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Patience people.To all those people complaining about the white screen It's the game loading -.- Just wait..Version: 1.0

Review from kidsWhen we were little we played and it was fun and easy and I want to say that it was so fun when I was a baby and I asked to play and she let me and I played it and it was funny and easy and I crashed into a monster and he fell into the water and then I laughed hehehehehe.Version: 1.0

SweetThis encourages creativity for all children, I think it is great. Sometimes it is hard to control the car so maybe something so you tilt your phone /iPod to steer as an optional choice. All in all, I think it is a very sweet little game with so many choices. Toca Boca never fails to impress!.Version: 1.0

😐😄😃😀👍Alright get it I am only 10 so yeh.Version: 1.0

Super funI played it when i was 4 now I continue to play.Version: 1.0.6

Great GameI love this game! It's so fun! I wish you could build/add onto the pre set up area! Other than that its really fun💙.Version: 1.0

OMG I LOVE THIS GAME!!It's worth every penny. Buy it. Get it. Freaking love it..Version: 1.0

Love itGreat game love it so fun i don't care if you don't like but like it or lump it ok.Version: 1.0

Fantastic!Please add local co-op and you can fall of your car and add rag doll physics when you fall!!!.Version: 1.0

BrilliantDon't hesitate to download, this is a smooth and original little game. The best aspect of Toca product is i know they wont pester my child to pay for add ons this is very important and i hope it remains. When my child asks for a game i always check for in app purchases if they are there we just dont do it. When she asks for a Toca we just get it. Think on developers. Anyway here's what the 6 year old girl thinks of toca cars: Because you can make your own world and they have a little world ready for you and you can click a boy or girl and drive them in car. i like the ramps and wings come out the car when you jump, i like when you drive through paint puddles and it draws on the grass..Version: 1.0

Love the gameHi! I loooved that game but it would be nice if you could: 1.Add more characters! 2.You can make your own cars! 3.You can add computer drivers! 4.You can put an unlimited (or more) enemys like the dog or the big robot! 5.You can add computer people walking.Version: 1.0

Good but hardHow do you drive in this it's a great game but please add either easier controls or joysticks.Version: 1.0

EpicThis Game Is Epic To Make It Even Better Release More Characters Like The Man Of Toca Hair Salon 2.Version: 1.0

OkThe game is ok but the controlling is quite hard but other than that its great..Version: 1.0

NostalgicThis is one of my favorite games. yep that’s it.Version: 1.0.6

They need more thingsThey need more things like drivers and maps and alot of buildings and online make big things like online anything like make more bots and trees and people for offline and online and make bigger maps maybe a world oh and maybe a thing for little kids too.Version: 1.0

Luv it updateI love this game I'm 11 but I still play it just one thing it's kinda lonely so I would like some other random cars in his game but still love it! Love the other games as well;D I would give it 10/10.Version: 1.0.1

My suggestion and last commentSo for the people who are giving it one star I mean I’m not trying to be mean for the people who have one star but I just Justin playing the game longer and I really want them to say how they feel but I love this game so much and thank you Toca Boca developer for making this game I really love it and thank you for making this and also if you saw my other comments thank you and that’s all I have to say bye. And also update is a little bit too and that’s all I have to say but you could check out some other Games for the people who have one star and you could check out my suggestions but this game is really awesome and also one of my favoritesThat’s allI had to say bye..Version: 1.0.6

CarsWhen I do the created mode it kicks me out..Version: 1.0.6

GreatI really like this game its a lot of fun and different things to do. Harrison age 6.Version: 1.0

Spectacular!... But...I love it, but it could use an update. I think you should be able to drive at different speeds. Also, I would like to be able to place road, so it would be able to create race tracks easier. Finally, I would like to save created areas. Other than that, keep up the great work toca boca!.Version: 1.0

Another nice app from toca bocaGreat little game,my kids enjoy doing whatever they want on the course and crashing into things!.Version: 1.0

