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KSAT 12 Weather Authority App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

KSAT 12 Weather Authority app received 15 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using KSAT 12 Weather Authority? Can you share your negative thoughts about ksat 12 weather authority?

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KSAT 12 Weather Authority for Negative User Reviews

Latest update ruined appThat's right. The latest update ruined a wonderful app. I no longer use it. I've gone to using WeatherBug. KSAT radar now seems to continuously place my location at their downtown offices in San Antonio though I'm outside the city. Even though I continually change this in settings, they override my input to place radar back downtown. I could care less what's happening in downtown San Antonio. However I'd love to view radar where I'm located. Also you can't get today's weather for more 3 hours. Big Whoop! I'm interested in the changes throughout the afternoon and evening. What a waste! Yet it will give me an hourly review if tomorrow, just not today. Horrible App!!!! Switch to WeatherBug. It's too cluttered and radar is a pain but it's 1000% percent better than KSAT's failed and disappointing update..Version: 3.0.3

It was Better Before the ChangeIt’s not as good as it was before. I am out in Bandera and I need to know what the weather forecast is mostly in case it freezes. But I cannot change locations all I can get is San Antonio. It use to be When I click San Antonio I was able to choose another location but now it just stays SanAntonio. They recently sent another satellite up into outer space maybe a year ago that was supposed to improve weather forecasts but I haven’t seen anything better. Make this more “user friendly” remember that old 90’s term? Yeah, ... it’s more like this is what you get from us enjoy it ... or not..Version: 6.1.3

Ads, spam, and more pop ups.Pop ups slow app down tremendously and cause you to “accidentally” tap on them. On Home Screen ads are just as enraging as the pop ups. They’re so sensitive that when you try to scroll they click instead and take you to some spam website on safari. Overall ok app and horrible abuse of pop up/wallpaper ad links. I’ll be using another local weather app instead..Version: 6.11.2

Nice app but....🤭The app tells you the weather but most of the time is wrong it drive me crazy but it like 40% right and 50%right!!!!!!! It feels like they are guessing even though they kind of are any way if you want this app then you will not always get the Wright answer!. And really bad new update it ruined the app wish it was to the way it was.Version: 6.4

BlehPrefer the app prior to this overhaul. To many clicks to see what used to be one click. They tried to hard. It’s cumbersome. Bloated. The UI is not friendly. Also there is no estimated wind speeds showing for the future cast. Only place I see wind speeds is at the current time. For someone who does road cycling I like to know what the wind speeds will be for a day or 2 ahead. The have this when they report on air so don’t see why it can’t be incorporated into the app. The app overhaul really leaves much to be desired. The old version had more info and was easier to navigate. The whole “next 48 hours” is lame. Hour by hour is annoying to read and should be given as an option. I hate to go back to weatherbug but at this point it definitely does a better job then this version of ksat’s weather app. It has its own issues but overall is better. I’ll have to check back after a few more version updates to this app..Version: 6.2

Way too many alertsYou really should review how you send out alerts, or at least let me turn some off. While I understand it is bad weather right now, I don’t think I should have gotten 30 alerts overnight for 8 hours of sleep. I have gotten at least 10 more in the last 4 hours. Most are redundant information. You only give the option to get alerts or not get alerts. So I am going to delete the app because why have it if I have alerts turned off..Version: 3.1

Alert Happy!I had to disable the alerts because they would send 8-10 alerts a day to let you know it’s going to rain. One alert would have sufficed. I don’t remember if it was this app or their regular news app but one of them would even send you an alert to watch Good Morning America. If they can get these alerts under control I would rate them higher..Version: 3.0.8

Not sure why it gets a high ratingLove the KSAT weather team, but I’ve had a LOT of problems with this app. Best Feature: updates from the local meteorologists. Problems: —The app defaults on opening to the map. I don’t want the map first. I want the forecast first. Always. There doesn’t appear to be any way to make the app open with the forecast. Every other app opens with the forecast, which is, of course, the whole reason you have a weather app. —“Current Location” option on the app does not always update, so it will give you the wrong forecast. —It’s often buggy trying to add cities/locations and won’t add them if you select what it thinks is the wrong location option for a city. —Right now it will not add Houston, TX as a location. I have to choose one of the airports (the only 2 options it gives) and it will not let me generically select “Houston” when it has allowed that in the past. Same problem for other cities. —It will only save about 4-5 locations. If you go beyond that, it deletes previously saved cities. I travel and need many locations. Other apps let you have as many locations as you want. As much as I really, really love the KSAT team, for the time being, I’ll probably have to use a different weather app as my go-to. 😢.Version: 5.4

