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Remitly: Send Money & Transfer Positive Reviews

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Remitly: Send Money & Transfer App User Positive Comments 2023

Remitly: Send Money & Transfer app received 102 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about remitly: send money & transfer?

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Remitly: Send Money & Transfer for Positive User Reviews

SuggestionThe service is perfect, handy, and easy to use. But I have a humble suggestion that if you could add the function PDF ready receipt for each transaction like many other platforms then it could help people who need it and we don't have to reach you every time like a time-consuming effort via email or text. I hope you can add this function as soon as possible. Thank you much..Version: 5.70

Fastest money transfer and the best rates.The transfer goes into the receivers account in less than 5 minutes. Sometimes even a minute. The rates are quite good compared to others. The software is also good and doesn’t have any bugs so easy to use. I use it every week..Version: 5.30

I love RemiltyAfter sending money for years via Western Union or Money Graham I was utterly frustrated with the fact that there are apps kept stopped working after a while and I’d have to delete and re-download them. And then one day Western Union in for me that I have been flagged they canceled my money transfer my fiancé needed the money to pay some bills and She had her cable shut off because of Western Union canceling my transfer and flagging me. I repeatedly contacted Western Union asking for an explanation on why they did that and all they could say is that I may have violated some law in some country they do business in and therefore I said bye-bye Western Union and Money Graham and now I switch to Remilty and I couldn’t be happier!!!.Version: 4.21

Made easy to support familyQuick and simple way to make the transfers, made me help my family in simple way by click … love to use this platform.. Thanks.Version: 5.44

This is the best, I swear!!!Yesterday, I went to an agent of other remittance to send money to my family in the Philippines, and until now they haven’t receive it yet and it has been 24hrs!! I’m a bit disappointed. And today, I am very glad that I discovered this app, and I tried it immediately, and and shooked! Just 5-10mins after my online transaction here on remitly, my receiver from Philippines, received the money already in his bank account. Ya all wanna try this app, and I swear it won’t disappoint you! Just put the correct informations and details of you and your recipient..Version: 5.29

Fast and easy money transfer!I feel money transfers are no more a hassle. The interface is very simple and easy to use!.Version: 5.45

Great service lowest fee and fastestUses it a few time always satisfied delivery of money to family and friends.Version: 5.44

Excellent and EasyRemitly has been fantastic. I remit money back home from UK to family without any issue, every other month. They will charge a nominal fee of £2.99 at times per transaction which is more than worthy for their performance. Decent FX rates. Receiver never had an issue, funds straight into their bank account..Version: 5.26

No hassle appI recently got to know about this app and used it twice. I like the option of instant and delayed transfer control given to user, it’s well thought, very easy to use and re use previous transfer. I would request a feature where based on users choice of currency transfer the app should alert when the conversation rate is better in a weekly..Version: 5.46.1

Extremely easy to use, great ratesI used another service Instarem before and they had disabled my account due to my ID document expiring, due to weekend they could not reinstate my account. There was an urgent need to send money overseas. Found this app randomly and was sceptical. The scepticism crept in because of how easy everything appeared. I can thought, surely it can’t be that easy. What’s the catch? Happy to say it is that easy and there isn’t any catch. The app is super easy to use, setup was straightforward and most importantly the speed of transfer to my friend receiving funds was the fastest I’ve seen. Highly recommend this..Version: 5.71

ServiceSuper service and trustable Thanks Remitly.Version: 5.44

White screen?I’ve been using this app for quite a while and it’s been good always, but just now I opened the app but the screen is stuck in the white screen without proceeding further. I’ve tried deleting the app and re-downloading it again but still the same. Please get the issue resolved..Version: 5.59

Works really well sending money to IndiaI’ve never used a website to send money abroad and was very nervous. But it was extremely easy to set up the account. I chose the economy transfer (within 2 hours of bank transfer) and it worked really quickly. I was a bit nervous as there wasn’t an update after I transferred the money from the bank and they couldn’t find it on the system. But the money was credited to the Indian account 2 hours after I made the payment. I need not have worried. I got a text and app notification to let me know that the money was transferred. Will definitely be using it again!.Version: 4.29.1

Easy, Secure and FastRemitly is great company in my opinion, and the Remitly app is not only simple and easy use, but also there is not any significant fee for transferring money from Canada to India. The exchange rates is also usually good. Thank you Remitly..Version: 5.58

