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World Series Of Poker - WSOP Negative Reviews

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World Series of Poker - WSOP App Complaints & User Negative Comments

World Series of Poker - WSOP app received 148 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about world series of poker - wsop?

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FrustratedAlways being thrown out of the game in a winning hand, by the time you get logged back on you’ve lost half your chips. The game cheats.Version: 7.8.0

CrashesConsistently crashes...others have same complaints. Played 3x in a row..3 crashes..u are still at table and paying blinds.Version: 7.8.0

Updated ReviewI’ve tried most poker apps and this one so far is pretty good. Especially with the cards that are being dealt. Unlike the pokerheat app, the cards dealt seem to be legitimate. One feature I like is the ability to select fast mode. I can’t stand to play with players who use the whole time allotted. One thing I have a problem with is the connection. I’ve lost connection quite a bit and especially when I have a great hand and ended up losing a bit of chips. Otherwise I would play this over the other poker apps. Update: it seems that after I wrote this review I can’t win but one or two hands a day. Cards have been crap. Haven’t won a huge hand except when I kept losing decent hands and decided to go all in and was prepared to delete app if I lost everything. And then I won a decent hand. Been having a hard time pairing anything on the flop. Haven’t been able to get a full house in days. So this game is beginning to be suspicious. I’m getting tired of losing connection. Lost many chips because of this. Wish that it was easier to switch tables on same level. It makes you leave to the lobby and then you’re bombarded with ads wanting you to buy chips. So this apps is demoted to two stars..Version: 8.8.2

Great presentation; poor card generatorI have played several “free” poker games, and this one is the slickest, easiest to read and navigate. The problem is the dealer is not truly random. It’s almost like premium hands come more often in order to pique interest of the players. For example, u will see a pair on the flop (e.g., JJ9) A LOT. Also, u will see pocket pairs frequently, and lots of KK and AA. In discussions with other players I have see comments like “you win when the machine wants you to win.” And this refers to the streaky nature of the game play. Here’s another example. The game also features a “bonus wheel” you can spin between games to get extra chips. There are 12 slots on the wheel with various denominations, including one gold “jackpot” slot. Six slots are tagged with the lowest prizes, so one might assume one would hit the low prizes about 50% of the time spinning the wheel. Wrong—it’s about 90% of the time hitting the lowest prizes—because it’s not random! The developers insist the computer program and card generator is completely random, but in my experience of two years of regular play on WSOP, I respectfully disagree. Anyway, it’s a nicely designed game, but it could be better..Version: 6.12.6

Fix the bugScreen freezes but the clock is still running in daily Blitz it is an ongoing issue Same issue.Version: 8.2.0

The worstLet the cards play at random,not programmed cards to let anyone win. Make it a game of skill not who you like better. No it is not equal for everyone. I hope you can sleep at night knowing that people buy chips from you just to get ripped off. Shame on all of you..Version: 8.2.0

Hard to be positiveThis is mostly for those new to poker. It is only play chips (not real money; in Aust at least) you're paying for afterall. The game and play std is hence poor at best and just encourages terrible, mindless poker play and all-ins so you keep rebuying. Nothing new here. I guess that loose, mindless poker is the business model, but it certainly doesnt encourage good poker play or players. The heyday of online poker has long passed. As for 'randomness' & certificates, well... online poker has a chequered history shall we say. Try online chess instead for your fix. 👍.Version: 7.24.0

PoorI’m disappointed in this site. For one thing I’ve have sent about 50 emails to the site without any response what so ever. Secondly I have been double charged for the piggy bank offer. I sent a message about that and still no response. I have also complained about chat abuse and guess what? No response!!!!! You say a ticket has been made and someone will respond soon but that is far from the truth. I really would like a response too all of my questions but I know even sending this rate system I will hear nothing from you people. Very disappointed in this site.Version: 6.17.0

WSOP reviewTo many adverts!! Even between jumping tables! Once is quite, quite sufficient! Still to many adverts! Even between changing tables!! Constant bombardment of adverts I have no wish to partake of!! Plus can you get rid of that ridiculous piggy bank ! I have no wish to pay real cash to open it!! Wow! Complain about the masses of adverts and what do you do?? Reduce them!!? No!! You increase them!! As much as I enjoy playing this game I’m getting to the points of ceasing to play because of the masses of adverts. Please!! Once a day is quite l, quite sufficient. I really don’t know why you ask me to review this game. Know why!? Simple really!! Because you never listen to the reviews because you only make it worse!! Pretty soon it’ll be like 15 minutes from entering the app to actually playing poker! Ads Ads Ads. I just want to play poker!!! I’ve noticed many many times that you get dealt two good cards and nothing happens but when you get dealt an immediate fold hand and you fold the cards in the middle are great for the two garbage cards you were dealt. This happens to many times to keep count. Sort your app out please. It ruins what should be a very good app. Further do I get any feedback on my comments? If not why not? Still for to many advertisements. Ad infinitum!!.Version: 8.10.0

Game is ok but the pop ups wreck it for meIve never come across pop ups like it. Absolutely relentless. Everytime u open the game, every time you leave a table. It gets progresively worse aswell. And sometimes you can go a week without winning a hand.Version: 7.23.0

Are you kidding me?Seriously? Intrusive video pop ups? I had to update the app and now, on top of loading so slowly, you’ve got stupid video pop ups! Talk about sucking the fun out of playing the game. It’s getting to the point where I just don’t want to play anymore. (Since you asked me to change my rating, here are my reasons for “no”. You had a five star rating, then you made the app super slow to load, so I gave you 3 stars. Then you updated it to include intrusive video pop ups, so I changed it to one star. If you want me to change it back, make your app better. A review should not be changed just because you whine. It should reflect the app's functionality.).Version: 5.15.1

Far from randomIt's not random and they know it. Poker is a game of odds and this games odds are unbelievable. I have more fun now predicting the hands outcome when I see my hole cards. When I’m dealt pocket kings the flop has been the exact same for the last 11 time the flop has been Ace Jack Three . I also lose 96% of the time when I flop top two pair. I’ve flopped ace hi flushes and ace hi straights so many times with the same outcome{I lose}. I lost to a full house when there wasn’t even a pair on the flop. One thing you may notice is when you fold before the flop when it’s in that cycle you will get some of the best starting hands. I was dealt 9 pocket pairs in a row and I folded every time. I also believe that not only is it far from random but I think they are able to put you at a table that is there just to take your chips. I say this because when I first started playing you would see people chat during hands and not the preset comments. Now the tables I end up at the players have never answered a question or comment I’ve made. Just look at the flops, the last few weeks I’ve played 99% of the time you will see 3 to a straight ...3 suited cards or a pair and just the last few nights I played the flop had a pair on the board on average of 13 out of 15 hands..Version: 5.10.0

I hate this gameThis game is rigged . this game.Version: 2.16.2

It’s fun when you can playEasy to blow your load because you’re playing with $50k at tables with players holding $1.4m stacks. Hard to get ahead sometimes unless you pay for chips.Version: 7.8.0

NO, YOU CANNOT PLAY LIVE W/ FRIENDSThis is awfully irritating as I’m trying to stay connected and play with my boyfriend who is currently overseas. We both downloaded the app to my suggestion as I had connected and played in the past with other favored players in the app... well it seems that there is false advertising as you can’t find your friends (as concluded through their help site) UNLESS you sign up through Facebook and I am nowhere close to contemplating creating a profile just for this purpose. I wouldn’t say anything if the ad says specifically “connect through FB to play live with friends!”, but it doesn’t, so BIG UGH. I’m still playing and hopefully my bf and I find each other on a table to connect, but until then, I’m disappointed. UPDATE: After reading some of the reviews, I reflected on my experience and have to agree that the paying players are certainly favored. I constantly delete and restart my game after periods of binge playing, and while my experience with this game allows me to make money and pass levels fast, as soon as I start challenging others, my chances of winning dwindle and I find myself folding more after a few days of play than when I first started. Deleted again, probably for a while this time.. found new game..Version: 5.11.0

All the ads make it less fun to playI get it, ads make money. But not every ad is a 3rd party ad, or an internal ad trying to get you to pay money, but most of the time it’s ads for different types of game plays. It’s annoying every time I open the app I have to shuffle through half a dozen ads just to play my game, and then, if you go back to the home screen from a table, you have to shuffle through the same ads you just shuffled through, oh and the things they’re shoving in your face is already in front of you that can’t be missed; it takes the fun out of the game. Also, as far as game play goes, it seems at times things are fixed against you. Meaning, if you have a lot of chips/buy chips, you do well, for a while. Then when you start to lose chips, you lose most if not all, which kinda forces you to buy chips or wait a few days just to play at a lesser table, then start all over again. Very similar to how casinos work, they allow you to win to keep you hooked, then next thing you know you’re broke, forcing you to sell your car and house just to keep it up. I love poker, just not loving WSOP app. I’m going to seek out other poker apps that I can live with..Version: 6.13.5

DisappointedHate being forced to buy chips to play because of manipulated players..Version: 7.0.0

Unstable... stillBUYER BEWARE !!! So, I guess they don't like people giving bad reviews. Crashes still happening to me and many others Is see, but now the game has ceased to recognize credentials, so it is start all over as new player at 0 progress and lose everything again. Totally done with this nonsense. ... still no support and $150 mill totally wiped out due to crashes confiscating stake. Total waste of time and money, which is a shame because it can be a fun game. Seems I am not alone... several others have the exact same issue. Buyer Beware. Now have lost over 100 million due to constant crashes. Bot response here says to contact support, but no response there. Fun game to play, just BEWARE of spending any real money. Originally only lost over 40 million due to game repeatedly crashin.Version: 7.1.2

Suss activity from this app 🧐When I linked my Facebook I all of a sudden had people on my friends list telling me they could see I was playing & I can go & cash my won chips, as real money & have it directed into my account 😶 then found that they were like clone accounts. I messaged my friend & she said she’d played it but she never messaged me & it wasn’t on the account we were speaking on it was another account that appeared to be the same then all of a sudden it was gone or I was blocked? Similar thing happened again with another account in a Facebook friends name & I blocked them. #ijustwantedtoplaypoker.Version: 7.14.0

Rigged, Pop Up, JokeI loaded the app and started playing, was winning like crazy and thought I’d try the larger stake tables. Realized there are many “couples” playing and thought nothing of it. Until I realized that those couples weren’t couples at all, but one person playing multiple accounts. Wsop also chooses the table you sit at, usually always adding someone who has a high raise frequency percentage causing more players to push more chips into the pot. Splits are ridiculously common in both holdem and omaha allowing wsop to rake chips. The pop ups are a complete joke. I start up the game and get 3-4 pop ups regarding any promotions or events. I leave a table from playing and get all the same pop ups before seeing the lobby. The pop ups are ridiculous, I feel like I spend more time closing pop ups than actually playing. Lastly, I entered into a Fall tournament that takes place over a 48hr period. The goal is to win as many Fall rings as possible before tournament ends to win prize pool. I had won 4 rings and was well in first place when tournament ended. I never received the prize pool winnings. This app is clearly designed to continually have players purchase chips. Buyer beware! To top it off I played the slots, I gambled 100,000,000 hit a 2x and was paid 40,000,000. Last time I checked 2 x 100,000,000 = 200,000,000 not 40,000,000. I took a screenshot to prove it’s rigged..Version: 6.13.5

