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Fishdom App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Fishdom app received 144 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Fishdom? Can you share your negative thoughts about fishdom?

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Fishdom for Negative User Reviews

The add is a lieIf I could give it a -5 stars I would.Version: 4.7.0

Excellent game, but can get costlyAfter playing this game for close to a year now, I’m finally writing a review. This game is really well designed! The graphics are great, the levels are challenging, interesting and fun. It’s apparent how much work goes into this game, which is why I don’t mind paying monthly for gold rewards or the occasional boost. The downside is that it’s also easy to see how the game has been designed to try to squeeze more money out of you in several places. Once you get to higher levels (I’m currently at 3122), it’ll be nearly impossible to beat them without paying for additional boosts or extra moves. By then, you’re hooked. For anyone new to the game, I highly recommend staying away from the Fishy Bank. You’ll need to pay for the diamonds you’ve earned, then all the ones you earn after you’ve bought them will go back in that bank and you’ll just have to pay again to use them. Just let it stay full and use the ones in your regular bank to break that cycle. This is just another example of them trying to get you to pay more, which is really annoying. I would rate this game 5 stars if it weren’t for the fact that it can get very expensive to move ahead in higher levels..Version: 6.9.2

PurchasesIn app purchases are a lot more than what it says 😡.Version: 3.9.2

False advertisingThe game is not how they advertised it. i hate when you wanna play something they advertise and when you download it you will have to first play something else..Version: 4.7.0

Boring and impossibleThis game used to be good. I don’t know if it’s because you go beyond a certain level but things turn out to be impossible. You have, let’s say, a level which has hard moves to complete BUT you only get very few moves to play the level! Thus making it impossible to proceed without spending real money or playing a very boring game on the same level for a very, very, long time. It’s like the makers do this on purpose to get you to spend money. You can’t build up enough coins to decorate or buy fish for your aquarium so what’s the point? And don’t even get me started on the annoying 'adventure' mini games where you start with, let say, 150 energy. You have to go round in circles to finish tasks. Trouble is these use up so much energy that you only move a few paces before you’re out. And, to add insult to injury, they try to make you endure watching boring in game clips which I always skipped. Yawn!.Version: 7.6.2

Not what I thoughtLiked the idea of the game from the ads but what I downloaded is nothing like the ads. I don’t want to play a matching game. I want the pins, sharks, lava... deleting it now.Version: 4.7.0

Was betterI’ve been enjoying this game, though the mini games are not as advertised. I have never been asked to save a fish by directing it through various pipes past various perils.... mini games are good, but not what they suggest they may be. My main gripe now though is the what seems like constant requests to ‘like on Facebook’. Very annoying. Also you attempt to say, feed fish, but a screen with the latest games pops up, then your score in another tournament, then telling you how many Pearl you have... etc etc. Please let me click on something and be able to do that first without the directions elsewhere- it’s really annoying. And to the people who says it’s too expensive. I’m on level 961 without paying a penny. You just need to keep trying levels and save power ups until you are really stuck. They give you a reasonable number of free ones and as prizes for tournaments..Version: 5.0.0

MehThis game is… ok, I guess. But the more you play, the harder the levels get until it is like, impossible, and also. MINIGAMES. Ok, the minigames. I got about 5 of them, and then they just disappeared, and stopped. Ultimately, I deleted the game, and it is nothing like it is advertised, I mean, why do they show the ads for the game, but not the game. When you download it, you have a fish, and you need to look after it, improve it’s home through puzzles, and APPARENTLY, you can also do mini games, maybe instead of mini games, they should say, : mini mini games, the first mini for the amount of times you do it, and the another mini, for the amount of time we put into it. If you want people to like you game properly, then put the ads as the game really is. Don’t waste your time, don’t download this game.Version: 7.7.3

Another bait and switch gameAnother game that lures you in with interesting adverts that make you think this game is a fun game where you start off as a fish with a low number and you have to eat other fish to increase the number etc. It’s a match 3 tiles game with a bit of variety thrown in, the number fish game seems to only be right at the start, obviously to make you think they weren’t lying in the ad, you get a couple of very basic token levels thrown in, nothing as interesting as in the ad, then this soon comes to an end. It’s mainly the boring tile game, the occasional pin pulling level which are all very samey, then occasionally some event with something different which is impossible to beat without completing hundreds of tile levels. Game deleted as it’s unoriginal, and I’m annoyed at being sucked in by fake ads yet again. On a positive note, you might enjoy this if you like match 3 tile games, it has a bit more variety than most I’ve seen, you can also build your aquarium. I tried it for a bit and it’s not for me, not stimulating enough to keep me interested sorry, they must know most people would feel like this though or they would show the true game in the ads.Version: 7.4.2

Too contrivedI have Two issues with this game. First is if you lose and you can use nine diamonds to get five more moves it appears instantly and you can accidentally hit it. I have continued a level about 12 times. 10 of those were by accident when was absolutely no way to win the level in five moves. I think when you hit the button by five more moves the game should ask you if that’s what you really meant. Secondly, There is really no such thing as infinity play. They give it to you, yes, but you’re really only allowed to win one or two levels. When you get to your limit of levels you can win on an infinity play it doesn’t matter whether you are on an easy, hard or super hard level, You’re simply not allowed to win. I was pretty sure that was the case but I tried it on my last infinity play. I was on the easy level and I played it for two hours of infinity play and never won. If I tried to use a booster they would place the booster in the absolutely worst possible place that would actually mess up what you have would have started with if you had not used a Booster. If you came very very close to winning, all Poseidon a lightning bolt would appear in the very spot you getting ready to do something with. Amazingly enough, as soon as infinity play had run out, I won the level. I do not like games that are that contrived..Version: 3.9.0

I loved this game, but it is losing my interestI thought this was a great game, but the farther I get in the levels, the less I get to play. It is so hard to win with it taking days sometimes to get through a level now that I am at Level 393. There is no control of where to put the bonus pieces you earn, they just get dropped into spots where you had a great move you could have made. It is hard to earn bonuses. I move a piece to do one thing, and it does something I didn’t ask it to do. I have not paid for anything yet, so that is probably why it doesn’t want me to win much. The worst part is after you get to play a few times, when you lose, it kicks you out of the game not allowing you to play for sometimes as long as 30 minutes!!! You also can earn 30 minutes of a help, like the bombs, then three minutes later, you get timed out for 30 minutes since you lost a half dozen times. You can’t choose when to use an hour you may have earned so if it is late in the night, you just lose the time. I have never played a game that was so sparse on rewards. The other thing is I like being on a team, but I am pretty useless when I can’t win a level during the days the competition is taking place. I guess if this game wants me to play other games more that won’t time me out so fast and for so long, then they are succeeding. I do love the aquarium and the fish, but that can only go so far with helping me stick with this game..Version: 5.2.0

Misleading and a major waste of your money and time.I downloaded the game cause I loved the idea of helping the fish in certain cases during the game it’s now only been two or three and that’s all there is. The level I’m on is impeccably hard for one to pass and it feels they’ve designed levels to make consumers buy packs and whatnot just so you can pass some levels. I’ve purchased some packs cause I’ve only had one move or something like that. But this is becoming a trend even on the Homescapes game too as they also are the creators of this too. I understand they need to make money but how much is too much? It should be a one off purchase to last the entirety of the games life. In hindsight these prices aren’t as bad as the Kardashian game but most things you have to buy a k coins which you have to buy which is expensive. But when did games become so expensive for us consumers???.Version: 4.8.0

This game isn’t good for kidsIf I could I’d rate this no stars. I was playing the game and the turtle came over and said “new fish on bestgorecom” I know what the site is and I don’t care personally I’ve seen my fair share of gore videos but that’s besides the point. Young stupid kids will not know what that means, or anyone in example who has been living under a rock. Will go to that site and be mentally scarred. People think gore is cool and trendy, but you’re so wrong. It changes you inside, when I watched my first video it changed something inside of me. But now I’m fully addicted to these videos. I just find it disgusting that a game that looks heavily targeted towards kids would put that in their game..Version: 5.6.5

False advertising don’t download!!!The game is NOTHING like the ads..Version: 4.7.0

THEY CONTINUE TO EXPLOIT LOYAL PLAYERSIn recent months we used to get a Fishdom Gold Pass for 30 days at a cost of AU$7.99. THEN they decided to change that to only 7 days for $7.99. Just out of the blue! Any queries about that were met with “oh we’re in a testing phase”. And they made the popular pass worse by only allowing you to advance via levels played, not tasks. THEY RUINED the Gold Pass & chose to rob us week to week as a test? FISHDOM ? How can you charge us $32 a month for something that cost $7.99 a month? Now, after weeks and weeks of complaints and many people refusing to buy the pass, they are now charging $7.99 for 13 days. BRING BACK 30 DAYS you crooks !!! How can you grossly overcharge players who have spent hundreds, even thousands on your game? It’s insulting and depressing - you zap the fun out of the game. I lead a team and for the first time since I started the team, NONE of us bought the pass last week. No one had it. And we still won 1st place in our Team Tournament. Less Crowns, but who cares? Stop abusing your loyal customers Fishdom. Many hate the game now because of your obscene greed. I hope you noticed the dramatic drop on your revenue..Version: 6.7.3

Fun game yet challenging sometimesIt's a fun game but sometimes challenging. I think it should take less time to get lives but maybe that's cause it's addictive. What is the deal with asking for lives, you get them and then they disappear? If I have the lives from friends then I should be able to use them, it’ll keep me playing longer and then I’d wait the time for the new lives. For example, my thing just said I had 8 lives I believe, could’ve been 4 (but I have had where it said 8) and it only let me have 2 of them, it took the rest away. That irks me and then I won’t play for a day or 2 cause I’m agitated. Also, I think when you beat the "event" levels and receive an infinity lives for 2 hours, you should be able to start it when you're ready. Once you start you can't stop it, but if I beat a level and then get the unlimited lives for 2 hours, I end up losing it if I can't keep playing for that time period. It's a reward and you can make it to where you can't earn another one until that one is used but, it seems rather unfair that if I beat it and earn that at, let's say 10pm, I can't always stay up until midnight to use it. Or if I beat it at 8am and start work at 8:30am, I can't use it and therefore I lose it. That bothers me quite a bit..Version: 2.5.0

It’s a good game but some levels are to hard-I had this game for a little while and then deleted it because I got bored and nothing exiting was happening. But like 1-2 weeks ago my sister convinced me to download it again so I could play with her, I was beating levels like there was no tomorrow! But it was only because I had a bunch of power ups because it said: welcome back! Here are some rewards. After the rewards ran out it was obviously getting harder to beat levels and now I will get stuck on a level and take ages to complete and when I do I complete like a couple more and then come across another really hard one! And ect.. so I don’t really like this pattern. All I am trying to say is that you shouldn’t have as much super-hard or hard levels. Other wise this is a pretty fun game and I am now playing with some friends and family! But currently I am stuck on a level….Version: 5.9.4

