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Jackpocket Lottery App App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Jackpocket Lottery App app received 16 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Jackpocket Lottery App? Can you share your negative thoughts about jackpocket lottery app?

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Jackpocket Lottery App for Negative User Reviews

It’s just terribleThe app works less percent of the time than your percent chances at actually winning the lottery. Got in once and it was working fine. Went to order some tickets and it just goes “oops something weird happened” and no longer works. I try tricks online on deleting and reinstalling on data. That works fine. I add funds just fine. Then it randomly goes “oops something weird happened” again. Nothing weird happened. Weird things don’t happened every time and to lots of other people. If you’re able to get the app to actually work, you’ll probably win because you’re super lucky. Terrible app that just never works. And it took my money just to no longer work again. The trick doesn’t work anymore. The app doesn’t work on different devices either. Just a terribly made app that scams 99% of people who try it. So try it, get lucky to have the app work, and I’m sure you’ll be a millionaire. Otherwise, you’re better off doing literally anything else..Version: 2.12.3

Quick Pick feature stinksThe app is convenient for when you don’t have time to go out and buy tickets but their number generation for quick pick is horrible. I’ve used it several times and I’m constantly getting a massive amount of duplicate numbers. With such a huge pool of random numbers it’s absolutely ridiculous when some numbers appear on 4 out of 10 tickets. Convenient but you’re WAY better off choosing your own numbers if you want something random. Edit: Related to the developer response. I never stated the QP feature wasn’t compliant, I stated it’s terrible considering the massive amount of repeat numbers I receive. There are 11,238,513 5 digit combinations using 1-69. Seeing the same number across multiple tickets is highly unlikely. Thanks for your defensive response in relation to your compliant random number generator. Edit 2: used app again on 1/8/22 to buy mega millions tickets for next drawing. 5 tickets. 4 sets of repeating numbers. Definitely avoiding quick pick going forward. Edit 3: my review has been deleted as of 1/9/22. I’ll just keep reposting it..Version: 2.11.7

Really convenient!No longer have to race to the store to get my ticket if I forgot! I’m just curious as how they get the lotto tickets for you? I’ve had some luck with the app, but whenever I read about big winners it’s always from a store… Also I sometimes wonder about their “quick pick” system. I’ve gotten quick picks that would never ever win! Like all 30s! The winning numbers have never been all of the same numbers like that! 30,33,37,31,39 and 32?!?!? Seriously?!?!? All 5 of my quick picks were ALL IN 30s?!?!? Since then my quick picks have been better, but I do have to wonder if my quick picks were a bug or something? If I could’ve won if i had proper quick picks… I guess we’ll never know… But since this experience, I try to get my lotto tickets from the store before using this app..Version: 2.13.6

Very disappointed with support**Editing my review from 1 star to 3 stars because they ended up giving me the additional $20 but still disappointed I had to argue for it.** I have been using this app for several months after it was recommended by co-workers. I like the convenience of purchasing tickets from my phone rather than going to a store. However, I feel scammed as they did not honor bonus credits for a referral. After I opened the app, I saw the referral fee was $30 instead of the usual $10. I immediately sent the link to my friend and within minutes he funded his account. After I saw only $10 in my account, I went back to the app and saw the offer of $30 was still there so I took a screen shot. Maybe an hour or so later, it was back to $10. After reaching out to support for assistance, they responded and said my friend had funded outside of the bonus period. I guess it’s back to purchasing tickets from the store until I can find another app..Version: 2.12.7

Tried with $20, already looks shadyInstalled this app based on a friend suggestion. Convenient way to play for people who live far from a lottery convenience store. However I already have some complaints and now I am curious about my protection if the reward is quite large to remain honest. You pick some numbers or let the app pick them for you. And somebody actually buys tickets on behalf of you. You can see a stamp on the “ticket photo” that says “ticket belongs to Your Name”. It doesn’t say “redeemable only by”. Also I don’t really know if the actual ticket has the stamp or the stamp was “photoshopped” after the ticket was scanned. What made me suspicious? I won $4 and it was on my account. So somebody was able to claim it on my behalf. I had already $12 left from original funding and $4 from my winnings. I tried to withdraw my money after losing trust. It looks like the original money you sent from your account is not refundable. That is problem #2. The I decided to get my $4 as a refund. Again another problem. Although I was able to fund my account using PayPal, I cannot get a refund via PayPal. It wants my bank account number. What if I don’t want to give my bank account to an app developer? Maybe I was misled because they made funding the app account very easy..Version: 2.9.10

