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Jackpocket Lottery App App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Jackpocket Lottery App app received 16 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Jackpocket Lottery App? Can you share your negative thoughts about jackpocket lottery app?

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Jackpocket Lottery App for Negative User Reviews

Defeating The Purpose of an lotto appWhat’s the point of utilizing this JackPocket app remotely versus going in person to purchase the actual tickets when it does not function properly as it should. Due to because the State’s severity storm or snow weather conditions, we could use this app to get lotto. Shouldn’t it be the opposite where we’re supposed to stay safely at home and be able to play the lottery? Just doesn’t make any sense and definitely defeating the entire purpose. How about considering your staff working from home telecommuting? Why create an app that’s supposedly for convenience turns out to be such nuisance? I’m sure it’s frustrating for most of us who can’t be able play lotto safety from our own homes due to unprecedented severe weather. This JP app fails in so many levels and must address the issues immediately. TY!.Version: 2.10.0

Ok1- you can’t auto play pools. Serious flaw 2- when the pool tickets are drawn, your only told if you won’t if YOUR specific ticket had a winner. You are not notified of the amount of winnings from the pool 3- notifies you constantly. Too many. And unfortunately you get a notification when the drawing is happening, and again the following morning, but neither notification says you win. It should say drawing us in and you win $xx. Especially for the pool tickets. It’s very annoying to open every pool ticket the click the ticket again. Then click “viewpool” then scroll all the way down to see the pool winnings. Just show it on the dam ticket when you scroll through your tickets and show it on the notification. That really make his more annoying than just going to the corner store. People will soon realize that..Version: 2.8.2

App StatusHello! I believe this is a good app to use to attempt to win money. However, I have found it difficult to win any drawings and have only won one where I just won a couple bucks. In other words, I was wanting for this app to make it easier for customers to win more easily by if one or more of the numbers match, that people can win anywhere from a few bucks to millions of dollars. Moreover, I would like that if a customer wins the majority of the numbers, that he or she can hundreds or thousands of dollars. Furthermore, I would also like it to be easier for customers to withdraw their earned money into their bank accounts or have major winnings shipped to their addresses..Version: 2.11.0

Lack of SupportI was using the app happily until I had an unforeseen issue at my bank. So the Jackpot Technical Team blocked my account and asked for a different money source. I only have one bank account, “support” doesn’t actually talk to you. The “contact us” button allows you to type out questions etc but you have to wait to get an answer (maybe). I was playing fairly often using the app and I moved $ over into the Jackpot account so I could draw on it as I wish. Now I have a suspension, no one has reached out from Jackpot, they have my money in the app account I am not permitted to use and I can’t move money to settle up the reason for the suspension. Jackpot hasn’t really fully worked this process out and it shows..Version: 2.9.10

Great app but.........First of all, this app really makes buying lottery tickets easy and the 'convenience fee' is well worth it. One thing I did notice a couple of months ago, was that I purchased a winning ticket (I won twenty dollars) and didn't know and was not notified nor was my account credited. So I was casually browsing my tickets I purchased a couple of days later and then I noticed I won some money but was not notified, i then proceeded to contact customer service who then immediately credited my account and gave me an additional ten dollars to my account. The customer service rep blamed 'technical issues' behind my account not being credited. Be careful and check your tickets daily and compare your tickets with the winning numbers. I am sure it was a honest 'mistake'..Version: 2.11.4

Needs improvementsI do like the convince buying lottery tickets from application on my phone. App UI is pretty nice except for results tab, how it displays information looks awful. Developers made signing up very easy, I had no hiccups linking bank account. And I appreciate receiving email confirmation which I made folder just for this app. I will NOT buy anymore “Pool” tickets. Pools are way to large. Winning 0.14$ - 0.016$ cents is impractical because of these Pools sizes, they are way too big. And not enough Pools to buy into. Myself would rather buy into 20 Pools at maximum of 500 people per pool. Fact is I’m still purchasing tickets at my local stores and buying into local pools because they are much smaller. I already realize my chances getting smaller pools and more available Pools probably will not happened but I am hopeful that it might..Version: 2.9.9

