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Nothing CompetesThis is my go-to messaging service. Security, speed, functionality, and fun features are all here. There are a few downfalls to the platform, such as groups being a little clunky to create if you do not have the people you are adding to the group in your contacts, no video calling, needing to use your phone number to make an account, etc., but these are all minor issues with an otherwise superb service that is always being improved. It’s great to be able to send a file and not have to worry too much about file transfer limits, like on Discord. Since the standard Telegram app became telegram X, I found one bug- most of my sticker packs will not correctly load, and will be unusable. That’s the only bug I’ve encountered so far..Version: 5.0.17

Impressed!Really fast. The only thing i would suggest is to have a calling option that doesn't link to FaceTime..Version: 2.0

The bestEasy to use. Can send large video files. Excellent look and feel. Total security. Use it to believe it..Version: 9.0.2

Woo Apple Watch support has returned!I love Telegram! I had an old Apple watch in the past and I enjoyed being able to go through all my messages and read/respond to them on the watch app. I just recently got a new Apple watch and was excited to use telegram with it only to find they removed Apple watch support - meaning I could only see notifications and often couldn't see the whole convo. Was mega disappointed but glad to see it has returned! It's extremely useful being able to have access to all your conversations on the watch and being able to read and respond to people as well as use stickers and such! Great job Telegram, thanks for bringing it back!.Version: 5.0.13

Andrey RussiaAmazing animation and sound in peach emodzi.Version: 7.8.4

Good but some bugsOverall the app is great for messaging and sending images, videos, calls and gifs to large groups or private chats. However, I have ran into a few bugs including the app sometimes restarting or closing due to large groups. As well as this, since downloading, my volume button will randomly go from medium volume to minimum, and maximum around 1-2 times a day. This has never happened before downloading this app, so I assume it can be traced to a bug in telegram. To conclude though, the app is really good, just needs a few bugs fixing here and there..Version: 5.4.1

Just on trialHighly recommended by my friends I hope it would be cool I will write another review after I tried it well :).Version: 2.0.1

Deleted messagesThe genuine telegram app deletes text messages from both sides but the third party apps keeps those messages and that is not good because it invades the peoples privacy status and sometimes they have the whole conversation sent to others even if it was confidential, for example if you saved a wrong number and then wrote a text or sent a photo then realized that its the wrong account and deleted it but yet if that person is using the “ third party apps” then he will still have those texts, photos, and user information and for me that is a major flaw in your agreement to them. I wish you can fix that problem or get rid of those apps and save other peoples sanity. Overall I love the Genuine app its so slick easy and so much comfortable to use I have been using it for the past 3 & 1/2 years and it never let me down. Keep up the good work and please check your agreements with the third party apps. Thanks in advance.Version: 6.1.2

Please fix1. When I’m on audio call (in app mostly) and press the phone’s physical “OFF” button - telegram cancels the call 🤦‍♂️. It should just turn off the screen and not the call. 2. I have to google what 2 checkmarks mean every 4 months because i confuse if it’s delivered or read, particularly because I also use WhatsApp..Version: 8.7.1

Great app but phantom notificationHi, I love Telegram. I've used it for well over a year and it's great. However recently on the home screen it shows I've got one unread message yet when I open telegram it doesn't disappear? I've tried restarting phone etc but still not working?.Version: 3.10.1

Better than WhatsappIt is safe and secure with the option of end-to-end encrypted messaging, easier and more user friendly than whatsapp. The new version has video call as well. I call my friends around the world for free. Channels are great and recently added options to leave comments and pin more than one messages are great features and it comes with a desktop version to use everything on your computer as well. Overall, I prefer telegram to whatsapp. Note to new users: don’t delete your messages to release storage on your phone, instead, learn to clear your telegram cache. To the developers team: I think including sliding bar on the voice messages would be good. Also an option to lock the voice recorder on the desktop version similar to the mobile. Please keep expanding video calls to do meetings in groups. And finally, it would be great to add personal folders to saved messages, I use telegram as my favorite quick note app as well! because it is easy and has a user friendly format plus desktop so it can also be used as a personal note taking app and if you add folder options to saved messages, it will make a great tool! Thanks..Version: 7.2.1

The best messenger appBeen using this app for several months and hundreds of my friends have migrated to it too and love it! It’s so easy to use, prefer it so much more to WhatsApp- you can have group chats on there with unlimited participants- I’ll never look back / plus the emoji are hilarious! Whoever developed and designed these, you are brilliant!! They really make me giggle. Well done to all the developers. Highly recommended.Version: 7.7

I WANT YOU TO MAKE INSTAGRAM OBSOLETEI respect your app! Your professionalism, the fact that you dont feel the need to silence people cos what theyre posting doesnt fit your agenda BECAUSE YOU HAVE NO AGENDA! I Want your app to make instagram obsolete and the minute you provide users with the ability to share creative content like a feed aswell as the conversation/group chat based is when you will find an even bigger jump in users because its the only feature that alot people want you to provide and is preventing them from opening an account Once you do that ill happily delete my IG account because there will be a creative space for me to share my art.Version: 8.1.2

Almost greatBut can you please fix the unread message count/badge bug. It seems to have been reported for a very long time and still it’s a problem. Uninstall and reinstall does nothing. Same issue on the iPad and iPhone. Really irritating bug, have to forcibly close the app. Restart the app and close it again to get the count to update. Sometimes the contact number appears rather than the name - causing the problem. Tried adding the contact from the app - solves nothing..Version: 8.5.1