Pricing model should be changedI took a look at this app and it looks great and convenient to use if you want to play lotto games often. But, there is nothing “convenient” about being charged an almost 10% fee just to add money to play the same “gambling” games you can play at a local store. Why spend more money gambling for no good reason other than to use your phone instead of going to a store? Seems like a bad decision to just lose more money. My recommendation to the company is to change the pricing model. Instead of charging a fee to load money, I would be more interested to use the app if I had the option to pay a monthly fee instead. I would be happy with $10 per month but I bet some people would be willing to spend up to $20 per month. Wouldn’t MRR be better to grow the customer base? Just my opinion though and maybe the current model makes them enough money for people who are willing to use it as it is. It might be worth offering the option. Monthly or “pay-as-you-play” options..Version: 2.10.5

Service Fee?Hard to believe the Lottery Commission in America is struggling. The audacity to subject mobile players to a 9% service fee is in fact beyond disappointing. I’ve five children and utilized eight different educational institutions within twenty five years. During that time the NY Lottery hasn’t purchased a pencil, eraser, computer or donated a penny to assist with our educational system (It’s been researched and confirmed). To continually read about amounts allegedly donated annually is comical. Moreover, labeled non profit as well avoiding taxes. Let’s be honest, I enjoy playing weekly because people win and it’s fun to dream. I’ve been donating for decades and I’m unable to write that off...lol However, the political nonsense and lack of transparency is appalling. If I were lucky enough to win, I’d spend half of AFTER TAX winnings on ABC news documenting forensic accountants researching your alleged donations (public and political) and following the money trail... Also, when will PB resume normal operations back to $40 million upon jackpot reset? The pandemic excuse slowing revenue is as bizarre as your public donations list. In fact, why won’t you publicly release that list and help soothe our nation as we battle through turmoil. The Lottery Commission receives unbelievable amounts of public money daily. Be the group that leads by example and not one who charges 9% service fee for donating more money to you...food for thought🤔.Version: 2.10.3

Auto fund feature -tickets not actually purchased.I somehow, I suppose, turned on the auto fund feature even though I don’t remember. When I went or my bank and saw it, I immediately turned it off. However, although I turned it off the money kept coming out of my bank with fees. The system said it was off, but it wasn’t. It would also turn off my safe web browsing in Norton. That’s how I realized that something was amiss. I kept getting messages thqt I wasn’t safely browsing; I’d turn the safe browse back on and it would be off again. Since it’s impossible to speak to someone, I submitted a ticket and got an immediate (automated) reply. They’ll get back to me. Well, they never did and yes I checked my spam. While I liked the convenience of being able to play from my bed, I don’t want any app taking money out of my account. Therefore I don’t I’ll go back to the store method as I have lost trust in the security of my money. I also don’t understand why they don’t have a human to speak to. Surely they have enough money with the fees they charge. On my last transaction I got an email telling me my tickets were ready to view. However, when I clicked the link they were not there and never appeared in my account. Please be careful..Version: 2.12.7

I wish they did a virtual scratch off ‘sSo I’ve been using this app for about 2 years, and I have mixed feelings about it. Although it’s literally easy to use and very convenient in regards to not standing in lines etc, the winning ratio using this app is very slim. I noticed when I physically buy lotto, numbers etc, I usually win something, whereas it’s seeming to me like you have to spend a certain amount, just to win a small amount on this app and I don’t like that. I feel this app needs to add a virtual scratch off section with daily payouts because to keep spending money and not winning anything is a bore, at least give people the incentive to continue to want to use the app because right about now I’m ready to just delete it and continue to go with the regular method..Version: 2.13.9

Scam?Was enjoying this app after being invited by a friend until I received an email almost a WEEK after I joined saying my account was suspended due to “failed funding attempt” for an amount that I didn’t even try to fund? They won’t suspend my account until I pay back the amount that I “owe” them for this failed funding. When I contacted support about the situation I was told to look in my “funding history” where I found 1 inquiry that said funding had failed for a completely different amount (the amount I was planning to fund my account with) because my bank does not allow me to use a debit card for lottery. Simple fix, I added my bank account by routing and account number and was able to fund that amount instantly. My concern is if the funding FAILED (meaning it did not go through, in my experience) how do I OWE money? Especially an amount I did not try to fund. #2 if this happened the day I opened my account and added money for the first time why am I being told I “OWE” money a week after this supposedly happened and AFTER I won close to $100 playing on this app? If someone supposedly “owes” you money why continue letting them buy tickets? Why did the “owed” amount not get taken out of the funds that were on the account? I don’t think it’s right that I would have to “pay back” money that I did not even spend or deposit..Version: 2.13.8

