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HRV4Training App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

HRV4Training app received 38 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using HRV4Training? Can you share your negative thoughts about hrv4training?

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HRV4Training for Negative User Reviews

Great App, Can do betterThis is a great app with great potential. However, you have users waiting to log 40 sessions in Strava with HR monitor. Since you have access to Strava, couldn’t you just import those 40 sessions, or from the Apple Health app? Also, once you get all these data and present the information... what the heck does it all mean to the average user? Not everyone is a seasoned professional athlete or coach..Version: 7.3.9

Cool idea, excellent metrics, terrible executionThe ability to measure with a Bluetooth HR strap has degraded significantly. Seriously, Healthnis recording my HR at 54bpm right now, and HRV4TRAINING is showing 154, 99,167, 44, 138, etc. at the end of the measurement “signal quality not optimal, please try again later”. It all worked flawlessly until the developer started pushing their “pro” website. Now it is almost impossible to get an “optimal reading”. Given the significant investment in time you have to put in to get information out, the readings should not be impossibly finicky. I’ve compared performance to an Apple Watch, a Garmin Fenix, and Elite HRV app. None are as finicky in getting a good reading as HRV4TRAINING has become..Version: 7.6.8

Can you guys update with a fix???I paid for this so I can use my watch and sync the HRV4Training to that. However my watch does not auto read my hrv even when I use the breathe app. So it randomly selects a time to do my readings. And I don’t know when it checks unless I open my heart app. So when I do I find out I happen to miss this by a couple hours. My problem is the HRV4Training app only reads when I manually push the read from health button. It will not capture any reading that’s more than an hour from when you push the button. I haven’t been able to consistently read my hrv to actually use this app for my liking. All I ask is to allow to read the earliest reading from the day. Take out the one hour limit. Please. Or have the app check the health app every other hour or something.Version: 7.4.0

Not helpfulI was an early HRV adopter and used a Whoop before they moved to a monthly subscription model. I wear an Apple Watch and don’t really want to add another fitness tracker to that, so I hoped this app would give me a way to track my HRV. I haven’t found it accurate or helpful. The values calculated don’t seem to be even from the same planet as the values I got from Whoop. Despite always syncing my Strava the app never seems to find my workouts, and the information input seems wonky. Sometimes I get the Q&A about my sleep, whether I’m sick, etc., sometimes I don’t. Disappointed overall. Hoping that the next Watch iteration has a built in HRV feature that works for me..Version: 7.6.8

Waste of money - found it uselessI have been using this app for a while and have been very disappointed with it! Has added nothing of value to my training and the so called ‘insights’ have been as insightful as something you would find in a fortune cookie. Utter waste of money and shall not waste more time with it... I see why there is no free trial version now! More fool me for buying it off a recommendation in a podcast 🙄.Version: 7.7.7

Doesn’t seem accurateI have been using for almost a year now and I find now I get “optimal” super low readings or super high readings the first attempt, which makes me take another reading. The second time is almost always in the middle. How can it be accurate if one reading is 6.3 and the next is 7.5. It just seems to randomize the reading. I’d understand if it was telling me the reading wasn’t optimal but when they are how can there be such a variance??.Version: 7.4.2

Stopped WorkingThe app read my HRV for about 2 weeks before it stopped working. It reads for about 30 seconds then has me start over and doesn’t provide final results. This has been an issue regardless of how many times I’ve done it over. Wouldn’t recommend if you’re looking for something long term..Version: 7.7.9

App brokenThis update has broken the app on the iPhone 8Plus. When trying to take an HRV reading the flash fires twice and then goes off, which means the app can’t take a reading. Had a look on the website for a support contact but couldn’t find one so left this here..Version: 7.0.1

Utter rubbishI bought this app but so far it hasn’t been able to sync once with Hrv readings from health. I have been using the breathe app, I have allowed sync of data between health and the app. However the app doesn’t pick up the data. 10 pounds I won’t see again. Do yourself a favour, save your money and don’t bother with this.Version: 7.6.4

