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Great helpThis app really helped me stay on track of my goal of being a month free of sh. Without this I probably wouldn’t have stuck with my goal. ❤️.Version: 6.1.1

AwesomeVery helpful and would recommend this app to anyone looking for some help.Version: 2.33

This app is great for anyone woth addictionsIm 10 days clean from SH and honestly, this app helps a lot for me. I used to have a SH addiction at the ages 10-11 (turning 13) but i stopped. Now I’ve started again but found this app and I’m trying to reach my 2 week goal. This app provides motivation and end of the day reviews. And this app acknowledges your addiction and tried to help you for the better. The cool thing about this app is that there is a community tab where you can talk to others and even vent to get things out. This app makes me feel genuinely safe and I hope everyone can overcone their addictions. Stay safe everyone!! <3.Version: 7.0.7

❤️If you’re seeing this i’m proud of you and you’re doing great.Version: 6.0.3

I am SoberFinding this app really helpful..Version: 2.45

Best app everWhen I downloaded this I figured it would be of little help and I would eventually end up deleting it. But I couldn’t have been more wrong. I’ve been struggling to stay sober for the past 14 years and this app has made such a difference this time around. It prompts you morning and night to reflect on why you are wanting to be sober, has a great clock for keeping track of your sober days, and a meeting schedule. You get to track your progress and write a daily log like a 10th step almost. It’s my second day using it and can tell already it’s going to be a very useful tool. Thanks for creating this app! You can even write a statement of why you want to stay sober so you won’t forget (I always forget why staying sober is worth it so I especially like this feature). You also have the option of uploading a photo with your statement. I uploaded a photo of myself while I was using. Seeing that terrifying photo is enough to remember the urgency of maintaining healthy habits and routines to stay sober. Good luck to anyone reading this-it works if you work it-as they say..Version: 2.41

The support is amazingThis app has helped me a lot. It gives a little motivational thing whenever you make a daily pledge, and it gives a little word of encouragement every time you finish the daily review at the end of the day. The community of people is amazing too. Everyone is full of encouraging words and it’s a great place to be able to encourage other people who are going through something similar. I love it and you can share it with friends or other people you know who may be struggling too. You can follow eachother and help eachother out as needed. I have found zero issues with the app so far. It’s been very helpful and encouraging. Highly recommend 👍🏻.Version: 6.3

Such incredible motivation.I was skeptical of this app because all the others I’ve come across are really just counters. With “I Am Sober” it does keep track of the months/days/years you have been clean, but it has so much more to offer than that! It gives you the option to list the reasons why you should stay away from your bad habits. It also sends you notifications to look at your progress for inspiration and sometimes offers inspiring quotes. What sets this one apart from others though, is that there’s a little community of people on there also. You can read their stories, reach out to them, share experiences. It’s truly an amazing, safe place to be able to celebrate how far you’ve come. PS- I love that the list of addictions aren’t just drugs and includes things that other people struggle with. Adding self-harm to that list was huge! Thank you so much for this app..Version: 3.91

It’s good! I it’s really helped <3.Version: 7.1.2

I am soberI cannot stress about this app, it helps me so much when I’m anxious seeing other people be so excited about their goals and accomplishments, and seeing others fall and hoping to rise back at the top because of the challenges that they’re going through in their every day lives, it’s like a therapy group, a big community and I know what everybody thinks when they hear therapy but they don’t try to exactly talk you out of your life decisions, they don’t judge or criticize it’s a welcoming community, you don’t have to talk to them daily or weekly you don’t have to interact, I love the simplicity of it the knowing that I do not need to feel judged or miss placed! I am now 11 days, 16 hours, and 31 minutes sober from Self-harming!.Version: 6.2

Where Can I Donate?This app is a service to society and as such should be free. I can measure the value it has brought to my life directly. Even indirectly, however, it has probably served all of us, for example, by having less people on the road driving under influence or more productivity going around in general. Kinks in design and backend functionality are understandable. As developers, it’s hard to please everyone, and honestly compared to the alternatives, I think the developers did a great job overall. I would love the opportunity to support such efforts and would encourage everyone reading this to do the same..Version: 2.18

Don’t usually review appsBut this one makes a lot of sense to me and is very useful! It asks the mood you’ve been in and then what you have been doing that day so you can start looking at trigger points and highlighting why and when you need a drink I also like the fact you make your daily pledge and then leave a review each night so you really feel you are committing each and every day The motivation from people on the same day as you feels quite personal as well.Version: 3.92

One thing to add!So I’ve been using this app since 2020 and I absolutely love it, but one feature that I think you should add is the replying feature? If someone comments on my milestone post I would want to reply to them but since I can I just type it in but they never respond🥲so if you could please add that, that would be amazing 💙💚.Version: 6.3.1

Its great!!I have had such a wonderful experience with the app, i would love if you could pick multiple additions ex// nail biting, sh, and ed. As someone who has multiple “additions” it would be nice to keep track of all of them! But overall great app!.Version: 6.3.3

Motivation done right.I love this app, had it a few days and thought nothing of it, slowly made pledges, got motivation. Now I look forward to the notification everyday..Version: 6.1.3

Great App for anyone wanting to get soberNothing but good things to say about this site and it’s community.Version: 7.0.3

I am soberWhat an amazing app ,works great tells you how many days without whatever addiction As the app covers everything addictive. Plus it also tells you how much u have saved, which is AMAZING. I've now told my consultant at the hospital my Dr & also my local chemist, so they can tell others..Version: 2.3

Pretty cool appI just started using this app. So far it’s pretty cool! I like the tracking, community, and notifications. A few things that could be improved. One of my notes I had put in at the beginning of the day went away once I put a new note at the end of the day (pledge page). Also, when I added other packs on the motivation page, they are in separate tabs within that page and it’s hard to remember to look at them both. It would also be nice if there were more than just quotes on the motivational page. Like maybe something more educational and supportive or even an exercise or activity of sorts?.Version: 6.3

Very helpful appThis is a great app, it acts as a private support system when you aren’t ready to take that step to meetings. Making the pledges to not drink keeps you accountable to yourself and helps get you through the day without drinking because you already pledged to not drink for the day and you don’t want to disappoint yourself. Without that it’s much easier to tell yourself it’s ok to drink, you hadn’t pledged not to. Even if it is just to yourself in your phone, you’ve made a record of it and you’d have to start over at day one if you do drink which would be disappointing. And reading stories from others going through the same thing creates a sense of community and support where you know you’re not alone in your journey..Version: 3.93

Alcohol FreeThe first week of my journey, was tough.. especially the first few days, but I hanged in their an dug deep to maintain my goal. Sleeping has become a lot better an I’m actually not waking in the middle of the night as often as I couldn’t sleep prior!!!! I love the mornings, knowing all to well I’ve achieved another day without a drop of Alcohol. My confidence is comming back, I am eating mre healthy, an buying loads of non alcohol drinks!!!!😀 I remain focused on the big picture ahead always.🤔 I have joined the AA programme and with their fellowship I have remained free of Alcohol. I have got my job back and that is a great start to the New Year ahead. I also have managed to get a Sponser to help guide me through the Steps. I am beginning to make friends and not in isolation as much, and the best yet is that my daughter is so proud of me!!!😍 One day at a time, keeping it simple, and disconnected with negative influences!!!!!!!!.Version: 6.2.2

Great Motivation and CommunityThis app creates a safe space to pursue sobriety and gives you access to a community of people who are in the same fight and allows them and you opportunities to lift each other up. As with anything, you get what you put into this and, if you are honest with yourself, the features such as daily pledges and options to review each day are SO helpful in keeping you accountable to yourself. I ended up purchasing the subscription, not for the extra features but so that the developers can continue to improve the app and make it accessible for those who are seeking. Highly recommend this! And thank you to the developers- this app has helped me greatly. 💕.Version: 3.96

A ProblemI absolutely love this app with everything in me, i’ve been using it for almost a year now. I’ve had tons of milestones hit, i had all of my logs and notes from days saved, and i had my sobriety streaks marked as well. I signed out and deleted the app for a few moments while cleaning off my phone, unknowingly deleting the app. When i logged back in, everything was gone. Everything. All of my progress, my notes, my pledges, my streaks. I’ve signed out before an it never did this, so when i logged back in i was devastated. Is this a bug or a problem?.Version: 6.3.1

Number one app of all time!This app or should I say supportive community have saved my marriage and my life. So much more than I expected to get out of it. Easy to stay the course when you have like minded people who only want the best for you. Easy to follow navigation with a social side on which you can be as anonymous or real as you feel comfortable with! The only one that I’ve found that under promises and over delivers. Massive thanks to the developers and all involved in saving lives and getting people on the happy 😃 path..Version: 6.1.3