Very disappointingTypically, I would’ve rated this app much higher as I have been using it for quite sometime now. I’ve always waited around half an hour before the drawings to purchase my tickets no matter which game I’m playing. However, Friday I wasn’t able to purchase tickets in this manner as the system kept giving me an error, even though it did allow me to add funds during this same timeframe, in which, they are paid a fee. I suppose I am a little disappointed as they received their monies for the transaction but I was denied being able to purchase my tickets for the 1.2B dollar jackpot… yeah, I know what the odds were but so did everyone else’s - it didn’t keep them from playing. I was denied this opportunity because their system couldn’t handle the load - technical difficulties! My suggestion to all who uses this app during high stake drawings - don’t wait till the last hour because chances are you will not be able to make your purchase!!! For all the naysayers, I’ve done it this way for several years and never had an issue. From Texas, Great Disappointment.Version: 2.12.3

Jackpocket app useless when you travelBeen trying to do something simple like add my tickets to a lotto pool. Since it requires your precise location, you can’t even join a lottery pool if traveling out of this app’s service area. Deleting… I’ll use Poolu instead. At least Poolu doesn’t require a precise location to add your tickets to a lotto pool. If you’ve already purchased the tickets, why is it necessary to provide access to your precise location just to add tickets to a lotto pool? The Jackpocket app is rather useless unless you’re within its service area and aren’t traveling out of its service area. For example, you can use it while in NYC or Oregon, but not in California or Arizona even though tickets can be purchased in these locations. You can purchase lotto tickets when in California, yet you can’t add your tickets to a lotto pool using the Jackpocket app while in California. Just dumb..Version: 2.12.3

Great app but.........First of all, this app really makes buying lottery tickets easy and the 'convenience fee' is well worth it. One thing I did notice a couple of months ago, was that I purchased a winning ticket (I won twenty dollars) and didn't know and was not notified nor was my account credited. So I was casually browsing my tickets I purchased a couple of days later and then I noticed I won some money but was not notified, i then proceeded to contact customer service who then immediately credited my account and gave me an additional ten dollars to my account. The customer service rep blamed 'technical issues' behind my account not being credited. Be careful and check your tickets daily and compare your tickets with the winning numbers. I am sure it was a honest 'mistake'..Version: 2.11.4

This is trash..just stick to going to the storeI got this app because I thought it would be easy to play a few games on the go. Everything was fine I got my ticket and was waiting for the NY lottlo drawing to come in….somehow I couldn’t get my barcode due to it being watermarked. I went to contact the support to see if they can help me remove the watermark on my ticket to see if I won right? Even tho the app will tell you if you win I feel like you should still be given your ticket WITH a barcode win or no win just so you can go check for yourself….I had 5 numbers and bonus somehow still didn’t win????!?went talking to the support they didn’t help at all won’t remove the watermark and stopped responding all together even when I had more to ask. This is a waste of time and money. Again if you want to play just go down and spend your money in the store to have your ticket handy for self check. If I could give it no stars I would…..Version: 2.12.2

Have not been mailed winning ticket. Edit: Received nowThe app is well designed and intuitive to use. I’ve won a few lower prizes amounts and was immediately credited the winnings. No problems there. 8 days ago I won a prize just over the maximum allowed to redeem electronically. The ticket must be mailed in or presented in person at the local lotto office to claim a prize. That’s a lottery requirement not Jackpocket. If you win an amount over that maximum claim amount, Jackpocket emails and texts you about the prize. The email also includes a form to fill out to have your ticket mailed to “right away”. Still all good. I filled out the form shortly after receiving the email and have not received the ticket or tracking number for the ticket (promised when filling out the form). It’s been over a week, I’ve emailed support, and haven’t heard anything. Where is my ticket? Edit: Rating updates from 1 to 3. Although I never received a response from support, the ticket was mailed by an individual to me right after I posted this review. I do wonder: If this was a much larger prize, how do you follow up if it never gets mailed? If the local person that picked up that ticket has a ticket worth a lot of money, what happens if they don’t send it/keep it?.Version: 2.12.10

Iffy on thisSo I have been playing for a a few months. Yes it’s easier to get a ticket. But you will spend more money playing. And they charge 10% on funding your account. So if you walk into a place you don’t pay more. I’m also a little iffy on quick pick. What’s to say these people don’t quick pick the same numbers for more then one person. Giving them the edge. Or making it up. It’s a picture of your ticket. Also. No one has really ever won on Jackpocket. So be weary. Play for fun. If you have gambling problems. Don’t join this site. Again you will spend more money playing the lottery. Which I truly believe is a scam. Ever notice more people in New Jersey wins the lottery. Wel the lottery is in New Jersey. Also remember the monopoly game at McDonald. They cheated us out of that money. And never said sorry. So. Be careful. It’s easier to get struck by lightning under the ocean then to ever win the lottery..Version: 2.13.9

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