BEWAREI made a $25 purchase on the app and my credit card was charged $71.01. Absolute thieves. I’ll be disputing with my credit card company. This is awful..Version: 7.4.2

Nothing like the addAnother tile matching game with little reward. Only way to win is spending real human money for boosts. Such a scam.Version: 4.7.5

Don’t download this game. It was designed to take your money.Don’t play this game. It will make you spend money endlessly to keep playing. Go buy a Nintendo switch instead. It keeps making me lose after I hit a score of over 200 trying to get me to purchase tools to get me to the next level or trying to sell infinite lives but only for two hours. I thought it was because I was making mistakes at first but then it started doing it to me right after the first move which wasn’t much. It would give me no moves then reshuffle and still nothing. I played it in front of several people who also noticed there was no possible way to go to the next level unless I purchased tools or gems to keep going. So if your playing and keep getting nowhere You will start to believe it’s you but it’s not. This game was designed to take your money. Also the worst part was when win a game and it gives you the options to skip to a new game the button worked fine until I purchased or claimed two hours of infinite play. The button had to be pressed as much as 10 times to get it to skip. The algorithm was purposely doing it to me to make me run out of time. Once my time was up the button would go back to only having to be pressed once. That is cheating and I got so mad thinking about it I’ve deleted the game..Version: 5.6.4

False advertisingThe ads are a lie..Version: 4.6.3

Used to be good but now is a huge waste of time and extremely frustratingI used to rlly like this game and played it a lot last year. I stopped using it so much but every time I go on the app it tells me to update it and won’t let me play unless I do. It’s really really really really annoying and really grinds my gears to be honest. The other problem is now every time I go on the app there’s new tasks and stuff which is great but not when you can’t skip them. I don’t want to wait 20 minutes every time I open the app before I can actually try a level. It makes me never want to use it which is annoying cause I did used to like it. It’s very frustrating and I end up not even being able to play the game cause I run out of time. It’s a very big shame..Version: 5.9.4

Not what is advertisedI got this game because I saw the ads suggesting there were lots of games where you start with a small fish and eat others to get a bigger one but in 350 levels I’ve done this twice I think! It’s all the matching up colours like every other game out there. It was advertised as something different so this is very frustrating. If you’re wanting to play the advertised game don’t bother downloading.Version: 7.6.2

Long time player, now it’s disappointingI’ve been playing this game for a long time and have always enjoyed it. You didn’t have to spend a penny if you didn’t want to, but I was happy to buy the seasonal passes, which lasted around a month, and gave you prizes and perks (like unlimited lives and unlimited help for some time) as you conquered objectives. Now the app is very changed. The seasons have gotten much shorter 7 or 13 days long, and you can only get prizes if you pass levels but you’re always getting stuck (before there were other ways to get the prizes, even if you got stuck in levels). It’s all geared towards forcing you to spend a ridiculous amount of money, which of course I won’t do anymore. The prizes are worse (no periods of unlimited lives, for example), harder to get and with the hard times that are to come, it’s best to save your money. It’s not worth it anymore. I hope things go back to how they were before, when you were paying for something real and not a scam as it is now..Version: 6.8.2

Very deceptive Advertising- Just another Match-3!I downloaded this after seeing advertisements on Instagram and Facebook. It looked like an interesting change from the usual match-3 games so I thought I would give it a try. But that’s all it was. Just another Match-3. Where are the interesting loot and treasure puzzles promised by the ad?.Version: 4.3.2

Deteriorating appOk. I have been playing this game for a long time and have wasted many happy hours playing levels and decorating aquariums. For a while the gold pass seemed worth buying, especially as rewards were gained on attempts at levels not just levels passed, the team chest and challenges were fun. There was always, as others have said, hard and super hard levels where there is clearly some algorithm that eventually allows you through after multiple attempts and that can definitely get boring/frustrating. But overall I’ve had fun. BUT - it has changed. No more team chest. The mini games have disappeared. The gold pass is now 7 days only (previously usually 28) but is the SAME price and more difficult to get prizes as now based only on levels passed. This means it’s now a complete rip off. I am hoping the developers may reconsider…… So previously I would probably have scored 5. Now it’s more of a 2 so have settled on 3 stars..Version: 6.6.2

I like this gameI mean who dosent love fish? It’s a good way to build a digital aquarium whilst playing some mini games. It is enjoyable but you loose life very quickly. And if you don’t complete a level first time it deprives you of vouchers to buy better fish. And then there’s the timer that most games have that make you wait before you can play the level again. Seems to be a game of luck of the draw as most levels seem like you don’t have enough moves to complete it. Especially when it says you still have 19 squares left to erase. I guess if you have the time to invest in the game it’s good if you don’t then this game isn’t for you. It also says everytime to connect to Facebook and get free stuff and invite your friends and all that but I don’t use Facebook. My friends are on my phone not a website. If I choose not to use Facebook I shouldn’t be pestered to sign up just to get free stuff for the game. You spend a lot of time playing the same lever again and again which gets boring after a while. I feel sorry for my fish as I don’t play it for ages after I get bored then I return and my fish are almost dead cos they haven’t been fed. Soo deleted it. Very tedious without micro transactions unless you want to play the same lever 100 times before you beat it..Version: 5.0.3

Great game but since the update, the visuals aren’t as sharpI loved this game to the point of addiction. I loved the visuals, fish and their quirky comments and just building the tanks up one at a time. Then the update occurred. Visuals aren’t as sharp as what they used to be. Before they came across more as 3 dimensional now they seem flat, 2 dimensional (I am referring to the game levels, not fish tanks). Also the levels are now ridiculously difficult especially the timed ones. I agree with the other comments that unless you are willing to spend money you can’t complete a level anymore. You are having to use all your resources bombs etc and if they are suggested by the game, I have learned not to accept because you DEFINITELY will not complete it ... it’s a con so you can use your resources and buy more. A game which I literally spend 4 of more hours playing is now half an hour to maybe an hour. The difficulty has spoilt it and I lose interest now after 4-5 tries. It’s a shame because the fish tanks and fish are what I play for as I love the creation side but I can’t move on now because it’s become too hard and the expectation of points you have to gather to earn a star to progress is out of scope..Version: 3.8.2

My son would call it Medium....This is a fun game but there’s an obvious algorithm that makes the hard levels allow you to get to one move left with no way to win. It’s forcing you to either use extra lives, use your earned life lines or just plain buy help. When you earn help during a game the help lands in a place that normally doesn’t help. It, like all free games, plays mom the fact that most humans have no self control and need to win NOW!.Version: 4.7.5

Hate this gameThis game sucks. I have been fooled with false advertisements so many times. Such a waste of time..Version: 4.7.5

Things need to change for the better....So I’m sat here trying to progress through one of your leagues, and I’m wasting yet another unlimited lives boost because I physically can’t get passed an EASY level (supposedly)... I am literally tearing my hair out and how rage inducing this game is... and what a pisstake I am experiencing. I am also fed up to the back teeth of your games, Playrix, whereby the only way to get passed a level is to buy stupid amounts of bombs... NO. I uninstalled homescapes because of this very same greed tactic... you make the level nigh impossible to beat, forcing me to pay to play... not happening. I am now permanently stuck on a hard level that I physically cannot beat, and it is overwhelmingly infuriating. Make a fun game that’s not all about profit, ya conning gits! Also also, can you stop automatically applying the unlimited lives boost as everytime I get one, I’m about to go to work or bed, thus unable to use it and it gets wasted. I would like to pick when I want to use it and play the game WHEN I WANT TO, not when you want to, change this immediately, it is annoying beyond belief..Version: 3.3.4

Do you have endless cash to spend? Then this game is for you!This game is quiet addictive and lots of fun but the kicker is the rediculous cost of Gems needed to progress through the levels. I have to agree with other reviewers of the game that if you want to move on to the next level of having used 20+ lives unsuccessfully because bombs are needed to finish then you are left with the option of abandoning the game or buying the gems. Even to get an addition 5 moves they charge you 9 gems. Developers need to review costs or ways to accrue gems as current game play is not fun nor sustainable in its current form. Maybe instead of charging 9 gems for an extra 5 moves give players the option of watching a 30 second add... This would still make the developers more $$$ but allow players better chance of progressing to the next level....Version: 2.7.3

Click baitNot at all related to the add.Version: 4.6.3

Made it Impossible to Win without Spending MoneyI loved playing this game…for about 5000 levels. One day I decided to spend $1.99 twice in a row to beat a challenging level somewhere in the 5000s. After that, it became impossible to win even some of the easier levels. They cut my number of moves down by about half of what others are getting. When I have asked them to look into why my moves were decreased, the customer service “representative” (Inessa) gives me the same canned response each time. Then she asks for examples…I have provided many examples. There are levels where it is not even possible to win with the number of moves given. Inessa said the reason I have less moves is because I am playing a newer version than others. I think the developer got greedy and just wants more money. I’m not giving it to them. I’m now up to the mid 7000 level but I have to save up explosives and gather diamonds for days and days to beat the levels because they lowered my number of moves. I used to win tournaments and there was strategy to winning a level. It was fun. Now, I have to wait until the game decides it wants me to win and then it creates tons of explosives so I win the level. I’m lucky if I win 5 levels a week! Enjoy while you can when you are first playing, but be aware that they will change the game on you and are looking for a money-grab..Version: 6.0.2

FakeThis App is a lie. Its fake...Version: 4.7.0

Playrix cheatsYou can see it with some levels especially the oil ones where you have to remove the oil that you know that you have got it on your last move yet the game says you didn't get it which to me is cheating be cause the only thing left is the barrel and you can't destroy. And it's a game that discriminates against players that don't spend money even though they say that there games can be beaten without spending money that might be true but if there is a competition to collect pearls or collect electricity if you get stuck on a level it might be sometime before you get past that level by then you are so far behind in the competition because you didn't spend money to get bombs you could never end up on top of the competition therefore playrix discriminates against you for not spending money.Version: 4.5.4

Money scamThe game is really fun. That’s why I gave 2 stars. I read reviews that everything costs money. But what money you put into it only lasts a short time. Twice I bought the gold pass. Once it lasted 4 days. And the last time it lasted 1 day. The diamonds you earn are put into a bank that you have to purchase. Or you can buy diamonds that last for a short time. The game cheats. The games almost win so you have to spend diamonds to continue. Also the power ups are placed either where they don’t make a difference or together where both are exploded at once instead of spread out. They also get put where the oil covers them and when the oil is cleared it is not there. This is power ups that I even purchased. I have been playing for about a month and have spent close to $100. This game is addictive and you think you can get ahead but you’re always needing to spend money to keep going. Also when you move a gem or power up it doesn’t always move where you place it, costing you the game, so you have to spend diamonds to continue. It is endless. This game is all about making money and a lot of money. You should be able to purchase a one time fee for continued play. Or there should be a limit. I am deleting this game. It is giving me anxiety and costing me too much money..Version: 6.4.2

