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Bally Sports App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Bally Sports app received 40 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Bally Sports? Can you share your negative thoughts about bally sports?

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Bally Sports for Negative User Reviews

Not workingWe pay for Directv which h Carries the brewers and buck. We are away and trying to stream the game. It keeps coming up that and error occurred and please contact Bally sports if it’s wrong. I have now three times. They told me the weather is impacting my ability to stream from wifi and cellular. I replied saying that is impossible as it was sunny and 75 and that doesn’t impact wifi and cellular in the first place.. they proceeded to ignore my follow up. I submitted a request the next day asking as I still had the same response when trying to watch. They told me it must not be the right package (I’ve been using the app for months on my phone to watch so clearly I have the right package) or to try a different device. In my request I said I tried to use multiple devices, brewers, laptop and phone, and nothing works. I responded telling them this and again received no response. I have now submitted a third response in hopes they finally listen when I tell them there is something wrong on their end giving us access to the content. Really wish they could have fixed this long ago. They charge and arm and a leg for the content we love and can’t even fix it when something goes wrong. I am extremely disappointed in this interaction and service. This is unacceptable..Version: 5.5.6

Very BuggyThis app is filled with bugs. It seems to constantly rewind and then replay content I’ve already seen while watching a live stream. I have to close and re-open the app to get close to live content, and then this issue commonly comes up yet again. It happens so often it makes the app almost unusable to watch my favorite sports teams. The live steaming feed also freezes often. It randomly lost the mini-screen feature, which was very helpful for multitasking while using my phone. When I read an article about one of my teams in the app, it frequently brings me back to the top of the article, forcing me to scroll back down to find my spot, only to have this happen multiple times again before I can finally finish the article. It’s obvious that Bally Sports doesn’t have the relationships that Fox Sports had, as the same ads come up every time I watch my favorite team. These ads have not changed during the entire MLB season, thus far. The Fox Sports app was a greatly superior experience..Version: 5.5.6

Very Unorganized LayoutThe only reason it gets 2 stars is because once you find the game you want, the app is actually doing what it should. Countless issues with the biggest being the navigation or layout of the app in finding games... it should be extremely easy to fire up the app and click the game to watch I know is about to start. But no. I spend at least a few very frustrating minutes searching for the game that starts right now only to find it 3/4 down the page and after many clips or games that aren’t starting for hours or even days or even replays. Very unorganized layout. Apps and TV networks have been making guides for decades and it should be very simple to make the app functionally to find games as good if not better then the former Fox. Or at the very least, anything starting in the next hour should be at the immediate forefront of the app when you fire it up. PLEASE FIX THIS!!! Also the app is very buggy still and games just go black in error at least a couple times each time.Version: 5.5.6

Buggy as everThis app always has issues. No matter what platform you use it on. Today for instance watching the Stars playoff game, it is literally unwatchable. It keeps flickering to a black screen over and over. It'll stop for maybe a few minutes then do it again. The audio still works but it's just a black screen. On the Xbox, it's like Bally has never heard of overtime or something. Any time it goes into OT the channel/stream whatever backs out like it's over and like credits are rolling and it goes to a small screen. So then you go back to click on the box to make it big again and the play rewind fast forward symbols stay on screen and can't go away. The screen also has that grey tint to it like it's buffering but it still plays in the background. The day FS switched to Bally is the day I started having difficulty watching my teams play..Version: 5.12.2

Torpedoed the appThis used to be a pretty good streaming platform for watching sports. This latest “update” has completely torpedoed this app. None of the events load right the first time, although it’ll of course play the two 15 second ads before telling me it failed to play the show/event (priorities, amirite?). I also have to log in every single time I close the app and open it again. And if the stream gets behind due to buffering or if I pause it, there is no “live tv” or “catch up” button, or even a way to fast forward, so I have to either exit out of the app and sign in AGAIN or use the slider at the bottom of the screen, which only allows me to fast forward a certain amount before it stops my fast forwarding and forces me to watch 30-45seconds of ads. As-is, this app is unusable and I’m forced to stream through some illegal streaming site, even though I pay for this privilege through directv..Version: 5.5.4

