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Trnio 3D Scanner App User Positive Comments 2023

Trnio 3D Scanner app received 46 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about trnio 3d scanner?

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Trnio 3D Scanner for Positive User Reviews

Great quality out of the gateWith little prep, I scanned a bit of a tree outside. This scan is perfect for my needs. Very high accuracy, if a bit soft. Minimum detail I captured was about quarter inch..Version: 3.30

Just what I neededThis is perfect for developing real head models for my computer graphics and animation projects, quick and easy, expensive scanning rigs not required. For Blender I use Mesh Studio on my desktop to convert to the Collada format. Import to Blender, Cycles renderer, uv map is intact, just apply image from downloaded zip file..Version: 2.87

Great program with even greater developersWhile I have only reached the tip of the iceberg so to say in terms of making full use of this apps potential, having only done a few scans myself. The results from these scans speak for themselves and scans from the community further illustrate the capabilities offered. I’ve had a few small interactions with the developers via their Instagram and their interest in improving the app and taking feedback from users is very apparent. The only complaint which could be lodged against this program is long load times, which I don’t see as even a fair argument against the program seeing as it doesn’t have any kind of monthly subscription to pay for blazing fast servers, just a one time $5 entry price. TLDR: App works great, Devs are great, worth every penny!.Version: 3.30

Love this app but want moreLong time user. Great app that has only gotten better with time. Wish there was a photo limit above 70 but I’m not a programmer so beggars can’t be choosers. Worth the $3 tho.Version: 3.20

PoggersWow so amzinggh.Version: 3.35

Size of object issue?I subscribed this app. This app is the great 3D scan through mobile phone. But I tried 3D print the my scanned model that is not work. I exported stl file and obj file these model size are way way small compare with actual model. How can I print original size? Thanks for replying back. But that was not enough for my curiosity. I understand that resize the object by mesh mixer or similar tools. But point is copying exact original size without using tools. Thanks again..Version: 3.34

So far so goodThe scanning process is easier than I thought, for what I have seen in the galery the scans are really good. I am processing my first scan. I will update when I try it for a week. This seems to be the perfect replacement for 123D Catch. Good job!!.Version: 3.06

Great app, only one thing missing.It seems to work very well. It just needs an option to rotate an object with a stationary camera, then it would be the best 3D modeling app on the market..Version: 3.28

Developer fixed previous issueI had an issue pop up recently, and was unable to retrieve Trnio on my new phone. I contacted the developer, and they had it fixed within an hour. Thank you for your quick response and dedication to your customers..Version: 3.11

Best 3D scanning programWorks amazingly well, the best 3D scanning app I’ve found!.Version: 3.34

ExcellentReally cool app.Version: 2.53

What an absolute joyThis app is absolutely incredible. I am astonished at the fidelity and speed. The workflow is fast, clean, and really enjoyable. I think this is a hidden gem. I am the head of my colleges 3D lab and i will be implementing this with all of our students. Would love to work with this company..Version: 3.30

Fun app for taking quick and cheap 3D imagesTook me a second to get the hang of it but now I take 3D images and capture video & share them easily. Using the images for different art projects, look cool when I use filters too..Version: 3.15

GreatThe scans are really good and works most of the time But sometimes when scanning surfaces or rooms the auto masking cuts out alot of the scan. Would be cool if there was an option for that, maybe manual cutting would be cool. Also hoping sometime in the future this would allow more than 80 photos. Best phone scanner tho, and could have better results than those professional scanners sometimes..Version: 3.34

Wonderful reaults easy to useIve been enjoying this app - you can see my experiments on sketchfab under my account tmixer. I would like more detail in my models, allowance for manual photo capture and more photos as well as a manual crop mode. I hope AR mode keeps developing because its great for scenes. Good work devs and thank you for a one time purchase model. I tell everyone about this app in my creative circles. Cheers Edit: thanks for the reply devs. I do realize you can import your own photos for processing but thank you for the tip. What I was referring to was the ability for manual control of the shutter as well as the auto shooting it does currently. Thanks for considering this. Maybe a pro option for would allow higher resolution models and more than 70 photos. Best to you all.Version: 3.21