Nothing like advertisedThe ad for this game shows you trying maneuver a fish safely through obstacles yet it is more like candy crush this app is falsely advertised if it was as advertised I’d play it but the game is lame.Version: 4.6.3

😂Misleading false advertising..Version: 4.7.0

FishdomWhy don’t you make a game that’s as fun as the fake ads?.Version: 4.6.3

Where are the mini games?The advertisement for this game is what motivated me to download it. These mini games were periodically featured for the first levels, but then they stopped. So for those of you thinking of getting this game, if you really want it because of the Ad, you’re not going to get what you think..Version: 4.9.5

Some really irritating aspects to this gameThis could be an enormously satisfying and addictive game but there are some serious obstacles to enjoying it that could easily be removed by the developers. It’s designed to frustrate you into buying extra lives out of sheer frustration at some levels when you get stuck. There are awful timed games where unless you purchase boosters you can get pointlessly stuck and chew up all your lives, which is far from enjoyable, and other games have truly nasty little pieces which are blocked and time out of you can’t match them, bringing the whole game to a premature end. It’s all calculated to make you so desperate to escape the level you will spend proper money buying extra lives and boosters. You get these reward tokens for finishing a level on the first try, with which you can only buy ugly ‘unique fish’ (the ‘real’ fish are much nicer and you can buy with the coins) and you can’t swap tokens for the diamonds you need for lives/boosters etc which would be much fairer. It’s basically deeply flawed and such a shame as it could be a lovely game. So disappointing..Version: 3.4.0

Those lying ads will be gone soon!I’m a developer (dev) in the App Store. All devs got sent an email explaining upcoming changes to the App Store’s policies. Good news! Here’s the quote directly from that email: • 2.3.1: Clarified that misleading marketing, whether it takes place inside or outside of the App Store, is grounds for removal from the App Store and the Apple Developer Program. So Fishdom and other games will have to STOP these crummy, lying ads or they’ll get booted from the App Store! Hooray! I’ll change this review once I see the ads have stopped. 😈😬.Version: 5.7.2

Only play if you can pay lotsThis game is entirely, scientifically and psychologically designed to get players to spend lots of real money in small increments over a long period of time. Having played for a long time, I finally realised I was being played. You win just enough to keep you interested for a while, then you get stuck on a level for many attempts that can take days of playing the same level even with team helps. Then out of the blue you can almost solve a the level except if you only had one more turn. You can pay for more turns by in house rewards that would take about a week to accrue or by buying them with real money. It’s not by accident, the designers programmed it to get us to spend money. Don’t play if you don’t want to spend. If you’re willing to spend, be very careful with this game as you will spend a lot..Version: 7.3.2

Hide your credit cardA real money spinner for the developers, not only do they get revenue from ads but add insult to injury they also sell diamonds and they are expensive, you might get diamond one from watching an ad or sometimes when you win a game but it costs 9 for an extra 5 goes or for 30 seconds. This increases considerably if you suddenly find the previous attempt didn’t work. In all fairness diamonds should be sold for coins earned. Some levels are impossible to clear under normal conditions forcing the use of diamonds or bombs if one wants to progress to the next level. Once I finish using my last purchased diamonds the game will be trashed, shame really because it is an enjoyable game, but I will not put any more money into the crook developer..Version: 2.4.0

Just want your moneyI have been playing fishdom for a few years now. I’m up to level 2409. Over the past few months I have noticed that the levels are completely rigged to lose. It’s gotten to the point where it may take days to complete one level unless of course you pay for a power pack of some sorts. Previously I used to purchase power packs etc... but on my terms. The game has become like a pockie machine. You’ll win a few levels and then a “super hard” gets thrown in there, it’s not “super hard” it’s designed for you to lose so that way you pay them for a power pack to pass the level. I don’t play games, this is the only one I have ever played in my spare time and I have loved it. But the fact that the app is now allowing greed to take over player enjoyment has now made me delete the app. I understand that as an evolving business there are costs that will increase meaning you need to be able to increase business revenue. But it’s at the point where the sly tactics that are being used in the game to take peoples money is just ludicrous. This isn’t a casino. If you want to promote gambling, advertise your game as a casino / gambling game. I’m response to developer comment: that’s funny considering there are a number of user comments all experiencing the exact same issues! A bit ironic don’t you think?!!!!.Version: 5.9.4

DisappointingI just hate the false advertisements. Why don’t you just create the game in the advertising and I’ll download that. Probably even pay for it..Version: 4.3.2

Great game, but.This game is amazing, it works fine. It’s overall a good decent game to play when you’re bored. But the only reason I have given this game 3 stars, is because of false advertising! Okay, I was scrolling on Instagram reels and this ad for this game came up! And usually I don’t download games from ads, but this game looked fun. Because I thought this game was about, building up ur size as a fish, but don’t get me wrong. That part is apart of the game, but it’s just a mini game. I didn’t realise that it was a mini game, as I thought it was the whole game together. But then again, not my fault. And yes I love this game. This game is great! It’s just I expected something different then the actual game itself. Would’ve been 5/5 stars if it wasn’t for false advertising. Great game though! I love it so muchh.Version: 7.6.2

GREED GREED GREEDSo in the last month or so I started to see an indication of how greedy this company became with Fishdom. It was the amount of times I would have 1 thing left to do on a level, and HAVE to use 9 purple diamonds to get finished.. so I started to see it was just a constant constant money spinner for the company. I have been playing this for years. And I was happy to buy the 28 days gold ticket for £4.99 (it was actually a cool thing to look forward to, if I had finished the whole thing in the 28 days) and now, it not only doesn’t last very long 7-13 days but the ‘task’ is to finish a game/level.. for sometimes ONE gold coin which means it takes forever and ever to even get to the end why? What sort of skill and enjoyment does that involve. It’s all about getting more and more money spent by us buying purple diamonds and I am absolutely disgusted. I mean it actually has on the pictures ABOVE.. MINI GAMES!!!! There is no mini games anymore. At least on those you could win 3/4 purple diamonds. It’s basically gambling.. constant money from us without ANY gains or incentives. I can’t tell you how angry I am as a previous loyal fan. I’m on Level 7180. That shows you long I have been loyal. And never ever before have I ever left a review but I felt compelled to.. I would like to ask for a refund of all the monies I’ve ever paid please because I am a very very unhappy disappointed and customer. This product is no longer fit for purpose..Version: 6.8.3

Still Stupid!Ticks me off that you get 2 bombs and they always get placed so close together that you explode one and they both explode,.Version: 3.1.0

Cost too much to winI love playing this game. I have spent much more money than I ever should have on it to try to win challenges and aqua tasks. I have reached the higher levels now. My biggest issue is when I have to “wait for new level” and can only “look for treasure”. I do not like it because I can’t gain ticket and any bombs or extra lightning boosters are voided as soon as I clear the board. This amazingly seems to happen when I’m close to winning the challenges against other players (collect pearls, lightning bolts etc..). If the makers of this game want us to keep playing, levels should be available or at least allow us to use up remaining boosters and collect tickets after clearing a board. It takes a ridiculously long time to collect the tickets that we need to purchase special fish. I also do not like that we can only win gems with completion of challenges. I can purchase the highest amount of gems won cheaper than paying to win the challenges!! I have deleted this app before. If I delete again, I will not reinstall it! I have deleted this game again. It costs too much for a “free” game. You cannot win in higher levels without buying boosts. What’s more, I removed my credit card profile and won’t let me play this “free game” without one being on file! If it’s “free”, why do I need a credit card on file to play it?!?!.Version: 4.7.5

WhatI don’t even have the game i’m just so confused as to why in the world the add is not what the game is???? what kind of advertising is that? the add version of the game actually looks interesting too, I would actually play that..Version: 4.7.0

Don’t get itNot worth downloading. It’s nothing like it’s advertised. More like candy crush type game.Version: 4.8.0

Don’t buy the Golden ticket - Prizes have been reduced to nothingI have played this game for over a year now, it’s fun and we have a great team, and I’m happy to spend a little here and there as while you can play for free I like to pay to play as then I feel like I’m compensating the developer for work. HOWEVER, over the past twelve months the rewards and prizes have reduced to a ridiculous level I will no longer spend any more money until the prize levels are back. I’d rather stop playing than feel like the developer has become so greedy as to not maintain prize offerings. When you bought the Golden ticket You used to be able to earn rewards of 10 and 15 gems, explosives would last an hour to an hour and a half and now the are 15 mins. It’s disrespectful and greedy..Version: 6.0.2

Not what it’s made out to be!Me If you, like me, came here because of an advert on another game and thought you would be solving puzzles to try and help the little fish in distress, then you will be disappointed, like me. It’s basically another Candy Crush clone with the aim to decorate an aquarium! Lots of requests for your money which I would never spend on a game like this. Disappointing. Don’t waste your time..Version: 4.6.3

Okay not great, basically a subpar candy crushI downloaded it based on the ads. The ads show a lot of different puzzles that looked interesting, however that’s only a tiny part of it. You’d think that if that’s how they were advertising the game they’d make it more part of the game? But instead they’re just mini games you play every 30 or so levels. And they’re so easy. Like basically just click on the fish that has the higher number, no strategy or anything. It feels very much like they were added as an after thought. The main part of the game is the matching and even that leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to mechanics. They have a power up that gets rid of all of the same color but when you swipe it with another power up, it doesn’t do anything special just activates the bomb but leaves the lightning power up there. The other thing that bothers me is how the pieces fall, like if you have two blue shells in a column, and two more fall on it, it hits one at a time. So instead of having 4 and getting a rocket power up. The first blue shell hits, clears the 3 and then you have a single left over blue shell. The events they add actually are fun, and buying stuff for the fish tank is cute but I’m not sure it makes up for the let down of the mini games or being a subpar candy crush..Version: 6.7.3

DumbIt’s nothing like the add don’t advertise things that doesn’t happen in the game.Version: 4.7.0

