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WSOP Poker: Texas Holdem Game Positive Reviews

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WSOP Poker: Texas Holdem Game App User Positive Comments 2023

WSOP Poker: Texas Holdem Game app received 106 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about wsop poker: texas holdem game?

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WSOP Poker: Texas Holdem Game for Positive User Reviews

Having funAddicting.Version: 9.24.1

Great game .. it’s a pity about the playersIf it’s a good quality game of poker you’re looking for then steer away from this app. The fact that it’s a freemium app, it attracts a lot of donkey players who do not appreciate the game and it’s nuances. It also has a “powerhand” feature which rewards players winning hands with bonus chips. This feature is a flawed feature as the whole table gets notified if you have won a powerhand even if everyone folds before showdown. I’m amazed that WSOP have put their name to this app when this flaw alone goes against basic poker rules. People need to pay to see the cards and not be notified of winning hands if they fold before showdown. Other than this the game is quick flowing and professional in its appearance. Even though you can pay real money to gain more chips on this app, it gives you a lot of chances to win free chips so the cost factor is irrelevant if you play well. Overall a good game..Version: 8.8.2

WSOP by Crazy Canuck.Loads of fun. Passes time so fast. Great game, thank you.great fun from another Canuck. Thank you..Version: 9.24.1

Straight Poker.One of the best Poker games I’ve played in a long time, but getting a little bit despondent when logging on and playing that check yourself against yourself game just to a little extra in chips. As everyday as I build up my time only to lose it as my time zone is different to that of the companies program in the USA, and it’s bloody annoying, it’s just a pity I can’t remove it..Version: 8.2.0

FunI like the game, regular bonuses are great! Also like the ability to pre-select your move to make the game quicker. Would be nice to look at the cards a little longer at the end of the game so we can see what everyone had, but that just me. Keep the cash coming, it takes any stress out of the game and keeps it fun! Paps less pop ups, 3 or more in a row, every time is a little annoying. How to pay to stop pop ups (more clear) I’ll pay!.Version: 6.3.1

DavidGood to play but don’t buy chips they take money so they will give u a few big wins 4 of a kind straight flush so forth” then they try to get u hooked to buy chips soon as u do u lose the big hands like u get beaten in hands with full houses happens a lot but good realistic game just play low unless I’m just totally useless at this u won’t build a big bank so good luck people I give this game 1 star for being rigged and 5 stars for the game that’s a total of 6 stars out of 10”.Version: 5.8.0

EntertainingHave been playing for a while game runs pretty good if you have a strong connection. Game play is easy and if you don’t get caught up in crazy raises you can progress pretty well. You get some clowns playing that just go all in at the drop of a hat and unless your stacked with money you end up folding on a lot of winning hands. All in all it’s fun for passing time and just play it that way. Paying for chips in a online game you can’t win real money is for mentally challenged people..Version: 6.3.1

Poker starsJust great to play on the free tables it gets me ready for when I do drop down to the casino for a tournament Cheers Mr K.Version: 9.8.0

Dropping outFix this app! It keeps dropping me out. I lose bets,money, and chips! This is a good site, when run properly. I agree with most comments regarding ad offers being excessive. I agree with this assessment. - game seems to have stopped dropping me out! That’s good. (Didn’t return my money and chips, though!).Version: 9.23.2

Fun gameCool.Version: 9.24.1

Good game but sometimes flawedIt’s a good game but sometimes seems flawed. Unrealistic hands pop out of nowhere and beat you on the river. Completely acceptable as this can happen but some days when it happens 6 from 10 hands you begin to question it. For example, players raising you after the flop with no hand just to beat you on 4th and river with a house. I’ve also noticed I’ve been dealt the exact same hand twice and sometimes 3 times in a row which is extremely unlikely. But apart from the odd glitch, I enjoy the game though and it’s possible to play consistently without having to spend any money..Version: 6.1.0

Poker ♣️ ♦️ ♥️“You better know when to Hold em, know when to fold em.. know when to walk away.. know when to run”.Version: 8.4.0

Half hour of play times seems goodFist and second impressions included! I have tried countless poker games and there all junk! This one seems to be fare I have only play maybe 40 50 hands. On the other hand the amount of spam is annoying but it might have been just the intro. First impression is it’s a good game. With that being said months afterwards I notice this weird thing where two cards of the same rank are in the first and third spot in the flop (out of twenty hands this will happen at least ten times) even if you bluff high there Will be that one guy who doesn’t have any matches with the flop and still wins with the last two cards, and do believe that that same person will win a lot over there stay at a single table. When I first started it felt like they were giving me awesome hands a lot and I quickly gained lots of money and then I took a vacation break and now even my good hands (which I honestly don’t get as much of) get thrown to the side. I was getting close to a billion and now just under 20 million and now they ask me to rate there game again..Version: 8.21.0

