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Stopwatch For Track & Field Positive Reviews

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Stopwatch for Track & Field App User Positive Comments 2022

Stopwatch for Track & Field app received 39 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about stopwatch for track & field?

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Stopwatch for Track & Field for Positive User Reviews

Best stop watch AP yetWould like to be able to use the volume button for splits on relays and if you only have one runner in a race..Version: 2.02

Best track timing app out thereI have tried many apps for track and field timing. As a distance coach, this app stands out from the rest. Especially great for capturing laps of multiple kids in the same race. Also works great for relays. Thank you!.Version: 3.2

So close!I love this app as a track coach. It’s the best one I have found so far. However, the sort individuals function isn’t working and I can’t add relay teams ahead of time. When creating teams I am not allowed to change the gender or event either. I would appreciate it so much if you could fix those issues!.Version: 4.0

Great option with lots of extrasThings I wouldn't have thought of but were great additions. Especially like the ability to use volume buttons as start/stop and splits. The ability to keep focused on event rather than finding button is perfect..Version: 3.01

Must for Any Track CoachI LOVE this app and have been using it for years. I coach track, and this app keeps up with the splits for all my runners' individual races, relays, and saves them by name, event, and date. I recommend it to other coaches all the time, and I am glad to not have the stress of doing the constant quick math in my head throughout a race..Version: 3.61

Great for Track CoachesFinally an app that does everything a track coach could need! Totally worth the $1.99 investment! If you’re a track coach and you’re looking for the right app (especially for relays) then get this one..Version: 3.61

Thumbs Up!Great app. As a track coach, this app is very useful, and a great value!.Version: 2.02

Best for T&FThe best stopwatch for T&F. I don't even use a stopwatch anymore.Version: 2.02

Bluevalkey913Using volume buttons for start / stop / splits makes this THE go to app! Very easy to use interface. Will be even greater if they can add XC distances as well as splits for a mile. Now choices are track related as the app name suggest. This will add greater appeal for coaches and parents. ***Updates completed. Great responsiveness. True professionals..Version: 1.1

Great appReally like this app especially projected times and having the ability to send out results. Seems to draw down battery as it has brought me from 60% to 0 on my iPhone 6 during course of high school meet. I now I make sure I start a meet fully charged. Overall very happy though..Version: 3.01

GreatIt is a good app for split timing I just wish it was a feature to import runners.Version: 2.02

Excellent tool!!I've used this app for 2 meets so far. It's very easy to use, and having split times is great for analyzing the races with my athletes. Great work. I would like to see the ability to select an athlete and show their times over various meets. It would also be nice to be able to name the meet. Keep up the good work!.Version: 3.01

Awesome StopwatchThis is a great stopwatch app. I am a track coach and this is by far the best one I have ever used. Love being able to use the side buttons, estimated times, relay teams and instant splits. Right after the race I can email the splits to runners and parents. Love this app!.Version: 3.01

Excellent !!A very good app!!..Version: 1.0

Awesome App for Track and FieldCan't wait to use this app during our track season!.Version: 1.0

The BEST Track & Field StopwatchI've been involved in Track & Field, one way or another, for over 56 years and this stopwatch app is, by far, the very best one I've ever seen or used. There is a slight learning curve on some aspects of it but once you have that down, this app is FANTASTIC! All of my past Track coaches would have been amazed and delighted by what this app is able to do. I consider what little money I spent on this app to be the best use of my money on an app..... EVER!.Version: 2.32

Finally A Real Stop Watch for T&FBeing a HS coach it's important that I have ability to track my students times. This app does exactly that and much more. Not only does this app deliver what it advertises but the fact that I can use the iPhone volume to start/stop the clock is extremely useful. Finally a useful stop watch app!.Version: 1.0

Brilliant!!I don't write many reviews but this app is a stat geek's dream! Easy, intuitive and keeps track of critical info. GET IT :).Version: 3.01

Looks pretty cool!And very easy to mark splits with volume buttons.Version: 1.0

Perfect Timing App for Track CoachesI have used a number of iPhone timing apps over the years, but this one takes the cake for all you would want for timing track races. Prediction aspect very cool, along with side buttons for start & lap times, roster management, and email capabilities. Wish it had 1200m and 2000m events (relatively new events for younger athletes, but becoming more popular each year), but otherwise great in every way. Best $1 I've spent on an app - well worth it..Version: 2.33