One small thingThis app is helping me stay focused on my goal to quit smoking cigarettes, one of my favorite things is that you can put a picture along with a Reason/motivation for staying sober (in my case I am just trying to quit cigarettes but there are many options for other types of addictions). Looking at that really helps lift me up and feel more positive about my quitting goals. One small thing I would love to change if I could would be to put that picture and Reason for quitting at the top of the screen so I don’t have to scroll all the way down to see it. A lot of the time I’ll open the app just to look at that to give me a little push through any urges I might be having throughout the day..Version: 6.3.4

Recovery in my pocketI have been using this app twice a day for about a month now and I love it! I have a reminder set for every morning prompting me to pledge to stay sober for the day and another reminder at night to review my day. This app is the right amount customizable, and so simple and easy to use. I wrote my own daily pledge “I will stay sober today because....” followed by a picture reminder of why I’m doing this. My favorite part of the app tho is the review every night. This has become my journal and mood tracker. I can easily see the trend of what I am doing/ not doing on my good days vs. my bad days in graph form. I also like that it keeps count of the months-weeks-days- hours-minutes I have sober and I can even see how much money and time I’ve saved. I love this app and really do recommend it to anyone who is battling addiction and wants to stay motivated and focused. PS. I currently have 140 days clean and sober and my life is getting better every day. This app has become a big part of my recovery, thanks for making it!.Version: 3.92

Good app for daily tracking and motivation.Like that I have a daily pledge to do and that I get some motivational messages after I have done it for the day. It becomes a goal to get as many pledges in a row as I can... never missed a pledge to drinking but some days I have missed inadvertently and so I try, try again! I have a few extra packs but like the main one that comes with the app the best so far. I’ve been using the app for 8 months now and it’s an integral part of my morning program. Another great part is the daily review. It provides a space to summarize your day and how things went. I’ve been using it for a daily mini-journal which has been an important thing for me to get stuff written down and out of my head. Definitely recommend this app!.Version: 3.2

Excellent app. It helps me feel accountable.I love being able to see the connection between what I was doing and how hard I found it to stay on track that day. Some of the recent changes messed up some of my data and my ability to pledge but most of the problems seem to have been fixed now. I still have one day in Feb that shows black even though in the detail it shows that I kept to my pledges. But all in all, I’ve found this app very helpful, and I’ll get over my recent frustration with the changes and temporary glitches. THANK YOU FOR A WONDERFUL APP!.Version: 2.48

Amazing community, great app!This is the only app or forum I have found useful for my sober journey and it’s really down to the ease of use, the sense of rewards from targets, motivation but above all else the community support! I’m not a sociable person but sharing your struggle with fellow addicts from all walks of life with no judgements and following their stories is a massive, massive help! Very grateful to have this app in my life!.Version: 6.1.1

Yay meeeeI’ve been self harm free for 2 dayssss :))) anyone proud of me...Version: 7.0.3

Worth ItThis app has really been a great tool. The notifications help feel log my mood, review my day & make the days pledge. Re-Reading the early days mood makes you realise how well & better you feel. It’s simple to use & does not take a huge about of time. 7am is always my review reminder- better than a handover anyday . Love it x.Version: 3.95

ReviewIt is so useful to pledge in the morning and review at end of day..Version: 4.6

PledeYaCationIf you’re determined like I am to quit you’re vices/addictions mine being an alcoholic cocaine addict/ nefarious narcotic abuser, I would first recommend NA CA AA it is vitally important you attend the fellowships and get the support from other addicts as they are the only people who have lived you’re pain and can guide to a better life beyond you’re wildest dreams and I mean that. But what this App will do is provide support alongside you’re journey it’s a brilliant recorder of you’re recovery and can help process you’re day and be motivational but for me as someone who doesn’t like people on their phones all the time and much prefers pen to paper and a 12 step program. DO NOT think this app is all you need to beat you’re addictions you are an addict and help and with just this app I believe you would relapse sooner or later without human help ie the program, Also I’m not one of these preachers or cult promoters as I have my own misgivings about being a member of the groups but after 25yrs of using im 3 weeks clean tomorrow for the first time in my teenage/adult life yes it’s the first time I’ve actively tried to stop with the intention for ever/ 1 day at a time but that In itself works. I wish all my fellow addicts the hope and courage to be the people they are meant to be clean productive and at peace. Love you all help is there and in the love of strangers, stay safe and stay clean my lovely’s Xxx.Version: 6.0.3

Why this app helps in hard momentsI love to look at the time actually passing by that I've stayed clean ! The money and hours saved from staying clean are just an eye opener and motivation to not give that money up to addiction again! Give you something instantly to look at when weak and a daily motivation quote to look at when needed and a reminder at night of the days accomplishment especially if the day was hard and is hard to find the positive through it all! Absolutely genius to those of us who's lives was a horrible pit! Thanks! I show folks your app all the time !.Version: 2.38

OkayThis app is great it does all the things I need it to, but I want to add a tracker for an eating disorder but I can’t without paying, so would you be able to make it so I can have two without paying because I don’t have money to pay for this 🥺.Version: 6.3.2

Great motivator and trackerThis is a really nice app, whether you plan to do the 30 day challenge or are starting a sober life. There is daily motivation (which isn’t too cheesy), daily pledges which really help you focus and a space to allow you to write your reason for doing it, which you read every day before you pledge and helps keep it present in your mind. There’s also a review of the day and it feels really nice to add your totals (sober days, money and time saved) and see those smiling emojis. There is also a space where you can share with a community but I haven’t explored that much yet. It looks pretty and the design makes you feel positive. Highly recommend..Version: 3.9

This app is literally life savingI’ve never written a review for an app, in fact I rarely have written a review for anything! I can not believe how helpful, and inspiring this app is. Reading others comments about their day to day progress and feelings makes me feel less alone and more supported. I wish everyone struggling with addiction finds this, and discovers the features as helpful as I do. Thank you to the people that designed this app!.Version: 4.8.1

I LOVE ITI love this app because You got to say and express how you’re feeling without anyone knowing you and no one is judging you because everyone else is going through what you’re going through and everyone supportive some people tell jokes and some people tell her story is this a great app to tell people your life and to make sure that you don’t do anything bad to know that you have support without anyone looking down on you are treating me like a baby because you do something that you shouldn’t I love it so much everyone a supportive people use your pronouns people except you and you don’t have to know them if you don’t want to so it’s like everyone knows nose and it’s just a great way to keep track and it has great things you can say how you’re feeling if you say your thoughts of the day you could say how hard it was to keep your street you can pledge every day you can see your streak you can see it and lots of different ways you can add new things it’s just such a good app and I definitely recommend getting it if you’re struggling or if you just need to talk it’s not like therapy though so don’t worry about that.Version: 6.3.4

5 étoilesCette application aide beaucoup de gens, elle sauve des personnes. Merci de votre aide..Version: 6.2.6

Just amazing!Can’t believe the support it offers, in so many different ways. I love the motivational quotes, the community, the milestones, the cheerleading, the stats & graphs, the pledges, the timely reminders. Bravo!! Thank you.Version: 4.6

Positive and helpful tool for staying soberThis app helps track your sobriety and to remind you of the reasons you want sobriety in your life. The daily encouragement and accountability it provides are a good compliment to other treatments and/or support groups. It also allows you to track the specific ways in which your life is improving as a result of sobriety, along with the aspects of life that may be more challenging, and it shows you, anonymously, how many others are experiencing the same “symptoms” in their lives at the same point in their recovery. I really like the daily pledge, which links me to photo of myself and my affirmative statement about why I, personally, want to maintain my sobriety, as well as the positive/inspiring thought for the day. I have not experienced any glitches or other issues with this app. It is a high quality tool for good living..Version: 3.93

Love this appThis is amazing and it’s so motivational. If you’re reading this I’m proud of you (:.Version: 7.0.1

I LOVE LOVE this app!!I went to treatment for alcohol addiction and depression this past summer and I downloaded this app when I got home. I downloaded several sobriety tracker apps but this is the only one that I ended up keeping. I love being able to pledge everyday to a picture and sentence that I made as my reason to stay sober. At the end of the day I get a notification reminding me to review my day, asking if I stuck to my pledge, my feelings or mood and the difficulty of keeping my pledge for that day. Then I get a chance to write whatever I want as a journal entry. So it’s cool to go back and look at my previous entries to see my progress. One of my other favorite parts are the inspirational daily quotes. You start out with a pack of quotes everyday for the month and then you have to earn the next pack but staying sober for a certain amount of time. I get excited to go in and pledge everyday so I can see what my quotes for the day are! I even bought several other quote packs because I love them so much! This app has definitely kept me on track and motivated. I’ve been sober for almost 8 months now and I feel better than I’ve felt in 16 years. This app helps you rock the heck out of your sobriety! Highly recommended!.Version: 4.5