DecentThey recently changed the look of the app so it looks like a beta site from the late 90’s. I am not sure either if it just my phone or the app but about half time I run the test it drops the connection mid scan even with the meter registering well an the green light. All in all HRV is a great gauge for recovery and on terms of the app what you put in the daily survey will make it more useful. 2 stars for terrible design interface and spotty reading..Version: 7.9.3

Good but accurate?Using this for a while now and seems pretty good. But it worries me that you can do 3 tests in 3 mins and get 3 wildly different results.Version: 7.7.7

Another waste of money!Disappointed.Version: 6.6.6

UpdateWhy would you change the perfectly good interface?? Why dark mode only?? Do you hate your users??.Version: 7.9.1

How to use with iPhone 11 proI just got the iPhone 11 Pro with three camera lenses. Got instructions from developers on which lense to cover when taking measurements. Worked for about three weeks then app stopped reading my finger. Developers then sent same instructions which I said I already had. Then they got offended because I called them on sending me the same instructions. I guess I will just use the other Heart Rate Variability app..Version: 7.5.9

Not accurateI loved this idea. I really wanted it to work and was excited for it but when I tested it I found: -That when compared on both another phone and another ipad my polar h10 was way, way more accurate. The difference is so great that it’s hard for me to understand why these reviews are so good.... -holding your finger on the phone camera without moving is surprisingly annoying for two minutes, let alone five. It’s just not better than getting a clip on finger or chest strap monitor..Version: 7.0.5

Requires you to send the company all your dataYou can’t use this app at all without creating an account with them. After buying this, I did then notice it’s in the app description, but it’s literally the last thing mentioned. If you click the “Why do I need an account?” button, it says you need an account so that your data is kept safe, but if you read their terms of service, they explicitly say “We shall in no way be responsible for any loss of User Content or other data.” This is nonsense. The app could keep my data safe in iCloud, and I’d still have my privacy. I’ll be asking Apple for a refund the instant the charge goes through..Version: 7.1.6

Difficult to use, never seems to workI have an Apple Watch and use both workouts and the Strava app. I’ve experimented with only using Strava to try and get this app to give any useful data, to no end. Giving up on it. Not user friendly, resulting in no useful data. Point in case - the volume of responses to user complaints in the app reviews. They speak to the flawed app design. It shouldn’t require myriad personalized responses. If the app was clearly designed to communicate intent and method, it would be clear that you need additional equipment, that they’re unable to use the Apple Watch because of API restrictions, and that this requires readings to be done in a specific and consistent way (best I can piece together). The frustration and research necessary to successfully use this tool are simply too high for many users. The developers seem to understand the science they’re working with, but not how to effectively communicate about it..Version: 7.6.7

Needs work in iOS 13Crashing all the time with iOS 13 and iPhone 11 Pro..Version: 7.5.0

Waste of money!This application is so convoluted to use and the UI is not user friendly to say the least. I was unable to get a refund for my purchase. And I deleted it after a couple days. ☹️.Version: 8.1.1

FrustratingI have issues with the app. It won't start the measurements a lot of the time on my 7+ without rebooting first.Version: 6.8.3

Difficult to readDon’t know why they turned background black, makes info so difficult to read, font small too. Would use it more if it was more user friendly as info looks Interesting, but black background makes it almost impossible to read. And why isn’t it integrated with Apple Watch after all this time?.Version: 7.9.4

Inaccurate, waste of money.Dont waste your money on this app if you dont have a hrm. The camera is unreliable and the readings it gave me were based off false data. Do not buy this app..Version: 7.6.2

Like this app but doesn’t consistently workLove it but finding it super frustrating. Seems like most day it takes me forever to get a reading. Today I gave up as after 15 min, turning app on and off multiple times ( which usually works) still not working..Version: 7.7.9