DeletedSo many disappointments. Finally just deleted it at Level 1600 something. First, the game they advertise with is not the game you actually play. You think you are going to guide the fish through obstacles to a goal. Nope. It’s a matching levels game. Virtually the same game over and over with a few variations. I really loved the squid and the seals games. Really, really hated the oil levels. And then you can “decorate” tanks that you unlock with coins you “earn.” You generally have 3 tanks you are building at a time. You would expect levels to get harder and you understand the game wants you to spend money. I didn’t spend any money. Without making purchases, you will have to stay at the same level, even as long as a day or two, but they let you get to the point where you just need ONE MORE turn to win the level and move on. This happens regularly and I realize they want you to make purchases. I’d rather buy a game outright than be manipulated to make in-app purchases. Ultimately, the reason I deleted the game is I don’t like the constant manipulation. If you don’t mind making a lot of in-app purchases, you will probably enjoy this app. It’s a good game, but definitely rigged to make you want to spend money to move from harder levels..Version: 5.5.6

Fun, but too stingy with rewardsAn enjoyable match 3 game, but way too stingy with rewards; takes forever to earn enough to fill your fish tank, and so miserly with handing out gems you may as well forget about it. I hate the timed levels, you basically just have to keep playing them until you hit a turn that drops enough bombs to just randomly blow up all the tiles because there's just no time for studying the grid and planning a strategy. You need patience for this game, or else be prepared to spend lots of real coin in order to keep playing and advancing levels. GET RID OF THE TIMER! Update: Now into the levels above 800. The game has only gotten worse. Now some levels have individual time bombs in the squares that you must take out before they count down and end the game before you're even out of turns. More and more it has become a matter of just taking turns until the level wins itself by dropping enough power-ups to complete the round. I'm getting very close to deleting the app entirely. Another update: The game is actually CHEATING! For the last FIVE GAMES IN A ROW I have been left with nothing but one or two squid to capture, and the game simply stopped issuing new squid! I even used up my gems buying extra turns to clear this level, but still no squid popping up until after last turn has been played! That’s the last straw. Deleting now..Version: 3.0.0

Manipulative GameThis game decides if and when you will win. It is designed to tempt you to spend money on extras that will make winning easier. Delete!.Version: 4.3.2

Wasted opportunityAdvertising portrays a fun game swimming around eating fish in the deep ocean to get bigger to eat bigger fish, warning the game you are given access is totally different, it’s actually 80% of the time just a boring long drawn out game of shaking fish food bottle for your nemo fish in a tank and buying it other fish friends and tank displays. Business model follows all the other fraudulent apps Apple allows to remain on their store. Fake adverts are always snuck into other apps, even the fishdom app download page doesn’t display the apps real images. There are some mini games within the game, like match icons up to earn in game currency that is mostly locked away in a vault that requires paying real money to open, but it’s definitely not as advertised..Version: 7.6.2

YeeshNothing like the add.Version: 3.9.2

Alright.This game is alright I suppose, this game has a lot of positives and negative’s, let’s start with the positive side. What I like about it is that there are a lot of different types of things and levels to get passed, I also like the fact that’s you can get more characters in your fish tank. What I also like is that you can feel the fish and decorate the tank!! Overall this game is pretty good, I have been playing it for about a month snow, but I have noticed that if you do not update the game you can not play it, which is very disappointing. Now let’s get onto the negative side. First of all that has been frustrating me is that I have seen the advertisements of this game and it shows that you can play mini games, that is basically the reason why I downloaded it. For the past few weeks I have noticed that I am now on level 100+ and I still haven’t got notified or gotten told that I can play a mini game, what I don’t like about that is that it doesn’t even show where to play mini games! The next bad thing about this game is that , personally I don’t know if this happens to others but when I am in a game, for example the bomb either explodes by itself with no movement in the game, or my game crashes when something explodes. I think personally that this game is awesome! But please, whoever made this please fix the bugs and problems..Version: 6.0.2

Game LevelsIt just seems like every level after a certain level is really hard or difficult and the only way to get through is buy jewels. Money making, should hand out more power ups and bombs after so many tries on a level..Version: 6.8.3

DisappointedFishdom is virtually the only games I actively play now. I love that I am not inundated with ads. I happily purchased a golden ticket every month for the challenges. I loved that they lasted a month, they were good value. Disappointingly these month long challenges dropped to 20 days long, then down to 6 or 7 days for the same money. I no longer purchase them, either do other members from my team. The new expedition looks like great fun, but energy bolts only accrue when you are actively playing. One bolt every hour of play time. On difficult levels lives can be gone in five minutes. Not fun!! I am also disappointed that many people have given feedback and have had no response by the game developers..Version: 6.7.3

False advertisingNot the same game as the adds.Version: 7.4.2

Great for a while, but then gets too difficult without paying to simplify levelsHaving been playing this for a while, really enjoying the challenge but now at the point where I’m not able to win without paying to get items to make the levels easier. I could live with levels being difficult, but not impossible and having played the same level 15 times without beating it, I’m getting bored of the same level so in summary, enjoy the game but nice you reach a certain level expect to either start paying to win, or spend a long time on the same level trying. Also some of the free items do not appear to be as random as they seem, for example why do I usually only get the freebie with one item and not the good ones with two. Simple stats would tell me I should get the better items more frequently if they are truly random, so I suspect they are weighted to give less free items, but I could be wrong..Version: 4.9.0

False advertisingNot at all the same as the ads total false advertising had I known I would not have wasted my time.Version: 4.7.0

It sucksSome levels are now so incredibly hard to beat it has become boring.Version: 7.4.2

Ruined by greed... again!This is a good addictive game though has little to do with the oddly misleading advertisements for the game. Unfortunately, although it purports to be free to play, certain levels can only be completed using boosters which of course you never have enough of, but surprise, surprise, you can always buy them. You also have very limited lives which disappear extremely quickly when you get a “hard” or “very hard” level (which would better be described as “completely impossible”) unless you buy expensive boosters, without lives you get locked out of the game until your lives refresh again. Of course if you do want to spend, you can buy as many extra lives as you want. The result is that you eventually just go and find another game to play that doesn’t keep locking you out, which seems a little counterproductive So to sum up... if you don’t regularly spend cash the game soon becomes very frustrating as it will only let you win when it wants to..Version: 4.9.5

Fun… for a costI’m probably going to play this for a little longer, so don’t let me discount the addictive nature of this game. I’d have quit if i wasn’t being amused. That being said, the fact that it’s a naked cash grab isn’t lost on me. Some levels are simply unwinnable without a “boost”. Don’t believe me? I hit roughly level 1100 and every other level is “super hard” or a “challenge” ( that you cannot opt out of…). I spent $50 for this little experiment, so I’m sure some PR guy will reply that no level is unbeatable, but when you win based off of spending, right? So, when the app feels you haven’t spent enough, you get all the levels you can’t win without a boost. And it directly correlates to how much you spend! I had my wife just in this as a control. As soon as I spent $50, I got about 20 levels that were “easy”, whereas she didn’t spend anything and got slammed on those same levels. So we remade the accounts and got to where the app wants you to spend money. This time, she dropped a $20 and got half as many “easy” levels, while I got slammed. Basic idea, they made a fun game that makes it too easy to spend money, and that’s the point. They didn’t make this out of generosity. I’m getting annoyed by the fact that I don’t want to spend $20 a day so my time in Fishdom may be ending soon, but I’ll never fault it for a lack of entertainment value..Version: 5.8.2

QuestionJust wondering if it’s illegal for you as a game to advertise game modes and puzzles that we never get to play after we download the game and agree to your terms of agreement..Version: 4.7.0

Expect to Pay to WinThe game is a typical match the pieces to clear the board; with the theme of fishes and underwater. It’s fun, and fairly moreish, you want to keep playing. However; once you get passed level 300, the difficulty ramps up. Significantly. You can be as good as a player as there comes, but without luck some levels are impossible. Well, sometimes even luck won’t help you, because when you’ve got to eliminate bubbles or squids, sometimes not enough appear to clear. If you’re happy to put money into the game, I’m sure you’ll get a lot of fun out of it. But it’s certainly not a game it’s worth putting time into if you cannot spend money on extras. To add - I’ve got to level 559. It’s not a hard, or super hard level, just a normal one. 14 moves to clear 12 squids and 32 gold. Fine. Except if you do well on clearing the gold, the squid just stop appearing. It’s clearly set up so you pay 9 diamonds for an additional 5 moves which is most expensive way of using up your diamonds. Squid are simply a way of making players plough through their premium boosts, as the game will randomly not spawn them even if nothing is near them. It’s disgusting and I hate the fact that I played it for so long. But I’m done now. Deleted..Version: 6.3.2

KikiI agree with the last reviewer! This game has changed & it is set up so you spend your hard earned cash. This game has gone down hill in the last few months, and just seems to want you to spend money. The challenges are getting harder, leaving me stuck for 6 days on a level!!! There is no Community Chest on the weekends, like there used to be every second weekend & there is no Challenges against other teams, like there was every other fortnight. There were Gold Passes which were a month long, for &7.99. You would get tasks and win great bonuses. This last $7.99 only buys a week of prizes. They seem to be cutting everything down to minimal bonuses, but charge the same amount. Come on FISHDOM, lift your game and do the right thing! The rest of the world is take take take, please don’t you do the same. I’m nearly at the end of my tether with this game..Version: 6.6.2

Garbage gameStop advertising your game as something it is not!! Nothing but a stupid match game!! Real original 🙄 DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!! Doesn’t even deserve the one star that you’re forced to give with review!!!.Version: 4.7.5

Was once happy with game. Now not so much. Very frustrating new tanks not being availableI would’ve loved to have given a 5 star review cos I’ve been playing this game for a long time now. However….. New tanks aren’t becoming available like they used to. It’s extremely frustrating having heaps of coins and tokens. But nothing to use them on. Wish the developers would hurry with opening the new tanks… I’m currently waiting for “time to get away” tanks to be opened so I can start adding fish and making them look pretty. Challenge level keeps coming up so new stages can’t be played. I’d much prefer my new tanks to be available once I completed 2 tanks .. like they used to be. PLEASE !!!!! Fix this ASAP!!!!!!.Version: 6.7.3

Pay to winThis game is practically IMPOSSIBLE unless you use power ups, which is completely unfair since you have to pay to get them, I’ve been stuck on level 29 for the last week and after many tries using power ups, NO AVAIL. Maybe I’ll consider re-downloading once this game picks up its act and makes it POSSIBLE to play again without using money..Version: 3.9.2

Started off great but soon turns into a money making scamLoved the game at the start, but I’m now ready to uninstall. I don’t take kindly to being ripped off. After the honeymoon period the games, especially the hard (boring and repetitive) and super hard (super boring and repetitive) feel very much like they’re rigged. I particularly dislike the fact that if there are no moves on the board it will force you to use any booster you made. Added to that, if you do capitulate and purchase boosters to help you get past a level they’re often put somewhere useless where you can’t use them (eg the lightning wedged in a corner surrounded by stones or gold). There is no skill involved, it’s down to dumb luck and the hard levels just depend on crap drops. It’s a King game all over again that sees players through dollar sign eyes. I think these tw@s like King and this game should be investigated. I have no doubt the games (hard/ultra boring levels) are designed to get money. The last straw for me was level 1283 (i think] I had 1 hour infinite life, 1 hour infinite lightning and I used bombs, dynamite and lightning and STILL not get past the level, I even used the extra moves option. After an HOUR of playing WITH boosters and still no success, and btw I had to keep quitting because the lightning kept getting bunged somewhere I couldn’t use it, I gave up. I’m done. I do not like being taken for a mug. Shame on me for giving them money. Absolute pi$$ take..Version: 5.0.0