How can this be?I have kept statistics over a 96 hour period and been amazed that on 34% of hands dealt the flop has included 3 suited cards. This is mathematically outside of statistical probabilities and regularly leads to distorted results. I’ve read similar reviews complaining about this and am aware of the “Sorry to hear about that” response along with you referring to an “independent” statistical vetting as evidence that there’s “nothing to see here” but that simply doesn’t cut it. My masters degree in quantitative statistical analysis comforts me that my observations and analysis are accurate and you really should pay regard to a more robust response for your paying clientele..Version: 7.16.1

Very nice but...The app constantly crashes and suddenly kicks you out of the game and you have to download and load it again. Tables of 5 should be an option. I don’t like to play with a lot of players. Nobody plays poker properly cause most of the times is full of “sharks” competing and betting absurd amounts. So before I start playing I have to go through several tables until I join one that has 5/6 players. Moving from table to table should be easier like in other apps. You spent lots a time on the process of going in then leave and rejoin another table. There’s some improvements that should be done. I’m stopping playing WSOP. Enough is enough. Now you changed all the rules and making even more difficult to get bracelet points. If you are in a higher rank you can only get bracelet point playing in the higher stakes. You must be crazy. Going back to the other app that I’ve been playing for years. You only want to get real money from the players.Version: 6.1.0

Scam?I have been playing this game for a few years now and have noticed some weird notables happening. If you play against someone with has put money into their pockets they seem to beat you heads up. Example I just left from playing literally in a 2.5/5 mill table in this table the person I am playing against has over 600 M (59 billion in his account ) while I come to the table with 190 I get K 10 suited clubs and raise pot which came out to 16.5 mill he calls with 8 2. Flop comes 2 8 Q two clubs I check he raises 35 mill I call next card comes it's a 10 non club so now I have top pair he raises me all in nearly ( 5 mill short of all in ) so I shove with top pair and flush draw he call river comes it's a 2 non club he wins I lose 165 M. Lame hands like that happen all the time to ppl who pay too play. Another lame example same table same players this 59 billion account person is giving women not only his chips but anyone who calls. Example I have A J non suited raise pot 6 handed a hottie ( atleast pic wise ) calls me the billionaire when it comes to him raise its to 70 mill I fold the lady goes all and he folds. He did that for two women 3 times a piece while I was there before being busted. This is not a site to learn to play poker it's more likely Russian Roulette Omaha and spit all in one. No realism at all and no repercussion for making stupid calls for the players who pay..Version: 5.4.0

Rigged... Mathematically provenHey developers, how's my lack of money going for you? DO NOT SPEND MONEY ON THIS GAME! It is a lie. They want you to bet big, so you lose and spend more money. Do you know how many times I have lost from a straight flush? Too many times to count. Probability proves that can't happen. You get a flush, they get a 4 of a kind. You get four of a kind, they get straight flush. I have never seen so many straight flushes in my life... and in three days. This game used to be cool, until they changed the algorithms to rig games. Ask yourself this, how many times have you bet lots and never even got a decent hand, YET, as soon as you don't bet, you would have had a four of a kind, flush, etc? The cards that come out later are based on the prior cards (rigged)? Why? Because this encourages you to spend more. This is on purpose. No thanks! Join me and boycott this company! Just think about the probability and it will speak for itself! UPDATE: Came back after a year or two. This game is way lamer than it ever was. Only rooms with huge bets? Every round everyone goes all in. This has clearly become only about spending money. Played 5 minutes and didn’t spend a penny. I’ll check back in another year or two......Version: 8.11.1

It’s riggedI’ve been playing this game for some time now and the sad reality is it’s RIGGED !! Total waste of time 3 times I’ve built my chip stack to over 600 million only to see it all wiped out no matter what hand I have or play some times it’s literally beyond belief how quick the system turns against you... it’s shocking !! Other then that it’s the most addictive waste of time EVER !!! .. It’s actually hilarious reading your response listen I understand you guys need to make money and this is your way 👍🏼. But to say it’s fair and random 🤣😂🤣 you guys should try comedy because your just to funny please read all your reviews .. it’s a joke !!!.Version: 7.16.1

If you like facing bots mixed with actual people - this is the game for you.Bots read your cards, and always play mathematically perfect. Literally perfect. It doesn’t happen at first so you think the reviews are BS - but just wait a little and you’ll see it. You’ll also notice their constant insane reaction time if you click one of the chat dialogues - and their constant ability to fold 1ms before the timer is up - never actually hitting it. Repeatedly. But never fear, as they’ve stated their cards are random! HAHA, doesn’t matter when you have bots playing. If you don’t spend money the game is fine - if you do, then I also have a bridge for sale you might be interested in..Version: 6.20.0

Can’t log in with Apple IDNo so happy about this as I have a few hundred million I can’t play with.Version: 8.1.0

Designed to take your money!!!The game is Designed to take your money. I sometime wait for hours waiting for a hand to play. All I get is Great stats. I get beat on the river during this downtime when I decide to play a hand. This happens time and time again!!! I am very disappointed!!! The same pattern continues, I lose on the river!!! A lot of the people that I play on line with are saying the same! I just spent 200$ last month and 400$ this month. You continue to take my hard earn money! Very disappointed! If I do not play hands I win! The game doesn’t even come close to real poker. The computer continues to take my hard earned dollars on the river. I continue to lose my heart and dollars. If this continues I will not continue to play. Most importantly, the people that I have befriended are saying the same thing. People are losing a massive chips. Are you kidding!!!!!!!!!!!! I am too embarrass!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Play poker, I got up 96 billion chips. I lost every hand for several days in row. Down to almost nothing. I am getting robbed without a gun!!!!!! Thanks for the memories!!!!!!! Great Job!!!!!!! Most of the people on the cite say the same thing. I love the game, but I am wasting my money. I am losing at an alarming rate. The game has a lot of set up hands. The beginning players when I was river on a continuous basis..Version: 8.14.0

Not great.I love poker. I like playing everything, tournaments cash or in someone’s garage whatever. I’ve played enough to know that quads shouldn’t take down a full house three times in one night which leads me to believe that the cards aren’t random. It’s good for fireworks but I’m not sure anyone believes this app has random shuffles. Bad beats galore too! If you find yourself with AA or KK you’ll want to fold that preflop. Some dude will throw a C raise all in and bust you with 38off or something. But it’s still fun. Frustrating but fun. What I hate about this app is the POP UPS!!! So annoying that I gave an otherwise acceptable game just one star. They’ll hit you four or five times in a row. And they put the “ok” button on the first pop up right over the top of the “buy now” button of the second pop up so if you are just clicking like hell to get thru them all you’ll inevitably end up at the pay screen. And that brings me to my final issue with this game. People whining about much it costs. I guess that’s not really the game’s fault. I personally haven’t spent a dime. Many people whine about that. My bankroll rarely hits $100million and it only stays for a little. They have free chips you get daily and that will keep you going. If you play reckless, you’ll go broke quick. <—-That may be the one real life quality that this app has..Version: 6.11.0

Not terrible but not brilliant.Very unlikely shuffle when it comes to cards. Find myself getting rubbish an inordinate amount of hands. In terms of an app though it’s strong - better than most poker apps out there for graphic design and interface. If you’re looking to practice and hone you’re skills just remember that the “fold” button exists - use it regularly when you’re dealt garbage cards and spare it when you’ve got something decent. Don’t be intimidated by bullies either, the game is rife with them - if you’ve got the cards they can be good to boost your money (i.e. take them all in when you know you’ve got the best hand - always fold when you’ve got nothing to go on). All in all a good poker app but it definitely does more to screw you out of chips than most others..Version: 6.5.1

AverageNot a bad game system but constant shutting down of app during game play is very annoying and makes the game unplayable. Need bug fixes to stop it from freezing mid game also..Version: 6.3.1

Better chat options neededThere is no option to chat with friends no message service at all.Version: 6.7.0

Not for meToo many Bots playing, unrealistic hands being dealt. I like to think I’m a pretty good poker player but you just can’t read the game as you would in a real game. Too many ‘all ins’ with crappy hands. Lots of ads flashing up every time you log in. I have given it time but it’s not for me I’m afraid. Seems like the algorithms are designed to let you win big for a while and then take it all away. 4 aces beaten by a bot with a straight flush, straight flush beaten by a bot with a royal, I mean come on when does that ever happen. Game is designed to make you lose so you will spend money on buying chips after all that’s how they make their money from the game. Don’t get suckered in. Oh, and the game often crashes and throws you out only to find you have to start again from scratch and all your chips have gone. 496,000,000 wiped out with no explanation or reason. Very frustrating..Version: 8.7.0

ReviewThe flop, turns and rivers are fixed..... in the casino or with friends big hands don’t “happen” every hand.... it’s to the point of ridiculous. Dane Dawg.Version: 7.18.0

Not a happy playerNot happy about getting kicked out off the game this needs to be fixed now I m being playing this game for the last ten years only playing as a new player so lm not getting kicked out as much h.Version: 7.11.0

Used to enjoy but now !!!!I have been a member for a long time and have many credits , rings etc to my name. I’m not a whiner. HOWEVER I’m constantly losing out by the app crashing,then can’t get back into game etc ie loss of funds etc etc. The worst examples of this is the all bells and whistles, game Caribbean with its flashing pink screens as soon as this appears bosh! I’m out again I’m just so frustrated. why is it that this keeps occurring ? Now I’m getting shut out in nearly all the forms available on this format. You’ve had quite a bit of money off me over the years , try and sort PLEASE. Thanks a just below black diamond and I think I just being ignored every time I send in a report I do not have even the courtesy of a response, it tells me only one thing, you don’t give a ...........!.Version: 7.5.0

Fun Game With Some Issues.App either randomly crashes back to home screen and needs to be reloaded (iPad) or it has random Internet connection dropouts just as you're betting on big pot/hand and you lose from technically leaving table/folding during period needed for reconnection. (iPhone 8 Plus — Not LAN Issue) Constant Flashing of Advertising Popups Not Recommended For People With Epilepsy etc. Card Randomiser Algorithm changes depending on status (timer to save club level etc) and/or odds on bets etc..Version: 6.12.6

Don’t expect muchI’ve been playing this game for years, overall it’s not bad but they do everything they can to make sure you can’t get too much from them, the daily blitz twice in 3 days I was on the second to last question and 1 day it stalled and came up time up before the last hand and the next time it robbed me of 2 seconds just to make sure I couldn’t win the last hand, the difference between 800 thousand and 27 million, I emailed them and they did give me a free blitz as a token but also suggested that I try a faster internet and that it must be my fault why it conveniently stalled up on the second to last one. There is a golden card you can win on some hands that before would give you an instant level up now it says you can win up to 41 million but I think it’s taking the biscuit that I’ve won that twice and got 2 and 400 thousand, so don’t expect anywhere near the 41 million. We also used to get a lot of x2’s on our 4 hourly bonuses but now hardly get any and since they added in the mega spin (you have to pay to spin, 8.99 for me) I have hit the golden wedge on my spin maybe twice in about 2 years, so you want to play it for a bit of poker experience then go ahead, there are idiots online but you get that in real life too just don’t expect any other winnings.Version: 6.23.1

Best Texas Hold’em app, but...I’ve tried all the popular poker apps and yes, this one is better than the others... but u still have the issues of extensive algorithm programming that interfere with fair gameplay. For example, they give new players “lucky” river cards to win n such. I noticed around lvls 30, 50, n 80 that my “beginners luck” was adjusted down a lil each time. N finally at around lvl 130 it must have been turned completely off. I went thru over 300million chips in almost 2weeks of play where I literally lost all but 15 hands played. It was then that I stopped playing for quite awhile. I started playing again to play with my friends. At this point I’ve played well over 40k+ hands now. Another irritating example of algorithm manipulation has been is how I’ll pay the blinds and play the hand only to lose, over n over again, hand after hand. Then wen u fold on crap cards (pre-flop), u suddenly realize u folded a winning hand. U would have won either thru making a low pair or by getting the 4 precise cards u would’ve needed. With a ratio of 100 (played n lost) to 3 (folded n would’ve won), if horribly obvious that things r being manipulated to encourage u to purchase chips. But, even with these flaws, I would recommend this poker app because, all the other apps I’ve tried “cheat” u out of ur chips way more bluntly n don’t seem as secure against hackers as WSOP. Also, they do give u plenty of ways to get free chips..Version: 5.14.0