Almost perfectMy S.O. and I have been looking for the perfect secure video chatting platform for a while. We were pleasantly surprised that Telegram finally started implementing video chatting. It is very buggy at the moment, but Telegram is definitely on the right track and has everything that we are looking for. We use the group video call feature to share screens and audio, and it’s very easy to seamlessly switch devices without having to disrupt the call. The iOS app seems more buggy than desktop as it overheats and freezes up my phone during long calls. Other bugs include recursive screen-in-screens during screen sharing, hearing your own voice when sharing audio, and suddenly not hearing the other person. It also would be great to have these features in the individual voice chats as well. Overall, we’re very excited for these features and the quick updates..Version: 7.8.4

Good but the notifications are slowI recommend installing this app considering you are able to tolerate slow notifications but other than the notification's speed, the app in general is good and the UI is very customisable which makes your likings very expression-able and you can customise many things about it e.g. the text colour, the button colour and dark or light mode or what you have on your system on iOS 13 or over. All in all, I recommend installing this..Version: 6.3.1

So far so good 😎I am on a mission to get as many people away from the tentacles of Zuckerboss as possible. Have managed to get a few dozens of people to switch from whatsflop to this better platform. The only complain I get is that this does not have status, which apparently social media junkies can’t live without 🤦🏻‍♂️ Another complain is that the app freezes or acts slow in low connection spots some thing those users of whatsflop supposedly didn’t deal with it. Hopefully these things will be addressed and improved/fixed. I know this is still evolving and growing so I am hopeful it would become the dominant messaging platform and I will contribute to that by getting people to jump ship. I only hope we don’t get sold out like all these other money hungry corps out there. Keep up the good work guys, I wish you great success in the years to come 👍🏼👍🏼.Version: 7.3.1

Great app save for one issueI have an issue on iOS, with the latest version of telegram installed Sometimes when i tap on a notification from telegram it brings me to a black screen, showing nothing. This can be resolved by either pressing home, then tapping on telegram again (not restarting the app). Are there any ideas for a fixes or is this a known bug?.Version: 5.6

Voice bugI love the this incredible app, however it has a very annoying bug. When you wanna hear a voice and close your ear to hear it from small speaker, app thinks your recording and stops the voice & even other contact thinks your taking voice endlessly..Version: 7.0.1

Keep getting logged out?Recently I keep getting a weird bug where I get logged out frequently. Normally happens when changing from cellular data to WiFi and then opening telegram for the first time in a while, but I can't consistently reproduce it. I just get randomly logged out, which makes me really paranoid and I have to log in again with a whole new session. Really needs fixing for me to rate any higher..Version: 4.8.2

Suggestion for improvementWhen I scroll the files/links shared with someone, and this person sends me a message, I do not receive the notification, and the message is considered as read like being within the chat. (which I actually am, but in another tab) I checked that on Windows, Linux and different Apple devices. It is not the issue on tablets, as the display is separated, neither on desktops, if user widens the window so that the chat and files/links are present concurrently. However on cellphone devices only chat or files/links tab can be displayed at a time. I guess it will be better to notify the user whenever they do not actually see the message with a topside pop-up and show the label “unread messages” within the chat when user is back from files/links tab..Version: 6.3.1

Best messaging appBeen using Telegram for over 3 years now. Best messaging app out there!.Version: 7.0

Can’t reply on Apple WatchAs the title, press the reply button but don’t work..Version: 7.3.1

Best of them allThrough years had to try many different messengers. Some weren’t secure, others badly designed or didn’t have enough capacities, so exactly because of that I’ve chosen this one. It equally works as for work cuz you can send files in their original format, have group conversations and channels and it is good for casual chat cuz it has stickers, video and audio messages. Also it’s p2p, you can have messages timed and deleted for both parties, and we know now for a fact developer isn’t planning to share any keys with governments..Version: 4.8.1

GoodNice app.Version: 2.7.4

Auto translateHi Developers of Telegram. Firstly let me say I love the app and so does the group of friends I’m with that use it but there’s one thing that be improved that will make you stand out from the rest. Auto-translate. Me and my friends are all from different parts of the world speaking different languages and find it rather annoying that we have to press each message to translate it. The game we all play has auto translate in the game and it’s not a problem but we don’t get chat notifications in the game so that’s why we moved to Telegram for chat. Please consider this feature and believe me it will put you ahead of the competition..Version: 9.0

Anonymous contactsGreat app. Easy to use platform. However, there needs to be a feature to remove phone contact details so the conversations are completely private. Especially in the case of joining public groups where you wish to remain anonymous..Version: 8.4

Good AppFast; Secure but has a very small glitch on the alert tones... when i tried changing it; it wont notify anymore. so i had to restart my phone. update please. other than that; app is amazing 👌🏻.Version: 3.6

I really love this appThis app is one of the best I’ve used in a while and it’s great for the groups I’m part of. However I have a suggestion, I would like to be able to send the stickers I have on telegram in iMessage. Stickers are one of my favourite parts of telegram and I would love to be able to use them with the people that don’t have telegram. Telegram is a great app :).Version: 4.9.2

Channels and individual threads must be segregatedChannels, bots and individual threads must be segregated as the list of chats now is a complete mess and it’s difficult to navigate through hundreds of channels to locate an individual who texted you. Sometimes I can’t answer because I don’t see who texted me until I scroll all the way down the list. As someone mentioned before, would be nice to see Read and Unread messages at the top. All the rest seems ok, much better than whatsapp which I’m trying to get rid of. Thanks Pavel for the great app!.Version: 4.7.1

