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Trnio 3D Scanner App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Trnio 3D Scanner app received 52 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Trnio 3D Scanner? Can you share your negative thoughts about trnio 3d scanner?

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Trnio 3D Scanner for Negative User Reviews

Does not workDoes not work..Version: 3.24

3D scans are rubbishSadly I fell for this unusable app, how do I get a refund for something that doesn’t work?.Version: 3.34

Trnio 3D ScannerVery good app, ideal for printing 3D models. Would like the option to use the camera zoom so that small objects can be scanned with more detail..Version: 3.30

Doesn’t produce clean resultsApp doesn’t extrapolate to finish shapes. App doesn’t intelligently detect the boundaries of the object, commonly leading to the inclusion of the surface it’s sitting on, parts of the background behind it, etc., and the edges it does detect are in no way clean and usable without a huge amount of manual post processing. App expects that the mobile device will move, but has no option to keep the device stationary and instead rotate the object to be scanned. Because of all of these problems and limitations, I struggle to find any real use for the app at all, other than maybe mild novelty? Certainly not ready for prime time..Version: 3.07

Decent but greatIt does it’s job when it comes to photogrammetry. Even though I provide plenty of photos (30) it came out not as good as I hoped it would there’s promise that with trnio 2 or an update it could be better. I have plenty of reference pictures with more than enough points for it get an idea and recognize what I’m trying to a 3d model out of. I sincerely hope they improve it because as I said there’s promise. Also the capability of more than 80 pics because I have so many pictures.Version: 3.31

I feel like I just wasted my moneyReally bad scan output.Version: 2.85

Account Creation NecessaryApp Store entry not up front about the necessity of creating an account to do anything at all with the app. The surprise mandatory but unnecessary account creation is an ominous trend from developers and it’s got to stop. Will be requesting a refund. Thanks for listening..Version: 3.30

Fail, fail, failSo after scanning then waiting in the queue for 30 minutes it errors out saying it failed. Don’t waste your money..Version: 2.87

Works better than most, but far from greatThe photogrammetry in this is amazing. Probably the best iOS app there is in this regard, but there are two big issues I found. 1. There is no landscape mode for iPad Pros 2. It takes photos as you’re walking around the objects and this leads to blurry photos sometimes, resulting in a bad scan. It should either inform you to pause, and and then count down to take a photo, or you should be able to manually take it while scanning. You can walk around the object and take photos then manually upload it, but a live scan would be nice to do. I wonder if this utilizes the lidar at all..Version: 3.30

My favorite phone scanner butBy far the best phone scanner with the best results, but lately there seems to be an issue where it will stop scanning near the start of a scan. I think it has something to do with it trying to connect to the internet. It is very frustrating as sometimes I can not get a scan to start no matter what I do. I will restart my phone, log in and log out, reinstall the app. Only once I get near a stable internet connect do things start to work better. I hope they fix this soon or at least have a solution for me..Version: 3.30

SucksYup, it sucks..Version: 2.81

A pianoIf I could control when the app takes a picture, I could create a better model. It seems to take only when the camera is moving..Version: 3.31

Disappointed, but will try againI payed $7.99 is Aus Well seemed to have taken a while, in the queue.... That said, I wasn’t aware I needed to register and upload data for precessing elsewhere, and at the same time I was nervous about my phone been able to process them, so that answered it... Also it only allows a maximum/small amount of images for an object, which seems to be around 15 for object mode and 70 images for import mode. No matter the image resolution however, they are all compressed to 53mb. When I do high res scans with a larger camera and with pc based software I can easily take a couple hundred images for one details object. Are you processing on a library computer? I did my first scan in perfect conditions with even, filtered light and it didn’t manage to complete the object, and the second was even worse and that was with imported higher res images. Disappointed and can’t help to feel scammed..Version: 3.25

Trnio 3D scannerStarted upload and then froze Tried deleting scan to no avail Application cannot add a new scan because the first scan is till in “progress” after 24 hours. I am somewhat taken a back how fragile the application is given the number of years it has been around. Do not have the time to waste any more time on this product. I would give it zero stars if I could. Don’t waste your money..Version: 3.30

Money back?How do I get my money back? Every single scan I try gives me a red X with “error processing your scan”. Objects, people, poor lighting, perfect lighting, all the same result. I’m having good luck with some of your free competitors, and they instantly render. Yours takes a long time just to give me an error. So how do I get my money back?.Version: 3.30