Cash grabIt was entertaining until about level 500. I realize difficulty should increase as you progress however it became exceedingly clear it became more rigged towards purchasing gems. The boosters often impede playability on the first move. They are placed specifically in the line-up of tiles clearly designed for gameplay (and effect). For example, five tiles combined are needed to make a bomb which is the only way to clear surrounding boxes. Despite being several other options for the boosters to be places, they predictably go into the exact boxes *designed* for gameplay to start that level. This applies even if you don’t select your boosters but are given them. So you have to keep losing the level to undo the in-game winning streak boosters. This depletes you’re lives and any advantage to actually being on a winning streak. Second, there are too many animations that impede game play. Normally it’s just annoying until you get to timed levels. Using lightening, required on some levels, can wipe out a large amount of tiles (or all tile if two are combined) and the board has to refill. As it refills more combinations are being made and it takes longer. All the while the clock is still ticking, and if you’ve made enough explosions another lightening booster(s) is waiting to drop. During that time you cannot make any moves and the clock is still ticking down. This has to be intentional to make you purchase gems. Done with the in-app purchase model..Version: 4.8.0

Can’t play w/out spending $$$$Most “free” games have in app purchases available, and that is accepted. Fishdom makes it virtually impossible to complete levels (even if willing to wait for more lives) without spending “diamonds” which are pretty much (in any meaningful quantity) only available through purchase with real money. There are few chances otherwise. The advertised fun “figure out escape” games are virtually non-existent. They throw one in at the beginning to avoid lawsuits I suppose. You can “win” diamonds for your fishy bank which you must purchase with real money. There was a week time limit on this that I thought I could wait out and not pay. Nope, limit just resets. I admit I have spent money on this because it’s an easy game to play while sick (i.e. doesn’t take too much effort). You can win coins quite easily, but they are essentially worthless other than buying fish and decorations for your aquarium and giving you the occasional diamond or two. It’s entertaining enough, but not worth the cost to play. Even if you’re willing to stop and wait for new lives. Not enough rewards that aren’t worthless coins. When you do earn rewards such as infinite lives for a # of hours you are forced to claim them immediately rather than choose when you’re willing to spend another 2+ hours playing an iPad game. Just my opinion..Version: 4.7.5

Good quality game but disappointing greedinessI’ve been playing for a while and I’m getting more and more disappointed. I paid for gems or passes before but I see much less value in paying for these now as levels and rewards have gotten so hard to pass or achieve more and more often now that it just feels like a rip off. I’d like to feel rewarded if I pay and not feel like I’m pushed to pay more and more all the time. It should feel rewarding or at least that it’s worth it if a player pays, now it’s a huge money game. It’s a pity as otherwise the art quality in the game is really high compared to other mobile games, that’s why I wanted to support by paying for some passes or gem packs. But I won’t support such greediness now. Unless they make some positive changes and more achievable events. The crab adventure is such a rip off too, paths are full of obstacles that cost lots of energy each, I’m not going to pay for yet another thing. There should be a balance..Version: 7.3.3

Good at first but higher levels not worth playing.I have played this game for a while. At first it was great. There’s a lot in it to keep you emerged and the season passes, which I purchased and special events were really good. HOWEVER, I am now on higher levels (3000 plus) and the game is no longer worth playing. Every two or three levels there is a ‘hard’ or ‘super hard’ level that you literally have to play over and over again (I’m talking 15 - 20 times) before suddenly getting loads of bombs that clear it. They’ve obviously been programmed this way to make you spend money on diamonds for extra moves, but even using these doesn’t always work. Final straw for me was the latest season pass, which I purchased again. The cleaver power up, which was supposed to be helpful, consistently spoiled useful moves and useless tiles. I have just used an hours lightning and dynamite power up that I won in the season event to advance ONE level (a level with three tricky boards to be beaten in 30 moves.) The game is no longer fun to play, rather totally frustrating. I can’t advance with my fish tanks and other challenges in the game as I’m not getting through enough levels to earn the gold or points etc. Very disappointing. I advise you not to bother. Uninstalled..Version: 5.7.4

Not what is shownThe preview shows fish eating fish. This is not the game. It is a match 3 type. The ad is misleading. If you like match 3 it’s ok otherwise do not down load. My grandkids have all downloaded on there devices after seeing preview on my iPad and quickly deleted when they realised it was not what was shown as they could not find what was shown and said nan ‘ don’t download it’s wrong’. 0 out of 5 from the grandkids.Version: 7.0.2

Definitely riggedAfter playing 930 some rounds I’ve noticed that the controls start to become real sloppy ... example when you go to swap to the emblems it will actually go the other way so you have to mainly click on each an individual item to swap instead of putting your finger on one emblem and move it to another when you try that it actually goes the other way so if you’re trying to connect the corner emblem to say to make a line of five it will sometimes go the other way and connect only three...... when you start using the explosive the mines the dynamite the firecrackers and so on it shows up in a meter .... you must fill up this meter and then it gives you this triangle looking lightning bolt the problem is every time you use those explosive they don’t really power up the meter like they’re supposed to which doesn’t give you those extra power ups so you got a watch out for that..... and there’s also the challenges select you’re supposed to clear out 24 bubble emblems well you’ll have to spend six or 10 of your moves before any of those ones that you’re supposed to clear out will drop down hence you can’t win on the first round unless you spend money to buy these power ups...... it’s sad that they have to rip the game like this not only could’ve been extremely fun but like a lot of Game Developers their greed has outweighed their talent for making a game fun.Version: 4.4.0

What an actual con ***DO NOT DOWNLOAD FOR YOUR CHILDREN***So much psychological ploys being used against you in this game. Firstly, I was advertised a logical problem solving game where the fish was trapped and I had to rescue it with water, without burning it in the lava. Turns out that's just a once every 24 hours side game. The actual game is the tired old candy crush, bubble witch saga sh**e that is revamped year after year! The game is rigged so that you're inclined to pay for tokens for ways to complete the level. As soon as you use a cheat the game is such that you can win it using the allocated moves with some to spare. Try playing it without the cheat and it's near impossible. The combinations just don't happen. Then there's the stupid octopus with his Disney sad eyes telling you, you won't win a token (to buy Easter eggs for your tank 😒) if you don't complete the level first go. Then he says you're going to lose your diamonds and pearls. All to convince you to part with your cash. There's also been this whale piggy bank collecting purple diamonds for most of the game. Once you collect 50 you have 3 days to buy them for £2.99 or else all that hard work will disappear. You need purple diamonds to cheat the rigged levels. Not a good game for children as they might fall for the tricks. I just wanted to play the logical problem solver part..Version: 4.7.5

Issues with game nasty support team to paying customer.I have played for years now and the game used to be very fun to buy the season tickets and play for bonuses. They have made these shorter and harder to get. I spent a lot of money recently trying to win the mystery fish, as I have many times before. My game crashed and deleted the level. The support team was unable to detect the crash so they treated me very poorly when I asked at least to be compensated within the game. In the past they used to be really good with these things. I am a user I have no idea why the app shut off but whatever you used to detect it failed it doesn’t mean I am a liar. I left honest feedback after the experience and met with the same experience. In the past the support team were accomodating and generous. Now the support team are rude and nasty. I still play but will never make another in app purchase again. Unless the game is sold to new developers or management teams. The current one is horrid. All you have to do to keep customers on your side is show a bit of understanding it’s clear that something happened because I was unable to finish levels and access the game towards the end of the competition. If you want good reviews and paying customers to keep paying use your head..Version: 7.0.2

Great game. But far too expensive.I love this game, however I feel it's something of a ripoff. It is impossible to solve a lot of levels without spending money, no matter how many goes you have. And the prices are far too high; it would still be too expensive at half the cost. I don't mind paying something, indeed I'd be happy to pay a one-off amount or even something per month. However as it stands it is ludicrous. I've spent more than enough & don't plan to spend any more. Also you get the feeling some of the levels are fixed until you use a bomb or something & then at times it becomes super easy, whilst at other times the layout, which has been unchanged for all previous attempts suddenly changes & your bomb, etc. is practically worthless. Or you get to having one or two things to clear & as you've already used up a bomb or something you feel you have to spend diamonds for a few more moves or you'll have wasted your power-up. Then surprise surprise you struggle to get a decent move & run out of moves, so spend more money. It's all designed to encourage you to spend money. Please consider a subscription option or a one-off fee or at least lowering the cost/giving you more for your money. It really is a great game, suitable for all ages, but as it stands it really does seem more of a ripoff than a fun game - which is a huge shame..Version: 3.0.0

Hard & Super Hard levels...Do any of the developers ever play this game themselves? My guess is NOT, otherwise they would have noticed how easy Hard and Super Hard levels are compared to the rest! More: Quite irritated by how good play is "rewarded" with strategically [mis]placed bonuses. Invariably they upset a really good position of tiles resulting in the loss of powerful bombs etc. Also notice much harder play of levels when I choose to play with extra "help". Question: WHY, after earning money because of good play, do I then have to buy that Fake Money with Real Money?? Another punishment! "Fill the vault" should EARN US extras! Really weird game play, regardless of whether others do this as well....Version: 3.7.0

UmmI know this is supposed to be a kids game, but sometimes the fish talk to you, which is fine, until it gets creepy. A couple of times I had my fish say to me, “who’s that behind you?” And I actually checked behind me because I was really creeped out. I know the developers probably weren’t intending to make it creepy, but sometimes that was the vibe that I got from the game. A few times I had looked away for a couple of seconds, and then when I looked back, my fish were asking me, “why aren’t you paying attention?” I was really creeped out by that. Please take my advice and maybe try to fix these little creepy messages. Otherwise this is a pretty good game, maybe a little bit too expensive though. Thanks.Version: 4.7.5

Shame it’s not the game in the adsI get ads for this app all the time so thought I’d give it a go. The ads misrepresent the game entirely, showing a version of the few and far between bonus levels that are kind of like what’s in the ad. The main matching game puzzles are not in the ads at all. This false advertising was annoying but I played a few levels and the actual game is enjoyable enough, but it’s rigged with super hard levels every so often to force in app purchases for bonuses that are needed to complete and progress further. Some levels do require a combination of skill and luck, which can be fun, and might take a couple of goes, but getting to a level where the end goal is just not achievable is not? The constant encouragement to spend money and useless clutter (I don’t want to buy aquarium decorations thank you) is off putting. I won’t be proceeding any further. It’s a shame that having got this app, I still see the misleading ads in other apps I use. Would be nice to never see it again. If the company actually decides to make the actual game from the ads, I’d be tempted to have a look.Version: 6.9.2

