputting that information. I have an autoimmune disorder and a blood clotting disorder in which I have to take warfarin & will be for the rest of my life. As you can guess being on warfarin (which for those who don’t know Is a blood thinner) can (not always as we are all different) make things worse than your average period. Also my autoimmune disorder always makes me feel drained of my energy anyway so that makes me incredibly tired when it’s the time of month and not to mention I have nerve damage in my lungs which plays up quite a bit around that time of month too. I can’t be the only woman out there with medical conditions that affect their monthly cycle. Point is, it’s not really made for anyone who has medical conditions that affect their monthly cycle. Mental or physical. (I say mental because stress can affect your health and body immensely). So two stars from me..Version: 11.0

Such a good appI've been using this app for over a year and seriously, it has saved me so many times. I find the algorithm is very very good at its predictions, and the simplistic design and neutral colour scheme is a nice touch compared to the normal pinks and floral patterns. Only suggestion is the ability to customise or create new tracking options, especially in regards to illness. Altogether a very good app that I would happy pay for if charged..Version: 3.7

Informative & HelpfulIn my experience, this app is awesome. Best thing ever. I have endometriosis, which causes my periods to be extremely painful. The first day of menstruation for me is always the most painful, and the severity of the symptoms I feel then will keep me from going to school, forcing me in my bed, aching and wishing for suffering to end, which sounds funny and dramatic, but is reality for people sometimes, and it’s way not fun! Anyway, I’m getting my next period on Christmas day, so that is good to know. Christmas is meant to be a lazy family day anyway, right? Jokes aside, Clue is my favorite, and the people behind it, fueling the operation seem like good eggs, thinking of the betterment of society, helping women accept and understand the nature of menstruation and what can come with being a female. My hope is that this will only immerse us further into a world where it’s okay to talk about these sorts of things that happen to most of us. Breaking boundaries and destroying societal norms is what it’s all about, and the way they are helping people in doing it is RAD! If you have a period, get this app and thank the people behind it. Thank you, Clue organizers and supporters!!!.Version: 5.6.1

Here’s the problemOkay so I have used clue to track my periods for almost 4 years now and it is amazing at doing so. Most of the time it’s spot on apart if not it would be a day or two later but for some reason I can’t find clue connect on the app as they have changed where it is and all it says on the support is click the clue connect icon, WHERE IS IT!! Also in this frustration I deleted and re-installed the app and I kept all my data and when I redone loaded the data it was not correct with some of my logins which is a shame and so I had to go back and change all the ones I can remember. I think I might reset my data for the app just so the wrong data doesn’t effect my cycle predictions.Version: 5.14

Love it but want fertility windowsHave the fertility windows been taken away? I liked having that info to show the days I need to be extra careful! I know it won’t always be 100% accurate but it was great having a little something to go by. Please bring it back!.Version: 33.0

Great ap, but sneaky marketing tactic.I’ve had this ap for around two years and I love it. Even with my irregular periods, this ap has been helpful in recognizing something was off last year. Because of that, I was able to get ahead of a health condition that was getting in the way of my fertility! I recently signed up for a year of plus. I had already been thinking of it, but some information you can only see in plus. There’s a preview screen shot that you can’t read all of and then a prompt to upgrade. The screen may have stated somewhere in it that it was not specific to me, but I didn’t see it and on the screen shot it said something was irregular about my cycle, which really worried me. I upgraded and found that everything was fine and that was a default screen for when you don’t have plus. This was off putting for me because it seems like they’re using a scare tactic to sell a product, which to me is just gross. I still like this ap and will continue to use it, but for me, standard without plus was fine. It’s only ten bucks to upgrade for a year, but it is more the principle of their marketing technique..Version: 5.0.2

Was almost perfect. Now just crashes all the timeThis app was great for a long time. Good interface and predictions. It did it’s job pretty good. Then they started pushing the membership and I have no idea how they are using that money because the app has been crashing or failing to load for many, many months. I have waited long enough for this to be fixed. I’m unistalling today but wanted to leave a review since I’ve been a user for years. It’s a shame that they can’t or won’t figure out what’s wrong with it. Apps like these are very useful for us women but this one has become a big headache. No more. Edit: After I posted my review and deleted the app I got a reply from the developer saying the last update had fixed the issues. I decided to give it another try and the app is working great now. I left the rating on 4 because of all the time the app didn’t work. The problem shouldn’t have lasted that long. I have been using it this time for over a week and it’s working perfectly. Hopefully it stays this way😊.Version: 22.0