Best service with better rateIt’s been such a great experience to use this service as it’s easy,quick (within 20/30 minutes) and importantly trustworthy service with always better pay rate then a street money transfer shop because every penny worth now I don’t have to stay in ques anymore just a matter of some clicks and job done I loved it and definitely recommend to all my family and friends 👍👍👍.Version: 5.15

The best customer serviceRemitly customer service is the best. Like other services need to take note. The transactions are not always fast but if i have a problem just take it to customer service and they’re going to make it all better lol. I’ve got £5 off last time and then i got free transfer. The rates are also great. And the app is very very easy to use. Really hand and stress free. Pocket friendly.Version: 5.74

This app is GoldI found this app just in the Knick of time. I have tried money gram, WesternUnion, and other transfer sites to no avail!!! They all block my transactions, and send no notifications, for “security reasons”. I have dealings in Nigeria, which I admit, has a sketchy reputation, but there ARE normal people there too. I like how this site takes no responsibility if your dumb enough to send all of your money to a prince. That’s how every transfer company should be. Then they would be able to send money in SECONDS... Just like these lovely people who made this genius app. If I hadn’t found this, my day and possibly near future may have been greatly altered!!! LITERALLY... thank you!!!!!!!!! This app is gold.Version: 5.0

Small snagI would have liked to change the credit card I used to pay for the service, however the system would not allow me to do so. For this reason I had to use the card I used in a previous transaction. Apart from this small snag everything else was very smooth. Thanks.Version: 5.52

AsimWell I would almost clicked on a 5 star service but it’s time to improve further and quite fast and efficient and on top great offers like loyalty or anything yet to be offered however service was brilliant easy and quick I would definitely recommend it, and I will keep using it, because they are supporting our Shahid Afridi foundation and I have seen this dashing boom boom star he is really working very hard for his ppl and for the whole world I wish him all the best for his charitable foundation, hats off to Remitly!.Version: 5.39

Easy to use at a good rateLiked everything, how easy it is to make a transfer and specially the better rates. The only thing I would change is the fact that it asks you for a billing address for the recipient and that information is not always available. I would also add the facility of using Apple Pay that other apps use. That would be brilliant to have. But in the meantime, no complaints.Version: 5.50

New customerI’ve just joined and sent my first transaction and went as expected I suppose. Took a bit longer, had to make a few calls back and forth to customer services on both ends but sorted in the end. After that it was fine quite easy, goes straight to the receivers bank account so I’m a happy customer 😁this has made my life so so much better. No running to town or waiting in a queue. Thank u so very much.Version: 5.13.1

The BEST!This service is by far THE BEST, GREATEST and MOST AWESOME APP. Hassle free, straight forward and completely online with sms notification settings to both sender and recipient. Most of all, very competitive dollar to peso conversion rates! I cannot ask for more. This is legit, safe and by far the most convenient way to send money overseas..Version: 5.38

Thanks RemitlyI have used 3 other services before finding Remitly. I find Remitly fast, easy to use … and I like the story of them being the little guys causing a disruption in a multimillion dollar industry. So far every transfer I have made has been perfectly executed. Thanks Remitly J.Version: 5.45

AMAZINGI’ve never had a problem with this app , by far the most amazing way to send money within 3 minutes my family members in Mexico get the money and right away are able to take the money out not like the old fashion way . Been using this app for a while and I must say I am very amazed and very thankful for this app , if I could rate this app 1 thousand stars I would with no hesitation, get this app . We tried both methods this app and the old fashion way and my auntie got the Remitly money faster than the old fashion way . So if you’re thinking about it , DOWNLOAD THIS APP NOWWW !!! that you Remitly team for making it easier and faster !.Version: 5.56

Safe and secure.Last year my wife and I bought a house in the Philippines. We originally sent £100 from a bank in the U.K. to a bank in the Philippines to see how it went. The bank in the Philippines took 1000 Peso in fees. This would of cost us £1000 s In fees. So we both joined Remitly and ungraded our account so we could send more money over a month. The service from Remitly was fantastic. The fees per transaction were so low it saved us £1000 s . We were sending £5000 each time. Every transaction went smoothly and arrived in a few minutes. It was secure and all money was received safely. What a fantastic service. If you need to send money use Remitly. Ian M..Version: 5.33

Couldn’t ask for a better serviceEverything about Remitly is great. First of all, the service itself is awesome. I can send money with a few clicks and done. Secondly, the user experience and interface is great, kudos to the app developers. They took care of every tiny detail, e.g. if you are sending money to Pakistan, the example names are Pakistani names. The IBAN matches the format of the bank you want to send the money to. Last but not the least, the backend server is fast because the payment gets processed asap. Would highly recommend to anyone who wants to send money abroad..Version: 5.51

