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Geometry Dash Lite App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Geometry Dash Lite app received 67 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Geometry Dash Lite? Can you share your negative thoughts about geometry dash lite?

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Geometry Dash Lite for Negative User Reviews

Very bad and disappointed gameI am very disappointed with this game. Overall this a good game and has fun levels but there is one very bad bug. First when u get into the game it glitches. Not once but many times I even tried resetting but still it does not work. I got to the point to delete the game and re-download. I lost a lot of stages and progress and then still it does not work. My friends game was working yet mine wasn’t I hope you will fix this bug very soon because I am annoyed 😑 pls fix this horrible problem..Version: 2.2

Well made game butThe game is well made and so are the levels but even the starter levels are too difficult so it’s extremely easy to lose motivation to play for a first timer like me. I might redownload the app and maybe even buy the paid version if you add some checkpoints. A lot of potential for a good game but it’s too difficult..Version: 2.2

I wasted moneyYes, I wasted money by downloading this app How? Well, the app is for free, however the internet I used to download it is not. Once I downloaded it, I realized that this app won’t run on my iPhone 7 Plus because it has a “home button”. Or that’s what they told me. When I try to open the game, it closes by itself automatically and after doing a research about it, I found out that my device is not compatible due to this “home button” This is very frustrating, because I charged my phone in order to download some games and I literally wasted part of my money in something that wouldn’t work without even knowing. You guys, at least, should take this game out of the list on the devices that wouldn’t work because now, nobody is gonna give me back the Internet used. Very sad about these gaps that companies know about and about the fact that they take advantage of this. By downloading this app, even if it doesn’t work, they still collect your data. Data that costs millions of dollars, so it’s a win win for them always but for a random guy like me. I feel abused. Ps: funny fact that here says my device is 100% compatible lol…...Version: 2.2

Huge bugOk im having A HUGE problem with the paid version of geometry dash i know i should be writing this on the main versions page but its not letting me do that so im writing it here anyway my problem is i cant really do anything every time i commment (with my account) it gives me an error every time i upload a level it gives me a error same with trying to look and my levels and profile... i kinda feel that the game broke so im switching to playing my other favourite game roblox Please fix this bug.Version: 2.2

Needs to be fixedI really enjoy playing this game BUT I keep getting ads for this game called episode and the ads have people kissing and some inappropriate stuff and I often play this in public places so I don’t want people to think I’m playing an inappropriate game when I’m not. Please get rid of those ads!.Version: 2.2

My review of drone try dashI feel that this game is good to play once in a while not everyday because you could get tired of it the things I don’t like are the music for one it’s quite annoying and when you crash it goes back to the beginning so you would get bored of doing it over and over it doesn’t give you a break and when you crash and get tired of playing it just goes on and on And when it keeps crashing it’s annoyingly annoying so the person who made it please change some things 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽but every thing else is good but why is the first level so hard make it simple some of the middle levels are way harder the the one that’s supposed to be the hardest so make changes👋👋👀👀.Version: 2.2

Not workingSame also not working.Version: 2.2

Geo kickBoots me out used to be fun😩.Version: 2.2

Literally doesn't bootThis game, was fun. This game, was a good experience. This game, has been in update limbo for years. With the release of iOS15, the game no longer boots. RobTop, the developer, claims this problem will be fixed when the next update (2.2) comes out. Not a problem, right? Just wait until the next update. One slight problem. We've been waiting for 2.2 for years. We don't even have a release window. Really, I think that the game should temporarily be unable to be purchased on the store until this bug is fixed. Which I imagine could really just be done with a patch. Like, a hot-fix in the kilobytes could probably fix this problem. I like this game, I like it a lot. It upsets me that we don't know whether this game will work on iOS again. The promise of an update that's been coming for years, when I think RobTop should maybe be prioritizing a fix for this game breaking bug instead of a large update. I hate having to rate this game one star, but in it's current state, I really can't do anything else..Version: 2.2

MehI open it and it jumps back to the Home Screen it only shows the starting page and then it jumps back to Home Screen. No matter how many times I delete it and download it..Version: 2.2