FishdomUse to be a great game, however after the last couple of updates it is getting harder to pass levels without spending money, no tasks with the gold passes and instead of being a month long they are now only a week long for the same amount of money.Version: 6.7.3

Lame, and not as advertisedI am bombarded with ads for this game while playing other games, but the actual game is nothing like the advertised one. This is clickbait. In reality it is a really lame and unresponsive match 3 game..Version: 4.6.3

Its riggedEvery level upto a point is easy, but not too far down the track the levels are set up in a way that you will need to pull out your wallet because you only just unfortunately missed the mark. And of course when you just miss the mark the add comes up with the “would you like to buy….” Dont get this game, well if atleast you do dont get sucked into its trap.Version: 7.2.2

Money grabbing changes have ruined the gameI have been playing this game for a couple of years. In the first year I passed about 7000 levels because I used to buy diamonds and the gold pass. I enjoyed the game and felt I got some value for my purchases. I stopped purchasing because changes (aka updates) are clear grabs at players dollars with little to no value for money. The first changes were less boosters being given as prizes or chest rewards. Mini games (the ones they use to advertise the game) have disappeared. I haven’t had one for around 6 months maybe more. Random games like the bridge building that were useful to build up boosters for the weekly challenge have also disappeared. It now takes around 500,000 to gain a star on an aquarium and now the gold pass went from 30 days to 7 days, same cost for basically zero reward. It takes days and weeks to pass some levels now and this is a clear push for the player to spend money to pass. The positive reviews here are obviously from developers because they’re all the same “I love this game because I love fishing”. This game is no longer anything like its advertisements and I’m inches away from ditching it entirely and going back to King branded games where you can pass levels without spending money..Version: 6.8.2

Baiting AppFalse advertising. Avoid this app developer..Version: 4.7.5

Used to be funI have been playing this game for over three years, and I’m close to level 13,000. It has reached a point where playing is no longer fun. No, there are no ads, but boy do you pay for it. Players can purchase diamonds which are like currency in the game, and boosters to help you get a leg up and get a start on winning a level. But if you haven’t spent enough money, the game will not let you win. Just in the past two weeks there have been three different levels that I have had to play over four days before I would finally beat it. It’s not that the levels are all that difficult, it is that the algorithms just will not let you win, unless you purchase diamonds to finish. The game will continue to take you down to one remaining piece, hopefully building your frustration enough to where you will spend money. The developers have also raised the prices over the past year making it more expensive to play. I have submitted comments from time to time to help and support, and always get ridiculous tone deaf answers about wanting to make the game challenging for players. It isn’t in the players’ hands. I have played this game long enough that it is too predictable as to what I have to do in order to advance to another level, and it has nothing to do with skill in playing the game. It has to do with how much I purchase. Games are supposed to be fun. It isn’t fun to play the same level over and over more than 20-30 times. This one has just become a waste of time, and money..Version: 7.6.2

False Advertising!!UPDATE: They changed the mini games- you used to win 3 diamonds for every mini game and THEY TOOK THEM AWAY!!! Now you only win coins or tickets (which don’t mean anything)! Such a scam!! Also in the map game, it used to cost a lot less lightning bolts to clear obstacles but now you can barely get through anything before having to wait to re-up which takes forever! Lost another star from me!! The reason I downloaded the game in the first place was because the ads for the mini games. The mini games looked fun and interesting and the ads made it seem like the mini games were a big part of the over all game. Well I can tell you that they make it look that way to hook you! You are lucky to get a mini game after completing 50 matching levels!! Then the mini games look nothing like advertised and follow through with the name mini!! The reason I gave two stars instead of one was that the game itself, for a matching game, is pretty interesting. I’ve had luck with getting and keeping power ups, which is cool. I like the daily activities that keep me wanting to go back in and see what else I can win or earn for the day. I just don’t like the way they get people to play their game. Even the Closer Look video only shows you the mini games and nothing to do with The Matching, which is the biggest part of the game!! For shame with false advertising!!.Version: 7.2.2

Total scamYou require cold hard cash to play this game. The goal post is always just a little out reach, but if you spend real money you get the extra turns or the thing you need to beat that level. You do get free rewards but it could take you 5 days to get enough to maybe possibly beat the level. There are no extra ways like watch an ad, only cash, to get extra rewards. I’ve played the same level for multiple times a day for days to be able to beat it, but with real money it would have been easily beaten. I bought a monthly gold pass it gives you a few extra rewards, helpful but still requires extra cash injections. The gold pass doesn’t even last the 30 days it is supposed to when they change the “seasons” you lose the pass anything you have yet to claim and are expected to buy a new one for the new “season”. This game is a complete scam, unless you have money you just looking to throw away for no reason save yourself a lot of frustration and move on. The game isn’t anything like the ads that probably brought you to it. This game is a match 3, 5, 7 tile in a row game, candy crush is free and you can beat the levels without real money. Avoid this scam they call a game. I’m not sure how apple allows this game to faulty advertise and take peoples money, I guess apple doesn’t care as long as the cash is flowing in..Version: 6.4.2

Fausse représentationVos publicités ne montre pas le vrai jeux.Version: 4.3.2

Constant need to free up space on my iPhone made me delete this game.First of all, I must admit that this a fun little game, it’s quite addicting too, I used to play it all the time (well when the game allowed me too and that’s not about the limited lives count, I’ll explain below) This game constantly pushes new downloadable content and asks you to free up space on your phone if you’re running low, that would’ve been okay if it happened once a while or gave the option to play now and download the content later but no, this happens every other day and you can’t play until you delete something from your phone to get more space and after a few times I no longer have stuff to delete which means I could no longer play the game so I had to delete it altogether....and what makes the insult worse is that technically you don’t have to download that “new” content, you can still play the game as is and I proved that by running a test; I freed some space on my iPhone and then I turned off the internet and opened the game, to my surprise the game didn’t tell me I needed a connection to download that content and the message to free up space disappeared of course which means technically I should be able to continue playing the game without having to free up space or download obviously this is an artificial limit set by the devs of this game and it’s a sad one that got me to delete this otherwise fun game. I won’t be playing this again until this issue is solved..Version: 6.3.2

It would have been 5 stars exceptGreed!!! The further you progress the more deliberate it gets requiring money to proceed. My Christmas tank is pathetic only because I wouldn't spend anymore money on extras so that I could proceed. I've spent a lot of money on this game & I was ok with it because it was a great game & worth the fun I was getting out of it. The higher I got the more I noticed the deliberate ways it was obviously not going to let me advance. When you have to pop the bubbles to complete the level & I had 10 or more moves left to get my last bubble yet there weren't any bubbles on the board until I reached my last 2 moves left & one drops not giving me any chance to get it. This has happened to me many times not just with bubbles, but the sqiuds as well. So how can people higher up the ladder get the needed levels completed to earn the bells & dress up our holiday tanks when it takes hours if not days to complete the harder levels as you progress into the levels 200 & higher. So yes this used to be a great game, now however I have no interest when all I can do is play 5 times before having to close it down & wait it out for 5 more unless I spend more money for another 5 minutes of play. It's sad because I really did enjoy playing it an even spending money on it until I realized I was spending more then the pleasure I was getting out of it..Version: 4.5.4

It’s not really like the addsFishdom is basically another one of those match three games. It’s different to things like Gardenscapes because you can place items wherever in the tank and can buy whatever fish you want. To be honest, that fact that you just buy ransoms fish and items and put them wherever isn’t very appealing to me because I don’t see how my tank could end up looking very good. Also If you were looking for mini games like in all of the misleading adds, this actually has them. You have to play a couple levels and then it’s an option to do. It choose a random mini game (mostly the tunnel and level one) and you play for a prize. Honestly I’d recommend Gardenscapes instead because it has the same mini games and the actual game is a lot better.Version: 5.8.2

ScammersUsually a decent game but.. I’ve been scammed by this company ! They released a new monthly pass except it was NOT a monthly pass but £4.49 for just a mere few days! I am disgusted. There passes are usually for at least 30 days and you get many benefits accumulated throughout the month so it makes the investment worth it should you want to spend real money in the game. However on this occasion Playrix the developers very cleverly hid the buying details. I’ve also heard from my in-game team that only a few chosen people got this “offer” as a test. I’m fuming and feel completely scammed. I’ve been playing this game for years and I spend real money when / if I think it is worth it. This offer is certainly NOT worth it! I want my money back asap. I am disgusted your company would be so duplicitous and scam your players. You know exactly what you were doing and planned it in a cunning way by fooling players into buying what they would usually believe to be a monthly pass and cunningly disguising as so, when really it’s just a special offer which I would never purchase anyway because there’s no real benefit. I would like a full refund asap and that you will withdraw this scam offer and instead offer some form of compensation to those you have scammed..Version: 6.6.2

TerribleI hate this game. I dowloaded it. Then deleted it. Then downloaded it for this review and am deleting it after this. In the ads it makes it look so fun. Let me tell you why you shouldn’t download this game. 1. False advertising. In the ads it either looks like a pull pin game or a highest value fish wins game. THIS IS NOT TRUE!! This game is the over-used match-three with an aquarium filled with butt-kissing fish twist. Doesn’t that sound fun! Sarcasm. All the fish say are “You’re so awesome!” Or “I want a new friend but I know you can do it!” They are just annoying and unnecessary. Now let’s move on to the actual game. 2. The game overall is stupid. Oh boy. You have to collect a certain amount of things and break a certain amount of things. Most of the time it doesn’t even actually break or get collected. They make it so hard to get boosters and the boosters are usually useless. So frustrating. Not only that hut levels are either ridiculously easy or ridiculously hard. There is no in-between. 3. Minigames. I’ve actually played for about two months and in that time I got one minigame. Only one. It was also very easy and boring. I’m not going to stop you but don’t waste your time on this game. Please don’t make the same mistake as me. So many games are better than this. This is going to sound like I’m a bot, which I’m not but I actually recommend Disney’s Emoji Blitz which is better than this, even if it’s a low bar. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS TERRIBLE GAME..Version: 6.8.3

