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Intune Company Portal App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Intune Company Portal app received 153 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Intune Company Portal? Can you share your negative thoughts about intune company portal?

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Intune Company Portal for Negative User Reviews

Sacrifice privacy to protect clientsSacrifice privacy to protect clients.Version: 5.2112.2

HorribleI had to download this for school but didn’t agree with the terms or service that was MONTHS AGO. And i still have pop ups that ask me if I’d like to allow it. I have no idea how to block this app and it’s absolutely horrid and annoying..Version: 5.2109

Intune=spywareEvil company enforced spyware. Once you configure your email and calendars using it, if you can, I would urge you then delete the app. Unfortunately you may not be able to do that if access to your email requires that it remain installed. For some access to email may only require the initial configuration and be safely deleted after the initial configuration. Do not trust Microsoft or your employer. They may claim they can’t “see” your web browsing, contacts, texts etc. using this app but that is a lie. If they can configure the security on your phone, they can then access anything they want on your device. I would give it zero stars given it’s insidious nature but you can’t submit a review without given at least one star. Needless to say this creates a statistical bias in any app rating. Way to go Microsoft!.Version: 3.5.0

You didnt give me photoshop i hate you so muchUggggg.Version: 5.2203.1

Not Worth the Memory SpaceHopeless app. no worth the memory space because it never sync properly, can never find that there are apps missing and therefore the apps cant getvloaded. not worth the money unless your it designer who can find things, otherwise normal people search firever wasting time. Too much glitz and embelishment in the home page instead of doing a job. Fluff!.Version: 3.0.0

GarbageThis is the worst app out there..Version: 5.2112.3

Bad experienceIt was not a pleasant experience to install, very time consuming and a headache.Version: 5.2209.0

So lameA true headache.Version: 5.2112.3

Frustrating😖1. If you don’t install Microsoft apps you continually get notifications until you install their apps. There’s no way to opt out of this from the user standpoint. This notification is really distracting and unnecessary. 2. In addition to nagging the user to install their Microsoft apps. This also bloats the number of install counts within the App Store even though the user doesn’t want the app. 3. They do include a privacy policy which is good but they’re still Data and some of it you can opt out of.Version: 5.2109

Device is not registered ( company portal)Hi We are deploying iPhone12 and iPhone13’s. i just setup an iPhone12 and it registered in the company portal. I’ve have had multiple issues with iPhone13 devices registering, they will not. I have an iPhone13 I’ve attempted to setup twice. Devices on ios15.3 Are you looking into this matter for others?.Version: 5.2112.3

Useless with new iPhoneWas working with old iPhone 7, but will not let me access emails etc with new iPhone 13 - even though all settings are the same! Utterly useless and a total waste of time..Version: 5.2112.3

Don’t install this AppDon’t install this app unless you have backed everything up first as I lost all my phone contacts if you don’t have to don’t install the app at all.Version: 3.7.0

Extremely frustrating when usingPlease test it on the scenario when it has to manage a lot of devices..Version: 5.2112.2

InvasiveThere need to be more restrictions on this app. It gives a company one occasionally works with far to much access and this violates privacy..Version: 5.2204.0

Can’t access email or calendarMy IT admin and I are pulling out our hair because I can’t access email from my phone, MFA doesn’t work, this whole thing is just a headache and I’d like to set it on fire.Version: 4.16.0

This is spywareI have no idea why it departments think getting you to install this is ok. Keep getting told on the Microsoft side that they can’t see personal data but apple says it can This is Microsoft tralling for more data This existance of this app is totally unnecessary I trust apple more here I’d never install this on a personal device.Version: 5.2212.0

Unnecessary IntrusionI hate having this app on my phone, especially since this is my personal phone and it can now easily be seen and controlled by both my employer and Microsoft. Another reason why I loathe Microsoft and every piece of terrible software they spew forth into the world. If they can’t have dominance of an industry (mainly because their own products are complete and utter trash), then they’ll do whatever they can to take control and, consequently, make everyone’s experience crap. Horrible company. Horrible products. If I could give them negative stars, I would..Version: 3.7.0

Slow phone down and app won’t openThis is one of the Worst app ever I’ve put on my phone it’s slowed right down some apps won’t even open including messenger trying to make phone calls won’t even work properly I have to keep shutting the phone down and restarting it since downloading this on my phone. I wouldn’t recommend installing this app and I’m now going to try and remove it and hopefully my phone will stop working properly again. Worst app ever..Version: 3.2.0

UgggIt wants to downloads apps, then says they aren’t supported, then removes them and asks to download them again. Not to mention it downloads apps that need that app its downloading to verify that you can download the app. By far the most frustrating part of my week..Version: 5.2109