Very good experience I love it ThanksI li.Version: 5.47

Best exchange rate and user friendly interfaceEasy to use, user friendly interface and exchange rate is better than other company and even probably the highest put there. This is after using other company and i hope there service continue to be better not worst. Like the company i used for so many years and their service went down hill instead of better..Version: 5.44

Excellent Service !!!I always use Remitly to send money to my family in the Philippines, it’s always excellent and I don’t have any issue. Fast transfer just in few minutes they receive the money already. Try this company and you won’t have any issue at all. I’ve been using Remitly for long years now..Version: 5.77

The bestI have been using Remitly for a while now and I find it so easy and convenient to use!! My money once got stuck a double payment was taken by mistake but the staff was so helpful and sorted it out for me and I got my money back. Much recommended, fast, easy, reliable!!.Version: 5.72

Brainless pathetic customer serviceI had connected to customer service for one of my “On Hold” transaction, which was due to an incorrect configuration from my side. Customer person convinced me, that I should cancel, correct the configuration and retry the money transfer to solve it, which I agreed to do so. Then the best part comes in. The service person cancelled my another correct transaction, which is about to deposit in the account. Now it is been communicated that I should wait for another couple more days to get my cash back in the my account and to retry the transfer. Thank god, the faulty transaction is still there with status “On Hold” :) My bad, I choose Remitly, never again!.Version: 5.14

BAD SERVICEHear me out, I normally do not write reviews but this app deserves it. I have been with them for a year or two. I am currently building a house and using my “accounting” money to do so. With that said, remitly would make it a huge issue if it was anything over 1000. Granted it was like every other month but nevertheless, I would still provide all the required information. In the end they just suspended my account! I have tried to call and everyone and they have yet to get back to me! They said it was fraud but I have proof I earned my money fair and square. I also have proof of buying material doe my house in Mexico. But they won’t take it.Version: 5.35.1

AwesomeIt connects me with my family its easy to help my family back home Thank you.Version: 5.44

Remitly vs westernOn utilisant les deux services remitly est mieux ..Version: 5.47

Very Transparent AppThis app gives me the confidence when sending money because all the relevant information is available on the app screen while you use it and you don’t have to look around for anything. Also the transfers have so far been delivered as promised..Version: 5.2

Great service and rates!!I have recently used Remitly services multiple times to send money to my family and it’s been an amazing experience. From smooth transaction to getting good rates each time I send when compared to other services I used previously...Version: 5.58

Old Man in the New World OrderUsing REMITY, other than the cellphone GPS is the best thing that technology has given this 74 year old, who to this day chooses pencil and paper to his computer. Very hard to break old habits, and I think technology, in general, will ruin this Country. That being said, there is nothing in this world EASIER and COMPLETELY RELIABLE than transferring money form my Bank in New Jersey to where I now live, Medellin Colombia. I know there are dozens and dozens of services, but when you are told your money will be wire transferred, and be to you on Wednesday @ 1:34pm, and is available about two hours earlier, you have to tip your hat and say thanks. If everything in life was this easy, my last years would be a lot more enjoyable. A SIX STAR SERVICE, with constant updates..Version: 5.52

Best money transfer app out thereI use the express money transfer all the time n not even once it lets me down, sometimes i feel its the only useful application i have on my phone. “Life saver”.Version: 4.4.1

Appreciative and lovely appRemitly is very convenient way for sending money to parents. By dint of this app, we can connect with other friends and relatives too. Due to this, financial status get strong enough where we help our love ones who are supporting whenever we needs . This is one of the fantastic app that I’m using for sending money ..Version: 5.48

Best for money transfer.Excellent customer service and fast way to transfer money with unmatched value of money rates in the market. It’s really good app for money transfer..Version: 5.44

First Class!I have very close friends who live in the Philippines and over the years I’ve used most money transfer companies and none, not one of them, have been anywhere near as good as Remitly. Not once in all the years and countless transactions have I had any issues with Remitly. They provide first class service with no hassles no problems. Thank you so much for your incredible dependability..Version: 5.58

Fast, Convenient, SafeI have only used this App 2x but has never been disappointed! My transactions were all smooth and straightforward. I also discovered I can send money from the UK to Philippines G-Cash! Can’t get any more convenient than that! If I am to nitpick, the exchange rate is about £1 lower than my usual bank but Remitly does charge less for the transfer and will increase the exchange rate of you send £700 or more. I love the update as well giving me peace of mind that the person I’m sending the money to had received what I sent especially of this is a business transaction. Very impressed so far..Version: 5.64

