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Waist of time! App is not workingI downloaded now about 3 times in past year! 3 times trying to use phone number which didn’t work and then email and that was useless. Only for receiving verification codes and then like always app not working error message. One year and still haven’t nothin changed… Not looking forward to see app up and running..Version: 4.26

Cash app is king, hopefully here to stay!🏁At first I did not understand what people were saying by “do not store/save/build up/use cash app like a bank account”. Understanding now, now I know that they meant the amount of money you keep on the actual cash app card itself. The cool thing is, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO LINK YOUR BANK ACCOUNT TO YOUR CASH APP CARD👍. You can link your debit card/s to your cash app card. Meaning, if money somehow happens to get lost/hacked/stolen, it will not be any more than what you put on your card, from your debit or bank(which ever one you decided to connect). You can also manually lock your card!👍 Also from what I have seen, cash app will not allow over withdrawals. Also a good thing. It would not be good to have money automatically taken from your debit/bank account and transferred to your cash app card without knowing(accidentally). It cancels the transaction until you🫵 add the correct amount. Two things I wish cash app would do(maybe it does), is send automatic alerts on upgrading or fixes directly to you without having to look into it. Just to allow you to prepare, if there are or will be small issues. There support team does a decent job giving info when you click on them though. The other is, allow short messaging/texting.🤔 All around though, I love cash app!🥰.Version: 4.12

30$ Promo for NEW USERS / New Accounts w Newly Linked Bank!If YOU haven't used Square cash yet, make sure to enter the reward coupon!🤑🤑 "NXD6VWT" on the sign up screen to get a $30 bonus after you send your first transfer over $5!!!! Enter it after it asks for your number. If you've already signed up you can enter the reward coupon on the profile menu if you scroll to the very bottom. The service itself exceeds the competition found in PayPal and Venmo in its ease of use. Sign up is super easy and very convincing for friends, particularly when out to dinner in San Francisco where asking the waiter to split a bill is like pulling out your teeth. I like the fact that I can send money to anyone even if they haven't signed up with Square yet. The app is simple to use, swift and clean. There are two options for transferring money to your bank. Either instant deposit which takes a small fee, or the next day. Or you can keep the money in your account, and use the square debit card for any online purchase. You can even request a sleek looking physical debit card and use that anywhere. The app itself seems secure, especially with the touch ID integration for quick payment. This app has changed how I exchange money with friends or even new acquaintances!! I've even started using it to pay rent directly to my landlord. Welcome to the new modern era. Square.Version: 4.16.1

I love Cashapp!Cashapp makes it fast and easy to send and receive money. I also love the saving feature, where you can set a goal and add money to the savings and Cashapp will calculate the amount you need to save to reach your savings goal. You can also do the round up feature where all of your purchases will be rounded up, and the money that is rounded up will be added to your savings. Another feature that I love, is that you can borrow money from the app and when you pay back what you owe, eventually the amount that you can borrow will be increased. Not everyone has this feature at first, but be patient because the app is working on adding it to all Cashapp accounts. I haven’t ever had a hacking incident etc either, like I have had with other apps and in fact every penny that is spent gets reported to you so that you can keep track of your money. So what are you waiting for! Go and download the app, it will make managing your money so much easier! On top of that, there are also other great features that I did not list! I waited a long time to do a review on this app, because I wanted to make sure that it was not an app that starts off great and then becomes frustrating and useless. Trust me, this app is worth having!.Version: 4.26

Cash AppLove Cash App!! Love my Cash App Card that you can personalize your own cash app card too. Love to convenience the cash app gives you to send money to my children to my family and friends it’s really came in handy for us to send money whenever one of is needing it. I can send money right from my cash app on my phone from my cash app to my family members,my spouse or friends as long as someone has a cash app account or if a person has a bank account linked to their own personal backing account and set up on cash app you can even send or receive from them too you can also get paid sooner from an employer and have your weekly/bi weekly payroll checks directed deposited into you cash app account. Every cash app account gets a personalized Banking Account number & Routing number to each individual cash app account just give those numbers to your employer for your checks to be direct deposited. Cash app also sends texts alerts to your mobile phone for every purchase made from your cash app card account if you set it up and you can even get email alerts for each purchase, when you send or receive money from your cash app account. You get email alerts each month with your banking statements and purchase summary on your account. Highly recommend getting the Cash App !!! Go to your Apple App Store or Google Play Store on your mobile device and download the Cash App today!!.Version: 3.93

