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Only One Thing Needs ChangingI love this app with one exception. It only asks for the description of one car. You need to be able to put in the description of all the cars in your household or of two cars at the very least. Then it needs to ask you to select which car you are in BEFORE you place your order. If you try to change the car after you place your order, then it is too late. When you get to the restaurant, it is hard to get the staff to answer the phone to tell them that you are in a different car. I’ve watched a staff member holding my food, look for the wrong car, and turn around to go back in the restaurant. We constantly have to change the car description, and even with that, we rarely go in the right car because different family members go to pick up the food. Very frustrating! Everything else about the Ap is great. Ordering and customizing the food is easier than ordering in person, and paying for the food is so convenient. I never have to dig out my credit card. Fix the thing about the cars, and it will be the best Ap on my phone..Version: 4.35.1

ConvenientI use this app a lot and works well to get my food order most of the time correct. I’m very pleased with the app, food and delivery service too! One late evening I placed an order from the counter kiosk, paid and pick up my order. Got home to relax and eat...... but they did give me a half a sandwich instead of my full sandwich. They threw all my pastries (broken) in one bag instead of wrapping them individually the other things i ordered was fine but I was hungry and upset. I called that location manager and she honored my request and gave me a full refund. Because she knew who did it and will be on quality control. Doing that kept me coming back! My next order was delivery service and it was correct and delicious..Version: 3.20.1

Panera app vs. Starbucks appFor the starbucks app, I click 3 buttons: the sandwich I want, the drink I want, and checkout. The process to order is like 15 seconds. The panera app asks all these unnecessary questions like “do you want to go to the store you always go to?” And “do you want your food now or 2 weeks from now?” The total time to checkout is longer than how long I flip through shows on netflix before deciding to watch the office for the 10th time. They’re really trying to get ppl to be regular shoppers with their coffee program but then when you add a coffee with 1 syrup flavor, the app says that the reward can’t be applied at all. I don’t mind the $.69 fee for caramel syrup but it really confused me the first time I ordered when the pop up said the free coffee wasn’t applied. I had to find out in my second order exactly what was going on. Last thing, the Starbucks app knows why you are on the app. The buttons are large and use color and location queues so you can see exactly where to go without thinking/reading. But when you log onto Panera, the way it’s laid out with breakfast near the bottom, it’s like the app’s first question is “wait who are you again?”’not the best for subconscious brand loyalty I’m sure..Version: 4.34.1

Ormond Beach StoreWe constantly have problems at this store. Mostly incompetence, and some rudeness. Getting the order wrong multiple times, missing items from the order. Inconvenient when going to drive thru then having to go into the store to rectify the issue. Employees not apologetic at all. Acted like you were inconveniencing them and they’re the ones who messed up the order. Called and left messages multiple times for a manager to call back. The employee answering the phone was playing gatekeeper; didn’t want to transfer me to a mgr. Tried to reach an area supervisor as well; no one returned my calls. I finally gave up. Very disappointed in the personnel in this store. What a shame because we really enjoy the food but the multiple negative experiences discourages us from visiting more frequently..Version: 4.10.0

Delivery PageI love Panera. I’ve been going to Panera for a long, long time. I also love that Panera can deliver to my house! Super convenient when I’m in the mood for a Bacon Turkey Bravo or a blueberry scone. The app is easy to use and I love it...but I’d like to suggest one thing. When you’re on the app ordering for delivery and you’re on the page where you select when you’d like it to arrive, it should warn customers at that point that delivery is delayed because of high volume. My issue is that I’ve spent time ordering items and also customizing some of them, and when I go to pay it THEN says that they’re super busy and suggests a new delivery time. That suggestion should be before the order is placed so it saves time for the customer. Or even before you go to pay for it. Some kind of warning would be helpful. I know Panera is busy in the AM and that’s okay. I still love Panera!!.Version: 4.35.1

Good App but Can Be Buggy SometimesThis app is probably one of my favorite food ordering apps to use. The reason I’m giving it 4 stars and not 5 is that I wanted to draw the developers’ attention to specific bug. I placed an order for curbside pickup with the app, switched to another app, went back to Panera and hit the “I’m Here” button on the order confirmation page. Found out later that no notification was sent to the store — I made sure it was the correct location. Then when I looked back at the app the order confirmation page was gone —since I clicked I’m here and was presumably done with it— but the “I’m Here” button was still present at the top of the main landing page of the app. My guess here is that the confirmation page had timed out with no error thrown, and still acted normally when I clicked the button on it; hence, no notification was sent to the store and it didn’t sync up with the rest of the app which still showed the same button at the top of the main page. I apologize for the excessively elaborate description, but I wanted to give a clear picture to the developers working on it. Besides that the app has been great! :).Version: 4.24.2