1st Experiences were satisfyingI haven’t used apps ever to send a lot of money before as I am skeptical and have a habit of not trusting things so easily but my friend recommended this to me and here as some of my good experiences. (Note: Again these are my experiences and may differ from others experiences) 1. App was simple to use. 2. Customer service was really good and answered all of my questions and cleared all of my doubts. 3. Took less than 45mins for the transfer which was still respectable in my eyes. 4. The security and verification i felt were important and necessary to protect my identity and prevent any fraudulent transactions from happening, so people have made a big issue out of it in the review section, i don’t exactly know what happened with them but these 1* reviews actually were hampering my judgement of trusting this app but the security and verification i felt was purely justified. There still might be a time where I might not be happy or satisfied with the app but thats not today and I hope this app provides users the same security while sending money to others whether small or big and keeping it simple as well. Well done Remitly..Version: 4.10

Best way to transferThe best app to transfer money to your beloved once.Version: 5.45

5 starThank you very much.m happy with ur services guys.Keep it up good work.thank you Thank you very much.m happy with ur services guys.Keep it up good work.thank you.Version: 5.45

Very bad services support.I have been waiting 6 days for my 4th transaction to complete. I’m watching the updates all the time, and it just say that it is processing since May 14, I tried to get more information about my process and nobody could give me a concrete time estimate for when my transaction would be completed. In orden to get my money back as soon as possible, I cancelled my transaction, and today I received a mail where they told me that I have to wait 7 business days more. They claimed that this waiting time was due to the recipient bank. Nevertheless, the recipient bank in colombia had not idea about this and had never took part in the transaction. It is insane how this app is playing with my money. Moreover, I couldn’t pay my insurance in Colombia last Monday, and now I have to pay a additional fee as a result of the incompetence and terrible service received from WorldRemit. It is sad that I’ve encountered this situation, I was very satisfied with their service so far and I send money back and forth quite often. Bitterly I’ll have to stop using their services, and would never recommend them to anyone..Version: 5.14

Review about transferThey dont care to informe their cistomers if they have any issues with transfer, and when choosen the express transfer where they give less rate and once the money is transfered get the notification stating due to partner babks system is down its gonna take one day, as its urgent thats why i choose to send throught express, atleast Remitly should have courtesy to informe their customers in advance before the transaction about it, not after the transaction is done, very bad service.Version: 4.22

Please don’t use RemitlyI have done my first transition it was okay with express, and second time when I have sent money was taken by Remitly and reception have not received money but Remitly customers service people was saying it was deposited to reception, it was not done, and finally money was hold by Remitly customer service was really really very very worst they don’t even know English, they are not able to reply back, it’s really very very hard to go with Remitly and their customer service and I’m still facing problem with this issue, so please don’t get into new problem by using this useless Remitly.Version: 5.19

Best app thank youYou guys made my life and my family’s life easy! Thank you so much for creating this service, I give you 100 stars, love everything about this app, the easy signing up process, the speed of the transfer, the customer service, the affordable transfer fees, the ability to edit and make changes, the easy delivery from the other end ! It’s perfect ! Well done.Version: 5.56

The best app!I’ve been searching for an app or service which can transfer money overseas without charge me too much, take a long time to get the and secure. I am very sceptical when it comes to money, so I need to be sure that my information is safe and my money have sent out securely. I found this app on google and it turns out very amazing! When I used it the first, a customers service called to verify my information and ID is correct. Since then, I’ve been using this app without feeling scared or worried that my money will be stolen. They have express service which your fund will be delivered only in a few minutes! The service fee isn’t too bad only 4$. Plus, This app is very user friendly. I hope this app continuing their best performance and stay superb! Thanks for helping me solve my overseas money problems! 😆.Version: 5.2

Impressive 5 star !!Amazing service so far as i have done 2 transactions and paid no fees i used azimo for quite a while now but there exchange rate is always lower because there transaction fee is only £1.49 if Remitly keep giving the good exchange rate and bring there fees down i think they can become the best app available in the market as transfers are done within hours !!! Impressive 5 stars.Version: 4.26

Favorite app to send moneySo the first time I used this app, it took a while for the system to verify the documents for the person receiving the money, but it’s only a $3 fee so I thought I’d rather wait then go to a store and pay more. WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED. it’s been a smooth ride ever since. NO issues. It does take a while to return your money if you cancel, but I’m sure Of the money that needs to be sent now so that is not a problem for me. Love this app. So easy and convenient to send money from my US bank account over to Family in Mexico. Very quick transactions. Love that I get notified of every step of the progress my money has made. Very user friendly app. Remitly will forever be my favorite way of sending money..Version: 5.23

