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Love it but the amount of moves for some levels is just ridiculousI love this game. I love how you can buy fishes, decorate your own aquariums, how easy it is to get coins and also some of the levels are fun. The only reason why I give it four stars is because the amount of moves you get on some levels are just too short and ridiculous. I get that this is one of the many ways the programmers gain their money off on, but there would be levels I would be stuck on about 15- 20 times in a roll until I finally had enough and decided to buy with real money more diamonds and power ups. And my diamonds would get used up easily where I would be without any diamonds and power ups the next 5-10 rounds. I would say I’m a sucky player if this was the case, but I can even go all the way on level 300+ on similar games like these without having to use my real money to buy the stuff I need in order to “desperately” get to the next level. I love this game but I just wish they’d continued to give us power ups when we keep defeating levels non stop, because that really helped a lot..Version: 4.1.5

Not what is advertised but goodA much more interesting version of gem matching type game, it also involves decorating fish tanks. It would be five stars if it didn’t require regular spending once you hit level 400. Going to delete it now, but love the game for its complexity. Just stop with the regular charging, because after I’ve paid a certain amount, I’m not doing anymore. Also, I would’ve loved more of the advertised games in it. Only got to play a few..Version: 4.8.0

Hungry fish-dirty aquariumsI am addicted and obsessed with FISHDOM!!! I play almost everyday, but I am bummed that ALL my fish don’t get fed and ALL my aquariums don’t get cleaned. It’s also a drag that new aquariums aren’t opened quicker. I’ve got almost a million coins I want to spend!!! Come on developers, I need your help. Some new fish would be welcomed too. I love the last two you added but I want more. I also wish there was a way to temporarily disable the fish activity. They seriously impede me when I’m trying to rearrange my aquariums (which I do alot). Same goes for Sir Goldflipper and Herman and his bathescape. While I have your attention I have to mention how much I hated the recent Christmas event. I was so relieved that you returned to the format that allows us to buy what we want!! I have a crazy amount of Christmas “stuff” in storage. I need a special Christmas snow globe aquarium for all of it. One more thing, when I visited my friend’s aquarium today it was empty. What’s up with that?!? I hope you’ll consider my suggestions and complaints. Thank you for your time.♥️.Version: 2.8.0

Very enjoyable gameI find this a compelling game and I’ve managed to get to game 1129 without any purchases - as a principle I won’t pay to play. I find that with perseverance it’s possible to move through the levels. If I could change anything? Make sure that when you use boosters they don’t replace boosters already set up on the opening screen; remove (or give different items to exchange tokens for) the cartoon fish because they are silly; ensure that you can view the final play screen before deciding to use your purple gem stones to play on (it’s blocked by the static play on screen); make it possible to replay previous games. These changes would make a lot of difference. Thank you..Version: 4.0.3 know I love youFound Fishdom a month ago and it somewhat took over my life.... I have a love hate relationship.... hate as in when I do a level 10 times over and spend so much of my gems, bombs etc. to complete it and still can’t do it...... but deep down it’s love because it’s an addiction and I feel so much passion because I am so deeply emotionally invested in it.... I’ve never had a relationship with a game like this before.... 💜💜💜💜 I compete in all the leagues and dedicate myself to collecting enough tokens for my dream fish.... one time it took me 6 weeks and over 100 levels in order to just get my beloved pirate fish... silver tokens are like willy wonka tickets !😭 I propose a system that you can exchange a set amount of one colour token for another e.g. 100 bronze tokens for 25 silver...... that would be perfect as it still keeps it a challenge yet doesn’t leave you with endless unused tokens of another colour when you desire the other..... this way it’s a good balance and your hard work can actually feel rewarded.... 💎.Version: 5.1.3

The fish are just too cute😆😆I love this game. This app is perfect for ages 5 to 65. The reason I’m saying this is because young children would love the little fishies and taking care of them. Also my grandparents like games such as candy crush and this game incorporates similar qualities to that. I have a clownfish named Cameron in Fishdom and he is just to cute. One of my favourite features is that when you purchase a fish it will automatically give it a name and if you don’t like it you can just reload it. But if you don’t like any of the names you can type in your own. Another great thing about Fishdom is that you can add lots of plants and decor to your aquarium/s. Although it does get a bit frustrating when the fish demand a plant or decor item in their home and it doesn’t look good with anything. And then when you don’t put it in it takes always these 😀 witch means you can’t get another aquarium. In my opinion this is a wonderful game and I hope you enjoy..Version: 5.4.0

Love this Fishy gameHave worked my way up to level 630 and never bought anything. Probably not the object of the developers though .... I like how it gets harder and you have to think about what you really need, and it’s not always bombs!.Version: 3.6.0

Great game with some glitchesThis game is so addictive! I refuse to spend money on apps, and while some levels can be super challenging, I feel so accomplished when I finally pass a level purely on effort alone. I love that we can now watch ads to gain diamonds or coins, but sometimes I’m finding that I get absolutely nothing after watching the ad. Lame glitch, hope it’ll be fixed soon as tend to rely on them to get bombs or extra time on a level. Other than that I so hooked!!.Version: 2.9.1

I love itYou don’t have to spend a cent to really enjoy this game I’ve enjoyed playing and building aquariums It takes concentration to work out how to get the most bombs etc to generate and sometimes it’s just the luck of the random generation of gems so be patient even if your stuck for a day trying to beat the super hard with no extra bombs etc to start with you’ll get there. The game is kind and throws you colour bombs often after trying a level unsuccessfully for a few times. Love the beautiful graphics very pleasing to the eyes and the special aquariums are great.Version: 4.1.5

Awesome gameI thought when I 1st downloaded this game it was a different game and was a little sad that I’d gotten the wrong 1 that quickly changed once I started playing & started decorating my 1st fish tank!! Than all sorts of challengers started & they turned out the be heaps of fun as well. And now........... Long story short “I’m hooked!” Pun intended 😝😝😝 Thanks heaps to whoever thought this game up!!! I’m now hooked (hook, line, sinker & most of the rod) 😂 decorating my virtual fish tanks are so much fun & much much cleaner than trying to decorate my live fish tank 😊😊😊.Version: 4.3.2

Thanks so much for making this appI love it and so does my little sister Natalie. We like the fish and characters but we have just a little tiny problem. It is why do the diamond things take so long to load? It's a little bit annoying because we wait for sooo long and it still doesn't come up. Also how come I can't get my lives back? - Caitlyn.Version: 3.3.4

So good!It’s really good! There are minigames so you can save fish but they aren’t to keep. You do have to wait to complete a lot of levels to unlock fish and decorations. I really like it. You also get to name your fish which is really cool. Some of the levels are kinda hard but that is what keeps you entertained..Version: 5.3.6

FishdomI play several games on my iPad and this is my favourite. It is challenging without being so hard you can't win frequently. It also plays fair offering lots of chances to win gold, diamonds and tools to advance in the game without paying heaps of money. It also has special 'quests' so you can win free hours. I only pay for items in those games that aren't mean so am willing to buy occasionally from this game when their 'sales' come up..Version: 5.4.3

LOVE IT❤️❤️I was looking through the App Store and saw Fishdom j looked at the add and I thought it was fun I downloaded it went on it and it was better then the add and I am now up to level 40 somthing and I am in a amazing team thank you creators of fishdom I love this game❤️❤️.Version: 4.9.5

FishdomFishdom is full of fun activities and various things to do. I have a problem though. So i came to play this game and i installed it from all the advertisements of the mini games on Instagram, but once I started to play, I realised that I am only allowed to play the mini games every once in a while. You have do all these things just so you can play a mini game. The mini games are probably the best part but we are only provided with a couple! Please add more mini games so we can play them more frequently!.Version: 5.7.5

AwesomeThis game has been awesome especially during this pandemic lockdown keeps you focused and entertained for a long period of time also I do love the weekly challenges and the fact you can join teams worldwide, request extra lives from team players:) one thing I found strangely odd is you can actually send messages through to your team which is pretty unique feature though I would suggest there be an age limit due to that lol, over all not bad game enjoying it more than I’d expect:).Version: 4.8.0

No bugs!It’s quick, just the right level of easy hard to keep you interested. Teams to join, chat, goals to strive for and of course the lovely aquariums to decorate. To date, I’ve had no problems at all with the game, how great is that?!!.Version: 5.6.2