Amazing app, the best! just one thingI rlly like telegram. Its the best messaging app in my opinion. Has everything that i need in a messaging app, secure ,safe, easy and fast and very amazing in general! Has so many options for everything. And is totally worth loading!!! I been using it for the past 5 years and its totally my number one app for everything! But only one complain i have for the newest update: when i edit a photo on the app , like drawing on it or just changing the appearance of the pic, the app crushes and goes to my home screen, its been happening ever since i updated telegram and i just want you guys to fix that, other than that the app is amazing and works perfectly fine! Thanks for making the best app ever!!!.Version: 8.1.2

Block issuePlease kindly do something about the blocking issue. I tried to message my brother the whole day and I couldn’t get in touch with him because they said I have been blocked by someone I don’t even remember texting so I have to wait for some days . I was involved in a accident and had to wait for 3 days until I finally called them on telegram to come get me at the hospital. I’m really ashamed about it and would like you to do an upgrade about it . I don’t think blocking someone should prevent you from texting others . That’s the only problem I’m having with this app and I would like you to please do something about it . Thank you ..Version: 8.7.1

Nice appI really enjoy using telegram, it feels way more secure than other messaging apps I’ve used in the past . The only think I would change is the undelivered messages, it’s just annoying that if you don’t have service the moment you send the message it will then stand there waiting for you to press “resend now”. It would be good if it could keep the text pending and trying to resent it itself as soon as network is available.Version: 5.15.2

Need Video calling feature, faster passcode lock & a bug fixI am enjoying telegram as my main chatting app as it’s secure faster & fun to use! But unfortunately it has only voice calling feature which makes me to use another apps for that feature only! I cordially expect that developer will add that asap! It’s passcode locking feature in order to provide best security to its user, but apps lock doesn’t work immediately! Which should be must! The minimum time is 1 minutes! It should be locked within a fraction of second as some other apps do! As long as we have face unlocking feature so it will not bother us! Lastly, I have facing an unexpected issue sometimes! I’m not sure where I tap but when it happens telegram stop functioning & start glitching non stop glitching! It needs the apps to launch again! So please make the apps more lovely by adding video calling features and make the passcode lock more quicker & fix the bug! Thanks for reading with patience!.Version: 5.11.1

AmazingI have been roughly using this app for 3 years. This app is amazing for someone who doesn’t have a sim card there aren’t many apps like this I use this to text my friend who doesn’t have a sim and this is alot like WhatsApp, Overall great review you can chat call group call send voice messages and Also Face Time as one of their biggest updates it is currently in beta but soon it will be as good as WhatsApp If you are seeing the reviews to install it, Install it, One thing though, If you Video call the quality is very bad since its in beta, Will this be possible to fix soon?.Version: 7.6

Make it offline?A really good app with great quality but would be 100x better if it also could go offline.Version: 4.7.1

Superior messaging experienceIf you use mainly use fb messenger or others you get accustomed to a little lag, but Telegram is so zippy it feels absolutely instant. The spiel about how lightweight text messages are data-wise checks out since messages send as soon as you have a drop of signal too. Telegram also wins over whatsapp because if you lose your phone you can still access your messages from other devices. The tools for editing and sending photos and videos are super powerful but thoughtfully designed enough to make them easy to use. A truly user-centric designed app. Don't get me started on the stickers... they are the best in the game by miles. Super smooth and high def with tons of different artistic styles and some pretty risqué ones as well. This app makes my phone feel brand new even though it's 4 years old. Slick af. Tell your friends to switch to telegram - the relative lack of users is the only thing holding this app back from being my number 1 used..Version: 7.4.2

Superb app. Masterful goal.The layout is clean and user friendly. The settings are quite thorough. I am thoroughly impressed. Telegram has progressed a huge deal since I first downloaded the TelegramHD version. I found the project while looking for safe ways to chat online, as we are living in a society where surveillance is becoming a strong issue. I like what the project stands for and how that in turn gives people more privacy and essentially helps our rights stay intact. The chat backgrounds, and custom backgrounds are an especially awesome feature of the app. Making messaging a whole lot more dynamic. However, because of this feature, the chat bubble colours sometimes don't sit well with the background. Custom chat bubble colours would be an awesome way to improve this and would enhance the app even more! :) On that same note, themes would be cool too. Like if the layout could be black with Lime green letters or however you wish to customise it. If changes are ever made to the terms of service I truly hope that a driven project such as this will highlight them openly for the people, much unlike the sneaky antics of most modern organisations. I know other messengers have the option to delete specific messages within a chat just like this one. I have a minor concern around that, as this allows for sneaky users to construct false conversations from messages out of eachother's contexts. I am unsure how to tackle this issue and maybe it cannot be tackled yet. But maybe have a think about it? Not enough people use this, I hope more and more switch to telegram, it is far better than any other messenger I currently know of. This is the kind of project I would donate to! Keep it up :).Version: 3.1.2

BugHi telegram developers, I noticed a problem after your last update, it's about when i download a song and try to listening to it after 2 or 3 times in repeat mode music stops playing ,but in lock screen i have it ,and shows that music is playing but nothing played and music player is terminated , then i have to reopen the telegram and play it again and again by the way when you are in the app everything works properly, this problem shows itself when you’re going to lockscreen or open another app when telegram is in background, telegram last 2 updates are more reliable than this version and it’s really annoying specially behind the wheel or when i put on my handsfree, i hope developers fix this bug to make it the best social app like the past . (iPhone 7plus) Best regards.Version: 5.11.1