Great app, over pricedI enjoy using the app but it is too expensive. Will buy if price drops to reasonable amount.Version: 6.3.3

Couldn’t go withoutIt’s helped me through tough times and I’m slowly but surely getting a lot better each step may seem small but when u look back it seems like what felt like a step is actually a mountain keep up the hard work Remember I’m proud of u no matter what.Version: 6.1

Cool appI use it a lot and it has a better memory then me lol but it would be nice if you could private message people so you can make friends.Version: 7.0.5

Nice non judgemental sober counterI like how there is a reset button so if you fall off the wagon it's one click to reset the start date you don't have to go through all sorts of tabs or delete and reload it coz you'll feel stupid enough having to go back to day zero so the fact it's a very under the radar click to reset is good could use more free support I don't like you have to pay for help but I'm coming off heroin crack and methadone all at once cold turkey so I'm happy there's chance to add my three (methadone isn't on the list though it's more addictive than heroin and takes 30 days of withdrawals to come off of not 4 like heroin or 24 hrs for crack) would be good for the app to recognise once you hit the withdrawal milestone i.e. Day 5 clean of heroin is the withdrawal is done physically u are on the home straight reminding people they've passed the hardest but would be hugely motivating. And the first 24 hours off crack are the hard bit after that you stop climbing the walls honestly so little reminders that's it you've done the hardest bit at these points would be great.Version: 4.7

Get em clean! 😁I've only just downloaded this app and already I can tell that it does the absolute most an app like this is capable of, maybe the devs have updates in mind, but they have set a very clear and comprehensive platform for daily encouragement. People are helpful in this process but in my opinion this app offers a completely different type of support, being reminded twice on a daily basis with a clear record of your sobriety as well as the time/money you saved as a result of quitting is very inspiring. Removing a habit from your life is very personal and while some people need more help than others, I believe that anyone on a remotely similar path would benefit from this app. 😊.Version: 3.6

Staying SoberI thought I would try this app not really expecting much but actually it is really helpful. It encourages you to stay off the booze with motivational messages and keeps a log on how long you have been sober for. So when I am in my danger zones for having a drink it helps me as I do not want to undo what I have achieved so far.Version: 3.96

What a great community!I stumbled a cross this app whilst building up to my sober journey. I’d been looking for something like this for a while; somewhere where I can chat with friendly people on the same journey to offer practical advice, general support and be normal with - with it being about the 12 steps of having to commit to regular sessions or attend a venue in my local area. I love the fact that you can access people of the same day of sobriety as you, this really helps with the daily struggles as you know that everyone from that ‘community day’ is in the same place as you. I find it so helpful that I can access as and when I need, like for example a Friday night and the weekend build up - a lot of people have made comments then too so it’s really reassuring that you’re not alone. And it actually helps!! I would like there to be notifications, as it would be nice to know who’s replied to any comments you make so you can reply too - as a matter of courtesy. The daily pledges help lots, like a mini diary for your notes. Thank you!.Version: 5.1.1

I am sober app<3It rly helps other people because they think they are alone and then you realize other people do think like you or people did s3lf 4arm the day you did the exact same day people are going through the same things and your not alone you can make friends on there too that can also help you and can give you positive energy, and also it gives you quotes that help you understand things that happen and it rly did help me a lot today I read a lot of stories on there today and texted people to see if they are okay like genuinely because no one asks now days..Version: 6.2.2

COULDNT RECOMMEND THIS MORE!! 🥇🏆Amazing app to quit anything!! You can comment and post with other people going through the exact same thing as you. What a brilliant idea. Seeing that other people are going through the same thing is skyrocketing my motivation. Bravo to the devs!!🎖🎖🎖.Version: 4.5

Such an awesome app for anyone struggling with any kind of addictionI have been addicted to heroin for about 8 years, I just turned 25 a few days ago. I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl in January and she changed my life and motivated me to get clean. This app along with my clinic, my counselor, and my family all help me to stay clean. My family has a group text so every morning they look forward to me sharing my daily motivation because the affirmations start their days off with a positive mindset too!! I love how this app tracks your sobriety to the very second, and tracks how much money you’ve saved and how many hours you’ve saved since getting clean. The developers are constantly tweaking the app to make it better and add new motivation packs pretty regularly, I own almost every pack so every month once I finish one pack I start a new one. I realllllllllly LOVE how the app celebrates all the milestones, because it’s exciting to celebrate every month sober, especially the big milestones like 100 days, 6 months, 1 year, etc. I go to a methadone clinic and I always recommend the I Am Sober app to my counselor and to anyone there who is still struggling and especially to people who are newly sober because it’s helped me so much. This app has become a really important part of my day, and I plan to keep utilizing it for as long as possible for my sobriety!!.Version: 3.0

A friendThis app helped me in so many ways! I was a big drinker of 14 years and with this app it helped me stop and be clean now 12 days! And wow my life has changed! This app gives you motivation! Goals! Support. Everything you don’t get when you have an addiction! And because of this lack of support I used to drink. Now I have a happy life amazing family! Work is going on the correct direction and guess what! Money in the bank omg that is one of the best feelings in the world. Remember one step at a time..Version: 3.9

Awesome appThis app doesn’t just help people but it motivates people. It’s the quickest way to stop habits. This app has helped me so much, it’s literally online therapy. And to make you feel better it shows a bunch of people who are on the same level as you. It lets you know that you’re not alone. It helps people to keep fighting and makes people strong. Everyone has something they can’t control to big and small habits and this app is literally programmed to help you ho through it. I have no problems with this app at all. It makes me happy even when I restart it because I know there’s other people who also restarted it and I’m not the only one struggling. The app also doesn’t send 1000 annoying notifications, it simply ask how was your day, how your doing and your new daily pledges. This app is everything. 11/10 app..Version: 6.2.6

I love itThis app is so amazing, I most definitely recommend, I love how you can see who is also at the same “sober” time as you and you there are so many other good things I could add.Version: 6.3.4

It’s good but there is a problemIt says you can have up to 10 trackers however I have only got one on there and it already says I have reached my limit on trackers? My friend also has two and is now apparently reached the limit. I think this is to do with a glitch in the app. If possible could you please fix this.Version: 6.3.2

Helpful App :)I’m part of the self harm community and this app’s helped me come a long way and I feel so much better! One concern I have is the SH community because most of the posts have extremely triggering content which could be harmful to someone in recovery and I make a point of avoiding that part of the app but I understand it’s a way for people to connect with each other.Version: 7.0.2

Best “quitting” appRecently I have been having too much bad food and addicted to certain things I decided to turn that around by downloading this app the best thing about it is that you can see other people’s struggles and help them and you can see other people’s success you can share your opinion a lot of people will respond whether your struggling or succeeding so far I have been sober for 2 days I only just started and love it!!.Version: 6.2.6

A little bit of my storyYou see I’m just a kid and words can hurt. I have been self-harming for about 2 year and I was finally a month clean big all of a sudden everything went downhill. After month of hurting I decided to download this app if currently a day free. Seeing other people go through the same thing as me makes me believe in my self if they can do it so can I. One thing that I say to myself is “one I will succeed” but I think and think if I succeed who will miss me. My mind says no one but ik someone will miss me. This app is amazing I recommend it.Version: 6.2.6

This is the app you’re looking forI finally found a free app that will help to track your progress. It had a lot of different addictions to choose from. It helps to have a why remind you everyday of why you want to kick whatever habit you want to get rid of. The biggest thing for me is the community. People who are on the same journey you are posting and commenting about what they are going through and people sharing uplifting stories. You can also help to encourage and uplift other people who are going through the same thing you are. I felt like I didn’t have any help at all and was ashamed to talk about my addiction with people. With this app I feel like I can truly be free of my addiction..Version: 5.1.1

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!I love it but I have a suggestion. Maybe add a password that only the person knows so that the app is private and if a family member goes into the app they can’t see what it is straight away..Version: 6.3.4

GoodYour smart friend towards better you..Version: 3.9

It's the little thingsI've tried a few different apps to help with my addiction, and this is the first one that feels like its really going to do the trick. Examples of the little things are the gamification of the daily pledge, the image to help motivate you, the motivational quotes, and most of all, not spacing out the milestones too far. The first week is hard and this app recognizes and rewards you each day. Before I failed a few times because I would get to 3 days and the next milestone would be a week. 3 days was hard, now you want me to do 4? Also, the free version offers fantastic features. I'd honestly be willing to pay for just what I get with the free version, but I appreciate that I don't have to 😊.Version: 3.9