Needs a feedback loopBeen using this app for years and love it. The app certainly has kept me going to Panera more than I would without because it’s so easy to order and get in and out quickly. Since Covid, I’ve loved the coffee subscription and will definitely continue, but I would like to pick up a second coffee some days and can’t redeem a second reward via the app. There is no way to provide feedback on an order after you’ve received it, they need to know when they got it wrong so they can fix it. Missing items are not ok and there’s no good way to provide that feedback. Please add this feature immediately! Otherwise a great app and I love how it pulls my closest location and saves my fave orders. Panera has gotten way more business from me over other chains because of this app..Version: 4.29.1

Delivery and Rapid Pick Up ROCKS!I have definitely started eating more Panera since I’ve downloaded this app about a year ago. I use the rapid pick up often. It is nice to walk into the Panera that has a long line of people waiting to order, and I walk right by all of them to pick up my order that’s already been freshly prepared. And then I walk right by all of them again with my bag in hand, their faces showing confusion and jealousy. The app works for me most of the time, however, there have been some times where it acts clunky and malfunctions, such as giving me an error when I want to sign up for text updates on my delivery. And it is very frustrating when I want to order some food through the app, but it is not working and not available to use. Sometimes, if I kill the app and restart it, that alleviates the problem. Sometimes the app has been taken down for updates. They do provide a notification when they anticipate it will be ready to use again, which is nice. I love that the app is synced with Apple Pay. I also like that when I want to add a card payment, it can photograph the credit card so I don’t have to type in the numbers. I also like that all my Panera rewards are available to see during checkout. I can apply one to my order if I like or save for later. Overall, this app gets five stars from me. I really like using the Panera app on a regular basis. But I probably eat too much Panera, lol!.Version: 3.20.1

Rapid pick up often prepared incorrectlyAs much as I love the food at Panera, my family is on the go and I almost always use the rapid pick up. I try to check the order before leaving but sometimes I’m in too big of a hurry. This sounds like a high number but I would say about 40% of the time something is incorrect with the order. It may be a condiment that I customize to leave off or sometimes they get the order completely wrong. Most of the time this happens with my breakfast sandwiches. My kids do not like cheese and sure enough it almost always comes with cheese even though I customized it not to. I live about 10 minutes away and I just don’t feel like going back up there which means a lot of times the food just goes to waste. It would be nice if somebody could double check the orders!.Version: 4.1.0

Don’t have a rewards programI want to get one thing out of the way. This is a great app and makes actually getting your order very easy and convenient. I have no complaints in that regard. That being said I don’t think they should implement a rewards program if the payoff is so insignificant. I believe it takes a total of 10 orders to earn a reward. This however is not my complaint. Why I believe they shouldn’t have a rewards program is because the “reward” is so minuscule there’s no real return on investment if you will. So if you spend $250 on the 10 orders, my reward is $1 off my next beverage? Something that already only costs them cents on the dollar? I’m fine with the app, I love Panera’s food. I ask that you simply remove rewards, or actually reward loyal customers..Version: 4.2.2

Managing ChaosI order using this app at least once a week. I have a toddler, a baby and work full time. Often we will stop at Panera after daycare & before an evening activity. Using the rapid pick up option saves me from the nightmare that is waiting in line with a crying baby while corralling my toddler. I also tend to order about 30 min before I plan to arrive so my toddler’s soup is just cool enough to eat. It is amazing to walk into Panera and go straight to the pick up shelf and park the kiddens at the table with dinner. I also have used the app to order a delivery of cookies to the dr’s office after they accommodated us. Super easy way to say “thank you” without having to do the baking, delivering myself!.Version: 3.20.0

Thanks for the Free CoffeeI have always enjoyed Panera but I am definitely there more often with the free coffee option through the summer! My one request would be to add a pay with app option in the drive thru like other apps have. Curbside is great but sometimes I like the spontaneous convenience of the drive thru and end up paying by cash or card. Scanning the app would make that so much easier! And I know I would have a visit counted towards my rewards. Same as some of the other reviewers, I would like to see better feedback and customization with the stores. I appreciate the cream when I ask for it but when you’re in a hurry or driving it would be better if it could already be in the cup. Thanks!.Version: 4.27.0

Almost There...I absolutely love the Rapid Order pickup option. As someone with a short lunch break, I have little time for standing in line then waiting for my order. As someone who hates making phone calls to place orders, the no-human-contact aspect is wonderful! However, I've had several issues with inaccuracies in my orders, and I wish there was a way to send an email about them as well. It seems counterintuitive to create an app for people who obviously dislike placing order phone calls but to require a call to fix issues. To date I've paid for several items I didn't receive, and frankly I'll give up on going to Panera before I start making complaint calls every other order. Later update: I really wish they’d update the app to display the *closest* locations rather than the most frequent. Lunch is a busy time, and sending an order to a restaurant 50 miles away by accident is an expensive mistake I’ve made twice now. My fault, yes, but both times it was because I was in a hurry and the app defaulted to my last order location and I didn’t notice..Version: 4.4.1