Tried with $20, already looks shadyInstalled this app based on a friend suggestion. Convenient way to play for people who live far from a lottery convenience store. However I already have some complaints and now I am curious about my protection if the reward is quite large to remain honest. You pick some numbers or let the app pick them for you. And somebody actually buys tickets on behalf of you. You can see a stamp on the “ticket photo” that says “ticket belongs to Your Name”. It doesn’t say “redeemable only by”. Also I don’t really know if the actual ticket has the stamp or the stamp was “photoshopped” after the ticket was scanned. What made me suspicious? I won $4 and it was on my account. So somebody was able to claim it on my behalf. I had already $12 left from original funding and $4 from my winnings. I tried to withdraw my money after losing trust. It looks like the original money you sent from your account is not refundable. That is problem #2. The I decided to get my $4 as a refund. Again another problem. Although I was able to fund my account using PayPal, I cannot get a refund via PayPal. It wants my bank account number. What if I don’t want to give my bank account to an app developer? Maybe I was misled because they made funding the app account very easy..Version: 2.9.10

ExpandingTo me, this APP may seem to be perfect for people who live in the state of New York or any other states that validate it. If you happen to travel other states that don’t validate it , you won’t even be able to play until entering to the allowance states. I think we should be able to play anywhere by selecting or choosing the state you want to play, for instance if I live in Florida and I am traveling to Georgia, I should be able to play the Florida lottery while I am in Georgia even Georgia doesn’t accept it. You guys need to know this is a mobile application you should be able to use it anywhere in the U.S except where it isn’t allowed. I get frustrated whenever I am away from my state and not able to play..Version: 2.11.2

Nice app with some obvious issuesWhile one can’t blame Jackpocket for dropping pool support for New Jersey (blame the state), the app or service can and should keep track of statistics that should be accessible to the user, but isn’t for various reasons: What numbers have won the most? This can help in deciding non-quick pick numbers. What’s the highest and lowest streak, and highest jackpots in a specified duration? How much have you actually won since starting the app? Per game? How much have you actually played? How much have you actually funded? Maybe you think you’d lose customers if they actually knew how much they spent or how much they didn’t win, but we deserve to be informed players. Lastly, the app obviously shows the winning numbers in the app and tells you if you win… once you're in the app. But why does the app send worthless notifications like “Did you win?” Wouldn’t YOU know this before I even launch the app? This is nothing more than clickbait. Fix these glaring issues and earn your stars and better rating..Version: 2.11.4

Quick Pick feature stinksThe app is convenient for when you don’t have time to go out and buy tickets but their number generation for quick pick is horrible. I’ve used it several times and I’m constantly getting a massive amount of duplicate numbers. With such a huge pool of random numbers it’s absolutely ridiculous when some numbers appear on 4 out of 10 tickets. Convenient but you’re WAY better off choosing your own numbers if you want something random. Edit: Related to the developer response. I never stated the QP feature wasn’t compliant, I stated it’s terrible considering the massive amount of repeat numbers I receive. There are 11,238,513 5 digit combinations using 1-69. Seeing the same number across multiple tickets is highly unlikely. Thanks for your defensive response in relation to your compliant random number generator. Edit 2: used app again on 1/8/22 to buy mega millions tickets for next drawing. 5 tickets. 4 sets of repeating numbers. Definitely avoiding quick pick going forward. Edit 3: my review has been deleted as of 1/9/22. I’ll just keep reposting it..Version: 2.11.7

Pricing model should be changedI took a look at this app and it looks great and convenient to use if you want to play lotto games often. But, there is nothing “convenient” about being charged an almost 10% fee just to add money to play the same “gambling” games you can play at a local store. Why spend more money gambling for no good reason other than to use your phone instead of going to a store? Seems like a bad decision to just lose more money. My recommendation to the company is to change the pricing model. Instead of charging a fee to load money, I would be more interested to use the app if I had the option to pay a monthly fee instead. I would be happy with $10 per month but I bet some people would be willing to spend up to $20 per month. Wouldn’t MRR be better to grow the customer base? Just my opinion though and maybe the current model makes them enough money for people who are willing to use it as it is. It might be worth offering the option. Monthly or “pay-as-you-play” options..Version: 2.10.5