Amazing!!I’ve tried a lot of different cycle-tracking apps and this is definitely my favorite!! However, I really wish that there was an option to indicate that you’re switching to a different brand of birth control! Also, I think it’s be nice if we had the option to arrange our days of the week according to the day of the week our pack starts on (so I start my packs on Thursday and I would like it if the weeks started on Thursdays for me). I think that would be nice, because when I went in to my gyno to switch birth control, she was interested in which week of my pack I was having the most issues and it’s really hard to tell if it’s set up like a traditional calendar. Lastly, there are a tonnnnn of options for tracking which I really love, but I know that one of the some women literally throw up for seemingly no reason at all (I, being one of them lol) and it’s be really nice to have that specifically! Because usually when this happens to me, I end up just saying I have the flu, but that’s not really accurate since there’s no fever! Anyway, I know that’s a lot, lol, but I really do love this app and and definitely think it’s the best that’s out!.Version: 4.0.3

Accurate and Insightful!!With any period tracking app you will never get anything that is 100% accurate. However, clue has blown me away with how accurate it actually is! Since I started using it a few years ago I have never been caught off guard with my period (if you know what I mean)! This is not only because it gives you little warnings when your period is about to start, but it also gives you insight into your own bodily habits. By making you report things like your mood, hair, face, etc. you begin to notice the signs of your period (which are different for everyone). Last thing, this is also a great tool for young girls just starting their period (it may not be extremely accurate at first because puberty throws everything out of wack) but it has these little info buttons you can press to learn more about what certain things mean and when you should be concerned if something is off. *Side note I use the free version because I’m a masters student and can’t afford anything, so everything I just said is included in the free version!.Version: 5.4.1

Very good but some improvements neededVery good for remembering to take birth control. Sadly they made the symptom analysis a premium feature, which would be reasonable if it wasn’t completely overpriced. £28/year is ridiculous for what you get imo. What I’d like to see is an additional option for those of us taking the birth control pill continuously such that we don’t have periods. In the settings I selected “other” because my pill comes in packs of 21. At the moment Clue thinks my period is 2 months late when in reality I just haven’t stopped taking the pill (And no I’m not pregnant). It would also be good if Clue could recognise how many pills we have taken in a cycle to more accurately predict our next period. For example if I take 21 pills/month for 3 month my period is very predictable and Clue always guesses correctly. However if I take 22 pills one month and my period is a day late, Clue will use this data in next month’s prediction even if I take 21 pills as usual. Hence it can be slightly incorrect as it didn’t take into account how many days I was taking the pill for. Other than that I’m happy with Clue. Very convenient and mostly easy to use.Version: 28.0

Easy to use and so user-friendlyI love this app so much I try to recommend to any person that has a period. It's so easy to use and makes my period so less stressful and worry free! It only takes a small moment each day to track my body and keep track of my monthly cycle. I can't recommend it enough! Love you Clue! Xx.Version: 3.7.1

Great app!This app is really good for tracking my period. I haven’t got into the habit of filling everyday out yet, but the app is still good for tracking when I have started bleeding. One suggestion is to add a water intake section. Think this would be good to see this to see how my water intake varies during each cycle..Version: 3.7.1

Very useful! A few suggestions...I like the app and have been using it for a while. I have some suggestions: 1-track masturbating under the Sex tab. It gives options for what type of sex (protected, unprotected, withdrawal method) but doesn’t give options for tracking masturbating independently (“high sex drive” doesn’t count). I masturbate a lot but unless I make a new category I can’t log that, because if I put that I had sex the predictions will factor in my ability to get pregnant. 2-It would be cool to set reminders like, to take out a tampon after 4 hours (and it can be more frequent on days you say you have heavy bleeding), or to wash your menstrual cup between cycles, things like that. And track what time you usually change your pad or tampon (specific times, or even just “morning, afternoon, evening, night”)..Version: 14.0