MigrationAll my contacts and notes are gone..Version: 5.2109

Bluetooth failingThe App itself is excellent but ever since I installed it, I can no longer use the hands-free Bluetooth connection between my car and my iPhone 5 because it continuously connects and re-connects. Very frustrating!! UPDATE - the previous version fixed the above issue for me which I was very pleased about. But the problem has now returned with the most recent update. Very frustrating again! PLEASE PLEASE FIX! UPDATE - this problem was fixed for the previous one or two versions but has now returned with the most recent version. PLEASE PLEASE FIX PERMANENTLY!!! 😡😡😡😡😭😭😭😭 UPDATE - I stuck with an old version for ages which did not cause any issues with the Bluetooth connection in my car but have been forced to update to the most recent version and the Bluetooth problem has returned. PLEASE FIX.Version: 2.13.0

Comp portal ratingI get the phone and I have to set everything up lol every app used individual is now a lot of passwords I only had two the whole time I was using the target This is very hard struggling through information you have never used and trying to get it right and promptly to get back to normal work I have to read introduction come up with way more passwords all why doing this on a phone that you are trying to read do you remember the process of instruction and finding the new acceptable passwords and remembering them as you are remembering your steps to figure out how to get new phone set up and available I don’t want anyone to think I feel someone is responsible or to blame just wanting to express the hurdles to jump at. Some time and same phone to be focusing on Thank you Ronald Rose.Version: 5.2112.3

IPhone 11 ProThis app is garbage and I have to load it for company security Not loading properly after several attempts and following tutorial to the letter.Version: 4.1.2

RubbishSpent hours on this app and it just doesn’t work. Waste of time and very faulty. Tried again as apparently there’s been a update. Yet still doesn’t work only got to look at last reviews ( recent ) to show this app don’t really work for anyone. How they’ve got a contract with the HMP I’ll never know..Version: 5.2205.0

No calendar in default calendar app...And no to do’s available. I can no longer have my work calendar integrated with my personal calendars in the default app. This is a major shortcoming. Having to switch between apps just to make an appointment (as i need to know both my work and private commitments) is completely useless. Do not install unless your company policy forces you to!.Version: 3.2.0

Phone update miseryAbsolutely miserable to update from iPhone XR to iPhone 12. New phone locked up with msg “guided access app unavailable - please contact your administrator “ and I’ve spent hours trying to get everything restored from backup, including at least 5 resets and 3 restore to factory resets. IT wasn’t much help as they weren’t aware of solutions. Then all of a sudden for no reason it unlocked and started working. No clue what fixed it, but it seems to be working now..Version: 5.2112.3

Inconsistent appSounds like a good application, but how many times do I have to agree to things. If I agree I agree to everything. It’s not a choice if I say no to anything than it kicks me out of the app..Version: 3.6.0

DO NOT DOWNLOADThis is a completely useless app which gives you viruses if you say no to one of the agreements which apple charges $235 to get rid of STAY AWAY FROM THIS APP.Version: 5.2112.3

TrashTracks everything you do on your device seriously I looked though the files.Version: 5.2112.3

Bad communication/messages, bad timingIt seems to me that the technical people who write these apps have never worked in the real world of normal life where the phone is just a tool to get business done - not an end in itself. A phone is just a replacement for the pencil of the past — and if the pencil stopped working we just threw it away and got one that did work! A couple of simple complaints: A) timing of having the phone go suddenly “out of compliance”, when I need to be in 24x7 customer contact B) instructions that used to be a simple “update your phone unlock code” have become now become a dramatic over-statement of the issue C)”how to resolve” instructions ensure that users will call a human on a help desk … if only the help desk was not flooded with calls about this silly problem.Version: 4.16.0

Unclear instructions for passwordWhen checking my settings I was promoted to set a password, then the instructions led to a link explaining how to set a passcode, which I already had. The problem was actually that a 8 digits password was required instead of a 6 digits passcode, but this was not explicit during the setup process..Version: 4.4.1

What was wrong with the old system?What was wrong with the old system?.Version: 5.2203.1

Won’t load on iOS 14.7.1I have tried downloading multiple times and intune won’t load or even go to the sign in page. This is a new iPad and this app won’t allow access to my network. I have searched the www and have not found a solution..Version: 4.19.0

RubbishLess than usless.Version: 2.1.21

Setup issuesVery clunky on boarding process, while setting up company profiles the app prevents access to the dashboard and settings app a certain points preventing the ability to join avail label networks to allow the install process to complete very frustrating. Also the the Microsoft verification window occasionally vanishes preventing further setup this then has to be reset by an admin..Version: 4.6.2

SecurityI love how legally Americans can read all the information to completely control your device permanently with this app profile installed.Version: 4.10.0

Restricts ALL Screen ShotsCompany forced all employees to install this crap or we would lose access to our work email and would be unable to use or join calls via Teams. We’ve been working from home 1.5 years now so everyone relies on their personal phones to do their job nowadays. Company does not offer any compensation for those who use their personal devices to stay connected for work and provides no work phones. The app instructions claim the app will prevent screen shots from within work apps but it definitely blocks ALL screen shots, regardless of what app you’re in..Version: 5.2203.1