Lost its charm after developer got greedyUsed to be enjoyable. Nice graphics. Cute concept. We all like challenges....if it were too easy we would lose interest. But recent update (????) added a squid rescue feature. The squid themselves are cute, and added a nice challenge and twist to the game. Level 331 however has a feature, or maybe glitch???, where a window pops up randomly in the game that effectively ends the game. The box says the squid are in danger and you MUST call in the dolphin requesters. Which requires 18 gems. If you do not pay the gems, the game abruptly ends and you lose a life. I've been on this level for over a week now. I've used all of my gems, all of my bonus items like bombs and hammers. I actually broke down and spent 0.99 just now to "finally" pass the level since I had already cleared 7 of the 9 dolphins and all of the pearls when it popped up. Guess what? Still lost the level. I refuse to spend any more money. And losing the same level approximately 150 times in the last week and a half isn't fun. I'm done. Way to lose customers Playrix..Version: 2.4.0

Love the game!!I have been away so long and busy now so couldn't make it to play but tell you what. I love this game forever and i'd never delete for it. 😍🌈👍 Oh, I just transferred it games to my new iPhone now and I got all my level back as same I can play and I am so happy..😁 Love to decorate it n design are super cute and fish are talking to me too. Very good fun to play than watching Netflix. I'd tell any of my friends to play this game plus i've all your games i think. And I am a seafood and gardens person so the game is definitely mine. 💗🌻🌈🐬🐠🐋🐳🦋.Version: 4.9.5

I ❤️ this gameI love the mini game.Version: 4.7.5

Panda Challenge too hardI like playing this game, probably waste too much time to be honest, just wanted to say this last challenge to win the Panda fish was way to hard, unless you play 24/7, there was so many levels to complete, I spent more money than I should have just to pass some levels with extra moves, and I still ran out of time, thinking I will give it away now, I’m p..... off that there were so many levels and the last level was 120 fire crackers to get, I actually have a life outside of this game - ie not enough time for the amount of levels!.Version: 4.5.4

Pretty good game.Was drawn in by the advertising (helping the fish escape danger) You get to play these mini games randomly at the start and then they completely disappear which is pretty disappointing because they’re fun to play in addition to the main game..Version: 4.8.0

FishdomFishdom is the most enjoyable, relaxing game I have ever played online. You don’t have to spend money although I have a few times. Because eventually you will get to the next level. I have kept coming back to this game because it gives you a decent chance of getting through most levels. In other games I kept getting frustrated because I would go through lives too fast, then have to wait 8 hours or so for more lives. This game is for everyone from young to old. I’m 57 and am past level 2000. I love it and play for hours a day now that I’m retired. 😀🥰.Version: 4.0.3

Great funI like that this game is challenging but at the same time easy enough not to frustrate me..Version: 2.4.0

No cost game.I have been playing this game for some time now. I am on level 2627, and have got here without spending any money. You have to be patient on some of the harder levels, just keep playing and playing them, and eventually you will get the bombs etc that you need appearing. It can get frustrating at times I know, especially if you have to play the same level for days before you finally get past it. If the game levels were simple you would soon get bored of playing it, so for a free game in my view it is very very good. Four stars not five, because there is always room for improvement. New update splashing across the front of the game, cannot play the game unless you update it! Starts to update then a message appears saying unable to download update!! I am on level 2700 now, and can’t do anything with this game, what the hell have you people done? Why can’t you leave things alone, it worked fine before you decided to try and get more money out of those playing this game...grrrr! Now, after seven or eight attempts, have managed to download the update. I haven’t noticed much difference in the game though, just another annoying celebratory fish tank to decorate along the same lines as the Christmas and Easter ones. Wish they would leave things alone, it is perfectly fine as it was..Version: 4.8.0

YAAAASSSSSThis game is one of the best games I have ever played because the is a mix between levels and no level repeats itself which I think is amazing. Also it’s not just a game like candy crush (I’m not sending hate) where it is just levels and nothing else you can have fish to care for and you can buy them things and also het more than one tank! There are different themes to the tanks so you don’t have the same one over and over. Also I’m not the only one playing this game in my house... my dad plays it two and we have a mine competition who can get to the highest level in a day and I find that super fun. I can’t go a day without beating at least one level. I think that is a problem buuuuttttt. My point is it is a really good game and the people who are reading this should get it!!!!!.Version: 4.1.5

Level 932, Not spent a pennyI’m up to level 932 and I’ve never bought anything. You can build up gems by feeding and watching adverts, I open the game as often as I can, just to feed and watch to collect the extras and you get the bonus things from the shells. You just need to save them for the purple levels and just don’t expect to beat a level after a few goes and make sure your not falling into the trap of clearing things that it’s not asking you to do. Also don’t use the lightening bolts as soon as they land get a few and work out if you can get any to end up next to each other as swiping them together clears 1 layer of the whole board..Version: 3.3.4

Friendly calm game!This is not like any other swap game, no way! This is a perfect game for me and hopefully you too! When you complete a level your fish support you and when you fail they comfort you and give you positive feedback to play again and this time they have a feeling you will win! I had this game before then I had to delete it for storage, but I saw an advert about it and I just had to download it! I love the new mini game feature, it is really fun, and all the decorations are beautiful and the fish... WOW! I love them all and can’t wait to get a new one every time I do levels! Thanks for reading this and I really support this game so if I was you I would stop reading and start playing! And if the developers read this I just want to say thank you for making this AWESOME game! Bye now! TotableAverage7 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.Version: 4.9.5

Mixed FeelingsSo much fun, but really expensive to play! I love the graphics of this game and the challenge but it is really hard to beat levels. I usually end up paying to play longer. When you do pay you go through the credits fast and as you progress through rounds things get more and more expensive, in terms of fun aquarium supplies to buy, and they take longer and require more credits/money to acquire them. Kudos to the developers for creating such a fun game and I’m all for getting paid what you deserve but when I play and pay, I hate feeling like I’m just paying a bunch of greedy people. It does taint my enjoyment of this game. This could be such a fun game for kids, most of whom, I’m sure can not afford to play this game! Too bad! Lastly, but gladly, as I come to the end of the game, I can use the money I spent on this game monthly towards a new car payment or two. If you are interested in feedback, maybe lighten up on the difficulty or the cost, or both, you might find you’ll make more money in the long run. Other than all that I’ve really enjoyed the premise and graphics and maneuverability of the game! It’s one of the good ones!.Version: 5.5.3

Not too many ads wooohoooGreat game. Downloaded for my 9 year old and I’ve cottoned into it. Doesn’t take much brain power but entertaining- good time waster. Really enjoy not having so many ads!!.Version: 5.0.0

Pretty goodIt’s a good game, but doesn’t quite give you everything it promises. For example, you don’t save your pets, or help them to safety, like the ads show. All you do is play a block game and decorate the aquarium. But it is fun to play with fish and watch their reactions to new decor..Version: 4.7.5

You don’t have to spend anythingI have been playing this game for a couple of years now and I am nearly at level 1000. I don’t care how long it takes to do a level - it’s a game, not a job. I have not spent any money on this game or any other game either. If you have problems on a level eventually you get through. I try different ways of playing to see what works better. My personal opinion is that it is designed that you will get through because if you don’t you might give the game away. When I run out of lives I just go to another game - I control what I do. Some games spend too much time on ads. I just delete them then. I’m wasting enough of my time playing these games. And I won’t buy anything from these ads as there is no guarantee that the stuff will arrive. Been there, done that, still waiting. I now check out eBay and buy through them. Not only is item usually a lot cheaper but the stuff arrives, and fairly quickly too..Version: 3.7.0

HappyTotally addictive game, I just find the game freezes from time to time, I go out then right back again and it helps a bit.....Version: 5.4.3

Great game!I absolutely love this game but there are definitely areas that I would love to see improved/adjusted. I think the length of time you have to wait for a life to be restored is too long, it’s the only game I know that makes you wait 30mins per life which is way too long especially when, unless you pay for them, there is no other way to restore lives other than with gems which I feel take a long time to collect, again unless you buy them. Why can’t we send lives to each other like you can in other games and also change the length of time to wait for a life to be restored to 15-20mins, at the moment we have to wait 2.5hrs for all of our lives to be restored which I think is ridiculous. Another thing I would change is how many points you are rewarded when you buy something, I feel the amount you get now is too low when compared with how many you have to achieve to gain stars. These are the only reasons I haven’t given the game the full 5 stars, if these problems were corrected the game would be near enough perfect..Version: 3.9.2

