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Lost Jewels - Match 3 Puzzle Negative Reviews

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Lost Jewels - Match 3 Puzzle App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Lost Jewels - Match 3 Puzzle app received 22 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Lost Jewels - Match 3 Puzzle? Can you share your negative thoughts about lost jewels - match 3 puzzle?

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Lost Jewels - Match 3 Puzzle for Negative User Reviews

Waiting for next levels to open is a let downGood game but have to wait too long for next levels. Too easy to lose interest in if you have to wait so long..Version: 2.94

Not badDon't like waiting to unlock levels😀.Version: 2.54

WaspsIt’s ok. Have played better..Version: 2.76

Addictive and I love it, but the App isn’t playing fair with the rewards I have won 😔A great change from some of the other games I like to play, BUT, too many times the app freezes and it’s always when it should be giving me the rewards I have won for completing the daily challenge which means the app is cheating me so I’m not happy.Version: 2.89

15 minutesStarted playing 15 minutes ago, still learning the game. It wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, however I am waiting for my lives to regenerate on toon blast and toy blast, therefore I opened lost jewels to kill time. 👍🏾.Version: 2.94

Lost jewelsI'm sorry, because I might like a lot of these games, if they would play in landscape mode on my ipad. But they are obviously made only for phones in portrait mode. It just really seems unfair that I paid all I had to pay a few years ago for this Ipad , ($1200), and I mainly bought it because I'm confined with MS and can't do anything else except sit and be on my ipad. It's all but impossible to play these games on an ipad, because most of them are in portrait mode, and when you turn an ipad around to play that way, you ruin your cord, because it's constantly being pushed against you until the cord cracks. I already had to replace one and I just don't have the money to do it again. I've seen where other people have the same problem. You'd make more money if you programmed the games to work in both portrait AND landscape mode. I will never pay to play only to ruin my cords over and over!.Version: 2.89

Lost ........I like the game, but what has happened to the daily puzzle. It’s stuck on the same 4 puzzles, and I CAN ONLY COMPLETE 3!.Version: 2.94

Crap customer serviceI have played this game for a long time. I tried to buy in-app purchases and after inputting my password, I would get the usual message, “you’re all set,” followed immediately by the message, “purchase failed, no money was taken from your account.” I tried several times, since the message said no money was taken, thinking maybe I had typed the incorrect password. However, money was, indeed removed from my account. I definitely used my correct password and there was plenty of money in my account. I tried an in-app purchase in another game and it worked fine. It is obviously a glitch in the game. I contacted Apple, who told me to contact Peak, which I did. Peak responded with, “contact Apple.” One would think Peak would want to know why this happened. Apple promised to refund my money. My main objective in contacting Peak was so that I could safely get in-app purchases again. I have deleted the app and will never play a Peak game again. I’ll save a lot of money. :) I would give zero stars if I could..Version: 2.75

GamerGood game.Version: 2.85

Lord JimThis game gets worse as it goes on. No such thing as game rules as they are valudity of theirconstantly changing during the game. Worst level yet is 773 where rules change after every move making it impossible to complete, unless you want to pay! I'm not looking for easy games or puzzles just fair ones that have a fixed rule for the duration of that particular level. Compilers either taking the mickey or, don't properly check the validity of their programming..Version: 2.100

Fun but....I hate when games make you wait 4 days to pass a locked area cause you don't have enough friends to send you a pass or you don't buy the key. :-/.Version: 1.42

Agree w the review that says it’s impossible 2 score 3 wo buying!I 100% agree w the review that says it’s impossible 2 score 3 spheres without buying a bonus of some type, and I also am a perfectionist OCD type personality. I think a lot of us are that play these types of games, & for one not to be able to get the highest score, no matter HOW you play that level, anddd no matter whatttt!!!, without buying something I think is just plain wrong. So that puts me OFF this game quite a bit. I haven’t had any other problems though, but I haven’t needed to contact customer service yet either....Version: 2.98

A great platform for spending moneyReally developers? I get to play five levels per day without spending money? I don’t think so. Your game is fun, but not that fun. Just make it a paid game up front and make more money by offering new levels every so often. No one wants to be nickel-and-dimed just to pass a little time. There are too many match three alternatives to choose from to tolerate this..Version: 2.74

Good gameI really like this game, but, when you play on the PC and want to buy coins you can’t, because Facebook doesn’t support Roku (or whatever it is). Where before you could have it billed to your mobile account. That’s the only drawback..Version: 2.79

Not happyThis game is good when the app works properly. At the moment it’s just sad. It constantly doesn’t pay you the credit you win. Ive taken pics to prove it. But no way of contacting the developer except through this. So bad rating for you.Version: 2.67

Lost jewelThanks for the fun.Version: 2.92

Lost jewelsGreat game.Version: 1.3

DisappointedWhy don’t things you buy transfer from Mac to iPad, but other that that it is quite good.Version: 2.121

FunGood game, juste le jeux sans l’es personnage sa serais encore mieux..Version: 2.85

RatingIts not a bad game..Version: 2.92

BienBon jeux.Version: 2.95

AddictiveWanting colour and a quick changing game where your finger does the thinking, look no further..Version: 2.144

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