Initial downloadingThat took a while.. so many steps or hurdles to jump and risk crashing and falling. Finally got through to downloading useful apps and now exhausted. Useful to warn people how long this is likely to take and it’s a complete minefield for the less device savvy staff. Recommend going to a training session..Version: 2.8.0

AwfulAbsolutely horrified at this app, my work have made me install it. Its put awkward security on my phone, locked me out of it so I had to factory reset my phone loosing pictures and locking me out my apps. It also is restricting me from being able to logon to my apple watch. So much stress.Version: 4.14.1

PasswordI was happy with my password and didn’t appreciate having to change it. And my nickname was taken . Frustrating.Version: 4.2.0

Misleading Device Setting ActionAfter enrolling I was asked to set a device password. The word password is misleading and should be updated to “Passcode”. The how to resolve link is hopeless as Company Portal should return the actual problem such as, passcode too old. Also the reset passcode prompt should appear in front of company portal..Version: 4.2.0

JunkTerrible navigation.Version: 4.14.1

TerribleI don’t like it the app took all my games and gave me restrictions whenever i try to turn it off whenever i turn it on again there is always a problem :(.Version: 5.2109

UnnecessaryI’d like to be able to access some work resources from my personal device, but not if it means giving my employers administrative access to it. By all means insist that I take sensible security and privacy precautions, but why do you need the power to monitor the device or even wipe it? If my phone is lost or stolen, Apple can already render it useless. What more do you need?.Version: 5.2205.0

Change over iPhoneExtremely hard to set up new phone as it would not allow the texted passcode to come through the phone until the Authenticator was authorized I had to do so through my PC when I came into work.Version: 4.2.1

Keeps coming up with server issuesThe app won’t allow me to download the profile that is needed, says failed to connect to server. Without this I cannot fully use the app! Is there a way in which I can download the profile before the app.Version: 4.19.0

Can’t register2FA input screen disappears the moment the SMS comes through. Has been happening for months and renders this app useless..Version: 5.2212.0

Profile Removal after leaving organisationThere is no help online to assist in removing the registered device after I have left the organisation and have no access to comp portal app. Does directly removing the app remove the profile and I get back the original profile back ? When I add next company’s account in teams, the profile would not let me do that. 😬😬 No help on this typical and common use case :(.Version: 4.16.0

Won’t work in iPhoneAfter setting up the company portal, calendar, contacts and emails stop syncing. Keep asking to enter the password . But won’t accept the password . Wasted a week on this ! Terrible ..Version: 4.3.1

Download ControlApplication doesn’t have an option to cancel/restart downloads. This can be a problem if the app gets stuck in a download or there’s an error. More than once I’ve had issues where the application is stuck attempting to download one of the onboarded apps for greater than 24 hours. An option to restart or completely cancel would remedy that situation. Or an auto refresh built into the app to check and see if it’s properly downloading, and recommend a close and restart..Version: 5.2209.0

Causes more problems than it’s worthIt blocks legitimate, safe, work related activities. Turns my $2000 smart phone into a $90 dumb brick phone..Version: 5.2109

That’s a no from me dawg - Randy JacksonHas too much access to personal info and requires a pass lock change..Version: 4.2.0

Cannot sign inSign in page comes up for one second, then switches to a loading page and gets stuck!.Version: 5.2212.1

Watching your every move making little things complexAfter reading all what they are telling you they can look at and having to agree and then going through all the new steps complicated interfaces. when i retire. i will gladly take a hamer to my “smart” phone o the wonderful days of nextel when you could just use the phone i could use it like a walki talki as well and made it even eaiser than dialing.Version: 5.2112.3

Clunky security and awful user experience in apps. Backwards step in tech!Security settings are OTT... I need a 6 digit pin now and cannot use finger print to unlock my iPhone and iPad. This feels like a backward step in technology? Outlook program is awful - not user friendly at all and lacks the capability of iOS email. I cannot see folders and there is no settings to adapt it to my preferences. Again, this feels like a backward step. It has messed up all my contacts too. Calendar has also migrated to this Outlook app too - again a vey clunky user experience. What is the point of this awful software? Obviously I am forced to use it for work but as far as i am concerned, this software belongs in the bin, it is not up to 2020 standards (maybe 2005?).Version: 4.7.0

Pain in the ****Basically makes work iPhone unusable. Can’t sync calendars to keep personal and home calendars aligned. So now have to enter everything twice. Stopped me using Apple notes (actually deleted them when they used to sync with outlook), deleted my contacts. Only use under threat of dismissal. Basically drives people to use their personal devices for everything which defeats object..Version: 3.4.0