My Cashapp ExperienceAfter using the app for a couple years, I have had a pretty positive experience, I use direct deposit and use it as my main source of managing my funds. I get paid early and direct deposits from other stuff comes in quick too. Able to pay my friends and family quickly, I would say the only time I had a bad experience is when someone got my card and cashapp did not refund my money. Used at McDonald’s over and over and in my foolishness sent the wrong person money on accident. Cash app didn’t do anything sadly and the person got away with my funds. I have to say in conclusion the app has a lot of features and convenience, but the company lacks the empathy and insurance surrounding your funds. It’s definitely better to have your main income in the bank and use cashapp secondary. I currently use it primarily but would not recommend it. They offer a cash advance that I was able to get up to couple hundred dollars before pay which is very awesome. That is definitely the big perk about using the app as your main fund source, that and the 2 day early pay. Of course they also have discounts at a bunch of different restaurants and stores when using your card you just have to choose the boost you want. Definitely enjoy using the app and card, the convenience and usability is far from others. Being able to load money from a bunch of places for $1, no atm fees if you deposit a certain amount a month, just a bunch of perks and features..Version: 3.79.1

If your information gets stolen you’re basically screwedMy information has gotten stolen somehow twice. I don’t listen to scam sites, don’t give anyone my information, and frequently change my cashapp pin and passwords. And yet my information gets stolen which is annoying. But what makes it worse is that when someone makes an unauthorized transaction and you try to dispute it, you have to wait for the transaction to be finished, and you cannot cancel it but instead have to dispute it. I wouldn’t have an issue with this is disputing actually worked. But I’ve tried it, and it doesn’t. You get an email and you’ll have to answer some questions. If they deem your answers invalid they won’t give you your money back, which I wouldn’t be frustrated at if they actually judged it well. For example, I live in Massachusetts and don’t ever make transactions outside of Massachusetts (never have), why would my next transaction be in a whole other state when I just now made a transaction here unless there were multiple users on the card? Disputed transactions, from my experience and my research, rarely go the way they should, and in order to fix that it would be better if the team used some understanding of their customers..Version: 3.67

Cash App customer service is a jokeI have a huge issue for the first time in four years using Cash App and it has ruined my experience with them. I can’t believe they don’t care to resolve a fraud issue I encountered that resulted in me losing hundreds of dollars out of my account; I tried explaining to them what happened and they wouldn’t hear me out. It was absolutely insulting and made me feel helpless. Months later still no resolution and they could care less. Everyone I do peer to peer money transactions with are now being guided to use Venmo or cash. I can’t believe they don’t care and as a result I will limit my use of their services. I have friends who are blown away at the lack of tact in their customer service and not giving a single care as to what happened even after I explained time and time again that someone (my ex) who had access to my phone and older phone fraudulently used my account and made purchases NOT ME. They see it as the pin was used and the card via my phone was used so I must’ve authorized it which I didn’t. This is condoning the acts of someone who screwed me over financially during one of the most trying times of my life with this pandemic. As a result I lost the apt I was trying to move into and I am still without a place to live. Cash app and my ex screwed my life up and they don’t care. This is madness.Version: 3.18.1

Infuriating!!!This is the third day I have been waiting for the darn bitcoin “verification.” Zero has happened - it is STILL “VERIFYING” My friend who uses the app frequently urged me to sign up so he could send me occasional money. This is totally ridiculous. I am not someone investing and buying bitcoins and he convinced me that sharing whatever personal amounts of money using bitcoins was the “wave of the future.” Well, I am saying screw this, if just to send some money to someone it takes DAYS and DAYS and already the sign up for this part of your app was already extensive and in depth. Due to the incredibly annoying and also offensive “investigation” going on, he has coordinated with his bank to send me a CHECK via UPS. Just so you know, I have PayPal, Venmo and Zelle and have frequently used them, including using PayPal invoices for my business. The practice of Cashapp makes me want to never ever use the app. It took 24 hours to get a first response from the people with Cashapp (other than the ones who help immediately and actually both know nothing and have zero authority to do anything, including get to someone of higher qualifications). Very very disappointing and irritatingly poor business practices. And I do not plan on being quiet about this to those I know.. Three days later and the darn thing is still “verifying.” Give me a break!! Please do forward my feedback. Your team seriously needs to get its act together..Version: 3.47.1