UPDATE - How the **** could MLB get involved in this?After 70 minutes, working on 3 different platforms, managed to create an account and get my cable provider signed in. I am not an app developer, but I am an IT professional and this experience was awful. Unresponsive and not intuitive. (Checked my WiFi speed several times during this and it was consistently over 200 Mbps) After that it still wasn’t easy to find the game I wanted to watch or to load it once I found it. Once that was all completed, the game stream was consistent and clear, no problems with display or inserts blocking my view of the game. Really, the actual viewing experience was great, so there’s hope that they’ll continue to improve the app. Next season I’d like to contract with MLB to broadcast some games some of the time, using my iPhone 6s. I can promise better coverage and better functionality, and a better roll-out. And I’ll promise not to use a previous app’s reviews and rating to bolster my app..Version: 5.5.4

It’s Not That Hard To DoLook, you had a good app base to design from, many companies have already done it - and it looks like you’ve been doing this for a couple years - so, it’s surprising to see how bad this app is. Have you done zero consumer research? Because literally nobody likes the 30 seconds of pre-launch ads. And even if they don’t mind those, they definitely don’t like the additional 30 seconds of advertisements if you accidentally close out, or hit the menu button, or if you select “Enhanced View” or whatever the stupid description you have for “full screen.” Additionally, your volume matching is broken for the AppleTV app. Not great for folks that want to hear the game, but also don’t want the advertisements (THAT YOU ALREADY HAVE ON THE BROADCAST) to blow out their ear drums. Please take this as constructive feedback; these aren’t difficult fixes/decisions, business or technical..Version: 5.5.4

GarbageThis app has been complete trash ever since the switch over. I miss a good half of the games I’m trying to see. As soon as it goes to commercial I know I’ll be missing at least 3 min of anything after the commercial and it comes back 5 min late so I am 5 min behind on the “Live” feed. I will have to close it completely, restart it, go through the mandatory 30 seconds of commercials to start again, reset the cast then try to get the stream to start all to be behind again in the live action. Any freeze during the game and I have to manually slide the progress bar forward to “go live” to only maybe be 3 minutes behind if I’m lucky. I’m trying to stick with it because I want to be able to “watch” my team but I’m just about done messing with it. I’ll just stick to radio and Bally’s has lost a consumer. Tried to get technical support and it took days of time to tell me to turn it off and back on and see if that works. Thanks but I’ll just stick to radio I think. Thanks for nothing Bally’s..Version: 5.5.4

Bally’s app update is trash!I received a notification the hockey game was going to OT. I opened the, now, Bally’s sports app and was greeted by a really slow UI that was freezing and when I finally got into the stream there was literally 60 seconds of ads. When I finally got into the game, there was 2 minutes left in OT. Than the video froze and I had to kill the app. Relaunched, slow UI and 60 seconds of ads all over again but I saw the last 60 seconds of the shootout. Totally regret updating from the Fox Sports Go app. With the old app you opened it, pick your stream and you were watching the game immediately. This is just pure trash now. FYI, Roku app is just as broken so it seems to be a server issue on their end and not a software issue. At least the hockey season is almost over but now there is an entire baseball season where I need to cope with this trash..Version: 5.5.4

Good concept, poor execution.I've been using this app for nearly 2 years now. It's decent, but the streams are never great. Constant freezing and buffering are over of the problems. Another is constant jumping of content. When casting it had an issue where the stream with jump forward and backwards about 10 seconds randomly on its own. Often times I'll miss big plays or outs because it'll skip forward. The other main issue is audio video sync. Over there course of a game of do not reset my steam, the audio will slowly start to lag behind, and by the end of the game the audio will be roughly 4-5 seconds behind, sometimes more. All in all I really like the attempt, anf the video quality is generally acceptable, but there's just too many issues that apps like watch espn and such don't have..Version: 3.5.5