Fishdom is the greatest game everI love the updates. Super hard isn’t hard and I love that the fish can talk to you but I hope they make an update so you can talk back.Version: 5.3.6

Almost no complaintsYes, this game is quite addicting. They keep you saying “Okay, just a few more levels” by giving prizes that are timed (like free lives for 30 minutes, etc.). Yeah, I see your tricks! I’ve played a few matching games & I’d say this one is the most enjoyable. I wouldn’t get bored of it as quick as others. Every certain number of levels you win, you get to play a mini game. These are the mini games that are seen on the ads. Let me just say.. major eye roll!! These games could be won by a toddler. If you’re wanting to download based on just those, don’t. “Oh, no! The fish is stuck in some seaweed! Which item should we use to help it out?? Clippers(Scissors) OR a toilet??” They haven’t used a toilet as one of the options (that I’ve seen so far), but that isn’t far off of what they do use. My only other complaint is the placement of items in our aquariums. I just wish we had the option to overlap items (that we place) by some parts of the background. For example, if I’m sitting a house down but I want part of it to be behind a rock that was already part of the aquariums background-I can’t. It will look like it’s partially floating on a rock. I know this game isn’t about design, it’s just those little things that sometimes irritates..Version: 5.7.2

FishdomThis game used to be fun to play, but whoever thought of putting timer bombs in it did a very stupid thing! Every game I have played that had bombs in it, I deleted after I found they were virtually unbeatable unless you bought a bomb stopper which lasted only long enough to need to buy more. It was fun while it lasted, but I refuse to get roped into buying my way into winning a puzzle! You still have the timers that are virtually unwinnable unless you pay and pay and pay! I do spend money on the game, but when it costs £5 worth of gems to win a single puzzle,it is not the route I like to take! It’s clear you developers aren’t reading your reviews, because I have read many and they all say about the same thing!if you care at all about your customers, (which seems like you don’t!) you should take everyone’s advice and make your game fun to play again!.Version: 5.4.3

I enjoy this gameI like the fact the you can open one shell on a daily basic and win and item from diamonds to bombs. Also the trophies and cleaning your fish tank earns rewards. I don’t spend money on this game at all, but it is slow going to advance. Some levels are so hard it takes several days to complete , that frustrating. I would like to see some changes like 1) when you win infinity it automatically goes into it, I think you should be able to choose when you use that, 2 ) if you use your diamonds for additional chances or time and it only takes one to complete the level you should only use one and get the rest back, 3) you recently offer complete levels and fill whale with diamonds to win but then at the end I’ve completed levels and filled the whale Now you want me to pay for the diamonds in the whale. That’s. Not right as I completed the levels already so the whale diamond should be mine as I already finished the task I should not have to pay fo4 them now. That seems underhanded and greedy ..Version: 2.9.1

Fishdom (room for improvement) but great game!Love this game. Have played it from it’s inception. My only wish is that you could maybe buy diamonds with your coins or that there are more ways to gain free purple diamonds, as they are so expensive to buy all the time. It would also be better if you could choose when to use any free time you win, as, otherwise you can end up with hours of time you can’t use, so lose it, which is annoying, and unfair. The only other gripe is the cost of playing this game. I dread to think how much money I’ve stupidly spent on playing, as it’s very addictive really, in some ways it’s a gamblers nightmare. t love that you keep adding new fish tanks/levels etc to keep the game fresh. I just think that it’s time us gamers were given something back for our continuing loyalty, and it’s not all take and no give. Still love Fishdom though..Version: 5.6.4

Good but some improvementsIt would be good to have the option to not use the bonus items. Sometimes the randomly place boosts do more harm than good. Or have the ability to select a few no go locations for them..Version: 4.7.5

Fun, addictive, and very expensiveThis is an absorbing game with eye-catching visuals based on the Bejeweled idea of matching 3 and over icons, the greater the match the higher the score and the chance of winning detonating icons to clear obstacles. Fishdom is aimed at 4years and over; decorating fish tanks with cute talking fish and an increasing variety of plants and statues will certainly appeal to younger players but the challenges that need to be completed in order to progress through the game are definitely harder than any 4 year old I have met could manage! The challenges are, undoubtedly fun and addictive but as they get harder they are impossible to complete without purchasing power-ups which makes the game expensive to play. Moreover, if you fail a level you lose any bonuses you have won by completing the previous level which becomes very frustrating. This has become so much of an issue for me that I refuse to commit to any further in game purchases and am deleting the game forthwith. Sorry guys, you have a great game that has been ruined (for me anyway) by economic imperatives..Version: 3.0.0

ThanksHi Playrix I’m a granny and I play this game with My Grandkids. It is possible, tho difficult, to work through the levels. Without buying into the game. This helps the Grandkids to learn values while having fun. Any thanks Glenda. Ps you don’t have to buy stuff. Just persevere. You’ll beat those levels..Version: 5.6.4

When you add up what you spend you might get a shock!I agree with other reviews about the fun aspects but there are irritating levels and the tanks get super crammed with stuff just to progress. Even if you “store” them after having achieved buying them, the attractiveness and happiness rating of your tank falls. I’ve given up now and don’t even arrange things nicely anymore. I just add them to the tank as a means to progressing. Not fun. The game is NOT good value for money. Far too expensive. If it were far cheaper and fairer, I’d rate it another two stars but their greed really spoils the fun. However, as long as addicted mugs like me keep putting coins in the slot, I’m sure the developers will happily accept them..Version: 3.7.0

Great funFunky colourful fish in aquariums you design by purchasing decorations and plants by earning in app coins. You earn the coins in match-3 levels, some of which are absolutely fiendish and make you threaten to delete the app, but when you finally beat them it’s a sweet, sweet feeling. Boosters are available, you either pay for these using real money or you earn them in game. There’s a balance between paying a couple of quid now and again to help you get through a level you’re truly stuck on, and relying on in-app purchases to steamroller through everything. The developers offer free games but do actually need to make some money to keep developing so I don’t mind an occasional purchase. It’s a really fun and slick game and I do recommend it if you enjoy the likes of Candy Crush or Gardenscapes..Version: 4.1.5

Best game aroundI’m not one for games but downloaded this and a few others last summer when I was bored. I quickly lost interest in the others but play this one every day. You do not need to pay, if you can’t get by a level eventually loads of bombs and lightening appear in a level to get you by. I was once stuck at a level for 3 days, still didn’t buy anything and out of no where the level more or less completed its self with bombs left right and centre. If you’re easily frustrated this is not for you. If you can’t get by a level and run out of lives, just come back later. I’ve only recently started buying the £4.99 pack that comes with a special season as the extra help is brilliant, but I could get by without it. I got to level 3000 without paying anything. What I want to know is what’s happened to the competition?! I haven’t had one in few days? Either to use lightening or gather pearls? Have they done away with them? I’ll miss them if they have! Brilliant, fun, lighthearted gaming :).Version: 5.6.4

EnjoyableI am enjoying this game. Love the graphics, and the choice of things to buy. If I have a critique, it would be the timer rounds - they make me panic; I have never liked timer rounds in any game. I wish there could be a way to avoid a round, maybe by paying out? And only being allowed to do it once in a 'day'? Thanks for a lovely game - I know the work that goes into these things.Version: 2.6.3

FishdomI love this game and the way the fish keep saying who’s that behind you. The only thing i don’t like is the money box where you have to keep buying it. Please do away with the money box.Version: 5.2.0

EnjoyableDoesn’t take the most skill but keeps you absorbed. I play at least once a day, lives reload pretty quickly even if you don’t buy and there are lots of opportunities to win free play. There have been the odd tweaks to the game along the way most ok but I do find the new banner telling you what you need to achieve at each level annoying. Also with free daily prize what’s with the one that’s two opposing arrows - I have received that a lot what are they? Where do they appear? A friend has just downloaded the game and they seem to sit beside the hammer - me I have 2 dice in that position..Version: 2.7.3

Great, but can be difficult.It’s a great game, I really enjoy it! The levels can get frustrating in their difficulty and it puts me off. The new weekly added games help with that and I enjoy them too..Version: 3.2.0