I don’t understand why people complainBeen using this app for ages since 123D Catch was decommed by Adobe. Even with previous versions I’ve managed to take amazing scans of things. Thought I’d finally give a review now that they’ve add ARKit support. Just did my first scan and was blown away at how it now seems to even pick up small gaps between objects, whereas in the past it would join/span them with a webbed-feet style blob. I suggest anyone that’s having trouble getting a good scan to check out YouTube. Thanks Devs 👍.Version: 3.19

Best on the App Store so farI like this since it doesn’t rely on the true depth front facing cam that has really limited range. I have yet to try it on my 10.5” 2017ish iPad Pro but on my iPhone 11 it works well..Version: 3.25

It’s great for 3d printingI would have given it five stars but it took about 8 scans to get a good looking one it’s probably my technique but some scans don’t give clean results just keep trying and you’ll eventually get a good one.Version: 3.31

Pretty good appThe past few days I’ve been trying to get a scan to participate in the glass animals music video. The process of scanning was pretty rough but the developer(s) of the app are super helpful when it comes to tips and stuff like that. I do believe the app needs some work to be done but overall, it’s pretty good..Version: 3.26

Here is my thoughtIf you were able to change/set the white balance “The kelvin” Before starting the scan that would be a lot better! I’ve noticed that several of my scans so far have had, “lots of differences in colors on the same scan, even where the light was the same color “... But over all this has been a wonderful application and works very nicely! 👏🙂.Version: 3.22

Takes some learningIf I am out of range the app saves my work. Static objects scan just fine. My issue has been more with the secondary processing. Portraits are tricky with TRNIO..Version: 3.17

BEST 3D Scan App for iPhoneI had to write a review for this app because it’s the ONLY one that actually works. I’ve tried all of them including ones that use the depth sensors. I needed something that would create a 3D model of miniature objects and this one worked flawlessly. I found the easiest way to do it was to use the photo feature and have the app stitch the pictures together. I used a turntable and tripod (with good lighting) to take the pictures, uploaded them to the app and let it do its thing. After the scan was done I just emailed it to myself and then opened in one of my desktop programs for modifications. Everything is super easy and I finally have an exact replica of what I wanted to create!.Version: 3.21

Finally!Finally! After Autodesk bailing on 123DCatch, there’s now a reasonable contender back on the scene..Version: 3.06

BrilliantIt does exactly what it says. The quality of scans are great, better than I was expecting... snap 40 odd images around something, and 10 minutes later I have a great OBJ file. If I had paid $100, I would be thinking money well spent!.Version: 3.30

Great app seems to work really well.I’ve had this app for about a month now and it produces realistic results, however the next step would be PBR texturing to make the models more realistic..Version: 3.30

Terrific AppI use this on an iphone7 on a gimbal. It is awesome and replaced the much loved Display Land app that stopped last year. A fantastic photogrammetry app and free as well. Thank you developer/s..Version: 3.30

Easy to useI love this. It’s a great way to capture a 3D object. Def works best in flat light and keep as level as possible as you move around the object. It’s not rocket science!.Version: 3.04

Best 3D scanning app I’ve tried so far !Really easy to use and great results. Well worth the price :-).Version: 3.22

FantasticAfter spending days comparing Photogrammetry software, I am floored by the quality of the scans this app allows.. can’t wait to try it with a steady gimbal. Finished 3D model with this app in 20 minutes. I hope the developers will continue working on this awesome app..Version: 3.23

Best 3D scan appIt’s the best option for 3d scanning, and I’ve tried most of them. My only requests are for an option to rotate the model to the correct up position after it’s created, and an option to select which contained polygon to keep while discarding all else. Is there a technique so that it can know what up is but also allow me to rotate the phone around any angle as I’m scanning? Thanks for a great app..Version: 3.30