Piece of Garbage (All Platforms)This is likely the most frustrating hunk of junk app I’ve ever used. Ideally, I would use the Bally app on the Firestick to stream games for my Dallas-area sports teams, but it’s junk on that platform. I installed it on my XBox. That too is a no go, complete junk. So as a last resort, I thought I’d try the iOS app and cast it to the Chromecast. Nope, that doesn’t work either. Since Bally’s took this over from Fox Sports, it’s been nothing but extreme frustration. I’ve streamed games for my Dallas-area teams almost daily for quite some time using the Fox Sports Go app which wasn’t perfect, but I could at least watch games without constant annoyance. This Bally’s app is simply terrible; the interface is confusing, the game streams constantly fail with unhelpful error messages, there are random crashes, and the tech support is just standard regurgitated babble. The worst part is there is no other source for streaming these games. Maddening!.Version: 5.5.4

Worse Sports Streaming Experience on the MarketBally recently bought out the region I am in from Fox. I don’t know how they managed to botch the integration of streaming services so badly. Half the time you are unable to stream live content that you should be entitled to stream. The volume fluctuates a preposterous amount between ads and games when casting, a problem I haven’t had across dozens of streaming apps and the disconnects are frequent. The only reason it seems that Bally was able to buyout content rights from so many other big sports broadcasting names, is because they cut an obscene amount corners. They certainly don’t care about the customer or customer experience and they reflected that perfectly into this shoddy excuse of an app. Thank you so much for taking a previously working and enjoyable sports streaming experience and ruining it Bally and Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc!.Version: 5.5.13

HorribleI am rating this two stars because at the very least it lets me see Reds games. However, even with a strong internet connection that works for several other apps that require internet, the app freezes constantly. When it freezes, it forces me to exit the game, tap on it again, wait five to ten seconds for an ad to load, wait six seconds for the same Miller Lite ad to end, and wait another five to ten seconds for the game to load. Then, it plays until the next pitch, and freezes again. Repeat process. It is stupid that you have to use this app and watch extra ads to watch games that you already have a cable subscription for. The old Fox Sports Go app never had these problems. I only use this app because I have to if I want to watch the games. If you have another option, do not use this app..Version: 5.5.6

New App Needs WorkNow that Bally Sports has totally redesigned the app, there are significant issues. This is a review of the tvOS app on Apple TV: * Pre-roll commercials (60-seconds) before every stream. Seriously, I am already getting commercials during the game. You cannot make me watch 60 seconds of spots just to check out another game on another one of your channels. * Still no access to Miami Marlins and Tampa Bay Rays, even though they are local to my region and Bally Sports has broadcast rights. This is just as bad as Fox Sports Go app. * No picture-in-picture options, as was available with Fox Sports Go app. * Wants me to log-in to Bally Sports account via website, but no place to authenticate that account with app. It’s only been a couple of days, so maybe there’s time to salvage this mess of an app. But Sinclair has taken the best of Fox Sports Go and eliminated this features. They’ve kept the worst of Fox Sports Go. And they’ve added extra commercials... during play. The other issues may be fixed, but the pre-roll ads are a big concern. It shows that Sinclair really doesn’t understand sports programming, the need to go straight to live action when I simply want to check out what’s happening with the Braves while also watching the Pelicans..Version: 5.5.4

Better than nothing, but not muchI hang out with my buddy at his place a few times a week and he does not have xfinity or direct tv like I do so we use my login on ballys to watch the Braves play. It worked pretty good for the first 2 months of the season but the last two nights it has been atrocious. It stopped working all together during last nights game and tonight’s it will play 5 seconds then pause and buffer for 10 seconds. Plus it looks like it was recorded back in the 1920s more often than not tonight. I sure with fox sports would take back over because at least they were competent. Any ways do better Bally sports. I am only not gonna give it one star because it’s worked pretty good all season but for the last two nights I would give it a 1 star or negative if i could..Version: 5.12.2