It’s my favorite app and i recommend it to everyone; one complaint tho…✩ edit: the gift subscription button is not working for me! i hope it’s fixed soon!! edit 2: i force closed the app and now it’s working! ✩ YEEHAW!!!! THEY ADDED GIFT SUBSCRIPTIONS!!! I AM SO PSYCHED!!! i’ve been dying to gift my cousin a premium subscription and now i can!!! THANK YOU TELEGRAM!! I LOVE YOU!!! i sent a support request but i’m also putting it here because i’m really hoping the dev team will see it: i want to be a premium user (and i am) in order to support the development of this app because it is my all-time favorite app, but i do not like that the star next to my name announces it to all the world to see. i would love an option to be an incognito supporter. thanks. that is my only complaint about telegram. prior to this, my only complaint was the lack of custom notification sounds but they JUST recently implemented that. i love literally everything about this app. i jumped to support them because they deserve it. maybe the star will help inspire others to support them too, but i am a quiet, reserved, introverted person and to me, it just feels pretentious. so i do hope they will let us decide whether or not it displays. regardless, you guys have made a stellar app and i am a die-hard fan. ♡.Version: 8.9.1

Better than WhatsAppMore features than WhatsApp.Version: 2.0.1

Better experience, no longer support Apple WatchAfter updating to Telegram 5 I feel much better about this app: smooth, and much quicker. However, I still miss the watch OS support and hopefully I will see it back soon. Overall, still a good app and I am looking forward its future..Version: 5.0.10

New designThis app is Gorgeous for chat. But make a decision to redesigned the interface and make the app more beautifull like the new player for ios user. Insret new theme and more. I appreciate it thanks.Version: 4.4

Incredibly fastVery good.Version: 2.11

Cannot open photos or copy messageJust grabbed iphone 6s unable to open up any images or copy paste forward any text. Overall pretty good app hope you resolve the current issue with the latest update cheers! Alex.Version: 3.2

Archive problemAfter update to last version i don't have access to archive!!.Version: 5.12

Feature rich. Content richI haven’t seen any other social media/messaging apps release totally innovative features at this frequency. There are all sorts of channels and groups. If only there was a directory of some sort.Version: 8.3.1

Best IM app out thereThe features telegram offers are mind blowing. I can’t think of any better texting app. I wonder how other platform users haven’t found out this one yet. Also, with every single update comes tons of amazing new features. It’s like the Ferrari of IM apps:).Version: 5.7

What WhatsApp wishes it wasPretty much everything WhatsApp has and more. Not to mention, actually good security—unlike WhatsApp. End to end encryption where the keys are kept on your device. If you do some research, Telegram’s security has been publicly audited by real world events. I work in cyber sec and use Telegram as my default messenger for everything. Whether it’s sending large files (seriously, I’ve sent files over a gigabyte) to joining a variety of channels/groups. I honestly believe Telegram could be the next IRC chat (I get all my security and tech news and updates from telegram channels faster than news sites or rss). I’ve been slowly converting my friends and family to it. Simply the best and the features just keep coming. Thank you Telegram developers! You’ve truly revolutionized decentralized messaging..Version: 6.2.1

Best app ever !!The most useful app that i seen !!! Thank you !.Version: 8.3

Good ethics, good app.Very grateful for them supporting user freedoms..Version: 7.3

Text messaging is good. Voice is unstable.I’ve come to rely on this for text messaging and sharing of photos (albeit lower quality versions). I like that it gets stored in the cloud and doesn’t get lost. I wish Telegram would focus on polishing these core features before trying voice calls. I tried a voice call and the audio quality wasn’t great (intelligible, but 2g quality) and it failed to end the call properly - continued to show the call in progress title bar for a few minutes after the other person had ended the call, I had to relaunch the app to clear that..Version: 8.3.1

Voice recognitionI think you guys should add voice recognition in different languages apart from google play r apple recognition engines which cannot understand many different languages at the moment.Version: 6.0

Annoyed With Apple ItselfI absolutely enjoy this app. I’ve had it for years and I find it so much easier to use than any other social media outlet out there. It’s safe, the end-to-end encryption is phenomenal, and the app itself allows me to talk to so many of my friends that I have around the world. Apple removing it from the App Store is absolutely ridiculous and stupid. Telegram has done nothing wrong, and if they did I want to see the encryption proof. There’s no reason those with IPhones should have to lose the ability to talk to their friends on a stream line platform simply because “it violated Apple’s guidelines”. It’s ridiculous and I am keeping my Telegram on my IPhone whether apple likes it or not!.Version: 7.3.1

The best social communicate appYou can experience some opportunities that never can do in another social app. Very useful. You can use it as a data storage also and keep your files there easily and handy. Thanks.Version: 5.1.1

GreatWhere else can you find so much information about pentagon funded biological warfare research laboratories,joe bidens showers with his daughter and more?.Version: 8.9.1

NothappychappieEnjoying this app and very similar to WhatsApp the only issue I have on my apple devices is that when I go to contacts and try to invite friends by tapping on the invite and want to share to others via the heart to other options, my devices hang and I have to power off and on to get back to chats . I have written on your message to myself with this query ... no reply back? Can this please be rectified..Version: 7.3.1

Cool appActually pretty nice.Version: 2.14

Well done! But..Nice design and fast working app, however need to ask everyone to install this new app when everybody already using iMessages, WhatsApp and etc, so comes quite useless.. If it would have some benefits over the standard messengers..Version: 2.0

Great edit functionsThis app has all the edit functions I never thought of but am so grateful for now that I have them. They seem so natural and intuitive and make me wonder why WhatsApp never thought of them! I would have given the app 5 stars but there’s still a lot of work to do with the photo and video upload and download functions. For work I have that needs video and photo upload and download I have to ( reluctantly) use WhatsApp still as otherwise work gets disrupted. I am so happy there is an alternative to the aggressive and arrogant invasive ness of FB/WA. As soon as Telgram developers fix the video and photo upload/download glitches it’s goodbye to WhatsApp for ever from me!.Version: 7.4.2