Forget Candy Crush!I was hooked on Candy Crush until I played this game! If you like colour/object matching games; then this game has it all, and unlike Candy Crush which claims to be relaxing, but is actually quite stressful; Fishdom really is relaxing! They’ve nailed it! From the calming effect of watching your personally selected fish swim around your custom designed tanks, to the relaxing sounds of the bubbles and the satisfying popping sounds during game play; everything about this game is relaxing. And don’t get me started on bonus games, special events, collecting coins, collecting gems and rewards! Fishdom is by far the most generous game of its type, and I’ve pretty much played them all! There’s so much more I could tell you, but you simply must find out for yourself. Six out of five stars!.Version: 5.4.0

Everything seemed rightDon’t know if you can review gameplay but what I did felt like it was the most enjoyment from the game I’ve experienced so far =).Version: 4.8.0

LOVE THIS GAMEI’m not one who normally likes these type of puzzle games but this game is amazing !! You get to decorate as well as play. It’s easy to gain plenty of money and gems etc so your able to buy and upgrade about everything. Overall good game :).Version: 5.4.3

Very entertainingOne of the few games I play and that has kept my interest. Good balance of game play and fish/tank management. The levelling is done very well and moves at a challenging and rewarding pace. Definitely try it!.Version: 5.0.0

What a well thought-out game! Great work guys!I have been playing Fishdom for years now and it is my go-to game for mindfulness and to enjoy the challenges posed. I absolutely love the graphics and artwork and it all comes in an amazing package of playability. I also love that the design house works so well as a team (and I think they are Russian - sorry if I got that part slightly incorrect - because each specialist plays there part in the overall symphony so well. Great collaboration and vision guys! Keep up the great work and there are so many levels and features that I will be a very old person if I ever get to the point where I have played all the levels and caught up with the developers. They always keep it interesting and topical with seasonal packages added to the gameplay (and all for free). Shall I rave on a little more our have you got the picture about how much I like this game..Version: 4.8.0

Great GameI enjoy this more than Homescapes as Homescapes gets very hard in the higher levels and Fishdom gives your mind a bit of breathing space between the hard levels.Version: 3.9.2

Great gameI like the fact that the levels are sometimes challenging but they haven’t got so hard that it is virtually impossible to complete them. Other games that have these impossibly hard levels I have lost interest in and no longer play..Version: 3.9.2

Fun and addictiveI rarely review apps. I got this one and Angry Birds match at the same time. They are both visually lovely and fun to play. I prefer this one because you can, with patients and strategy, beat the levels without actually having to buy anything. The game gives you gems which you can trade in for power ups or more turns if you run out on a level. That’s always been enough for me. I haven’t actually had to spend any money. There are no ads, so that’s nice. As a levels get harder, I may actually spend money to buy gems— but it will be worth it for the gameplay so far. I’m at level 154 currently. I even got into decorating my aquarium, which at first I thought was lame. This is a good one! UPDATE: Eventually this game is too hard to win without buying gems or using power ups. Even the regular levels. It’s annoying. And it’s totally rigged. It’s all about the ratio of pieces. And I have bought gems, but now I’m at the point where I have to use something at every level. Frustrating. Annoying. DEVELOPERS: Don’t annoy your loyal players and purchasers with impossible levels. Not fun. Not satisfying. 🙄🙄🙄.Version: 3.6.0

Weirdly addictive!While the game itself is just a version of Candy Crush, the mini games and the additional things make it far more interesting as a game to continue with- good to chill with at the end of a day while watching your fish! Never thought I’d say that in a million years...but recommend it! No annoying ads is a bonus!!!!!!! One of the few games where I’ve bought a season pass but covid lockdown might have also contributed to this 😂.Version: 5.8.2

Mrs SumarieGreat game!!👏🏻👏🏻 Is it possible to add a small star to all the items not purchased yet for the tanks It will make it easier to remember what I’ve bought and still need to buy Thank you.Version: 4.4.0

Good achievable levels.Have played here for a while now. I have spent some real money but mostly you can get through levels without spending tooo much! You don’t see many of these little games so much now. So yeah try it you will like!.Version: 4.1.5

Better than homescapesThis game is great to have a bigger sense of freedom than homescapes and in homescapes the level difficulty escalated far too quickly but it is a good pace this time.Version: 3.6.5

1000 levels ago I would give 5I like the game a lot. I have the same complaint as others. You get stuck on levels and sometimes they are impossible to beat until the level gives you cheats. Don’t spend money often because you don’t get much for spending money. Maybe I just don’t have the skills to beat some levels but I chose this game for that reason. I like puzzles but don’t like spending a lot of time figuring them out if that makes sense. I’m on level 1300 so I guess I can’t be that bad at puzzles. My point is a lot of days I can’t really enjoy the game because I can’t spent a lot of money on it and won’t but miss being able to enjoy mindless playing and fun decorating. Maybe they could make a playing mode for people who want a big challenge. Then again if it’s random and or the developer has made levels unbeatable until you have no lives or cheats I think they should reconsider that. I’d probably pay if I got more for what I’m buying because I’ll play for hours sometimes when it’s easy. I’m having a good time! My bank won’t let me go down that dark road if I’m not going to win after paying. Actually come to think of it as I write this I am pretty frustrated with the game lol..Version: 4.2.0

We love this gameMe and my husband play every night, for years! I see a lot of people kinda stuck on tanks, so I’m a nice person and figured I’d leave some valuable information. First of all, you only need to put in just enough coins for 3 stars per tank! After you get the 3 stars, go to next tank, and so on. Also, I purchase all the fish that my tank will hold before decorating simply bc you feed them fish daily and get coins. Then I save my coins and purchase the highest decoration available. You can also go back in the decorations and use any decoration that’s unlocked. This is helpful in purchasing the most expensive decoration so your tank isn’t so cluddered with meaningless junk. Additionally you can pile any amount of the same expensive decoration together so it’s not cluddered as well. As far as money, you don’t have to spend to pass levels. I have over 100 of each booster, and I use my diamonds for the hammers, gloves, and torpedos. You can purchase diamonds tho. Look at it like this, don’t you purchase things in everyday life to make you happy? This is no different. It’s a choice. However, be warned! If you purchase diamonds, the ads that you get will become non existent for quite some time. If you do not purchase diamonds, you should receive your 3 ads every few hours daily. I really hope this honest review helps..Version: 5.2.0

Third star valueI find that the value in each of the three stars seem to go up much higher when you reach the third star. For example you buy an item from the stores say valued at 12,600. When you purchase the i item you only receive 4,800. This means that if the third star is worth 89,600 to achieve third star you will have to play and earn about three times that . Which does make it impossible to keep the theme of the fish tank to it theme because it will become crowded crowded with all sorts to make up up total of the third star total Hlkdm.Version: 3.0.0

Good gameGood game but lives renew to slowly. Also the level rating system is wrong. I’ve been stuck on easy levels for days while I pass Super Hard levels first time. But overall happy with game as is..Version: 4.8.0

Great But Addictive Game!Loving this game. It’s well done so therefore addictive! Lots of inner-game competitions as an individual or as part of a team you can join - or create yourself. Very colourful, great graphics. Occasionally the makers add in a new game. One recently incorporated a catapulting submarine which you had to tap to keep it going and direct to collect bars or energy batteries or a magnet to gain +++ bars. I’ve got my fingers crossed the makers will add this back into the game for another 3 day competition as I loved it and a welcoming change. Overall I recommend this game and have no issues when playing except when I’ve only 1 frustrating item to collect - grrrrr! Sometimes feels like a fix 😉.Version: 4.1.5

Team.I love the addition of the Teams. A little community where you have the option to chat to other players. Best advantage is being able to ask for more lives. This helps a lot because asking friends before was very limited. I agree with other reviewers that sometimes it seems near impossible to complete some levels unless you are prepared to spend money. To get to the point where you have to spend money borders on addiction and this concerns me. I know you have to make your money somewhere, but this is an unhealthy practice. It may take me weeks to pass a level and I may have to keep opening the adverts to earn diamonds which will enable me to get boosters but I would rather do that than get sucked in to having to buy boosters..Version: 4.1.5