Works greatApp works great. Had a bug but they fixed it quickly after I contacted them. Works well for indoor and outdoor events..Version: 3.01

FantasticI began this track season by finding that my stopwatch was broken. I spent some time looking at getting a new one and planning to spend $30+. I typically hate to pay for apps, but I couldn’t be happier with this one. It is very user friendly it is regularly being updated with features that I didn’t know I wanted. Don’t hesitate with buying this app..Version: 4.0

Great timer app for track & Field!Put a little time in entering your team info and the rest is a piece of cake. Relays, individual events with detailed splits. It really is a great app!.Version: 3.01

Beautiful!Exactly what I needed. They thought of everything..Version: 2.02

Love it!I have the iPhone 6 Plus... and this app works wonderful with it. I'm athlete and I use it to track my paces and keep a good pace. Thank you so much!.Version: 3.01

Update is greatNice upgrade so now one can do multiple athlete splits. Good job, easy to work, easy to learn..Version: 2.0

Great appThis app is great. Very easy to track practice and meets. I also like how easy it is to share the info with the ad and other coaches..Version: 3.01

Great app for distance squadAfter taking splits for our boys and girls distance squads and sending the results to the rest of the coaches, I’ve become a hero. We all love to be able to review splits from our team’s longer races and relays and share them with the runners to help them improve. Being able to set up ‘teams’ ahead of time for given events is helpful. It would be nice to switch the DMR from collegiate to HS order, but I simply used the open distance option and made that work. If some graphic analysis could be added, that would make it a 5 star app that I’d pay more for..Version: 4.0

Nice appGreat app, easy to use. I will use it every day..Version: 1.0

Great app!Just a parent of a runner, but I love the app and now have multiple guys (and parents) from the team finding me after each relay to see their splits. Great to be able to look back easily to compare progress over the course of the season. Really appreciate the multiple individuals timing option also..Version: 3.01

Great all around appBoys and girls track coach and absolutely love the features on this app. Only thing I would change is being able to decipher between meets better..Version: 3.01

Great AppThis stopwatch app is fantastic. I use both the Track & Field and the Cross Country versions. When I recently suggested a TF improvement, the developer showed me how to do what I wanted using the XC app. Very responsive!.Version: 3.01

Everything I was looking ForThis is a fantastic track timer app. I can grab splits for multiple athletes in one race and it has every race possible. I love being able to choose whether to log splits at the finish line or the starting line. This app was everything I was looking for!.Version: 3.01

Missing somethingWould be better if you could add field events that way I could post their different attempts just like I can for splits..Version: 4.0

Great StopwatchOverall, this is a great timer. There’s a few things that bug me such as the screen timing out during the app (should stay on if a race is going on), the sorting feature not working, and the lack of a dark mode. And for some reason, the app relies on the email feature to use the default Mail app? A few apps have a feature where you can undo the stop, I wish this had that too. A few nuances here and there but overall I would recommend this app. This app is far, far better than any other stop watch app. It doesn’t try to be fancy with graphics: it try’s to be simple which is exactly what I want. All we need is a start, stop, and lap button with history. Enough said!.Version: 4.0

StellarI can’t say enough good things about this app. I love being able to enter names of athletes, get accurate splits, and refer back to clear displays of who ran which leg and what their splits were. Thanks for developing and continuing to update this app! The new redesign makes it even better!.Version: 4.0

Wonderful app!As a track coach I am excited to use this app to replace having to utilize multiple handheld stopwatches during a race. I am a statistics nut so the ability to take 200m splits is great. The new update that allows you to time multiple athletes at the same time is fantastic. Also, the customer service I received when I had a question was very fast. Great app!.Version: 2.0

Update- running splits addedMy first review I mentioned that the active splits weren't shown when tracking multiple runners. This has been fixed, the app does all that I need it to do. Thanks for the update!.Version: 2.31

Great jobDoes just what I wanted it to do and quite simply..Version: 2.33

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