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Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY Positive Reviews

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Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY App User Positive Comments 2022

Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY app received 122 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about canon print inkjet/selphy?

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Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY for Positive User Reviews

Great appSuper easy to use in every way. Never had a problem connecting to any printer. The convenience of being able to print straight from my phone is fantastic. I’ve even recommended to people that they should buy a Canon printer, purely because of how easy this app is to use. 👍.Version: 2.6.2

Great AppThanks Canon, great App it saves me changing printers just so I can print,scan, copy from my IPad & Phone. Real life saver in that sense. Look forward to any improved additional features & software upgrades, keep up the good work and once again Thanks Canon. 5stars.Version: 2.6.4

Great AppI’ve been using this App for a while and it’s very simple to use. Quick printing without the need to use my pc. Straight forward app. Well done.Version: 2.5.50

Canon 4500 seriesA great product here! The setup was easy and fast. Connected to my home network with no trouble at all. Whether you are printing a document or pictures the quality is great. A two ink cartridge system makes printing fun and affordable. Printing time rivals that of a office printer. The scanning feature is a mirrored copy of what you want to print, this is truly a all in one. Can’t say one bad thing about it. I highly recommend downloading the Canon print app to maximize what this printer has to offer! Great job Canon for another quality product!.Version: 2.8.0

CanonSimple Efficace.Version: 2.8.30

Does everything i needGood quality print, reasonably priced cartridges ( unlike many others) . Works fine printing from iphone, ipad & laptop without any bother. Would have given it 5 stars but the install failed initially - i could sort it out easily enough but thats not a great first impression. But its been perfect since then.Version: 2.6.4

Very useful appWorks like a charm. Makes it so easy to just print out from my mobile phone..Version: 2.6.4

Printing made easyEasy to use, connection between phone and laptop via Bluetooth is great too! Once you connect your device to the printer, it will automatically connect every time you switch on your device and printer. The scanner also works easy. This app makes printing pretty easy.Version: 2.7.1

Great AppWorks flawlessly on iPhone 6s. Love the fact that you can print straight from mobile without the need for router. Simply register device to printer via phone wifi through app. # Update:- Still works flawlessly. Added iPhone XR with no trouble at all. Process was quicker, in fact almost instant. There’s a lot of unnecessary negative comments regarding the set up of this app. I personally didn’t find any problems at all setting up my 2 devices. I even tried a few more as an example and all worked flawlessly. This app is excellent in every way. Quick to set up and use..Version: 2.5.50

PrinterGood once you get it going but took a bit to connect iPhone to printer. It isn’t a fast printer either..Version: 2.8.40

Canon printer is fantasticI really wasn’t expecting much from my $180 printer but it’s great! And even photos with the free sample paper are perfect! It was a bit painful to set up for a non computer person like me but it’s bringing me into the modern world! I have my laptop and phone set up wirelessly !.Version: 2.6.4

Connected Maxify Printer to Router Lacking WPS ButtonMy Canon Maxify 4020 is the best inkjet printer I've ever owned, but it's tricky to connect to a router that lacks a WPS button. This app was a lifesaver! When Search for Printer didn't find the printer while my iPad was connected to the network I wanted to connect the printer to, I followed out the instructions for "Printer Not Found". The instructions let me select my Canon printer model. Then they showed step by step pictures of how to use the printer's setup screen to select a different connection mode. Once the printer was "prepared", I was able to return to the app and use my iPad to type in the home network password, and connect!.Version: 2.7.13

Easy to useReally simple to set up and use, the document scanning function is great as you can just take a picture of what you want to print. Can print really clear documents from just your phone camera..Version: 2.6.4

Canon printer TR8622I have my printer now setup I can’t believe how easy it was. I even have it set up with my new iPhone. I just received a an Apple Tablet well I didn’t like what AT&T ordered for me so I called AT&T to get a new label to ship it back so the lady from AT&T emailed the label to me an so I told my printer to print the label so it did so now that will save me about two days or more in waiting for the mailman to get the label to me. So I really like this printer. I can’t believe how heavy it is. Must be made out of some good stuff. Thanks.Version: 2.8.40

Good for the moneyThis printer is plug and go easy and affordable for just wanting a good simple basic printer, I’m happy :).Version: 2.8.40

OkayThis is great I could print out everything I needed. The only thing was that it could only print out photos and not cards or other things unless you buy an other app. After I get over that I would definitely recommend it to other teachers and more. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍.Version: 2.6.4