HorribleGreat job taking over an app that I used often and worked great and making it worthless. I can’t stream a game for more than 15 seconds now without being connected to work. Constant crashes and inability to play any live video. Complete trash. Thanks a lot Bally’s…. In fact this app is so bad I had to come back a second time to tell you that you’ve pretty much taken a chunk of my life’s happiness and thrown it out the door. It’s all about making another bucks and screwing the customer. Bally’s you can take this app and shove it up your ***. And, back a third time….after looking at the other reviews. How can you keep all of the positive reviews associated with this newly updated trash??!! The positive reviews are all for the previous version of the app…since Bally’s took it over it’s gone to the crapper and all the reviews are 1* with hopes that they could rate it even lower!! Fraud!!!.Version: 5.5.4

Horrible Horrible HorribleI use this app on my iPhone 6 Plus to watch Yankees games on the YES Network. The app frequently goes from HD to standard. Then it will completely freeze. I will miss sometimes 10 minutes of a game while I wait for it to unfreeze. Also there is a volume problem with the app. When the Yankee games are on the volume will be very low. I have my volume up high. I thought this was a problem on my end but as soon as the game goes to commercials the volume goes way up. None of these problems happen on my other streaming apps. So all I can conclude is it's a problem on your end. I have emailed you guys and all you say is you will forward my problems to the right department. That was over a year ago and I still have the same problem. You should be ashamed of how you treat your customers who use this app. If I could give 0 stars I would.Version: 3.5.5

Brutal appThis app disappoints me every time I try to use it. And I’m not trying to execute complex features. I’m just expect it to stream what I want to watch but literally every time I try to watch something I have one problem or another. And I’m not taking about the annoying commercials that are played when I start a stream (which is annoying when you have to start the same stream multiple times a showing due to the app not working). I’m taking about simple things like navigation. It constantly gets stuck not letting me nave to the right. Or the stream stopping and asking me to retry (and when yes the commercial starts back up). Seriously. I just want to watch the game and not have to use my remote to interact with the app to make that work. Also have seen times where it will jump back and play the same 10 seconds it just played before throwing an error asking me to retry. Really bad quality software that I was hoping would improve over time but has actually gotten worse..Version: 5.12.2

Nothing worksI wish there was at least 1 good thing to say about this app- but there isn’t. Most of the time the stream buffers every couple of seconds, half the time content that I should not be blacked out on is region locked for me. Because Bally Sports is too lazy to make a native app for Samsung Smart TVs I am forced to AirPlay to my TV, which doesn’t work half the time. The other half that it does has an insane amount of sound issues. For 1, when you first AirPlay to your tv the audio is basically at the lowest possible setting. So you turn the volume up, only for the volume to randomly start playing at an extremely loud level that easily causes noise damage. On top of that commercials play at at least 3x the DB of your regular content. And please don’t get me started about the actual UX of the app, which I suspect was designed by a blind 73 year old. This has to be hands down the worst app on the App Store, so bad in fact I’m not sure how it passes Apple’s minimum standards..Version: 5.6.2

Can’t watch it anywhere except my phoneThe only way to watch Bally sports plus is on my phone or with apple airplay. But the only tv that I have that actually has the airplay capability it won’t connect to. I have a roku on one of my TVs which is the only tv that I can actually get the Ya app on and the first time I went to play it it said something about it being out of region so I couldn’t watch it. Then the next time I tried a few days later and it said it couldn’t connect and to try again later. I wish the app was available on smart TVs. And not just the new TVs so that we are forced to go out and buy all new TVs. So far this service is very inconvenient and disappointing. It needs to be easier to access on an actual tv. I miss the days when we could just turn our tv on and pick a channel. Nowadays u have to find and pay for a streaming service, sign in, register your device and pray that you have a good enough connection to be able to watch whatever it is u want to watch. I’m pretty disappointed..Version: 6.0.4

