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Reordering used to be slightly betterI’ve noted that your more recent releases tout your reordering capabilities; however I’ve experienced a loss of functionality. Given that I’m a member of the MyPanera+ coffee subscription, I’ve ordered an iced coffee that requires customization, since the default custom items don’t allow me to do it. I ask for a little half-and-half cream to be added and two raw sugar packets. I used to put this in the special request open text box and those comments would be saved for use with my next custom order. With the current version, those special notes are erased, so I have to retype them in every time I order an iced coffee. My request is to have the special comments saved as part of the order as it used to be and/or it can make the reordering process far quicker. David.Version: 4.30.1

Your UberEats promotion failed; all your restaurants hate youYou basically set up all your stores to fail (and you’re losing customers) because you launched a promotion with UberEats KNOWING your stores are not in a position to handle the order load. What moron at your headquarters came up with this hair-brained, tone deaf, poorly thought out idea?Now all your poorly payed staff are getting yelled at while making 10$ an hour as you corporate idiots, who came up with this unattainable idea, are ordering 500$ steaks totally clueless about your actual company. Idiots. Panera food is great. Its NOT great when it takes 3 hours to get delivered. The moron who came up with this dumbas- idea probably makes $500,000...and should be fired. Idiots. All of you (except for the hardworkers who actually make the food) are idiots. Who’s getting the blame? It’s the low paid hardworkers. Fire the dimwit who came up with this unbelievably poorly thought out idea. Is there a number we can call to yell at that person? You know, so people know the right people to be mad at?.Version: 4.12.0

Very glitchy. Always a different problem.This is probably the most glitchy app I use. There is always a different issue each time I try to use it. Unfortunate that Panera has lost my money at least twice when I’ve attempted to order and come across issues that prevented me from ordering. Also just makes me less likely to use the app in the future when I know there’s often a problem. Come on, it’s worth investing the money for a decent app. One of the most frustrating issues is when you try to click something and the app just freezes. Another is that it prompted me to reset my password, it sends me an email to do so, and then when directed back to the app to change the password, when you click on the field to type in your password, the keyboard does not pop up and so there’s nothing else you can do. Also, why do I need to sign in every time I go to the app? Just keep me signed in..Version: 4.38.0

Insane scamStill can’t believe it happened. I enrolled to try the 1st month free cus there’s one near by my location. And later on that month i have to move back to Brooklyn where there’s no Panera bread store near by. I got busy with all the moving thing and forgot to cancel the service, and it automatically renewed me for another month of service which i canceled right away after receiving the email confirmation. I would expect a money back for the month and service i wasn’t and never going to use(who wouldn’t?) I waited like a week and no refund was issued, then I called the customer service and the rep i spoke with told me that :the moment I received the email is the moment the card has been charged with service loaded and once the service has been loaded, there’s absolutely no money back in any circumstance, he continued said but there will be no charge going forward?? What does he mean? Of course there will be no further charges! I was shocked and asked him that you do realized what “canceled right away” means. He said he does and no money back is in the agreement when i signed up to try the service. I was like seriously??? Then i asked to speak to a supervisor if he can’t help me. And he said the coffee subscribers can’t talk to a supervisor and there will be no difference to talk to one anyway, meaning there will not be a refund whatsoever!! It really blowed me off, isn’t this a scam and is it even legal??.Version: 4.37.2

One big delivery issue, but otherwise a good appThis app is convenient and easy to navigate UNTIL you actually order your food. In the last few months, the Panera app has started telling me my order is ‘out for delivery’ as soon as I place the order (instead of when it is ACTUALLY out for delivery - usually about 15-20 minutes later), making me wait by the front door for around 45 minutes to make sure I do not miss the delivery, when in actuality the food is rarely delivered until about 45 minutes after it is ordered. I find it more convenient to do Rapid Pick-up under those circumstances (so I can get my food faster and without waiting restricted to my living room for almost an hour). If Panera can fix the delivery issues on the app, it is worth five stars..Version: 4.11.0

Nice app, notifications do not work.App is great. Notifications do not work. This is my first time using app. Submitted order and got txt saying another txt would tell me when order is ready. After 30 minutes decided to head to store to find out why order not ready. Order was ready and sitting on shelf but now salad was warm, soup was cold, and 3 frozen lemonades were not frozen. My wife then on my return tells me that notifications and "pick up time"(in app?) never work - I should just head to store and wait. If a feature doesn’t work, then the feature should be removed. Users should not need to “be in the know”. I will keep using app, but I will ignore any pickup up guidance and just drive over when the order is submitted. Also, the corn chowder they make works as a gazpacho..Version: 4.42.1