Seems to be working so far after device restartI have had a Canon mx490 printer for over a year now and printing via this app had been very unreliable up till now. Would work for me sometimes but oftentimes the app would not recognize my printer so I could not print over wifi. But I read some reviews here and followed the instruction of a reviewer who said to restart the device and lo and behold, it actually worked! App found my printer right away and I was able to print finally. I guess it remains to be seen if it will continue to work. But I am hopeful that it will, though, because it recognized my printer quickly and adding it to the app was super easy which never happened before. Took off one star because of all the trouble I had before. It should have just worked to begin with imo..Version: 2.5.0

Almost Perfect!I used this app for a few years and it worked really well. So great to be able to print to a non-AirPrint printer! Then, about a year ago, when I really needed it (COVID school worksheets), it stopped connecting to my printer. I could no longer print from my phone at all :/ I recently updated to iOS 14.6, updated the app, and now it works again! The only issue is more of an inconvenience than a flaw: There is no option to select B&W printing! I can do it by converting the photo (usually a screenshot) to B&W, then printing, but it is annoying. And, this app has never given the option to select B&W printing. If I am printing a doc that I photographed (school worksheets, work docs, etc.), I need it in B&W, not shades of gray or color. So, yes, I dropped a star for that. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Otherwise, I *love* this app!!.Version: 2.8.0

Canon TS3425 printerJust purchased easy set up, works perfectly !.Version: 2.8.14

Easy, foolproof printing from IPhoneI think this must be the easiest to use app I have ever downloaded. Very impressed. I managed to print photos from my phone in less than a minute of finding out this app existed........and that comes from someone who is not at all tech savvy..Version: 2.7.13

Love this appWhen we first bought our printer I found it hard to use, this app is so easy and convenient and has been perfect during lock down and kids school work!.Version: 2.8.1

Excellent printer and Canon AppWe have recently bought the Canon TS5051 printer for home use. It is an excellent printer for the money. Easy to use and set up. Have downloaded the Canon Printer App to my phone and can now easily print anything out from the phone with a click of a button. I would recommend this printer for general home use..Version: 2.7.20

Bloody good valueThis is my second one of this particular model, the last one died of mechanical failure after some 3 to 4 years of good reliable service. I agree the setting up can be a bit tricky but read the instructions thoroughly twice before setup, apply one step at a time and you should be connected in no time at all. I love this printer..Version: 2.8.40

Bradley oWorks fantastic very easy to use.Version: 2.8.14

This has made my life so much easierBeing able to print and scan of my ph has save myself sooo much time.Version: 2.6.4

PrinterGood app but complicated process to connect to printer....Version: 2.7.0

Much-Improved App!I remember having this app years ago shortly after I bought my first Canon inkjet printer that had Airprint and being completely disappointed in its functionality. Difficult to learn and use, and overall just not anywhere near the quality expected from Canon. I deleted the app. On a whim, I went looking for a printing app today to wirelessly print from the iPad to the Pixma Pro-100, and saw the high overall approval for this app, so decided to give it another shot. Wow, am I impressed! Extremely easy to use and gave great results. My ONLY critique is having to physically connect the printer to the iPad the first time for setup (I happen to have a USB-C to USB dongle and an external microphone cable with the USB 2.0 A/B needed for the Canon printer since I've misplaced the original printer cable), but that wasn't bothersome enough to deduct a star. Well done, Canon! Glad your app dev team improved this app 🙂.Version: 2.8.0

OMG life saverI wasted two days trying to hook up my mobile devices to the printer using a hotspot and it never worked. I finally learned this printer could set up a local area network. Downloaded app on both devices and set things up. I’m in a temp situation with only mobile devices and cell service - no internet or WiFi. I did not know about this feature when I bought the printer but it alone made the $199 price worth it. Cheaper than a hotspot with a plan (all prepaid hotspots are sold out around here)..Version: 2.7.13

Love this printer!Love it, great quality photos, works well with my iPhone..Version: 2.8.40

Cool features wifi -Bluetooth printing via mobile appsGreat and convenience to print anything using a wifi Bluetooth feature of the printer mobile apps..Version: 2.7.20

So much funReally happy with this product, easy to set up and was printing within 30 mins. Best xmas gift to myself!.Version: 2.7.13

Great AppThis app allows you to make great photos from your smartphone and the quality is really good and very simple to use..Version: 2.8.40

