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Jersey Mike's App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Jersey Mike's app received 25 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Jersey Mike's? Can you share your negative thoughts about jersey mike's?

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Jersey Mike's for Negative User Reviews

You ruined a perfectly good appETA: pushing out an update to the terrible update somehow reset the average ratings? Ok. You still didn’t fix the favorites (which the Dev response of “taking the time to make even better” is absolute crap as it worked fine before and there was no good reason to push an update without having favorites). Still 1 star and still won’t get my business. Get it together developers. The new version of the app doesn’t let you save a repeat order, doesn’t send you a copy of your order by text or email, doesn’t let you look back at your order, and forced me to sign in after the update (that one is only annoying). I agree with others: unless and until the app is fixed or just reverted back to the perfectly functional way it was I won’t be eating Jersey Mike’s. It’s such a hassle to have to stop what I’m doing to place an order when I used to be able to order in about 30 seconds..Version: 4.1.1

Disappointed with Manager and staffI have ordered from your Dekalb IL location since it opened. I have accumulated a lot Still as of last comment not to person respondedof points, which means I eat here a lot. It use to be a good place for subs, like I said USE TO BE. You have so many manager coming and leaving. That they don’t care about your customer base or your business. I have had several issues and watched out to try connect with the manager, at least 2/3 times a week. I have left my number for a return call. SILENCE!!!!! When a friend called and asked for manager she got on the phone. My friend handed me their phone, all of a sudden manager said couldn’t hear me, then it was bad connection. Which is a bunch of CRAP!! Then hung up. I called back, no answer... PATHETIC Once all my points are used up, I will NOT be visiting your establishment again. As someone else pointed out about your app it doesn’t seem to work when there is a special that you have to go through this app. It has happened several times. I am usually the person who will call the manager and compliment employees. I feel that management is told only when something bad happens, not me... except now. Wish there were a place we could give minus stars, unfortunately (for me) there isn’t fortunately (for you) minus’s are not available.Version: 4.16.1

50% of an appYou can order but you can only order what they want you to order. You can’t for example change out provolone for American on the Italian. You can absolutely do that though in store. There is a “customize” option in the app which is only and option to remove things already on the sub, not an option to add extras. So what’s the point of customizing? Also they won’t make your sub til you check in so even ordering on the app is a waste because you have to go to the store wait in line and tell them you’re there. Overall the app is completely pointless other than to look at the menu. I get offers all the time and would order every single time I get one but I have to order through the app and I can’t get the subs the way I like them. So I go to subway 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️ Jersey Mikes subs > Subway subs, Jersey Mikes app/easy of use <<<<<<<<<<<< Subway app.Version: 4.26.0

Poor App for a Great ShopI love Jersey Mike's, but stopped using their app, add the main reason for using apps like this (signing in to earn rewards points and save common orders) is completely bugged. I had a password saved on my phone, so I know that I had an account with them, but my password wouldn't work for some reason. I tried using the "forgot password" feature, but the email never came. Next, I tried using another email to make a new account from scratch. After going through the whole process, I tried to sign in, and it continued to tell me my password was incorrect even though I just created the account and set the corresponding password. This has been a frustrating issue with this app that I have been encountering for some time. What's the point of having an app if you cant sign in to your account???.Version: 4.26.0

All items need to be listedThe app is great with the exception of not having all items offered at the location listed. It does not list all chip options. Nor does it allow you the option to select a fountain drink as your drink option. You are stuck purchasing a can/bottle of soda, water or tea. When I order my chips I have to pick one and then in the special instructions section put which type I really want, which makes me feel like a pain. Fixing this would vastly improve my experience with the app and I would order from Jersey Mikes more often. Currently, I don’t order from the app very often due to the amount of stress it causes, I want to be able to order everything I want on the app, pay for it, walk in, grab it, get out ,get back to work, and eat my lunch. I spend more time fighting this app and then skip eating lunch on the days I thought it would a great idea to have Jersey Mikes for lunch. Please list all items and reduce the stress, make my lunch break smooth and relaxing not one that turns me into a hangry beasts..Version: 4.26.0

Disappointed!I was a regular #6 guy. The roast beef used to be medium rare (pink/red) and was usually a good bet. Since they give very little meat, I usually order double meat. Lately, it’s been a challenge to get medium rare roast beef. I was told of a new company policy of no longer cooking these “in house”. I was also told this should make medium rare the norm. Not the exception. I also loved the App until my last experience. I paid over $13 for a double meat sandwich which had two slices of meat at best. The tomato was not even ripe and looked like it should have been discarded. This was the one time that I had my wife pick it up. I immediately noticed the bag felt too light for a regular, let alone double meat. What little beef was over cooked and made Arbys look gourmet. Did I mention I ordered this as rare as possible and on white bread? I got parmesian Rosemarie, not white. So disappointed I’m not coming back..Version: 4.26.1