Not greatThe interface could do with an overhaul. You cannot export any of the files for 3D printing, by the look of it. A little pointless. I do like the concept though, just seems a little unfinished..Version: 2.87

TerribleSuch a bad app, doesn't work.Version: 2.82

AwfulThe final result is absolutely terrible. It never resembles anything like what you’re trying to capture. And it takes forever – it took me last time to patch pieces of the photos together in Photoshop!.Version: 3.26

Crashes on 6sThe application crashes when trying to use the vr object rendering, it’s also near impossible to scan small to medium objects, which was my intended propose.Version: 3.23

FormatWas hoping that there was a format so I could do 3D model if from the scan but after trying I found there wasn’t The scanning it’s self seems very good.Version: 3.34

App brokenI tried several times across a span of about a week to get it to work but it never even accepted the picture. I took pictures beforehand and uploaded them and I used the app to take the pictures but the result was the same. It refused to start making the model saying every time there was an error. Sad cause it looked like it would be a very nice app to use.Version: 3.00

Doesn’t do anythingYou can take photos and upload them, but it gets stuck processing them. I want a refund..Version: 3.15

Good ideaTakes too long to upload and get results.Version: 2.81

Please read!!At first when I got this it worked for 1 picture but then all of my other pictures came out flat. I really think that this is a problem so please fix this. I also see some green on my pictures when I didn’t even scan anything that was green..Version: 3.26

Doesn’t work as describedWouldn’t waste £5, refund request denied Update: Thank you for the response - the refund request was denied. I cannot get a refund from the link you have sent me..Version: 3.25

Does not workTakes the first picture and does nothing more, video tutorial is not helpful, haven’t gotten a single consecutive shot yet..Version: 2.87

Used to workI can no longer log in, and the password helper doesn't recognize any of my email addresses. Also, there is no way to log in or reset a password on their website :( This saddens me because i really enjoyed this little app, but now all my 3d dinners and bbq pics might live in heaven now..Version: 3.10

Brilliant tech, abysmal user experienceEven basic use of this app requires watching the instructional video. When was the last time you had to watch a video to have any clue how to use an app? I've watched the video and have been using it for an hour and I don't have any idea how long it might be before my in-progress captures complete and become viewable or whether it's possible to export any data. Other users' captures do seem to be good quality..Version: 2.80

TerribleTaken several scans in the 24 hours I’ve had the app and still waiting for the model to be rendered. Says I’m in a queue. I want a refund. Avoid. Scans still say in queue even tho the reply here says it’s not.Version: 3.31

Always crashesI’ve tried scanning multiple things and every time the app is about to finish the scan, it crashes. There is no support link on their site either so I had to dig up a marketing email link in the gutter of their page. Also, another ding against the app, they require you to sign up for an account when you sign in. This is a paid app and I’d rather not have to give my email to yet another company..Version: 3.22

Problem with iPhone 6S and ARKit scanThe app produces good results and is easy to use. The problem is that the ARKit scan setting has a bug that shuts down the app before the scan can load. This doesn’t happen on newer iPhones, as I’ve used it successfully on an iPhone 10. The object photo setting does work..Version: 3.25

Very badPayed 0.99£ for this app and it doesn't even work for 3D printing. My entire class at uni buyed it to 3D print ourselves in 1:20 and it doesnt even work when the file is exported it gets ruined..Version: 2.86

Doesn’t workNever manages to process jobs on the queue. Don’t waste your money..Version: 2.87

Ok but keep getting process failed message (2005)Is there anything that would explain why about 75% of the things i try to process show a error 2005 processe failed message? Otherwise the app does an alright job for what it is..Version: 2.85

Only 1/2 the app works..Really good app, kinda. The basic scan works amazingly well if you know how to use it! However the ARKIT scan just won’t work for me (iPhone 6S Plus). It causes numerous freezes until the app force closes. Only 3 stars as I can only use half of the app.. I would happily give it 5 if it’s ever fixed. Still though thanks for making such a useful app peeps!.Version: 3.23

Not working properly, cannot scan anything......Version: 3.08

Does not workDoes not work.Version: 2.88

Does not process on deviceThe app only takes continual point images and then sends those images off to be processed and rendered in the cloud. My first scan took several hours. It’s not bad, but not what I was hoping for..Version: 3.24