Good appThis app is good if you want to change your lifestyle and better yourself as a person, so many people on here who are the same as you and everyone encourages everyone 5plus ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ awesome app thank you.Version: 4.9.3

Sooo goodHelps with people who need it I have loved this app and I have wanted to stop just so I could get a streaks it’s so fun and good for those people that need it, I 100% recommend it bc it is just such a good app I think that anyone struggling would loves this app just as much as I do xo.Version: 6.3.1

I am soberPlease get this app it helped me so much, i’m three days self harm free :).Version: 6.0.2

Awesome in RecoveryA brilliant tool I’ve helped use during recovery. Love how it 1.Keeps Clean Time 2.Has a community area for people to post 3.Provides terrific array of motivational quotes daily on full version. Recommend it to help any person with an addiction looking for support in recovery.Version: 4.9.3

A good companionWhen you’re on this journey and aren’t yet willing to share your challenge, in case of another failure, this app is a trusty encouraging sidekick without being sanctimonious annoying preacher..Version: 2.45

Love this app! Wish they weren’t called ‘addictions’, thoughI love love love this app and use it every time I take an alcohol break. I’m currently trying to reach 100 days, possibly forever. However, I don’t like how they list vices as “addictions”. I know many of the people in the app identify as alcoholics and agree they have an addiction, however, I think some people may be deterred by having this word in the app. I noticed this morning they changed the main screen from “addictions” to “progress”, which is great. But when I go to my settings, it still lists alcohol as an “addiction”. I think another term may be well suited here. Just my thoughts! Otherwise, love the app and I recommend it to anyone looking to quit drinking or take a break..Version: 7.1.1

Recovering alcoholicI’ve tried many of these apps to support me on my journey to recovery. This is a fantastic app, everything about it. Whenever I’m really struggling i turn to this and for one thing it can take away that feeling of being alone, the only one going through what I am and really helps me get back on track. If your serious about becoming sober I would most definitely recommend this :).Version: 3.6

I’m using this app because i struggle with s/hI’m giving it a 5 star even though i haven’t even opened it because i’ve heard good things about it.Version: 7.1.1

Love this App!!!!Currently going through the process of getting sober. I’m in A.A., I’m seeking counseling and I’m working hard. I downloaded this app on a whim and wow! I love it! It keeps me even more focused than just a meeting or two, sometimes three a day 😂! It’s motivational and really helps you track all the stages of your progress. I paid for the monthly subscription and I’m not looking back. You can track how you’re feeling with each milestone. You can win free motivational packs for sober streaks. You can track daily and privately how you felt on that exact day and look back on it at anytime. You have a community of people who are right at the same milestone you’re at to talk to on a feed. It estimates how much money you’re saving based on what you think you spent on average everyday. It’s been two weeks and I’ve saved $244 and that’s at the low end of my estimate not including my $60plus binge nights. All in all this app really does help if you really are in it to win it!.Version: 4.5

It has helped keep me motivated.It’s a very simple yet powerful app that goes into great detail about your addiction. Besides telling you how long you have been sober, it asks you to make pledges, it gives you motivational prices for the day. It tells you how much money you have saved, you can rate your day by how you feel and then it asks what you did that day so it can statistically track what causes your hardest days and you can try to avoid things that cause you to want to relapse. It gives you milestones and you can say how you’re feeling that milestone and compare to how others have felt when they reached it, positive and negative symptoms. It’s just a very well designed app that has continued support and updates and it really makes you feel accomplished every time you open it. It helps me a lot. I advise at least trying it and good luck on your path to sobriety!.Version: 2.41

It works for me! (UPDATED)I am now sober for over 6 months and this app has definitely helped. It now has multiple addictions so if you’re trying to cut out caffeine and alcohol at the same time, you can. It does up to 5 at once so I would think enough for all but a few. I gave up alcohol a few months back and was looking for an app to help me keep focused. This app does just that! I can see how long (to the second) I have been sober and how much money I have saved. The daily motivational quotes vary from superb to 'meh', but in fairness, at least once a week, I get a real nugget of advice/philosophy/pep talk. Go for it I say!.Version: 2.5

Amazing App - Suggestion for the developerFirst of all, I love this app to bits I’ve been using it for years and has been a vital part of my recovery. The community is supportive and great and I’ve seen it come such a long way in terms of functionality. I joined back in 2016 when it was relatively new and just gave you a timer, an inspirational quote and maybe a couple other things. I love that the community aspect has been incorporated into the app. But if there was a way to log the notifications somewhere within the app, rather than solely through my homescreen, it would be helpful. Sometimes I’ll want to reference a comment I made on another’s post and have to spend quite some time trying to find it. Just a suggestion! Anyway, I love the good work these developers do..Version: 6.1

Great but...This app is awesome. Has pretty much everything I need to try and stay sober. Here’s where the “but” comes in though. The app has a 100% sober rule (idk what else to call it) which I can understand but my problem comes from the fact that not everyone is ready to go 100% sober yet. For a lot of people the name of the game is harm reduction. I know this app probably can’t promote the use of drugs so that’s why they take this stance, but it’s very discouraging for someone like me who has trouble going 100% sober..Version: 6.3.4

Very goodTW:self harming Ed maybe etc Hello I would like to say I would definitely use this app I been struggling with self harming but not an ED but I did try and starve myself but people supported me no matter what everyone so nice and I bit self harmed more than I used to I’m very proud of myself definitely would download if your addicted to something!🤍🖤.Version: 6.3.1

A wonderful app that helps keep you on the sometimes tumultuous journey of sobrietyI am loving the support and inspiration I find with accessing this app every day - thank you!.Version: 2.42

Accountability ToolLook, there is never going to be enough resources for folks struggling with addiction. The more of these apps (regardless of which app you pick). I chose this app because it doesn’t take over my life. I have enough addiction to deal with to be bothered with becoming addicted to an addiction help app. (Tech addicts gimme a nod?) That’s real too. I love being able to see recent posts from folks who are at my similar sobriety (level?) LOL I can also easily see inspiring posts from folks who are celebrating at the milestone that comes next for me. And ya know what? I dig that the app doesn’t swamp you with EVERYONE. (Sure, if you want to check out other milestones you can...but an app user is less likely to get vacuumed away into the app for hours. Which means...you can actually put the phone down and go back to working on your recovery! I enjoy the daily quotes and pledges! It’s a gentle reminder on my phone to keep my health in mind. Great app! And if you are sober-curious, come along and see!.Version: 7.0.3

Wow, thank you.Everything I needed to support the life changes I decided to make, for myself as well as my family. A non-judgemental font of motivation, positive support demonstrating a true understanding of the true nature of addiction. After use for only a week this app has changed my life and helped me smash through personal barriers and achieve targets that seemed previously unattainable. This app has given me the support and fuel I needed to make a change. I could not access this kind of support from friends family, or the healthcare system due to personal stigma, shame, a lack of general understanding in my social circles and confidence issues. The fact that this is a free resource is incredible. I cannot that the developers enough. Recommended..Version: 3.95

Simple, yet effectiveI’m trying not to make a big deal out of being sober to my family and friends, so it’s good to have this tool to stay accountable - quietly for my own reasons, and on my own terms..Version: 3.93

It’s good but..When you write and then post it to the community, it won’t let you post again until like 1 hour later. Like what if something happened that you want off your chest? Other than that it’s a great app! And to anyone who is reading this you’re an amazing person!.Version: 7.0.5

Worth downloading & using. Just wish free version allowed tracking of 2 addictions.Very Good, No Annoying & Pointless Notifications. Calculates interesting and useful statistics and is happy to run in the background without daily checking in, only need to manually update if habit/lapse/change. Only reason I’ve rated 4 stars is because I wish the free version would allow 2 separate addictions to be managed instead of just 1 selection from the list. Really really app & developers deserve 5 stars, and usually I would purchase ongoing subscription or buy app (which allows up to 10 addictions to be managed) but the subscription options and costs are a lot more expensive than I would have expected or would be willing to pay. Free version is still very sufficient though and a good app to have, the best of its type that I have found..Version: 4.9.1

Such a fantastic appHas helped me immensely. Love the app..Version: 7.0.8

Learn to liveIf you don’t have time to go to specific meetings. IE, AA and the likes this is perfect, if you are feeling flat or tempted to turn to your old ways. Just look up on your phone and you’re in a virtual world of support. Thanks to a friend of mine who put me onto this. The best app I have downloaded! Keep up the good work. This site helps you not to give in to temptation....Version: 4.9.3

Advice!Please put an update were you can put a password before updating the app.Version: 7.1.1

Great app for tracking sobrietyThis app is fantastic. I can't George it is actually free unlike some other apps that day they are free but W want you to pay..Version: 3.96

