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Filmic Remote App User Positive Comments 2023

Filmic Remote app received 28 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about filmic remote?

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Filmic Remote for Positive User Reviews

Nice updateNice update to stability.Version: 3.7.0

Very useful but expensiveI felt compelled to write a review because of I took the chance, despite the negative reviews, and was glad I did. My use (for context): Recording of music performances or lessons, using the rear camera of my iPhone on a tripod (just much better quality than the selfie camera). I often need multiple takes, because as soon as a camera is recording by brain just forgets how to play! I have tried mirroring programs like AirPower mirror and also a Bluetooth shutter release - which are great for what they do BUT don’t help with self recording (AirPower mirror) or I just don’t TRUST them enough to work for that ONE take that’s the keeper (Bluetooth snapper thingy). I use filmic remote on my watch iPad to compose my shot etc and it is so much easier just pressing the iPad to start new takes, rather than having to go back and forth to the phone (put down guitar, faff with tripod, lean over to short cut and knock everything over, swear, etc). Yes, the latency is....significant! But I’m only using it to compose the shot and then press record. For that, it’s working brilliantly so far. 4* as fees like a steep add on the filmic pro. I didn’t shell out for the bundle, so paid for both apps separately. Summary IF YOU ISE FILMIC PRO AND NEED MULTIPLE TAKES OF SOMETHING USING YOUR REAR FACING CAMERA, and you are in your own, THIS IS REALLY USEFUL.Version: 3.2.1

Works for me iphone8 to iphone8Slight lag, but so much easier than running round to press stop at the end of every take. Makes solo filming much easier..Version: 3.2.1

Back to its former glory 5/5Truth be told I didn’t use remote much due to disconnects after updating to iOS13. This latest 3.2 update solves that!!! Thanks so much for this update. Loving shooting with remote once more..Version: 3.2.1

Superb add on to a brilliant product.This is a superb add on to Filmic Pro. I film using an iPhone X on a tripod and am controlling with my iPad from some distance. Few people notice the camera, most see me working on an iPad ! I would love to have remote playback as well..Version: 3.0.1

Great for some things and soooo close to perfect.Edit. Looks like the problem with the app crashing out when disconnected is a function of the ios13 upgrade, so fair enough, I am sure they will sort this bug out. The app works well. Does as it says on the box, giving remote control of the camera functions. Does have one big flaw for me though, when you disconnect from a camera the menu shoots up again, this kills the “clean feed” I am trying to use. So it is great but useless to me at the moment A great shame. With a bit of works this could be the solution to a lot of problems..Version: 3.1

Yeah, it doesn't workI have an iPad Pro 9.7 and the iPhone 7+ and the remote cannot find the other device which is on the same network. Spent 7.99 and it is pretty much useless right now. I want a refund but yeah I don't see that happening either. Hopefully this gets fixed asap ** UPDATE ** The new update as of 12/21 has fixed the issue. Just make sure that you "enable remote" on your filmic pro app and it'll work just fine.Version: 2.1

Worked straight off the batIP 6s with iPad Mini 4 iOS 12.4.1. No probs at all, connection worked immediately and all functions work as advertised. With iPhone on Dji Osmo the Remote makes operation a snap. Highly recommended..Version: 3.1

Black ScreenThis is a great app. I use this app a lot for shooting puppet vids in my little shed with no wifi and it was great. Then recently I started to get problems with my ipad pro and iphone connection. The connection occurred but all I got on my ipad was a black screen. I informed the developer who were very quick to respond. They advised me to uninstall then reinstall both apps on both devices, which I did, but also to unselect and then reselect the ‘Preview Active’ option in device settings on my iphone. This done and all in now fine and I’m back in full production. I find this is a great app..Version: 3.3.2