Pop Up OVERKILL/Needs WorkWhat’s with all the pop ups?! They’re so irritating. 3 pop ups when you get in the game and then 3 more when you exit each game. It’s overkill. I used to play this game so much and now it’s just a freaking headache. Pop ups everywhere just like everything else out there now. With game play, it needs work. I played one table for about 2 hours! And let me tell you, the same person kept winning OVER and OVER AND OVER AGAIN. He just kept getting 2 pair, 3 of a kind and full houses. No matter what he kept winning. Reporting does nothing either because I’ve reported this same person each time and NOTHING. I got on today again and there he is, playing and he had 8.3 million and everyone else had less than 350k...I read it’s randomly dealt and that supposedly each player has equal chances....come on, not when things like this happen. Two hours and he lost only 3 times! He played each and every single hand and didn’t fold a single one. No matter what it said on the flop, he played and he got what he needed. This game needs a lot of work and there’s no way it’s random. If you guys set it up to where it’s supposed to be random, I can tell you it doesn’t work more times than none..Version: 6.10.0

Misrepresentation and fraud. Total rigged with worst engine ever.I am convinced the developers actively manipulate not just hands at random, but individual player pattern to maximize the customer spend on chips and perks. Algorithms built to know what you’ll do and the probability you’ll pay for more chips when you suffer ‘oh, so close’ over and over. During slow play of 9-person table, you can participate in worst chat platform so censored that most use pre-fab comments, or you can try your hand at the most rigged slot machine ever. One day you’ll win a small fortune, but the game will then manipulate cards against you to sap the chips back and force you to buy chips, or stop playing. Free spins are for minimum amounts you can’t play for, say $10,000 value of spin, but minimum is $50,000,000 per spin. Competitive people steer clear. If you get caught in heat of battle, or suffer impulse buying related illness, you get hammered at every turn to ‘buy chips and start your winning streak’, or ‘buy more chips and get back in the game’. Lastly, if you want to play poker, look at zynga app. Similar issues, but nicer game play and smoother layout. My hope is WSOP is investigated and audited. If so, it’ll make news and likely wind up in a class action settlement..Version: 5.6.0

Don’t ever buy chipsOnce I started buying chips, I started losing more. I assume this is so I would have to buy more chips. I have stopped buying chips from this app because they repeatedly and consistently billed me for chips that I never attempted to purchase and definitely never received. They claim innocence in all things but I’m sure just writing this review, I will start losing even more. Also, when you advance to a higher level you have to pay more chips to play games such as roulette poker. My plan is to go back on down to the Queen‘s club had a lot more fun there, And never had to buy chips to be able to play and complete my missions. I am currently refuting 12 purchases in two weeks from this app. I would recommend it as a fun app but the higher level you get, the harder it is to win and you practically have to buy chips to be able to play. Don’t ever start buying chips from this app. I’m sure they will write a reply to my review, “we are sorry you feel this way, but we assure you that we have never incorrectly billed, this is an issue with Apple AppStore.” WSOP says it is AppStore, and AppStore says it is WSOP. I had to remove my credit card as my payment source on my phone and get a new credit card account because of this issue. They will deny it, but trust me, it happened..Version: 6.5.1

Fixed?An engaging user friendly app which I’ve spent many an enjoyable hour playing and would have liked to give it a higher rating. Yes a lot of ads which is expected but the real issue is that success very much feels to consistently swing for periods of time and depending on your stack rather than the cards you’re playing and skill level. You seem to win more hands than you should with certain cards for a period and then lose virtually every hand you would normally expect to win in a real game. In this period even if there’s one card in the pack that will beat you on you can guarantee it’s coming up on the river! It feels to me like the app is designed to let you win for a period of time and them clean you out so you have to buy chips to continue to play for any period of time. Also hands where everyone on the table has a serious “power-hand” which seems unrealistic when it occurs, perhaps to clean out the maximum number of players? It definitely feels to me like the chips move around the players based on algorithms and bots playing to make up numbers on tables..Version: 8.4.0

Wow decks are shuffled ok but it takes ages to play a game 50 thousand pop up adsThe poker game is good based off the old online poker rooms model works fine timer is good and decks shuffled reasonably. But it’s a total gamble machine preying on the poor people who must surely be falling for some of these elaborate pop up and pressure selling tactics makes sense I guess it’s poker so it would attract the gamble personality but there’s so many and there so relentless that it takes ages and ages just to get in a quick game. Overall 5/10.Version: 8.1.0

Way too many big hands coming outIt’s terrible when 7 2 beats three of a kind. Makes for a very frustrating game and I can’t send this message under my real nickname Can I rate it at zero Biggest joke when talking poker.Version: 8.2.0

Unfair practicesMultiple times with the bonus been for points not once was over 300,000 points. 15+ times in row. I don’t even know why show higher values you won’t ever receive them after you have had the program for while. No matter what I always received the lowest amount even tho there was only one pie slice with that amount. While at the same time shoved down my throat that I could keep purchasing points. The algorithm completely off. If you like unfair practices please Send your money to them even though it is always programmed in their favor to purchase more points. If this game seemed fair and was on the up and up I would purchase points just to give business. I stopped playing because even with the Texas Holdem games the algorithm is off. Once you get to certain point amount you will suddenly lose all the points you built up even if you are the best skilled player. It will be days and days just even hit a pair. I have seen the same complaint on multiple reviews. Someone else will always the higher hand, most times they will get the perfect draw card not once but 15+ times even if was .099% in their favor. Happen not once but over and over again. Sad because the development and graphics are wonderful. But that’s about it..Version: 6.1.0

Used to be goodUsed to be good. Now it's just bingo poker. The bonus missions.. why give me missions on tables I can't buy in to? So unrealistic dealing.. how often do you get a flush, full house and straight in the same game in real life? Happens all the time here, set up so you buy chips. The developers will tell you it’s all above board but it’s far from it despite their claims.. And the new buy ins.. used to be a lot better but now the jump between tables is ridiculous.. again, set up to tempt you into the bigger tables so you lose your chips quicker in the hope you’ll buy more.. very disappointing.Version: 5.4.0

Okay app, but don’t take it too seriouslyIf you are a professional player who is very serious about the game, this is not the app for you. If however, you just want to pass the time playing “poker” on a nice looking app, you are in the right place. The ordinary rules of poker seem to fly out of the window on WSOP. Putting it bluntly you will only win if WSOP wants you to or you can outwit your opponent. Unfortunately outwitting your opponent doesn’t happen often because most players will go “all in” with terrible hands and ridiculous odds only to go on and win at the last minute, which has created a bit of a “Donk” culture amongst the players (the donkey-er the better it seems). I have on a vast number of occasions predicted EXACTLY how I was going to lose with an extremely strong hand on the River. I have also gone “all in” through frustration, pre-flop, with terrible hole cards, only to win with a full house, flush or straight. So I guess it works both ways (it really can be laughable at times). Having said all that, you can still have a lot of fun. Just make sure you don’t waste your real money buying fake chips and you should be fine..Version: 7.7.0

The hands are far too riggedSadly the hands are not random at all and the game is completely rigged. Yes, I’ve read about your so called ‘random card certificate’ and I think I have figured it out. The cards are randomly dealt to each player - its just that the algorithm determines which player will receive a better hand. This is why there is no question there are many more statistical bad beats here than in real poker (I’ve documented it) or bad runs. For example, its almost statistically impossible to go 15-20 hands without flopping a pair but it happens here regularly when you are on a ‘bad run’. That being said, its fun when the game runs for you to encourage you to stay and you get some outrageous wins, just don’t kid yourself its in any way fair and relax and enjoy..Version: 6.13.5

Just wants money & takes chips.Game just wants you to buy chips. When you get ahead it takes them all. I got up to 7 billion chips & it took them all. It only wants you to buy chips. I did nothing different in playing. It would get me to bet by giving me a good hand then someone would beat it on the last flop every time. It’s a total rip off.I am not one who makes big bets, actually fold about 50% and seldom raise yet in 3 days I have lost 4 billion dollars. My piggy bank is full & they want me to pay for the chips in it. A total rip off. Lost 5 billion chips in 3 days because it wants me to pay for money in piggy bank. When my chips are gone I will quit this rip off game. I seldom raise & fold over half the time so I’m not a big better, it is set up not to let you win unless you buy chips. Never get the big amounts on wheel spins either. Don’t waste your time. If there were negative stars I would give that. Game totally rigged & people play stupid. When piggy bank full won’t let you win unless you pay. Lost 14 billion plus in 4 days. Constantly gives several pocket pairs at same table - not realistic. Just wants your money. Two losses within an hour A high flush to straight flush. When it doesn’t want you to win you won’t!!.Version: 6.14.0

Give access to my gameplay...After clearing up a ton of issues with payments, I’ve essentially been blackballed from this app from winning anything. I had a great “slot machine” win that was desperate using my last bit of $$$, but then I’ve lost so many straight up bets on the river you wouldn’t believe. Which is why i labeled this “give access to my gameplay”. Over the past 3 days I’ve taken screen shots & video of gameplay to determine IF I’m just unlucky but it’s hard to comprehend. Last time I posted my review below I received a response stating the algorithm was fair. I would love them to show my game play publicly to prove that. Like I said below; it’s the best platform by far for interactive gameplay but since I called out & received funds back; I’ve lost almost everything I’ve played. In most cases they were extraordinary purposes. “The algorithm is all over the place but somewhat consistent. You should know when to play & not play but in a game of chance you always end up with consistently bad or good cards at the wrong/right times. If this game was actual cash I can’t think of a better platform COMPARED to other poker apps. Had a major issue with payments & it showing up in my account & if you have this issue than be prepared not to have it handled by Playtika. Also since the missions follow your progress, be prepared to spend a lot of time on the app if you don’t plan on shoveling out some money.”.Version: 5.20.7

Decent, but silly.Poker odds are TRULY out the window here. Fun to kill time with, but does not play like actual poker for a number of reasons. Players are stupid loose as stakes are not real (not at all the developer’s fault), thus one should expect his or her bets to be called (with weak hands) far more often than one would be were actual money at stake (i.e. far more hands will be decided by the river than would be in a live cash game). But that is to be expected in a video game, of course. The real disappointment is that whatever algorithm Playtika has developed is FAR from authentic. Expect to see more straights, flushes, full houses, and even four of kinds than would ever occur with a real deck. Presumably to keep things “exciting”? Whatever. An authentic model would be plenty exciting in my opinion, but so be it. This game is what it is. The real question for me is whether or not the bots they employ are at some kind of advantage over paying customers? It seems to me they are. Perhaps they are trying to encourage actual human beings to continue to buy more “chips”? I don’t know. Too bad though. It’s a fun game to pass the time, but don’t expect to get anything resembling an authentic poker experience. Oh well. P.S. I have built my “bank roll” to far more than a $billion, so have had plenty of “success” within the app, but make no mistake...this is not poker. It’s a video game..Version: 6.0.0