I know costs have increased, BUT….This is unacceptable and quite bothersome - I feel like there’s an attempt to fool me, the public, hoping I won’t notice. I am quite aware prices are up - for everything. But the last two orders received have been unacceptable and even though we love to enjoy them, they have shown up almost “measly’ for lack of better word. We order a couple types regularly with the extra meat & cheese and …. Not only are these sandwiches shorter and thinner… definitely no extra anything, not even the basic amount. Not the right type of bread that we’ve seen so far this eve. Bottom line - many of the ‘products’ have deteriorated in quality and suze which all amounts to quality and integrity. And this is annoying. And it’s not just this one time because of whatever - this is the secind time with the same deficiencies. So once again, I’m not fooled. I’d rather the price go up if there are concerns about your ridiculous bottom line. My guess is the bottom line of your customers is hurting more than the corp..Version: 4.27.5

One Employee, a male was very rude!Went to the Jersey Mike's on Browning and Hilltop today. As I was attempting to tell the guy what what I wanted on my 2 sandwiches, I was trying to communicate through the glass. So I was talking and pointing at the items I wanted. He seemed to understand me alright. As I was standing at the counter waiting to pay, the guy walks over and begins giving me a very sarcastic lecture about that I was pointing at items I didn't want, and apparently I irritated him badly. All I wanted was Mayo, mustard, Lettuce, onions, and pickles. Well it seemed to really upset him. So I left Jersey Mike's in not so happy frame of mind. The sandwiches were delicious as always..Version: 4.26.0

App makes your order more expensiveI really have to hand it to mike, it’s bad enough your final bill from this place rivals what I pay for my family at an average sit down restaurant including tip, but extracting a dollar more per sub though the app, sorry I bothered downloading it at all. I mainly hoped I could order a custom sandwich through the app, as someone in my family just likes pepperoni on bread with cheese. Six pepperoni on cheese and bread coo ok it’s me almost nine bucks. With all the extra profit at least they could consider paying their staff instead of having customers pay them with their a tip since the folks in my area make waiter/waitress wages $2+ an hour. I refer to those as slave wages for good reason..Version: 4.27.3

Can’t order deliveryLet me be clear that this review is only about my experience with the app. I love Jersey Mike’s. I’ve been getting subs from them for as long as I can remember and until about three weeks ago, I’ve never had the first bad thing to say about anything related to the company. All of a sudden, I can’t get an order to go through on the app. I have been using the app to order delivery to my work at least once a week since the start of the year when I moved (I used to just go in the old fashioned way and order at the counter) and I didn’t have any problems. Now, when I go to place my order, it tells me that the order can not be accepted and to try again later. I’ve tried several times and get the same message each time. I’ve tried with different cards, I’ve tried Apple Pay, same thing every time. I’m very frustrated with the app. The sandwiches are still fantastic though!.Version: 4.27.0

Let us customize hot subs!I really like this app, but I HATE how it doesn’t let you customize some subs aside from taking OFF toppings. On the Big Kahuna I like provolone cheese instead of American, and I want to add lettuce and mayo. Can I do that when ordering through the app? Nope. I can only take off items that automatically come on it. This is such a stupid decision. Please change it so we can properly customize ALL of the subs with all of the available toppings! If this gets fixed my review would be a 5 star. The app is good otherwise. Edit: It would also be nice if you’d add an option to re-order a previous order so I don’t have to type out special instruction or rebuild my sandwich every. single. time..Version: 4.8.2

App is okGet an email and text notification promoting 50% off on any sub ordered through the app. Welp deal?? I’m a frequent flyer at jersey mikes since I was 14 so this ticks me off I will miss out on this promotion. I was planning on ordering for a party too. Update: I’ve ordered twice in the last two days now that the promotion is working. Each time the order was wrong when I got home. I keep reaching out to customer service but no one wants to get back to me. Actually better yet why aren’t Peter and Frank personally going to their Tennessee locations and making sure it is up to their standards like they did in the south Florida locations. The meat is either too much or not enough. Why aren’t they using the scale to train the employees the correct weights for each sandwich. Why aren’t they giving the proper amount of juice or toppings? And why is it when I correct an employee on how I want my sub am I getting an attitude. I worked for jersey mikes from the age of 14-21 and the standards we were held at were by far higher than what I’ve experienced here. Makes me want to buy these locations just to get them in check myself! These stores are tainting the jersey mikes name. If I wanted a crappy sub I’d go to subway where it’s cheaper. No I expect more when I’m paying more..Version: 4.16.2