Pretty helpfulPretty good and encouraging, everything is pretty easily layed out and organized, i’ve found it helpful.Version: 7.0.5

Pretty goodThat 5 second countdown with the pledge becomes a bit of a chore after a while. Wish there was an option to just make it quicker, after you’ve got a few months under your belt the whole fan fare I could do without.Version: 6.1.8

Weapon of choiceFor those qhi really want to stay clean. This is absolutely the best weapon to draw..Version: 6.3.3

This isn’t used like it’s suppose toThis is an amazing app, I love how it encourages others to become sober and lets you see all of the days and months you been clean. But I just got the app and had to flag 17 posts in the community section because they were inappropriate. There are so many kids going on this app saying things like (TW) “PLEASE SOMEONE KILL ME ILL PAY YOU 6 BUCKS” (TW over) which I feel makes a mockery of those who are in this to actually get help. These sections aren’t monitored which I think is horrible, I went into a panic attack and started crying because I relapsed, found this app wanting help, and yet was made a mockery of by kids who shouldn’t be using this app because they posted triggering content that didn’t even belong in the community section. These sections should be monitored more, I don’t want to report a million posts because it’s excessive but I do it for the safety of others who go into that app wanting help. This is literally my only issue with the app! Everything else is amazing. Please fix this..Version: 7.0.5

Love the app and have a suggestionI really like this app, it’s been giving me motivation to stop harming myself, but I do have a suggestion! I’m not sure if this is a added feature but if it isn’t I think it should be added, the feature being here you can have more than one “I am sober” thingy, where you can start a new one, for example if you already have something like a self-harm thing and have a addiction for let’s say alcohol you can start a separate “I am sober” thingy, where you have one that’s for one issue and another one for another issue, I think it would be helpful!.Version: 6.3.3

Wonderful appCouldn’t do without this app. Most of it is free and keeps you accountable. Love the counter and sense of achievement.Version: 4.3

Perfect app to keep you away from your addictionsThis app has greatly helped me with visual progress and motivation, actually seeing how much money and time you’ve saved from your addictions. You can see other people’s updates and thoughts and feelings on their journey too..Version: 2.49

Needs to catch up a bit fasterThis app is really easy to navigate, and i think the tracker and the community support IS really encouraging, and has been a large part of my staying sober- easily- for over a month. Worth it. Only reason I give 4 stars- there are multiple times that my personal posts do not go public for 24-48 hours or longer. I couldn’t know if this is a tech glitch or the time it takes to review posts from the very large app community. Sometimes it’s a very personally challenging topic, or a very celebratory milestone- so it is disappointing for a story to go live well after it is relevant. but mostly this app is a good resource- in my experience- for staying sober and feeling there is an easy go-to community in my pocket !.Version: 4.3

Get it if u need itI don’t write reviews but this app is literally phenomenal. it’s free and it has such a good way to track ur progress. not only that but being able to interact with people with similar addictions makes u feel so safe. the daily motivations are an amazing little touch. it’s not only for sh and drugs but nail biting and other stuff as well. thank u so much for this <3.Version: 7.0.5

(:Good app but we shouldn’t have to pay to add different addictions.Version: 6.3.3

Cool lil appCool lil app nice and basic.Version: 1.8

I am soberI verry much like this app hope i make it to my goal.Version: 7.0.2

AMAZING!!I started using this app when I was deep in the hole imma just say I’m not in that hole now.Version: 6.1.7

Can you add a self-harm category?I love this app a lot and I use it to monitor my alcoholism and my self-harm. i’ve added self-harm using the “custom” feature, but it would be awesome if you guys could add that as one of the addiction listed, that way I could see all of the features on the app such as how many others are reaching the milestones i’m reaching, and comments other people leave about their recovery. overall this app has been so amazing in helping me track my recovery. pledging every morning has been extremely helpful, and counting down to each new milestone is more helpful than I could’ve ever anticipated. thank you for making such a great app, and I hope you’ll consider adding self-harm as one of your categories!💓.Version: 2.49

ExcitedLove this app! Sooo great to be on a community with other people without having to feel like a full blown alco and having to go to meetings! Communicating with like minded people on the same mission for better! 🙌🙌.Version: 6.1.3

One of the Keys to SobrietyThis app has helped me be accountable every day and take a pledge towards my sobriety. It literally takes you day by day with encouragement. There’s also a section to share your story with other people struggling, or even comment and help those who struggle. Our struggle is an every day fight. Sometimes it’s like a roller coaster. But you’re not alone, you can read through tons of people with the same sobriety date, or even some that have years on their belt. And regardless we all have one thing in common. We know how it feels to start and fight to keep our sobriety. Any little thing that helps, why not try it?.Version: 6.1.1

Great but sometimes toxicI love this app don’t get me wrong it’s a great tracker and it is motivational and I has helped me in my recovery process but the community page can sometimes be triggering. Some days it’s all positive people saying how proud they are of themselves and others almost all the messages are of people being very negative. I’m aware that I could just not read the messages or something, but that’s the only bad thing I’d say about the app except that when someone comments on your post you can’t reply to their comment. But when you do post something there is usually comments giving support and encouraging words.Version: 6.0

Great supportI read an article about the effectiveness of counting alcohol free days. This app does that but also adds support each day with motivating sayings and life experiences by others trying to stay free from alcohol..Version: 6.3.3

Great App but Needs to be More HolisticI absolutely love this app!! The notifications are really helpful and I love the community you can connect with. I like being able to review each day, it helped me notice patterns and triggers. The only thing I don’t like is that it only counts streaks, like how many days in a row you go without your addiction. I see a lot of people that land back at day 0 or 1 beating themselves up, feeling awful and guilty and like a failure. But a lot of those people come off 30 days sober, 50 days sober etc. So I think mentally it would help people to see a counter that accumulates all their non-drinking days of the whole year or month or whatever. I used to drink every single day but this past month I only drank 15 days - that’s huge for me and I’m super proud! But on the app it’s not recognized, I only see I’ve been 2 days sober or whatever. I’ll still keep using the app because the other features outweigh the counter issue but it would still be nice to have a longer view of your progress..Version: 6.1.1

Massive part of changing my lifeThe app has given me a go to tool for support, daily motivation and reminders why I downloaded the app and made the massive step to change my life. Nearly a year I've had this app and nearly a year since I started living my life again. If you've made the decision to make a change, get this app and use it daily. It will help x.Version: 4.9.3

Underage accountMy account was deleted cause I was an underage account. I didn’t know that I had to be 16, and I’m sorry about that. It’s a great app and I will use it again if I need it when I’m old enough. Thanks for reading :].Version: 7.0.8

Incredibly helpful appThis app is very helpful to establish a daily routine and get community support while you work through cutting something (alcohol, drugs, etc.) out of your life. It’s well worth checking out. That being said, I have some feedback: the app doesn’t support using the new(ish) iOS default mail app intent. If you don’t use the default iOS mail app, you can’t send feedback in the app. Additionally, I’ve noticed that sometimes notifications get stuck in a loop and dismissing them doesn’t work, but logging changes does. I’d send debug info, but I don’t have the default mail app installed and can’t send a message :).Version: 7.0.5

This is a great app! That serves an important purpose!I love this app! I’ve been using it for almost a year. I think the community it creates it’s great. However, I think there are improvements to be made. I sent an email suggesting that they link 12 step programs to really help the audience they are trying to serve. Maybe even linking a finder source for detox, a finder link for rehabs, and some help lines would also be valuable. It appears to me that this app was created to lead people into recovery, and this app has the ability to make a profound difference. But I think what would make it superior is the apps ability to connect people with even more valuable resources..Version: 6.0.3

Better than the othersHighly recommend compared to others.Version: 3.95

It works!I never would have thought an app could change things but this one has. I have stayed sober with the help of the app and the features are brilliant in being your friend and guide in letting go of the cruel friend that for me is alcohol. I love it and it’s changed my life, thank you 🙏.Version: 6.1

Awesome appThis is an amazing app and the community using it all agree. One thing would make it 5 star, there is a notification that someone has commented on or added to your note or a note you have commented on. But when you open the app up you can’t find that comment. Needs a notifications section so you can who commented where..Version: 6.2.5

This an amazing app, it really helped me more than I thought.I don’t really think anymore about my old self. I am sober and I will definitely be staying sober and strong for rest of my life. I wish you guys all the. I know that many of you guys would would stay sober and starting loving yourself and you’re life. Love you all, it’s Never late!.Version: 2.49