Now an unplayable game!I am genuinely furious with support. The update was available to me before the last event finished. When I updated, on the pass screen it was still showing as active, but when playing the levels it was locked. The only way to unlock it was to buy the pass again! I didn’t of course. I contacted support instead and those idiots have dismissed me at least 4 times now. First time was to tell me the event was over, because that’s just how long it took them to look at my complaint! The other 3 said, because it shows as active in the pass screen shot I sent them, then there was no problem. I don’t know how else to explain it. When playing the levels, I couldn’t access the features of the pass that I had paid for! And having them close my complaint right away and having to go through a mass of bot help responses is enough to make me scream! There is no support from support! This game used to be good. The events were about collecting things to get the bonuses so you could actually progress through the game. They changed it to passing levels which is now almost impossible unless you want to PAY your way through instead of PLAY your way though! The game is no longer enjoyable and the paid rewards are just no longer worth my money! They have changed a playable enjoyable game to a payable frustrating waste of time!.Version: 6.8.2

Had potential to be a nice game, but seriously … do NOT spend money on this game!I’m so disappointed, because I thought I’d finally found a game that doesn’t try to cheat you or make it near-impossible to play. Well, I was wrong. I’m not usually the type to spend money on these games, but I was finally tempted by the seasonal “Gold Pass”, which let players think they’re buying all the displayed prizes … except you do NOT get all the prizes if you don’t complete a certain amount of puzzles within a limited time (& they don’t exactly warn players to avoid buying the Gold Pass halfway through the time-limit)! I certainly won’t be buying any Gold Passes ever again & I’m reluctant to spend even 99p options now, because it’s not enough to help you win whenever you get really stuck on a level. I had done a previous review (which was far more positive at the time … goodness knows what happened) & I’d even suggested making the “help the fish” mini-games a daily thing, but got no reply & saw no changes made. So, I feel like this is just another greedy game app & that they legit don’t care what we have to say about making things better. It’s early on yet, but if things get worse, I will probably have to consider deleting the app altogether; as it’s really NOT worth all the stress (in fact, these games should be having the exact opposite effect & help people to unwind)! 😕🤷‍♀️.Version: 7.1.2

Boring gameNothing like advertised.Version: 4.3.2

Misleading advertisingThe advertising for this game that I see during other games bears no resemblance to this game. There are no pins and levers, no sharks, no traps and no epic fails, other than the game itself which is an epic fail!.Version: 4.6.3

Target kids with addictive patterns and no chance of passing levels without purchasesTarget kids with addictive patterns and no chance of passing levels without purchases Complaints to apple 3 times and turns out they condone apps targeting children and their service is a joke they reject refund claims without even an explanation. Disgusting both apple and fishdom. The app is a fraud. Definition of a game is not purchases only method to pass levels. Shame on you and apple.Version: 7.1.2

Worst game everI saw this game on one of the ads and I really wanted to try it out the ads showed a bunch of games and it said you can access them in early game which I tried a bunch of other games are only allowed access to the other games later in the game and they said it in the ads as I knew that I didn’t download them but in this one it said you can get it early access and you can get it right away right when you download the app when I downloaded the app Iafallo the instructions after a couple months of saying this it said you get early access and I wondered when it’s early access because normally if I download one of the other apps it said you get it later in the game I already get it by one month confused I look at The downloading place and the pictures and videos of people playing it I see them playing only the other games not the base game that you start off with and still playing then I looked at other people playing this game I saw them playing with with the bass game and they said after a couple years of playing this game I finally got to another game and I’m not spending a couple years just playing this game I want to play the other games like swallowing other fish fish and all the other ones then I downloaded the app and I am writing this review right now.Version: 6.5.2

Not enough moves in levelsConstantly getting to levels where, even with boosters, there are not enough moves allocated to finish the level. Especially with the icebergs. It’s impossible to melt 30 pieces of ice when only 8 pieces appear at the start of the level and we are given 14 moves to make more ice. Each ice takes one move so you need at least another 8 moves to make it at all possible. Level 6327..Version: 5.9.3

BlehBoring when I get stuck on a level for ages because I'm too tight to buy gems. This is when I toss the game aside. It's funny like that. Some levels are just right and some are stupidly difficult forcing you to pay out. Also I don't like the way that when you use your weapons it dumps them on the board all at once.g.Version: 2.5.0

Another generic match three gameI thought that this would be a cool and unique game like in the ads but no it had to be another boring and generic match three game as if we didn’t have enough of those the mini games are worse than the demos and I had more fun watching the ads than playing the game itself even the demo was more fun and that demo game was a lie of what the actual game is this game is very lazy and extremely boring it seems as if it’s to much to ask for developers to try something new and different but it seems that you just thought that it would be easier to make a match three game like every other game on the AppStore very disappointed, I hope that the next game you make is nothing like thais and is at least a little bit creative because this game is not creative at all !.Version: 4.7.5

Misleading AdvertisementJust create the game you advertise, looks more interesting than this bs game..Version: 4.7.0

False advertisingThis game is nothing like the advertised game shown in other games. Don’t waste your time (or phone space) downloading it..Version: 4.7.0

Glitchy, misleadingAdvertising for the game suggests this is a fun game where you routinely save a fish which is not reflective of the game itself. The game is little more than a glorified version of Candy Crush. To move up through the game you need to purchase items for various themed fish tanks which help you to earn three stars and move on to the next level. It is not uncommon to work for and spend hundreds of thousands of coins to purchase items to earn the next star only to find that star goes missing and your back where you began. A lot of people are unable to complete levels without resorting to in app purchases based on the comments I’ve read but I myself moved through the levels without a financial cost. If you’re persistent and avoid the quick way out by purchasing extra coins, diamonds and the like then you will still move through the game unimpeded. I’m sure there are much better games out there and would avoid downloading this!!!.Version: 6.2.3

Great game if it didn’t throw in random hard challenges & high costsI really enjoyed this game initially. However it quickly moved to needing to go fast and drop bombshell everywhere to get through a level . This interrupted the leisurely steady enjoyment it began with. It was a nice relaxing game initially.. which I was after. Then it suddenly throws in a very hard challenge from time to time to interrupt this still further... and seems aimed at using up power ups so you have to purchase more at high cost to get beyond the annoying thing. Developers, you almost have something here if you had the choice if a steady buildup in a more casual mode. Also the ability to reset the whole game and start again if the pace stepped up too much. Not everyone wants adrenaline rushes and tension when they pick up a game. Either create a different game for those like me or add in some options with this one. I think the adrenaline competitive junkies like this game and rate it highly. But is could have been so much more for someone liking its style but wanting a single player relaxing option. At least it makes a change from endless confectionery and gems in other Match 3 games..Version: 4.5.4

Should be illegalThose fake gameplay adds. They should be illegal. Since it’s not, it’s on us users to never support companies that rely on these tactics..Version: 4.6.3

False advertisingThis app was pretty fun! I deleted it a while ago because im not very interested in these type of games, my only concern is that you are tricking people with the advertisements you are putting for this game. I saw a developer reply to a review complaining about the same thing, and the developer said that the advertisement she saw was a mini game. Now what doesn't make sense to me is why would you make a whole advertisement on a mini game instead of the actual game? That confuses and tricks people. I am personally not very happy about this, i hope game developers take this to mind because if you made advertisements about the actual game, people who like these kind of games would download it and enjoy it, but since you didn’t people are getting tricked and the app is getting bad reviews..Version: 5.3.0

FISHDOM… MORE LIKE BOREDOMI want to give you a ZERO… but since it’s not possible…. i’ll give you… a ONE..Version: 6.3.2

RiggedI have been playing this game for a bit but after like 65 level there’s no mini games the game always wants you to by something I’m on level 89 I have use all my boosters many times payed with gems still can’t win PLEASE PLEASE change this but the good thing is the coin aspect y oh get lots of coins to by stuff over all 3 stars.Version: 6.9.2

MisleadingGame lets you get only so far until it starts asking you for money. Buy jewels, coins extra lives,whatever. I deleted after two days. It’s garbage.Version: 4.7.5

False Advertising?Seems like an okay game, fine for someone not looking for a brain challenge, but as I downloaded based off of an advert I had seen on another app, I was disappointed that the game is mostly a “connect three” puzzle and not the strategic escape game the ad had promised. If you want to gain the consumers you’re wanting for THIS style of game, perhaps an adjustment to your ad campaigns for would be a good start 🙄😒.Version: 5.9.3

Terrible bugs and no contact support!The game itself is fine but not when it crashes or freezes all the time, and then all your boosters you had in the shell are gone when you reload! Then you use ones u have saved just to get back to where you were, or you use your boosters aswell they are lost when game decides to freeze or crash, and no contact support to receive anything back! Just stupid question/answer support- no help at all! Wasted so many of my boosters over and over again that should not have been, and then to hard to do level when dont hav shell boosters aswell! very annoyed at game, did like it but now after this over and over again.. not fun!! You will see what i mean when you play:/.Version: 6.0.2

Nothing like the adAd looked cool, game is the same as most others and nothing like what was advertised.Version: 4.7.5

Seriously getting annoyed with the bugs and difficulty with supportI bought the seasonal gold pass and very soon realised it was an absolute waste of money. The snow bomber destroys 2 tiles as a bonus but has actually destroyed my lightnings/explosives more frequently than I could tolerate. Also, if you happen to finish a level on the last move with the snow bomber, you end up ‘losing’ that game. So if you have racked up any bonus, you lose that as well as a life. Once you exit, of course you progress to next level having completed it but lost a life and any bonus - so frustrating. As for the support - it is a constant maze of repetitive steps with limited options. If you get lucky enough and beat the maze (bot) you are put through to a person who typically responds a day or so later, often when the glitch is gone or the event has ended. If you have unlimited lives active, be prepared for a lot of time spent on beating very few levels. Quite a few ‘normal’ levels are much harder than super hard levels. The game has potential but severely handicapped by bugs as above amongst other things..Version: 5.3.0

Don’t downloadAfter many years of play it’s apparent this game is only to make as much money for playrix as quickly as they can. Over the last 18 months all the fun has been drained out of this game & replaced with greed. Levels are having moves removed to make them more difficult to make sure you have to spend if you want to progress or spend days on the same puzzle sometimes over a week just to pass which is frustrating. The monthly pass was brought in back last year it gave you goals to reach to win prizes. Unfortunately it didn’t take long for playrix to reduce these prizes until not a lot left is worth having, but to top this off they decided to swap it out for a 6 day pass with even fewer rewards but charge you the same as the monthly pass. Now I’m on level 10,270 so I’ve been around a while I have 55 tanks of fish so I’ve invested a lot of time & effort into Fishdom and some cash along the way. I play other games that are not so in your face pushing for you too spend as Fishdom does pop ups constantly on the screen nobody minds buying a few diamonds here n there but it’s becoming an absolute joke now. Don’t waste your time or money on this game find something else to do with your time this is a bunch of con artists at play.Version: 6.7.3