I find it really helpful for self awarenessI’ve never used anything like this app and since I got it two years ago I’ve found it really helpful to track my mood. As I had depression when I got the app, when I was extra sad, lost my apatite or over indulging in chocolate it helped me track what was my body and what was my depression/anxiety. It also helped me understand he different fluids from my body and what they mean. I’m hoping it will help me in my relationship when I get married to help with having babies or avoiding them..Version: 5.1

SO HELPFULI've been using Clue since I went off the pill 3 years ago. My periods were irregular and I found it hard to track the symptoms and dates without logging anything. I cannot remember how I heard about Clue. Whether I just searched "period tracker" or if someone told me. I have since told many people to use Clue and they also swear by it. I was able to see how my body works. I am now in the average range for regular which is good to know and Clue documents it all in an easy to understand way. Thank you Clue for making my life that little bit easier and taking away the monthly freak out if my period isn't here yet!!.Version: 3.7.1

Pleasure to use! BEST tracker!I don’t often write reviews of app, but as often as I recommend this app to my mom friends (both in real life and in groups that I admin), I feel like it’s time. Not only is the interface EASY TO USE, it makes ACCURATE PREDICTIONS, and it is the most VISUALLY PLEASING (and actually *fun!*) app of all my health apps and fertility trackers. I have kept 4 period tracker apps on my phone for years (for comparison) and this is my favorite. I also really appreciate that it is CUSTOMIZABLE, in that you can toggle on/off info that you want/don’t want to track, and even lets you CREATE YOUR OWN TAGS to track things that aren’t already part of the app! I haven’t invested in the premium version (considering it though, because I love the app!), but I also love that I am not bombarded by “tips” and ads and notifications about “community posts” that some other apps have. Also, it has an APPLE WATCH app! I have only the highest praise for this great app, I RECOMMEND it to everyone. Thank you developers, for making such a helpful and functional and pleasing to use fertility tracker!.Version: 5.7

Love itI’m waaaaay too forgetful and being able to easily check when abouts I’m on again is great. I can quickly note down any irregularities and tell if they’re due to my period or not. And as dumb as it sounds, I always love that it tells you little tid bits here and they’re from how frequently you note down different things to different parts/affects of your period. Whether you want to avidly mark down what you feel every day, or simply when you’re on or not, it’s simple, easy to use and everyone can benefit from it. (I also like how you can connect to other’s accounts so you can know when they’re going to act a certain way, etc.).Version: 5.4.0

LIFE SAVERI’ve had this app now for years!! Like years before they started a membership for some extra perks years. I still use the free version but this app has answered questions, helped track when I’m sexual, to a night of drinks to when I’m stressed and my cravings. I’m able to look up tags to see when I tracked these specific things, I can track my flow and can see a calendar or a circle of my cycle. It’s super spot on to when I’ll start to the day my period ends. This also helps me take my birth control! I set a reminder at my appointed time for that reminder. Also can set reminders to track my day so I don’t forget! This saves me time at the doctors telling them when my last period was, my cycle length, sexual history, alcoholic beverages, my mood, my weight, literally everything personal all in this wonderful app! Absolutely love this app and I use it daily to track my life while on the pill and helps me track for myself easily in one place..Version: 14.0

Such a great period trackerI started using Clue when I had to go off the pill, and was trying to predict when my period would arrive. It made it much easier to see what was happening, and helped me understand my body better. It was an invaluable resource for tracking my fertility when we were trying to conceive, and I missed being able to use it when I was pregnant! I would recommend this app above all other period trackers. If there was one improvement that I wish you could make, it would be to implement pregnancy into the app. Even just to be able to tell the app you’re pregnant, so it doesn’t expect you to input data about period for a number of months would be great. Although it is good that when I’ve opened it up after 11 months that it understands that that time wasn’t one long cycle. It would be great to be able to input that you’re breastfeeding, and be able to use information such as birth date etc, so the app knows to expect various different symptoms (and probably not a regular cycle) for a time afterwards..Version: 4.0.2

Brilliant. Just needs a way to deal with pregnancy info/gaps in period informationVery useful to track PMS and other cyclical health issues that can be tied to your period. Also useful as a basic fertility tool if your period is regular. But when you get pregnant there’s no way for the app to digest that, other than your cycle being 432 days... easy fix?.Version: 5.7

