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CBS Sports Fantasy app received 34 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about cbs sports fantasy?

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CBS Sports Fantasy for Positive User Reviews

CBSAwesome site but it’s getting to expensive to justify.Version: 6.19.7

RostersDislike you can’t set rosters in advance!!.Version: 6.8.16

App loginApp randomly logged me out and now won’t let me log back in. Have deleted and re-downloaded the app. Getting “could not authenticate expected (200-202) got 503” messages. Unable to log back in now..Version: 6.8.3

Trading BlockAdding that to the app would be a HUGE upgrade. It’s too difficult to access the cbs site from the internet explorer of a smart phone. Help make this app better it hasn’t seen many upgrades in the past few years. Considering my league spends the $150+ twice a year for the commissioners leagues, and has done it for over a decade, I hope our plight is seriously considered! Not to mention.... if we’re paying for a commissioners league, we should be allowed to access all these sportsline articles that we need to pay extra for. Just bonkers what we pay out for such a small amount of extra functionality..Version: 5.11

Need to add an injured reserve spot or 2I like CBS fantasy football a lot, but I am looking to make a change toA league where there are one or two injured reserve slots. It was very frustrating to draft and trade to get an excellent team, only to have to drop good players in an attempt to get otherPlayers to make the playoffs. For example I had to drop Damien Harris because he was hurt for several weeks, only to have him get 38 points against me in the first playoff game when he was picked up by someone else. Would much rather have been able to put him on injured reserve without losing a spot. Had to drop Fournette as well, and also hold on to Elijah Mitchell while hurt for several weeks because I had no injured reserve spot. Especially with impact of Covid, anInjured reserve spot or two would really help!.Version: 6.8.12

Former ESPN USERI’ve used ESPN for 12+ yrs. switched last season to MFL but it was a little complex for members of my league, but we used it for the customization qualities. This season we said let’s just go back to ESPN but when I started it and went to set some rules and details it was so basic and not very customizable. So I decided to finally use CBS ( never did bc it was to my advantage bc this is where I always got my info from). This site will let you customize just about anything, and the information and links attached to the app and Full Site are second to none. CBS is easily the best fantasy site that I have ever used. Not to mention they have the most informative and entertaining Fanatay Podcast around. Adam , Dave , Jamey, Heath, Chris, Ben, Will, etc....!.Version: 5.15.4

Great AppLove this app. Well organized. Great write ups and keeps you up to date with all the transactions, trades, injuries and projections! Highly recommended this for veterans of fantasy football or someone like me that is playing for the first time! 🏈 Cheers, BillsMafia_17.Version: 6.8.9

Worst fantasy baseball app in the marketWas it developed in 1990 and never updated?.Version: 6.8.13

Good but could be betterI think the app works well for the most part. It could use functionality improvements similar to the online layout. Finding things are a bit more cumbersome than online which in a clutch can make you want to rip your hair (if you have any left) out. We have been using this system since it was Terry Bradshaw’s program. Once set up to your liking (still could use some tweaks here) it’s pretty smooth. I think they should give us long long time loyal users a deeper discount (or other perks) on the pricing structure. Still it’s a good way to roll with your league..Version: 6.19.6

👍👍👍🏈Great app! Easy to use and navigate..Version: 1.3.6

15 yearsBeen using cbs fantasy for at least 15 years. Some years have been better than others. I feel that it is a good system. Easy to use, scoring system has a lot of adjustable options, lots of extras to look at for help with your team. But there has been some problems with system freezing up, real time update not always accurate, projections not as good as they used to be, and seem to weigh a little heavier on daily fantasy for advice vs season play. All in all I do like it. But for the money you have to pay for the season, Bugs should be worked out. Milhouse.Version: 4.2

Excellent resource! I am contacting my entire draft using the app.CBS Sports' website can look a bit dated compared with the competition. So this fast, helpful app is a welcome surprise! I got a text from an owner that they had picked the wrong person. I was able to pause the draft and back out there pick in just a matter of seconds, using the commissioner tools. I will be referring to this app daily for the entire season. However, I find it frustrating that the player pages do not show a histogram of points per week, as was available in draft season..Version: 5.0

Very disappointedWe spend $150 as a league to use this site, partly because we always have used it, partly because the system is easy to use. However the app now has advertisements at the bottom of the screen, it is hard to move around the adds and should not be there since we pay ALOT for this sight. I would expect this from yahoo or ESPN that have free sights, but not from an expensive service. It cheapens you brand and is making us think of using a free service from here on out. We choose to pay you rather than have that go to our winners, so moving forward we might change services..Version: 5.8.1

DisappointingIf your league uses traditional roto scoring, this app is frustrating and irritating to use. The “Scores” screen shows the standings for the current period. In a roto league, this information is meaningless because weekly results are not relevant in the final results. It is the same with what is posted in the notification center. What is shown is not an accurate account of the actual league standings. Most of the owners in my league manage our teams on our phones and unless there is an update to make it more friendly for leagues that play by traditional rules, we will move to another service next season. This service and this app has been the gold standard of fantasy baseball for leagues for a long time. It is frustrating but also sad that it no longer is. Update 5/4/21. I’ve reached out to CBS Sports customer support and received the typical “we’re aware of the issue” response. Issue not fixed and my well deserve one star rating remains..Version: 6.8.2

Very goodBig fan guys.Version: 2.5.0

Could be perfectThis app does a great many things right. Easy to manage all my teams, solid draft room support, quality articles that aren’t hard to find. The one thing I really miss between this app and the browser version is sortable stats, especially for baseball. The player rater is nice most of the time but when I need help in a specific category it becomes tedious. Also I’d love to see sortable timeframes between 28 days and YTD. Last thing I’d hope devs can add is player eligibility logs. Overall, a great product that is far superior to Yahoo and ESPN’s apps IMO..Version: 5.15.12