It won’t let me in!So I pressed “open” and I got on to my Home Screen idk if it’s because I’m apple or smth But PLEASE fix it so I can play :( and if you also have trouble with this too then I don’t know what to do about it except them fix it and read this please like I said idk if it’s because anyone that’s playing is apple or smth I have no idea I loved the game when I was on Verizon phone but pls fix this bugs and god bless whoever found this <3! Thank you so very much for this game though and it’s so entertaining when I was on the other phone I’d play it for HOURS and HOURS on this game and same with the other kind the blue geometry dash doesn’t work so fix that too pls and I thought that was weird cause the red colored one worked! But I have no idea why! I think it’s because I have no storage left? I’m 10 years old I don’t normally write these reviews at all! Only once I have this is my 2nd time but like I said this game won’t let me in it’s even in the title lol and 1 more thing meltdown geometry dash and blue geometry dash only has 3 levels for YEARS that 4th level has said “coming soon” and I’m so mad! >:( so pls make another level I’m dying for one and that’s it Byeeeee <3.Version: 2.2

Needs ALOT more developmentGd is overall a good game and all, and I recently got the full ver, but sometimes weird things happen. In Clutterfunk 41% you can actually miss the blue jump rings cuz they don’t function properly. Also near the end were you have to spam the yellow jump rings, the jump rings only fling you up a little so crash into the platform, so maybe rub rub needs to place the orbs a bit lower. Overall really good and I enjoy it! (Also Clubstep is broken, you’ll soon know why if u get full ver.).Version: 2.2

AdsWay to many ads would not recommend.Version: 2.2

I recommend just getting the full oneI was happy that there was a free geometry dash and it’s still a good game but the full version is way better. First you can’t even unlock 90 percent of the stuff and colors. Some things you can get but not many of them. Second this game is a bit glitchy more so than the other one. Like for example on this version (the free one) sometimes when I tap the screen it doesn’t jump even though I did tap it or the jump is delayed and comes at the wrong time, but on the full version it has none of these so in my opinion it’s better. Also this game is quite hard on some of the levels. So if your looking for something that’s easier to play and calming maybe a different app is what your looking for. But all in all it’s an okay game. It doesn’t make my favorite apps but that’s just my opinion but like I said there are some glitches and if you are going to get it I fully recommend just buying the full version instead of the free one it comes with better gameplay than this one..Version: 2.2

Cool but..I really like the game, but recently, when I want to play geometry dash, the game won’t open up. That’s really annoying, so plz fix this bug..Version: 2.2

Hmm, not what it wasHello Geometry Dash creators! A while ago, early last year, I had this game and due to clearing my phone I deleted it. It’s not exactly a game to cry about (although I remember having fun) but I downloaded it again only to see it crashes seconds after showing the very first thing you see (not the Home Screen). I don’t know if the lesser rated reviews’ complaints are true but it’d be nice to know anything other than a simple game-crash 😅 since I can’t really get past this crashing, that’s all. (Also, I did restart my phone a few times, but I also have quite a few other games… storage perhaps?) Thank you! 🥹.Version: 2.2

Please readI loved this game the first 4 or 5 levels but then they are rigged. I tap it doesn’t work when I don’t it does and ether way I loose. Not to many adds just every like fifteen times you do a level and even then you can skip almost right away. For that I say best game but there are a lot of bad parts about it. Anyways, the levels get harder and harder like normal then some there are parts where if you tap you hit something if you don’t you hit something and if you press and hold you hit something so you basically can’t get past. It makes me so annoyed. When I started the game I would have said stress relieving and fun. It’s still addicting but once I stop I’m so mad that anyone near me gets mad to. I would play maybe the first few levels once you win just get a different type of geometry dash and it should be fine. This could just just be me but I dunno. If you have little kids though I would recommend, when I was little it was the best game ever but now I’m older and find it confusing and frustrating but for little kids it’s super fun and you won’t have to deal with them for at least an hour if you’ve read this far thanks! Stay awesome stay sweet and don’t forget to be nice to each other Hope this helped!.Version: 2.2

Please fix thisSo one day I was trying to open geometry dash lite and I just Couldn’t I was super sad because This is my Favourite game to play. and What I mean by I couldn’t play the app is whenever I try to open the app it would only open for like half a second so I was just thinking about what i can do to solve this problem and I thought of writing this and I can’t say I hate this game because I play it like everyday so please right back okay this is the only problem I’ve ever had with this game so it would be good to play it again but if you can’t fix it it’s ok but if you could give it a try it would mean the world to me! bye..Version: 2.2

