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Sending internationallyThe app is good but not being able to send or receive money from the UK to other countries such as the US is a big down fall especially for people who may have family in other countries and states or be looking to use it for small business uses. I’ve had money sent for the us that I now can not receive. If this was to be changed in a few weeks I think the app would take off with users..Version: 3.6.2

MisleadingI like this app a lot; however i have not received my $5 for transferring money and i have not received my $20 for the two referral i gave, both people are happily using the app but both reported the same issue with the $5, one was able to get $10 from referral the other did not get $10 referral. Other than the payout offers not working everything else seems to work very fast very good, everything is pretty easy to find so complements on your ui, this would be a 5star review if not for the issue with the transfer and referral payouts not paying out. Also as someone who got the “glow in the dark” card its really not very glow in the dark, its cool but definitely more fluorescent than luminescent, my custom design came out perfect, i really love the personalized touch. Obviously if you read this far you may notice i didnt touch on important key features like card deactivation at a touch and the other core features that brought us here, thats because as far as ive used them so far everything works. This is a good clean app that i can recommend at this time. Cheers to hopeing they dont mess it up with clutter and useless crap that makes it unsafe..Version: 3.23

RevolutionaryThe potential of this service is incredible! Loving it already. Can’t wait for the cash back options in UK too. Soooo easy to pay/request payments from/to friends now without having to disclose bank details but via £tags..Version: 2.28.1

It WORKSYeah I’ve only had it 3 days and I’ve made £40 in referrals and yes it seems good! Just fill in all the details properly and yes you have to give your bank details as it is a cash sharing app! Similar to circle and Paypal!! I would recommend !! Although it has changed from £5 to £10 is the amount to send! WARNING !!! - ONLY SEND TO PPL YOU TRUST AS I HAVE FRIENDS WHOM SENT OUT A £10 TO GET IT BACK AND THE PPL INVOLVED NEVER SENT THE £10 BACK!! NAUGHTY PPL👊🤨.Version: 2.40

International money transfersI think being able to send money from the UK to the US for example would be such an amazing feature and would really increase the app downloads. When do you think you’ll have this in place for? I’m guessing it’s already an idea that’s gone forward..Version: 3.8

The Best ChoiceI don’t often write reviews anymore because the last thing I want to do is have my name associated with something that might potentially take a turn on the less then desirable side of things. However that isn’t the case here in my opinion. CashApp has been my go to for quick, easy, and convenient money transfers for a while now and I’ve seen it only moving up. Originally starting with a few small transfers here and there between friends led to full utilization of its many features. Be it paying a friend back for dinner, sending money to a family member for Christmas, helping someone out in a tight spot with gas money, ordering the Cash Card so I can spend my money anywhere visa is accepted, to support for ApplePay. Let’s not forget the card boosts which are awesome little perks that give you discounts on certain purchases when you apply them to your card. I actually just saved 10% on my lunch at subway yesterday thanks to the boost I had. It’s a secure way to pay, receive, and send money and the only app I care to use anymore outside of my normal bank account. Thanks CashApp!.Version: 3.4.1

So simple to send moneyI can’t comment on the negative reviews as my app has worked seamlessly. Added my visa bank card and takes seconds to send money. Put in the email address or telephone number etc of the person you are sending it to, say how much you want to send and off you go! They will get an email to then asking if they wish to accept the funds. Very simple and no fees!.Version: 2.58

Great appBeen using this for a while now and I can’t flaw it other then international payments but I don’t really spend money internationally great for sending money to friends and family and buying stuff within the uk.Version: 3.29

When is the trading stocks and buying bitcoin comingI really like using cashapp. it’s really easy to use and really fast to send money. however, i’ve noticed that you are able to buy bitcoins and trade stocks in the US but not in the UK. Maybe if you introduce it to the UK you’ll be able to get more customers using cashapp..Version: 3.13

Inconsistent + lack of customer support = frustrationWhile I have used the app in the past few month without a hitch (and I’m trying to convince others to do the same), I recently ran into a problem sending money to a friend and it’s highlighted some problems with the Cash app. I sent a second payment to this person within a two week period and in order to receive the second payment they are being asked to verify their account through Facebook or their Social Security number. This seems odd as they have used the app to receive cash in the past with no problem and the two payments which I sent are well under the $250 trip point that I’ve read can often trigger a verification request. She’s not comfortable putting this info in and there doesn’t seem to be rhyme or reason for why it happened. And what a drag of it happens again and again? She contacted customer support and got a canned response that doesn’t address the issue. Really wish there was a better way to contact customer support. Why is she being asked for this information at this time? It seems a little suspect. She’s frustrated and ready to quit the app and use something else, and I’m finding it hard to recommend this app to others now..Version: 2.21

Terrible customer service! No communication.I’ve used this app for a couple years now for work splitting dinners, my kids sports, fantasy football, etc. this app was always awesome and still is a great convenient app for the most part. Recently my app was logged out of somehow. When I opened it it asked for my phone number and then it made me create a new cashtag name. I was unable to get back into my previous account where I had a 140 dollar balance. I’ve must have written 20 plus emails asking for help over the past 2 weeks and customer support will not respond or help resolve my situation. Up till now I’d give this app 5 stars but now I just rather use Venmo. If cash support will step in and fix this issue then I’d change my review to 5 stars. Not looking good though. About 4-5 days later after I left this review with a 1 star I was finally contacted by cash support tech named Rachel by email and they did finally get my accounts merged and my money back into my account. I did change my 1 star to a 4 star only because it took 3 weeks to fix. If it were a quicker response I would’ve given it a 5 star but for an app that handles money you want assistance ASAP. I will continue to use this for the convenience. Thanks cash app..Version: 2.58

The app works like a charmOne of my cards I have had for a while doesn’t work with sending payments via there own app and I have 2 main accounts this is the simplest way to send money between the 2 and is easy and fast but a cash app cash card would be appreciated in the uk.Version: 3.20.1

Works great, not well established.I run a small business and this has worked well for customers, I prefer it to PayPal because it’s not as complicated. Only small complaint is that it is not very well known or established so when I tell new customers my preferred method of payment is “cashapp” and they have never heard of it, immediately their mind goes to being scammed..Version: 3.16

Love it... but....I absolutely love this app. Money transferring is incredibly easy, and the app overall is incredibly user-friendly. It’s my personal favorite not only because it’s easy to use, but I absolutely love the discounts via boosts you can apply to your card. However,Something that’s hard when it comes down to the boosts is that the majority of the boosts I get are not for things that are local to me. My suggestion would to be pushing out boosts that are more universal. My top two favorite boosts are 10%-15% off any grocery store, and the $1.00 off any coffee shop. The app would get a much higher rating from me if those two options were permanent options that we could choose from. They are more than likely the two most used ones anyway. My only other suggestion for the app would to create an easier and more user-friendly path to customer care via app. If I have an issue it’s always “contact the merchant”And that’s stressful because not every concern that I have is always a refund. So I would’ve given the app a higher rating given that customer care would be easier to get in contact with. My suggestions would be either having a phone number that somebody can call, or an in-app chat for customer care. Overall I really love the app. It’s save me a lot of money, and I highly recommend it overall to most people. It’s my preferred method to handle my money..Version: 3.22.1

Good app but one problemI like cash app and how the app is and everything but can you please do one thing where I can use cash app on phone to spend money on other websites such as if I want to shop on JD can I pay with cash app if there’s a possibility for that please do it that would be really helpful for me.Version: 3.32.2

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