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Telemundo Deportes: En Vivo App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Telemundo Deportes: En Vivo app received 30 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Telemundo Deportes: En Vivo? Can you share your negative thoughts about telemundo deportes: en vivo?

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Telemundo Deportes: En Vivo for Negative User Reviews

LO SENTIMOS...USER NOT AUTHORIZEDI signed in to the app through my cable provider(Suddenlink) which is on their authorized providers list. Whenever I clicked on the live game to watch Brazil vs Argentina, this stupid message kept popping up and wouldn’t let me watch the game. I could watch at least the replay on my tv(same tv provider) without any problems,,,then I remembered that this stupid app does this crap every single time there is a big tournament. Do not waste your time on this app if you want to watch “live games”. Learned from last years tournaments that they also blocked. I guess paying for your cable subscription is not good enough for them. SHAME ON YOU TELEMUNDO...SHAME. Disappointed on your low tactics. 🤥🤥🥶🥶🥶🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻.Version: 6.0

What?!? Customer Not Authorized?!?This app was working great, but a few days ago it started giving me problems. I'm a DirecTV customer, and now when I try to watch a Live World Cup match, it gives me an error stating "Sorry - (error 0033) The Customer is Not Authorized for the Content Requested" - - WHAT?!? You can't do this, NOT when I'm about to watch an important World Cup soccer match! I trusted this app, but it let me down several times now. I hope they can fix this problem NOW! Not reliable, very disappointed..Version: 5.10.2

Watching w/o cable providerAt first it was great it let me watch all the world cup games and it was awesome but then u have to login in with your cable provider and it does not let me login in😐 i even deleted. and reinstalled the app cuz i thought that it would let me watch the 90 min hames again but it didn't. PLEASE fix this ASAP before the world cup ends or ama delete the app and give it a 1 rating, thank you..Version: 5.10.2

DisappointedIn the beginning when I downloaded this app I was so happy and glad!!! Like the first week or so but then.. You nerd cable after like a week maybe I don’t know but at some point it will ask you for cable and I tried putting in cable and it wouldn’t work!! Then it only gives you 30 minutes free but then after those 30 minutes you cannot watch the app without registering.Version: 5.10.2

Poor app developmentApp loads you pick a game and goes back to main screen, etc (repeats). Now they ask to register or sync with your service provider, I did what they asked, I have xfinity, still same error message on some games (mostly latin teams). I wonder if the app server is so busy that only some games can’t load or crash. However, this is Telemundo and they should be able to afford a good server or app developer to function properly. World Cup is a big event. Fix it please! iPhone 8 - latest update installed..Version: 5.10.2

Black ScreenThis is now the 5th time I’ve had to remove the app and re-download it because I get a black screen after watching the ads and just closing it and re-opening doesn’t fix the issue. Fix your app! Edit: Now I’ve had to delete and re-download about 12 times for this idiot app to work..Version: 5.10.2

Worked great at first but...I downloaded this app at the beginning of the Wold Cup. I logged in with my Verizon Fios account and everything was great.... last week I could NOT WATCH A SINGLE GAME!!! I was so so frustrated!!! I would open the app, the commercial would play and then the screen would go black... I tried on my iPhone, my iPad mini, my iPad. With WiFi without WiFi... NOTHING! So frustrating and I want to be able to watch the upcoming games this week. TELEMUNDO DEPORTES APP DO BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 5.10.2

What a Shame TelemundoThe app was working fine until recently. They started forcing commercials every time you open the app. This causes problems, because now the game won’t show, instead you get a never ending black screen that states game will resume briefly. I’ve noticed this also happens during half time where it goes into commercials and then app says it will resume later. I’ve actually waited and when I realized, games end up restarting and I’ve even missed goals, encause of this. Fox Sports app is more stable. Also, some of Telemundo’s commentators aren’t very good. What a shame, for the first time ever I end up watching games in English thanks to Telemundo’s poor app development and average commentators..Version: 5.10.2

USELESSWhy go from providing a free service to now having to input a tv provider. If I had a tv provider to watch the games on I would have had no need to download your app. Your a bunch of monopoly. And here I thought Telemundo was above that well guess not. I guess I’ll watch whatever games are broadcasted on FS1. Hope Telemundo ratings drop and one watches the games on FOX. Would give you a zero for hooking people like that and then cheat them..Version: 5.10.2