If you want fresh food, don’t use this appI downloaded the app and placed my first online order today. Everything worked as expected. The app told me my food would be ready in 30 minutes. There was no earlier option. Although I live 2 minutes away, I showed up to the store in 25 minutes. My meatball sandwich was ready to go and completely cold. There were at least 4 people in the store walking around and no other customers. I'm guessing the order came in, was immediately prepared, then sat waiting for me to arrive. Even being 5 minutes before the expected pick-up time the sandwich was completely cold. To avoid conflict with a location I eat regularly, I went home and vowed not to use the Jersey Mikes iOS app again for any of my orders. Additionally, my wife was hoping to place her order online. She wanted Turkey and Swiss. Apparently, they only have Turkey and Provolone with no option to replace Provolone for Swiss. We thought about trying to add a note, but thought that might be confusing or missed and we didn't want to risk a $10 sandwich not being prepared as expected. So with the service at the store being excellent and the food quality usually outstanding, the lesson here is to not use the iOS app going forward. I submitted this information to Jersey Mikes customer service and got no reply..Version: 4.9.0

No option for Swiss cheese or spicy mustardThe app is easy to use but if judging on effectiveness of getting the order correct I’m rating a 3 or 4. Main issues: why is spicey mustard not on the regular screen? You have to request as a customization. Therefore this got my order wrong recently because when I requested mustard I thought there was only one mustard and I happened to get to the restaurant while they were making it then psychologically it was an issue because I “knew” it was not the taste I was anticipating. Then there is the issue of Swiss versus provolone. Sorry, but provolone has very little flavor but for some reason Swiss is not listed as an option but it is an option in the store. This issue knocked down my rating today from 4 to 3 because I realize again I forgot to customize. NEXT, I want an option to not cut that sandwich in half - these are not finger sandwiches- they are designed to eat so half the ingredients don’t fall out the bottom. When you cut the sandwich in half you double the chance of the guts falling out. Next- I order to go... get a fountain soft drink- why is there no option to buy bottled drinks- I tried to grab one a while back but apparently those are charged differently. I’ve never seen anyone grab those. Why? Why aren’t they on the menu?.Version: 4.3.0

Love the food / Dislike this appI always do pickup on the app. Some days this app work. On other’s....like today it failed to take me to the checkout. I kept going back, closing, then returning before the checkout finally appeared and the order taken with confirmation email. The giant sub appeared early at checkout station. It was exactly as ordered and the staff are always top notch. The sub, as always was delicious. So why can’t the “Shore- Staff” get the app to work....every time. Let’s just keep it simple and MAKE IT WORK for the customer. I’m giving the food and service 4-stars but this app gets three (3). PS. I deleted the app and re-installed but the app will not allow me to order more than one item..Version: 4.18.1

Very slow / unstable appAs they just opened up a new location near me I was looking for a different option for regular lunches and enjoyed the sandwich I got from the new place. As I left I decided to install the app as I knew I would be going back a lot but as time is precious to me I just tried using the app for the first time after I had made an account and the loading screen showing a bicycle stayed on for about five minutes in which I opened and closed the app trying to force it to load. Eventually it did and of course it needed a login and then verify that I was not a robot to which it would just sit there on the screen and took entirely too long showing no signs of progress that it was loading. Because I do not have the time to go sit and wait 10 minutes for a sandwich to be made I like to order and go pick up which now means I am back down to fire house subs as my go to because I need something reliable that works in this app does not do that. I will assume all of the five star reviews were purchased reviews..Version: 4.23.0

Didn’t send the food I ordered.First time ever using this app and what an awful experience. Not only did the delivery driver try to do an in person hand off when I absolutely did not want to come in contact with another human. My sandwich order was missing, the bowls I ordered for my family came covered in random bits of lettuce on the outside of the boxes like someone sprinkled lettuce into our paper bag, and the bowls orders were still made wrong. Then when I called the store i ordered from (Yucaipa if your wondering) they said ‘well we can’t send you anything to replace the food you paid for but was never made’ and then told me they ‘can’t provide me with a refund for the missing parts of my order’ because they have no manager on site. I would have to come back in and only then could they give me a sandwich I had already paid, and paid delivery for. I ordered in because I can’t go out. But hey I got the chips and drink though. I would have rather used any other app then this piece of garbage because the other apps have contingency plans for if something goes wrong with you order and it’s delivery. This Jersey Mikes one however has no option in place for when you don’t get your food that you paid for. Besides come visit in person. And if you’re trying to use this for take out it will screw you over. Use another app..Version: 4.12.0

Sandwich tasted a bit different todayFirst of all, thank you for being open with cheerful workers. During these COVID times, that is something for which to be grateful. We usually order the same sandwiches, the #13. This time however they tasted different. It took us awhile to figure out what was different. Everything seemed sliced very very very thin. Substantial amount of lettuce and, in my sandwich, fair amount of ham, but everything (including rest of produce and all the Italian meats) was sliced so thin that I could barely taste anything but the ham and lettuce and Italian seasonings. The thinly sliced cheese hung over the bun (which was indeed fresh & delicious). The 2 slices of cheese on our sandwiches were thinner than one slice of Safeway bought provolone. I hope this extremely thin slicing of meats and produce is unique to the Jersey Mike’s on Union Ave. in Los Gatos so we will try some other franchises. We sincerely miss the sandwich the way it used to be that reminded us of our East Coast home..Version: 4.16.1