Updated review, from 2 stars to 5. It’s the best. (bought this a year ago)Being able to watch this app grow and really set itself apart from other scanning apps, and the obvious accuracy and quality increasing as time went on, I really do mean it when I say this is the best you will find for any phone. If you take the time to learn best practices you could literally earn decent money with this. I know someone who does now. I would as well if I had the time. It’ll pay for itself very quickly. My only complaint would be not having your scan properly tagged on Sketchfab if you clean the scan on your PC, then upload to Sketchfab. It deserves more attention. Not from the developers, attention from people to see the level of detail you can achieve. Nothing better than a render to show it. A developer I’ve talked with a few times on Twitter is very attentive and genuinely interested in what the customer makes. When you've been in the 3D industry in general, it doesn’t take very long to spot those people that are just in it for the money. Anytime a developer shows passion for art, don’t even think twice, buy it. I wasn’t even aware the person I talked to on Twitter was a developer until I seen the name matching yon Sketchfab. No bragging and very humble, loves seeing what people can do with this..Version: 3.34

Works as intendedThis application is worth the money with the correct lighting and photos, well worth it..Version: 3.30

Does what it saysWorks great. Takes good enough scans for 3D printing, though as with most scanners the objects require finishing work in other 3D programs before printing. Top notch..Version: 3.20

Work with $10,000+ scanners and this is comparable...This is just an amazing app. I work with industrial 3D scanners often and this app does almost just as good of a job. The app does require some post processing in MeshMixer but with 10-20min of touch up it is an amazing, usable model. I would like to point out to those of you that have not used industrial scanners, those scanners still require post processing in software and 10-20min is not a long time for mesh fixing! I saw some reviews commenting about how the scan needs post processing and how that is a downside but the reality is essentially all 3D scans require some touch up..Version: 3.30

Unable to purchaseFrom the 3 trial scans it seemed to scan great! No complaints on that end. However, I would like to purchase the full version of the app and I’m unsure as to how to go about that...Version: 3.26

Review Update. Waste of moneyUpdating in my last review I have to say its a pretty good app over all, really good results! It does crash when using live images like mentioned by developer and a fix is on its way. Maybe the ability for more than 70 images? Will consider it for our acquisition pipeline. Previous post: Crashes every time i try to load a sequence of images..Version: 3.15

The best phone 3D scannerI love this thing. It’s not perfect, and I usually need to post-process things, but it’s the best 3D scanner I’ve ever used on a phone.Version: 3.30

GoodThis app is very useful, but it is still laggy and doesn’t always work. Im still learning how to use it correctly but I like it..Version: 3.31

3D fun!I love this app. I've had it for years and think it's one of the most overlooked apps. I use it to capture things that I think I'll be nostalgic about. Like my kid sleeping, a corner of my garden, a cool old car, childhood toys, or anything I want to keep for posterity. The other day I did a 3D model of my dog and 3 legged cat sleeping❤️ The selfie feature is pretty cool too! One feature that I think would be cool is being able to like other people's models..Version: 3.07

The best 3d scanning mobile solutionI’ve been searching for a good 3D scanning mobile solution since 123D Catch got cancelled and I think i finally found it. The speed of processing is impressive and the results turn out clean and clear, if you take good photos. If it’s possible, it would be great to have USDZ support alongside obj. It would make it super easy to share with friends..Version: 3.12

Incredibly Easy with Amazing Results!Had no idea you could get such great results from such a simple app. Thanks a ton for making this app devs!.Version: 3.27

This is fantastic app.- facilities being able to see the world in a new way. Thank you so much for developing it..Version: 3.25

My favorite scan appUntil I try an app that uses the IR face recognition camera on the iPhone X and later iPhones, this is my favorite 3d scanner app. Qlone is friendlier to use with a turntable, but I have had better success with this. I put small objects up on a chest height platform (usually two small chairs, one inverted on top of the other, and a lid from a Rubbermaid bin), in a room where I can use 7-8 foot diameter to walk smoothly around the model. I step-slide slowly in socks on a wood floor..Version: 3.30

Excellent photogrammetric modelingI’ve used this app to scan some vehicles to create custom bumpers. Worked great - was able to import the mesh for CAD modeling..Version: 3.36

Amazing 😘It’s dose what you ask it to that’s it lol.Version: 3.34

Just what I was looking forThe only app of its kind on iOS. I searched long and hard. Thank you Trnio..Version: 2.81

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