Dont play theres much betterJust been informed by the wsop team that u can work hard on this game for years getting your chip bonus up and it can be subject to change at any time ?? WOW....the algorithm is shocking ,This game is really botified its unreal how u lose everytime and lots of people are saying it last card to go down ur opanant needs 1 card out of the whole deck and everytime they hit its an absolute rip and the pop ups are crazy everytime u reload change tables u get upto 5 pops up it drives u mad and also my chipstore was at 2.5 all of a sudden went down to 2.0 do one wsop its not a fun experience just rips u off every which way it can go elsewhere in my opinion , took me 3 years for my chip bonus to go to 2.5 they have just put it down to 2.0 with no explanation all they said was it is subject to change in my opinion u had no right just because i was nesrly at the highest 3.0 lol all u did is make me delete and never return so well done wsop.Version: 6.1.0

Great poker app, but terrible randomizationThis game is very fun and possibly one of the best poker apps, but it’s very easy to notice that the algorithm for community cards are flawed. Countless times I have lost to a person who luckily wins on the river. You might think “well that’s just poker”, but it’s not. After playing the game for awhile and gaining a lot of XP, the “beginners luck” you have with your hands is lost. I’ve played hands by the book and suddenly a person is able to catch a flush with 4 cards of the same coat in the community cards, but if it’s me trying to get a flush with already 4 of the same suit after flop (which gives about a 32% chance of hitting) I wouldn’t be granted a flush. It might sound exaggerated, but that example has happened to me for the majority of my hands. Also, the game seems to preference those who have invested a lot in the game. A theory is when you purchase things in the app you get “status points” and things that benefit your profile. It seems like the game gives these people favorable hands since they’re the investors and allowing them to win makes them feel more comfortable in investing. Overall, it is a fun game, but the cards are not dealt fairly..Version: 5.21.0

Declining?? But operationally sound stillI’ve been playing WSOP on and off for a few years now, overall the app itself is brilliant (although the pushy pop-ups are a little relentless and the never ending additional attempts to grab you onto another side feature can be a bit fatigue-ing!) A) I do miss the simplicity this app gave with just some poker, rings and levelling up with those bronze, silver, gold etc etc categories.. B) can you enjoy tournaments anymore?? I mostly enjoy playing tournies but the blinds move far too quick, actually removing your ability to play poker! I’ve won a few and some of them just don’t involve any skill because the blinds moved so fast you can’t control your gameplay style, it’s a shame and an option to control either entering a fast paced tournie or a more normal avg pace one would be nice. Other than that you get lots of free chips handed down by the app which is somewhat good and the functionality of the app is great..Version: 8.9.1

Rigged, so riggedRigged like a mthrfkr but once you play for a bit you’ll start to see the patterns. Hands that are the most improbable of improbable happen with frequent regularity. Your aces will get busted by some moron on the small blind with 72s calling your 6xBB pre-flop raise from the button. You hit trips on the flop plus it’s rainbow but you lose because moron boy chases his flush to the river. Or even better, you have a pair; only sixes but you hit trips on flop. You and two other players end up all-in before the river, but you lose because the other two player also had pairs only theirs were higher AND they also hit trips on the flop. That would be crazy if it happened just once in your lifetime, but four times? At the same table? All within a single hour? If all random number generators are cre to ated equal then these fools must not have the auto up date feature turned on. Needs work on rotating button when new players buy in at table so that people don’t get stuck in the big blind 68 times in a row. Far from transparent about the scoring system for advancing levels. No clue is given as to how many points are awarded when pots are won. At every login you’ll be blasted with about 31 pop-ups trying to get you to use your real money to buy fake poker chips. Of course putting a “don’t show this again” check box won’t happen because that would be a feature of games that are actually good..Version: 8.5.0

TOTALLY UNREALISTIC!!!After many years of playing the app ( since the days when EA governed it ) the choice has finally been made to delete it permanently, only for the fact you have to give a star to rate, it would have received nothing. Looking deeper into the fundamentals as to why you get so ‘unlucky’ on a regular basis, it appears there could be a series of issues that playtika haven’t, and won’t no time soon...address. Nothing more than a money grabbing waste of time, where quality poker play goes out the door and your skills don’t count, bots seem evident, as does the spillage from the EA merge of the trillionaires, that never got caught, dispersing chips to multiple accounts, sad and poorly managed overall playtika..Version: 7.13.0

RiggedIt’s all about them trying to get you to spend money. Between the house “Bots” added amongst the tables or the way the cards are dealt all leads back to you losing so they can sell you more chips..Version: 8.2.0

Fixed!!I have had this game a few years now and although it’s a good set up. It started off really good and was a great app to play on. You get plagued with so many adverts for paying extra money all the time. They position these in such a way as you go to continue the ad pops up taking you to a payment screen. Do it once that’s fine but repeatedly is just a waste of everyone’s time. Some of the players on the system are mad betting and calling ridiculous calls that you can’t possibly win. It’s not really game like at all. The system is all rigged as you can lose the with the best hands I played 30 hands. Lost to four sets of four of a kind, lost six hands with full houses. Lost with a four of a kind with a royal flush. So fixed it’s not worth playing. Someone will reply to say it isn’t fixed. Pull the other one!!.Version: 5.20.5

Too obviously riggedOne would think there are plenty of ways to get users to spend money, like in any other app or game. The strategy here is to let a new user win money in the beginning, then make sure this money is lost relatively quickly. All the adds are about special offers to buy play money. Hiding behind the user’s increased rank, the game takes away the “cheaper” tables, which means a purchase has to be made to continue playing or else wait for your daily cash bonus. Those who spend money end up being the ones who beat the non-spenders, no matter the odds. Pocket aces normally lose to a 2-6 or 7-3 hand, called madly by someone who simply can’t lose. I understand that game developers need to make money, but they should have been more subtle and more patient in allowing users, at least the real amateur poker players, to play without interference from algorithms..Version: 6.1.0

It’s just a gameIt’s fun at first until you realise the hands are generally the same and the cards are not random at all. I’ve had some wins and some losses and that’s fair enough but there is something seriously rigged about this game and I’m not just saying that because I’ve lost a few hands. I played this on and off for over a year. Not long ago, 1 player won with a straight 3 times in a row and went on to win 10 hands in a row with anything from high card to a straight, not by bluffing or playing well. The game just decides who will win and who will lose. Really took the fun out of it when I started to notice this.Version: 5.19.0

Not badGood game but a shame I can’t login on phone using my gmail.Version: 6.17.0

Harassed to post on Facebook 2I’m in agreement with the one of the other reviewers on this app plainly bullying its way into your Facebook account and also hassling you to purchase chips. Note. The settings can be changed to stop the Facebook posts but it is by no means easy to find. It’s a good poker app, but this is what lets it down. As an example adverts appear with no option to clear other than to click on ‘not this time’ painfully close to the large purchase chips button. Hell will freeze over before I purchase chips on this app. If you can withstand, what can only be described as, hostile onslaught, it’s fun to use and play. Don’t get me wrong there are all sorts of alogrithms running in the background other than the Rng but it’s not bad..Version: 3.9.0

Too many notifications all the timeI am getting 25 notifications a day from this app. Deleted the whole app..Version: 7.18.0

Not worth the downloadThis game could have a lot going for it, if it wasn’t completely rigged for you to lose 99.9% of the time. Have a good hand? Full “hand strength” bar, you will still lose almost all the time, this game is designed to frustrate you into making in app purchases only for you to lose all that you’ve paid for!. Oh and conveniently lose signal when you got a good hand even though I haven’t “moved around”. Even the “mega bonus wheel” is rigged, whenever it gets near to landing on the “golden wedge” it conveniently “jumps/glitches” almost always landing on the lowest amount. In summary if you like to be frustrated, watch loads of ads/pop ups & play a game your guaranteed to lose then this app is for you, if you like to play fair competitive & unbiased poker then avoid wasting your time downloading this app. The players on the highest value tables have clearly spent a lot of there own money to get that far because this game makes it impossible for anyone to achieve success unless you pay out of your own pocket. Would not recommend this very frustrating, rigged, biased app..Version: 6.10.0

Decent little poker gameI have not played much poker as my attention lies more in other things but playing this game has piqued my interest. There is a decent level of interaction and some fun little rallies. I don’t think people should play for real money but this is their decision. I think the Facebook photos are silly and people just need to show off their personal stuff online. Again this is not something I’d endorse but whatever. Overall the game is pretty good, lots of adverts and pop ups. Check it out if you like cards. The rigged dealer system is quite fun if you like to get bad cards all the time..Version: 5.21.0

Used to be fun…But not any longer. I downloaded this game a while back and enjoyed it on a regular basis. Friendly players, etc… but lately, more often than not, it has turned a game of “ Table Terrorism “ meaning random players will come in and just keep raising the bets to astronomical amounts that many others just can’t play with enjoyment. You either call these constant raisers and hope to win or you loose then find no enjoyment anymore. Then you have the players that just want to write all about how awful of a person you are, etc… antagonists that have nothing else better to do. Yes, they have a “ judge” button where you can “ REPORT” their actions, but….as always…nothing gets done. It’s my sincere belief the judge button is just a button. So, if you want to play a great game of Texas hold ‘em or another game offered on this site, I’d recommend you look / play elsewhere. On this app, what used to be fun is now just a hope of getting a good table with good people. More often than not, you’ll be at a table with a “ table terrorists “. **I WAS IN NO WAY PAYED OR COMPENSATED IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM FOR THIS REVIEW **. This review is an honest and personal account of this player’s experiences..Version: 8.13.0

Too many ads and issuesSo many pop ups it’s too difficult to start a game. App keeps asking for wifi network. I’m connected and all other apps except WSOP work.Version: 6.2.0

Google login pleaseI've been playing on my laptop and went to get the moble app but it only has guest or Facebook login. I don't have Facebook and want to keep my progress from my google account.Version: 4.4.0

Maybe not rigged but not random and too predictableSo it’s not necessarily rigged with the cards but I just played for about 15 minutes and every hand I got dealt consisted of a high and a low in a straight and the first three cards in the middle 2 made up the straight and the last card I needed for the straight or flush never showed. EVERY SINGLE TIME. To the publisher, it’s got to do with the randomisation of the cards. I have played quite a few card games on computer or phone and they all do the same. Play one card game you have played them all, it seems they all use the same routine to randomise “shuffle” the cards. Thank you u guys reminded why I stop playing electric card games, they are the same and way too predictable..Version: 6.9.0

Pay to winStart the app up & up pop 5 pop ups saying buy more coins. Plus you need momentum for better hands which you buy and it effects ur win rate on to the next app!.Version: 8.0.0

Do Not Spend Money Here!At first everything with this app seemed just fine, up and down with some bad beats but nothing like what some of the reviews here say. Loads of great wins and a fun app! Unfortunately that all changed after spending a bit of cash. A switch was clearly flicked and app goes into milk mode to drain you in the hope of making more money. The change in game play is very obvious with hours spent waiting for a decent hand only to be beaten by the most unlikely outcome. It is a set up and unfortunately for the developers it’s so obvious I’ve just deleted it so no more cash! Go figure.....Version: 7.0.0

CrashingBeen enjoying this app for years. Just recently the app started crashing doing random things in the app. It would crash when I would scroll through tournament selections, starting a game and even during a game. Every time it would crash during a game, I would lose my buy-in or would have lost a good portion of my playing chips because the game would continue even if the app crashed. Please address and fix. My review didn’t send. I played another two tournaments and it crashed about 4 times. Worse was it crashed after I won both. When restarted, it brought my back to the table and when I tried to exit to the lobby it said I would lose any money I put in. Did not allow me to collect my winnings. On top of that, when after reading the warning when attempting to go to the lobby, it crashed yet again. Very bad experience for a game I’ve loved and played for years. Update: received an email message give me the points to reach out and request help. Unfortunately, I did this the same day of my original review and multiple prior to the review and after the review. It’s been about 2 weeks since my review and still no help. Very disappointing..Version: 7.17.0