Playing for yearsOut of all the games I've ever down loaded this one is by far the best. I love that it's got a variety of challenges and chances to collect gems and endless lives. I'm nearly up to level 800!!! (So I know what I'm talking about) If you're smart you won't need to spend money at all. The only time I've paid money is where I've wanted to replenish my lives but now I just use my gems as I've accumulated about 90 doing challenges and completing hard levels..Version: 2.7.3

Latest update warmingRecently Fishdom asked me to instal an update , I didn’t want to so I quit Fishdom app, then next day I opened Fishdom again and the update just installed itself. Since the update I applied for a power pack via Apple Pay , and , you guessed it , the money says “ pending “ but my upgrade with Fishdom for a power Pack didn’t happen. Also, the daily bonus has stopped working . I have asked for refund but have heard zilch , nothing , nada back from customer support at Fishdom. Take my advice , don’t give them your $$$ money . Their lack of communication the past few days is deplorable . It was an enjoyable game , but this is now definitely NOT fun ..Version: 5.4.0

FishdomNice game; addictive 😃 The only reason I gave it 3 stars is because you try a level over and over and end up buying or using gems for the extra moves to beat it; meanwhile you earn the bombs you needed (in the first place) when you continue playing that level (with gems) and you can't save those bombs when you finish the level. These bombs would have been nice having in the first place (maybe you wouldn't have needed those extra moves); so you actually spend gems and forfeit bombs that you just bought or earned just at the end when you lost the level BUT you can't use for the next level to win and you're right back where you started... you need bombs & you're not going to pass that next level unless you gems to get those few extra moves needed to win. It would also be nice if we could replay previous levels for coins to buy new items or fish for our aquariums and earn experience points. The levels shouldn’t be based solely on difficulty but on repetition to beat a level. There’s no where to go from here where I’m stuck. No more $$ out of my pocket. What are you guys going to do to keep your loyal players!?!.Version: 3.3.4

Takes thoughtAt first with this and Gardenscape were finding them quite hard. The problem is that with so many match three games you don't have to think much! Have found if you work out how the level operates (often it's more to do with what you don't have to do) then you can get through them more quickly. So I'm enjoying these more all the time. Storylines are good..Version: 2.6.3

Awesome game but a few thingsFirst off, this is a great game. It’s been about an hour since I downloaded it, and I’m already happy enough. It’s fun, and I like the way you can decorate, and the mini games are really fun too. Secondly, Some of the levels are easy, and some of them feel like there rigged. So don’t get caught up on them. Third, it’s kinda annoying, the whale piggy bank think, it takes your diamonds. I had nine in there and four out, and when I wanted the 5 extra moves option, it wouldn’t let me buy it because I didn’t have enough diamonds, but I did, it’s just the whale thing stole them all. That was annoying. Lastly, I think that this is a good game to download if you want a bit of mindless fun. It’s nice to just relax a bit, and it’s better cause it has fish. I’ve named mine Nemo, Dory and Lit, and the next ones gonna be Julia, don’t ask, K? Anyway, overall this is a great game, but there are a few things that annoy me, so if the developer would PLEASE update the game and get rid of the whale thing and the rigged levels. Thanks. The person who has been playing fishdom for about an hour and fifteen minutes now. 😜 hehe Oh and I’m also thinking about deleting the game cause it’s not doing me any favours But you might feel differently.Version: 5.5.7

My go-to game for 4 years!Sometimes there bad updates, sometimes there are really good updates. I play daily, I’ve spent my fair share of money because I wanted to, I did not need to. There are many difficult challenges- I’ve seen ‘em all. I’m on level 5239 - I have a family, a full time job, and this is my wake up & play and then relax & wind down game. One of challenges, fixing the submarine, hasn’t been available for quite awhile and that was one of my faves. The holiday events are ok, not my most liked challenge. I dislike the ones that are temporary that require collecting special items to “purchase” upgrades to the aquarium space. I wish the developers could just release like 100 levels instead 15 or 20 a week. But it’s acceptable. One of the best things in Fishdom is they aren’t any ads ruining the fun between levels or anything. You can watch ads if you want to by clicking the video icon, or not. No forcing. Awesome! Another issue I see are the ads for Fishdom I keep seeing on other games I play occasionally- what’s up with those? They are seriously dumb. They do not represent the Fishdom game at all. They’re non-existent challenges not seen in this game anywhere (moving parts to allow water to flow so fish can escape, or outrunning a shark?!?!) Those are huge misconceived ads!.Version: 4.6.3

Good but expensiveI like this game (altho I downloaded it originally to see how to ‘save the fish’ but have not come across that bit yet several months later!) it’s challenging and keeps the brain cell going, however the demand to spend money is aggravatingly high, I have tried for some time to avoid spending too much because it’s not worth it, and the goodies you buy often get wasted, it seems the moment you buy the bombs or jewels the degree of difficulty rises when you use them , especially in the timed games, and those timed games are very difficult. A couple of suggestions are 1. Furnishing a fish bowl ...once putting one item in, you’ve set it up to come out to the ‘shop’ and so have to start again to get another item 2. If you do extend the game by using the jewels and bombs etc, why cant there be a box the unused bombs etc go into so that we can have access to them, over a period of time, for a smaller fee. 3. Speed up the rate in which the new lives are created, it’s very slow. I have submitted this but feel I should add another comment, why don’t you make it a ‘free’ move when using those moves at the top, I.e. the hand , the hammer etc would be more fair.Version: 4.7.5

FishdomExcellent game. Only thing I don't like is when you resell your fish you loose your value on them. Also the decorations are too expensive when your trying to buy one of each. Still love the game. But we need more aquariums to open more often. I have been in the fantasy tank since it opened. It is getting a bit boring when you are waiting for a new aquarium to open. I hope you will also create more aquariums to play because I don't want to stop playing Fishdom. Thank you..Version: 5.3.0

Ms I just started to play this game for a few weeks nI can’t believe how much I love it and love this game and the satisfaction that I have for playing this game once’s I run out of life I played with the fishes it self it’s more fun n just everything that you can ask for and so much more I spend hours with all of them it’s the joy oi gets from it’s one of those little pieces it’s extremely cute and hilarious I know they’re not real but that’s the fun of it the graphics are superb just wonderful it’s the best thank you guys for creating this game it’s best of all keep up the good work.Version: 5.1.3

Awesome!In the day, to day grind of working, commuting, giving seminars, conferences, meetings, children’s school, homework, sports activities, Mortgage, rent, utilities, laundry, cooking, cleaning, we are a society that’s in a constant race, to get everything done, we are all Superman, Wonder Women, and every other Super Hero that exists. We all live to work, and as we age, we slow down, we start forgetting simple things. I’m 60, I have never played a Video, or other Computer game. And, like lots of people my age, my memory, and focus isn’t what it use to be. I’m tired of hearing, and seeing bad things that have become a daily occurrence. My doctor suggested I try playing a challenging game, she said it will work but he brain, something involving strategy, focus, but fun. She suggested Fishdom. I have found it relieves stress, it’s very enjoyable and fun! Creative, adventurous, and everyone knows watching fish has a calming affect! It’s a blast! Not an identical aquarium anywhere, it’s interesting to create your own Aquarium World. I can’t wait to get home, and eDee use my brain! I’m almost at level 1300, and look forward to each new challenge. Plus, it’s great for any age group, and appropriate. Can’t wait for the next adventure!.Version: 2.9.1

Very addicting!I love this game and do play everyday. It is definitely my escape. I don’t understand how people are complaining about having to spend money to beat certain levels. I do all the extras so that I can get the rewards which are coins and diamonds. I have not spent one penny on this game and I’m on level 1685!! All my fish tanks have 3 gold stars and I do not move on until they do even when the next tank is unlocked. I also have most trophies and am on my way to achieving the others, those just take time. My only complaint is I do not like when it asks if you want to continue on for 9 diamonds at the end of a game and I accidentally hit it while I’m still swiping on my game when it pops up before I can stop myself. So sometimes I end up losing 9 diamonds because I’m already committed to my move and it’s too late to stop. It’s frustrating when you are on a game and you know you have no chance to beat it with 5 additional moves and that’s when it seems to only happen!! Can that option be moved so that it pops up more to the corners or side other than same place as the try again spot?.Version: 2.8.0