Frustration and more FrustrationUse to be able to easily print from tablet but now spend hours trying to reconnect to same router as before. Trying to print direct from device no better. Occasionally without reason a document will print but not before many attempts with trying all different settings on printer. Unfortunately, next attempt to print back to non-print. Tried three different devices all with same result. Just pure frustration!.Version: 2.8.1

Practical and convenientVery easy access and approachable utility. Was worried at first because most app/internet - connected printer would have complicated problems or long lags/repetitive in terms of connection process. But this was incredibly easy and direct to work with, I am very satisfied..Version: 2.7.13

5/5This kind printer prints beautiful things.Version: 2.8.30

Heaven sent alternative to AirPrintThank you can and from breathing new life and an all printer without having to shell out for an Apple iPad enabled a print. Talk about value for money. This free app has been a godsend during Lockdown. I also heartily recommend their range of paper modes to be made tucked somewhere on their website..Version: 2.7.13

GoodVery good app.Version: 2.8.40

I thought it would be difficult to use but so easySo easy to use... all I have is a smart phone to work off at the moment, as I have moved and I need to print important documents. This printer is so easy to use from a iPhone it is a joy. Totally surprised. Thanks Canon!.Version: 2.7.20

DONT BUY A CANON IF YOU WANT TO PRINT FROM IPADHave installed the app and the printer is connected to our WIFI but it is the flakiest app ever. Sometimes print works other times it doesn’t. It’s almost going to cause a divorce in our house with my non- savvy tech husband. I’m sick of being his helpdesk.Version: 2.7.0

New PrinterDelighted with our new budget printer!!! Had a canon before and pleased with it but this one is much less temperamental!! Couple of hitches setting up WiFi but a quick call to canon for helped solved it - charming tech man ! Would definitely recommend it print quality for photos and documents is excellent- a really good buy !.Version: 2.7.0

Works Great!I have a Canon TS3160 printer. Printed from my email using my iphone 6S and worked first time no problem soon after installing app. So happy to know that I can now print from phone without using my laptop. Highly recommended!.Version: 2.7.0

Marche t. bienAvec ma MX420, ça fonctionne bien sans problème..Version: 2.4.0

Cannon TS160Easy set up for iPhone and iPad Yet to set up with lap top App good easy to set up All in all good todate.Version: 2.7.20

Very easy to useThis app is easy to use and makes it easier to print. Rather than connecting your computer to your printer you can install the app on your phone or computer and then you can send the thing you want to print to the app and if the printer is on it prints it for you. Perfect for home offices!!.Version: 2.6.5

Easy to useBeing able to print from my mobile with the app (scan docs also) is awesome. Very easy to use and reliable.Version: 2.6.4

Canon Print InkjetThis app has worked perfectly until now. I have been very pleased with it, but suddenly, it will not open properly. On touching the app icon on screen, it appears to be opening but then immediately closes. I can’t find a way to fix it. Otherwise, I would have given it 5 stars..Version: 2.7.1

Canon printer app🤔Hmm, so this app is was essential for me to have, in that - it was the only way for me to connect wirelessly to my Canon Pixma printer, so I could print my photos and documents, directly from my iPhone or my iPad... And without it - would mean I couldn’t use the “air print” feature, which was the specific reason of why I bought this printer! So... yeah! I’ll also make mention of the fact that it has - so far - not let me down... Which is what you want in your apps right?! And of course, it’s also a pretty easy to use app as well. So, there’s 2 good points... And yes, it MOST DEFINITELY could be better - in particular, with how it has been designed... Like with the feature of keeping open the job window while it’s in progress, or your job stops printing is annoying... But on the whole, I suppose this app has adequately done just enough of what it set out to do, ensuring that I shouldn’t really complain too much about it! Lol So, fair enough! Right? Hmm... lol Anyway, I’ll shut up now & leave it there! Catch!🙋🏼‍♀️.Version: 2.7.0

Love itEasy to use.Version: 2.8.30

Not convenient with apple devices /tabs use.It is vastly a problem to print anything using this app. As mostly it is not visible by device to print. Lacks of instruction to use it for people with limited computer skills. Maybe just because in 2020 x mg6150 printer is outdated software wise, but still going strong - print wise..Version: 2.7.13

Worth it!I really don’t know what’s with all the fuss about the printer not working. Ya’ll boomers need to follow simple instructions so that ya’ll can get this printer to work or maybe ask help from your 10 year old grandchild that most likely knows how to set this printer up far better than you. It took me at most 20 minutes setting everything up with the easy step by step instructions from the manual. Was kinda bummed that this app costs 4.99 cuz Idk but I didn’t see a price when I installed it but it’s all worth it! App is so easy to use and gives you simple instructions about the connectivity..Version: 2.6.4