Express transfer,I tried this app for the first time, Rates are good but i don’t understand why they are charging $ for express money if the funds will take 2 days to be transfered and available. Here i’m totally lost in sense of understanding the meaning of express transfer. Simply mention that its gonna take this much time to be transfered, Why express, it’s so frustrating and disappointing, Please mention exact times of funds to be transfered. Totally disappointing.Version: 5.7

Super Reliable and Super EfficientMy experience so far is that Remitly is absolutely reliable and very efficient especially at this unprecedented time in the history of human existence. From my heart, thank you. Many lives were saved, many more were reached out when they needed help to survive a day..Version: 5.47

WHAT IS GOING ON?I used remitly thinking it would be faster transaction and would save me actually going to the bank to deposit my travel payment. i was wrong, EXPRESS service really meant a couple of days! Haha! I watched the “expected receipt date” go from a couple of minutes to a couple of days! It is very embarrassing to the people i transact with. i loved the service, even gave it 5 stars before but as soon as i added a new recepient, it just went downhill. I am now scared to use it again after this. I emailed them, NEVER got a response even to let me know that they received my email Called them TWICE! First i was on holdfor a couple pf minutes, it seemed that 24/7 support is not true, it’s likenobody was on the other line to speak to you! I am still calling them now, i am already on hold for 16 minutes, and counting! Hoping to speak to a human being maybe after a couple of hours! Jk **UPDATE!*** Spoke to a lovely woman after being on hold for nearly 20 minutes, SHe explained that it has nothing to do with their system, some banks take time to receive funds, she assured me that the funds will be transferred on the ‘revised’ promised date. Told them that i will call again if not!.Version: 4.20.1

MariaGreat service to remit Money in any part of the globe...Version: 5.44

ReviewThis app makes my life so easy. Now i can send any amount of money within the blink of my eye. I just love this app..Version: 5.44

Worst app everI’ve tried this app twice, and is not easy at all to send money. They don’t reply the emails back, and after few days ask me for a lot of documents and then reply few more days after to ask for more. I’ve been waiting 7 days for the transfer to be made. And now I have to wait up to 10 days for the refund. At the end I’m going to spend more than 15 days and nothing was solved. I have to find again another app that actually works..Version: 5.41

What the hellIt’s been over a week now since I logged the issue of not able to set up a new card! I am referred to the bank who are saying that the card has been authorised but Remitly cannot seem to fix this issue and do not recognise it being a fault on their end. Is there no technical team for this company? Please if you are not longer able to provide a service please inform your customers so they can go somewhere else..Version: 5.30

VictorAwesome service Faster Reliable and trustworthy Thank you Remitly to have efficiently served us.Version: 5.47

RefundThey canceled my transaction and told me that my funds will be released back in 24 hours. It’s been 48 hours. I rang them and told me that it may take 10 business days for the funds to be released. I have a due date to meet and this is what you’re gonna tell me? Not gonna use this service anymore!.Version: 4.27

They don’t understand their own systemI send money to my family every month and decided to use this app. Most of the time it works but when it doesn’t then you are in absolute mess. Last time I sent money was within this month and received confirmation that funds were transferred. But actually they were not which means I was given false confirmation. When I contacted customer support I was told that they will investigate. It’s been 2 weeks and they kept on saying me to wait as their transfer partner is not responding. My family needed money urgently so they had to arrange from somewhere else. Anyways I send the bank statement of the receiver which I should have not as they couldn’t get a response from their transfer partner and after 2 weeks of wait I had to cancel the transaction. Now I am waiting for refund which may take another 10 days. What a pathetic service. Will never use again..Version: 5.64

Confused’Used Remitly for the first time, I was very spectacle about transferring money over to India using A company such as this as I haven’t done this before’ can honestly say WOW’ the speed and the ease the money transferred’ Am confused about these negative reviews’ I had no issues and a top experience’ money sent Friday evening and got to my family’s account early next day’. Definitely would recommend’ dont be out of by the bad reviews’ I’ll be using again!.Version: 5.33

Always ask verificationI have been a Remitly customer for the last couple of years and even sending fornigthly to my family in the Philippines. But recently the service seems bit downgraded as every now and then they ask for a verification. Very distressing and disappointed that I have to cancel my transaction because it place me on hold. Not good at all..Version: 5.37