Not the great but not that bad appI really wish that cash app would do better about how refunds are able to be returned to senders, especially when a service has not been completed. They leave up to the recipient on whether or not if they want to return the money or not. Some people are not that honest and will not return money and that is not okay. You have scammers on there who create accounts for non existent businesses that steal people's money and it never gets return because the person changes their info and these thieves keep the payments. it's not okay. Your good, but it could be better. Follow up: I recently contacted the recipient about getting the money back on an a service that was not completed and the recipient declined the return transaction. This is after I I was told to reach out to the recipient by Cash App support and like I said, the recipient declined the transaction. I still say, it is not okay to give the recipient the option to determine whether or not they will give the money back. Some people are not as forth coming and honest. At this point, it's not even about the money, it's about the principle. I highly doubt that Cash app is unaware that there are dishonest people on here using their app to lie and steal from other Cash app users. That's why I said, what is the harm in creating an option for a sender to reverse a payment or something..Version: 4.23

Mobile depositDon’t use them and especially that mobile feature. They make you write for “mobile deposit” on the check but then will still deny it so then when you have to take to a bank they won’t cash it for you cause they think you already mobile deposited it when they denied you. So now you are out whatever amount that check is. Then when you message customer service they don’t even read your complaint. They just copy and paste a response but change the reps name on it and don’t come close to addressing your issue. If it wasn’t for so many people that I know that only have cashapp I’d have deleted them a long time ago. You get no help from customer service and they close your disputes without it being resolved so you have to constantly start over with someone new on each email. You don’t have just one person helping. It’s someone new every time and they have no clue but copy and paste some response that has nothing to do on ur issue. So don’t if you have a choice or maybe someone will read this that makes sense. I’ve edited this paragraph three times or added onto it and still no one from this company has contacted me. Not one on my issue cause they don’t care at all.Version: 3.32.2

KEEPS CrashingNormally I’d give cash app 4.5 stars its a great app. But ever since December started it has been crashing. Granted I have an older IPhone, but its weird because I’ve never had these issues before. I am concerned bc this app is easy when it comes to giving and receiving funds. However it just won’t even load up. It keeps crashing before anything loads. My sister has a newer iPhone and it loaded just fine. However, iphones are expensive and I am not about to buy a whole new phone just to fix cash app. Hopefully it works soon. Cause most people have cash app and I am willing to use other avenues, but most people only have cash app. This is kind of frustrating but I will keep checking in the next few weeks. I uninstalled and reinstalled. I even called support and I’m not sure if they’ll get back. I’ll come back in the next couple of weeks and see if it has changed cause despite this I really love this app. Just wish it worked on my older phone how it used to. Idk if this is a bug or not. UPDATE: customer service called the same day I requested it. They were very nice and now cash app is loading up for me. If you are having the same issues and have an older iPhone. That is probably it, but don’t worry. No need to buy a new phone just call cash app and they will help you! Updated rating is back to 4..Version: 3.53.2

Love it... but....I absolutely love this app. Money transferring is incredibly easy, and the app overall is incredibly user-friendly. It’s my personal favorite not only because it’s easy to use, but I absolutely love the discounts via boosts you can apply to your card. However,Something that’s hard when it comes down to the boosts is that the majority of the boosts I get are not for things that are local to me. My suggestion would to be pushing out boosts that are more universal. My top two favorite boosts are 10%-15% off any grocery store, and the $1.00 off any coffee shop. The app would get a much higher rating from me if those two options were permanent options that we could choose from. They are more than likely the two most used ones anyway. My only other suggestion for the app would to create an easier and more user-friendly path to customer care via app. If I have an issue it’s always “contact the merchant”And that’s stressful because not every concern that I have is always a refund. So I would’ve given the app a higher rating given that customer care would be easier to get in contact with. My suggestions would be either having a phone number that somebody can call, or an in-app chat for customer care. Overall I really love the app. It’s save me a lot of money, and I highly recommend it overall to most people. It’s my preferred method to handle my money..Version: 3.22.1