Rigged/unfair More Often Than NotAs much as I’d like to believe this game is not rigged, it’s almost inevitable to think that way after playing it for about a month or two. I get that poker is not meant to have you win every single hand you play. I get that, trust me. On the contrary, winning 1 out of 30 hands is unrealistic and quite ridiculous if you ask me. Once some of my friends or myself get over a billion chips or so, it’s no good for us because it seems as though we can lose all of our money folding every hand and then when we do decide to play because we have decent hole cards, we get absolutely demolished by a full house or a straight meanwhile we have 2 pair looking like it’s the best hand on the table. The game is unfair in those ways. Not to mention, I have a a friend who has spent his real money on the game and told me that it seemed like he lost more hands than ever after he did that. This leads me to believe the creators create a disadvantage for people who do that just so they continue to spend their money on the game. For anyone looking for a good gambling game and has experienced anything similar, don’t think this game is any different..Version: 6.16.0

Don’t bother!They want you constantly to buy more chips. The hands are just unbelievable. Just another funny poker site. Not worth any money. As always, the worst hands always win. Not worth the time!.Version: 7.8.0

ChasersIf you like losing to people who chase by all means this game is awesome. You will lose more times on the river it’s not even funny. The chip leader at the table will usually win all the time if you go up against them. I literally just lost 3 times in a row to the chip leader because they hit the river. It’s literally nothing like real poker, people do not get that lucky so many times playing real poker.Version: 8.2.0

Hmmm really?Really buggy on iPhones crashes every few hand without fail and have to log back in when reopening the app losing any bets/wins from the hand that was in play. Far to many pop up adds after loading. Maybe you need bigger servers and less flashy gimmicks. Wouldn’t recommend to any iPhone user..Version: 7.15.0

OkThis game is a good a thing to do in my spare time that is one thing I don’t like I ran out of chips and I really don’t feel like buying some can there be a way to get free chips.Version: 5.0.0

Fun and Exciting. But fake poker.This app is appealing to the eye. There’s fun mini games. There’s a lot going for this app but I don’t believe this to be real poker odds. I play other Texas Holdem games and the things that happen in this game rarely happen on the other apps I or software I use. However, on WSOP rare occurrence are a regular. For example, one time ( more than once ) I flopped a full house A and 7’s. The turn and the river were both 4’s. I lost to quads. Another example is almost every time you play a tournament every one is dealt pockets or high cards on the first hand. I believe if you play enough it gives you cards your likely to play and go all in. Very often if you fold say 2 and 7 of suit in middle position your sure to flop a full house or three of a kind. Conversely, if you change your strategy to limp in cause the previous example happens 90 % of the time, you lose all your chips and have to BUY more. This game is way more exciting than actual Holdem. It’s addictive. And seeks to take your real money. I don’t recommend if you are looking to be a better poker player. If you just looking for a fun guessing game to kill time by all means this a good app. Also, I’m sure someone from the app will write a rebuttal and claim that it’s true poker odds. I really truly believe it’s not. I retract my statement..Version: 6.16.0

Shocked at how well this rates!The set up is nice and easy to use but man the cards dealt are crazy! If you want to get good at poker this game will set you back years. If you go into a flop with a pair of kings it’s no advantage. River cards keep popping up that bad beats everyone. I’m also certain there are bots. Last table I played a guy won about 90 percent of the hands. I left eventually. Think he’s still cleaning up. I counted five straights in a row. He was betting huge on cards like a 4 6 off suit and getting straights every time. That’s what prompted me to write this. Playing this will mess up your decision making in a real game for sure! But if you just want to mess around, it can be fun when the bots aren’t around..Version: 5.0.0

Crooked gameI have played this game for some time now. What I have found through the years is that if you purchase their chips, it’s amazing how after a couple of hands you start winning. Then you will go on and win a number of games after that. After I noticed this after a couple of purchases I decided to keep a log. I am a conservative player, so I keep an eye on what cards I play. Generally the cards in my hand should be winning hands, but since I have not purchased chips for a number of days; I lose the hand and the game. I have been playing since Tuesday, and have yet to win one game and very few hands. The odds are definitely against me; I wonder why....With my information I have gathered, I can definitively confirm that this game is rigged!!! Now that I have decided to write a bad review, I may somehow lose all of my chips, which due to purchases and winning special rings is about 35 Billion. I will be surprised if I don’t. If they can rig the game as they do, they can surely make my chips disappear. I guess it’s time to find a new Texas Poker game. Oh BTW a lot of other players think as I do. If you can find the private group regarding this game, you will be surprised what you find out. Update: It’s amazing the “oops technical difficulties” you’ll experience when you try to get the Mega Bonus. Also interesting, if you look up their portfolio how much money per day they bring in. This game is rigged, and those of us who are long time players know this..Version: 7.12.0

App has an answer for everythingUse to be fun to play, now it's ridiculous bingo/roulette. There was a time when you would have a few good days then a few bad. Now a lot more bad days as they allow people with big chips to play in smaller room and you just can't have fun coz they all in all the time. When you fold you would have won nearly every time however if you play you can only win if you have a huge stack of chips. 100million or more. So sad the developers allow this to happen. I've never in my life been in a hand of poker seen a flush full house and straight in one hand except on here. Random they say, I see this twice a day at least. Sad as it was good. Sad that the developers keep saying it’s not rigged when clearly it is. Just read the ripped off review and that happens all he time. Have made it not fun to play. The wheel is just as bad. It looks to be landing on the mega bonus and it will just slowly click over , doesn’t happen when you are nowhere near the golden wedge. RIDICULOUS!!! They keep saying that they have the most random cards yet other poker app seem way more fair..Version: 6.1.0

Too many pop-upsThis is definitely fun as all Hold-em games are. And I haven’t heard of people getting losing their bankroll all of a sudden like I’ve heard of other games. What I dislike about this particular one is all the pop-up ads to purchase chips or to get into a tourney or whatever they have going on at the time. It gets tiresome having to close these out for the first minute of trying to play every dang time. There’s a button to purchase things, why put them in our face every time we open the game up? If I want to purchase something I’ll hit the button to do so. Also, I don’t know about the whole algorithm thing as far as win and lose go. It does seem that once I get a good bankroll going it is taken away slowly by unlucky hands or bad beats but that happens in real poker too. I just don’t think it happens as often as it does here. I mean I’ve been beat more than once by someone that has a higher flush than I when there’s only 3 of the same suit on the board. I’ve played a lot of physical poker and can’t remember when I’ve seen that happen once. If the cards are honestly dealt randomly then what’s the momentum scale and other things if you purchase chips for?.Version: 6.3.1

Your gamesYou know I’d be even better if you had instead of nine people at a table try five at a table probably get more people at your games I don’t always play your games because they’re outrageous and stupid some of them are but that’s my opinion and I’m being truthful and honest with you I hopefully you have a great day.Version: 8.2.0

Fixed AppApp is fixed to get players addicted and take advantage of that. The app will follow your stats and slowly chip away at you until you either quit and delete the app or buy more chips. Most players buy more chips. It also makes up app generated players that are known as bots. These bots steal your chips and leave the table. The hands they win are long shots. It’s not at all like real poker. Not enough players take it seriously or know how to play..Version: 8.2.0

Decent but cuts out all the timeEnjoy playing but it cuts out saying lost signal all the time wether it’s on WiFi or off my data lost countless hands because of it it’s really annoying I’ve downloaded lots of other games off of the App Store and it’s funny how this is the only one it happens too seems to be a reoccurring issue as I’m not the only one to have this happen to needs sorting as you will lose lots of customers. Do u choose a poker game that cuts out or one that doesn’t it’s a no brainer! Such a shame as it’s great fun 🤷🏻‍♂️.Version: 7.8.0

Too many adsYou are overmarketing and it’s driving me bananas. Once a day fine, but everytime i navigate back to the app??? That is not smart..Version: 8.2.0

Ok for beginnersThe game is good if you want to learn the game and understand the pecking order of hands, after that it’s useless. People will push all in on 2,7 off suit in the most ridiculous manner. If you want to pay to play put your money into a different app where at least you have the potential to learn how to read the other players and gain a deeper understanding of the game. Looking through the responses to a lot of reviews it’s clear the developers do not care about any of their customers, they just copy and paste the same insincere apology... shoddy customer service to say the least, downgraded review to 1 star for the money grabbing swines!.Version: 6.1.0

Bert’s ReviewI only play the “Free Play” game and not any of the tournaments because I cannot accrue enough from free play to buy in to tournaments. Seems I can win a couple of million but loose it as quickly as I win it. Suspect the game leans toward tempting you to buy more chips and that you will not rise to tournaments level unless you spend dollars. Shame, albeit, the free play satisfies my game play needs and interaction with others is quite enjoyable. I would rate it higher if the win/loss ratio was not so obviously set so that you will never grow your stake unless you actually pay out cash for chips... note: I would pay ‘one off’ fee to play a more honest version of the game.... Thank you for your feedback... much appreciated..Version: 2.16.2

Moving onThis game and a lot of others is fun at first. The challenges are fun and prizes are cool to ( brackets, rings, trophies ect...) you get your bank up quick the first bracelet. Then it takes foreverrrrrr to get the next! You also lose money quick especially if you like to play a lot. You get either bots or people who pay to have a huge bank to play on low bank tables and you get what I call the table bully ! Eventually you lose your stack or go down so low you can’t play. Like other games I feel this a ploy to get you to in app purchase. If you are like me and do not purchase. The fun dies out you delete and your on to another game. Even with free spins and chips you still can’t play. I would in app purchase if I could win real money. To bad cuz it’s a fun game to play. Being pressured however is not !!!! Good luck ! if you like to spend your money this is the game for you. If. The game let you get up a big bank you may have a better shot! Governor of poker 3 does the same thing and that was super fun ... until you can’t play especially when you join a team. I even tried in app purchase and then it seemed like they wanted me to purchase more and more.... oh well.Version: 7.10.0

Ads ads and more adsYou can’t win real money, so I wonder why anyone would spend hundreds of real dollars buying virtual money to gamble with? So every time you turn on the app, there is 3-4 ads trying to get you to buy chips, which is super annoying. I’ve also had the feeling that you can get on runs that may be influenced by their desire to sell you chips. They say all cards are random but then there is a “Momentum” rating/bar, how does that work if all cards are random?? Either way, it’s good to play, never crashes and providing you have the self discipline to not buy chips or you do buy chips responsibly then it’s fine..Version: 5.22.2

Waste of timeGarbage game, won $3 million hand and didn’t get my winnings..Version: 7.0.0

Frustrating and obviously not randomThis game will frustrate you, probably greatly. It’s so obvious that’s it’s not a game of chance. The app developer clearly manipulates game play. Sone times to your advantage. Sometimes not. But with a game that give the edge to one player or another. What’s the point of playing it. They decide if you win or lose. Do all the right things and lose to some ridiculously long odd hand over and over again. You will go through phases where you can not get a hand for long stretches but every time you fold the very next card is one you needed. Painfully obvious. I go back and forth on whether I will keep playing this game. I guess once you realize it’s rigged and not like real life you try to win by knowing the rules they are playing by, even though it’s not possible. Chips are easy to get so when you have three aces some idiot will beat you that stayed in betting millions in chips with a high card until the last card down gives him a strait flush or something nobody in their right mind would risk that much on not even a pair. But it’s nice the game rewards them by giving them a bs winning hand at the last minute for the win..Version: 5.17.0