Good but can fail randomlyI’ve had the app for a few years since I got my Canon printer. For the most part the app is ok but sometimes a message comes up on screen saying “cannot communicate with printer”. You have to turn the printer off and start again which is a bit of a pain but it seems to work ok after restarting, that is the only downfall I can think of..Version: 2.7.1

AmazingThis printer is amazing I love it so much it only takes about 20-30 seconds to print it is so cool and the photos turn out amazing it is so detailed as the photo on your phone 10/10 recommended!.Version: 2.8.40

Canon PrinterExcellent.Version: 2.8.40

Tricky to set up but then works wellConnected to my phone, took a while, but worth it! Will chuck out when it runs out of ink as, st $50 , cheaper to buy the whole deal than just the ink!!!.Version: 2.6.4

SuggestionI absolutely love this. It’s been so helpful and opened up a world of opportunities for me. I have a request though. Can you please give us the option to change the orientation? I have lots of instances where I’d prefer to print in A5 size and print two images on the one piece of paper to reduce waste l but I can only print once in that size per page and all that empty white space is money! I’m happy to print one A5 image and pop the paper back in to use the other side. Being able to choose two A5 images per page would be even better!! (Think: book printing!!)..... 😃.Version: 2.6.2

Perfect app for Pixma printerAwesome app, works straight away, great work Canon!!!.Version: 2.2.0

Does What I’d Hoped For!A superb app that does exactly what I’d hoped for - it allows easy direct printing to Canon WiFi printers/all-in-ones with full control from my phone (no computer required) as well as the ability to scan from the a-I-o to my phone. I have setup the various Canon printers that my friends have too, so that I can print hassle free when visiting if I need to and in doing so, it illustrates to them how useful this app is too! Well done Canon, I applaud you for providing such a superb utility app. Other manufacturers need to follow your example!.Version: 2.7.20

Canon printWorks ok….but, why can’t it appear in the print menu of the document, rather than having to open the app each time.Version: 2.8.0

A simple life for me....This app, though probably the least sophisticated, seems to work when others fear to tread, including other canon apps. Such software (and I have worked on and off with computers since Atlas in the 1960’s) is invaluable in these days of built-in obsolescence and my older age..Version: 2.6.4

How it works...The app is okay- however, it’s waaaaaaay easier to do anything with the printer I have from this app. I’m not terribly fond of the pop-ups and set up was a pain. But it works now. I’m able to send my documents out through email and iMessage from the app. Super handy. There’s two things I’m reading from the reviews... first off, changing from color to black n white printing is done when you go to print out a document or whatnot on the print screen. Secondly, you bought a printer with a color and a black ink cartridge, right? Well, even so, canon printers MIX colors to get the black in black n white. I don’t understand their logic either, but all of my canon printers have been that way. That’s why you go through ink so fast..Version: 2.7.20

Great workHi developer Everything is great just 1 thing there has to be a change To be able to use this app on a Mac Otherwise every other thing is great 🤩🤩👍🏼👍🏼.Version: 2.7.13

KokoyI like it very much.Version: 2.8.40

Works for older iPads and my old printers from 2008!I love this app. It is truly one of my favorites. It is simple and it always works. I love that it can scan print and copy. I have used this app for almost 5 years now. It got me through my college classes without needed to purchase new printers. I am also very grateful that it is free. I also think the data converter (for unprintable AirPrint docs) is incredible, it felt like a dream to be able to push a single button and not have to troubleshoot in order to print. I am printing from a iPad 4 and Canon MX870 Printer that I received in late 2007! Still runs like a champ so I haven’t replaced it, and now with the Canon Print App, I can save more money. 🙏.Version: 2.8.11

Works perfectly!I have an old canon pixma mx350 printer that would not connect to air print on my iPhone whatsoever and the more I researched.. this app popped up and it started working instantly! Now I can use my iPhone 12 to print pictures and documents off my 13 year old printer!!.Version: 2.8.40

Works great on MX922It worked great on my MX922. It needs to be linked to your WIFI router not only to your computer or just to the WIFI. Once the WIFI connection was complete the App worked fine on my Apple IOS 6s phone. I think my phone is connected to my WIFI and that is why it has to have that connection. If I had no WIFI and no computer, just a printer on a stand it might link direct. I have not tried this as My phone is linked through my WIFI, allowing me to print from around the house. Highly recommend, this my second cannon MX and they both work great. Just never let the ink run out, the heads overheat and warp. Replace tanks early..Version: 2.5.50