Used to be great, now it’s complete garbageThis app was fantastic when it was Fox Sports Go. Since the transition to Balley's Sports, it has become hot trash. 1. They removed the ability to watch two games at once. 2. You used to be able to seamlessly switch back and forth between two different games, but now you’re forced to watch commercials every time you switch to a different game, regardless of whether or not there is a break in play. 3. The game randomly converts to a small screen in the upper right corner right in the middle of a game, forcing you to click on it in order to return to full screen. 4. Half the time during commercial breaks, you're forced to stare at a static Balley's home screen for 2-3 minutes. 5. The stream freezes ALL the time! You generally need to restart the app to get it going again. 6. Like a lot of people have already mentioned, the feed randomly transitions from high resolution to hardly watchable resolution for no apparent reason. This new app is an absolute joke. A complete embarrassment compared to the previous version. This company should be ashamed at what they’ve tried to pull on their viewers. Pathetic..Version: 5.5.6

TerribleThis has to be the most frustrating way to watch a game. The old Fox Sports Go app was much better. I’m not sure who made the “executive decision” on changing the functionality of this app but they have NO idea on what the actual users want or like. Besides the fact that the app crashes in the middle of watching, the freezing in the middle of an ad, and not to mention you no longer have an option of watching a game from the beginning instead of having to watch live and then having to see the score move the slider back on your own to watch from the beginning, i guess the most frustrating thing is to be watching a game and then in the middle of the action and 15 sec ad pops up?!?!!. Who in their right mind thinks this is acceptable? I get you need to sell ad space and I’m ok with that, but NOT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE GAME! I hope they figure it out soon. It’s not rocket science Bally’s.. smarten up!.Version: 5.5.4

BALLY/DIRECTV STREAMINGI am very upset with both Bally Sports Florida and DIRECTV STREAMING. I have been trying for 3 nights to get the Tampa Bay rays games on my television, each of the three nights I have done with instructions exactly the way I was told by the BALLY customer service person and he also informed me that I would not have to go through this another time as it would be an automatic thing when I signed on to watch the games. Well, that does not happen! I am still not able to get onto watch the games when they come on. It’s bad enough that we can’t watch the games through the regional or local programming as we always have been able to because of this blackout that MLB has imposed upon our area. If I can’t get help opening the link to get to the Tampa Bay rays games, I will cancel my DIRECTV streaming. I am not dealing with these cute little tricks if the MLB seems to think they should do! Please have someone get in touch with me so I can get this straightened out before the game comes on tonight. I am tired of putting in a login and password each time I have to each time I go onto the Bally Sports to get the game. If I don’t hear from you by the end of the day,I will cancel the DIRECTV and take my chances with watching games the games.Version: 5.12.2

Video works 75% of the timeThere are three main reasons this app is awful. 1. The video constantly cuts out during live sports. In the middle of the action. Sometimes closing the app helps fix the issue. Often it does not and I can’t watch anything. 2. When the video does work, the audio is often out of sync. Not just with the ipad app, but I notice this issue on my Roku also. I primarily watch CBJ games on Bally’s, so maybe that broadcast just has issues across the board. But Bally’s is the broadcaster, so regardless of where the issue actually lies, it’s Bally’s fault. 3. They make you watch an ad every time you start the channel. Need to switch to another app to answer a message for 10 seconds? Congratulations, you get to watch a 30 second ad when you come back to your game. Need to restart the app because the video, yet again, cut out? Your reward is getting to see a 30 second ad. It’s awesome. I’m already paying for this channel via spectrum. Why am I watching more ads than what are already in the broadcast? It’s a cruel joke. If there were any other way to (legally) watch CBJ games in market I would use it over Bally’s. But there isn’t. Which is why they can get away with this trash..Version: 5.9.1

Spoiler AlertsThis is the worst digital product in the world. When it does work, all of the common sense features that should be there, aren’t. I have to, delete all app data & re-log into my cable provider EVERY time I go to watch a game. I also often watch the games halfway into the game or after it is over. The first thing I see when I log in is the final scores of all the games. Can you make a separate tab for scores?? Also, everytime I start watching (from beginning) in the middle of a broadcast, as soon as the live broadcast ends, the one I’m watching does too. Then I have to go to replays and find the spot I left off. This never happened on the Foxsports app. And to top things off, the app rarely works on my smart TV. I select the broadcast, then it just loads forever. Has happened at least 5 times, leaving me to watch from Laptop..Version: 5.9.1