I love Jersey Mikes but….My family loves Jersey Mikes and will eat there at least every couple weeks. But the big dilemma is do we order from the Jersey Mike app or DoorDash it? The he prices are spiked on DoorDash but it will get here fast or do we order from Jersey mikes app and wait over an hour for our food to get here. This boggles my mind. Shouldn’t it be the same price and arrival time for both? For example for 3 sandwiches, chips and two drinks on DoorDash, mind you I have dashpass, will cost me $60+ and be here in 20-25 mins. On the Jersey Mikes app same food cost me $45 and will be here in little over an hour. Same food!! It’s crazy! I know I should order for somewhere else, but this mom is tired and doesn’t feel like cooking tonight. But doesn’t want to feel completely ripped off either..Version: 4.26.1

Can’t set up acct!On this app, you can’t place curbside order without creating an acct. However, you can’t set up an acct using an iPhone 11 because to process the acct profile information needed to register for said acct you have to get past the bot/robot detection mechanism. The collection of pics used to select which match the written description won’t load properly,& the pics are fragmented & spread all over the page,& making it impossible to either read or select the pertinent pictures. I work in healthcare,& I pick up food on my way home from the hospital. I’d rather not go in the restaurant in uniform, so I usually order from places with either curbside pickup or a drivethru. I’m interested in ordering using the app, so please fix this..Version: 4.22.0

I shouldn’t have to ask for my online order.When I place an order in the app and tip I expect that when I come to pick up my order it is on the shelf. I purposely place my order so that it is ready 20 minutes before I even arrive. However every time I come, my order is not on the shelf and instead I have to wait to get someone’s attention so they can give me my order from behind the counter. The point of placing the order online or through the app is to be able to quickly walk in, grab my order and leave. The associates seem to be too busy to bring the orders to the shelf. Perhaps you can rearrange things so that the shelf is close to them. Otherwise my son and my mother like the food. Thanks!.Version: 4.26.1

Use DoorDash instead!!! Poor customer service on incorrect ordersIf you order delivery on this app and anything is not correct know that no one will help you. The app uses DoorDash to perform the deliveries, so if anything is missing or goes wrong they blame DoorDash. When you contact DoorDash they won’t have record of your order since it wasn’t placed through DoorDash and recommended you contact the store directly. The store will offer no assistance as their registers won’t allow them to refund on orders placed through the app and tell you to contact DoorDash. It’s insane that I’m forced to fight this long for a refund on what I thought was going to make this easier. Somehow this has gone much, much worse all because no one will take accountability. Use DoorDash instead!!!.Version: 4.27.0

Why can’t I store Gift cards on app?I think this is the most ridiculous, redundant, outdated thing I’ve ever seen on an app! Why in the world can I not store my gift cards on my app!?? So now I have to keep track of my gift cards and not lose them! I’ve never heard of any other business doing it this way. I keep my gift cards on my Target app, on my Starbucks app, on my Kohl’s app, Red Robin, you get the idea! I mean it’s a very easy fix I’m sure! If every other business can do it why can’t you? I absolutely love your subs by the way, but I just think this thing in your app is ridiculous. What a pain in the neck..Version: 4.16.4

Horrible App ExperienceJersey Mike’s recently opened in my town so I downloaded the app and tried to set up an account. When I entered my email and password I kept getting an error message. After three tries I used the forgot password link and got a message to check my email. Nothing there. I check the spam folder etc. Nothing. I wait a few minutes and try the forgot password link again. Same thing. I go back to the login again and try my email and password again. Repeat error messages. So I try forgot password again. Nothing. I delete the app and try to set up a new account but I get a screen saying the email address is connected to an account I CAN’T ACCESS. Eventually I get a screen saying my “account” has been locked and I need to contact the administrator. WHAT ADMINISTRATOR?! All I wanted to do was set up an account and order a sandwich. Life’s too short for this ridiculousness..Version: 4.27.4

Not customer appreciativeI used to think this was a great place to get a cheesesteak comparable to phillys but unfortunately the franchise does not have the same customer service as good old fashion Genos or Pats steaks . I will admit that the sandwiches are okay but as far as correctness of orders and following instructions this company really is bad. Not to mention when you do notify the company based in New Jersey all their excuses are is that they are all private owners and there is nothing they can do about poor quality and service which essentially means the brand does not care how bad their name gets dragged in the mud they are just worried about selling franchises period. Kinda reminds you of how bad companies in New Jersey are really run and why they have such a bad name..Version: 4.24.0

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