Good table playFor the most part the table play is fast.Version: 7.3.0

It’s a bit riggedIt seems that if you get a good bank up ,brought or won, that you can’t win a hand. All you do is feed the pot. Then when you finally get a hand to play, let’s say a full house so a good hand you will get beat by four of a kind ,not once or twice but every time till you have nothing left. Happens to often to be a random thing. Great fun but sick of just feeding pots. Still the most rigged game on the internet, months later nothing changed..Version: 7.23.0

My opinion!“WSOP” is pretty well organised and in it I personally can see, that lot of things is changing. Administration is still experimenting with lot of different things and options with a hope to make it only better - for users pleasure and more likely atmosphere! But anyway for me “Poker” is the best of the best card games on its own, but in “WSOP”, for me personally inside is a couple of things which ones I would delete or change, or update, or adding some more options. It never won’t be perfect, but it’s very good already and I can see that owner or owners are keeping trying to make it more comfortable and that is the thing, what I like unbelievably proud. From me - 5 ⭐️! Keep it in the same process!.Version: 6.8.0

Great gamePlays perfectly 👍.Version: 9.4.0

Mr TomI do not rate the game as a true representation of poker cards coming up four of a kind on just o often Your customer services is terrible seven days and no reply to a question come complaint I will playing no more on WSOP . My rating is one star at best , it is all buy and take We buy you take, Balhook. I find no reason to alter my previous complaint you merely say sorry to hear that , then you do nothing to remedy The complaint your customer service is complete rubbish so to is the your game o poker Please note one star is too generious.Version: 6.7.0

Good fun and nice platform.Well it’s all started one day when I downloaded it and now I play it..Version: 6.12.6

World Series of PokerBest game on my phone had it for 6 years now..Version: 7.12.0

Great learning tool for beginnersNot much of a poker player and I enjoy the online when I get some free time it’s good learning a lot about the game lots of fun.Version: 9.24.1

Support needs supportI have been playing this app for years, I love playing poker and it is one of the best apps around no doubt. The Support however is lacking a LOT…..very unwilling to help when you have genuine issues. If they spent the same time on fixing issues that they do making excuses and talking around them they would be great. Too many gimmicks now to get obviously get money out of the average person, please just get back to more proper poker..Version: 9.22.0

Best of all the poker appsThe pop up adds at the start tho get annoying.Version: 9.8.3

Overall pretty goodYeah you’re bombarded with ads when you first open the app but not constantly like a lot of others so I can put up with that on startup. I’ve had many many times where I was winning but I’ve lost on the river when my opponent has gone all in. A bit too often to make me suspect all is not above board but maybe I’ve just been unlucky so I’ll give the benefit of the doubt... for now. Apart from that though I really like the app. Loads of different tournaments/tables to choose from and really easy to use and navigate around..Version: 8.1.0

World Series of pokerGood game.Version: 9.24.1

AceCan’t put it down.Version: 9.11.1

Near PerfectThis is the best poker game out there and it is near perfect I just have a few things that I think could make this truly great. First, I would like some type of free roll tournament every week or month where people could enter for free and maybe earn some bit of real money. Second, I think it would also be nice if there was just a little bit more time to make a decision with hands unless I have missed something. Finally, it would be cool to have leagues of some sort both public and private where people could play like a season or something along those lines. Now to hit on a point that a lot of people bring up in their reviews about having to pay money. Depends on how good you are in all honesty and how well you understand poker and how the people who make games make money. If you aren’t good and you want the games bracelets/rings you are either going to have to be good and earn them the real way or pay lots of money. Poker is a game where 80% or more of people that play never turn a profit it would be stupid not to capitalize on this as a developer and they also have to make money to give us a great game. Like I said truly a great game just a lot of people not understanding how things work in their reviews..Version: 6.1.0

I’m hookedWhat can I say, I play everyday, make new friends and share the wealth. Like all games, there is a fast track paying for credits, but the free game is worth the challenge. Lucky there is the free play or I would be homeless. I love the poker hints on how to play. I need a dictionary but it’s educational. A good game which would be the best if we could text our friends in the game. Other games have the ability, why not WSOP?.Version: 9.14.1