Truly disappointingI’ve never written a review before, but I felt obligated after my ongoing experience with Bally Sports. Since they took over for Fox Sports, I’ve seen a cataclysmic decline in service, connectivity, customer service, and overall viewing experience. The app didn’t work on my XBox One (I logged out and logged in 3 times, uninstalled the app, powered off, and every other problem solving solution I could think of, and customer service was no help either). I was finally able to access it on my Roku and when there was 4 seconds left of the Pacer game tonight, it cut out because the program had a run time from 7:00-9:30. Mins you, this is not the first time Bally’s has left a bitter taste in my moth. As I mentioned before, ever since they took over for Fox Spirts last year, this kind of situation has happened more often than not. If anyone from Bally’s happens to read this, I implore you, take the time to put out a quality product, instead of this haphazard app that leaves myself, and countless friends and family members scratching their heads and asking, why!?.Version: 5.5.13

HorribleI never leave reviews, but this app is so bad that something has to be done. I used the FoxSportGo app for years with almost no issues. It worked great. The redesign and launch as the Bally Sports app has been awful. It is now the absolute worst streaming app of any kind. It never works on the Apple TV. After logging in successfully with my provider, it gives an error that there is an issue playing this video or that I’m not entitled to the context, which is not correct. On the rare occasion that it will actually load the video, it usually will not play the audio to my external speakers. And this doesn’t even get into how terrible the navigation is in the app or how it launches an ad EVERY time you try to start a video, even if you just watched the same video 30 seconds ago and had to close the stream because it froze, and the video stream freezes ALL THE TIME! It’s terrible!! You took a really solid app and ruined it!! It is now one of the worst apps in the App Store..Version: 5.5.6

Rarely worksI like Fox Sports so don’t get me wrong that I am a Pro ESPN guy; I’m not. I watch and listen to more sports talk on Fox than any other station. It’s just that this app is so buggy. The videos don’t play about 25% of the time. I had full bars today for WiFi and with my wireless provider but it kept popping up network error. Then it finally went thru and I clicked to watch the 1 highlight of the 1 goal in the World Cup game and it wouldn’t load, no error message, nothing. This has happened numerous times. Also, I have Directv and Sports package with all Fox sports channels but when I got on their website to watch a World Cup match it said it wasn’t in my package. That’s funny because when I turn on my TV it comes right up. Maybe they can’t handle the traffic of the WC right now IDK. Plus this app doesn’t have a friendly schedule browser, no scores, no sports schedules, it’s just strictly a video app. That is fine if the VIDEOS ACTUALLY WORK!😩.Version: 4.1.0

Missing Features and More Ads!It’s not cool to get an app refresh and have missing features. The Fox Sports Go app had the ability to do Picture in Picture, not this version. Also, now you have to watch 2 ads before you start streaming any game/show, not so with the old Fox Sports Go App. And make sure you start pregame shows in a “channel” so that it will auto continue into the actual game. Found that out the hard way when the pregame show restarted, making me miss the first part of the game. The old Fox Sports Go app would just continue into the game from the pregame show without you having to worry about it. The streaming quality is fine with the Apple TV, but the ipad/iPhone version keeps freezing the game after 10/15 minutes, making me having to restart the game and have to watch those 2 ads again. Please bring back the PnP and stop forcing more ads on us!.Version: 5.5.4

Sometimes this app worksSometimes this app will play the games. Sometimes it won’t. Regardless off the device connection there seems to always be buffering issues. IDK why the app doesn’t always remember you favorite teams. When streaming on an Xbox there is no “go live” option - you have to manually fast forward to the live point of the game every time. When the game goes past the allotted time you have to exit the stream and go to the post game stream to watch the last bit of the game. For example the Canes play at 7, the game goes until 9:45 on average. Once 9:30 hits I have to exit the regular game stream and go to the post game stream AND I have to watch another ad to get into that other stream. Overall this app has sooooo much it could improve on and it’s a real shame there isn’t a better alternative out there to make Bally Sports up their game..Version: 5.5.13