Another Microsoft set of apps that work poorly on an AppleTo think that corporations enjoy putting their employees through the abuse of loading these apps when Microsoft has about the worst track record of security. As the reason for selecting Microsoft for the secure functionality is like having the proverbial bull in the china shop. The programs don’t load, they require inordinate time to try to fix their problems, only to have them be non-functional for their primary purpose. A star is too high a rating for this set of software..Version: 5.2112.3

Annoying popusAnnoying popus to install the apps all the time and no feature to disable it Too many steps to get started.Version: 4.16.0

Ridiculous productWill be very difficult for a non techie user to update if they have any other certs on their device..Version: 3.1.0

Bad bad badGot the app. Goes through 50% battery over night. Opening email makes it crash and close..Version: 3.3.2

When you turn of company portal it literally breaks ur I pad pls fixWhen I turned it of before I couldn’t use my teams or anything so pls fix.Version: 5.2203.1

Huh?Don’t know if I enjoy using the app.... my employer made me download it and that in itself was annoying.... phone appeared to be working fine previously..Version: 4.12.0

Update details url brokenLatest update comes with a non clickable URL for “more info”. Of course it gets a 404 file not found after a redirect. Warning Muppets at work would have been a better description..Version: 4.4.1

InvasiveThis is the most invasive app I have ever experienced on my phone. It didn’t offer any set-up options so just installed itself wherever it fancied. I wish I hadn’t installed it. If your company asks you to install this app ask for a lot more Information about how they will use it and what it will do to your phone..Version: 3.9.0

Think long and hardThis is an intrusive app that will strip you of your privacy. There is no way this app is compliant with gdpr and some state employee privacy law. When you install this your IT Department will gain complete access to your personal device. They can see your location, know your device password, can add and delete apps, look through your contacts. I suspect they can also read your email messages. MS privacy notice is very deceptive and does not list all the things this app is capable of. I just know what I’ve been through and how my previous employer controlled me. I deleted this app as soon as I left my last employer. I know ask employers if they issue their own devices. I am unwilling to sacrifice my privacy for illegal employee monitoring..Version: 3.9.0

ITunesI have spent to much money on these games and think there disgusting how people have to buy lives every couple of games as you can't get the colours you want to finish it I don't get any enjoyment out of spending £s for games and getting nothing back hopefully you will consider this problem as I think it is a matter to be considered thank you.Version: 2.9.2

I’m sure it’s valuable to my employer but...I don’t use this application at all. My employer requires us to download it. The only reason I’m aware of it at all is that it insists I update it every two weeks like clockwork. I’m really surprised that most of these updates can’t be done as database updates and not modifying the app; who would think a program that updates other apps would be so buggy? Of course, if the update info said something rather than nothing each time, I might understand. My internet bandwidth is so poor that I hate spending it on non-update updates..Version: 4.7.0


Don’t trust itHorrible app. Installed it to access to work emails on my private iPhone. Started working fine in the beginning, but then the trouble started. It stopped syncing the emails, then I noticed all of my other apps being logged out constantly. I noticed battery life being drained to the point I thought I needed a new battery, and noticed my phone crashing a few times. I removed the app, suspicious that it was causing these issues, and then coincidentally, not long after, my iOS software crashed to the point where the phone would not start. Unfortunately I didn’t have a chance to back up the phone and hence lost a lot of recent photos, contacts and data. Have since had to take the phone for repair/system reset and the phone is now working fine again with no battery issues without having this app installed. Coincidence? Don’t take the risk- if your company wants you to use this app, insist they provide the phone..Version: 4.1.2

HorribleSlow, complicated and unclear with too many steps. Needed IT support.Version: 5.2109

I would give it 0 stars if I couldI installed this app to retrieve a work email then deleted it due to it being able to see and pass on personal data. After deleting, every 5 minutes it now keeps popping up asking me to instal again! Is there a way to block this constantly happening?.Version: 3.5.0

Why would you ask for a reviewYeah....I am so hard for company security on my phone the more the better. When do we get retina scanning..Version: 2.8.0

Doesn’t workHome Screen/sign in screen appears and disappears in a fraction of a second. Then the application stalls. Nothing happens on my IPhone 14 max pro. My iPhone was checked and everything is working so it’s the application that has a problem..Version: 5.2212.0

Clunky - Loss in productivityThis app seems to have lost its way. So many other applications using the iOS have great features. You move to this, and you lose the productivity of common gestures of iOS. One thing that complete baffles me: If I book a flight and have the calendar entry sent as an attachment from my travel sight, I cannot click on the calendar and have it update on my Outlook calendar. As people try to book meetings, that time slot shows open! How can a road warrior gain productivity with that miss!?.Version: 3.14.1