Fine app - if you get your foodI’d been using this app for a while, loving the rewards and simplicity of the rapid pickup. However, today the order was not there when I got there. It was busy, so okay. I waited a half hour, periodically checking on my poor dog who was stuck out in the car. Finally I went to talk with someone at the register, and they didn’t show any record of my order. The lady told me to keep waiting (for an order they didn’t have?!) and acted like I was just being impatient. No one would look at the order confirmation I had, there was no offer to remake it, not even an apology for the trouble. The staff completely blew me off, and I had to just leave. This is inexcusable customer service. Update - I contacted Panera customer service and they did eventually refund, so I’ll add a star for that. The process to get that done was still a bit of a pain, though, and I’m reluctant to go back after such a terrible experience. My suggestion - the cafe needs visibility to track the app orders, and if the cafe is busy, there needs to be a way for that to be factored into the pickup time. The app isn’t worth anything if you don’t get what was ordered!.Version: 4.12.0

Okay app, not so great rewards programThe app functions reasonably fine for my purposes. I don’t usually have a lot of customizations on my orders. Although, I do often use rapid pickup and there have been a fair number of times when I placed my order to find out that what I wanted was unavailable. The staff at the store always makes it right by offering something comparable. However, I would prefer that the app reflects what’s actually available in-store, like what the Starbucks app usually does. Also, for some reason, the app doesn’t allow me to order from the table when I’m at my usual store. Just kind of annoying. Panera’s rewards program is a bit stingy, as most patrons probably know. Plus, they limit us to earning visits to at least two hours apart, last time I checked. Chick-fil-a and Starbucks are definitely more generous..Version: 4.13.0

Love Panera, quirky app in need of simplifyingI love Panera. I use this app multiple times a week. I do think there are some ways that they could streamline the ordering process, but for the most part, it does what it needs to. I do have 2 issues with the breakfast portion of the app. I often forget that it ends at 11, and I realize it at 10:45. So I go to order delivery or rapid pick up at 10:45, and it’s already no longer available in the app. Even when I try to order online, it tells me breakfast ends at 11... but it’s 10:45. Why can’t I order breakfast? Especially for delivery? This doesn’t make sense to me and is incredibly frustrating! My other issue is with some of the breakfast sandwiches. I can’t order a bacon, egg, and cheese on brioche and pick the option to switch to a bagel. I always have to call in the restaurant after I order to have them change it. After months of doing this, one of the employees finally was kind enough to tell me if I choose the bacon, egg, and cheese on ciabatta then I’ll be able to change it. AND THEY HAVE TO DO THIS TOO! WHY does this process have to be so complicated?!? Bottom line, there are some improvements that could be made. At the end of the day I love Panera and I’m grateful for an app to be able to order it through..Version: 4.35.1

Problems with appAfter my order has arrived, I get an email asking me how my experience was and giving me a choice to enter a number of stars. If I select a rating, it goes straight to the app and then absolutely nothing happens. No place to leave a rating, or comments or anything. Further, if I go into my order history to see if I can access it there, there is no way to do that. Bottom line is this, something was missing from my order today and the only option I had to leave feedback was to call the store manager (which results in an obnoxious hold time). Why is there no way to leave a comment, email the store, contact the driver, anything to leave feedback. And why send an email asking for a rating if that goes nowhere either. This customer support and feedback process for online ordering needs work..Version: 4.26.2

Delivery and restaurant issueI ordered $30 worth of food today and wrong orders were delivered to my house. It was missing half of my orders and they sent me two stuff that I didn’t even order. What’s more frustrating is that the receipt on the bag clearly stated what I had ordered, but someone packed the wrong stuff in it. I called the restaurant and they had no idea what had happened. They claimed that they have no control over the Panera app, the delivery third party, and the app for refund. They were nice enough to offer me store credit but couldn’t refund me nor resend my orders to me. The restaurant, delivery, and app are all independent from each other which makes absolutely no sense....I had to drive to the restaurant to exchange the wrong order, thus defeating the whole purpose of online delivery and avoiding contact during covid. So, why didn’t I check the orders? Well, the Delivery is covid contactless delivery and the receipt clearly showed my orders, so I didn’t think to hail the delivery guy to retake my order. Overall, my Panera app online experience has been a huge inconvenience for me and I will not use nor order using this app again..Version: 4.34.1

Cannot reset password through appTried several times to reset my pw so I can use this app and build up points. The pw reset came to my email and when I clicked on the link, it sent me to the app, but just the home page of the app, over and over. I even contacted customer service - had problems on the browser too. Several days later they sent a pw reset again, not seeming to understand that it’s a problem with their app. I couldn’t even try it out, because the reset link expired by the time I read my email. I responded and told them, but no one responded to me to help. That was two days ago. I tried to reset it on the app again, but now it’s not even sending a reset link at all. It’s a huge problem for the app if you can remember your old pw. I do think the app functions well besides that though. Customer service wasn’t great; they didn’t address the actual problem with the app at all..Version: 4.23.1