And the big chip wins again on the riverAnd again and again and again and again and again. Oh wait, big stack got rags, but runner runner win again, and again and again and again. Can predict the result 95% of time. Just so frustrating. You got best pre flop after flop after turn, but you already know the river and you busted again. Especially with roulette. But they say it’s a random program. I’ve played the same hand multiple times in a night. Same hold cards and same flop. Only difference, which big stack plays, to decide what cards to place next. Just so frustrating. Anything can be programmed..Version: 7.5.0

No starsThe number of ads you have to wade through just to play is absolutely ridiculous. Forced to give one star, or it won’t post this review..Version: 8.2.0

Give players an equal chanceOk, the game is quite good, even if it does crash from time to time. My main bugbear is that you have no choice as to what level of game you are allocated to. So you might have 20m chips, but you are in a 600k minimum with players with literally hundreds of millions, even billions, of chips. They simply bully smaller players into submission. What is a 10m loss to them, compared to someone within only 20m to start with? Please try and make games fairer for all levels. Interesting, you produce rather banal responses to quite a lot of reviews, basically, copy and paste answers, but when you get a completely different enquiry such as this, you don’t respond. Nothing to say? C’mon. I challenge you to answer this. Still haven’t answered my query about why players with loads of chips are set against players with far fewer..Version: 7.19.0

Glitches in the appI’ve been playing this game/app since last summer. I enjoy playing it. But there are some definite frustrating glitches in the app. Just now, the hand on the table had 2 aces and 2 high card was a jack and my opponent had a high card of a 10. My opponent won the hand. I played a few days ago and a similar thing happened. I just googled World Series of Poker app glitches and apparently this has been an issue since 2012. In addition, there are some confusing specials that don’t add up to what is advertised. I’ve email customer service a few times about it and each time was told I misunderstood the advertising (I had screenshots to prove it), and was told they don’t give refunds. So I contacted the App Store and they immediately refunded my money. When you pay $ to play this game...glitches create a legal problem. So does false advertising. Make a better app. Fix the glitches. UPDATE: Just received a canned response to my review. Apparently, a human doesn’t even read the reviews. If they had, they would see that I already contacted customer service...several times..Version: 7.5.0

More like bingo than no limitWords of advice, do not buy anything off this app you will lose all you buy very quickly to bs hands flop a set and bet hard fool stays in with a 69 and catches a straight on the river. First hand after buying a $4.99 bonus wheel spin that won me 24 million and lost 28million next hand. Hands are predetermined before cards are even dealt. Then out of now where you will continue to lose chips very quickly like over 75% of you 500million stack and when I asked them how this was possible in less than 12 hrs of play and was told I was on a down swing and my luck would soon change. Hahaha rigged. Way to many clowns going all in with crap cards and win on the river 75% of the time. Went 45 mins yesterday with out even a close to winning hand, right after I won 250k on the bonus wheel. Or should I say donation to other players wheel. App has good features and quick play but some players and the unrealistic odds of winning hands is enough to rate poorly. Glad I have not had any billing issues like some have stated below. Play this app like a drunken night of buddy poker and you will be fine, try to play serious and you will loose your mind over the crap that goes down..Version: 5.11.0

GarbageGarbage on lots of ads. Bogus site waste of time.Version: 7.2.0

Urgent update neededI’m a massive fan I love your game. I have been playing since the start! guys BUT currently NOT worth playing. It is kicking me out mid game constantly. Continuous glitches where players are mid game and the whole app shuts down. I am becoming suspicious of this happening just after buy ins. If this is not fixed ASAP I will be deleting and not returning. It’s sad for me because I am trying to stay loyal to the game but when you weigh up how frustrating this is compared to some of the amazing new poker games coming out then I think you guys might be in trouble. And to everyone who is having same issue do NOT let them tell you it’s your connection because it is NOT. I’m on over 150mb to 300mb p/s download speed upload speed 15mb to 30mb p/s Ping 2-9 Pro internet no issues with any other games/Apps. Plus all of my online friends experiencing Identical issues with WSOP App. I trust you will fix this issue promptly with respect to your loyal fans and clientele..Version: 7.11.0

MelPlay the game it’s fun be nice not to loose all time but met some great people on there was once what I would of said but now. I change my mind. The amount of hands I have lost because of lag and being rebooted every 30-50mins is ridiculous. Contacted the concierge twice now and nothing in reply or even bug fix. I’m not only one too my friends have same problem. Make me wonder if u really do care if we enjoy the game or not as long as u get ur money from chip buyers. Also ur competition increases are unreal. Come on give back to the players stop robbing us. You can’t say it’s random whensame cards are dealt3 or 4 times in a row. The flops are basically all rags hardly getting face cads and when u do the flop is all rags. The competition effects the normal tables ie crown etc all face cards run there so when u play normal table all u see is ace to nine cards repeatedly. Come on wsop random you say I googled card flops in real poker and no where does it say u get repeat hands or also how rags appear far more than face cards..... get you act together stop sending the certificate/ random response and do something. Social media and bad reviews will make wsop the least used app if you keep this up..Version: 6.23.1

Great but...Good app but since the latest update the app keeps on crashing, nearly always when I don’t want it to..Version: 5.21.0

Game or charity fundraiser?Look. I enjoy this game don’t get me wrong. But come on. If I wanna buy stuff. I’ll buy stuff. I don’t need to spend 20 minutes saying no to chip package adds every time I wanna play a game of poker. Like. My phone literally freezes due to the amount of ads. I play Daily Blitz and then get stuck getting asked for more of my money. Like come on. I’ve bought chip packages when I’ve wanted to but I kinda feel insulted that I see at least 5 ads every time I wanna play a game. Fix this. If I wanna buy stuff I’ll do it. Don’t need the game forcing it on me..Version: 7.16.1

Not greatI got this app around a year ago, it was good, fun, enjoyable, but I got a new phone and hadn’t played it since. However, now it’s turned into a micro-transaction nightmare, once you load the game you’ll be attacked with 5 alerts, asking you to spend between $5-$35 on a load of pixels. However I feel as though I’m a decent poker player... I’ve played games before and done well, but this game makes me feel as though I’ve got to spend money to actually win anything. When I play, all I get are stingy hands with no way of winning, but other players who clearly pay too much win and win over and over! If you’re going for the true casino experience, where the rich get richer and the poor, poorer, then this is your game! Just spend money and get placed first every time!.Version: 5.12.0

Got ripped offOn checking my purchases with my bank, WSOP charged me twice for each purchase. When I wrote to them they just said they can’t refund to me. I-tunes said they can. They now will not respond to my question as to why they double charged. Check with your statements to make sure you are not being ripped off. Response to Developer. Thanks for your response. I have been in contact with the Playtika Concierge and they have been zero help. Keep saying that iTunes is the paying platform and WSOP can’t help. iTunes admit they have double charged and refuse to repay the double payments they have taken. If I could send to the Developer the email exchanges that I have had with both the Playtika Concierge as well as iTunes you would see my frustrations, Developer: you made a suggestion and I have no way of responding to your suggestion. I am not dealing with the Playtika Concierge anymore as I just get no help..Version: 6.10.0

Weird rollI wasnt going to review this until i saw how many other people were saying what i was thinking. I play fairly conservatively on medium low limits and its been next to impossible to get in front without bonuses. At first I thought I was just rusty but I don’t remember free poker being this hard when i used to play in Pokerstars. it seems odd just how many times people make straights flushes and full houses with random cards. The board nearly always provides draws and pairs. The devs say its random and there are no bots. But im skeptical. App deleted..Version: 6.0.0

Ripped offThis has happened to me twice now. First time I had $450m chips kept raising n raising, no bluff at all, ppl jus kept calling I clearly had the best hand at the time, flush, got rivered with a full house. Second time was just yesterday, had $750m chips did the same thing had best hand, 2 pair, the bingo player kept calling he had pocket kings and he hits king in the river, I think it’s absolute BS, it’s like I got punished for playing poker, I had to play aggressively for ppl to fold but this idiot kept calling, cos he already had $2B in chips, I jus felt now twice I’ve been punished cos I was playing properly, I been punished too many times on the river or even the turn card. I also feel there is way too many straight draws and flush draws on the flop, 9 times out of 10 straight or flush hits, hard to win sometimes but it’s too easy to lose, especially when it’s millions, some of my friends have been in the boat and have deleted the app cos they’re sick of being punished.Version: 5.16.0

Good at firstGreat game to begin win but then you feel like they really try to rinse you in order to make you pay for real chips. My first week I was playing good and getting good hands. Now I barely ever win which could just mean I’m bad at poker, but I will confidently go all in and my hand will get beat on the river card and the person that wins has millions of chips and obviously is a paying customer. Overall I think the game gives a good start and the takes it all from you to try make you buy your way back to what you had. I refuse to ever pay for chips. I have also never won a hand when getting aces or kings and I feel the games gives me a strong hand so I think a have an edge, then lose. I can see why they do it though because when I’m bored and have lost all my chips the temptation to buy some for a few more games does cross my mind but will never happen. I am now searching for a more fair poker game app..Version: 7.9.2

Hand ranking confusedGame is awsome, honestly really like it but jeez. How many times i have gone big cause i have a good hand and then a lower hand beats me ? Had 3 of a kind and one pair beat me ? Or a 3 of a kind will beat a straight ? Bit confused cause it shows the hand rankings in game but still lose.Version: 7.8.0

Don’t use if you want to improve poker skillsI’m not going to lie I’m not the best at poker, but I know some tricks, good hands and, when someone has me beat some of the time etc. But when it comes to this game I genuinely can’t win, the other person always has a better straight, full house, pair etc. And it is impossible to bluff because even if I bet all in people will call with 9,3 off suit. It’s so stupid. Also at the start your flashed with about 1 million ads telling you to waste your money on a game that you are already disadvantaged in. People in the game will be raising all in with 4,2 off for example and I will rightfully call with e.g A K off. I clearly have them beat but 90% of the time I am beaten. Also I swear I lost 4 times in a row with aces. The algorithm is completely messed up. There is no point playing the game if you want to improve you’re poker because no one plays like they would if real money was on the line it is however a good past time, and relatively enjoyable when you’re not being beaten by 9 3 off when you have aces. Basically you may as well fold aces because 4/5 times you are losing.Version: 6.1.0

Waste of timePop ups are not the only way to advise customers of your promotions. How about adding a tab in game labeled promos. I know what a radical concept right. I miss the old app, this new one is not good at all. And no I will no increase my stars for your crusty app..Version: 7.2.0

AVOID-GAME ALWAYS CRASHESI’m mad. So there’s a bug or something because i won $5.7 million and leave to go to the lobby, expecting to see my new money balance. Nope!its exactly the same amount as I went in. What Gives? Boo!! Also the reason for only 1 star (I’d give -5 stars if I could): It’s INSANE how much the game keeps crashing!! I can barely go 3.5 mins without the game crashing on me no matter what. It ALWAYS crashes, without fail. 100% guaranteed. Exaggeration? Nope! Game constantly crashes. It’s so frustrating, especially when I have a winning hand and it’ll crash. You can always tell when it’s about to crash besides it becomes very laggy and freezes for like 1 second then it just crashes. It’s seriously THAT bad that I may just delete the app. Far out, it’s so ridiculous..Version: 7.6.0