Ye olde 5-star reviewI started listening to the cbs fantasy baseball podcast before this season starts, it’s great because I get a lot of sabremetric info on players that helps me determine if I should hate-drop an underperforming player or hold on for a bit longer to wait for regression to do its thing. I have a question: What is the last line of the Friday “Kokomo” song after “raisins are shriveled grapes”, as Frank keeps stepping on that last lyric? Lastly, I would like to submit my team name for Team Name Tuesday: Tatis All, Folks. Every time Fernando tatis misses time with an injury, I feel like my season is over, hence my team name..Version: 6.8.4

Big Improvement!I’ve been a CBS fantasy subscriber since 2003. Granted there were no smart phones or apps back then, but I’ve seen a dramatic improvement in the CBS website as a whole over the years. In regards to the CBS Fantasy app, I’ve seen the most improvement since just last season. I am very satisfied with the improved commissioner tools, weekly scoring previews, ability to communicate with the rest of our league through activity and transactions reports, etc. Consumers have a choice, use a free fantasy site or pay $150 for CBS. CBS is worth the money..Version: 5.8.1

PlatformFor what it’s capable of doing it could be so much better and a lot cleaner. For salary and contract leagues why can’t we see our total salaries through the app? Instead, we have to go through the actual site. How are you allowed to add a player and be over your roster limit and or salary cap amount?.Version: 6.7.8

Fantastic phone app….EXCEPT!I have been on the same FF league for years. Over time, I have used the phone app and forgot my password and retired. The original email I used to set up my account can only be changed on the computer version of FF. Therefore, I am in a catch22, and have ONLY been able to use the app for the past 2 years because my old email is no longer available to me and I forgot my password. I can find no help with this issue! But, so far for 2 years have been able to play with just the phone app..Version: 6.8.16

The new update is a farceCan’t scroll laterally. Can’t click a player without restarting the app. Really frustrating to use. .... and now as of last night I cannot log into my iPhone. This is insane.Version: 6.8.3

Awful but they’ll fix itUsed to the best fantasy app by a mile! Then 2 years ago something happened. Endless glitches, crashing and even our draft wouldn’t work. They gave us our money back which is classy but all I want is the app to work like it used to.Version: 6.8.10

Great app!Good having all the sports in just one app.Version: 2.7.1

Ok appEasy to use.Version: 2.7.1

All the features of a free appWithout the unnecessary cost savings..Version: 6.8.16

Almost perfectWould be nice if when you are trying to do a trade you could actually click a guy in the trade and read his stats/overview instead of always having to back out, is fairly inconvenient, however I love almost everything else, more in depth commish tools on the app would be nice too if possible, cheers.Version: 3.7

Good not greatI just wish the videos would play, not sure why they don’t?.Version: 6.8.9

This is the most overpriced site there ever wasApp updates poorly, and slow, often is down throughout game action, is never really LIVE scoring, never gives updates on players before game action that is viable to making roster changes. Scores can be skewed due to site malfunctions. All In all I have no idea why we pay for this site anymore. It’s actually gone backwards in the last decade and let’s face it, I can do a better job of hockey in my spare time than they allot staff to this site.Version: 6.7.16

Rotowire???I have cbs sportsline account. Why do I have to create another account for rotowire to see stats and updates?.Version: 6.7.13

CBS FF app rules!High quality analysis all at my finger tips. What more can you ask for? Regulator question. A LM accidentally dropped Chris Carson for the Cowboys DST when he meant to drop the KC DST. It feels like it messes up the league balance to let it stand as is and have someone just pick up Carson for free via waivers. But it also doesn’t feel right to just reverse it. Any thoughts on an adequate ruling and/or punishment for his mistake that doesn’t adversely ruin the balance of the league? 12 team PPR. Waivers is reverse order of standings reset each week. Waivers already ran (obviously). The team positioned to claim Carson is arguably the worst team in the league if that matters..Version: 5.15.5

Poor serviceFor being a paying site I know multiple sites that offer better service that don’t screw up league features year to year.Version: 6.7.16

Adds in app??I love this app for my fantasy football league. The commissioner control is top notch. I pay $160/year per league. I am currently in 2 leagues. I am the commissioner in both. I see that they are starting to put adds at the bottom of screen. Mainly for other apps. I don’t think that there should be any adds or at the very least a way to “opt out” of said adds. Please fix this. I have been a loyal customer for the past 8 years. I will take my business elsewhere, or go to the free apps. I understand adds popping up while using free app, but not when paying $160 per league..Version: 5.15.7

CBS the biggest waste of moneyCBS constantly suggests waiver pick ups that went by the 9th round of my 10 team draft. There are constant glitches with the app the sound works about 1/4 of the time on their fantasy analysis. There are more add pop ups than my 𝐅𝐫𝐞𝐞 espn and yahoo leagues. The one thing I enjoy are the weekly game reviews. Richard is only slightly less competent than Eisenburg. Id not recommend learning the other dudes name. I’m a ff hall of famer. My league is fiercely competitive. There’s 2 morons in my league that refuse to switch to a better site because they want their 15 year old titles to stay in tact..Version: 5.7

Good is the enemy of GreatThis app is good. Probably the best on the market. Unfortunately that means it is unlikely they will ever be Great. There is plenty of room for improvement in this app, but we’ll likely need to wait on a competitor to fill the gaps. My #1 gripe - This site is immensely profitable yet they don’t provide any customer service. You would think during the first few weeks they would provide extended hours of support. But no - as far as I can tell they offer NONE. I’ve used this app for probably 20 years. This year we finally had an issue that required assistance. I sent in my request. No response... NOTHING..Version: 5.7

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