Pillow HRVThis app requires an investment in time. And the ROI when using the camera as your sensor isn’t great since the measurements are not repeatable and are highly suspect. Yes I’ve studied the blog post on using the camera. Back to back measurements under the same conditions result in a range 7.1 - 8.5. Heart rate is reasonably close to what Apple Watch reports. App is good at manufacturing a signal from the noise. Too good. My pillow and bed sheets have scored 9.1, 9.5, and 12.3. Bpm tends to be way off at 2-3x actual and fluctuates wildly when I suspend phone above the bedding and the signal looks nothing like a heartbeat. Still, app reports good and optimal signal quality when camera is aimed at goldenrod colored sheets..Version: 7.3.9

Should state at the top of the listing that an account is requiredMy bad. I didn’t read all the way to the bottom. Was looking for an app that did not require an account. Also, the reason for an account is lame. You do not NEED to back up my data. Should be optional if you are going to charge for the app. Especially if all collection and processing are local. May not be a blatant personal data grab, but it sure does look like one. I hope the app convinces me that it was worth it, but even if it’s good you look like sheisters to me..Version: 7.7.7

Doesn't align with meUsing the camera sensor on an iPhone, I find that my readings are very different than my subjective feeling. On days I know I'm well rested I get very low scores, and on days when I'm very tired I get my highest scores. I wish I could return this app after about a week of use, but since I can't, I submit this feedback instead. Buyer beware. Also, if you're looking to sync with TrainingPeaks, note that it only sends it's proprietary score, not the standard hrv measurement. This may be useful to know if you have a history using other apps or devices. Of course, you can see the standard score on the app, but it doesn't push that number to TrainingPeaks..Version: 7.0.3

Not an Apple WhoopI was really hoping this would be a good Whoop type app for my Apple watch 6, which constantly measures HRV. Alas it seems to be a wasted £10. So unless it changes soon I'll be requesting a refund..Version: 7.7.7

Sorry I bought thisIt is inconsistent in reading from the Apple watch Breathe app, often telling me there is no reading, when I just took it with the Breathe app before getting out of bed. Using the phone camera isn't much better and often requires several tries to complete. Then there's all those questions to sort through to save it. Then I see hardly any differences, and if truly want to see more than minimal amount, have to pay for a hefty annual subscription..Version: 7.3.9

Slow and inconsistentYou see a lot of “computing and syncing” anytime you move between screens. It’s like molasses at times. At this price point I would of expected a far snappier app - also it would be better to have more explanations in the app rather than constantly having to link through to the blog site and wait for that to Load. You spend a not insignificant amount of time just waiting for things in this app..Version: 7.6.8

Started ok..then just became to unreliableThe first few months this app was consistent and worked as i dictated for the most part. Given you’re consistent on measuring same time each days and annotating variables accurately. HOWEVER, the last month the app has been completely unreliable. It takes sometimes up to ten different tries to get a good reading. The app constantly crashes and when it doesn’t crash it’s all over the board. I don’t know what changed in the last update but I was border line ready to throw in the towel but now the decision was made for me. At least in my experience I’ll continue to look elsewhere to get HRV tracking. BTW I’m a big data geek. Live my TrainingPeaks platform and Garmin Connect. But HRV is still that missing data point for me..Version: 7.6.7

Better upgrade handling neededI like this app and use it on a reasonably regular basis. It seems, however, that lately there have been a few update and support is only built in to handle database changes if you open the app between each update. This is not good programming. It's happened to me and the uninstall and reinstall is an inconvenience to users. It seems the author is aware of this and has taken to using the release notes to complain about users rather than fixing the issues.Version: 6.1.4

Great customer supportYou must use the app within 3 hours of taking a reading with an Apple Watch. While I’m able to take a readily before getting out of bed, I frequently do not have the luxury of using the app within the 3-hour window. Therefore, the app is of limited use to me. Their customer support was awesome in helping me determine this limitation..Version: 7.5.2