Better than WhatsApp.I used Telegram a few years ago but uninstalled it since no one really used it. This app is HEAVILY UNDERRATED. WhatsApp tracks so much information now that it’s owned by Facebook. But Telegram? It tracks only what is required, that’s all. I hope Telegram becomes the new WhatsApp some day. Dear Telegram, keep doing what you’re doing and stay independent. You’re doing an amazing job at allowing users to connect with each other securely. Big thanks. You’re on your way to greatness..Version: 7.3.1

Great app!Awesome app, easy and simple to use.Version: 3.13

Telegram rocks, but Apple censorsI like app, a lot. I can group chat with friends, or get lost in the wilds with foreigners and weirdos, so a plus in my book The only bad I can say with this app, lies not with its developers, but with Apple and the AppStore. I’ll find channels with discourse of all varying opinions. Something I find refreshing. But I’ll then go to revisit, only be prompted that the channel is blocked due to violations of AppStore guidelines. There is no violation. It’s Apple using its corporate mass to silence opinions it seems as bad. Because of this, I will NEVER use or buy another Apple product. Once this phone dies, that’s it. Anything but an Apple. ANY other phone. A product and company, that keeps me from viewing content that I sought out myself, should never even make it to market.Version: 5.8.1

Love itThis this has a bright future hope gets better with every update and never goes to facebook or google..Version: 5.13.1

One BIG flawI love this app, have used it every day for the last year. It is powerful and elegant. The one big drawback is the SEARCH. How do you search for Groups and Channels? By searching for a keyword. That’s it. Not good! Everyone says this is the achilles heal, and it’s weird that the issue has never been resolved. Here’s a suggestion for the developer. Add a feature of searching for Groups/Channels by allowing the owner to place their G/C into CATEGORIES (such as “health”, “food”, etc) then everything search related, falling into those categories, is displayed by title. Keep the Keyword searches, just add this capability. There are groups on Telegram that were formed specifically to allow owners to ADVERTISE their group, in order to grow, because the search feature is so inadequate. Please address this issue. And thanks for a great app. 👍🏻.Version: 8.0

User-centered app and company5 stars. It serves so many other purposes, not only texting and keeping in touch with friends. Video calls and texts, but also notes, reminders, unlimited cloud storage for files/data, diary, payments, bots for tracking flight prices, convert files, etc etc etc. One of the most useful apps on my iPhone, TOP 3 for sure. It blows other apps like WhatsApp out of the water. Years ahead, even with the privacy that it offers vs Meta’s offerings like WhatsApp, Messenger, etc..Version: 8.8

Awesome except for two pointsTelegram has been a great application which i have been using for more than 6 years non-stop! But lately i have switched to ios and i am short on storage. Whenever i clean the cache, the number in the app goes down but in my settings the numbers will not change that much. So every time i am supposed to delete the app and re-download it so i will lose all my secret chats. Also being able to delete messages of the other person for both sides?! This is not new but it is so bad. I mean imagine you are talking to an online shop, you send the receipt but they will delete it later and deny that you have paid! I hope you make changes and solve these problems. I think these are the only downsides that i can mention for this wonderful app. Thank you..Version: 6.3.1

Please I’m a big fanLook I’m a big fan of this app I used like a few years ago and now it’s at a whole different state and it’s so much better then WhatsApp and now with their new update about privacy most the people I know don’t know about technology stuff and change logs but I do so I’ve gotten a handful of people to switch and a few friends and family and they’ve all said they love this app and it’s true it’s awesome but they won’t delete WhatsApp because it’s missing, stories or a status a way to let others know about you including myself I now have 2 messaging devices I use telegram as my main and WhatsApp I use it for school and status if you could add this it would mean a lot to me I’ve heard you just hit 500 mil🥳 and I feel good to have been a part of that I know it may take a while for you too implement this feature but it would be the death of WhatsApp for all the people I’ve invited.Version: 7.3.1

10/10 so many furries to cuddleOwO.Version: 4.7.1

Good oneThe app is really nice compared to similar ones! It is only that recently in some channels it is impossible to clear the history resulting in a full iPhone storage!! You only have the option of leaving the channel!! Could you please add the option??.Version: 3.5

....Hello. I have a problem with this new version of Telegram. When someone replies to one of my messages that I've sent to them, I can not literally find out which messages they exactly replied. The colour is not obvious enough, then it's hard to recognize which message between other messages they replied to. It would be better if this problem will be solved..Version: 6.0.1

Need to improve voiceover supportThe app is accessible with voiceover but still needs work. It is not as accessible as Whatsapp. For example if I wanted to share an audio file from a particular app when I double tap on telegram within the share sheet then the accessibility goes away. Please improve the accessibility of voiceover. It's a great app and I really enjoy using it..Version: 8.1

Best messenger everAwesome messenger, switched to it from WhatsApp in few weeks and now it is my main tool for messaging. The only thing - after the latest update, you, guys, put 2x speed on voice messages. An absolutely incredible idea, but I think 2x is way too much and you cant understand what a slow talking person is saying. I was thinking that 1.5x would be a perfect solution and a golden middle. Would you consider this idea? Cheers 🤘.Version: 4.8.3

My favourite appI use this app constantly to communicate with my family in Iran and it is amazing! It has channels which keeps me entertained, music, stickers, GIF’s everything! And believe me when I say I use it the most out of all social media app, it is my absolute favourite, it has many features likes video recording, voice recording, etc. I love the fact you can have many profile pictures up. With each update Telegram provides amazing new features. HOWEVER, I have one request. Will it be possible if telegram add a story feature? Like the one on Instagram and Snapchat?.Version: 4.5