Doesn’t openI reinstalled it to try and fix it but it did not work.Version: 2.2

I CANT OPEN THE APP!When I try to open the app it just takes me back to my Home Screen on every app!.Version: 2.2

Do not buyI bought this game and it is a total waste of money I have played geometry dash on a different phone but that was 2 years ago I suspect this was a recent problem because a guy a year ago seemed thrilled with this game anyways if you can get in it’s great but I paid for this game and it won’t even let me in the game I tried the lite version first cause it was free and there is this problem there too the game hasn’t been updated in 4 years which is probably why there is this problem but I checked the reviews and someone else had this problem so I suspect that it’s not just a problem with my phone i hate this problem and would highly not recommend buying it it has a good rating but do not be deceived I know it sounds like I am making a big deal out of nothing but personally I do not like to waste money again I do not recommend buying this game unless they update it which seeing how they haven’t updated it in 4 years I doubt that they will ever update it again if you read this thank you and please take this into account to not waste your money goodbye.Version: 2.2

It does not workIt does not let me in the game it just kicks me to my Home Screen.Version: 2.2

Pls helpOkay so ever since I updated my phone to IOS 15, I wouldn’t be able to open the app. I waited for geometry dash to update itself and it still didn’t work. Please fix the problem for me and many others!.Version: 2.2

Stupid game doesn’t openThis game doesn’t even freaking open it doesn’t work anymore and I’ve redownloaded it 100 times and it don’t work fix your f. Ing game now.Version: 2.2

Won’t let me open.I’ve played this game on other platforms, and it’s great. Love the gameplay. Easy, fun, etc etc. My problem is that (and I’ve seen many other people say the same thing), the game will not get past the developer screen. The app will open, show the “RopTop” and close. I’ve tried restarting my phone, deleting the app and reinstalling, etc but it just won’t work. The app says that it is compatible with my phone so what’s the deal? I’m disappointed, so developers, please do something about it. It can’t just be my end as many other people have reported the exact same problem..Version: 2.2

I can’t get inWhen I click my game crash.Version: 2.2

You gayMake a better level and make a better game so many glitch’s stop making games for three year olds.Version: 2.2

It kicks me outIt kicks me out of the game at the loading screen.Version: 2.2

Well, let's be honest here...This game is so fun but challenging to play. if you are looking for an easy game that is relaxing, then i would suggest that you find something else. this game can be frustrating and make you question your life decisions. i am stuck at 91 percent on the time machine level. one thing i would mention that i don't like or have noticed more often than not happens to be seen after the 4th level. you get an ad that you usually can't skip, and afterwards, the game becomes weird. even if you are not even touching the screen, the character will jump nonstop. you will die over and over again, continuously. if you press the pause button and then press play, somehow you can't jump at all, even if you hold your finger on the screen. you have to exit out of the level or close the app completely, which means that when you go back into the level, after 4 tries, you are going to get another ad..and the whole affair begins once more. i don't know if anyone else has had this problem or if it's just with my phone, but i encourage the app creators and editors to try and resolve this issue. overall, i give this app a 3 out of 5 stars because the problem can become very annoying as it happens over and over again. however, i do enjoy this app very much still, and i love the music that goes along with the levels!! if you read all of this, then thank you for your time!!!~~.Version: 2.2

TrashIt lags for no reason even tho you don’t use wifi And it jumps even when I don’t press the screen.Version: 2.2

Good and bad at the same timeIt was a super rage game I almost smashed my iPad coz of one lvl but I still like it I just which I got the full one coz u can't make lvl on geometry lite Whitchurch I have plz add lvl maker to geometry little plz.Version: 2.11

BadI open the app it kicks me out.Version: 2.2

There is no soundGeometry dash has been a favourite over the years but every time i have downloaded it recently there has been no sound, no sfx and no music. is there a way to fix this?.Version: 2.2

Fun! Challenging! AMAZING!Ok I’ve got a few words to say. Well not a few but quite a lot! This game is really fun and is a game to play when you are really bored and when you feel like you just wanna go crazy and when you are feeling very energetic. This is nit a stress relieving game when you start because it is very challenging and you have to keep on tapping and tapping and tapping! But when you get used to it, it might even be relaxing to you! Let’s rap this up now. What I’m trying to say is that this game is a really good game and another plus is that it is free! Just saying it’s not one of those games that are free and then when you open it, it says that you have to pay to play the game. Anyways o hope you like this game! Byeeeeeeee..Version: 2.2