What an EXCELLENT appI am thoroughly enjoying this, out of the plethora of sobriety trackers that hide everything useful behind a paywall it is so great to see a company that actually wants to help people. The subscription gets you access to extra skins and a few bonus things but the core of the app has everything that you need. I am going to continue to use this for a few more weeks but as of now fully intend on subscribing just to support the developers and I recommend that you do as well if you are finding it helpful because such a thoughtful program like this one deserves to stay alive and to be kept up to date. That can only happen if the Devs can pay their bills and put food on their plates! Thank you so much for this, I am glad that I found it when I was in need..Version: 4.5

Best sobriety tracking appThis app is really interactive, it celebrates each day you stay sober and even offers a “how are you feeling” checklist when you accomplish even a small milestone. The checklist suggests both positive and negative feelings that you might be feeling or didn’t even know you were feeling. I like that it also shows you how much money you save when you stay clear of your toxic substance. The app can be used for tracking the days clean from drugs, meats, self harm or anything else youre addicted to and want to stop, you’re able to create multiple “folders” of different addictions and if you don’t see an addiction you’re able to just create a new one. 👍.Version: 4.1

PerfectThis app has helped me so much on my path to sobriety. Though I feel guilty every time I reset, this app is so centred around positivity and allows me to see other people on my level which reminds me I’m not alone. If you’re struggling this is an amazing companion for you. Stay safe x.Version: 6.3

Fantastic app for motivationThis is a really powerful app for navigating the road back from addiction. It offers many ways to show you how far you’ve come ande, daily pledges and connection with people who are going through the same problems as you..Version: 6.2.2

HelpfulI find this app helpful for my accountability and my growth. I’m able to encourage myself with daily good habits and edit as I grow. For such a serious condition as addiction, the developers have put lots of thought into this app. Thank you..Version: 3.4

Such a great helpI had gotten this app after seeing multiple times on social media. I got it because I cut myself and I wanted a way to stop like a someone being happy for the time I’ve not done it. So when I saw this I knew it was a great motivation for me to stop cutting and for maybe future additions. I 100% recommended this app if you want to stop any addictions if they are hurtful or just a way to make yourself happy that you’ve stopped doing something..Version: 6.2.2

Great community but please make the blocking system betterI had some toxic people trying to tell me to try other drugs when I’m 2 weeks clean from one already. Blocking them only made me unable to see their new comments and I still get notifications from that. Even though they should be blocked. Please if possible, make it so that if someone is blocked they can’t see/access/interact with your account whatsoever and all notifications from them are disabled. Other than that really well made app..Version: 6.3.1

I AM SOBERA really good app that helps me stay on track! Gives you daily affirmations, And a community of people going threw the same stages as you.. WHATS TO LOSE! give it ago! I surprised myself as well..Version: 6.2.2

Great app i just wish i could lock itI love this app it has so many amazing features i just wish that you could lock the app instead of having to pay for you to be able to do so. because the things on this app are extremely private and if someone were snooping in my phone i would have a panic attack thinking of what would happen if they saw this app. and so much of what we have in the app is so personal that not everyone in our lives may know and i think that you shouldn’t have to pay for you to be able to lock the app..Version: 6.0

Best app there is around this iTunesAbsolutely fantastic for people who are quitting and need that extra little bit of help (it offers way more than a little bit) it has honestly helped me so much, alcohol specifically... I have been sober 8 days and it counts it down to the very second... it helps with any drug of your choice of poison with a great community and all round amazing I’d give it 11/10 if I good. (THANK YOU TO THE CREATORS!!!!!) 💞.Version: 3.6

Need some extra motivation to kick a habit for good!? Get this appI have tried and failed to quit smoking for the last 5 years. My sister told me about this app, I downloaded it right away and I am so happy with it! I’m on day 5 of being smoke free 🚫🚬🙌☺️🕊 Being able to track your progress with multiple additions (the free version you can track 3 addictions) Being able to see the amount of time you have gone without a cigarette or whatever habit your trying to get rid of. I look at the time that iv already gone without and say well I can go another minute which turns into another hour which turns into another day 🙌 I’m also working on giving up gluten and there is a tracker for gluten and many others. Example: cigarettes , junk food, self harm, drugs, alcohol , gluten a bunch of other option I feel like this app gives me the extra encouragement I need! This is the longest I have gone (by choice) without smoking cigarettes It is possible it is worth another shot to quit!! Great app , I DEFINITELY recommend it I feel a new sense of self control I never thought I had! It’s really exciting I’m konmarie’n my addictions! If they don’t spark joy, ditch them. Live a better life !! I LOVE this app ♥️🥰🙏🕊 I haven’t felt this good in so long 💪.Version: 3.91

AccountabilityGoing alcohol free has always been a struggle, the I Am Sober app has been amazing for me. Making a daily pledge to not drink and reviewing the situation at the end of every day has been great, keeping me accountable. Watching the alcohol free minutes, hours and days add up helps greatly with staying on track. Also reading others posts lets you know you’re not alone. Much better than trying to go it alone.Version: 4.6

Great app, really does helpFor a free app it has been so much help for me. It really encourages you when you can see your progress in front of you and read other people’s stories. The motivational quotes are a nice touch. This has already helped me kick one addiction and now I’m about to use it again for another :) would really recommend if you are determined to quit whatever it is that has a hold on you!.Version: 3.9

Fantastic appI’ve been looking for an app to track my days and this is perfect. Not only does it help track my days it motivates abs ensures I don’t break any streaks. Definitely worth it..Version: 4.6

Best Sober App EverHey wats up folks, this app just LIT! DOWNLOAD IT & U ARE NOT GONNA REGRET IT!.Version: 7.1.3

Changed my life - honestly do it :)I made it to a month sober I am actually very emotional about this goal, I’m crying and they are happy and proud tears. My life has completely transformed beyond belief! Honestly I can’t even behind to explain, it’s like I have a new life and I’m so blessed to be here and the life I have and the family and friends I have 💝 i really went to say a big big big thank you to everyone on this app and the people that made it , it’s saved my life you have no idea and I’m so happy it’s unreal thank you from my heart ❤️.Version: 6.2.2

.This app is helpful to me. They let you write your reason as to why you are quitting what you are, and then it will will give you daily motivation. It also counts how long you have been sober from it, and it is very easy to reset if you slip up. This app has a very user friendly layout, and I really like the idea. I hope that this app continues to be updated as it does help many people..Version: 6.2.5

Thank youThis app has helped me with a lot,if it was not for this app I would have probably been dead.Version: 7.0.8

AmazingThis app is just what I needed to get rid of some unnecessarily suffocating habits. Definitely try this app if you’re struggling with addictions, and make sure to stay positive when experiencing a relapse. The app offers a great ‘reset my thoughts’ option when you restart and a supportive community which gave me motivation to keep going. You can do it!.Version: 6.2.2

Honestly, So Good.I’ve had trouble keeping myself from doing a few seemingly harmless little things and this app is really great for motivation when I’m mindlessly stressed or careless. A few of my friends used it for the good old $31F H4RM yk yk and I did too for a bit. I’ve been sober for a year and a half. Thank you for creating a safe place to motivate everyone who has used this app..Version: 6.3

Quit for one day, repeat daily= sobrietyA massive help on my quest to not drink. It helps keep me focused on ‘one day at a time ‘ or I would get overwhelmed with the enormity if quitting forever. Just not drinking today is soo achievable with this app..Version: 2.16

Very neat app but...I really like this app the only problem is that there is no custom selection or an option for kleptomaniacs which i find disappointing seeing as they need help too. Other than that it’s a great app..Version: 4.5

I Am Sober, 100% recommend!!!!!!!This app is amazing!! it doesn’t just keep a track of your goal/s and how long you’ve been sober from a certain thing but you can get in contact with a community of other people struggling with the exact thing you are!! everyone is so understanding and supportive :)) 100% recommend this app!.Version: 7.0.7

Everything I Need.Sobriety has been a roller coaster for me in my life for seven years. Alcoholism runs in my family and is something that I have tried to “control” for way too long. The beautiful interface is so encouraging, and I wake up every morning looking forward to the days motivational quote that comes with my pledge. I have tried numerous things but this is by far the best. It’s been four days now and I haven’t been this happy in months (maybe even years!) to anyone suffering any addiction, not just with alcohol, definitely give it an honest effort. You will be grateful ❤️.Version: 2.20

Life saverI am 200 days sober. I found this app early in my sobriety. I use it everyday. The motivational messages are great. Visual chart keeps me focused on making my pledge daily. The tips are timely when I need a little push. I use the notes as a mini journal. I hated forgetting to pledge as it left a gap. I’m on it now and pledge everyday. Day to day I don’t count my sobriety but when asked it’s there at my fingertips. The only change would be to have some prayers available so it’s all in one place for new people who are unsure where to look for supporting materials. Support is fantastic and helpful. Thank you.Version: 4.1