The only app that listens👍👍👍👍 finally able to archive and pin chats so they neverrr pop up again; and so much more qualities which are bonuses. I hope telegram takes over so I can share this great experience with my friends. And every other thing has been fixed e.g. notification sounds. Telegram stories maybe in future to get more people? 😌 maybe make it ten times better than WhatsApp and a little bit like Snapchat and make last for fewer seconds (5 seconds like vine) but still being able to hold it down for as long as we want like Snapchat? I think that would be simple but very cool..Version: 5.6

Make Online Status and Read Receipts OptionalOne thing I love about iMessage is that it allows users to control their own read receipts so that they can hide when the sender has sent a message. They also don’t show users being online. If this feature was optional on Telegram, it would honestly be my favourite messaging platform, as privacy is key to me. Plus, people do cry about the fact that you’re online and aren’t able to respond when you can’t have a conversation. If this comes, it gets a 5-star rating..Version: 7.0.1

ComplainingPeople on these reviews complaining about this app being used for child trafficking and sex offenders? Every single app, mainly TikTok has sex offenders and child trafficking. I’m not condoning those actions, but I feel like people are targeting Telegram because there isn’t the harsh censorship other apps claim to have, even though their idea of censorship is whatever they see fit, and that’s why there’s still sex offenders on every other app. Targeting this app and trying to gain censorship isn’t going to do anything, except censor people who are sharing truths..Version: 7.8.2

NotificationsYou have a huge problem concerning notifications. Sometimes I don't even receive them on my lockscreen. The message will just mark on the application itself, so if I don't check that I won't even know that i received a message. Please fix that part cz I honestly love this app..Version: 5.4.1

INCREDIBLESo I just joined Telegram today and I think it was the best change that I have ever done! First of all, they have so many features that you can use like secret chat, voice recordings, video recording and they have a special bit at the setting bar where you can ask a question and they get their volunteers to answer them. When I asked a question (How to use secret chat) They answered almost immediately and they were so sweet and helpful 😄🙂. I don't think there are any downsides with this app and it's perfect for me and my friends. Thank You For Making This App!!!.Version: 7.4.2

Telegram is awesome.I truly love it, I wanted to try a new app for texting and this is perfect. It has great privacy features, you can customize it in a lot of ways, and it works perfectly. I only have a small suggestion that may not be as important, but it would be a great improvement. I imported a chat from another app, and as soon as I saw hundreds of messages arriving, I regretted it. I want to delete them, but Telegram does not allow to select many messages really fast to delete them, you have to tap them one by one to select them. It would be great if it allowed users to select multiple messages faster, or if it had an option to delete imported messages in an specific chat just in case the user regrets it. But overall, a really great app, I recommend it..Version: 7.4.1

The best of the texting appsReally love Telegram and believe that this is the best app available on the market ring now. No bugs, everything working absolutely lovely and no issues at all! However, I would like people to use it more because it’s so secure and handy. You can use the desktop version to send the texts and amazingly you can start typing and continue on your phone. So overall I am really happy about this app and really hope that it will be more popular. Coding team doing amazing job so give it a try and send texts to your friends with a funny sticker or video message!.Version: 7.3.1

Notifications silentHi this isn’t a review this is more trying to get a response as I’ve had no luck so far. A certain channel I’m in keeps coming through silent with a 🔕 next to it. The settings in my phone and within telegram are all set to loud/on. I’ve contacted the host of the channel and their end is all fine also tried leaving the group and getting added back in but the issue is still happening. Do you have a solution for this?.Version: 7.2

Problems with calls and batteryI deleted everything else after discovering Telegram. Converted all my friends and family to it. But lately I've noticed how much battery Telegram is using. Even more in the background (I have background activity turned off). It's becoming a bit of a problem. My phone is brand new and fairly recent (iPhone 12 Mini). Obviously the problem is with the app. There's also a bug that has been around for ages and never been fixed: if I call someone I can turn my screen off and keep the call running in the background but my contact can't (it will end the call). And vice versa, if a contact calls me and I want to turn the screen off it will end the call. On top of that my phone gets really warm during calls! Edit: since those problems still haven't been fixed I downloaded Signal just for calls (no problems whatsoever) and I kept Telegram for texting only. It's a shame...Version: 8.7.1

Power packed App but needs one more functionalityThis app is absolutely power packed, video calling is still work in progress for sure. But apart from that it’s pretty much great!! Although I am hoping that telegram team comes up with casting option to chromecast or smart tv so that we can play our favourite videos on TV..Version: 7.2

The best intuitive sms appAmazing everything!! Fluid of the program: perfect! Design: beautiful and friendly user, chooser friendly of options, aka dark theme. There’s so much choices and I am amazed by the themes and choices they have. Program: runs as fluid as a slippery butter on a pancake, it is fantastic. Encryption technology software?: Beats Facebook messenger to the rocks. Safety?: As safe in no penetration of Russian bots migrating like Trojans. Clear and safe to hold a secure conversation. Recommendation?: For the love of God download this app, delete messenger and any other sms wanna be replacement platform. Want to be safe and secure I recommend this app. It beats any alternative platform of encryption based software out there. Please check their site out! There’s so much amazing little gold nuggets..Version: 5.3

Great privacy app with lots of optionsAfter many of my favorite political social media personalities were deleted from Twitter and Facebook I decided to try out telegram. A few years ago I would say this app was fairly dead,However in 2021 there is so much content it’s insane. Telegram is my number 1 news app. It’s nice having all of your liked pages in a streamlined top down order . I also like how you can individually turn off notifications for all or individual pages you like. The private messaging is cool as well . Unlike Facebook and Twitter telegram is supposed to not sell your data to third parties. I’d highly recommend telegram at the moment 👏.Version: 7.7