Won’t openI have this and sub zero but they won’t open, they are very good games and I will always play but they won’t open. I try to open them on my iPad (don’t have on my laptop yet) and they just go to the first screen for 1 second then kick me out. I have tried to delete then reinstall but does not fix. They don’t show up in settings so idk what to do. Pls help..Version: 2.2

UpdateDude it doesnt work on ios 15.Version: 2.2

DUMB ADSWHEN YOUR STUPID AD COMES DONT MAKE IT RESET THE PRACTICE GAME. Oh I’m sorry for yelling. One more thing. FIX IT 😡🤬.Version: 2.2

Doesn’t work anymoreThis use to be such a fun game that we still play on occasion but the app crashes as soon as you open it now so it’s unusable :(.Version: 2.2

Needs ClubstepThe game is great but its only missing the first demon..Version: 2.2

It okYeah it's pretty average, we need more levels! There is a level after clutterfunk and it has been 'top secret' !!! That's getting really annoying!.Version: 2.11

Won’t startFor the first month or so the game was working fine, then a few months ago the game stopped opening, it would go to the start up screen and then bring me back to the home screen, this gets really annoying so I hope it gets fixed sometime.Version: 2.2

Really glitchy...The actual game itself is fun and takes some skill and practice, but I find it constantly glitching and frozen. It would also be great to bring in a level that you can cheat on to practice..Version: 2.2

DEVS I NEED YOU TO READ THIS I HAVE A PROBLEMOk, I’ve had this game for a while I just recently redownloaded it after a years or so, and I have to new iOS update. So, I try to open the app, but with my new iOS update, the game just crashes, kicking me back to my Home Screen. I tried turning my device off the on again, I even tried deleting and redownloding the app a few times, but that did nothing, and the game still crashed. So then I checked the version, and saw that the last time this was updated was THREE YEARS AGO. Also that was when Electroman Adventures was added, and I can’t remember playing when that level didn’t exist. And, it’s been saying that a new level will be added soon, but it has said that for 2 years now. So, basically, I’m requiring you update your game, finish your level and stop procrastinating, and make sure that the game works for all iOS versions. Other than that, I would give this game a five star because the concept and the actual game itself is amazing, but because you haven’t payed attention to your game for years on end, I don’t think it deserves a five star yet. Fix this and I will love this game forever. PLEASE ROBTOP..Version: 2.2

Inappropriate adsYou guys allow inappropriate ads in geometry dash.Version: 2.2

“Choice” adIt’s a really fun game, the controls are very simple, and I’ve been able to pick up how each level helps you learn a technique, timing, learning how to excel by collecting the gold coins. It’s fun and simple, a perfect game to play hours on end. Except, you see how it says 4+ years of age? I don’t think this game should allow ads from that “Choice” game, it’s really inappropriate even for me. I just can’t stand hat certain ad, and I tends to pop up the most on my game, even when I’m offline. Please can you remove this ad? I’m really sick of seeing, even my parents, it’s annoying to have to always be careful in playing the game because you don’t want your parents getting the wrong impressions about what you’re playing right? I’m just concerned because I don’t like waiting around for the ad to stop, it just makes me dislike the game more, and it’s not like I have a job or anything to get the full version, unless you want to wait until I’m 16 to buy the full version! Okay no I’m joking for that. Sincerely, I have been trying to be patient, but it’s just gotten on my nerve, especially when you only hit play twice and those ads pop up..Version: 2.2

Geometry dashI used to love this game when I updated it to iOS 15 it kept crashing every time I try to enter it crashes automatically please fix this problem I tried uninstalling and reinstalling didn’t work please fix.Version: 2.2

Can’t open the gameI can’t even open up the game, when i do it crashes and i can’t even get to the loading part..Version: 2.2

Not workingNo matter how many times I redownload it, it doesn’t open. I see the start of the intro then it jumps back to my Home Screen..Version: 2.2

😭It’s not letting me in the game.Version: 2.2

This is an amazing game!I’m literally addicted to it and it’s fun for all ages. However, today I was near the end of a level which I was stuck on for ages and suddenly it just went in slow motion then really fast. It’s not just the internet because now whenever I play it, it goes really fast except from when I jump. It’s not just my connection because wherever I play it happens. My phone is not too old for this game (I would know because I’ve been playing this on my old phone and now on this phone for ages). Please fix this! Other than that, it’s a great game for all ages and I definitely recommend this to everyone. Just please fix whatever’s happening!.Version: 2.2