Great gameI really enjoy this game - great visual design an gameplay. Setting down the houses when building the world seems a bit buggy. They don't stay where I put them down, but jump to the side. But really fun to drive the cars around..Version: 1.0

Download!!Lovely app, my four year old thinks it's fantastic 😊.Version: 1.0

LOVE IT!!!!!!!Sweet game I'm IN LOVE all your games ROCK ON AMAZING TOCA BOCA A W S O M E =)=)=).Version: 1.0

Toca CarsA very good app but quite hard to drive the car(s) Everything is unlocked so you have to pay nothing at all for anything! It's great!.Version: 1.0

Great GameThis game is really fun and it has a great idea of just bring able to do nothing. It has great physics which make it fun to do jumps and tricks. But where there is good there is bad. If they are going to have one world then it needs to be expanded a lot and add more people and things into it to make the game reach its full height. The game should also have multiplayer where you can use a preloaded world or a created one and just try to out trick everyone one it. So all in all it's a fun, great game with a few bad parts but by the next update I think these will be made or at least a portion of it. Oh ya and I know tons and I mean tons if people would get this if you made it lint GTA, to do this u should have the world a lot bigger and be able to get out of your car walk into stores to buy new items for your character maybe even have a job or get money for doing tricks. You also need to add a bunch of people including police that will chase you till you get away or you lose your money, but only do that if they catch you commuting a crime. Thank You for your time can't wait for next update!!!.Version: 1.0

MYSTERIA is better!Good gam but download MYSTERIA. Much better concept. 😄.Version: 1.0

TocacarsThisfungame.Version: 1.0.6

Toca Boca gets it!This company makes toys that are fun, creative, and awesome! I cannot wait to let my little guy have a go with this game!!! Toca Boca makes games with the children AND parents in mind! There are no in-app purchases or bothersome full screen ads. There are no tricky menus to get your child stuck. Just fun for your little one!! Seriously, I cannot say enough about this companies care and thought that go into making fun games for kids!!! Buy this game, buy every game they make!!!!.Version: 1.0

AwesomeI love this game, reading the reviews people are like "wow a Car follows your finger, so fun! Not." Do you like not realise this is a young children's app, it's based for them, if you are older you are not going to find it fun are you?.Version: 1.0

Toca carsLove it always keeps my daughter busy.Version: 1.0

Good needs more🐭Why have limited resources why not be able to adventure and be creative there is a lot more things you can put on this app like choosing the color and size! This app should let kids explore and let out their inner creative side my little bro plays this on my iPhone and well even I play it it's good but could be a lot better.Version: 1.0

Pure geniusThat's all I can say really. Super cute world made of cardboard and a car to drive around in and occasionally collide with a building or tree. You can reset all the buildings if your driving ability is a little chaotic AND you can layout your own tracks. What more can a girl ask for? I only hope it doesn't affect my real life driving ability :-).Version: 1.0

SoOoOoOooO much fun!!!🤩🤩I love all toca Boca apps! They are all so much fun! One idea could you plz make multiplayer? That would be amazing!!😊😊 I bought the engineering box a few weeks ago and I was having the time of my life!! I love all ur games! Plz keep making more😁😁😆😆 Wrote by a 10 year old boy 😎 and if ur having trouble when the intro goes on and then everything goes back? Well just power off ur iPad/phone/computer and then go back on the app and problem solved!!!🥳🥳.Version: 1.0.6

LOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVEEEEEE ITGet this app if I was u i would get it I love driving in the ice-cream puddles.Version: 1.0

CheeseI don't have kids!!!!.Version: 1.0

More than a child playing this...I'm in high school, and despite being 14, I LOVE THIS GAME. The one problem I have, is that I wish you could put down more objects, or at least have more places to explore. If you could do that, I would be so ecstatic. Love you guys :) <3.Version: 1.0