Call contacting problemI have used this app for more than 2 years. All features had worked really well since calls didnt contact with this app. I tried so many times. Even i reseted my phone. It can be only possible to call to smb with iphone X. Could you please fix this feature.Version: 4.9

Best must getI wish I could give this app 6 because there are so many features you can message someone without wifi or data as long as the person you are talking too has wifi or data.Version: 5.9.1

Awesome butHey so I wanted to write this review bc I wanted to say that it is an awesome app and I love it a lot but I think this app could be better by adding stories so we can put stuff on our stories and people can comment and it can be really fun hope u use my idea bye love this app 🌻⚡️🌿.Version: 7.6.2

Love the app but there is a suggestionI love the app, use it all day long. Great stickers and I am satisfied with everything but there is one little thing that does annoy me that other similar app’s have already implemented. The language swap between chats. One of my chats is in English the other in Hungarian and every time I enter a different one I have to adjust the language on my keyboard. I hope this is something that can be an “easy fix” because I’m sure many other are in the same boat, having conversations in multiple languages and chats. I know I do not have to set it for FB messenger for example. Other then this I love and will continue to use and enjoy the app and it’s features 😊👌🏼.Version: 7.3.1

Scammer’s ParadisePositives: Telegram had some positive features. You can start a secret chat with someone. There’s freedom of speech in that app and you can say politically incorrect things without getting banned. You can post content which are deemed offensive. That’s why I like Telegram. I do miss the app, though. Unfortunately, I can’t go back, not after what happened to me. Negatives: I was catfished by a scammer. The problem with Telegram is that it doesn’t have a report feature. I reported the scammer via using Yahoo mail, Gmail, and even messaged notoscam. Sadly, Telegram wouldn’t do anything about it. I had to delete my account, and deleted the app itself because of how persistent and dangerous the scammer is. The scammer is using a photo of an actual doctor and is pretending to be him. I suspect it’s an African scammer, but I’ll never know. The only thing I had done was to block the scammer on Telegram, but that wasn’t enough..Version: 7.6.1

StoriesLove the app! Would be so cool if it had a feature where we can share video stories so that the groups we’re in can watch our stories and we can watch theirs! 😁.Version: 6.0

No issue so farSince I installed this app it worked perfectly for me. Video/Voice quality is really good. No problem at all. It is similar to Whatsapp but I prefer Telegram though now and I am just loving it. ☺️.Version: 7.3.1

Great messaging appReally appreciate the gif searching. I would love to see Telegram leverage interactive notifications and the ability to choose Telegram in the share sheet..Version: 2.7.4

Russia invaded UkraineRussia invaded Ukraine dont listen to rt and other terrible outlets.Version: 8.5.1

Tick marks to ‘sent and read’ & sms supportI think telegram has a major way to break through the messaging market.... I hoped google would do this but sadly not..... Enable telegram to send sms messages if the recipient doesn’t have telegram.... Another feature I wouldn’t mind is changing the tick marks to the persons has ‘read’ or ‘received’ the message as I have had experience where people don’t understand what the tick mean and I find my self explaining. But other than that I love telegram it’s certainly the best messaging app on the market I just want telegram to keep pushing and making it even more simple to use!!.Version: 4.8.4

Awesome AppIt’s really an awesome app. More developed, practical, helpful and simple. I believe it will be more powerful and helpful for those who have wide range businesses and need to reply to their clients with same instructions for repeated question by providing Telegram with “Quick Replies” service. Quick Replies can have a table with replies and we can call the table inside any chat by starting our reply with a symbol such as “/“ to bring the list of replies we have already to choose one quickly. Also, it will be powerful if you add “Auto Reply Message”. Auto Reply Message will be sent to those clients who text us for the first time. This message can contain information about our business and some general instructions to help the once who text us for the first time. Thank you..Version: 7.8.4

Phone service needs workGreat texting service but the phone service needs work. The line gets cut off often and I cant hear the opposite person on the line. Please work on it. Thanks!.Version: 9.0.2

NotificationsNot been able to get notifications recently on either my phone or watch. They come up that I have a new message but doesn’t tell me who it’s from or a preview of the message, as it used to do. Yes, I have turned those functions on in settings and also deleted and reinstalled the app but has not fixed it. Wanted to bring it to your attention as it’s a bit of a pain. Thanks.Version: 7.5.1

Great messenger appEasily one of the best messaging apps around, I just wish more of my friends would use it. Keep it going! Maybe voice next? 🙂.Version: 3.11

Better than everything elseTelegram is simply the best. It’s one of those apps that makes me want to use it. When I see it sitting on my home screen, it makes me want to message someone. I literally cannot fault it. Everything one could want out of a messenger telegram achieves. Fast, secure, cloud based, not for profit. This app is the best, and the only way it’ll get better is if you download it and become part of the community, so that everyone can use telegram with everyone they want to talk to..Version: 4.8.1

Excellent, and gets better, butI have been using telegram for years, and I do mean many years. I am amazed when I read some of the complaints. Maybe I am lucky, but I, and all those friends I speak with on a regular basis have never complained at all. We are English, well a lot of us, and for English not to complain if something is wrong, does not happen. I do have a couple of gripes though, and that’s why I’ve not given Telegram five stars. I have been asking them how I can make myself invisible to other users. I can even do that on the most objectionable Skype. There is nothing worse than being reprimanded by someone for not answering them, and being accused you were online, because they could see you. The other moan was the call quality is sometime very bad, even when both speakers have full signal showing on their display. I’ve not used the new video function yet, but if I’m getting signal problems on speech, they will be even worse when using video. Telegram unlike Skype is low on resources, maybe that’s because Microsoft spy on you all the time, and that reduces your signal, who knows, but when I’ve moved to FaceTime with video, and it’s clear as a bell, the problem I think, must lay with Telegram. I’ve tried complaining, but as usual, their so called help never replies, one of the downsides of using geeks and not employed staff. I’ve been waiting for a reply about making yourself invisible for about three months now..Version: 7.0