The good and the badThe Good: visuals, controls and buttons very intuitive. Free chips, bonuses and winning streaks at the beginning are great! And make you feel like a champion. The Bad: Random dealt cards don’t seem so random after a while. At first there is a trend based on your skill level. but then for longer while you’re at the bottom with every temptation to purchase more chips because you want to find that trend you once had. The free chips you get at this point don’t seem to get you anywhere no matter what strategies of playing or skill level you are. And then there will be cowboys with millions from free chips going all-in while you are trying to climb the ladder. If you do purchase more chips, in theory this becomes a one way real money to status points game and you end up with two different mind sets making choices that do not mimic real game play. Connection issues. Needs 5 player table options. 9 player can get tedious and slow and narrows your odds of a win..Version: 5.20.7

Start all over again??I have enjoyed playing this game but I play it as a guest and spent money buying chips and when I tried to log back on it wiped everything and told me to start again which I thought is just rude after I spent money buying me chips etc.. Can I get bc a refund or something??? Very disappointed...Version: 7.2.0

Too many annoying adsThe ads are so annoying you cant even play.Version: 8.2.0

You will lose your MONEYPlaying this app requires no skill no mathematical skill and no poker attributes whatsoever, you will for sure be bombarded with adds to try and entice you to purchase there items at a high rate. And when you do you will lose it and the cycle begins again!! The algorithm and t waste the apps RNG (Random number generator) is so bad it’s ridiculous. I play semi professional poker and when I joined I thought this looks good ie WSOP App hmm inviting! I could make some good ‘free chips practice time .. but I assure you playing poker as it should be dose not work on this app/site if I was you DO not waste your money and find an other game ... if you like it and enjoy it then stay but please please don't but the chips just be waste. My opinion only ..Good luck at the felt and remember WSOP is the winner!!!!! Chicken—Dinner😀.Version: 6.18.0

Not so sure and agree with othersNot so sure WSOP is all that fair.. not sure what it’s based on but there are some ridiculous outcomes that are completely astonishing. It’s fun but I think WSOP decides who wins and who doesn’t.. Also, I believe the app is definitely directed at trying to sell as much as possible. It definitely appears that it targets you when down on chips to entice you to buy and definitely appears to make you lose more. I don’t believe any of your responses and have therefore deleted the app. However, I will thank you for replying..Version: 7.24.1

Game is programmed to hit flushes and straights.I’ve played this game for a long time and it is good however it has one major flaw, which I see constantly. Yes the cards dealt are completely random (as they claim), however this does not include the cards used on the board. The cards on the board are programmed to hit more flushes and straights (like a lot of the time - I’d say 80% or more). This is the biggest issue I find with this game and it really ruins the genuine poker experience everybody wants. However instead WSOP have it this way so new players feel like they’re winning more - which they are, it just isn’t accurate to real poker at all..Version: 5.17.0

Pay to WinYou like pay to win games? Well this is the game for you. You’ll download the game, start playing, win a bunch of games so that you’re sitting on like 10mil in chips, and then think to yourself “all those 1 Star reviews were just sore losers.” Then the algorithm will kick in (assuming you haven’t spent any money) and suddenly you can’t win a hand to save your life. How do I know? Test my theory, don’t spend money and see how you do after a few days. You won’t have to watch any ads, that’s a then I wonder how they make money🤔. Here’s the secret, they’ll frustrate you to the point of spending money because they assume you’re too stupid to see through their sly little ruse 🤫. Guess what? You don’t have to accept kind of treatment. Recognize the dishonesty and punish the company by not giving them money, then let the economic chips fall where they may. The sneaky little buggers will be forced to restructure their revenue stream on a more honest foundation. To the developers: Did you ever consider that people might actually pay costs when they know what they are? Or that the cost of freeloading and exploitation shouldn’t be passed off to the consumer? No one wants to be strong-arm robbed, but that’s effectively what you’re doing, and you’re just using frustration as your weapon to force people to fork over their dough..Version: 5.10.0

Pop-ups. So many pop-ups.When you launch, or finish a game you are greeted with up to 5 pop-ups, often for “limited” game modes that are already in your face in the middle of the menu. This is unnecessary. Over time the buy in to popular games increased, essentially devaluing your in-game currency. The cheapest tournament used to cost 50k, with a price of 200k (1 to 4 reward with 5 players), now it’s 250k with a price of 750k (your currency has been devalued 5-fold, your reward is 1 to 3 with 5 players). I’ll jump ship as soon as any other app has a large player base and a manageable experience, I’m happy to pay to remove ads and pop-ups..Version: 6.23.1

Frustrating glitchesRecently there are too many glitches, you constantly get booted out in the middle of tournaments and mid hand in games. Beat the house seems to kick you out every time you get through to multiplier rounds. Frustrating and causes you to lose chips. I received a reply to this review saying I could contact support, nothing pertaining to the issues I mentioned. I have in fact emailed help/support several times expressing my n that I have lost chips through the problem and despite their reply saying they would be in touch I have heard nothing whatsoever to acknowledge my complaint. More emails regarding connection issues that are now so bad you can’t even complete daily blitz without it crashing after first hand and despite standard reply, ‘we will be in touch’ have had no reply email nor confirmation to say they are looking into it or acknowledging the problem. WSOP needs to sort these issues out, it is nearly impossible to play now..Version: 7.10.0

Rigged“Rest assured cards are dealt at random and equal chance for everyone”, ya, when pigs fly. Tipping dealer option, increases in momentum and threatening you’ll lose that when you leave a game. Get bent!.Version: 7.8.0

Kids version of pokerThis is a fun game but it’s ruined most of the time by the developers targeting a single player to win. Anyone playing this game for a while can see the patterns. Here’s the secrets. If you have big blind, chances are you’ll win. If you go all in, chances are you’ll win. If you win one big hand, go again because you normally win big in consecutive hands. If in a tournament and near the end someone starts to come back unrealistically, they are pretty much chosen to win for whatever reason. It’s so obvious and the developers keep saying it random. Maybe the pocket cards are random but the board cards are definitely not. Please don’t reply back with some canned response on how you’ve passed an audit on random. You probably did but overall it’s not a randomised game. Auditors should actually create an anonymous account and play for a while to see the unrealistic patterns..Version: 5.22.2

Buggy and riggedNice app and fun to play but most unrealistic cards despite what developer says about certification. Flushes and straights all the time encourages the bingo style of play. Also, count how often pairs are dealt on the flop. Used to run smoothly but recent updates have broken the app, though. Has trouble starting and crashes often. Will give more stars when this has been fixed but no more than 3 because of the dodgy dealing. Oh, and way too many pop-ups. I don’t mind some as it is a free app but they are getting out of control. And finally, opened app to find my profile has been reset. Lost $49,000,000. I don’t care about all the other stuff but took a while to get that many chips. Sent email but no reply. Another ploy to get my real money?.Version: 4.3.0

Fun but not 'real' pokerI enjoy this app, but I do have the suspicion that the algorithm is rigged to encourage you to buy chips. You get healthy tasters, but then your hands spookily seem to deteriorate against the obvious chip-buyers. I remain impervious and with some willpower and very cautious play you can survive on the free chips and chip bonuses alone. The problem is there are a lot of players making ridiculous bets and calls as it's not real money; that means a lot of leaving tables to find a reasonable one. I advise making lots of friends as you have more facility to choose a table by joining them; they also send you presents! Overall quite fun and good practice..Version: 2.16.2

WSOP sort your algorithm out!This game used to be user friendly and pretty decent to play. It had a nice format and besides hashing every other comment you could also chat and have a laugh with poker buddies too. The algorithm has been altered and since then it’s gone downhill all the way! In recent months it has turned into nothing more than a cash cow for wsop and those who are willing to spend hundreds of real pounds playing a game that consists of fake money! They change the buy-ins for established events without warning so progression in obtaining the infamous event bracelets becomes impossible It’s rigged for beginners to draw you in and once you’re established it rips you off so as to entice you to purchase more chips again and again and again. No such thing as realistic odds on this site either. You can have a set of aces and still lose to someone with 29 lol ask anyone who’s played on it. It happens on a regular basis. Too regular! Warning to all of you... find another site that isn’t so obviously set up. Oh and if you have a problem they will undoubtedly send a generic response from what is probably a customer service agent who is as fake in their sincerity as the chips you use to play on their app. As a side note Monica gets a lot of abuse because of you WSOP programmers.... shame on you!.Version: 5.7.0

RubbishLike many of the other review on here, I totally agree that this game is rigged. I have been playing poker for well over 20 years. I have never seen cards come out the way they do on here. The worst part is, is that it actually encourages you to bet as stupid as possible. It rewards incompetence and punishes skill and patience. Someone needs to figure out a way to make fake money games more realistic and not like your sitting down with a group of pre-teens that just learned what poker is. I like the speed of the games but that is about it. Also, the ads are annoying. Half the time it seems like they pop up just to get you to accidentally click on them in the hopes that you decide to buy some chips. A word of advice to the developers: people who are going to buy chips from you know where to go to find them. No amount of ads are going to get someone to buy them that knows it’s a waste of money. If you want to pop up an ad, do it the first time someone logs in for the day, but not every freaking time they change screens to the lobby. Maybe just a little red icon above the store to let people know of sales and notifications. If they want to buy, they can go look. I’m done ranting now, and am off to delete the app..Version: 5.7.0

It’s all a set up!Soooooo many fake players, too many ads to buy chips or get more momentum!!!!! You don’t get momentum when playing poker at a table! If you want to just play poker this is not the site. Cheers.Version: 7.23.0

Good game, but frustrating as it crashes regularlyThis game is so frustrating. It started to crash and reload only after large wins (by any player). Then it stared to crash more regularly, around four times when playing for an hour or so. Now it crashes 2 or 3 times when setting up and earning chips and then approximately every 4-5 minutes whilst playing. I’ve tried to find ways of fixing this, website, Facebook, delete and restart, but nothing I have done has worked so far. I’ve stopped playing every day as it is to frustrating, consequently I have turned to other, more reliable, games..Version: 7.11.0

My opinion!I just finished reading the review from user “Cdub013” without the quotes that was posted on (May 15). And, I have to say that the review was spot on. This game as well as many other games (aka. App’s) that someone or group created for you to download on your phone is designed for you to lose. The ultimate objective in the creation and design of these games is to gain financial revenue in the end. The designer or designers have implemented various ways of fulfilling that goal. Such examples are free tokens when you sign-up, when you invite friends to join, etc. . . These gifts are not given out of love, they are given for one single purpose. That purpose being to make you desire more. Then they utilize very subtle methods of regaining all of their free gifts back in hopes that the initial gifts were enough to arouse your interest and have you craving for more. I often think of them as white collar drug dealers. There tactics are very similar in kind. Casino’s are designed in very much the same way that I have illustrated here today. They would not exist if the odds were equal for both parties involved. But, I will refrain from venturing to far down that road today. In conclusion, if you are seeking a life like experience; this game will not disappoint you. Mind exit, stage left..Version: 5.11.0

Is it Really Random??UPDATE: Thanks to the developers for responding, but I asked about why you get penalized for aggression, and they responded with something about tipping?? Which, as long no as they mention it, take note everyone, tipping does absolutely NOTHING in the game, and is a waste of your chips. BTW, the ratio of when I shove with the better hand and lose on the river (or to a runner runner to the river even) that I mention below is up to about 17:3, which is nowhere near what the probability says it should be. Why is that? That was the original question. I know the developers check in here every so often. Maybe they can explain why you get penalized for aggression. It’s almost as if the app “penalizes” you for shoving and they want to curtail that for some reason (to avoid the games being a shove-fest, perhaps?). By the time I started keeping track, when I shove with a better hand, I lose on the river (or even a runner runner to the river) in a ratio of about 11:1. I’ve been playing poker (all variations) for a long time, with well over a million hands played, and those stats are way out of whack from what the probability says they should be. Hopefully the developers can explain, but in the meantime, I can update that ratio as I gather more data..Version: 5.12.0