Mostly greatA few weeks ago I went to one of the locations and was told I couldn’t order a specific item on my salad because there wasn’t a button for it, but I’d previously ordered the salad with the item twice online and a few days before in the same store. I told the manager to go get another manager that I could talk to so she went to ask someone then came back and told the cashier to give it to me. Then as I waited for my salad to get done they were in the store talking about me as if I wasn’t there. I called corporate who apologized but I’m still waiting for the store manager to call me to discuss the incident. I’ll try another location completely out of my way before I ever think about going back to that location..Version: 3.22.0

Decent app, but needs work to be greatThis app is a big step in the right direction, but I'm honestly surprised by all the super positive reviews for it. Yes, it works for the most part, but it's far from ideal. Note: I frequently use it for Rapid Pick-up orders, on an iPhone 7. It's cumbersome to peruse the lengthy menu. Search functionality would be helpful here. The "favorites" feature is helpful but not well-designed. You must click backward while placing an order to access your favorites, making it seem like you're exiting the order . Whose idea was that? Not a customer's, I suspect. Also, the app's connectivity is glitchy in ways that other on-the-go ordering apps aren't. It locks up frequently for no apparent reason, sometimes when switching from WiFi to cellular connection. But not always. In short, the app works and is far better than nothing. And the item customization options are very handy. But it's nothing stellar or even consistently smooth..Version: 3.18.0

Ooops Something Went WrongJust downloaded the update and after everything that I tried to do I received this error message at least once, most times multiple “Ooops something went wrong”. I had no problems with the previous version of the app. It took me 25 min to order 3 meals on the updated version of the app. When I went to checkout I realized that every time I had tried to add something to my order and received the oops message, it actually had added the item. So I now had 4 salads and 4 bowls of soup instead of just 1 of each. When I went to edit the quantity, oops message, 3 more times. Same thing when it came to checking out. This is no longer convenient and will think again before ordering using this app..Version: 4.2.2

It's okay, but two weird things in itThe app has improved since I first started using it. But I've encountered two weird things, one of which is rather annoying. The first is that when I arrive to pick up my order, which is usually curbside pickup, after I hit the "I'm Here" button, I see something that asks me to rate "the app." It's where I used to be asked to rate the order/ordering experience and I don't know if I'm still submitting feedback to the store I order from, or if this is actually submitting feedback about the app to the developers. The other thing, and this is the really annoying one, is that after I place an order it keeps asking me if I want text message updates. If I don't make a choice, it appears that it doesn't place my order. It looks like it only places the order once I tell it whether or not I want to be texted about the order. It just seems weird because I've already gone through Apple Pay to pay for the order, so I would think it would place the order as soon as I confirm payment..Version: 4.43.1

BetterA couple of weeks ago I ordered my normal online and headed over to pick it up. It said it was ready at 12:52. I went in and it wasn’t on the shelf so I waited. And waited. Employees walking past me several times...a manager filling up a drink for an order I asked, “if that’s for my order I can get it.” E answered, “I don’t know we do it by name.” I told him my name and he ignored me. Went about his business. By now it’s 1:05. I ask an employee in the floor, “ is it normal for an order to say it’s ready and not be up here?” She says, “we’ve been busy all day.” And walked away. I waited and waited. It’s now 1:10. I make myself know to the people across the counter and finally one says to the manager from we have a phone in order .... I say “I ordered online.” He heads to another screen. They put my order together apologize.. Gosh! Years ago I thought it was crazy when I worked right at this Panera and Martha made us greet every single customer and we were great at it. Customer service has kind of sunk in comparison and that’s sad.’s order was perfect and they did much better..Version: 4.43.0

Finally Accessible for VoiceOver UsersI have not used this app in months as it was inaccessible to people with visual impairments I.E. VoiceOver users on iPhone. Today I decided to try it for whatever reason, and it finally works very well. Controls are properly labeled, one can use VoiceOver gestures to make selections etc. I am not exactly sure in what version this began working again, my guess is around 4.3 or so. I don’t know if Panera reads these reviews, but thanks for finally providing an app that is more inclusive. I am only giving 4 stars however because I contacted customer service a couple years ago to let them know of these accessibility issues and they really could have fixed this faster. Just please try not to break accessibility again!.Version: 4.4.1