So Good!I’ve been using this app since my first cycle, and since it’s still pretty irregular, clue has been so helpful! I’d definitely recommend. It’s really cool that most of the team is female and the other news that’s posted on female health is great. It has so many different things to track and things you can put that might alter your cycle which is nice. Also there’s a fertility window estimator, which could be helpful for some. I was absolutely terrified of my period, when it came this app really helped, you are able to input things that are just for you like mood, cravings etc which are helpful to find when you may have mood swings etc. One thing is that I’d love for there to be some kind of diary function to log further your feelings (I read this, and it seems like the most pubescent thing ever, so maybe not so helpful to those who are older and used to it). Overall, it’s a great app and I love it 💕.Version: 29.0

Great app, weirdly slow recentlyI’ve been using Clue for maybe three years now so I am obviously indebted (I bought a T-shirt, so slightly less indebted) but the app has been incredibly slow to load the opening cycle screen for the last month at least, maybe two. I’ve just updated, no improvement. I’d also like to donate and get clue plus, but I live and work in Russia and use the NZ App Store which means I have to transfer money first and therefore lose a hefty percentage in the process. If I could become a clue plus member via a browser and use my local bank card, I would definitely be giving you money already!.Version: 16.1

This app is a game changer!!I am so grateful for this app for several reasons. First, I love that there are articles, research, and a podcast that links to this app and presents with incredibly helpful and interesting information. Second, I so appreciate that I have identified patterns through this app and actually realized that my IUD was having some problems because of it, which was amazing. Third, I love that I track this and my partner always gives input, which makes me laugh a lot and also sometimes he reminds me to track it because he sees the benefit as well for me and him! Overall, I love this app and am so happy with it!! It’s also worth paying the extra money to support a woman owned business! Last thoughts... There are two suggestions I’d make to the people that produce this app to make it even more awesome: - Add a way to track sleep quality rather than just number of hours you slept. I find that during my cycle I have different patterns of sleep and I’d like to be able to track this to predict and know when I might have a poorer night sleep. I would suggest putting on there the following 4 categories that you can multi select if you want; but also, do with this suggestion what you will: Good Sleep, Restless Sleep, Dreams, and Poor Sleep - The other suggestion I would make is to provide a place to jot notes down or journal. This would help to provide context for why you chose what you did so you could go back and see your notes..Version: 24.0

Plan bI think the app can be improved by adding a plan b pill option.Version: 14.0

Amazing!I suffer from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and have a number of symptoms throughout my cycle which can seem random, but Clue helps me understand patterns and recognize anything out of the ordinary that I may need to discuss with my doctor. I also suffer from anxiety, and the tracker for emotions and motivations is so helpful. When I have a bad day and feel like my whole life is going badly I can look at the calendar and see how many days I've marked as "happy" days. The other types of tracking are important to me for other reasons too. My mom died of ovarian cancer a year ago at a young age (early 40s) and I've since become worried about my health. My doctor told me that I should track my symptoms (i.e. any irregular pains) so I can have a peace of mind knowing that these problems are part of my regular cycle or something that needs to be checked. The only thing I would suggest to the developers would be to incorporate a section to track regular, daily prescription medications. I currently use another app for this but if Clue could find out a way to add it on then it would just be unnecessary. Either way I love the app and it constantly is getting better..Version: 4.0.2

PratiqueBelle apli.Version: 9.1

I wouldn’t have conceived without it!!I have used this app for a couple of years, although it can only estimate you ovulation times it at least gives you the rough times to do your ovulation tests which can be costly if you need to track them like I did. I had been trying for a baby for 7 years (didn’t think I was able to conceive), with my periods very irregular so were my ovulation times too and most of the time I wouldn’t ovulate at all. But with the help of this tracker I could closely monitor them easier than before and saved a lot of money in ovulation tests as a result. This also helped when going to fertility treatments and having to update the doctors on my last periods etc. So with rare occasion I ovulated I could be more aware, resulting in my baby boy. I genuinely don’t think I would have my little man now without this app and I make sure to tell my friends about it too. Not to mention it does more than what I used it for too. I’ll forever be grateful for it and I will continue to use it too. Also with the seriousness lack of people going to smears I think this is fantastic to help figure out when to book an appointment for your smear in-between periods..Version: 5.8