Not crazy about updateThe app was easy to read and navigate before. I definitely do NOT like the fact that I now have to scroll horizontally to see the weather for the day! It needs to go back to the vertical on this. I also have issues now with it not scrolling smoothly. It keeps catching for a few seconds as I'm trying to scroll which, when combined with the horizontal scroll where I have to scroll a lot more to see the days forecast, makes it extremely annoying! It looks pretty but I'm assuming that to get this update paid for you had to add all the excessive pop up ads. Overall, I'm thinking about deleting this app. It is no longer as user friendly and convenient! Update on review: I finally deleted this app! I really used it a lot until everything changed! I miss the ease of seeing the daily forecast and temperature. It is not as easy to read. When you change it back, I'll download it again. Until then, I'm done with it! I.Version: 3.0.7

1 Star ReviewDo not like this new version. Harder to navigate. Was able to actually see our ranch in Karnes County and the stock pond and see the weather and see the rain going through. Following the county roads are harder to navigate. It will show farm roads at one starting point only and not periodically if it is long. Do not know who developed it but the previous one was a lot better. Also think you need to only do a five day out forecast and not 10days out. Y’all can never get it right even 3days out..Version: 6.0

Don't like changes to this App.This has been my only iPad weather app. I've been able to use it even out of town or out of state for San Antonio weather as well as for my current location. It doesn't work for me now. My usual daily and 10-day forecasts appear very different, radar is a quarter screen now, and I tried the earthquake map as well as others: nothing works like it used to. Don't know what happened but I may as well turn on The Weather Channel; it shows at least as much as I'm seeing now on my KSAT 12 Weather Authority App..Version: 3.0.3

AdsI watch the video daily for my weather updates, but lately the video ad is almost 2 minutes long!! This is ridiculously long and beats a record for longest required ad to watch. Come on ksat, let’s be realistic. Also, I am getting really disgusted by the multiple and large ear wax ads (with photos of large dirty ear wax) too. It’s disgusting and makes me not want to use your app, even though I love your meteorologists..Version: 6.6

Horrible Upgrade From Previous VersionHorrible upgrade from previously great, simple to use & view KSAT weather app. This one is just the opposite. A horribly laid out, use-unfriendly app that puts advertising for bucks ahead of user experience. Who wants to scroll up and down to view hourly and daily synopsis? Not me, and I’m sure not tons of others. The same with what was an almost perfect weather radar that was front and foremost the best festure on the app. Now the radar is just as worthless and user-unfriendly as the rest of the app. In fact, even worse. It’s huge and they’ve incorporated a scroll and enlarge Apple app feature that make it incredibly hard to use and view. And the rest of the app is just as useless. What the hell were you thinking KSAT weather-meister? I don’t know but Its not working. This app needs to be replaced and KSAT needs a new weather-meister!.Version: 6.3.1

Please add today’s high and low in section 1 or 2Love the app, but what does a person want to see as soon as they open the app? I want to know “What is the high and the low going to be today”? On the new version for the iphone, there’s no place to see this on the opening screen. You can read it in the narrative (kind of) but it doesn’t show up on the top section which shows the current temp... nor does it show up in the second section which has a snapshot for the day including UV index, dew point and visibility. The SEVENTH section shows the NEXT five days but not today. The only way to see today’s high and low is to go to the FIFTH section and click on the “next 10 days”. There you can see today’s high and low. Can you please add it to one of the top two sections?.Version: 6.1.3

The Newest Update Is HorribleBoth my husband I have this app. It was always much better than the pre-installed iphone weather app. The app gave us notifications when rain was detected near our location and the old radar map was awesome. In the update I am no longer getting the rain notifications, although I still have notifications enabled. The radar map is horrible. Would like to be able to toggle between the satellite view and what looks like a GPS map. Preferred the satellite view. After all that is what you see when you watch the news. I really don’t like the new format, but I’m sure I will adjust. The old layout to the option panel was cleaner and easier to navigate..Version: 6.0.7

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