Objectif personnelCette application est motivante avec une pensée du jour pertinente ! Seulement hier j’ai bu 2 bières (blessure d’abandon réactivée avec une rupture encore ) et je ne continue pas l’alcool donc je réinitialise pas du début . Je suis rendue à 3 semaines sobre. Ce n’est pas 2 bières qui vont tout réinitialiser. Super Votre application! Je l’aime Beaucoup merci de l’avoir créée..Version: 7.0.5

Go-To AppThe first app I use in the morning and last app before going to bed. It’s made a huge difference to my commitment..Version: 7.1.2

GoodGreat.Version: 7.1.1

Really makes a differenceI’ve found this app to be one of the few that I actually use on a daily basis. My only gripe is that on the Home Screen it’s named ‘I am sober’, and for this reason I’m giving it 4 stars. It may seem like a minor gripe (and it is) but I use my phone regularly in the workplace, and I don’t want people to see that thinking I’m an alcoholic; I’m using the app to break a sugar intake habit. The app itself however does exactly what it says on the tin and has really made a big difference to my unhealthy habits, so thank you!.Version: 7.0.5

Such a great appI use this app to help me with ed and self-harm and it has been great, and have a safe place to vent to with people going through the same things as you is really helpful, it’s not a toxic place and the rules put in place helps make the community safe so you don’t come across any disturbing things (like I have on other platforms) and even though there is a premium you get so much access in the normal app without premium! I really recommend this app.Version: 7.0.7

Your personal health & wellness coach“I am sober” is just the thing you need, if like me, you’re struggling with your relationship with alcohol and you need something to keep you accountable towards your individual sobriety goals. The posts & pledges, keep you motivated, while the amazing things you feel and see while you’re not drinking help you to stay alcohol free. Go get it!.Version: 3.6

Brilliant, best appThe daily challenges and ability to journal the process are brilliant, simply logging in and making the daily pledge psychologically set me for the day. Currently on 10 days sober, not done that for 10+ years. Great app. Be honest with yourself and your reasons and this app will help you beat the addiction. Update: July 16 Made it to 100 days! This app is brilliant..Version: 3.6

Thank youI couldn’t have stayed motivated without it.Version: 3.94

Great tracker and motivation tool.Last update change the wording of your pledge. Pledge reads very odd now..Version: 7.0.2

Future improvementThis app is very helpful for people battling addiction and it’s free with no payments. I just wish there was a feature to see your past months, so maybe that could be added in the future? Other than that this app is great!.Version: 4.5

Gives you hopeThis app is the best app ever for me you get given reminders and inspiring quotes those quotes can make your day change this app has helped me so much and it’s great finding people who are going through the same thing your all trying to get through bad times together it’s a great app.Version: 4.7

So far so goodUsed the app for just over a week. The format is good and I do find that it helps. My only criticism is that you should be given the option to review the previous day, say in the morning, rather than having to do it on the actual day, as I feel this would be more beneficial on weekends etc..Version: 3.0

PoopingI’ve been poop free for one minute. i feel the sudden urge to push the poop out of my small intestine,, through my bowels,, and out my anus. I’ve had so much support from the get help program and i’m glad i installed this app!!!.Version: 7.0.3

Love itAmazing.Version: 7.0.3

This APP is the BEST out thereIt’s so clear and easy to see. The community is everything on this app. It has been life changing for me. It notifies me every morning, I log on, commit to sobriety; then at the end of the day it notifies me and I log on to review the day. The community section is amazing and so easy to use. Absolutely love this app and will be using it for as long as I can. X.Version: 6.2.2

Love it but needs to changeThe app itself is amazing and works so well but the fact that there is a premium version kinda doesn’t sit well with me. Some people really need this tool but can’t use it to its full extent due to the cost. I just don’t like the idea that they are putting a price on health and it makes you feel devalued as a person as a what is most likely a corporate company using your pain to gain money, but saying this I know that to make an app of this quality this well they would need to pay bills/ expenses, so maybe if the company comes to a stage where they gain enough income from other sources they should really consider lifting the price (or even removing completely) for the premium version of the app..Version: 7.0.8

A bit of feedbackThis app is amazing. I use it everyday and it's helped me a lot. I do have a bit of feedback though, could the developers change it so we can react to replies on stories? I'd love to heart the replies I get to show some appreciation towards the person who wrote the comment..Version: 6.2

Sober Plus has saved me....After 20+ of having issues with alcohol, I woke up with another hangover and knew it was the time to get sober. After downloading books and podcasts, scouring the internet for support and came across this app. If you’re wanting to cut down or stop totally give it a go. There’s an option to subscribe for a small fee but the contents without it are brilliant. I’ve been on it continuously through my first two weeks and it’s a great help. If you download an app today to better your health then this is the one. It covers a lot of addictions not just alcohol. Brilliant..Version: 4.9.3

Weirdly, it works!I decided to try going a few months without alcohol, mostly just to see if I could. A friend suggested this app and despite being skeptical I installed it and have been giving it a go. I don't know why but it's worked for me very well indeed. I doesn't do much more than track how long since you admit last having had a drink and congratulate you for achieving milestones, but it really has helped me get through a couple of shakes moments. Give it a try..Version: 2.3

ReflectionThis app really does help. Support on hand and you can personalise it to meet exactly what you want it to mean to you. Been using it since November 2nd time I’ve got to 15 days during this period but I can also see I’m not drinking as much any more because I’m logging everything.Version: 2.48

100x better than I hopedThis app is fantastic. It shows a countdown in days, days and hours, then days and hours AND minutes AND seconds! Each ticking second you see fill the bar to reach a new minute of sobriety is a poke in the right direction. They also show how many other people on the app are on the same day of sobriety as you, which is helpful somehow. The community page is also great if you’re feeling alone. Reminders can be set to remind you to pledge your sobriety, which brings up a screen saying “I will be sober today because...”- then your given reasons. Once you hit the button, you get a motivational poster-esque pop up. Logging your sobriety for a certain number of days in a row earns “rewards” within the app. You can also set reminders for logging how your day went, to track triggers. I thought the motivation for the day would be cheesy, and it kinda is, but I find myself wanting more throughout the day. 100x better than I hoped the app would be, it’s great.Version: 6.2.2

Excellent and positive appI have found this app essential in me stopping drinking. It is very positive and encouraging. I really like the daily pledge and connecting with others especially those at the same sober days as me..Version: 6.2.2

Never look back...When change comes knocking - real change - it’s deafening. This app harnesses those great winds of change, tracks the benefits and becomes your daily or hourly champion to keep up the great work. Thank you. We all need someone who’s got our back: this APP is so there... 10 stars!.Version: 2.45

Saved my lifeBy allowing you to track your progress, this app is highly motivational. People post their individual stories and progress and it is encouraging to know you’re not alone. You can track up to 3 addictions with the free version. I look at the app multiple times a day to prevent a relapse..Version: 3.6

One day/activity at a timeWorks well for managing one addiction at a time..Version: 7.0.2

The app really helps when you listen to other people’s storiesAt first i didn’t like the app but after learning how to use it i started enjoying it. i think it really helps reading other people’s stories and sharing your own because everyone is so supportive but i would like if in future you could post more than once. but aside from that i definitely recommend this app! 😊.Version: 6.1.8

100 DAYSToday I am 100 Days sober from my addictions. My wife has a supportive, loving and caring husband for the first time in our relationship. My daughter has a father who can put food on the table and a roof over her head to protect and keep her safe and loved. I’m forever GRATEFUL for my friend Steve and his beautiful family who helped love me back to life and with his support and guidance over the last 100 days I’ve become the man I always wanted to be in addiction. Without the recovery I’ve been given by Steve and the AA fellowship I’d either be homeless or dead. I don’t have much today due to my addictions, but I have everything I need “ Family, friends, food and roof over our heads, love and Recovery!” One Day At A Time Awwwww Fuckkkkkkk Yeahhhhhh!! Chris Grevsmuhl.Version: 3.2

Not loving it, but...On track and feeling better..Version: 3.96

So happyYes! This is the app to get. It doesn’t have ads promoting premium content, it’s clear concise and very user friendly and inspiring with the blog feature. Thanks I AM SOBER team.Version: 3.4

Very goodThis app is really helpful and useful and i love the purpose of it but i think there should be a feature where you can like/respond to comments! Besides that, i really like the app.Version: 5.1.1

Just a suggestion/idea :)The community is chill and the app is pretty simple and easy to use :] But I do have a suggestion, when you scroll to see how many days you’ve been sober/clean, the ‘sober streak’ (without the white circle) could show your highest sober/clean streak? Like if you’ve been free from self-harm for maybe 3 months but you just relapsed you could scroll over and see that yknow you were clean for 3 months and that could motivate you to try again? I’ve been thinking it for awhile and I think it’ll motivate, not only me but others to try and beat the score? Just a suggestion :] Sorry if none do this makes sense lol it’s 3:43am and I haven’t had some food yet.Version: 7.0.5