The Rocklin StoreWe go to this store at least once a week. We always order the Fuji Apple salad. The last 2 months the new people making the salads have consistently skimped on the apples. It is our favorite part of the salad so we notice. Once I asked for more (since I only saw one apple chip on my salad) and she gave me dressing. I explained I needed more apples, not more dressing and she sighed and asked another EE to retrieve some from the back. Apparently she ran out and instead of getting some, she just shorted us. If it were an isolated event, I wouldn’t be spending all this time typing. This has happened several times in the past 8 weeks or so. If it isn’t the apple chips, it is the wrong size bowl of soup, no bread or a grilled cheese sandwich that wasn’t grilled. Please get it together Rocklin Panera-we don’t want to change stores..Version: 4.11.1

Great when it worksThis version is maddening. I haven’t had an order yet (4-5 orders) where I haven’t received an “oops - try again later” message. When I’ve been able to get to the point of food in my cart, there appears to be no way to go back and add an Iran like a beverage. Or when I’m lucky enough to get to the beverage menu, something easy like ice tea is sometimes an option, sometimes not (that part has been an issue with the previous version of the app too). I’m writing this review today because I’ve spent ten minutes in the app trying to check out, but keep getting “oops” messages. Doesn’t matter whether I’m using WiFi or cellular. Very frustrating. When the app works, this process is absolutely genius and I love rapid pickup. I just wish they made sure the update worked first..Version: 4.2.2

Love panera!I discovered Panera bread in Long Island NY about five or six years ago and I immediately loved the concept of a healthier more convenient way to eat instead of all the fast food places that have very poor options when you’re on the go. On the menu, the sandwiches and salads are made with fresh ingredients, they are average priced, they offer smoothies, and even yummy bakery treats if youd like. If your watching your caloric intake, Panera makes that convenient as well by listing all of the calories for every item on their menu. Panera also has an app that you can order from and pay ahead to expedite you picking up the food instead of waiting in line which I LOVE. I am ecstatic that we now have one in Dover Delaware!!!! Thank you for coming!.Version: 3.16.1

App is not user friendly for in store useI received 2 panera gift cards for Christmas. I entered the information into the app including the card number and the PIN number. But when I went to the store today and attempted to use the gift card from the app, the teller asked for the pin for the card. We both looked at the app and the gift card section and could not identify a pin. I was told by another teller that they need the pin to use a gift card in the store. They asked me if I had the plastic card. I don’t know why I would still carry a plastic card when I have it stored in the company’s app. So, no...I don’t have the plastic card anymore. I reviewed the gift card section and it states that in order to use a gift card without a pin I would need to visit the store in person. Obviously that didn’t work. No one at the store could help me out with the issue. I had to enter the pin in order to enter the card info into the app and yet it is not accessible to use from the app. I now have $30 trapped in this app and apparently have no way to use it. Not pleased at all right now. User beware!.Version: 3.18.0

Know your bread!When ordering online and making substitutions for a different type of bread, it would be helpful to know if you will be receiving only half of a sandwich versus a whole. We found this out the hard way. When ordering a kids turkey sandwich and substituting sourdough or loaf white bread for the default whole grain (which is served as a whole sandwich, i.e., cut in half so there are two parts) you will receive only a half sandwich. The sourdough and “loaf” white is only a half versus the classic white bread niche and default whole grain which appear to be whole sandwiches. Apparently, the size of the loaf of bread chosen determines whether you receive 2 parts or just one. While it may make sense from a portion size for children, it’s clearly not obvious, even for veterans of Panera. We made this mistake twice. Choose wisely so your little one is not disappointed..Version: 4.4.1

Order not correctI ordered a customized Greek salad and it was missing two of the items I requested. I also ordered soup and asked for croutons to be added on the side. I used the app to do this since my coworker was picking it up. She had to ask about since they didn’t put it out as ready and they told her they were out of croutons. Poor planning on their part to be at the busy Mosaic center on a Friday afternoon and be out of a staple item for salads. Very dissatisfied with this location and will consider going to the other location in the area from now on. Nothing was done to make it right and now I’m stuck with a salad of lettuce and onions because they didn’t add the other items or they were out. My colleague was only told about croutons, not the other toppings..Version: 4.12.0

Best food ordering app everThe craze for restaurants nowadays seems to be ‘to go’ and ‘quick pickup’ apps. Many of them are so difficult to use, though, that you’re better off order in person and waiting the extra time. This is not the case for the Panera Bread app. The user experience is perfectly optimized to order your food as efficiently as possible. I did not need to sign in with a Panera account and I didn’t need to give any information to continue as a guest. I was able to pay with Apple Pay and didn’t have to give my name or email. I was able to customize my order, removing some ingredients and specifying extra or less of others. The Panera I was ordering from ran out of the bread for one of my sandwiches, but the app easily allowed me to pick a different bread and order the sandwich. I was incredibly impressed by the ease of use of this app. Using it was easily the best part of my day..Version: 3.20.1

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