Taxes fully free. Thanks much SQ!I have what my old tax lady called “very complicated taxes”. If I go to HR block or any tax place that advertises $40 taxes or something like that, they look at my tax folder for the year and try to charge me a bundle. I paid over a thousand dollars once and the lowest I have paid is $450 in the last 5 years. I own more than three unrelated businesses, have rental houses that are all diff addresses, I work W2 and 1099 jobs and usually have a half inch stack of w2s cause I quit readily, I have multiple stock and bitcoin trading accounts that I use for different strategies, I often get 1099G and 1099misc, I make large donations… my taxes are long and take a tax person a whole day or two to do. A lot of my write offs and etc need me to be there to walk the tax people through when they do them so I figure I might as well do them myself. A lot of the free tax services will make you fill it all out then at the end will say “you grossed over $60,000 this year so you have to pay X amount” or “state taxes costs $10” after I just spent 14 hours inputting everything. Cash app luckily lets me do all my taxes for free on there and is just as easy as any other program. You don’t have to put your refund into cash app but I did anyway cause cash app is awesome. I’m waiting for a buying opportunity for a thousand shares of SQ too..Version: 3.59

Highly recommend!!!I have had CashApp for 5-7 years now. I have direct deposit from my job to my cashapp. I have done my taxes through cashapp for years as well. I have never had any kind of issues with cashapp. And when I have had issues with other companies or purchases, CashApp customer service was 100% on my side. CashApp also has a borrow feature now where you can basically get a quick loan if you ever have an emergency or just need some extra cash fast. No hassle or background checks. Quick and easy, I’m your account in less than one minute! And it will allow you to borrow several hundreds of dollars (depending on how long you have had your account, and how much you keep in it). CashApp also has a savings account! You can do round ups on every purchase and save the change automatically in your savings account! I cannot express enough how easy/simple this app is! And I used it heavily for EVERYTHING! I never have to touch real money anymore since using CashApp. Oh, and unlimited atm withdraws from select atms (they have a map to show you where to go). Again, I like this app for all my banking needs. It’s easy to use, and has so many perks! (I forgot to add that you can add “boosts” to your card for % off purchases, or bitcoin earning, and even cash back!) I even set one up for my kids! Easy to transfer cash when they need it and are away from home. Easy to send them their allowance also. I 100% recommended CashApp!!!.Version: 3.88.1

Unwilling to make exceptionsI just got the cash app a few days ago from an invite from my friend, my friend told me that if I joined I’d get a $5 credit, and then I had a debit card sent,I had no idea that ther was a time limit on when I had to make a deposit,I thought I had to wait for my card and and when I had a chance to get money on there ,I have never had any kind of money app and my friend spouted off about how great it was,well when I put money on card later today I didn’t get my $5 I know it’s just $5 but still that was the offer I was told about and I should be able to get for activating card and putting money on it,when I asked where my $5 was from a chat customer service I was told it expired and I had to invite friends to get a credit and I told him I was new and the friend didn’t tell me there was a time limit and I was busy with work and hadn’t had a chance and if they could make the exception,it’s only $5 not $500 and hd refused and told me I had to invite friends ,like invite friends so the same thing can happen to them??!!! Not so sure after the lousy ,non understanding help that I got !!! Maybe finish my money off on my card and try another app or maybe not this one made me suspicious!.Version: 3.59

Refund issuesI really wish that cash app would do better about how refunds are able to be returned to senders, especially when a service has not been completed. They leave up to the recipient on whether or not if they want to return the money or not. Some people are not that honest and will not return money and that is not okay. You have scammers on there who create accounts for non existent businesses that steal people’s money and it never gets return because the person changes their info and these thieves keep the payments. it’s not okay. Your good, but it could be better. Follow up: I recently contacted the recipient about getting the money back on an a service that was not completed and the recipient declined the return transaction. This is after I I was told to reach out to the recipient by Cash App support and like I said, the recipient declined the transaction. I still say, it is not okay to give the recipient the option to determine whether or not they will give the money back. Some people are not as forth coming and honest. At this point, it’s not even about the money, it’s about the principle. I highly doubt that Cash app is unaware that there are dishonest people on here using their app to lie and steal from other Cash app users. That’s why I said, what is the harm in creating an option for a sender to reverse a payment or something..Version: 3.25.1