Nicely challengingI like the fact that this does provide challenges at the same time as fun. I generally pay for things occasionally and then sometimes take the bigger challenge of not doing that. I love the absence of ads and I love the fish..Version: 4.9.4

I’m a senior and can’t beat all the challengesI Love the game! This and spider solitaire are the only games I play on line. I am a senior and I play these games to keep my brain active. I do not have the money to spend on games so I get to enjoy the freebies only. Sometimes I have to play the games for several day before I can win. My best chance on the hard ones is to wait until the next morning when I get the daily bonus. There have been several times that I have just walked away for several days because I get so frustrated. I don’t like clams and not fond of the oil slicks. I would like a way to terminate a game if I can’t get through it even it if cost me my earned points. I have trouble with timed games. When I can’t get thru a game, I wait until my grandson comes to visit and he usually gets it on the first try!! All in all, I love my fish! Sometimes I get online just to feed them and see them talk to me! It is a really good game for me but wish it were less stressful! I know the games are meant to challenge us but some of us seniors can’t meet the challenge, give us a way to retire from those we can’t win..Version: 4.8.0

Addicting!I found Fishdom a few months ago, and while it’s not what I thought it would be, I’ve become addicted to it. It’s very satisfying to beat these crazy levels! I also like the recent addition of having the ability to earn more power ups and be able to take I infinity time play can I have the time for it. I play mostly at night and I often have to forfeit a lot of “infinity lives” time play as they add up too quickly. At one point I had 14 hours of infinity lives and no way to put a hold on it. And that was after I had run out 4 hours! I ended up losing 7 hours! I wish there was a way to decide “when” we could use those bonus items (such as with the current bonus play where you can decide when to use you bonus items won). I don’t know any kid, young adult or grandma that has the time of time play. I’m retired and can play for long periods. And I do play fort long periods! It’s addicting! But I still end up losing a lot of infinity lives hours just because I need to sleep, eat and take care of the relief things. Other than that, I truly love this game! I am fifty my current level is in the 1700s and I have 1.5 million plus in points. I just started a few months ago. Thanks for all the fun..Version: 5.0.0

UpdatesWary about doing updates but you don’t have any choice. My last update cancelled any way of sending lives and support was not helpful. Typing to a robobot did not help. Let’s hope this update fixes this problem. Hopefully this doesn’t happen again. Oh and takes so long for lives to be refilled. 20mins per life too long for me. Apart from this, a thoroughly enjoyable game. Love it. Have even got friends hooked..Version: 5.1.3

Your ratingYou should have gotten a bigger rating but you make it so hard to even move up with the hard level some of the hard levels is easier to beat them the regular levels I hate the ones that you are on a time limit but the sad part about this game is to be able to move to different aquariums and you decorate them the way that they are to be decorated to make them beautiful to make other people want to look at your aquarium and want yours to look as beautiful as there’s the new fish with the tickets are awesome but you never can get enough tickets to even be able to get a beautiful fish that would match your aquarium Nuts that you have up can make it aquarium look really nice but there again you don’t even get enough not to be able to buy anything of any day since it is a shame that this is such a fun game and could be a much better game and get more people to play if you were able to purchase the items to make your aquariums look nicer and to be able to move up to the next aquariums without it taking you weeks to do so.Version: 3.3.4

No longer enjoyableI have played this game for a long time and have always enjoyed it but it has become far too expensive. The levels are no longer achievable unless you are prepared to spend money. The prices are far too high and I am very close to removing the game and to stop playing. I realise the maintenance of the programs does not come cheap but, looking at the other reviews, I think you are pricing your game out of the market. I know you will say you are passing this information onto the development team, which seems to be the common comment but, I think myself and others would prefer a little more response to the reviews. Don’t loose your loyal players!.Version: 3.9.2

Brilliant!Had this game as long as I can remember now! Reached level 700 by now and I still love it. Some levels are frustrating, yes, but you DO NOT have to spend money if you don’t want to. This game does not force you to do so, in due respect it may be easier to purchase more diamonds and boosters to help complete some levels but the more you try at certain levels the game eventually gives you a bomb or dynamite to make it an easier start - or sometimes lines up two Lightning’s right next to each other. Some people say it’s too expensive, fair enough but if it bothers you, then do not spend money on it. If you’re stuck on a level, keep trying, wait til your lives re-fill and TRY, TRY again. Sayings it’s expensive may put people off of this game but I cannot stress enough how amazing this game really is. I don’t spend money when I play it. I buy the odd pack of 10 or 15 diamonds with boosters but I don’t feel obligated to spend loads of money just because a level is frustrating me. I simply use my 5 lives, turn off for a few hours and try again later.... chances are, I pass that level when I come back to it after a break. Would 10/10 recommend!.Version: 4.7.5

I like playingThe game is great,but with a drawback to it. You work hard to get the diamonds then you have to pay to get your diamonds back. That doesn’t seem fair. Their yours to begin with. Is it just me or does anyone feel the same way? I’m giving you one star because you don’t have a zero. I feel I get cheated almost every time I play your game. When I’m playing on a level with the squid it says a squid is in danger and you want us to spend money on dolphins to save them. I’ve spent to much on this game already. I still had game points and I lost them because I wouldn’t spend any more money. I’m thinking very seriously to delete the game. I have been playing level 481 for a day and a half, every time the squid gets near the top it wants you to call the dolphins to help and of course you have to spend money. I have spent way to much money playing this game and I refuse to spend any more. I have to start all over trying to beat level 481 because they won’t give you a chance before you get thrown off and you have to start over again. Any game is supposed to be fun to play but when you get cheated because they want you to spend money it’s not fun. It’s frustrating.☹️.Version: 5.1.3

DorrisI am devastated as my old iPad has just died and almost 500 levels with it and now I have to start from scratch again. I looked forward to my daily challenge but will soldier on. Great game and full of fun.Version: 3.2.0

Fishdom Hooked Me 😁As a kid I was never able to sit and play games for long - maybe Mario Bros, but even then an hour max. As a mother I have struggled with my kids and games not understand why they wouldn’t get outside more and unable to comprehend their obsession with a certain game. So at 40 years old, thanks to Fishdom, I FINALLY GET IT!!!! It’s the first game I have ever been able to really enjoy and spend a lot of my down time playing - I have a high pressure job and Fishdom has been great for relaxation and I just love it 😊 I’m a fan for life ♥️👏🏼.Version: 4.5.4

Repetitive but entertainingIt’s a candy crush variation, but the tasks keep it interesting. I play daily, and enjoy it. I believe the packs are beyond ridiculous in expensive so I don’t purchase them, but that’s an individual choice. I wish that the option to finish your current game before an update was available, I was so close to getting through a difficult level, had used diamonds to complete it, and then an update lost the game on me..Version: 5.7.2

The fish are entertaining at first. It wears off.I have had a few problems with this game in the past and support did not seem to be working, but eventually they resolved the issue of disappearing aquariums and coins. It took so long I got out of the habit of playing. I still play when I have time on my hands. Happening more often now so I am appreciating it again right now. Haven’t had any problems in quite some time so don’t know about support now. Guess as long as you’re not having a problem everything is good. I am not as interested in the process of decorating the aquariums and watching the fish, but they are still cute. Other reviews have stated this game is aimed at bilking you for money and I have to agree with that, but they all are. Still, you CAN play it without spending money for "diamonds & coins.” The further you go the more frequently you have no moves available at all or your available moves allow NO progress toward completing the level. When there are no moves, the pieces reshuffle, sometimes after one move it is back to no moves, reshuffles, repeats the cycle again and again. That totally kills my enjoyment of the quit and go on to something else. I still like the look of this game, but as I said before it’s mostly just okay for passing time..Version: 4.9.5

Great gameChallenging, but great in game rewards. I rarely buy in game purchases as the whole point to me is the challenge of the game! There is no need to buy them if you don't wish to, so it's only expensive if you want to rush through the levels. Why would you do that when you want to plat the game? Sometimes there are sales of 80% off and on the rare times I choose to make an in game purchase, I take advantage of these. I am on level 2043 and have probably spent $5 in over 3 years of play..Version: 3.7.0