Does not workTried multiple time with multiple things and no scan was usable, but every scan was hilarious because of how deformed it came out as. Was contacted by app developers and told to use the video I already used and didn’t get any better results. Other apps are superior to this one so I will use those instead of this expensive garbage..Version: 3.34

Needs mobile data supportUnable to do anything out and about even with 20gb of mobile data. Unless you’re at home or at a cafe don’t count on this app to deliver 3d models..Version: 2.87

It’s probably greatI wouldn’t know. You open up the gallery and select something and all you get is a grey screen. My image went off somewhere and that was that.Version: 3.27

Don't buy this, it's a scamThanks, Trnio, for ripping off your customers 99c at a time (or $1.49 in my country). The demo videos make this look like it's awesome app. It's not. Unlike some other apps that can create models from your photos by doing local processing Trnio is completely dependant upon its online service to do that processing for you. It doesn't work. So far every job I've submitted to the Trnio queue has ended in failure. After waiting for five to ten minutes you're rewarded with an error message like "Process failed - Error 2005. Sorry, we couldn't finish the scan." Clearly Trnio's infrastructure isn't up to the task. Looks like I'll be trying one of the supposedly "free" alternatives that either charge you a monthly subscription fee or charge you to export your generated models into other formats (.obj, .stl, etc.).Version: 2.87

Object Capture API pleaseWhen I first got this app over a year ago it was fine compared to the competition and $5 for unlimited scans you can’t complain too much. Not that Apple Object Capture has come out it has rendered whatever algorithm Trnio uses completely useless. I have run the same photo set through Trnio, PhotoCatch on my Mac Mini M1, and an app I won’t name that uses Object Capture API. If Trnio even produces a result it’s not even close to being as good as Object Capture. Object capture will also use a turntable without any special background. Trnio is like most other photogrammetry programs and won’t do a turntable unless you give a solid black background with ring lights in a dark room. If Trnio could switch to the Object Capture API the app would be perfect.Version: 3.35

Be aware... paid app, but have to create accountBought this app to 3D capture. £4.99. But won’t let you use the app without an account!.Version: 3.23

Not working for meSeems cool if it worked, but I tried it twice and just got an unhelpful "error 2005" both times..Version: 2.66

Waste of timeApp and website don’t make it clear that this software forces you to publically share the created models before you can send to sketchfab - and keep in mind you need a paid account there to do anything good with it. For those wanting to create 3D STL models and have commercial aspirations this is not the app for you. Disappointed at having to spend this given I’m unemployed and was exploring small business options using my physical hand crafted models..Version: 2.86

Didnt work for meShuts the phone down on 3Rd picture....Version: 2.73

Broken. Requires login that never loads.I downloaded and opened the app, it needed me to sign in or create a login. I tried, but the app would cycle the “Sign Up” button animation after clicking it and then never do anything. Login was the same deal (I entered bogus credentials to see what would happen). Tried last night and this morning. Using iOS 12.1.4 on an iPhone 6S. Unless this issue is addressed before I get a receipt from the apple store, I will request a refund..Version: 3.07

ScamDoesn’t actually stitch your images together, they stay in the queue perpetually. I want my money back. Garbage. [Edit] Developer responded to me saying queue times have been 1-4 minutes. That was obviously not the case because I waited 20+ minutes for mine to be out of the queue and it still wasn’t by the time I deleted the app..Version: 3.20

Rubbish. Read my review.I saw a video linked to an example of this software. Found it and paid for it. I took my first scan at 11:09. The image gets saved, then uploaded, then processed online and then ‘generated’. I have been waiting one hour and four minutes (that’s right, it’s taken more than 1 hour) and still no image. In a practical sense this software is literally useless. You cannot use it. I am asking for a refund. Avoid avoid avoid..Version: 3.35

Used to work on my phone...But now every time I try to scan an object, all it does is take an image and no more. There is no green line showing my path walking around the object. I have an iPhone 6. If you guys can help me out I’d really appreciate it... I will change my review if I get it to work again. UPDATE: My gyroscope stopped working after a battery change. I’m hoping to get better results with the photo taking method. If anything changes with my experience. I will update the rating. So far it seems to only be giving me a 180 degree scan..Version: 3.15

Pretty UselessSince it only costs $2.99 and uses your phone, no one should expect any miracles, but you get what you pay for...As it is right now, this app is almost entirely useless unfortunately. I am a professional 3d modeler, and I doubt anyone will be able to get anything useful from this app if I couldn’t..Version: 3.09

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