Great!!Finally a car game a toddler can easily play with! I've been looking for one with Finger steering controls for my almost 3yr old. The tilt steering that all other car/racing apps have isn't suitable for this age group's coordination yet. So this is PERFECT!!! Thanks Toca Boca!.Version: 1.0

Plus d'objetsVous devriez ajouter le même poisson qu'il y a dans le monde déjà fait dans le monde vide. Aussi plus de boites au lettre, autant qu'il y en a dans le monde déjà fait. J'aimerais que le chien facteur sois plus gentil et cesse de nous renverser. En mode de déplacement d'objet quand on déplace un objet qu'il n'en déplace pas un autre. Je voudrais plus de sorte de panneaux et plus de sorte de magasin, peut-être, et plus de machine qui peuvent bouger. Pour finir une beaucoup plus grande carte de terrain ( plus d'espace)..Version: 1.0

Annoying but goodThis game is messed up because the postdog follows you and the monster looks evil and scary he destroys everything then the game is like a glitch but it is mostly fun with the monster to mess around and the post dog is funny..Version: 1.0.6

It's okIt's ok but it is fun.Version: 1.0

My life is a sad storyOver 9 years old by a bunch and play this game.Version: 1.0

Wow!!!I love this game so much it looks for kids but is for every age . Its a fun game!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.Version: 1.0

Awsome but add moreLook this is really one of my favourite games of Toca boca but can u make a update plss!!!!🙁🙁🙁 can we make our own cars and make our own people also why don't u get some girls too bc there could be girls that wanna play this game too.Version: 1.0.5

Review☺️ It's pretty fun....Version: 1.0

Toca bocaAs with all toca boca games this one is a must my little man can't put it down!.Version: 1.0

OkayThe game is average it gets a little boring after a while.Version: 1.0

AwesomeCool as game.Version: 1.0

AwesomeReally fun and cool.Version: 1.0

LoveloverJguguftdtfyguhigtdrdtf.Version: 1.0

Funnnnn...This game is really fun because it is imaginative and kids can race around with their little go karts doing stunts..Version: 1.0.1

Shane Dawson is my husbandIt is so fun driving around town and creating your own course! I think this game is fun for all ages. I am 13 and I love it! The characters are so cute 😊 I love the way you can drive into buildings and knock them over, and driving through the paint is so fun. A great little app over all..Version: 1.0

More Updates!Although as great as this app is there can be much improved and added here's some suggestions I would hope you would take into consideration: it would be great if you could add a real working town to drive in with other cars driving, people entering the shops, police man, little people you have to watch out for, cars driving up and down the road, school bus, car customization, more animals, the option to save more than one world, different world every time, lakes and ponds, more puddles, unlimited decor (trees, traffic lights, bushes, signs, ect. ect.), bigger road, maybe be able to build a road, more houses, and more stores! Hope this helps with the next update! Keep up the good work! Keep updating to!.Version: 1.0

Nice gameI ❤ dis app.Version: 1.0

Soooooooo cooolBuy it its soooo awesome worth the money.Version: 1.0

BrilliantBrilliant little game, kids love it.Version: 1.0

Can you please add multiplayer?Me and my brother LOVE this game SOOOO much! It's so fun and the puppy is so cute but annoying! Can you please add a multiplayer section so me and my brother can play in the town and race each other together? It would be so fun and cool if there was a multiplayer mode! Please, please, please add one. PLEASE! Thank you Toca and don't stop making great games for all ages! Oh and PLEASE, please, please add a toca baking, I luv toca games so much and baking is my dream job, please make one I will totaly luv it..Version: 1.0

Its a good app but...Its a good app but make the objects so you can't knock em over and make them drive alittle slower, also when you build the town make the things unlimited and have there be people take at least one of my suggestions or ill never purchase and app from you again i wont waste money for a stupid baby game thats even too hard for me!.Version: 1.0

My 3 yr old loves itHe can use and navigate it by himself and loves to show me the different characters. Cute game..Version: 1.0