Only works when it wants toApp doesn’t work all the time and decides to work randomly. I’ve signed in and out, turned off my computer various times and even deleted the app and reinstalled it and it still wouldn’t play the games. Has happened numerous times! So annoying, the app has one job and it’s completely failing to do it..Version: 6.7.3

FIX APPLE AIRPLAY!!!I was using the app on my iPad and have been AirPlaying it to my AppleTV. All of a sudden, this option no longer works. I've tried deleting and reinstalling the app, restarting my iPad several times, and also restarting my AppleTV several times. All updates have been installed. Even the "Hard Reset/Reboot" on both devices does not work. I unplugged my AppleTV, restarted it and reconfigured all of my settings, and it STILL does not work. Please fix this! This is the only way I can watch on my TV and it no longer works. EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING!!!.Version: 5.10.2

What is going onI saw the all the world cup games at work no problem in the beginning and then it started asking for provider no problem but all of a sudden when Colombia went on overtime and then Pk it just a black screen. Now I'm trying to watch and it gives commercials and then black screen. Come on Telemundo what is going on. I have my cable provider signed in why can't i see it. We are missing the games..Version: 5.10.2

It’s horrible. Not recommendedI downloaded this to watch soccer games. Seems to work fine on the iphone but what’s up with the 20 ads??? I would be ok to watch the commercials as long as if did not crash but it crashes all the time and you have to watch all of the ads again. Dont get me started on casting. Dont even try it. I downloaded Universo app and seems to be working much better.Version: 6.7

Too glitchy. Poorly done.It glitches all the time. It worked better at the beginning of June. Now it just keeps saying error. It says that you can use the app on both iPhone and Fire TV yet in both it glitches and even if you sign in with your directv account it would continually say error and not let you watch the game. An app that glitches so much just makes that whole experience horrible and just makes it unreliable. A middle schooler could make a better app... 🤦‍♂️.Version: 6.0

Full of SpoilersThe app is good, and I would give it a better score ONLY if the titles in the notifications weren’t always full of spoilers. Sometimes I don’t have the time to watch live games, so I record my games to watch. But when this app sends you notification about scores and results it always full of spoilers. They need to find a way to being more creative with the way they title their notifications. For example: instead of saying “Team X beats team Y (4-0) with a Hat trick from Player #10”, they could just say, “incredible match, click the link to see the results”. Or at least warn people with spoiler alerts..Version: 5.10.6

World CupWorst app ever. Freezes, it buffers all the time while watching all games. Best of all did the sign up with my provider and still are not able to enjoy any games. I highly do not recommend this app. On top of this Telemundo commentators and network seems to only favor their MEXICAN audience. I am Hispanic but feel that this network is not inclusive with all viewers. FS1 and Bein Sporst Network is where is at for soccer fans..Version: 5.10.2

WorthlessUpon selecting to watch live game I made it through 1 and a half commercials, then I would get a black screen. Had to restart app several times, kept having the same issues, when I finally was able to load live game, it was already 20 minutes into first half. And you are not able to start from beginning..Version: 5.10.2

It has commercials and You still need a TV providerWhen I first downloaded this app it was great (5 stars). After a couple of days it started asking what my TV provider is for access (-2 stars). We are cable cutters so we don’t have a cable TV provider. I’m not quite sure why, if it’s showing commercials before going to the live transmission and it’s branded up the wahoo, I would still need to be paying a provider to have access for the 2 remaining World Cup weeks.😦.Version: 5.10.2

Doesn’t WorkHorrible app, I put my Verizon account on it, went to see the game and gave me 2 commercials. Than sent me to a black screen with a The program will be back in a moment, the program didn’t load so I decided to try again, so I closed the app and the same thing happened... as much as I would like to see the World Cup in telemundo, I have to stick with Fox, way better but with boring commentators.....Version: 5.10.2

Watching w/o Cable ProviderMy friend recommended me this app because as of right now, I don’t have a TV. Well in the beginning it was great, I got to watch all of the World Cup matches. But, now they started giving only 30:00minutes to watch a 90minute game😤. Once that time is up, they ask for a cable provider, which I do not have. I downloaded this app bcuz it was a solution to not having a tv. Now it’s become a problem. Why couldn’t you have left it as it was before. Where the ones who did not have a cable provider could watch on that section and then ones who do have could watch there. It’s really upsetting as the Cup will soon be over and my brothers and I have nowhere else to watch!😠. Please have this fixed because I’m not the only one that has dealt with this issue!.Version: 5.10.2