Good but bad gameI started playing this game a while ago, I believe when it was owned by EA. I really liked it. I never payed for anything and it seemed like the game was fair. I’m nowhere near the best player out there but I managed to win a lot of tournaments. Now after the game got sold, I feel like I keep getting bad cards most of the time. I got to Tokyo Tournament and can’t get past the second part of it. Other people constantly get good cards. Constantly. My guess is they use real money to pay for in game purchases and the game favors them. How would you feel when it’s you vs someone else at the end of the second tournament, 1 on 1, and they constantly get winning cards? You run out of money and have to start over by first trying to win the first part of the tournament. The gameplay is completely rigged and feel unnatural, when you (or in this case me) get bad cards I would say 75% of the time I play this game. I constantly see one or two people constantly getting good cards. Out of 9 people. Great game design and very easy to get free money, unlike before when we had to watch sponsored videos. But rigged gameplay ruined this game for me. I literally went from winning most of the time, to losing most of the time, after the game changed owners. I rate it 1/5..Version: 5.9.0

SaddenedNo as much fun to play now with elite clubs... work to get to a higher club - kings return to game days later back at jacks... demotivating and off putting makes me want to play less not more.Version: 5.16.0

Don’t believe it’s randomGreat overall game play. App works with the only glitch I could tell is for some reason after two or three games if I lost it would gray out and I would have to force close the app to get functionality back. Weird but not major. Now...I do not believe the card play is random by any stretch of the imagination. We all have bad luck streaks. Not complaining about that but the creative ways you can lose is ridiculous. The number of games you can lose in a row is crazy. At one point I lost 25 or so games in a row. Again, could be bad luck. But then you look at it overall and there does seem to be a pattern. One of which is you go on long losing streaks where you never or barely win. Then the next thing you know you’re winning 2 of three games for days. Okay, let’s chalk that up to luck. How about when during play when someone gets down to their lay chips/hand, the number of times they win is staggering. It’s gotta be 90% or higher wins for them, me included. My strategy ended up being (1) never bet when there was someone on their last legs betting, they were gonna win and (2) if I was on my last legs I knew I was gonna win regardless of what I had. Again, worked about 90% of the time in my estimation. Got tired of the swings and last stand winners so I deleted. Not a sore loser. Had worked my way up to $17m by playing $300k games to win $1.5m. Even through streaks was able to maintain a decent amount of chips..Version: 5.5.0

WARNING - RIGGED - DONT BUT CHIPS OR THE MEGA WHEELYou will NOT beat the house on Caribbean. You can have 2 pairs or flush or straight but the dealer pushes the bets. You’ll have the best hand and dealer will still push. The Mega wheel is a fraud. The spinning wheel is a fraud. I have to proof that it will take your money if you pay for the mega wheel. DO NOT PAY FOR THE EXTRA SPIN ON THE MEGA WHEEL. If I could load photos to show how badly rigged this mega spin is, I would.!! Please hear my warning.!! Also This app is frustrating and BS game. You’ll do well one minute and win loads and then then that all changes for 2 reasons: 1) soon as you think your about to win and raised the stakes, DISCONNECTS.. you folded... about to win big because you know you have the best hand, so you raise the bet, DISCONNECTS.. fold, lost. The amount of times this app disconnects is unreal. It’ll cost you millions in chips and the chance to local circuit rings, boosting bracket points etc. 2) Think your gonna play a smaller table and hopefully have some fair games because you have less than a million chips.. forget it.!! You’ll end up on a table with Billionaires who love playing small tables where the ante maybe $20K and before the flop, these guys have raised it to a million.!! Happens heaps!! Trust me, this will anger you, frustrate you and you will end up loathing this game. OH at first it was fun... not now it ain’t....Version: 7.22.0

ALL THE GLITCHESI never write negative reviews about anything but I am so frustrated with the glitches on this app! I’ll be playing and about every other time a golden card is dealt, the app kicks me out. And yes, I’m connected to a high speed Wi-Fi every single time with only me connected to it. And then there are other times, mostly when I’m about to win a hand, where it just goes black for no reason. By the time I reopen the app, of course, I’ve lost the hand! Also, on several occasions, I’ve paid to do the daily extreme challenge and it glitches and kicks me out in the middle of the game and I win nothing and still get charged. Then I have emailed customer support each time that’s happened and no response whatsoever. If this were a completely free app, I wouldn’t care, but people are spending money on this app and losing it for no reason and have no recourse of support when it happens! Maybe the app creators should try playing once in a while so you can see where the problems are! Is anyone running this app at all or are you too busy counting the money that your ripping off from people with no recourse. Please do something and fix the problems! I’m one glitch away from never playing again on this app! This is WSOP brand so please step up, get your act together and make a product that works all the time!.Version: 7.4.0

Very poor gameAnyone who has actually played Texas hold ‘em for actual money knows how unrealistic the cards run on this app. It is a real money trap, trying to get you to buy chips to keep playing. How many times in a night of real poker playing would you see a player with 4 of a kind lose to a straight flush. All the times I have played for real money you may see something like that happen at a table once a week of everyday playing. This app it will, not can, it will happen at least 5 times every day at the same table. I know from experience cards have an element of luck and skill that go together. But the odds of getting some of the winning hands dealt to players is so astronomical in real cards that it is absolutely unfathomable to see it happen so many times at one table on this app. I would recommend not to download or play this app as the algorithm that dictates hands is so far from realistic that it’s pathetic. I live in Florida and we have actual poker rooms here. You would be lucky to see one hand that is four of a kind over a whole evening of cards, but in this app you can see it happen ten times in an hour. It is crazy and not very realistic at all. Do yourself a favor and DON’T download this app. It is a joke!!!1!.Version: 3.9.0

For a bit of funGame is good for a bit of fun however it is not real poker!!! Very much rigged and if you really do play poker and like to play properly this game will just get under your skin, people going all in with ridiculous hands and if you ever play on the smaller bet tables just get all in constantly before the flop with the worst hands and constantly ruin the fun of actually playing poker, will add can be fun on the higher stake tables as can actually play poker sometimes and people know what there doing, very much worth a play.Version: 5.0.0

Very biased and unrealistic winnings. Also can’t log in.First of all since switching to iPhone I can’t log in with Facebook and that’s been irritating. However, this is how it’s been for both my fiancé and I both, at first this was the best poker game on the play store and the App Store. More recently it’s become more biased towards the buyers of chip packages, card packages etc. long story short as long as you spend money on the game you’re destined to win, otherwise you’re gonna lose everything. They’ll let you win when you first make an account then you’ll over time lose chips and lose chips until you finally give in to buying and they’ll let you win some just to make you feel good about it. My biggest issue and complaint is I’ve had plenty of encounters with this huge flaw. It caters to the buyers and more frequent players, for example I’ve had a hand say 3 of a kind and win 90k out of a 800k pot and someone with a pair of 5’s takes the rest. That one happens all too often and that one really gets under my skin. This game is very biased and I can’t stand it. It’s not so much of a poker game as much as it is a randomized virtual lottery game with a poker twist to it at this point. Except you don’t win any actual money back they just take from you. Otherwise it’s still probably the best one on both app stores as far as gameplay aside front zynga, which is also very arcade like. I suggest poker stars on your PC or the app stores honestly haha.Version: 7.2.0

Fun, but it’s quite a money drain.WSOP is always fun, no question. Got hooked playing online back about 15-years a go when it was first on AOL (and tourney winners actually won a trip and buy-in to the real WSOP in Las Vegas). This app certainly works great like you’d want and expect for the brand, and keeps you entertained for sure. The real problem with it though, and unlike other game apps I’ve used, it nearly requires you to not only make in-app purchases, but to do so consistently....and they are not cheap for what you get. For example, $15 gets you about $75 Million in chips. Only enough to play 5 entries in the bottom level of the special tourneys they have....but along with that every pot you win they deduct 15% locking it away in your “piggy bank” which you have to pay to break and get your chips back. Basically theft in-app. So without putting more money in constantly you cannot keep playing the weekly games/tourneys as 99% of users will eventually run their chips dry. The same $15 that eventually runs dry on this app will get you several decent apps in the store, so not a great app for this reason alone. The value is simply lacking long term. Chips should be cheaper and much easier to earn in quantity to still take part in the weekly fun, even for those on a budget..Version: 6.10.0

Terrible siteIf you don’t by any of there crap they keep kicking off site, very frustrating when your in the middle of a big hand..Version: 7.8.0

Crashes a lotVery fragile app. Crashes mid way through games regularly. Never crashes during all the adds though. Used it for ages but now no more..Version: 6.3.1

Not legitI really can’t count how many times I have pocket Kings only to be beat by a pair of aces on a river card... considering 9 out of 10 flops in this game contain a king... you delete the game for a while download it again and will have a luck spree where you can bluff on everything and get lucky on them cards and rivers... then when you start to win you will in fact have a long losing spree where you will not win for a very long time but lower level players will take hands not even the slightest bit aware how to play hold ‘em... if they incorporated limit games, I think it would be fun to get your poker fix... but I wouldn’t recommend spending money on this game as it is not legit at all. I really don’t want a “developer” to comment on this about your “shuffling certification” garbage... that’s a lie. This game is devised to get you going mentally to want to keep playing to try and win and once you run out of chips then you would have to spend money to get more. This “freemium” app is just like its real life casino brothers and is in the game of fishing for your cash. Download and play for a bet... but DO NOT take it personal when you lose. It’s just a scam, I mean game... developers do not comment because I don’t think a word you say is true..Version: 5.19.0

Too many ads and pop upsToo many ads.Version: 8.2.0

ScamStop flashing up options to buy chips that over rides everything I’m trying to do I’m not buying chips I’m here for the free game!!!!.Version: 8.2.0

Worst poker experience everI totally agree with the majority of the reviews of this app who clearly feel the initial experience does not last. I have played poker for over 50 years and have played the WSOP App for around two years now. At first it seemed like a bit of free fun but, over time, things changed. I accumulated over 300 million chips until around 2 or 3 months ago and, when it became obvious to the site management that I was not going to fall for any of the chip purchasing offers, (a constant bombardment), my 300 million chips was lost within two months! This, along with the site crashes at least once EVERY TIME I play, and an infuriating promotion which offers a reward for winning a hand with a specially announced card ( which is NEVER announced before the flop and sometimes not until the river - by which time I have usually already folded !), make it an easy decision to find some other way to have FUN..Version: 6.4.1

New updateSince new up date after you shutdown for 2/3 weeks you have made it more obvious that the chip leader gets 75% better hands. My win ratio has gone down by at least 45% and can go days getting stupid cards to bet on,this has been worst since I paid for chips . The new cames are to high to by into . Thinking of removing app shame as I liked to play poker on this app before you spoilt it don’t mind paying for chips but not to constantly lose Every day to increase my spend and this blatant attempt to make me pay for more chips..Version: 6.24.0

RiggedBit of fun for a while, but rigged AF. If you dont pay money then you start on the big losing streaks - eg. losing with 4 of a kind, against a Royal Flush!!! Multiple times. How often does this happen in real life!!! You’ll also come to realise that all players that have paid money will have Royal Flush as their best hand. Non-paying players will usually have 4-of-a-kind as their best. Other than rigged gameplay there are 4-6 pop-ups every time you open the game which interrupts you. Also annoying. Gave it 2 stars because it entertained me for long enough before i realised it’s BS. Glad I never paid a cent..Version: 6.8.0

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  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
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