AwesomeThanks to those who made this game. Don't have to spend money I am up to level 417 and hardly spent a penny. Very enjoyable fun game Love the upgrade. Now I am up to 497. Great fun great gameNow I up to 604. Lets hope the review gets sent this time 😊. I am now up to level 3046. This is a fantastic game that you don't need to spend money on unless you wish. Love it. So much I am now up to level 3500. Absolutely love this game Thanx again to the creatures Still playing in May 2020 up to level 5213.Version: 4.9.4

You are the best game ever.I love the game and the shopping aria. I think it is better than any other game. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy yourself today. From Squirt..Version: 5.1.3

TokensI cannot win levels on the first try. How will I ever be able to earn tokens? It can take up to 20 attempts to win some levels. I find that very frustrating. I love this game but it would be more fun if the levels were not so difficult..Version: 3.1.0

Love no adsLove that there’s no ads. I’ve had no issues at all with this game and I’ve been playing it for over 6 weeks now.Version: 5.6.4

Good game but needs some tweaksI really wish there was some way to bank the unlimited lives we sometimes get as bonuses. Even if it was to just use the whole 2 or 3 hrs at another time. I often have to waste infinite lives as it's 2 or 3 am here in Australia when I receive them, and I can't stay awake all night to use them (this happens most with the chests or with Sir Goldflipper or the Ray). I'd happily activate those 2 or 3 hrs later when I'm awake, if I could only save them. Please think of those in other hemispheres!.Version: 3.6.0

It’s not the game you think it isIt is falsely advertised - its not the game you think it is when you download it - its a match 3 type game but putting that aside - its a good match 3 types game to play. Doesn’t take forever to build lives again like some do.Version: 4.8.0

Great butReally addictive! Would be better if you could move the fish to different aquariums (like u can with the decorations). And it would be really awesome if, when you win an infinity for 2 or more hours, you could "bank it" or pause it because I can't always spend 2 hours straight on the game & all my hard work earning the infinity gets wasted cause I can't use it because it's bedtime 🙁 A bit frustrating & unfair when you use a boost & it gets placed in a useless spot too 😑 I agree with many of the other reviews too . But it is a fun game especially cause it's free 🙂.Version: 5.2.0

Only one complaintI really love this one. The rewards are generous. I have spent .99 one time in over a year. The one complaint is that the buttons are arranged so that it is too easy to spend 9 diamonds for 5 extra moves at the end of a failed level. I have probably lost about 45 diamonds this way. I think they could just make it where you have to confirm or move the button, and seems like either of those things would be easy to incorporate. I know I’m not the only one by reading reviews so if the developers leave it as is, it would leave me with a bad taste. Update: the above still goes, but you learn the discipline. No other game has kept me playing this long. I do spend a few bucks on occasion but don’t feel forced into it to keep playing. I just put it into perspective with whatever else I waste money on! If you don’t want to spend money, just have patience. Really like the teams when you find the right one, and also the gold pass events. I also think the event gives you generous rewards even if you don’t buy the gold pass. I could do without the stories, but you still get generous rewards if you participate. Also customer support has always been responsive to me..Version: 5.3.0

Great Great Great!!!This is a wayyyyyy overdue review. I first met Playrix and Fishdom around 10 years ago, through a free game site.....long before they were a regular through apps or FB. The game was great when I downloaded it then and it's only gotten better. It's well thought out. Graphics are amusing.....the mooing cow fish just crack me up. There's always something new in every level....never repetitive or monotonous. Overall, I think it's the best matching game to be found. (Side note to the programming artists: the things you've come up with to confound is pure evil! Keep up your genius-ness-ness-ness! ).Version: 3.8.2

TrustI have been enjoying this game for well over a year. When I first started playing it was fun but had a few problems ie some puzzles too hard, required me to spend too much cash. HoweverI stuck with the game as I really did enjoy decorating my aquariums and it was fun to try and beat the tough puzzles. The really great thing is that the creator of the game kept working on the game, making it better and better. If you are persistent you can eventually beat all the puzzles (even if you don’t have much money to throw at it.) also the creator has added so many other activities and events that there are always a ton of different things to do. And he/she has figured out how to make joining a team with members from around the world an option. It seems like there is a new feature all the time! Thank you Playdom for trusting your team of creators of this game. Thank you for giving them the time to work the bugs out of this gam. It really is getting to be a great game! Gotta quit now and get back to playing. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. 😁👍😃👌.Version: 4.4.0

Game is very costly but very additiveI truly enjoy this game and honestly wish that you could have unlimited play for free. The free play should not be limited to five games at a time, but should be unlimited. As long as you want to play and if you want to purchase extras then I can understand being charged for the extra advantages that you pay for in order to help you exceed in your levels quicker. Also the plants and fish that you purchase I could understand if those cost money for the more expensive ones. However for the little plants and cheaper fish they should be able to be earned after playing and winning x amount of games and you should not have to pay to open a bank of coins that you earned during your game play. That’s unreasonable in my opinion, because if you choose to purchase a package that allows you to earn the coins faster. You are being charged to earn the coins and then to use them! That’s double dipping and honestly pretty greedy on the game makers part, in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong, as I definitely love this game, but I cannot afford this game! Not to mention you have to leave your older fish aquarium’s behind after you have earned the stars and gained entry to new aquariums and you cannot go back and feed the fish you have left behind..Version: 4.9.5

Fun gameThere should be options to keep any leftover bombs because so many levels can’t be completed unless you pay. There are a few levels that are literally impossible to pass unless you pay for extra moves. Because that level needs 30 moves to complete and they only give you like 23 which is unfair, which then forces a person to pay because you have tried for 3 days and can’t continue until you pay. Other than that the games are fun. Better than a lot of others..Version: 3.6.0

Good gameNot the format seen in the advert, but still a great game to play. Very addictive and hard enough to challenge but not too hard that you give up..Version: 4.4.0

Yes I am enjoying this gameOut of your three games that I play this one is my favorite The fish are so funny I still wish I could talk back to them thank you team for all your hard work I have been tapping on the fish and get a laugh of what is said like "it wasn't me who nibbled the seaweed . Oh you were not looking for that love the fish tanks The comments the fish make ma my day . From the happy good wishes to the grumpy ones that tell you its about time the tank got clean Keep up the good work Thank you for all your time put into this game best fish tanks I have owned :). Love this game the fish comments are so funny I find my self answering them have three fish bowels going now think its great to have these bowels to feed and decorate home and the fish be fun if the fish could answer when the question is aimed at me :) Like the Christmas bells even if they are a bit hard to get love the comments the fish make still want to answer them back cheers and best of wishes to all.Version: 4.8.0

Great game in the beginningI’ve had this game for a few months, and it was fun in the beginning. The levels were challenging but doable. You could plan a few moves ahead and figure it out. I’m now past level 2k, and most of the levels are impossible to do without boosters. The number of moves you have, and the way the color pieces are scrambled so they are much harder to match prevent you from finishing a level in one or two tries. You have to try five times, wait a few hours, and then try another five times, before the game starts dropping bombs to help you pass the level. In the beginning, only a few levels were this difficult. But past the 2k mark, most of the levels are like that, and it’s not fun anymore, where you don’t really use your brain but depend on luck and the algorithm that send you the right boosters. When you do get your own boosters, it then becomes super easy and you just explode everything and pass without doing the actual puzzle. Being stuck on the same level gets annoying and I don’t even know why I play anymore. And using the boosters to clear every level gets old. I wanna use my brain and solve puzzles myself..Version: 5.4.3

Fishdom is PERFECT!!! 🤩🥳I love fishdom! So good and barely any adds! Love it! I play a few times a day. But when you’re stuck on a level it’s sooo annoying! I think there should only be the mini games because there so much FUN!!! And matching gets boring. So please change it so that there’s only mini games. Sooooo great 👍!!! 🤩🥳🐶🐕.Version: 4.7.5

FishdomA lot of fun....have to strategize moves sometimes. Great game..Version: 5.7.2

FishdomGreat Golden Ticket (Rare)- As Well Atm To Have Come Up- So, Would Suggest Downloading It - Its A VeryRewarding Game When Going Through So Many Thousands Of Levels- We Can Get💎💎When Feeding Our Fish At Times & There Are Teams You Can Join- Just Make Sure You Pick A Team Where There are A Good Amount Of People Actually Playing In The Team!!! Lots Of Teams Have A Few In-Active Players, So Choose Like That- & You Can Always Leave that Team & Find Another💋❤️💋🥰😂😂🤗👍ALL UP, A VERY ENJOYABLE GAME- Due To So Many Diff Actions In Game👍👍👍👏👏👏🤗🤗🤗✅✅✅& MOST IMPORTANTLY⬅️⬅️CAN PLAY WITHOUT FACEBOOK👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏Love The Mini-Games Because When We Win👍🏻😍We Get 3💎💎💎👍💋👊💖.Version: 5.8.2