SuggestionSo I’ve used the app for 49 months, it’s always been quite accurate for my slightly longer cycle. However it would help to have more functionality for pregnancies. I’ve had a miscarriage at 14+4, and am currently (I think) 5+4 weeks (+days) pregnant. Given this is due to genetic issues and I got pregnant right after a much earlier M/C, (I’ve had 5 M/C total) it would be nice to be able to self-alter the fertile period, (but perhaps only after a positive pregnancy test?) as it can then easily be seen when I got pregnant (maybe make it purple rather than blue to show it’s been altered) and help for tracking in future. This would be especially helpful for early losses. Sorry this isn’t helpful for people wanting to know how good the app is, it’s just that it does bother me that the fertile period moves, even when you’ve marked that you’re pregnant!! Otherwise, great app..Version: 5.7

Easy to useI love the simplicity of this app compared to other I use. I love that I could share my cycle with my partner should I choose and that all my information is available in one spot so I can easily relay it to my doctor. I came here to write a review stating that I wish you could add if your cycles are irregular or if you’ve been diagnosed with PCOS or other infertility issues when I saw there was a recent update that mentioned PCOS. After updating and looking through all the settings and options I had to go back to the update features to learn that it will only prompt you to take a survey once they’ve deemed your cycles are irregular. It would be nice if you could just input that you are irregular or suffer from infertility issues that have already been diagnosed without having to wait for a cycle to complete. Because with PCOS we could be waiting anywhere from the automatic 29 days clue starts you at to 90+ days which means you don’t get insights because you haven’t actually completely a cycle yet. If you were able to put on your diagnosis or irregularity then clue could give you insight into what your last 30 days has looked like instead of *one* cycle that could be months of waiting.Version: 5.24

Great app but needs notesI love this app. It makes me really slow down and take a minute to think about how I felt and what happened in my day. I have an IUD and so I don’t get periods but it’s helped me realise I still get symptoms at the time of the month and I can be aware of them and not confused. Only downfall of this app is it would be great to have a notes feature and maybe a way to add more sections to each symptom. For instance in mood I would like to add something other than happy or sad. But otherwise it’s a great app for understanding about yourself!.Version: 4.1

Most useful appThis app has totally won me over. I’ve tried various apps similar to this but the layout and design was so bad I used to download them and delete them a day later. Clue is by far the best cycle tracking app out there. I have recently come off the contraceptive implant and took the decision to take a break from female contraceptives all together. My periods were irregular and I had no idea how my body worked. I started with Clue to track my period and it got it so so right! I have been using for three months and have received my first cycle breakdown which explains whether I am healthy and if there are any concerns I should have. The app has predicted my period start date spot on each time and I have finally been able to understand my body. The app also tells you about your fertile window so when trying for a baby you can know how likely pregnancy will be. I would recommended to anyone and can’t think of anything to improve on..Version: 4.0.1

Unable to scroll informationReally love using this app but when I click to read the info for the options I’ve tracked I am unable to scroll to read it all. This was working perfectly fine until a couple of days ago. Would love to be able to read the info as it’s such a great part of the app!.Version: 5.8

Clue loverI’ve been using clue for years and I love it! I’ve tried many tracking apps but this one has been my favorite! I like that you’re able to customize what you want to track as well. A couple things I’d love to be able to track as well would be things like lower back pain, and hot flashes. Which are two things I get often on my period. It also used to share information with the iPhone health app as far as sexual activity, which I really liked because the health app has a lot of other data in it from my Apple Watch that clue doesn’t track because it’s not made for that! since Apple has updated the health app to also include period flow, the two apps don’t sync anymore and I find myself tracking in clue first and then the health app. I would really like for clue to be able to sync up with the health app automatically again so it can show my period symptoms/ flow as well as sexual activity in the health app without me having to log everything twice!.Version: 7.0

Most used app!I use this app everyday to track everything not just our monthly - which it is also really good at. Super easy to use super easy to read and also really informative!.Version: 14.0

Have had Clue almost 4 years and would recommend completelyHave been using clue for almost four years, when I first started tracking I had downloaded a couple other apps which have since been deleted, clue I reckon by far the best out there. Can't fault it at all, beautiful and clear design, fantastic features, a must have for tracking cycles and symptoms that come with it. Also if you do have any queries concerning the app they are fantastic at getting back to you. For reviews that say it’s not always accurate... clue does always state how are bodies are not clocks so sometimes on odd occasion it could predict a day out but it’s down to our bodies not clue. The more you track the more precise the predictions are. It takes your averages and predicts from this but our bodies don’t always go by averages and many things we do in our daily lives could affect our cycle which is why clue let’s you track lots of other features and sometimes it can make sense maybe why a cycle came on earlier or later. Hope this helps!.Version: 5.9