Very easy to useI like it, it’s very easy to use with very similar functions to other apps that are similar but don’t have the security, I really like the variety of stickers and would like to see them add new range every month. Definitely inviting my friends to use this app.Version: 5.8

4th Update App ReviewThe customizable colors, dark theme, sleek, fluid messaging app, private, and secure. Destructible messages are a plus. I like the spoiler option it’s pretty cool, along with many other features. Previously Telegram was lacking video calls, Group Video Calls, FaceID. I’ve noticed they added it on which is great! End to End encryption should be standard. Why go through the hassle of doing secret chats? The option should be the other way around “unsecret chats” Please add Pin Numbers. Some people dont like to share phone numbers. Having the option for Pin number to add users on Telegram is a Marvelous idea. More business features are needed like having the capability to pay and receive payments within the app. Having an online store. Add a “transparent theme” for themes and colors that be awesome! One thing needs FIXING. The app has been updated. Now it’s complicated and confusing to change the color themes. When applying the colors and theme it does not update it. Someone sent me a voice note. It took 12 hours to receive it. The voice note stayed at a downloading state the whole time. I have 5G service. Please update with new features suggested and fixes. Then we can agree it deserves a 5 Star rating. Im sticking to 4 stars until then..Version: 8.4

Yes impressed very reliable and fast way of commutation deviceI have been on telegram for over 3 years.Version: 7.7

#1 App AmazingTelegram is Number 1 the best app ever.Version: 2.1

It’s perfect.Telegram is the most impressive Messaging app I’ve ever used. Coming from Kik and Discord, I obviously can’t compare it to Whatsapp or Viber, but in my experience Telegram has been everything you could want. It’s performant and battery conscious, even on my crappy iPhone5S. It’s flexible. You can create group chats, group your chats, make secret chats, archive chats, all kinds of stuff. It’s powerful. It’s got full integration allowing you to send files of any size and then, whatever they are, audio or picture or video, you can view or hear them in app. If they’re not audiovisual, it’s still a great fileshare service for moving documents or zips between phones and computers. You get your own seemingly unlimited cloud storage, there’s a million features I don’t use or need that stay out of my way but are there if I need them, the size of the app is still small regardless of that. The devs never stop squashing bugs and adding functionality where it’s needed, and they listen to users on what they should add. I hate that Telegram has a bit of a stigma. As far as I’m concerned, it’s just THE best message app..Version: 7.7

No calls or photosI love telegram, but cannot get calls or photo-messages to work. It can’t access my photos or microphone, and when I try to give it permission in the iOS settings there is no option....Version: 5.12

Love the changeReally enjoying this app .The features are a lot better than WhatsApp. All the other messaging apps I’ve tried this is my favourite it is very similar to WhatsApp but you can change the colours group chats are easy to set up . The only issue is sending large videos takes forever can you please update this feature.Version: 7.3.1

App freezes and I have to restart phoneApp freezes on my iPhone 8 and I can’t scroll so have to reboot my phone to use it again Seems to happen when I hold down a post (usually by accident) and then it stops.. great app overall this bug would be good to fix.Version: 7.4.1

An idea!!! Please noticeHi, good day :) I have a request! Telegram is a great app, so much better than whatsapp. I wanna say, in whatsapp there’s an option that you can set your profile photo hidden from non-contacts. So if you have not their number saved in your phone, they will not see your profile photo even if they have your number. So why not telegram? You know how many percents of people cannot put their own photos because of their job? Or because of some of their relatives? You know, family honor is very important in iran, unfortunately. So many people specially women cannot put their own photos (even with complete hijab). Please add this option in your update someday :) It would be very popular in Iran. You already know how poor our privacy is. ❤️🌹❤️🌹❤️.Version: 4.8.1

Needs extra optionsIt would be easier if there was an option to create multiple “Saved messages” folders-for sorting messages by topics..Version: 8.8.1

Reply notifications disappear.Love this amazing new method of communication... however... when people respond to a post, and a notification appears.... When I go to see the response... Nothing. The response isn’t retrieved. No matter what I do... I’m forced to search through the feed, in order to find the respondents..Version: 8.4.1

Please allow Search 1 Contact/Group, then force/long press to PinPlease allow Search 1 Contact/Group, then force/long press to Pin 📍. Now it is impossible. I have already All Pin 📍 full. Here are my desired Steps 1. Yes All Pins are full 2. Search the Contact/Group I want to pin 3. force/long press to Pin 📍 4. Ask me which old Pin 📍 to replace 5. I quick view All old Pins with a Pop up small Window 6. Choose the old one I do not want 7. Replace with new Contact/Group as Pin 📍 Why it is Important? Now I have removed the old pin 📍 myself. I find the Contact I want to pin by Search. I cannot force/long press to Pin 📍. I have so many messages above that Contact/Group. I have to manually scroll through All, then find, then Pin. Too hard. I do NOT want to send messages to disturb him/her just to Pin 📍 him/her Thank you very much🏖🌈🌸🌞❤️♻️♾ Best Regards🌞🏖🌌🛸🚴‍♀️❤️♻️♾🌸🦄️🦋🐳🐬🧸👫👩‍🚀 Tai.Version: 7.0.2

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