Not workingI used to love this app I downloaded iOS 15.1 and it kept on crashing.Version: 2.2

Doesn’t really workNo matter how many times I reloaded it it wouldn’t open….Version: 2.2

Won’t startI love this game. I used to play this all the time on my old iPad when I was 9 and recently decided to re download this on my phone (iPhone 8 plus). But every time I try to open this app after re downloading it, the app just sends me back to the Home Screen (it just closes the app 1 second after tapping it). I know it isn’t my phone as my phone has not gone out of date yet and I have seen people playing this game on older phones. Please fix this bug as this game is really fun and I want to play it again..Version: 2.2

HorribleThe game was fine but now it kicks me out every time I try to open it just like subzero! FIX YOUR GAME!.Version: 2.2

DO NOT PURCHASEThis game scammed me for my money. I lost all my money from trying to purchase this game. I tried to download and once the purchase was finished I clicked on the app and suddenly got kicked from the app. This game is a complete scam and I hate this app pls no one else purchase and waste your money on this game. I highly suggest this developer to FIX THE GAME. People are here tying to download the game, and people here are getting scammed and the developer is just getting money. People reading this take my advice and stick to that free ones and don’t get scammed..Version: 2.2

Fix your stupid gameEvery time I try opening this game it just exits out. I delete reinstall and it keeps doing it..Version: 2.2

Absolute doggyCant open the app, it just jumps back to my home screen. Cant find a frickin fix man this is driving me nuts.Version: 2.2

It’s so badIn it just kicks me out Whenever I try to get.Version: 2.2

Good game except it doenst workSo i tried opening the app but IT DOESNT WORK it boots me out.Version: 2.2

LolI love this game but it’s is so glitchy that when I jump I doesn’t let me and when I don’t jump it jumps.Version: 2.2

SavingIf you delete the game your previous account won’t load.Version: 2.2

SO MANY ADS!!This is a very good, challenging game but everyone else has written about how amazing this game is and therefore somebody needs to address the infamous issue with free games. ADS! Every time you die or try again an ad comes up! It is extremely tiresome and a shame really because the ads are only there for money when the developers are rich enough from having such a huge hit of a game a few years back and it is still going! I feel like shoving so many ads in your face makes the otherwise amazing game horrible and not fun to play. I would not recommend unless prepared to pay the expensive amount to remove frequent ads of the same game. 😡😡😡.Version: 2.2

Laggy and AdsI was playing trying to get 100% but every time I was jumping it started to lag, then when it came back on it had the wrong music, I was on the jumping part, not the rocket part. It froze again, and i couldn’t go back on it for ages as it wouldn’t let me on it. The ads are annoying too. Every time I die, I get the same ad, literally the same ad. When I’m on practise I get close to the end, then I die and the ad pops up, and I LOSE ALL MY PROGRESS. I mean, seriously, the ad, I don’t want to play golf solitaire.Version: 2.2

HorribleIt’s not working for me it sends me back to my Home Screen.Version: 2.2

Not workingIt keeps jumping back to the Home Screen page!.Version: 2.2

Update it plz😩Since I downloaded the iOS 15 it crashes and you guys need to update it if you want more people to play.Version: 2.2

I thought this game was gonna be the bestI thought this game was gonna be the best but it wasn’t I can’t even get on the game it looks so fun but the thing is it’s probably fun but I can’t play the best game ever my kids have tried Play the game but they can’t because it won’t work on my phone I’ve played it on peoples phones but they can barely play it because those people don’t come over much with their phones so now the game is just what I don’t wanna play because I like to play the game cause I played it but I like the game but I can’t because it won’t work on my phone so now I don’t have it to play on my phone really I tried deleting it and getting the app again so that’s a big problem and I love the game but I can’t because it’s just this game I will give it a five star review but I can’t trust me it’s like impossible to give it to a game that I can’t even play on my phone so you guys should try to get it on your phone to work but I’ve tried multiple things like getting on turning it as soon as I get on stuff like that but it won’t work. ooooooooooo I cannot play the game..Version: 2.2

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Geometry Dash Lite works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Geometry Dash Lite.

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