Can’t imagine sobriety without itThankyou so much to the developers for creating this app: it helped me quit alcohol and cigarettes. The community is very friendly and supportive and it’s so inspiring quitting with other people and following/supporting each other’s journeys. It’s anonymous so no worries there, you can track your time sober of multiple addictions, how you feel, how much money you save, and the inspirational quotes are a nice touch too. I was too afraid to go to AA meetings but needed support: this gave it to me 100 x over through the community. Thank you so much..Version: 4.8.1

Blown away with how amazing this app isI honestly can’t even put into words how much this app has helped me, it is so encouraging and empowering and I’ve never stayed sober for as long as I have until I got this app. It’s so worth it. And I’ve never found an app that is so thorough and in-depth I would recommend it to literally anyone who is struggling with any kind of addiction. The people who made this app obviously really care about their users, and that in itself makes me feel understood and NOT ALONE in my battle. I love it!!.Version: 6.2

Thankyou!!This app has helped me so much. I am trying my hardest to stop and with this app and the community on it, I’m finding it easier and easier. I really recommend!! 💕.Version: 6.0.2

Top appGiving up booze has been hard but with this app it’s been bearable. It’s simple to use, it gives you a community and regular mile stones which were a god send in the beginning. If you are thinking about ditching alcohol then I’d recommend this as part of your tool kit for success. I tried loads of apps and support groups and this one had stuck all the way 11/10.Version: 4.5

Amazing appThis app is amazing everyone should get it I bought a subscription but the instructions for the groups are very unclear you have to go to community and there is a little tab saying group on the top but other than that this is such a good app and I wish all of you the best of luck in your recovery.Version: 7.0.3

Easy to use and helpfulI have been using this for around two months and it has helped a lot, it is very easy to locate the reset option and has made me aware of when i relapsed . This has also made me happy when i reached a sober streak goal , it motivates you to keep going and to get a higher milestone. Overall , this is a great tracker and very accessible..Version: 6.2.2

Really helpsI found this app really helpful. The daily pledges, motivations and being able to communicate with others at the same stages as yourself. It almost like a team and your all encouraging each other and sharing success and fails. I would recommend it to anyone who has made the decision that they want to go alcohol free. Lots of shared advice and tips..Version: 6.1

Quite decent!It’s a good app if you would like to track how long you’ve been sober! You can also use the app to gain motivation however its a sin that you can only talk to people if you buy premium and only add one thing to be sober from! I do get that the creators of the app need to get some sort of profit and I’m thankful that y’all created this app.Version: 6.3.2

💖To however may be reading this I love you and you’re vaild and amazing no matter what💖.Version: 6.1

.I’m so proud of u<3.Version: 7.1.1

Group therapy in an app.The function and design alone are very well done. I truly feel like I can be OPEN about my story to people like me in this app. At first I wondered why it took so long for my posts to actually post, but I believe it's because they are reviewed by actual human beings and not some algorithm. Which, only makes me feel genuinely cared for, supported, and safe. The ONLY thing I wish was available is the option to quickly/ directly acknowledge/like someone's comment on your post. You can comment back on your own post to reply, but I don't think they get a notification. How do they know I appreciate their input, insight, or kind words? Unless it exists and I am just missing it? Haha. Anyway, I take a star away for that, but I was going to give this app SIX stars anyway ;) .. For beautifully designing an environment where we can listen, share, encourage, and inspire. THANK YOU for giving this app to the world <3.Version: 4.5

Helps me out a lot!I love the daily motivation cards! I love that they have different card packs to buy, but I wish they had more, I own almost all of them! I wish they had some fun & sarcastic card decks to buy. I really do like that you can add your own activity of what you did that day to stay sober, so if you do something other than what they have listed you can still add it & it counts towards your daily activities. I just wish it had a counter for the amount of money you’ve saved since quitting, it has one for the amount of time you have saved since quitting plus the complete amount time you have sober..Version: 2.28

Overall, this app is recommended.This app is great. You can keep track of your progress and look back and see your improvement. Most people are supportive and will share advice that not many may have access to. Unfortunately, you can only post once a day. This can be frustrating when you want some help or support and can’t get it when your last story is old. Also, you can only va e two addiction. I personally have an addiction to self harm, porn, and bulimia. I can only monitor two of those and it is disappointing. I definitely recommend this app though because it is great for progress and those who are not deep in an addiction..Version: 6.3.1

Good appI like this app but one thing they could add is when reading other people’s stories about self harm, I can across a person that sounded like they were going to commit suicide and there was no way you could really report it to help them and if one of my friends was in that situation, i would want someone to help them if I couldn’t.Version: 4.9.3

So far so goodDownloaded app to see if it would help me achieve my goals. Now on day 8 and it really has helped me get this far. I like to take it one day st a time - I prefer daily milestones but once at 7 days your milestones become weekly which I am finding a difficult prosepect. Wish it had more flexibility what I have my milestones / goal but I am going to keep trying!.Version: 2.22

Add a passcodeGreat app, but i think it would be nice to have the option to add a passcode to get into the app so that it’s more private. if you could give people that option that would be great..Version: 7.0.3

Love itI love this app! It is really helping hold me accountable.. I love that it tells you how many days you’ve been free of something..that’s really encouraging not to mess up all your hard work!.Version: 6.0.2

Simple but effectiveNot much too this app, it’s basically just a counter (from last time using) with a few other features (such as tracking physical/mental improvements or declines with each milestone). However, don’t view this as a criticism; the app’s a useful tool in recovery and helps to remind you how far you’ve come and to keep going with daily notifications..Version: 6.3.1

Great!I absolutely love this app. It has helped me so much into my recovery. I just wish you could have at least two things to track without it costing money..Version: 6.3.2

I changed my behaviour using this appThis app does a great job of keeping your mind in the right place. There’s a big focus on positivity, and I love the effort they make to celebrate the start of each day. I needed to put a hard stop on some behaviour, I’m a cynic, and I’m still surprised and impressed at how easy and effective this app was to use and succeed with. Without any other help or tools, this app helped me stay completely sober for 2 months straight. I value the journal I created each day. It re-enforced how important my kids are and helped me get my mind back on track. Would highly recommend giving it a go. Do it..Version: 3.92

This is exactly what I was looking forI’ve always been looking for an app to help me kick several addictions. If you’re like me and have tried a bunch of different ones and have never found your calling, look no further. This app has so many amazing features, like a live clock that tracks your sobriety down to the second. The reminder that you are making progress, even if it’s just been 20 minutes plus a few seconds, that truly serves as a helper for me. You can also add a picture and a message as to why you want to get sober. I have a picture of my girlfriend on there and it helps so much seeing her and knowing how proud she is of me that I’m working so hard to improve myself. There’s also a community page where you can post your struggles and people can shoot you supportive emojis and comments. The price is also very reasonable. If you provide a good product, I have no issue at all paying for it. In fact, I think you should pay for anything that brings you value as a thank you to the people who provide the service. However, many of these types of apps ridiculously overcharge you. This one is different. $4.99/month is extremely fair and reasonable. To the developers, I just want to say thank you for creating this app This is a service that will help a ton of people if they just give it a chance..Version: 4.3

This app has helped me so muchIt’s motivating and it gives you milestones which helps a lot. It also has an option for sugar addiction. I’m happy to see that sugar is being recognised as a real addiction, because it has been absolutely ruining my life. I’m now 6 weeks sober and I’m really happy about it :).Version: 2.21

PasswordI think the app is amazing but I think it should have a password to actually access the app so people don’t snoop through your private and personal stuff on the app.Version: 6.2

Thanks for this fantastic AppToday I’m now 2 weeks sober thanks to this app, the pledges help you through each day and very uplifting. You check in at the end of the day with your moods and what u are noticing each day and see how many people are having the same moods. It tracks your days sober AND money you have saved which is huge. Makes you accountable and the community well, so much support and no judgement. Looking forward to hopefully beating this addiction..Version: 6.1

Very helpfulVery helpful. I like the fact that it keeps track of your sober days and how much money you've saved.Version: 2.3

A couple of suggestionsThe app is great, but I really believe locked access should be a basic feature. I understand the need to have a paid version and incentivise people, but privacy is one of the most fundamental aspects of this journey for many people and extending this to your free users is the right thing to do. Secondly, and on a lighter note, it would be good if we could add notes/rewards/plans for future milestones. For example, I put down that when I reach 3 months, I get to buy some expensive shoes or I plan to tell a specific person. Then that note comes up when the milestone is reached. Anyway thank you for creating this. 💛.Version: 7.0.5

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