Say hello to big brother & bye to your contacts...This app is junk. It allows corporations to monitor employees physical locations 24/7 and scrub all email. In the process of allowing you corporation total access to all of your whereabouts it will not allow you to port your contacts from your work PC to your personal devices. That’s right, all of your client info everything, you will have to renter everything into your personal devises all over again. I am actively working to organize an a large group of my colleagues to petition the manage of my firm to remove this software and restore the system we had. Do not install this software unless you absolutely have to. HORRIBLE!.Version: 4.12.0

Works fine, until it doesn’tMicrosoft support have not been able to resolve any of my issues related to company portal over the past few years, if you are unlucky enough to have it break, you’re on your own.Version: 5.2205.0

Not able to enroll my deviceEdit: even with today's release I cannot enroll my device!!! Please rectify this immediately. It takes you in an endless circle. You try to sign into your company teams account, it directs you to download this app, upon downloading this app and signing in it it AGAIN directs you to download this app (now you get taken to the app store page for this app and can see it's already downloaded so it just gives you the option to open the app). Rinse and repeat. Can't get any company resources on my phone.Version: 4.17.3

Painful just painfulPainful process..Version: 5.2109

MrHelp!!! iOS 9.3.5 devices that worked up to yesterday? Noticed a new version update was released yesterday..31 October 2017. I even factory reset the device with no luck. The company portal app installs from the App Store but when trying to open it flashes once and close again. Other iOS 11.x devices work fine?? Something has changed....Version: 2.9.0

PasscodeIt changed my passcode. Had to reset my whole phone. Makes me think what else was tampered with. Can the developers shed some light on this issue as other have experienced the same issue as me..Version: 4.16.0

Worst mobile application everAbsolutely hate this with a passion - nothing ever works, not having work email is such a frustration wish my company would move away from this immediately.Version: 5.2209.0

Good intention but need to fix Apple WatchApple Watch useless when your company enforce rules around strong passcode. Need to work with all Apple devices otherwise useless protection..Version: 5.2112.2

I am stuck in loopsI was required to download the management profile for my company in this software; each time when I did it, I was asked to login my MS365 account. However, I am always looped back in the landing page asking me to download this software, which I am already in. Please try to investigate and fix..Version: 5.2109

Doesn’t workWhen I get to step 2 for enrolling my device it just keeps telling me to download this app (which I did and I’m using) and won’t let me proceed..Version: 5.2209.0

Device won’t SyncHave been trying to sync device to access work files and emails. 2 hours in and it still won’t sync..Version: 3.9.0

Probably the worst app ever createdThis app was designed by complete simpletons. Completely useless in an iPhone 11 once it opens you cannot get out of it. If you try to restart your phone this app will just come right back up again and you’ll be stuck in a loop for the rest of your life with this absolutely useless app. You’ll have to go onto Settings to set up your company portal but you can’t go into settings because this app completely takes over your phone..Version: 4.7.0

Doesn’t work with iPad ProOnce installed, the main page just keeps spinning and the reviews online say other people have issues with this. Please update so iPad Pro users can download.Version: 5.2109

Screen capture function has been disabled by companyCompany policy is crazy, disabling the screen capturing function.Version: 5.2112.2

Sorry guys, but this is my device, not yours.Hey, why should I grant access to unknown people to my personal device? No! Never! You will not get access to my apps and the data from my apps, and you will not add or erase data from my iPhone. This my iPhone, not your’s thing. I give this app one star only because there is no option to give it even less than one star. Moreover this app pose a potential threat to any employee. Be careful. Think how to protect your data..Version: 5.2112.3

How can I make this working on my ipad pro?It brings me to intune app but I got an error saying that the portal isn't available..Version: 3.9.0

Tracks your location 24/7Permanently tracks your location and drains the battery faster in doing so.Version: 3.9.0

App is not helpfulThis seems like a very complicated and circuitous way to simply get ability to access email. Not easy to use or understanding what it is doing..Version: 5.2205.0

Microsoft is rubbishI find Microsoft and this app very unreliable and not user friendly at all. I would not recommend this.Version: 2.1.19

Annoying and intrusiveAnnoying and intrusive.Version: 5.2205.0

Absolutely horrible for employeesMobile access is a must for my company email and they are forcing me/others to use it. Despite the claims of it not accessing your personal information, it now prevents me from using all of my settings. I can no longer control the pin/length of my password nor how often my phone locks etc. If you're having to use a software like this company phones should be issued. I’m sure HR will be involved soon since this is a new issued program..Version: 4.12.0

Absolute crap!!Aggressive like a virus, so I call it a virus! Why is the obsession of installing apps that I do not want to use on my phone??? It should be people’s choice how they use their phones! Besides, phones for calling and messaging - NOT for book readings, etc. Cannot see why book app is essential on a company phone???.Version: 5.2109

Loop back on login’sPretty useless when the apps is just connect and disconnect..Version: 5.2205.0