FrustratingI enjoy the game in general. I login multiple times everyday to get chip bonuses. These are fairly low tho. Frustratingly, now on 3 occasions, it tells me it had trouble logging in, makes me login again, each time reducing my chip balance to less than 500k. I’ve lost millions each time. Thing I may have to download from a more reliable developer. Is there a way to restore my lost chip balance? Not happy!.Version: 6.5.0

Great gameWould be better if there were more ways to get chips.Version: 9.24.1

Club symbol from card suit player name: AlwaysmileI lost my account off my screen with 5 billion + chips? And all my friends? How do l recover my account back?.Version: 9.24.1

Review on past and current WSOP programI have been using the program for many years but with long breaks on occasions. I have found the new program has great options but am disappointed on how for a period of time you can win then all of a sudden your credits disappear in an unfortunate rapid process. The hands dealt to you abysmal and near useless. This never happened years ago. Purchasing credits if you are Australian costs you 50% more. Credits disappear much more rapidly than previous years. The program has many options and is professional in appearance and games but expensive to purchase credits. This program is well worth downloading just be mindful that once you purchase credits it seems a never ending option required to remain liquid and able to participate. Even though the program provides you with so many more options than previous years the tightening and lack of good playable poker hands has degenerated over the past 2 years. My suggestions to the program owners would be to lower the cost of credit purchases and alter the programming to allow for fair distribution of good playable poker hands. Thankyou for the opportunity to supply my input on your program..Version: 8.3.0

Good butGood games better randomly though not giving everyone a turn to win.Version: 9.10.5

Very addictiveI love Loving it 💜.Version: 2.16.2

ReviewThe only drawback is too much push to purchase chips..... I like the speed games best. Still enjoyable....... I don’t like how people with 100’s of 1,000s and even 1 billion dollars that play in the 2,500 games— with players struggling to stay on WSOP.... these bullies over bet to push us out...... not right. My cards have been horrible for 3 months now. I’ve lost $250,000 and am now under 10,000.....I enjoy the games and each creative ideas of making extra chips. But on 3 occasions in the past 6 weeks I was removed and had to start over. Each time I was give a new players name. The last time I was called Shooters and had risen to over 300,000,000 chips ( I know there was another with the name Shooter and Shooters) so if you find a Shooters that has suddenly become inactive that was me….. and now I struggle after the restart ( 15,000,000) to build it again…. 4-5 stars. Again they’ve taken away my $300,000,000 chips when I was Shooters. In another restart it’s taken a few weeks but I am up to $50,000,000 now as Craig… but rating is 5 stars.Version: 9.16.0

Good poker game👍👍.Version: 2.16.4

Fantastic!A lot of annoying things popping up on the screen sometimes but they’re avoidable and it’s not like you HAVE to pay for whatever it is they’re advertising. I’ve played on a lot of poker apps and the only thing that comes close to this is pokerstars. This app has by far the best servers (I seem to lag on other apps). If you lose a lot of chips it’s easy to gain some back by getting bonus chips every few hours. This app also has omaha poker if you’re interested in that sort of thing. I’d definitely recommend this app. 5/5.Version: 5.20.7

Definitive Online Poker GameLove it, for no other reason other than it’s awesome..Version: 7.24.0

Brilliant.I love poker & as the old adage goes “It’s a game that takes five minutes to learn and a lifetime to master” - the approach WSOP takes differs from its competitors hugely. Being rewarded for your loyalty & gameplay is very refreshing. The ranking system rewards you with greater benefits and alongside the bracelet set up really gives a boost for continuous play. Then you have the daily and weekly missions which can also be very lucrative. Even if you lose everything you have, you’ll get 4 bonus amounts and a super spin (with the chance to become very wealthy depending on your rank) on top of all of that you have a daily free spin on the slot machines (which do pay out) and an extra daily in-game chance to win hundreds of millions by picking a series of strongest hands while under a time limit. This time limit gets increased for each day you return also. The only constructive criticism I have for the developers is the in-app purchases and offers can sometimes be a little pushy. That being said, they are very reasonable compared with other poker apps. Whether you’re a complete novice, have years of experience or a progressional player I believe WSOP has a place for everyone. 10/10 - would and have highly recommended. Well done on a great game..Version: 7.14.0