ExcellentI will always recommend it to all. Fast, reliable, secure and good rate..Version: 5.58

Worst customer serviceDid a transaction and would like to cancel. But couldn’t find the cancel option so connected to the customer service executive, they couldn’t help to cancel that transaction and started saying false information to get this transaction completed. I never prefer to be using Remitly back again for my future transaction anymore and will never suggest to any of my friends. Hope the remitly people can give a well organized, well designed training to there executives of how to help the valuable customers who work hard to pay off there bills by taking the chance of high exchange rates but that’s not helping with remitly customer service staff. So I hope remitly can train some educated staff who can understand the customer needs/questions and solve by providing 100% satisfaction. Good bye remitly..Version: 4.32

NaserAmazing and professional.Version: 5.52

Very poor and slowI have made my first payment 10 hours before through Remitly , it said under review , then they ask me for my ID , I sent my driving licence 6 hours before and it’s still under process. I called customer service they put me on long hold and when I told me Issue she dropped the call without speaking a single word. As my first experience gone wrong I think this app is a blunder ..Version: 5.21

👎👎For peace of mind I’ll recommend WU services as they don’t require as many details as Remitly and secondly WU is much safe and quick. It’s been more than 6 hours the amount has been detected from my bank account but my transfer is still on hold for verification purpose. Talked to 3 representatives and they all selling the same stuff, YOUR RECEIVER IDENTITY IS BEING VERIFIED and IT BE PROCESSED IN ONE HOUR and almost seven hours past since then. And in between em receiving msges “ATTENTION REQUIRED”. The last representative I messaged to was unable to call me and passed me a number which was not responding due to technical problems. It’s just so stressful.Version: 5.27.1

Worst customer serviceI initiated a transfer on the 5th and it is the 9th today. Transaction is still processing so I reached out to the customer support chat and I waited for almost 40 minutes and there was no response. In the middle of the chat, you’ll get automated messages that won’t make any sense. I don’t think I’ll be using Remitly after this. Wish I could give less than one star..Version: 5.54

Remitly fraudI have a canceled my transaction but not getting my refund. What the hell remitly? I could not reach your customer service and only chat box available-chat agent said I will get my refund in 24hours. I called my bank and they said they did not received anything. I requested for a call back, Indian rep called me saying he promise and guarantee I will get my refund in 24hours. I waited AGAIN but did not get any. I called my bank again, they said they did not received email or fax from remitly. I am now in the 6th person explaining what happened. When does my issue get resolved REMITLY? This is misleading and fraud..Version: 5.29

AwesomeSuper easy to use. Simple process, you get all the info you need and the transfers are pretty quick..Version: 5.47

Be careful about this companyI wanted to increase my sending limit to tier 3. They requested my Govt issued ID, SSN and Bank Statement which I sent over to them, I sent over a screen shot of the first page of my bank statement the information on this page includes, Acc name, Acc Number, my PERSONAL ACCESS NUMBER, Balance and a few transactions. They went ahead to reject it citing I needed to send a PDF copy of my bank statement. Why does your company need a PDF format of my full statement of account? I don’t know what you are using this sensitive documents for or what database you store them that might or might not be vulnerable to hackers. You guys have a lot of questions to answer. I am penning a letter to FTC. I called their customer service to fully understand why they needed a .PDF copy and not a .JPEG or .GIF or .DOCX none could explain why they needed it. They said it’s to protect their integrity, what about my privacy? Somethings is wrong..Version: 5.29.2

Bye bye money gramRemitly is one if not the best and most reliable money transfer from my personal experience. I have family in Mexico and not once have I had an issue; their transfer fee is only 3.99. So not only is it reliable but affordable as well so there’s no need to waste gas money to go find a money gram place when you can just do it from the comfort of your own home on your phone at a very affordable rate. I don’t know how anyone’s else experience is but I have to say this app is reliable because it gets there within minutes not hrs, trusting because not once have I been scammed or had an issue with the funds being delivered and effective because they get the job done. You have nothing to lose by trying it out trust me..Version: 5.42

Remitly, it has its valueThis exchange money sender is very convenient and more time keeping when and how or what to expect. Whenever you felt, or to give in any form pay which you could do anytime, fast and efficient as you would feel to utilise it. They also gives news of others exchanges around the country as similar to discount. I have sending abroad but had not had any issues so far. This an excellent way of interacting around the globe whether it is close kin or family who is in struggle which need quick and urgent deposit move over. They also value their customers importantly as well as the banks and your money is secure. Any problems arise just give them a quick call on customer service they would happy to assist any further directions. Which they are good to handle any money have not been or any reassurance could be given by the hard working team. Thanks for the patient to take your valuable time to have consider to have take part to read this. Your patient well have been appreciated which not went to waste… Kind regards to all….Version: 5.61