PasscodesI’m irritated that I had to change my code to my phone.Version: 5.2109

Won’t sync outlook contacts to iPhoneGot a new iphone8 and set up company portal. All worked fine for two weeks... now won’t sync outlook contacts to iPhone. Select delete contacts and it recognises I have 334 in outlook. Select add contacts to iPhone and recognises I have 334 but won’t add to iPhone. Have deregistered device, deleted app, reset iPhone and started again twice but still doesn’t add contacts. Have selected “reset account” but nothing. Most annoyed and frustrated !! Help please.Version: 3.0.0

Complex and InflexibleVery hard for users to understand — clearly targeted at companies who require it rather than users. Has disabled my ability to access a second Teams account even though my company insists that it is not trying to manage Teams..Version: 5.2212.0

Thanks, I hate itThanks for wasting my time by including a pop up in your app begging for App Store ratings! Here is the rating you requested..Version: 4.14.1

Corporate surveillanceNot cool. I‘m a human not a corporate robot. app can’t tell you exactly what employer will see. it only says vague things like „may“, „possibly“, „could“, etc. also uses technical terms noone really knows what that is, like „managed“ app?? also you don’t see when and how often the shared data is accessed by your employer and there are no clear guidelines/restrictions for the employer on how to use the data. The app claims that it won’t access search history and user content, but the apple privacy declaration mentiones precisely that!.Version: 5.2205.0

Failed to launch app when deployed over VPP via AC2I have 3000 iOS device that I am going to let it enrol into InTune MDM. As I do not have DEP yet from Apple, I am supervising the devices manually using Apple Configurator and push the Company Portal app via VPP with Apple Configurator so that my devices can then launch the company portal app and enrol the devices into InTune MDM. However, after I push my app via Apple Configurator 2 via VPP, when I launch the app, it crashes immediately on my devices running iOS 11.4 and 11.3.1. Signing in to App Store with my own Apple ID and downloading the app via the app store works but VPP distribution fails..Version: 3.1.0

When it works it is okThis app works fine until he managed profile doesn’t update, then you need to factory reset the iPad to get expired certificates and other issues fixed..Version: 5.2112.2

Chunky bsI jumped through a bunch of hoops and every time I have to use these applications it causes some sort of ridiculous issue that requires the help and involvement of IT..Version: 5.2212.0

AWFUL THINK CAREFULLY BEFORE USING A PERSONAL DEVICE!I downloaded this and the management profile. I was then ‘ordered’ to change my passcode. This is my personal device with face recognition! The work profile manager said the password wasn’t long enough but it’s a personal device and therefore I will not be dictated too around the settings if a personal device ! However it totally locked my phone up and took me an age to uninstall the profile. If your workplace want you to use this Ap I suggest you ask them to provide a work mobile. This crosses the line into the whole work-life balance thing !.Version: 4.9.1

Glad I kept my old phoneAfter reading all of the reviews about this app having total control over your phone. I decided to use my old iPhone 8 that was just collecting dust to install this app on. It doesn’t have any service on it but they got my number if they want to call me and I will just connect to the WiFi when I need send an email then shut it off to go back off the grid. The app itself seems to be working just fine no complaints so far. Now if you don’t mind back to being off the company grid 😂.Version: 4.19.0

Never had once install and enrol with no issues.It always takes some come and goes to get things all done with Intune. I wonder if it has been tested in the real world scenarios..Version: 4.7.0

Good easy to instal but the other part its annoyingEasy to instal , but its annoying it keep asking me if i want the company take management of the app “Microsoft Outlook” your app data will become manage. So i said cancel i dont want that, like every 5 seconde it keep on reappearing asking me to manage or cancel i click on cancel. PLEASE MAKE IT STOP! If you are asking a question and you are allowing me to choose with no problem and i make my choice, why would you keep forcing me to choose “Manage” i dont want to manage! Please Make It Stop its Annoying AND RESPECT MY CHOICE THAT I DONT WANT TO MANAGE THANK YOU!!.Version: 4.7.0

Might be great for the companySo this app is probably good for the company…it horrible for the end user. It limits so much of what I need a phone for in the first place. The company phone will now sit on my dashboard and I hope it melts there. I will violate company policy and just use a personal phone to conduct business. Writing emails is now too painful and time consuming. Kicking me to office 365 on mobile device is telling me you don’t want me doing more than reading emails. Every app is linked to the company so the ones I need from 3rd parties don’t work correctly any more…the 3rd parties are trusted vendors. Although it says stuff is private why does it keep asking for location data every time I open the app even with it turned off. I don’t believe the privacy disclosure is true, or it would stop.Version: 5.2109

Wouldn't say enjoyI am forced to use this app by my work. If I had the choice I would not use it at all..Version: 3.1.0

Apps stuck in “downloading”modeIf you enter wrong password or cancel an app that initiated installation from comp portal, it will be stuck in “downloading” mode. Seems like the sync between the app and your phone takes 12 hours+, this is a huge nuisance and seems like still had not been fixed..Version: 5.2112.3