AwesomeIt’s great to use I highly recommend this app. I use a canon 3600 and I am very pleased with it..Version: 2.8.14

Works well with Canon 7760After reinstalling works well with 7760. Thank you!.Version: 2.6.0

Just brilliant!At last I can print from my iPad! I have an old canon printer which doesn’t support AirPrint so this app is great for me. It was easy to set up and use. I did find not everything gives the option to use it though. You can get round this my saving the screen you want to print as a photo. You might need to change the print settings to use the paper tray/type you want. Easy peasy!.Version: 2.6.4

SO EASYI used to fight with my old printer constantly and definitely couldn’t print straight from my phone. This brand and model is a godsend for amateur users. The ink is also far more economical. Cheapest printers don’t necessarily mean cheap as the ink cost has to be factored in. I have no regrets with my purchase..Version: 2.7.0

So easy even I had no problemsWell what a relief, so easy to set up and no swearing involved. Very simple to understand and dies the job very well..Version: 2.8.0

Great Printer for the PriceI bought this printer for home. I found it a little difficult to set up yet phoned Canon Customer Service and they were fantastic and within 20 minutes my printer was up and running. I love how I can print from my iPhone. Thank you 😊.Version: 2.5.1

Really useful… wish it did duplex!The app includes a really useful feature to use the wireless scanning function on some printers. It’s really useful and that’s pretty much the only thing I used to use our old laptop for. Only downside is it doesn’t do duplex, which is so useful when scanning double sided documents. The windows app does this and is the only feature that’s better. Maybe a future update?.Version: 2.7.20

Stopped working.Was working fine, but has now stopped printing documents saved from my phone? I have tried to connect on two phones now, both iphones having the same problems even though they worked before. The printer is fine but there is a problem with the app. Would like to know why as I now have a printer incapable of printing documents via the app.Version: 2.6.4

Fabulous printerI received the printer as a gift and absolutely love it. I’m “technically challenged” but find this printer very easy to use from the comfort of my lounge chair using the app. The copies are clear, and the function to print both sides makes it a saving on both paper and money. Very happy..Version: 2.6.4

Good to now be in more controlFound this app because my printer was just printing red photos and I couldnt get it to clean without having to fire up my very old laptop. Downloaded the app and the printer started cleaning itself first when I tried to print. It printed a perfect picture. Gave it five stars because if I hadn’t found this app I may have thrown the printer out of the window..Version: 2.8.40

Canon sell byThanks for this easy to use app for photographs. It makes amends for the hundreds of hours wasted trying unsuccessfully to print photos off my iphone..Version: 2.6.2

Excellent so farIt literally took me 10 minutes to set my printer up on everything including downloading this app and printing an example off. Only thing I would say is give a link for this app in the documents that come with the printer. Mind you I only used the setup page. Looking forward to getting some use of of this..Version: 2.6.0

It could be my iPhone 12…It could be my iPhone 12 which right now is printing this with invisible ink so I can’t even see what I’m saying. Maybe it’s me. But it took me about 2 1/2 hours to figure out how to connect the printer with my iPhone despite following all the instructions. After I had basically given up, I found there was a way to tap on my phone and get things to look like they were not delivered and then I selected a printer and told it to print and it said no printer selected, and finally it offered me the opportunity to directly connect a printer which is how I need to do it because I don’t have Wi-Fi in my house. Finally, it worked. And if you can see this, you’re doing better than I am because it’s still invisible..Version: 2.8.40

User FriendlyI use the Canon Print App from iPhone and iPad Pro to wirelessly print documents. The app itself is efficient, easy to use, and reliable. The user experience is excellent because I can manage all of the print settings right from the App. I can view important information from the App such as ink levels and paper loaded. The user interface is friendly and easy to use. The App is reliable since I have not face any errors or disconnections from printer. So far, it is an excellent App..Version: 2.7.12

Cannon PrinterBest ever printer app I have use. Have had several different printers over the years but the cannon one is the best so far..Version: 2.8.11

Best printer&AppTruly love this has made mine and my moms life so much easier for not having a computer i highly recommend canon products.Version: 2.8.30

AmazingI really like cannon print because you can print from your IPad and I‘ve found that really useful.Version: 2.6.2