Some glitches, but a great start...worth it for meInitially I could not get the preview of this to work at all. Tried on both Bluetooth and wifi, but then I decided to hit the B/W button at the top of the preview, and Voila! It Worked. I was able to switch it back to Color and it worked again. Is there latency...yes. Almost a second of it, but there is no latency on the controls, just on the preview. Is the preview great looking? Nope. But it is good enough to show me I am in frame and set the focus, white balance, etc... Keep working on this Cinegenix! I am REALLY thankful for this app as it will keep me from having to rig up some strange mirror contraption or other finicky method for trying to record myself through an ipad teleprompter (where the iphone becomes mostly unaccessible as it is housed under fabric)..Version: 1.0

It worksWorks as intended. 1 star off for the lag, as others mentioned, but impossible to work around that without a tether..Version: 3.7.2

Works perfectAfter reading previous reviews I was concerned about buying this app and after contacting support with my concerns I listened to their advice and made my purchase. Im using my IPhone 6 as the camera and I’m using my IPad Pro as the remote control and it works perfectly and connects instantly. Just wish I had bought Filmic Pro and this remote app in the bundle, being cautious actually cost me. None the less I’m delighted with the remote as I can now operate the camera while looking at the settings and control on my IPad in the shade..Version: 3.0.1

Almost perfect but no multitaskingReally useful and works almost perfectly for my needs, but with one caveat: it doesn’t support multitasking and split screen on an iPad. I’d love to have Filmic Remote on one half of my display and my notes on the other half. The only option at the moment is to use Notes as an overlay, but that covers up the remote’s controls..Version: 3.7.6

Where have you been all my life,Thanks guys for making this app, it's the perfect companion for filmic pro. The image is a bit pixelated over Bluetooth/wi-fi. If this could be improved this would certainly be very welcome! But great job for introducing this app, it's going to make the little projects I do with this 10 x easier!.Version: 1.0

Filmic Support is Great!I’m changing my review after getting really great tech support from the Filmic crew. I had an issue of the remote not being able to control both the iPhone 12 and 13 Max Pro as camera A and B because it was calling them the same name, and still doing so after I changed the names of both phones to be different. Turns out the app was using the old names from cache inside the Filmic Pro app - so reinstalling the remote app was not getting it to see the new names! I reinstalled Filmic Pro on both phones and it now sees the new phone names and allows me to control both phones. Thank God they explained it to me and that resolved the issue, now I can control both phones and all is well with the remote app again. Being a one man film crew, I use this app on my iPad to lock the exposure and focus with me as the subject from both camera angles, and for this the app is great!.Version: 3.7.0

Delete Recording Files through RemoteBadly wants file delete functionality through the remote + making the file a favourite with a star. I’m using this app to record my YouTube video tutorials. If the recording has an issue, I cannot delete it through the remote or I cannot mark the correct recordings with star. Having this feature would save lot of time in selecting correct clips in post editing..Version: 3.4.0

I love the app.I'm very new to iPhone videography so when I had an opportunity to use Filmic Pro but I was excited with Filmic Remote. The ability to set up a shot and see it on my ipad that acts as a monitor is a bonus. I do experience some lag, but overall the program is working as described. My son, who is a professional music producer and videographrer is impressed with what filmic remote has the potential to do. Only drawback for me is the remote screen is from the older version and I'd like to see the same screen/ functionality of vrs 6 on my tablet. When you have that, I'll give you a "6" if they let me! :-).Version: 2.2

Works here in 2 iPhones seReviews suggest app doesn’t work - didn’t have any problem between 2 iPhone se 2017 and 2020 models.Version: 3.3.0

GreatThe only bad thing is that it won’t work with an iPod 5th generation as it only supports iOS 11+..Version: 3.1

Massive potential!!As a mobile film maker, this app can be massive. Struggled at first to get it to work, however when I did get it to work. Wow. Can I ask? Will it work using your phone as a hotspot? If so this would be a game changer, as you be free from WiFi! I shoot both exterior and interior and being able to move away from WiFi would be fab! Please, please work on this app as main stream film makers will finally take mobile film making a bit more seriously..Version: 3.1