PasswordTook an age to install this on my iPad - how many hoops must one jump through - only for it to reject my 17 character device password and tell me that i must change it. Not happening…..Version: 5.2109

Bug IOS 15,0,1Ne fonctionne pas avec IOS 15.0.1 I lost all data from business 🤬.Version: 5.2109

Pretty useless app that causes more problems than it solves.Nothing but problems caused by this app since installed 6 months ago. I would gladly do without it. Causes me to login multiple times does not even work well with Microsoft’s own Authenticator. Overall a terrible experience..Version: 4.2.0

Failed first time and didn’t operate as per instructions on second tryUseless Two tries and still don’t have email or contacts re-installed..Version: 4.16.0

Slow. I’d delete this if my company didn’t force me to use itThe main part of this app - the screen where your company lets you download the apps they provide you - is nothing more than a webpage. Why build this app just to load a webpage? It takes nearly a full minute to load the app and start an action like downloading - even on a fast connection. Compared to a native App Store like Apple and Google provide that is quick and responsive. A lot of the images are non retina so they look grainy. Apps that you delete still say they are downloaded. If my company did force me to use this app I would gladly delete it from my phone..Version: 3.0.0

Works like a virus or ransom wear!I had to install it on iPhone and iPad due to company IT security requirements. As soon as I installed it started to delete all my contacts leaving only contacts that were on Outlook. It also deleted my Bluetooth connections. Fortunately I was able to go to iCloud and find the restore contacts function. However I now have to find a fix so this app does not delete them again. IT department is clueless on a solution. SO if you install it perhaps turn off sync of contacts with iCloud until you see how it behaves? Or at least do a back up of as much as you can before install the Intune app? Good luck..Version: 3.6.0

Thousands of Fake 5 star reviewsUnnecessary access and usage of device. Microsoft should take some security lessons from Google and simplify their services..Version: 4.18.2

Lost everythingNot happy.Version: 5.2210.0

Repeatedly asking me to install 4 apps I don’t needJust installed yesterday and it’s already given me a set of 4 pop ups at least 5 times, asking me to install OneDrive, OneNote, Excel, and Word. I don’t need these apps taking up space on my personal phone. I guess I’m just going to have to uninstall this, Outlook, and Teams, and miss important messages, meetings, and not even be able to see my calendar when I’m away from my computer. Ridiculous. Stop the pop ups! If I wanted those apps I would have installed them the first time you asked..Version: 4.2.0

This crap to complicatedKiss keep it simple.Version: 4.17.4

Poor from start to finishDifficult to understand why a separate app is needed to access another app. Don't have this with any other application. Keep needing to reinstall comes something stops working. This time is when connecting to corporate wifi. Sigh. What a waste of productivity.Version: 2.1.22

StinkSilly program wiped all my contacts.Version: 3.12.0

AwfulDont get this garbage if you can help It..Version: 4.18.2

Takes over your phoneRequires you to reset your password with no notification. I was driving and the 3 month password reset hit with no advance notification. It prevented me from accessing anything on my phone until I reset the password. Because I was driving and had no directions I must have fat-fingered the new password. Advance in time 2 days later after my company had to reset this app. All pictures and memories from the last 15 years are gone.Version: 5.2203.1

Unable to install app on iOSI am unable to install and keep getting the error message ‘Profile Installation failed’. Can someone fix this bug? Thanks.Version: 5.2204.0

DisappointedPortal works fine but alway have issue with one app. For me outlook. And when you call IT department. They do have explanation but they cannot solve the problem 🫡.Version: 5.2205.0

Long winded and OTTWas working fine then this requirement came in and took 1 he to install in a convoluted way.Version: 2.1.6

Cannot useDownloaded app as need to access my work emails and software keeps shutting down. Looks like they don’t keep their software updated when apple releases new versions of IOS.Version: 3.6.0

Been trying to download management profileI did follow the instructions from MDM still not working which I tried million times to download management profile still not letting me download, error messages the same like you IT doesn’t allow iOS device etc. etc. it’s so frustrating, I don’t know what to do. Please help me.Version: 3.13.0

Logged out, can’t loginI use this app to access various Microsoft apps through my phone for my job and it worked great… for a couple months. I got logged out one day and whenever I try logging in with any of my Outlook or Work accounts, it continues to ask for my password even though I’ve entered it multiple times. I’ve tried resetting my password which works but the problem persists. Great app if I could login.Version: 5.2209.0

Forces passcode on iWatchThe app itself seems fine. It was easy to install and does what it is supposed to. However, it forces me to assign a six digit passcode to my watch. I don’t have this app or the associated outlook account on the Watch so I’m not sure why this is. It effectively makes my expensive Apple Watch useless. I may as well go buy a $10 Casio. I don’t need my work email bad enough to justify the total loss of practical functionality of my watch..Version: 5.2210.0