Really Bad CoverageLoved Fox Sports and used to love watching the Braves games…. Then it got bought out by Bally. That’s when things really went south. At the beginning we had covwrage but then SE just disappeared from the app and somehow merged with South. I’m from NC so theoretically I should get coverage for either the Braves or the Nationals. Nope. They decided to only say that the Reds were in my territory. Umm nope. They switch back and forth between the Reds and the Braves but favor the Reds. It just doesn’t make any sense regionally wise. The last straw was the Reds v Braves game. Surely, that was the one guaranteed game right? WRONG. How, how, did this not air????? Seriously disappointed, I just don’t understand this issue. Do not recommend this app at all, would be better off just paying for MLB TV. The worst part is that you can see the Braves game… but it’s not included in my coverage as it is not in my region…. But the Reds are??? I live in NC! Uggg so frustrating..Version: 5.5.8

Can’t even tell what type of sport you’re watchingBy far the worst of the sports viewing apps. It’s great if it is working, but that is usually around only 25% of the time. The other 75% is a mixture of black screens, frozen screens, and video quality that is so pixilated you can’t even tell what type of sport you’re even watching, let alone what is happening. The app will seemingly randomly drop resolution from normal to unwatchable when there is absolutely no change in connectivity and even regularly when your connection increases (i.e. from 3 bars to 5). It’s almost as if they put in the rewind function because they know that you’ll never be watching a game live if you actually want to see it. Don’t be fooled by the relatively high rating (3.1 stars as of this writing) the only positive reviews are about the quality of the content of the app (the amount of games and sports available to watch on FS go) and not the quality of the app itself, which is horrendous. Maybe they just don’t care because they know they have exclusive TV rights to most of their content so you physically can’t go elsewhere to watch games, because this app is atrocious. Sometimes my iPhone will even lock in the app as it freezes for so long and doesn’t make any attempt to unfreeze itself lest you exit out and start the video again. Please make changes soon as I pay for the ability to watch the World Cup but can usually only get about 20-30 minutes of a 90+ minute match..Version: 4.1.0

So badThis is by far the worst tv and sports app out there. For starters, it has all the sudden just stopped working on my Apple TV. It won’t even open the program I try to watch. It flashes a loading screen for half a second and goes back to the home screen. Have tried everything I can to fix this including resetting the Apple TV, deleting and reinstalling the app, and everything in between. Contacted customer support about it and they were useless. Tried having me answering tech questions that I didn’t even understand and I am a tech savvy guy. It is there job to figure out the deeply technical stuff, not mine. Otherwise why would I contact you? Now, for viewing on the iPhone, oh boy. It constantly freezes, usually in the middle of the biggest plays/moments, and doesn’t work with air play no matter how you try it. This is just the worst app I have ever used. You would think for such a large broadcast corporation, Fox would get this figured out. And yes, this all still happens no matter what my internet speed is or if I’m using WiFi or LTE. I have tried everything and nothing makes a difference. It truly is a joke of an app..Version: 4.2.1

This app is a waste of spaceI must not be watching the same sports as the people who think this app is amazing. I have tried multiple times on multiple occasions to watch a game they advertise as having available and I have yet to have success watching anything. Either it cannot authenticate my service provider or it gives me a black screen. One person who left a review said that all the haters are spoiled. Sorry. If an app promises to do one job and can’t manage to do that one job then I don’t think we are all spoiled. It would be perfectly understandable if there were a few glitches during a game. Frustrating sure, but understandable considering this is a live stream. But when you can never get the app to do the one job it is supposed to do (show you a live feed of the sporting event you want to watch), then that is a problem. I think it’s time for some major updates and improvements to this app..Version: 4.6.2

Literally the worst app ever created.Congrats to the geniuses brought on to take over Fox Sports and find a way to put out THE WORST app and service ever seen in sporting history! The ONLY thing that works consistently are the ads. I have to reboot my Apple TVs whenever I want to watch a new game the next day or switch to something else, the app randomly becomes unresponsive regularly, the sound is extremely low EXCEPT for ads, the layout is horrendous, left and right selection often stops working which requires a reboot, starting games from beginning NEVER works so I end up seeing the score late in the game despite my selection, the ability to forward or rewind often stops working, and somehow it will double the audio feed creating an echo that also requires a full reboot of my device. So seriously, congratulations for making history. Your dev team should all be banned from ever publishing any apps or web services again. Clean house. Do it immediately and hire actual professionals ASAP. It’s infuriating that these people make millions of dollars and cannot put out a basic functioning app in 2022. Jesus Christ..Version: 5.6.2