NiceeeIt’s good without purchasing any stuff.Version: 7.23.0

Light hearted fun giving people the chance to roll with the high and low rollersIt’s a good way to test your skills ,Luck and how to many what you have. And meet interesting people thank you WOSP ooohyeah.Version: 9.14.0

Not badToo many ads.Version: 6.11.0

Prince of thieveryThe game is awesome. I wish I could get over the 400,000, 000 mark or be one of the chosen players that wins everything. I want to be a goat of wsop.Version: 8.17.2

Good practiceIt is a good way to practice, learn how to play, meet people and have fun. Wish my opponents could stop getting me on the river though so if you could fix that it would be great..Version: 6.15.0

Becoming unfairThis game has gotten out of hand, you have ppl playing at a table with a billion chips along with ppl who have only 100 million or only 10-20 million or less...on first call some raise at a decent raise level, however, the big chip holder person will raise an ungodly amount so if anyone wanted to meet it or raise they lose their whole chip amount playing with...if they lose...Should be rooms with limits on amount of chips owned! The game isn't poker anymore, it is who can or is able to raise high enough to win, no skill, just keep raising!!! It boils down to EAPoker wanting purchases of chips!!! Sad! I continue to play but with much fustration!! The clubs are horrid!!! I take my chips and play and win to advance in rank, however I can't alwAys play due to work, so you keep taking me back to lower ranks!! Take me back to level one of that particular suit but not all suits!! I earned it with money spent only to take it away!! Absurd!!! I do appreciate the free chips, the specials etc...I truly hope you read and absorb this writing...hope to hear from you. Cheryl M I still believe wsop has gotten out of hand, but I limit my spending and just feel sorry for the ppl that can't! Wsop could lessen the cost and still come out ahead!!!.Version: 6.13.5

Fun and FrustratingI have been playing for years using the iPad app for free. I have never paid for a chip. I have had as much as 900 million chips, but I think I average 1 million. There are very effective ways of taking what you have and giving you more to keep playing. I absolutely Love playing the Daily Blitz every day. I absolutely hate having to click through all the promotions every time I leave a table to enter the Lobby. I am not an expert player, but like others, I feel there are forces at work. I go through long spells (defying the odds) where my pocket cards are crap and my only way to win is by bluffing. I also think there are Prop Players (players supplied by the game) at the tables driving up the ante and bets that are inconsistent with the odds of their hands. Lastly, more frequently than I see in real world games, many, many high stake hands are being decided at the River in favor of player with extremely low odds for winning. It’s humorous at times that players will pay high bets to stay in for the River. I lose most of my chips to low odds River cards. I accept it now as part of the fun. WSOP is fun, but a little frustrating. Is it the Poker Gods or is it WSOP?.Version: 7.0.0

Love it best game Eva 🥳🥳Awesome game of Rings🤗 Yeeha I’m back😎😎 Oh Yeah💍🏆💰 My favourite game🎉 I’m a Winner🤑 Sooo cool 😎 Liking all the extra new all I have to do is win them🙃 Haha ha I’m King of the Rings Crown me👑it’s 2022 I’m Still playing and still an AWESOME game of RINGS🥳WOOP WOOP 🙌I’ve amassed a treasure chest of rings and more to come YEEHA✌️ Yay my account is back Thank you Madeline🥰👍💯👑🎲🥇💰🤠 You can RING my 🔔 RING my 🛎.Version: 9.14.0

Great AppLoving the competition and the fun in playing poker live with others - so good!.Version: 8.16.1

Not a happy playerNot happy about getting kicked out off the game this needs to be fixed now I m being playing this game for the last ten years only playing as a new player so lm not getting kicked out as much h.Version: 9.5.0

Rigged .......SURPRISE!As we are all aware, this app was constructed in a way that gets people addicted to having millions if not billions in chips. The cards are not real and can therefore be manipulated (plausible deniability) to those who are relying on “free” chips and big game payouts. Regardless of the hand, regardless of the odds. If you bet big, you are making the app designers even richer. We can all deny reality, or claim this is simply not the case. To fix the problem, just delete the app! Aggravation and financial woes INSTANTLY SOLVED!.Version: 6.1.0

Review of gameVery good game spend many hours with friends and strangers enjoying the challenge.Version: 8.5.0

UnrealisticI’ve played poker for years so can assure you I’m not an amateur. When I first started playing this app I was pleasantly surprised that the majority of the players play as if it was for real money so you get a decent game. Alas, after building up a nice chip balance the bad beats kept coming again again. As I see it the better you are the more ridiculous the cards become. I am convinced that this is to tempt you into purchasing chips from the countless adds. WHY?? If you’re going to spend money on chips then you might as well play for real money. Very disappointing..Version: 6.23.1