Blocking the final!! Really upsetMy family recommended me this app to watch the World Cup games in my job and add the comment that I will need to use my cable provider in order to watch the games without interruptions. I did, and I was happy until this Sunday in the final that I didn’t get not even a minute of the game... only a blank page that reads... ‘the signal will come back soon’. Of course, the signal has not problem for the advertising commercial every time I tried to reinstall the signal. Very disappointed..Version: 5.10.2

It won’t log me inThis app was working just fine until last week. It asked me for my credentials once again which I followed the steps to enter. After successful login it keeps telling me the screen will update to show the game but it doesn’t. It stays on the same log in screen. It does this on my phone, on my laptop, and on the roku. My credentials are through directv and I use them on any other channel app and they work just fine. Since the Telemundo signal on my directv is so terrible, I prefer the app. Please fix this so I can comfortably watch my favorite games without the sucky signal your normal tv streaming sends. Thank you..Version: 6.0

AWFUL CUSTOMER SERVICEI used to be able to watch all premier league games with this app but then it started to pop up “theres an authentication error” after trying to watch a a game. Ive now missed several football games even though i logged in with my selected provider. The worst part? I emailed the TELEMUNDO TEAM and asked help with the situation. What did they say you may ask? NOTHING. NOT EVEN A RESPONSE. SO DISAPPOINTED. Ive gone weeks being patient enough but still no reply, i call their number as well and i am always put on hold for the longest of time. This is something very awful for a fan of football to deal with, especially if im paying an abundant of money to watch these games..Version: 6.0

Russia 2018 problems 😕Great at first! Used my service provider and since the quarter finals began the app stopped working. It plays the ads at the beginning and then the screen just goes black. Nothing happens from there. It happened on all my devices so I know that’s not the problem. Using FoxSports now even tho the commentators in Spanish is more fun and enjoyable but better than not watching the game at all. I hope they fix this issue..Version: 5.10.2

Unusable (Desastre). Amateurs.Constant connection drops and incoherent, unhelpful messages that are cryptic and comical. It keeps asking to authenticate my TV provider, which I do and the app will work for a couple of minutes. Them it boots me off, I have to re-authenticate, and the cycle repeats. Also, keep getting incessant "null" messages... "null"? What does that mean? Your programmers should be checking for null/void conditions and reporting useful messages. This is CS 101..Version: 5.10.2

Lo sentimos User not authorized errorEverything was fine until they said we had to sign in with the cable provider. I have frontier communications and after signing in the app shows the not authorized error. It happened on my iPhone X iOS 11.4 and my iPad Pro. I reinstalled the app, logged out and back in and still same error. My brother has direct tv and has the same error. I contacted the app help department and they asked for my user name, cable provider, latitude and longitude to find out about the error and they never got back to me, still the error. Fortunately the fox sports app works perfectly 😊. It’s a shame that the telemundo app stopped working in the most important games..Version: 5.10.2

FreezesFreezes every time I try to log into my cable provider. I tried to watch the U-17 World Cup but I had to log in first. Thanks to that, I missed the match because it kept freezing while I tried to log in. I know for sure it isn’t my phone because all the apps were working fine I tried everything from deleting the app to turning off my phone but it wouldn’t still let me log in..Version: 6.0

Qatar 2022 Opening Ceremonial CoverageThe app is well designed however during the Qatar 2022 Opening Ceremony there was too much input on behalf of the news anchor staff. Especially during Jungkook’s performance for Dreamers. The news staff was talking about not knowing the language but going beyond the barrier and bonding through emotion. I can’t do that when every five seconds there’s someone talking obstructing the performance of Jungkook. The introduction to who Jungkook is is fine, but it was unnecessary and rude to ask “so what are your thoughts so far?” While someone is performing. My thoughts are that y’all should have let the performance run in peace aka y’all being quiet AND THEN adding commentary. Thank you for reading this CONSTRUCTIVE CRITISM..Version: 6.7.3

Only Free For a WhileWhenever I wasn’t home and a match I wanted to watch was playing, I used this app. But up to this point it says my free access has expired and now I have to register. After I did, I continued to click on the live video but it just brought me back to the App Store. It’s so frustrating, especially since I’m on my way to Mexico and now I really can’t watch the remaining games..Version: 5.10.2

Great app with one big deficientI have been using this app for a while and it’s been a great experience. Now I have been using lately to watch the World Cup. When I try to click on a game it says failed to verify or to authenticate. Which is annoying because I do not know how to fix it. I have put my provider and logged in but it says that? Idk what do I have to do!.Version: 6.7.3

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