Why we need thisWe are wasting time on this and no use to us and why are you enforcing this.Version: 3.0.0

Compulsory big brotherI am never happy when massive corporations make it imperative that I download other massive corporations products that can see, track, record Whatever they want in order to enable me to use my phone for work!.Version: 5.2203.1

Awful applicationI am unable to setup this on my phone. It tells me it cannot complete the setup as I must remove my company email first, but no other email is set on this phone. I have tried full factory reset, signed in nothing except for my iTunes account and it still says the same..Version: 3.4.0

Too invasive and disruptiveNo surprises here: the corporate squeeze on personal devices is annoying and invasive. Not a fan. Figure something else out like requiring badge NFC once a week or something..Version: 4.18.2

Always logs outAlways logs out. Doesn’t do much.Version: 5.2109

FailYou ask me for a rating before I start using the app!. That's a bad experience... Then insisting that I give a unique nickname isn't helping. Take my feedback anonymously.Version: 3.1.0

Don’t ask me to do your workVery worst approach and app is not designed what it was suppose to be. As a basic requirement when Microsoft is dealing with multiple corporate why the hell you guys have not thought about multiple profiles for a same person when he is assigned to multiple vendors. It’s is really not worth it. It clearly says money minded by making every individual to suffer..Version: 4.18.2

AwfulDid not consent to this app accessing my iPhone and had no choice but to install.Version: 5.2203.1

Major security concernRead what the certificate requests very carefully - ability to install and delete apps, ability to change passwords, ability to access personal data, ability to delete data......Version: 3.4.0

It’s worse than malwareI have had nothing but trouble ever since our IT department forced us to install this on our mobile devices. The latest casualty is the Teams app which decided it would no longer work following a power-cycle because “it could not be protected because a connection to intune service did not complete” and nobody in IT seems to have any idea what the problem is or how to fix it. Avoid this if you can - as far as I can tell, the only thing it’s good at is rendering previously-working apps/devices useless!.Version: 5.2205.0

ClunkyThe portal app is very clunky and the gaps between selecting a download until the App Store responds, causes all kinds of errors. Needs to be more seamless.Version: 2.7.0

Worst app everDifficult to setup.Version: 5.2203.1

Sign of the timesSo this is what it has come to. Companies expect us to turn over complete control of our own personal devices to them in exchange for the privilege of using our own devices to do work for them on our own time on evenings and weekends. This is the very definition of Big Brother. Also, I’m convinced that 90% of the five star reviews are either bots, or people who have no clue that this software essentially gives full control of your phone to your employer..Version: 4.11.2

Outlook calendar disappears on iOS on iPhone and I have to reinstall it oftenMy outlook calendar keeps disappearing on my iPhone, both in the iOS 12 versions and iOS 13 too. I have to delete my device in the Microsoft Intune app and add it again, often. It’s terrible..Version: 3.14.0

Is this a virus?It keeps popping up an alert to ask me to change my passcode every second! And there are only 2 options: continue and emergency call. Excuse me???? I have to go with emergency call. But it popped up the alert immediately.....Version: 5.2204.0

Worst app everIt’s not at all simple, you make one wrong move and you are done. You can’t correct mistake as simple as personal device to corporate device..Version: 5.2205.0

CRAPCrap app. This just gives companies access to personal phones where they take over. I can’t even figure out how to REMOVE the app now. Crap..Version: 4.18.2

0This is absolutely atrocious, my home system was perfect until this ridiculous update came through. Read the reviews 4.3 is a nonsense it’s clearly as corrupted as the operating system in this application that has now made my works emails redundant..... 0.3 It’s absolute crud, phoned my IS team to try and explain this system had manifested itself as a host, they think I have put a virus in my iPad. It was bad enough with the last office update, Office now seems not to want to interact with apple products. Constantly needing to phone for administrative clearance that usually can’t be granted. Garbage.Version: 3.6.0

Seriously and unnecessarily complicatedTold me it couldn’t connect to the server continuously. 24 hours and numerous attempts later, it suddenly worked. But then told me I need a device password despite already having one. No option to set or reset a password. In frustration, I closed the app. And only then did a password window pop up. But…which password did it need? Several attempts later, it finally worked. I know security is important. But making it so difficult for legitimate employees to use systems is not ideal..Version: 5.2205.0

TOTAL Bulsh..t Microsoft “security”Terrible app. Our stupid university somehow got sold by Microsoft that their “security” is better than Apple security in iOS. Everyone knows that Microsoft gets hacked. Now I have a vulnerability I have to install on my iPhone. And of course the real reason is because now I have to install Microsoft apps through this app instead of through the App Store so that Bill can stuff his cheeks full of more money instead of paying Apple for App Store fees..Version: 5.2109

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