Good service and fastest other providerI used first time transfer money to abroad India before I wasn’t sure about it even I keep try to contact their agents about its safe of scam or fraud but confidential I believe their service. Finally, I received funds in 1/2 hour after I transfer funds to remilty account they received the funds straight the done it. I prefer use their service also I’m not mentioned don’t be aware about your funds so never follow any comments or review blindly I request also look around before any transaction. I had bad experience with WesternUnion I tried transfer money to them but it’s accidentally get refund to my account also my account get suspended but once again I faced same issues then I found it’s giving good price of currency rather money-gram WesternUnion etc..Version: 5.37

The worst service ever….BUT I GAVE A SECOND CHANCE AND CHANGED MY MINDI’ve been trying to sent my money for around a month and something happens everytime my beneficiary tried to pick up the money…I don’t recommend this app at all…they might have good rates but everything is a problem with them….at the end I had to request my money back! As a company I heard a lot of good thing, but in my experience this was the first but also the last time I try to use any of you’re services. At the end I decided to give it one last chance and I’m the experience was really good….money got on time and the best part I got a good exchange rate!.Version: 5.60

Remitly is the bestI have been using Remitly for past 4 years and it was a great experience….. the transfer rate is better than others and transaction is completed very fast..Version: 5.44

An inexpensive way to transfer money overseasTheir app and website is simple and direct, except for changing the country the Recipient do you want to send the money to. It took quite a bit of searching around to find out that I had to go to settings in order to change the country first and then I could find the recipient that I had previously sent money to. If you look under history, only the recipients in the country the country that’s presently selected will show up. So that way you cannot switch back-and-forth between different recipients. Without going to the settings and changing the country. Took a while for me to figure this out and the software in this case needs to be corrected to make that simpler. Other than that it draws money directly out of my bank account and only charges a very low fee if I do that method. There is an option of sending money by credit card or debit card, but you’d have to check with your bank about the charges involved with sending money to a foreign denomination. I just go with the less expensive simple withdrawal from my bank account..Version: 5.45

Thanks 👍Quick and painless unlike western union that treats you like a criminal without even knowing the person.Version: 5.50

Better then othersI m always using this app never anything happen if is happen costumer service is really fast some time transfer my money with in 1/2 half this app is quick and easy to use Definitely using again and recommend to everyone who living abroad and no time to go bank and local money transfer shop Use this app never will dis point 5 stars.Version: 5.5.1

Money transferGood transfer.Version: 5.48

Reliable appWorks fast and safe for sending money. I recommend it.Version: 5.48

Worst customer service ever!I had done transactions in the past and everything was good, but I messed up on the account number one time, so I tried to cancel it and they told me their parent bank wouldn’t let them cancel the deposit, that there was nothing they could do at the moment, but their refund and cancellation policy states; “You can cancel for a full refund anytime unless the funds have been picked up or deposited”, so this is a lie, you can’t cancel the transaction at anytime because their customer service people don’t know how to do this, they told me they sent an email to someone else to cancel it and that it would take 2 days for them to be able to do anything, the money went into the wrong account in 4hrs. It’s a good app, but make sure you don’t make any mistakes whatsoever or you’ll end up losing your money completely..Version: 5.63

Remitly has made a faithful userMy entire family has always used Western Union to send money to Mexico. Naturally, when I started to need to transfer money from my US to my Mexican bank accounts, I used Western Union. I thought a “quick” transfer was 24 hours. I had a horrible experience transferring a large sum of money with them around the same time that I saw an ad for Remitly and thought I’d give it a try. And I am never going back! The Remitly app is such a streamlined and more modern experience, and my money arrives in MINUTES, every time! I’ve never waited over an hour to receive the funds, and the fastest time was 20 minutes. It’s nice not to feel like your money is floating lost in some wires somewhere out there in the world. I’ll be making sure my entire family switches over, it’s a much better experience from start to finish..Version: 5.12

Mr LindsayBest one I’ve fused so far, I been using Paysend since Last year, about 2 weeks ago My Partner wasn’t receiving the Payments I was sending ! So I started looking around for another app that I could go through, so far I find this one good, Even though I lost money on the other one 😉.Version: 5.66