Never Using CashApp Again after my issue is resolvedOn Monday someone ordered Postmates, dominos, and a Lyft with my cashapp account. I’m the only person that knows my cashapp account information. I had $300 in my cashapp account before my money was stolen from me. Mind you all of the postmates transactions happened within minutes of each other. After I realized what was happening money was transferred out of my cashapp account. Once that happened the thief started trying to buy more stuff from postmates and by then I only had $4 so my card started declining. I’ve been in contact with cashapp since Monday and today is Thursday. I hate the whole day waiting process to hear something back from cashapp support. If I don’t receive and email from cashapp support saying they will refund me my money within 10 days I’m filing a police report. I also contacted postmates to see what they could do and they said they can’t help me because they saw no recent transactions on my account. The last transaction I have with postmates is from September 2019. Don’t believe these great reviews on here about cashapp because they are all a lie. Before you download this app google cashapp reviews. I would hate for this to happen to anyone else..Version: 3.7.3

Cash app is a must! The best app to have!I love this app! I have 4 kids and they borrow and pay me back. I sell a lot of items and use it for taking payments from my renters. It can categorize each person and the payments I’ve made to them & the payments I have received from them. I can pull up one person & look at the entire account. It allows you to state what the money is for so u can keep track of it. PayPal which is not free! I do not use now. I have Zelle, however, it does not keep track of how much Is paid or received. You can not pull up an individual to see all the transactions for the one person. Which is what I love about the cash app! I was able to keep track of how much I paid for my daughter’s wedding. Her dress, shoes, veil, hair, nails, and all the decorations. I was able to keep track of how much I spent. I could pull her name up and look at everything that I had spent on her and her wedding. 😊😊 I love that it is free!! No fees! I have my renters pay me using the cash app. It’s easy to track who has paid and how much to date! When I’m selling something and they want to use the cash app to pay me. I can send them a link and I make money because I sent them the link so when they download the cash app and pay for items that I have for sale, cash app sends me a bonus! It stated out at $5. I am now up to $15 per person that uses my link to the cash app. That’s awesome! I love that bonus!.Version: 3.46.1

Scammed and Blocked, doesn’t help customers…I’ve made a purchase a month ago back in April with Cashapp. This was my first and last time using Cashapp. The person who was selling purses was inquiring that I use Cashapp for the payment. I proceeded with the purchase and she accepted the money. I was asking for the tracking number but she never told me it. All she said was that it was shipped and I would receive them in a few days. I kept waiting and asking for the tracking number so I could find out where they where, but she ignored the question and only told me what day I would receive it. It was the day she told me I would receive them but never did. When I messaged her, I said I never received it and then she blocked me. When I reported my refunds twice, both were denied. I received a notification saying “Scam Reported: We we’re unable to recover your money. However, your report will help to prevent future scams, thank you.” What is with this, I can’t receive my refund but it’ll help prevent future scams??? I even chatted with customer service and they told me that they can’t do anything about it since my transaction was already completed. I also saw her account was still active on Cashapp. I’ve done everything I could, only to be a “warning” to future scams. Absolutely disappointed….Version: 3.65

Love itCash app is one of the best apps of all times easy to use send money an receive with out a lot of extra things like these banking apps and more Cashapp is very hands on an convenient for me to use for myself, my children, friends, family, and loved ones when you look at an app like this, there's usually all types of unexpected things and misleading information. That sense across one thing and always comes to find out it's another but when you use cash app, it actually is exactly as it seems if you have not tried it I highly recommend you try it out and you will not be disappointed. I've been using Cash App for about 6 1/2 years now and it has not disappoint me or let me down yet even when it comes to speaking with customer support they're very hands-on and reach back out to you in a timely matter to make sure whatever issues you do have or easily handle, so this is why I get cash app five stars there's just no way possible way you can go wrong when you choose cash app so go head download download download And that I mentioned that I can also do your taxes you'll thank me later well actually cash app you thank cash app later.Version: 3.83