Powers my COVID home studioRemote had been a game changer since I was forced to work from home. It is at the heart of my home studio and I use it to control two iPhones and an iPad running FiLMiC Pro. Thanks and keep the features coming..Version: 3.6.0

Simply fantastic!This is the first day that I started working with the FILMIC PRO REMOTE application. This is fantastic! I wish I had discovered this sooner. Thank you guys for this amazing tool! Piotr.Version: 3.7.5

Firstlight supportI love the capability of this app, though it would be much better if the Filmic Firstlight photo app was also able to be remote controlled by this. That way you could compose the shot, figure out focus, lighting, and colors, all while being in the shot yourself..Version: 3.6.0

Not quite ready...Very cool features. As an actor, i self tape a lit of auditions and being able to use my ipad to get the shot focused and white balanced is great, BUTthe streaming of the video isn't really streaming. The best i can get it to do is maybe an image every fuve secinds when sharing the video feed with gilmic Pro. I may be using it wrong, but i wouldn't know. FILMIC PRO has great products...BUT THERE ARE NO DIRECTIONS AND THEIR WEBSITE IS FAIRLY USELESS. Also, their "training" videos are more like demoes. The biggest feature this suite of apps a comprehensive owner's manual..Version: 1.0

Useful (and clearly misunderstood) ...but brilliant!🐝Filmic Remote is extremely cool & recommended (and seemingly misunderstood) as it *clearly* mentions in all associated guides, manuals etc; that which connection protocol you choose to use (yes there are indeed options) and consequently; how those connections are setup, naturally has an impact upon how fast, responsive and stable the resulting production environment is (which needs evaluating based upon individual requirements). There’s Bluetooth, WiFi (both established and NON-established network) and LAN (direct peer to peer via Ethernet) naturally with Ethernet being the ultimate for speed & reliability (at the cost of the necessity to tether and power devices - which is possible even remotely and in terms of professional production - recommended. Naturally electromagnetic interference can affect WiFi usage, and firewalls (packet interference via examination etc) can introduce latency or other issues; whilst not to mention the device you’re using (new/old) and the speed it can maintain (2.4 GHz 5 GHz +) and the quality of the Ethernet cables used and their CAT SPEC). My head nearly exploded when I discovered the ‘Ethernet’ option, and the latest round of Apple devices take WiFi speeds even higher, add to that the extended creative possibilities using Apple’s adapters (such as LAN, HDMI and third party hardware switchers etc) and you begin to appreciate the exciting possibilities ahead!.Version: 3.2.2

Framing options do not match Filmic ProI love using filmic pro and filmic remote together but I wish the framing options were the same on filmic remote. I record a lot of content for social media and I love filming in 4:3, however when using filmic remote that framing option isn’t available. It also seems like crop source to overlay doesn’t work properly in filmic remote when the camera in filmic pro is filming portrait. For example, crop source to overlay works great for 1:1 framing if the camera is horizontal, but when it’s portrait filming it doesn’t show up in the filmic remote app. If the developers could just provide the same framing options as well as correct crop source to overlay like in the regular filmic pro app, it would bring a lot more power to remote..Version: 3.0.1

Works very well and have been super convenient!I am not sure why this app has such low rating. I found it very useful. I use it between the 2 iPads pro (2019, 2017) and 2 iphones (IPhone 6S n X). I use it a few times during online presentation which I use one device as my “webcam” and the other as a monitor so that I can zoom in and out without having to reach over to the device as the camera. It is also useful when I am on the computer doing streaming but has to set the device as the camera further away close to the subject. Especially during the last 18months when I have to make so many online presentations, this app with the Filmic pro has been my go-to app for many occasions! I have not experienced lag or crash as all..Version: 3.6.0

Awesome!Awesome! The remote v3 interface now matches the look of the FiLMiC Pro app. It's a total breeze to use and very practical for many of my video recording scenarios. I am very happy to have purchased this app :).Version: 3.0

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