Toca carsAn AMAZING game but I personally would like to play with your friends, visit each others worlds and customise your own character. <3 :).Version: 1.0

Gran theft auto for kidsThis game is exactly like gta but for kids. I love this game!!! So worth the download :) :) 👻🎃😋.Version: 1.0

Toca Boca needs more free gamesI like the's wonderful! I like that it was free! But Toca Boca needs more FREE games that are like the ones that cost money!(the paid games have more activities and updates)There are some 8-9 year olds that have their own phone and don't have any money on their phone and their parents won't let them!.Version: 1.0

I NEED MORE TOCA!!Toca is awesome and thats every game of it. But the one question i have is why do they all cost?!? I really wanna play them but because they cost i can't !.Version: 1.0

Nice game!This is an amazing game to play... I like it!!!.Version: 1.0

Love itAwesome app.Version: 1.0

12 and still loving itI’m 12 and I’m literally going through all the Toca games here wanting to relive my childhoo. Please don’t listen to the 4 y.o on here complaining about how they didn’t win. The app is amazing.Version: 1.0.6

Best toca app everMe and my little sister have races see who can get to the stop light first.Version: 1.0

Brilliant !A very fun imaginative little game !! Worth getting !!.Version: 1.0

Bo$$I love this game!!! Im 11 and its so fun i cant get enough of it, in other reviews some people said this is boring after 2 times, i admit it gets boring in the original world, but not in the build your own world. I have all the toca boca apps toca tailor, toca hair Solon 1 and 2, toca kitchen, toca train, and many others. I was really disipointed in toca builders. But anyways, you should get this app. It is also fun for young kids my 5 and 8 year old cousins love it!!!!!.Version: 1.0

Could have work... BUT please read allI wish there was more and could have unlimited! More things and toys would be fun! Otherwise a very fun game!.Version: 1.0.5

Awesome fun!Super fun. Love the details! just please note that initially we had trouble with this app, but only on our iPad 2. The problem was that in build mode the screen went almost entirely black. This problem does not exist on the two newer iPads. We were able to solve this problem by closing the app, shutting it down from operating in the background, deleting the app, hard rebooting and then reinstalling. Keep up the good work!.Version: 1.0

Awesome!!!This game is perfect 4 my iPad but the dog is annoying BUT CUTE Toca boca this is 4 u 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 And can u please make more games It's perfect for my little sister 😉.Version: 1.0

You need to read this now!It changed my life full stop #gamergirl.Version: 1.0

Toca carsIt is really good but the steering isn't so please can you improve the steering please.Version: 1.0

Plus d'itemsBonjour , J'aimerais avoir le même poisson qu'il y a dans le monde déjà crée pour le mettre dans le monde vide. Il faudrait aussi autant de boîtes au lettres que dans le monde déjà fait. Il y a aussi le chien que j'aimerais plus gentil ( cesse de nous renverser ) et qu'il garde une distance raisonnable pour ne pas nous toucher. Merci d'avance !.Version: 1.0

Toca carsI would live an update for toca cars so u can do multiplayer with you friends and you can race or drive in your town with them I would also like the update to just happen automatically because something happened to my ipod so could you do that please if u can I live toca cars though it is fun to drive and reck things up and go over ramps but when I make my own town I like to go easy and not brake stuff but sometimes I will reck things up.Version: 1.0

Entertaining and fun3.5 year old boy has enjoyed this app. You build a town with cardboard pieces shaped as shops, car jumps, houses, traffic lights and trees then drive in your toca car in the town your created. There is a 'naughty robot' that my son enjoyed chasing after. The jumps are fun and wings come out from your car when you are flying through the air..Version: 1.0.1

AwesomeI really love this game and haven't stopped playing since I got it which was about 5 hours ago lol. but to make it more fun I agree with having shops and people and police and all that jazz! also, there should be a race track world where you can play with your friends and other people and play in other towns too! but I still love it this way but having more little worlds would be much more fun! ~ love alia.Version: 1.0