Major difference between online experience and in store experienceThere’s a major disconnect between the experience in store and online with panera. In store you can customize your food however you want and you can use multiple rewards at the same time. Neither of these is a feature in the app or on the website. Want steak on the bbq flatbread instead of chicken? Can’t do it on the app, only roasted turkey is available to substitute. Want bacon on your Baja Mac and cheese? Can’t do it... they don’t have any customizable options for the Mac and cheeses... Have a dollar off a pick two and a dollar off a sandwich and a dollar off a soup you want to use? Sorry, can only do the dollar off the pick two. They won’t even let you use the dollar off a sandwich unless it’s not on a pick two! All of these things I can do in the store. There is no excuse for not being able to do these on the app or website. If they want to take away these options in store, ok I’ll accept that, as long as their customer experience is consistent between the store and online. Panera, aka Saint Louis Bread Co (as they should be calling themselves), is better than this and I’m extremely shocked at just how different these experiences are. I don’t know a single other restaurant or store that is so different like this..Version: 4.1.0

Bad checkout flowPanera is great and their app is mostly great, but the checkout workflow is TERRIBLE. The app will often wait until after checkout seems to be complete to let me know that their has been an error with my order. For example, I generally pay using Apple Pay and frequently after I’ve been notified that my order has been submitted, I’m alerted that there’s been an problem, like that my order has to be rescheduled. This check should obviously happens before taking payment. Another check that should happen before payment is if the user wants to receive text message updates. I have in the past, submitted an order only to realize 20 minutes later that the order didn’t actually process because I hadn’t selected if I wanted to receive text updates. This check should happen again BEFORE checkout and payment. TL;DR Fix the checkout workflow!.Version: 4.23.1

Continuous Improvement Project: 1) Allow order ahead for Drive ThruAllowing ordering ahead with the pickup location being drive thru would help optimize drive thru throughout, increase availability of order and pickup options, and increase customer satisfaction. I was in a unique position of not being able to leave my car due to a sleeping baby. I also had a gift card that was loaded on the Panera App. Because the Panera App lacks the ability to make a gift card payment from the app either inside or in the drive thru (another Continuous Improvement idea), I order the Rapid Pickup option, but then went into the Drive Thru to pickup. This both confused and bothered the employee, but thankfully his critical thinking skills allowed him to move his arms and legs to pickup up the sandwich from one section of the prep area to another. Fix this easy problem by allowing drive thru pickup as an online order option. It’s easy, is barely a couple line software update and a 30 standup meeting in the stores. The ROI is much higher then the LOE involved..Version: 4.4.1

Good food if you get all of itI would say that nine times out of 10, I do not get everything that I order. What is exceedingly frustrating about this is that there’s nowhere in the app to say that I did not get all of the order. Other food delivery apps let you click on each order and report if you didn’t get everything, or if the food was poor quality, etc. Panera, though, doesn’t seem to care if you get all of your food or not. Most recently, when I didn’t get all of my food, I contacted customer service through their website and they didn’t even respond. I’ve also tried calling the restaurant when I haven’t gotten all the food, and no one answered. I would use this app more, if I always got the food, and if, when I don’t get all the food, it would seem Panera cared to know..Version: 4.29.1

Curbside Pickup Huge IssuesI don’t want to be angry or blame any employees, but my experience using the curbside pickup function in the app failed miserably. I put in a later online order of bagels, selecting only ones still in stock, and when I get there a few hours later they told me that they ran out of bagels that morning. If you ran out of bagels before I placed my order, why should the app let me order them?? And why didn’t anyone contact me to tell me my order can’t be fulfilled for hours? I waited for like 15-20 minutes outside and when I called the store the employees said they didn’t know what the label meant and that they ran out of bagels a long time ago before I placed the order. I got a refund, but i’m frustrated that this could even happen. I feel like there’s some disconnect with how the app ordering works and the poor employees who are just trying to work. I wanted to share my experience to ask that you guys work on this so that it can’t happen to other people—it took a lot of time out of my day. With everything happening during a pandemic, no contact orders are very important for health safety; especially when your workers are out there risking their lives just to help sell some bagels! Please be sure to review this and work on this problem; I probably won’t be returning anytime soon via the app out of frustration! I can’t and won’t risk going in all the time to order and exposing others and myself during this pandemic..Version: 4.24.2

Track my order window goneThere is NO WAY to go back to the “track my order” window after ordering for delivery. I exited out of the map view to peruse the rest of the app while I was waiting and I cannot for the life of me get back to where I was to see if the order has left the building yet, let alone to be able to contact regarding my order. This is a major fail, why would you make your app more difficult to use by not including a “track your order” option on the title menu screen? How can I even cancel this order if I wanted to since I cannot see any info on my current order? Your past orders screen is useless in this matter, clicked on my “most recent order” to see if that would give me more information since it wasn’t delivered yet but it just takes me to a new order screen. Extremely annoyed. Deleting this app and will just go into the store if I ever eat this food again.....Version: 4.2.4