Much easier than scan software provided on desktopI have Pixma 922 and my laptop was not around. I was very pleasantly surprised that this worked so well. The app found my printer and I was very quickly able to scan the documents I need from the printer. I am very happy that this app was available. One improvement I would suggest is the app has link that takes you to their website to order ink - it would be great if it was more seamless and just told me what I was low on and what I needed to order. It would greatly increase my chance of buying ink from them directly..Version: 2.6.4

TS3122 printerI bought this last year on Black Friday. For the price I figured it’s just gonna be used for basic stuff, no biggie. Well I started using it for water slides, looks pretty good. Then, I changed my setting again.....I printed the water slide with photoshop. Then I heard the craft goddesses in the sky say “WE CAN PRINT WITH THE BEST OF THEM.” No more ordering and wait a week for the goddesses here on earth to make and ship said water slides. They are just as good if not better than the laser printers. I’m not even kidding. I paid 19 bucks for this one, ink jet. Quality of lasers are great, it’s the price that gets me. Thanks cannon for making great quality printers, they never disappoint! If you know what a water slide is, then you are a maker, and understand my excitement! For those that aren’t crafty, it’s a way to put basically a picture on stainless steel tumblers, and other crafty items..Version: 2.6.4

Super EasyReally user friendly, app found our printer within seconds. The whole process, from downloading the app to finishing the print job took approximately 1 minute..Version: 2.8.11

Why I love printing from this app and the reason I love itThe reason I love this is because I normally have to go to my computer and do it but the con is its a family computer (and I’m too lazy)so anyone can be on it so it’s so good just to go to my study (where my printer is)select what to print and print it that’s my review on why it’s so good and why I love it P.S Thanks a lot canon.Version: 2.8.11

Easy and quality printerAs above so easy to set up.Version: 2.8.11

New PrinterWorks well.Version: 2.8.14

Surprisingly good quality for photosI bought this printer with low expectations, but have been pleasantly surprised by the quality of the photos that have been printed. Using a good quality glossy paper it prints perfectly acceptable quality photographs with saturated colours, no bleeding, directly from my smart phone in seconds..Version: 2.8.0

This app saved me.My Mac Pro finally died after 14 years of faithful service, before I had the chance to set up wireless printing on my iP8720. I had to print photos for a court case in 2 days, and thought I was doomed to lose. Thankfully, Canon had the foresight to make up for my procrastination. I downloaded this app, chose connect phone directly to printer, and after a few brief moments I was printing like a champ. It's incredibly easy to change paper type and size, and I don't even have to worry about portrait or landscape. So if you fall on hard times, and tend to procrastinate like me, have an awesome Canon printer that lets you set up printing without a computer connection. Ingenuity like this keeps me a Canon customer for life!.Version: 2.8.40

App and printer functionalityI’m taking a shot In the dark here and saying that most people complaining about this app arent the most tech Savy people out there. My 80 yr ok dad and 8 yr old niece figured out how to work the app. From printing to scanning let’s not forget the fax option (must have a landline for faxing just for those that didn’t know) (you must be connected to the same wifi connections for any of it to work) of course there are a few things I would like to see improved but overall very happy . P S. For the ones complaining about the actual printer and not this app you’re on the wrong review board if I would be as bold to say go to the website of the store you bought it click leave review after locating the printer then complain just some friendly advise..Version: 2.7.20

Cannon printer from mobile ..Takes a while to set up. But it’s easy if u follow the guide step by step. Download cannon printer app first then Need to turn on printer WiFi then go back to WiFi on the mobile settings then choose the printer not to ur home network then after connecting to your printer then it will give a option to connect via your home router select your home router, then need to enter your router password. And it’s all set. I guess need to repeat the process each time you try to print it once you turn off the WiFi or the printer. Cheers. Just restart the process in case you get stuck. It’s is helpful over all. M able to print through my phone now. I got I phone. May be similar process to all the phones.. Yeah. Thank you. :).Version: 2.6.2

Need HelpI downloaded the Canon Print Inkjet/SELPHY for my new Canon iX6820 printer. After I downloaded the app I had a lot of problems trying to connect with the WiFi. The reason why is because this app is for the iX6800 and mine is the iX6820, so is the reason I cannot connect? Yesterday I was able to actually print via WiFi, but today I can’t seem to connect because at the bottom of the page that displays a photo of the printer just above it, it says, iX6800. What happen between today and yesterday? Was there an update that I’m unaware of or what? Please help if anyone knows how to fix this problem..Version: 2.6.2