Listen to the reviewsI love this game, but please bring back the sharper graphics (especially the turtle, which you’ve made look like a baby’s toy). Bring back some of the old variations, I’m getting bored (level 5555). Bring back the propellers, I especially enjoyed those and you’ve even taken them out of the early levels. You’ve created a fun strategy game that clearly appeals to a wide range of ages, but please leave in some of the features that appeal to the highly intelligent, older age group..Version: 5.2.0

Good gameReally like this game overall, but find I don’t play it as much as I would like due to not being able to bank the timed unlimited lives. The reason being that when I get one (eg 1 hr unlimited lives) I may only want to play for a bit longer and not for an hour, because of this will shut the game down so the timer does not kick in. There are many times I have either stopped playing or not started playing this game to keep the timed unlimited life for another time. If we could bank these to decide when we want to use them, I would play a lot more often..Version: 4.0.3

Fun game I recommend it.I enjoy playing this game, trying to beat the harder levels. The time-limited levels can be very difficult sometimes and perhaps impossible without an extra boost. It would be a great idea if some of the unexplored bombs and lightening strikes still left when a level has been won could be saved up and used for other levels. I suppose you wouldn’t want to do that though as you want to get people to buy them. My 5 year old granddaughter loves this game too and enjoys feeding and playing with the fish and buying things to decorate the aquariums. Although the levels I’m on are too difficult for her to win she still enjoys having a go. It would also be good if one of the first easier levels or a practice level could be accessed from the app somehow so that she could practice on it and think she was playing the game..Version: 4.3.2

Great gameUp to level 600 thought it would get too frustrating by now but still loving it! Some of the side games are fun to win rewards (like the pirate card game challenge). Some of the side challenges seem to be pointless points gathering things to renovate something that I never seem to be able to get anywhere near the end of because the ante gets upped and upped for each level of renovation. kind of a time waste. I live my fishes and the aquariums though! They are funny and neat..Version: 5.0.3

Absorbing game..Generally good and challenging levels with interesting variations. However the timed levels are too frustrating and I will probably stop playing because of them. I find the fishy bank odd . As it feels like. I have to pay for rewards I’ve earned..Version: 4.8.0

Is this real life?! 🙀I originally downloaded Fishdom early of this year, however after a few hundred levels it finally clicked in my brain that I’ve been playing similar (almost identical) games for years now. Fishdom has become my favorite go-to game hands down. The levels are challenging and can be incredibly aggravating at times. Especially when the levels cheat you. :/ Unfortunately this happens all too often to me, for instance I just finished a level that I should’ve beat on the 1st try had it not cheat me out of my turns. It’s aggregating and not fair to advid players like myself who love the game. I wish this would stop happening and that I could be compensated some diamonds considering I’ve beaten over a thousand levels. So I can only imagine how many times that’s happened to me. I wish there wasn’t a limit on the number of fish per aquarium or possibly joint-aquariums with friends! Maybe one day there will be a way to highlight our favorite aquarium overall in the profile section? And why isn’t there any additional ways of earing diamonds quicker other than purchasing them? All in all, thanks Fishdom for all of your wonderful underwater adventures! Can’t wait to see what’s going to come out next! :).Version: 5.3.0

Excellent and well balanced if you want to play for freeGood degree of progress and ability to get ‘free time’ and other bonuses which you can pace at your leisure. I find the balance between pleasantly easy and harder levels just right: enough to keep me interested without being bored or frustrated and ideal to wind down with. No need to spend any money either. On level 1569 after 5 months of light playing and spending the grand amount of £2.99 once to open the bank (don’t bother) so the pace (and expense) is about right. I play solo, no fb but you do need to be online to maximise the bonus points you get from all the ranking stuff. Graphics are good but the decors very twee as per usual..Version: 3.6.0

Fun gameOnly thing I wish is that the 1 and 2 hour rewards could be banked - they always come up when I can’t make good use of them😀.Version: 5.3.0

It’s just a gameI’ve never spent any money on this app and I’m over level 2800. I log in every day to feed fish and collect the daily prize under the clam shells. I watch all the ads to get diamonds and occasionally I also get rewarded with diamonds in other areas. Once I have built up a bank of things to get me thought hard levels I play the games. I don’t play everyday just log in every day. Developers, can you make a fishy scene for your Australian players. You’ve done a lot of other countries, some more than once. Would love an Australian themed scene. :).Version: 5.6.7

No buying.I am now up to level 905 and have got here by not buying anything. Enjoying that it is sometimes tough but you do get through. Easier than other games have sat on levels for months this one occasionally couple days..Version: 3.0.0

Best game everI love this game so much. You can make teams you can invite your friends to join your team and you can win treasures together. I like this because I can get new fish and decorate my aquariums and I can make a team it’s really fun because then you can win vultures and that gives you more things you can buy I also like that you can get new aquariums and you don’t have to stay on the same aquarium another reason I like this game is because it helps me Think of what to do when I am on the game it helps me to pick the right moves so I can win the game. Another reason why I like this game is because all the fish that are there they all have a nice names and you can change them if you don’t like their names sometimes you can help other teammates that you have on your team like if they don’t have enough hearts and you can give them hearts to help them win their games and every time and you guys all like let’s say if it asked you to join a team game and you won the whole game you get to add up to the leaderboard it’s really fun and I think when you get this game you will be so happy that you bought the game From Ava.Version: 4.7.5

FishdomThe different themes are enjoyable, the seasonal quests are quite nice and there are great prizes and the end, The Aquarist Club above ground is nice although it doesn’t come with anything; kinda hoping they collab with whoever controls the Sims Mobile (if you know the difference between Mobile and FreePlay, you’ll see where I’m going) so that fellow aquarists can, actually, play out the storyline of the club as a family heirloom....hoping. Otherwise; it’s a great game! There’s always some type of event or competition going in order to win boosters and life which helps with those hard and super hard levels. Aside from that, there’s a news panel to keep up with Fishdom on all platforms. You can chat within your team as well. All the tanks and items are very diverse especially the animated decorations. For those who can’t afford Tanked tanks, for those who just live in small houses although they can bank an exotic aquarium, for those who just simply love the game and the various themes such as Space, Beach, Tropica, et cetera, this is a HIGHLY recommended game!.Version: 4.6.3

FishdomAbsolutely amazingly awesome and addictive family fun game, this can be played by any age. Everyone will have great fun turning their aquariums into a amazing fantasy scene with stunning fish that speak to the players. If you've never tried this before, you must definitely download this game. It takes a little while to buy all the things to put in your aquarium, but it's great fun playing the game. I think you may of realised by now that I totally and utterly love it, can't put it down as now absolutely addicted to playing. It won't disappoint you as to start with the games are easier to get through the levels, but gets harder with each new aquarium. Don't miss out, download the game straight away. Enjoy playing as I certainly do, good luck xxxx.Version: 2.7.3

Stuck at one level lolIt’s a pretty cute game, nice graphics and lots of new things in it all the time. I had weeks that I played the game heaps and weeks that I was busy and played the game less, I wondered if my fish would die if I don’t feed them for days and the answer is no they won’t die lol which is probably a good thing! You don’t necessarily have to pay anything to play, although I did pay for a season once but I got it too late so I only had 5 hours to enjoy. Currently I’ve been stuck at a hard level and I couldn’t pass it even when I used all my extra things. The game is fun but I am thinking of uninstalling it if I can’t get passed that level over the next few days or so lol.Version: 4.8.0

Great game!Love this game. Building up and decorating your fish tanks is fun. Game play is sometimes challenging and I’ve had to repeat some levels numerous times. There are plenty of rewards, included purple diamonds which will allow you to continue a level (5 extra moves or extended time on timed games) if yr close to completing. I’ve been playing a while (at level 620) and have not had buy any in app purchases yet. Each life take 30 mins to renew. Overall very enjoyable game!.Version: 3.7.0

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