If I Could Give 0 Stars I WouldThis app is a steaming pile of garbage that has been set on fire then dedicated on by 1,000 stray cats with intestinal issues. I do not own a cable box nor satellite or anything of that sort. I have always streamed TV, mainly live sports, using different streaming apps. Everyone of my apps works fine and has been working fine for over a year, except this piece of landfill waste put out by the Fox developers. 85% of the time the chrome cast option doesn’t even appear, and yes I reset my TV and redownload the app and check the internet connection and even turn my phone on and off, when the option works for literally 7 other streaming apps I have! Then if by some miracle this hot mess of an app lets me chrome cast the connection is jumpy and fuzzy and just a terrible overall experience. If I could create a perfect world the first thing I would do is destroy fox and the app they have created and never allow them to broadcast another sporting event!.Version: 4.3.1

Routine ruined.I am a creature of habit. Every day at work at my own leisure I listen/watch Undisputed and The Herd. I used to just open the app pick a show and watch away. (My tv provider info was saved long ago) Suddenly for no apparent reason I was asked to provide my TV provider credentials again and when the app directs me to the site to do so the screen refuses to load. To work around this I tried to just go to the website on my iphone and resume watching from there and what do you know the site keeps directing me to the app. Mind you I used to have the Fox News app until it had the same issues which let to it’s removal from my apps. Welcome to the club Fox Sports Go! EDIT: FOXNOW APP for the win!!! Everything on it works and now I can watch Skip and Shannon Undisputed and The Herd live or replay totally AD FREE and if I close the app it holds the position I left off in! Take some notes on that Fox Sports Go!!!!.Version: 4.4.0

TrashThis app is ABSOLUTELY terrible. It constantly crashes during games and the audio is always in and out. Oh and you have to remember to start trying to get the app to open about 20-30 minutes before the game actually starts since you will probably have to log in and out multiple times but don’t worry you will always get to watch an ad before it tells you you are not logged in or you have no internet connection when all your other devices are working just fine, or that there is an error playing the stream or it just crashes. I’m really really thankful that I get to pay for the privilege of using this app. Basically if you have any other options of watching your favorite teams play, even if it’s more expensive it will be worth it if you can avoid using this app..Version: 5.12.2

Worse the fsgJust generally disappointed with the entire layout of the app and good things fox sports go had that they removed. With fox it was so much simpler, open the app and right away a screen of the currently live sports. Not highlights, then news, then regional news then the games. I guarantee a major of the people with the app just want to watch the games not read articles about some Tennis match at the Madrid open. Then comes the problem with watching the games, fox sports go had the Picture in Picture multitasking so you could exit the app and still be watching the game. Bally even if you swipe down to check your notifications the stream stops even more so with setting I can’t even check my battery percentage without having the steam pause and it’s just annoying and something I hope they bring back.Version: 5.5.4

How is it worse than the Fox Sports App?This is the first time I’ve ever felt compelled to review any app, but that’s how garbage this throng is. I always thought the Fox Sports Go app was clunky, but this takes that clunkiness, doubles down on it, and adds unnecessary commercials for some reason. I already pay for the content; why do I have to watch an additional two ads every time I start a new game? I especially love the low-res quality of the Verizon MLB commercial. They’ve also lost the multi-game view; not sure why they cut that. But I think my favorite feature is how the app assumes that a game is over at its scheduled ending date – so at the three-hour mark of every baseball game, you get the “your game is over screen,” essentially. The game thankfully continues to play in a PIP window (HERE they’re able to manage PIP), but it’s kind of annoying to have to click to make it full-screen again. Just weird decisions all around..Version: 5.5.4

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