Borrowing instantlyBeing able to borrow money from you guys is by far THE BEST and MY FAVORITE update from any app. I’m a very introverted person and times do get hard, paychecks do come a little late and sometimes it’s hard for me to muscle up the courage to ask anyone for help let alone some money they’ve been working hard for themselves including my own mom even though I do know for sure that she’ll help me. Being able to borrow money from cash app allows me to never have to stress myself out about money or pay for anything whenever I don’t have enough, and it has saved me from a lot of anxiety/panic attacks. Since the update came out I swear I’ve told almost 50 people about it; I’ll literally STAND there and help them figure out how it works, how the payments work when we do pay it back, where to find the button, how to change their payment dates etc….. Thank you so much cash app team !!!! You’ve outdone yourself with this one. Oh and one more thing I also like how our borrow balance starts off low but in due time and after we’ve paid back the money on time our borrow balance starts to rise; saves you guys a lot of time to differentiate between the people in this world..Version: 3.77.1

Confused and Disappointed loyal customerI’ve been with cash app for about two years and strangely in June 2020 I started having money deducted from any and all my receiving payments from friends and family, out my cash app account. I’ve contacted them once I realized that they were doing this and wanting to know how and where this money was going to. They expressed through email that I have a business account. This was confusing and also false information. I NEVER SET UP ANY BUSINESS ACCOUNT ( I never even had any bank account linked with my account). So I don’t understand why they have the privilege and authority to just take my funds without me authorizing this. They only refunded me for seven days and they have yet to send me the remaining money nor information showing how this could happen to me. I’m an unemployed widow who barely getting by besides the money my family and friends help out with through this established business that serves a variety of people nationwide with there business. Please explain to me how you can take portions of my money and then give me no proof that I’m a business account holder. THATS UNTRUTHFUL AND ALSO STEALING FROM YOUR CUSTOMERS! ☹️☹️☹️ $1212baby.Version: 3.28

Great App ALL AROUND!I Absolutely LOVE this Cash App! There’s a Bonus I get while using this app too... It monitors the Stock Market & it lets you see how stocks by how they are performing or you can look up individual stocks & keep your own personal list to keep an eye on them! It also tracks the stocks that performed the Best Daily & Best Monthly so even if you’re not watching those particular stocks you can learn more about them! The only problem I have is when you go into the app and see you’ve received money from someone and tap on their name... you can send them an emoji to thank them for the cash, but you have to go to a different area of the app to make your deposit into your bank account or bank card... however you have it set up. I honestly hate this part of the app. I think that when you see the person’s name with an amount sent to you & you tap on it, when you are in that screen you should be able to DEPOSIT YOUR MONEY RIGHT FROM THERE, send a thank you emoji, keep track of your past transactions with that person, etc. without having to maneuver to multiple screens to do each thing. This is why I have given this app a 4 star, but in reality it’s a 3.75. It doesn’t bother me enough to change apps but it has bothered a few friends enough to have changed so it’s something I would recommend to your programmers..Version: 3.35

FraudulentIt’s been over a week someone had hacked into my cash app and stole over 700 , sold my stock, purchased stock all at the same time within seconds. Cash app support team has been emailed about this and I’m still waiting for updates and a refund. Now as I wake up to check my cash app , I no longer have one. It’s asking me to create a new cash app and when I try to use the same cash app tag it’s says unavailable. I’ve emailed cash app support again this morning regarding this. Also they were about to change all my contact info to login. I’ve screen shoot their info that was in place of mines before they locked me out. Cash app didn’t email me or text me the changes that were made and I’m assuming because my personal information was removed. There should be another level of security for cash app because whoever hacked my account done it with ease and not even cash app the company stocked them. I wouldn’t recommend this app or cash app after what happened to me cause it can happen to anyone. At least with a bank account they can replace your money until they confirm it’s fraud. Cash app don’t do that and you’re just left wondering and you cannot call a live person either..Version: 3.33.1

Sending internationallyThe app is good but not being able to send or receive money from the UK to other countries such as the US is a big down fall especially for people who may have family in other countries and states or be looking to use it for small business uses. I’ve had money sent for the us that I now can not receive. If this was to be changed in a few weeks I think the app would take off with users..Version: 3.6.2

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