Service Fee?Hard to believe the Lottery Commission in America is struggling. The audacity to subject mobile players to a 9% service fee is in fact beyond disappointing. I’ve five children and utilized eight different educational institutions within twenty five years. During that time the NY Lottery hasn’t purchased a pencil, eraser, computer or donated a penny to assist with our educational system (It’s been researched and confirmed). To continually read about amounts allegedly donated annually is comical. Moreover, labeled non profit as well avoiding taxes. Let’s be honest, I enjoy playing weekly because people win and it’s fun to dream. I’ve been donating for decades and I’m unable to write that off...lol However, the political nonsense and lack of transparency is appalling. If I were lucky enough to win, I’d spend half of AFTER TAX winnings on ABC news documenting forensic accountants researching your alleged donations (public and political) and following the money trail... Also, when will PB resume normal operations back to $40 million upon jackpot reset? The pandemic excuse slowing revenue is as bizarre as your public donations list. In fact, why won’t you publicly release that list and help soothe our nation as we battle through turmoil. The Lottery Commission receives unbelievable amounts of public money daily. Be the group that leads by example and not one who charges 9% service fee for donating more money to you...food for thought🤔.Version: 2.10.3

Customer Service is horrible!I received an invitation from an older family member and I downloaded the app so that they could play with some bonus credit. I used my Amex banking account, but this site has a bunch of restrictions on debit cards (only two of the major four) that you can use so the transaction got kicked back. My account was suspended and I tried to used my PayPal account, but they just sent a generic automated message about high volume of tickets and traffic and that they would get back to me in 48 hours. Over 48 hours later, they just closed the ticket. I tried opening another ticket asking what was going on, and it’s been pass the original bot message of 48 hours again. Don’t waste your time on the app. Just go buy the lottery tickets at the store..Version: 2.9.10

Awesome but Player Beware!I love the convenience of this app! It’s so convenient that you must be careful and exercise control when playing thru the app. I find that I spend way more money (that I don’t have) buying tickets thru this app than what I’d spend if this app wasn’t available. Also, you never have to “go” check results due to emails notifying you that you won a prize. I’ve never won more $2, $4 and $8 prizes so regularly before not to mention hitting a Pick 3 twice. Would love to see more zeros in my winnings but wouldn’t we all? Bottom line, I LOVE THIS APP!!! However, if you are irresponsible and can’t control your gambling you shouldn’t mess with this app. The convenience and ease of use will get you hooked..Version: 2.9.5

When you need help... don’t hold your breath!!!I was loving this app and then I had an issue and needed help as my account got suspended because I accidentally pressed the fund key multiple times thinking it wasn’t going through a when it actually was going through each time. My bank flagged it and didn’t fund so I put in a new account and it funded fine. Now my account is suspended and I’ve reached out explaining and I get a link to you tube for help! If they had bothered to read the message they would have seen that I needed their assistance! It is almost 2 weeks!! Please I understand being busy and overwhelmed band not being able to respond in your 48 hour window but if you had time to send me a useless link you could have read my message and assisted me. Please I still need help with the account!!!.Version: 2.9.10

Sketchy! Too much info needed and glitchyFirst, I read the responses from “support”. They’re half thought out and evasive, they look like the response you get when asking a politician a question about the economy and some how you end up hearing about how much they miss where they grew up. They just redirect. Sketchy!!! Don’t use this app! ITS NOT SAFE! It gets one star cuz if you pass the part where you can put in the address you’ve lived longest for age verification you can’t go back to it and it wants your ID picture. You already have my bank Info. Are you going to ask for my mother’s maiden name next? Maybe my first grade teachers name? Way too sketchy, you don’t just send that kinda info when you do t have too. The devs need to make this safe and user friendly not just slap it together and use celebs to market it. Lazy... don’t use this!.Version: 2.8.8

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