Integrates poorly with Apple Watch breathe appI really want to love this app but the integration with the breathe app on Apple Watch doesn’t always work. Countless times The app can not read the heart rate information from the breathe sessions I have in the morning. And even when I retake them it still cannot find a session within the last three hours. Checking the health app on the iPhone shows the breathe sessions as expected..Version: 7.6.0

Disappointing $10They sensor on the Apple watch has been proven to be accurate. (Yet no watch integration) A cardiologist actually laughed at the fact that this app uses a camera. We measured simple heart rate and found this app to be extremely off base. If it uses heart rate as a measurement in the hrv calculations, but it can’t accurately measure that, then how can they claim any accuracy at all? I appreciate the response. Maybe it would be helpful to inform users before they buy the app that to get a true measurement, you need to have a Bluetooth monitor. Also I will add that I did not say anything about the health app measuring hrv. I just said that when i discusses it with my cardiologist, the cardiologist and I checked the heart rate before and after a stress test on my watch and then tried the hrv app with the camera. HRV4Training was very inaccurate. (If I can’t get an accurate bpm from your app (it was generally at least 20 bpm or more off while measuring with optimal connection) then how can it be trusted to measure R-R intervals?.Version: 7.1.1

Pretty rubbishInformation is pretty useless out of sync with reality if not just plain wrong. Obviously I am an outlier on the charts as HRV changes do not in any way align to actual real life feelings. HRV goes up after an intense strength session, telling me I can go intense when I can barely summon the energy to use the app, and telling me to back off when I am good to go after a rest day. Additional trends and analysis is really truly useless, no value in that analysis at all and the links to the website provide no useful information. I can’t believe I have wasted time and money on this pseudoscience hocus pocus. This isn’t science, this is rubbish stats unsupported by quality scientific analysis..Version: 7.0.6

Will not sync your health data - you have to start from scratchEven after you turn on all categories for it to interact with Health, it will not read all your HR data. I have a plethora of HR data from a dedicated HR monitor (same one they advertise) and my Apple Watch. I have all of this data stored in Health. But the application won’t read any of it. For $10 this shouldn’t be a difficult concept. It is making me start from scratch for data entry. Even more so, the only way to sync via an external device is to use the Breath app on your Apple Watch. What about the other million data points from my past 600 workouts I have logged or synced in Health. - Not happy with this purchase..Version: 7.3.9

Questionable accuracyI’ve been using this app for over a year and it seems great. As long as you stick to one measurement. I have the recommended polar chest strap and measure for 2 minutes. Sometimes if I get a reading that’s higher or lower than usual I’ll immediately take a second reading and often the HRV number will be different than the first, to the point where it won’t even give the same advice. I’ve also experimented with the camera measurement and my HRV was always significantly lower. For the price of the app, it’s fine but I would never pay for the premium service. Also if you want to see your heart rate data from your workouts in the app you will also need a premium Strava subscription..Version: 8.1.6

Grossly inadequate - Not worth the money(yet)After about two weeks of using this app, I feel I have wasted my money too soon and I wish I could have my money back! This app is not worth $9.99 for the following reasons: - Data presentation is not great. You only see one number which is emphasised, however, it doesn’t seem to reflect recovery in real life for me. If you want to see other data like resting heart rate or other calculated parameters, you have to see them in the graph only. At least two or three main parameters can be presented on the main screen. - Most of the other features are not of use. For example, I do not use Strava premium or Training peaks. So it doesn’t use heart rate data to calculate Training load as Suffer score or TSS is not available. I would at least expect TRIMP to be calculated. All I get is Training load with Distance/Duration!!! - You cannot take snapshot HRV readings. You can take only one reading and save it. The app seems to be limited in potential as of now. I would really be happy if I could have my money back..Version: 7.1.6

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