Pretty disappointedI downloaded this game because it was one of those persistent ads on another game. It’s nothing like the game that was advertised. The ad made it look like a set of puzzles to save the fish. Instead, it’s just another variant of Candy Crush. Match the pieces; collect the gold; use the coins to but aquarium decorations and more pretend fish. Definitely not the game it was advertised to be. Also, what’s with the fish shaming you and using psychological manipulation to get you to leave reviews or join teams? Although the game is not the game it was represented to be, I initially thought there was a place for a game like this with children but after watching the not so subtle shaming programming coming from the fish, no way I’d let a young child play it..Version: 4.6.3

Change to previous reviewsWhilst i originally gave this a five star rating and playing continually i have found of late that i do not enjoy it so much. I agree with other reviewers who are saying about the increasing costs, if you give in to move forward. What i have found most annoying is that it takes an absolute age now to achieve the three stars to unlock the next aquarium. You have to constantly get more ornaments etc so that the scene is overflowing and cluttered looking - not good. Also, while i am having a rant, i am fed up with the constant competitions for pearls etc where any value you build up in a game is lost if you dont buy extra moves etc and the fact that diamonds now dont go into your scoreline, no they go into a bank and you cant get them out with game coins, no you have to pay cash to get them. Initally with this game i was more than happy to spend a little cash occasionally because i feel the developers deserve to profit from such a good product, but enough is enough, you are getting too greedy..Version: 3.3.4

Nothing like the adI see the game you’re posting and when I download it it’s just like every other game with the matching. That’s not cool!!!.Version: 4.7.5

Match 3 with fish tanks to decorateI go thru phases with these kinds of games. I use them to wind down and switch off my brain before sleep. This game has lasted longer than usual partly due to the creative aspect and partly because the teams/give lives option isn’t dependent on Facebook. A couple of changes would ease up on frustration (and keep me playing) When you’ve earned a lightening bolt or whatever, it’s deeply irritating not to have any choice about where it’s played. I know the main objective of these games is to get players to spend money due to frustration. Thing is tho, I never do that. If I run out of diamonds/lives there are a multitude of other match three games out there for me to swap between. As other have said I’d happily pay for the game, or even a nominal monthly amount if it meant play was genuinely about figuring out the solution to a level, rather than it being geared up to pushing players into making purchases. Being able to join two teams would be 👍🏻. I’d also really like the option to play levels more than once, or there being an additional type of game play maybe, called Relaxation or s’th, where you can play favourite levels multiple times. Finally, and this is me really nitpicking - could the fish ‘say’ some new stuff please? 🙃.Version: 4.5.4

Gold Pass Price IncreaseI’ve always given great reviews on this game. If it’s not enough that you guys charge for every single thing this game offers.. you go up on the Gold Pass an entire 2 bucks!!! That is an insane increase…. And those of us who are at high levels like myself know that it is nearly impossible to beat a level without extra lives & boosters, this is a slap in the face. I am ashamed to say how much money I already spend on this game. That 2.00 increase has shown me one thing, you guys are money hungry and do not care about your customers/gamers; because you have to be making a killing and it’s still not enough. Well I wont be buying those, at nearly level 8,000 I think you guys have taken enough of my money. I’ll find another game that doesn’t come with price increases and less freebies ever download. I mean EVERY download. You guys even took the diamonds away from the mini games and changed them to tickets… it’s not the same game I started playing a few years ago and I think it’s time for me to move on. I hate this, for not only me, but you guys as well. I noticed that a lot of my teammates don’t even play any more. I jump from team to team and everyone is either rarely playing or just have completely stopped, and this is why. There are too many free games you can play and enjoy; without these ridiculous prices..Version: 7.3.2

Delete appWhen in higher levels just got too difficult to get through the hard and very hard games unless you had lots of extra tools sometimes taking me 2 or 3 days to finish a single game got boring in the end not being able to progress.Version: 7.0.2

Gone drastically downhillThis used to be a fun game but the amount of ridiculously hard levels seems to have increased in frequency all of a sudden. No brains to guess that power ups cost money and progress can be totally dependent on them so guessing this is linked. The biggest gripe I have though is the amount of pop up screens before you can actually play anything. I clicked away 12 one time which just seems ridiculous. About 50% of them are totally pointless pointing out information useful to a level 1 player when you are at +3000 and not even selling anything (After 30+ special event participations we don't need to be told how they work again and again with no skip option). Adding to the mix is the pointless story lines which have a skip button but still display all the text slowly before you can press it wasting even more time. I do wonder if the developers believe all their players to be brain dead needing intra-venous information drips to keep them breathing and subsequently playing? Let's hope they take note of feedback or people will be unnecessarily forced to quit the game to preserve their sanity which I for one am close to doing..Version: 5.7.2

Very addictive cool game, but......I have been playing this game for almost a year. I enjoy it very much, but I get caught up and to keep moving forward a lot of time after many tries , you need to make purchases which I think are way to expensive for what you get. I think you need to get more for your money. If you are not careful it almost becomes like gambling. I have spent way to much money on this game. Some of the boards are really not possible unless less you use diamonds you need to purchase. They do few offer some if select the diamonds on the daily bonus, but they aren’t even enough to continue on a game with a couple more moves or time. Also right now it won’t let me play on regularly without a credit card to make purchases until I do an update and put in a credit card that it can charge. I dont want to buy anything now, I really want to challenge myself and stop spending money on this but I can’t even start a new game. I have been stupid and spent at least hundreds of dollars on this addictive game. So careful and also you are charged more than what you think you are paying. I normally am really good at a game after all this time, but the boards do change as well, even if it’s the same board. So it won’t always start the same each time..Version: 3.1.0

BlahUse to be really addictive but now it's frustrating. There no updates of new bowls etc so your stuck on the same theme for months then time by there is an update it's only for one theme so you can complete it within minutes cos you've have nothing to spend your coins on for the past few months. Was a good game but it's peaked now..Version: 2.4.0

Not as advertisedAs I was expecting a fun puzzle game. Not a matching game. I’m so done with the matching games..Version: 4.3.2

Nothing like the adThis game is nothing like the ad, in the game I don't see any pins, levers, sharks, or sea monsters. Just a suggestion in the next update you should keep the fish tank but make the challenges like they are in the ad and just remember this review is just a suggestion..Version: 4.7.5

Just DeletedAfter a year or so playing and on level 2024 I finally deleted this game. Enjoyed playing, didn’t spend money on it very often. Just got tired of the manipulative algorithm that would have you run out of moves or time with just one move to win. Also, annoyed when I still have a few moves but game won’t release the bubbles needed to finish level. So goodbye Fishdom, I won’t miss you and sure you won’t miss me. Also lowered my rating. The following is a previous review since I simply edited to say goodbye. Tiffer roll your eyes at this. Play this game as a way to unwind and mostly enjoy it. I spend some money on it from time to time but not much. A few times I’ve almost deleted it because the game at times seems designed to make you spend money which I get, so I’m patient and stay stuck on a level at times for a few days. Really irritates me when the board is completely cleared and you have a few moves left and need only one more bubble but the game won’t release a bubble, grrr. Those are the times I nearly deleted. I also despise the new reward system of vouchers for designer fish. Yuck, those fish are ugly and I’d rather have the old reward system back where you get power ups. Another ploy to get players to spend. I’m in the 1700s on levels so been playing awhile. Maybe not much longer though if changes keep being made to squeeze me for money..Version: 3.6.0

Not the same as addsI downloaded this game and found it wasn’t eating other fish as it showed in the adds it was different it was a fish bowl with fish and completing levels it was completely different I was so confused I waited and waited but never got it I was upset if it was shown same as the adds it would 10 out of 5 but it wasn’t so it’s a 3 or 4 but I chose to do 3 and I think it’s 3 but please change it into how it shown in the adds it’s been 2 years and still no eating other fish 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 I’m sorry I’m disappointed in the game sad and mad pls change it how it was in the adds it was supposed to be like that, and if you do it will help the game improve thank you bye.😊 ☺️ 🙏.Version: 6.6.2

More false advertisingSeriously, please stop doing this.Version: 4.4.0

Stops being fun when the game begins to cheatI agree with what other people have said in their reviews. This game started out to be really fun, and I’m not one of those people that needs to win all the time. I just play to relax, however the game stops being fun when it can take you an entire week or more to pass one level. Most recently, some thing else has been happening. This has happened to me twice now, I have been on a level and then some sort of new tournament starts and I noticed that the number of moves that I previously had to complete the level changes. I’m on level 800-something now and whereas I had 16 or 18 moves before to try and beat this level now I only have 11 which is impossible, unless I want to spend money or use up every single spare bomb or special object that I have to try and win. And, as the other reviews have also mentioned when you do use a special object it does seem to place it in such a way that it destroys what would otherwise have been a really great move. And I also have had the same thing happen to me where I go to move a piece in the play that would create a bomb and it somehow moves in the opposite direction that I swiped. Until I read the reviews, I just chalked it up to my error, however reading that this is happened to several people now makes me wonder if it’s a problem with the game. Either way the game is quickly losing interest as it’s no longer fun or relaxing..Version: 5.9.4

Great until recentlyI downloaded Fishdom about 2 months ago and was playing it basically nonstop until recently. Now that I’m at level 705, the amount of “hard” and “super hard” levels has completely ruined everything I liked about it. I’m pretty good at puzzle games, but even with 8 lives, I’m getting stuck on basically every 4th level for multiple days. This means I can’t advance in events, I can’t get coins to buy new decor, I can’t unlock new fish, I can’t unlock event rewards and power-ups, I can’t earn vouchers, and I can’t play at all for more than a few minutes at a time — basically, everything that used to keep me interested has become obsolete. I loved the game so much before that I was happy to spend money on it, but it’s gotten so frustrating and tedious that it’s not fun. Even the Gold Pass is pointless since I can’t beat levels to get prizes. I’m really disappointed, because everything else about the game is a delight — I love the visuals, the music, the events, and the satisfying design — but everything that used to be rewarding about it is now completely out of reach. I really wish the “super hard” levels were WAY more spread out or a little less impossible, but even something as simple as lowering the cost for additional moves would be helpful. But unfortunately, until something changes, there’s no point in me continuing to spend money on it..Version: 6.7.3

Potentially a great game, but too damned expensive.Way too driven by in-app purchases to be truly enjoyable. I mean, really - banning us from playing unless we buy lives or wait half an hour for one turn? And some of the levels are ridiculously difficult, to compel us to buy help. I’ve given you enough of my cash, so now the game is just plain frustrating. Even the infinite lives are often useless because I’m not able to play when they’re on offer. What’s the point of that? And having one bubble left to get in one remaining move, but no bubbles in the field? Literally impossible. I just deleted this game in utter frustration. It could have been a fantastic game - the concept is great and well executed, but just way too greedy..Version: 3.0.0

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