Best Global Money Transfer AppVery detailed, innovative and user friendly..Version: 5.45

The best app you can useIts so simple, so easy and i honestly do not worry about sending money to my parents anymore. I feel so happy that within minutes the transfers take place and all i pay is 2$ for transferring. Great job guys, please keep up the good work!!.Version: 5.47

They Fixed Bug - I can send money again to my wifeFor a few weeks I was panicking because none of the customer support people were able to help me with my problem. Each time I had issues sending money to my wife. After 2 years no problems, suddenly the name was wrong. They said the bank in her country kept giving an error message. Which was not true. The internal system had some error and it appeared that way. How do I know? Because when the employees manually copy and pasted the recipient name on their computers, the transfer went through fine. So there was a bug in the system somewhere. I’m just happy they fixed it. Some girl sent my case up to a higher level for investigation. So someone with computer programming/supervisor experience could see what the error was. I think this helped a lot. I love Remitly. Best rates. Fast!!! And the support was always helpful..Version: 5.70

Best way to send money all over the worldThis is very quick and rates are always good compared to other apps and it is very simple to use and not added complications the person receiving gets it immediately and a notification is sent to me when they do. Highly recommend.Version: 5.27

Easy and reliableThe first time I sent money to My parents was through REMITLY. Till now, I have made number of transactions via Remitly. I love this app as it is so easy, quick and trustworthy. Nothing is more simple than this app..Version: 5.47

Customer service representativesToday is my first time to use Remitly and I honestly had some doubts if this will gonna work smoothly. But I did try anyway. Then the very moment I clicked send, the app showed the transfer details with my fund being on hold. (I was like What?!?!?!) The app says they were not able to verify some information about me that’s why. I tried and tried and tried to call customer reps but failed. Was then starting to get frustrated. Okay, I will give it another call. Booom! Someone answered. His name was Victor (don’t know if correct sorry). At the end of the call I was extremely amazed about his level of support and genuine willingness to help. He guided me all the way to resolve the issue. He even told me not to drop the call to ensure that my problem will be fixed before my call is finished. He referred to another rep her name is Crissy and was also extremely friendly and helpful. Wow! Remitly has wonderful crew 😊 Despite the problem at first, I am very satisfied and happy. Thank you Remitly!.Version: 4.14.2

Great app!Very easy to use and the funds was sent within a few hours!.Version: 5.46.1

Great app to send money at a lower rateI don’t know why I haven’t been using this app before. I was sending money to a members of my family in Guatemala with western and it was a bit expensive the fees they charge. With Remitly I can deposit the money directly to the recipient a account. That’s amazing. I recommend it. And it’s easy to use!.Version: 5.48

Say Bye-Bye to Stress!!This is one of the best gift that 21st century technology has given to us. Send money to your loved ones with just matter of clicks and within few hours someone’s life is changed. And the best part is, it gives THE best rate available with literally no fees in comparison to other exchange services. I wish you start doing more currency’s for Europe etc. Also, have a card that can be used worldwide so that I can be relaxed and travel more around the world. Whatever the future holds for us, I wish us to remain the same forever and live happily ever after..!!! 😊.Version: 4.24.2

Transfer money is easy with RemitlyI compared with so many apps , but I found this as a very fair deal for sending money to India . Always choose economical transfer … if you dont have urgent need in India . Loving it ..Version: 5.44

Best rateBest service fast service.Version: 5.44

GoodGood.Version: 5.50

FraudsI used the service twice . First time I thought I made an error choosing Express conversion rate but second time I specifically chose the economic conversion rate and they transferred the money with express rate which was lower than that . Tried contacting their chat service and their rep was not trained to deal with customers. Such a bad experience ..Version: 5.26

Application not workingHello, I am facing the problem using this application, the application is not starting. When i try to open this application its shows white blank page. I uninstall the app and reinstall 2 times but it shows the same I can’t even login, so kindly help me into this. Thanking you.Version: 5.59

Totally professionalI would recommend this application for international money transfers for its absolute safe and secure transfers and I in fact would choose no other. Keep the excellent work going, with the easy to use and very little cost... # 1 in my book by far.Version: 5.34

Excellent customer service and trustworthy companyI have read some review about the delay about refund process. I have experienced the situation that my fund is in pending after I cancelled my transaction. The team are very patient and thoughtful. They always offer me a call back after I talk to them on the app and follow up the process. I am very satisfy with the service they provided and I will keep using the app because of the excellent experience and of course the competitive exchange rate..Version: 5.29

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