Mobile OrderingI love ordering rapid pick up from the app. I usually order the same thing: You Pick Two with a salad and mac and cheese. Recently, the mac and cheese portion for You Pick Two default size changed to large. This is a comically large portion (think family size) for someone who is also getting a half portion of another menu item. The first time I came home with a bowl of mac and cheese larger than my face, I chalked it up to my mistake. Maybe I accidentally hit the wrong button. However, when it happened again I went back to the app and discovered that the default size is large despite other You Pick Two items defaulting to smaller sizes. For people who order frequently and click through without reading, this results in ordering more food and paying more than intended. Either this is a shady plan to make a few easy bucks off of unsuspecting customers or a terrible design flaw. Either way, someone needs to fix it. Since I would find no way to submit a complaint via customer care, I’m doing so in more public forum..Version: 3.20.1

Terrible updateI don’t know why Panera felt they needed to “improve” their app. The old version worked perfectly and I never had a problem with an order. The first time I used this new version it wouldn’t let me remove the side, no matter how many times I tapped “no side.” The next time I used it, a week later, I customized my order specifying a half salad with no side. I checked it before checking out and it was correct, but on the next screen it showed a whole salad with a side! I had to remove that and start all over. A couple of days later I tried it again, and had a similar problem with my order changing itself. Eventually it was showing correctly, including my request for extra dressing. But when I picked up my order the “extra dressing” was not printed on my receipt, and there wasn’t extra in my bag, so I had to ask for it. I never had any of these problems before, and I used the old app at least 3 times a week - sometimes more..Version: 4.1.0

App leaves a LOT to be desired...Easy to navigate but the features seem to stop there. While numerous other other restaurants that offer curbside pickup have found a way to make their app communicate across devices (i.e., place the order on one device such as an iPad and drive to the restaurant and click I’m Here on an iPhone), this app doesn’t appear to have that capability. One can certainly open the app on the iPhone but when I do the app doesn’t realize that I have an order to pick up and gives me the option to start a new order. Not what I want; I’d just like to pick up what I’ve already ordered. In days past I would at least get an email message with a button to click saying I’m Here. Not so with the last two orders places using the app. Email notifications using this app seem to be no longer available. What we have here is a recipe for dissatisfied customers. Count me as one of them..Version: 4.42.1

Not the best experience....The salad and soup were perfect. The sandwiches were hard and dry (overcooked). The $4 cookie I ordered was not included in my order. I added a special note to my order asking to make sure and add butter to the was not included. When I arrived at the restaurant, I wasn’t greeted. Instead there were several employees talking (basically yelling) to each other about one of the employees dog that was outside parked in a car close to the door. One employee, not the owner, ran out to go see the dog....ignoring the customer. I had ordered the same sandwich yesterday and it was so and freshly prepared. When I arrived today to pick my order up off the shelf, it was not there, so it’s not like I was late and it was my fault the sandwiches were hard and dry. I was literally at Panera Bread within 10 minutes of placing the order. With my rapid pick up bag in hand, I wandered about looking for butter. No one asked me if I needed assistance. I walked up to the counter at the entry of the kitchen where the manager just happened to approach me. She showed me to the butter and was very nice. Before I left, I contemplated getting a baked item and the manager asked if I needed assistance. However, no other employee asked if I needed anything. I expect more from Panera Bread. It makes me sad to go to a place where good service and fresh food are expected and get cruddy service and bad food..Version: 4.7.0

Messed up online orders alwaysI’m really getting frustrated with ordering from the Panera bread app for delivery. Just about every order ordered this way always has something wrong or messed up about my order. Sure you can call the store and they’ll promise a free pastry or something for the inconvenience, but it does nothing to stop the incorrect food items. I’m not talking about seriously customizing an order and that getting messed up, I’ll get to that in a minute. I’m talking basic food items on their menu such as a breakfast sandwich that you can get with scrambled egg, cheese, and bacon. Not adding or taking away anything from that menu item. It will still be wrong!! Today, for example, I ordered just that, and they never put bacon on my sandwich. Then at times where I do customize something, say a salad but I am adding more to the salad then what comes on it, I’ll pay for the extra items through the app but then will NEVER get those additions. I like their food. It’s good food. But I will no longer order delivery through their app. I will go some place else. I want what I want. I expect to receive what I order. You can’t deliver, I’ll go somewhere else..Version: 4.40.3

Why should I report an issue with Panera Bread?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Panera Bread to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Panera Bread customer and are running into a problem, might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Panera Bread.

Is Panera Bread not working?

Panera Bread works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Panera Bread.

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