Love the ability to print from my phone!Although it seems like this works for me sporadically, I do like the fact that I can print from my phone! Recently my computer was down, and I was lost until I found out I could print emails and other documents from my phone. The only complaint I would have is that I haven’t been able to find any setting that allows me to switch from portrait to landscape mode, in order to get all of a table onto one sheet. Otherwise I’m glad for this convenience..Version: 2.7.20

Fantastic appI use this app to print from my iPad, phone and computer on my Canon selphy or pixma printers and I am very happy with how straightforward and easily it works..Version: 2.7.1

Easy printing, RUBBISH customer service!!!!Printer purchased from Aldi at a very good price. Had trouble setting it up so contacted Canon support services. Received a quick reply acknowledging receipt of my request and informing me I would be contacted shortly. Canon have NEVER contacted me!!! Totally hopeless service. In the end, I used other sources of information to get my printer working with my iPad and iPhone. Thanks a lot Canon..... NOT!!!!!!!.Version: 2.6.2

Excellent, simple, brilliantPrinting, scanning has always been a massive pain. First computers needed drivers, then with wireless printing the computer could never seem to find the printer 2 feet away. But this app has to be the easiest to use print / scan software ever. Download the app > switch on wireless printer > start app > start scanning / printing. That is all there is to it. I've recently ditched my MacBook and iPad for an iPad Pro only. This left me without the usual Canon scan utility. Totally over looked how I'd be able to scan post MacBook. Then found this app and had scanned documents within minutes. The process if way faster than my previous method. Well done Canon !!.Version: 2.4.0

Canon Printer reviewA good set which works well once you have it set up. In saying that I’d have not bought it if I’d realised it was completely wireless. It was so difficult in the beginning to introduce it to our devices, it was painful. Also not useful if we lose internet connection..Version: 2.7.13

ReviewNice app.Version: 2.7.13

Suck my lollipopHonestly this app has been amazing and it works so smoothly. The people who say this app is not working, this app works perfectly just not for you. Stop hating on this app..Version: 2.8.1

Cannon 350For its age still works great bought it new in 2010 I also have a 490 next to it it’s newer and easier wi fi friendly the 490 was originally used for out of town travel My phone does not recognize the 350 as easily as the 490 But I manage finding by a way I wish I was able to find refill black ink easily though I had a brother printer the used individual color cartridges I I liked a lot (lol by time ago and way canon is doing fine I don’t print as much that’s days if I did I would get a laser printer thanks.Version: 2.7.20

Robbie0169Very good and easy to use.Version: 2.7.20

Best everI love canon printers. Always have and always well. Easy to use and great quality.Version: 2.8.40

AnikariyanatI love this app. Once I connected it to my printer, it was great! The only issue I have is just when you try to print for example 10 papers it takes a long time to print! I really hope you could make it a bit faster to print the papers. Overall, I think this app is great and I use it all the time..Version: 2.6.4

Awesome PrinterFast delivery, Was very easy to set up. Works perfectly. I’m giving it 5 stars..Version: 2.8.30

Excellent app and printerExcellent Printer and app.Version: 2.6.2

Idiots guide requiredI have had this printer for well over a year. Bought due to isolating at home and needing to print off documents. The set-up of plugging in and linking to internet was straightforward although it wouldn’t link wirelessly. Then came the problems. No matter what I tried I couldn’t link to iPad or iPhone. Canon recommendation was to put disc in computer - I have no computer nor access to one due to isolation. On behalf of other printer users who may also have similar issues; please create an idiots guide for simple ‘How to print - emails, photos, documents’ and please don’t use acronyms. After much hair pulling frustration and pushing of buttons I finally managed to print a photo a week ago. Now I have been able to print off essential attachments for upcoming travel, thankfully, as my next step was to recycle printer. That said the prints are of reasonably good quality as backup in case internet down for travel documents. There are likely more settings to further improve quality but at present that is a step too far for me. Will settle for now after a year of considering whether I would keep the ornament in the livingroom.Version: 2.8.40

Works perfectly. I have been using this program for years with pro100This is thisan excellent app. Once you register your printer this app is really great, it is the easiest way to print pictures. Now I do most of my printing using this app. It is very easy to set up which paper you use and the size of picture that you are printing. I hardly ever use my PC to print pictures any more. Note I use the Apple SD to Lightning adapter to load pictures into my IPad or IPhone. This is the best way to load high quality pictures into an IPad..Version: 2.8.40