Good game for kidsPlus there are no in app purchases which is great for the kids to enjoy..Version: 1.0

WeeeeeeeeIts an awesome game.Version: 1.0

AmazingAmazing but you can only drive and create a world but it is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 1.0.6

My fave app company!Ok, I gotta say it. I'm 19 years old, and I absolutely love all of TocaBoca apps! I dont care if they are supposed to be dor 2-6 yr olds. They are all so interactive, fun, and unique! And I love the art style you guys use. Lovely! Keep up the awesome work!.Version: 1.0

So much funI love this game. it's not just for kids, but for anyone who enjoys the idea of driving around a virtual playground. One thing I would change is that you should be able to do a multiplayer race. Other than that, keep up the good work!.Version: 1.0

Great gameA solid game for kids.Version: 1.0.6

YayLove this game but there should be more characters and challenges. Hope there's an update!😄🚗.Version: 1.0

Good...Good but it needs a little more to it like racing against computers and stuff like that. Otherwise great!.Version: 1.0

Local multiplayerCan you guys add multiplayer please and thank you..Version: 1.0.6

Great fun!So cute and fun! Love the cardboard style and the quirky details!.Version: 1.0.5

GoodThis game is good,but you should be able to design your own car and character. :).Version: 1.0

Fun. But hard to drive the carI like the game but I wish the car was easier to drive.i also wish there was a place where you could pretend to be in a driving championship ,there would be a big arena and lots of different tricks you could do.I'm sure a lot of people would like it if you added it..Version: 1.0.1

AwesomeSuper super super fun! You get to crash into stuff and then they fall over. It's Toca's best game, and we have them all!.Version: 1.0

I don't reallyIs this meant to show you that kids aren't meant to drive till they're 17 or over.Version: 1.0

Good game butGood game but need to have better driving i suggest a steering wheel or tilt the phone.Version: 1.0

FabThis is Fab you even get to make a world get it!.Version: 1.0

The guy who's talking right nowAwesome but not good I wish that you could get more characters!😤😤.Version: 1.0.5

A GOOD GAME !Toca cars , a good game. Could do with a few extra things in the game though. Like its great going round the courses , but needs some mini games and more objects, its really hard to control the car after a jump. By the way im 14 so a bit old for the games , but i like these games. 4 star , not bad , but not 5 star as not the best game ..Version: 1.0

Awesome!I love this app, even though I'm technically not a 'young' child anymore! I would recommend this to anyone, it's really great fun making the track and then crashing into everything!.Version: 1.0.1

Brill!How can people say stuff like 'it's ok' or 'rubbish' I think it's one of the most best Toca Boca apps 😝.Version: 1.0

This game is fun, but frustrating 😅I love this game, my siblings love this game, but the only things that are wrong with it is that, A; it's kinda hard to drive the car, B; hate when the dog knocks you over, over and over again, C; I can't stand the robot! The robot makes me seriously nervous and frustrated, and I bet some little kids find that stressing too. I mean it gets me so annoyed that the robot and the dog are chasing you and pushing you over constantly. Please make a setting where you can make the robot stop without having to build another track in the track maker section, Thank you😊.Version: 1.0.1

Great game!!Great game!! I really enjoyed it but can you update it like maybe add more characters to choose from when driving instead of 2 but otherwise that it's really fun!.Version: 1.0

Amazing game!!!!! Needs multiplayer!!!I downloaded this game and now I play it all the time!!! Lol :D this game is amazing but multiplayer would make it EPIC!!! It would be awesome to play with your friends and drive about! It would take this game to the next level lol :D get it? Awesome game! Multiplayer needed so it's even more awesome :DDD.Version: 1.0

FUN and cute!Do you have a hard time keeping quiet sometimes and staying relaxed and under control?? Well i’m 10, and this is perfect! It keeps me quiet and relaxed, I like how the characters can wobble and the large range you can drive on! Keep being awesome toca!.Version: 1.0.6

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