Good but would like more future cycle dataI downloaded Clue, as the previous app I was using stopped being developed. Clue is a good app but lacks one feature my old one had...and it’s one I really miss. The ability to scroll through the year ahead and see predictions of your future cycle dates (Clue gives 3 months in advance only). I used to find this super handy when planning a holiday or something. I know this sort of data isn’t totally accurate that far ahead but it’s a feature I personally used with success. So I’m swapping apps again to get it back..Version: 18.1

Very helpful but I have an ideaI love using Clue. I only have the free version but for me it is very helpful to look back on since I have very irregular visits. An idea I would have would be to include a colour section because that is quite important due to health and I’d like to keep track of it. Thanks.Version: 5.0.1

Worth itI have been using clue since my first period 10 months ago. I think it is a really great app with a lot of great features although I have a few suggestions that I will get to later; Som of the newer updates have also been very good though as I have just started using the menstrual cup and it did not have that option before! Some of my suggestions would be; More fitness options- there are only 4 options for tracking fitness; yoga,running,biking and swimming! There are so many sports and I know that you can’t put all of them in but you could do different categories like; ball games, cardio, stretches etc! Also I think it would be good if it told you why we need to track all of this as I am only 12 and I have no idea why we have to track all this! I am not share if this is already a feature and I have not found it or if they don’t have one but I thought I would mention it. I think that there should be a little optional video in settings on how everything works and where to find it as each time I go onto the app I find something I didn’t know their was! Thank you! Xx⛑.Version: 5.7

Idea for an ImprovementHi! First of all, this is a wonderfully helpful app not only because it’s a pretty accurate tracker, but because it’s nice to reflect on all of the little things that add up to how you feel about or experienced each day. I will say though, for some of the categories, especially most of vitality categories, I think it’d be really useful to have a slider instead of two buttons. For example, if for most of the day I was stressed, but then had two hours where I was strangely calm, I’d like to record that by having a circle on a slider be closer to “stressed” than “calm” rather than just clicking both buttons. With the current system, a lot of the days look about the same when in actuality, they weren’t. I understand that this would screw up the feature where you can see patterns in your symptoms and feelings from period to period, but that could be changed so that the categories with sliders weren’t accounted for, or if the placement of the circle is about the same, those would be seen as similar. Either way, I love the app and will continue to use it daily..Version: 5.25

Great Health App!!I've used this app for longer than I can recall; perhaps it's been three years now, and Clue really does continue to get better. I'm now 35 and no longer on the pill so I've been on the bc side and the no bc side (tubal). Clue truly helps you understand your body by including emotions, energy levels, sleep quality, along with all of the period symptoms that are more typically found in apps. The interface is so user friendly too. I've been able to track and control migraines along with identifying anxiety and times during the month that make me prone to migraines and panic attacks. The best thing about Clue is that my 17 year old daughter loves it. She didn't want a flower icon or anything else that screamed menstruation app at age 14 so she picked this Clue after much prodding from me. Now, all of her friends use it because they got tired of being unprepared and realized so many just knock off 28-30 days whether your cycle falls in that frame or not. They've also learned that hormones affect everything and know to keep Clue updated and front and center! Great app. Truly great!.Version: 4.0.6

More Options!!I really love this app and how it can track my period! It is a total life saver from my anxiety because I’m always worrying about my period. But, something that would make me love this app even more is if it had more options. For example, in the emotions section, I usually have way more emotions in a day than what is offered as the four choices. Having some more options would be great. And for ovulation/discharge, sometimes it looks different on certain days and I would like to be able to document that in the tracker. I would also like to be able to document if I had woken up or not during the night in the sleep section, like the option of Insomnia. And my energy, I’m not always highly energized or have low energy, sometimes I’m right in the middle. Some more social options would be nice. And many more exercise options would be nice, because I do all different types of exceeded other than the ones offered. Basically, the point of this review is to say I love the app, but I would like more options to put in for data..Version: 5.21

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