Another great canon productJust bought a Canon TS9160 because I wanted the AirPrint features. Very happy, I now can print from my iPhone 4S, iPad 4, my laptop and main computer..Version: 2.4.4

Canon printAmazing. Easy set up with in 5 min I printed my docs👌.Version: 2.8.30

Love thisLove not having to log into the computer to print. Can do it straight from you phone and it’s super easy 🤙🏽.Version: 2.7.20

I like this Cannon print appRe-review: APRIL 3, 2022 I get frustrated because it wants to make me print a screen shot as a photo. I do not want to do that. Even if I can mange that, it does not print well. Also, I like to print pictures most of time on on regular paper, not photo paper, Otherwise, everything else works well. This app has had some upgrades. In regards to photos, it is very easy to use. Easy to pick picture, paper size, photo size. I still don’t know if it can print larger photos yet. Right now I only know it prints 4X6 and 5X7. I would recommend only using matte paper with Cannon printers that takes ink jet cartridges. It smears on glossy, and does not dry..Version: 2.8.40

Easy to work outGreat and easy to work out. Get my printing done every time. You need to connect to the printer wifi signal and home wifi signal then you can print from your phone easily.Version: 2.6.4

Canon TR4520My daughter just started first grade and this printer really comes in handy for a lot of school projects, printing documents at home with this whole Zoom thing going on. I, have also used it for on the go copies or just printing out anything from documents to coloring crafts for my daughter to even printing out pictures. I like that it’s wifi compatible and I can pretty much print from my phone. I would recommend this printer to anyone who’s in the market for a decent printer without coughing out an arm and a leg. lol Thank You Canon.Version: 2.7.1

Works with hotspotI don’t really know how to feel about this app. It worked but only when I disconnected from my WiFi and switched to my iPhone hotspot instead. I guess I can’t fault the app or the printer for my router’s low signal strength of 60%. Although it would be nice if the app provided a little more help in troubleshooting and explaining that signal strength may be a problem to look for. I had to call canon and wait 40 minutes just to confirm this and switch to my hotspot. I recommend,if possible, just moving your printer next to your WiFi router or at least in close proximity. My printer is in my bedroom , router is in living room. Only gave 60% signal which is no good. If that’s not an option, just connect the printer to a phone hotspot. I will note that when I did this, I was printing directly from Gmail, I didn’t go through the canon print app. Hotspots are shaky so it may not work all the time. If these options don’t work for you, I say return the dang printer and just go to your local library or FedEX..Version: 2.6.4

AppliAppli très pratique mais on devrait avoir la possibilité de changer de page pour continuer à travailler sans que le changement de page force l'arrêt de l’impression.Version: 2.6.2

Canon - add this feature and stand out from the competition!I find the app great, does what I need it to. Is there any chance you could add Alexa integration? Eg, Alexa, print of my document in onedrive called expenses, or print off directions from google maps?.Version: 2.6.4

Printing a documentSimple to use and very handy. Would like the option to print black and white..Version: 2.6.4

Best printer yetI've always preferred Canon Pixmas for my photos as a photographer/artist/writer and decided to upgrade with this mega tank. Not disappointed. So easy to set up and can print easily from phone - and securely. I am connecting to my computer using usb rather than wireless but phones are great for it bc it knocks you off after a certain amount of time and doesn't make you an open target. Make sure your wifi security is strong and enjoy. Photo quality is perfect and I've only just begun to explore all the options.Version: 2.6.4

My TS3100 PRINTERThis printer is awesome and so easy to use I’m so happy I made the right choice with this canon printer the pictures come out great the colour and contrast is insane i can’t exported how happy iam with this printer I’m stoked best choice ever..Version: 2.7.12

It works fine for me.I dont know why some people don’t have a black and white print only option OR don’t have the ability to print their photos OR even landscape option. This is what I do when I need to print black and white, I go into “Change settings” and select “Grayscale” to On. As for those not being able to print their photos, do you remember if you gave permissions to access your photos when you first opened the Print app? Go into your iphone/ipad Settings and find the Print app and see if you allowed Read and Write access. And don’t try to access your photos through “Document Print”. As for landscape mode, I haven’t tested this out yet, but I do see that there is an option to do that, which is only through the “Smartphone Copy”. In “Smartphone Copy”, take or select a photo, click “Next” and the icon that represents landscape or portrait mode is located on the lower left. I never write reviews but seriously I needed to get this off my chest..Version: 2.5.0

PrintingI’m so happy with this. So thankful that it is easy to use . Wonderful.Version: 2.8.30

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