Enjoy the gamesSeem to keep coming back to this game. So much fun.Version: 9.23.2

RippedEvery time I’m going well (near $100m ) my account mysteriously stuffs up and I have to start again but then they sent me replacement chips and I lost them haha so no complaints I love going slow but lost all my money and started again got given 100 million so it’s made my day all my money lost again but I’m getting back again so 👍 WSOP THANKS xxxxsimo going great now that was before I got smashed ! Been going great lately and have stopped being so aggressive and limiting to at least having a pair DONT like the way it drops my status and money earned if I have a break for a few days I’ve been in hospital a few times without access and I’m so disappointed when I get back on a I have to start over but still playing and addicted as ever 👍👍👍👍👍.Version: 9.23.2

HmmmAnnoying how shop deals keep popping up when your in the lobby otherwise it’s aight.Version: 5.5.0

PressureJust wish I wasn’t getting bombarded with stuff to actually spend money! I just enjoyed the challenge of playing..Version: 8.14.0

NatarleyCool apart from ingnorant people an wsop now kicking me out a lot randomly.Version: 7.6.0

Great gameI feel it’s important to give a review on this since the reviews on display appear to be from people who were either very unlucky or very bad at poker and didn’t understand it takes practice. Overall it’s an incredible game with minimal pay to win features and a larger gameplay experience than any other game I think it’s got a great design and well worth a five star rating.Version: 9.12.0

YeaYea.Version: 9.24.1

Great fun but has issuesI have been playing this game for awhile and I have tons of fun at it but my problem with this app is that the algorithm is designed to equally distribute chips among everyone after so many hands . Tested theory thousands of times . Even with this being said I don’t mind because I still have fun playing with family and friends . My particular problem with this game is that I have made all appropriate measure to make sure in app purchases are turned on, but I’m still unable to purchase chips to continue playing . Took further measure to add money to my iTunes account for purchase to ensure it wasn’t a card or bank problem and it’s not . Money was added successfully. I get a constant loading error. And with this being said on multiple occasion of trying to purchase I’ve missed out over 200+ million chips during deals ! I think a business would take head in making sure that in app purchases would be available because without money it’s not a “business” . No reply to my emails reporting a problem. So I have yet to see if they honor all the chips I’ve missed as well ..Version: 5.17.0

One thing I would likeOne thing I would like see on all apple Websites, is to make the Games provider’s to show all the latest reviews. Not put up only the good reviews there just to old, make all games put up the newest reviews. That way people might be able to see the true feeling of what’s going on with in the game’s..Version: 9.22.0

RrrrrrDisappointing they had to shut down the album, to bring back the prime pack. I was 40 collections away from 200 to win the 3.6 billion chips, there was never a notification that it was going off line when It first came on. Only the last 5 days, upset it shut down as I was really into playing so I can get these extra bonus chips..Version: 9.20.1

Game's ok but too many pop up advertsWhile game play is well structured and looks good with lots of challenges and mini games it is ruined by the continual pop up adverts every time you go to the lobby and it sends you off to update Facebook whenever you start a tournament (often missing the first hand). Would recommend not linking to your Facebook profile or even look at other apps. People claim the game is rigged, it does deliver a lot of big hands but it's still random, worth playing definitely!.Version: 5.0.0

Computers control the gameLots of hours for entertainment.Version: 9.24.1

Good set upHard to play for long I usually get cleaned up.Version: 6.20.0

Private tournamentsThis is a great app. Have been playing for years. Usually have a weekly game with friends in the ‘home environment’, however with the currently COVID-19 crisis we haven’t been able to play due to isolation. I have noticed a few app’s offering the chance for gamers to create their own private tables to hold tournaments however at a cost by forcing users to purchase these games as an in-app purchase. I am wondering are you going to change with the times and create an option for gamers to create their own private table to hold ‘home games’ but at no cost to the user i.e. in-app purchases?.Version: 7.7.0

Game is decent, people playing aren’tGame of poker works. I don’t like how quick they show and remove hands. It’s hard to see what everyone had if more than one player goes in. People playing are pretty bad. You get a lot of idiots ruining the games. Basically imagine a bunch of Kids with unlimited chips that have watched poker before and think that you basically go all in and bluff all the time..Version: 7.9.2

PerfertAbsolutely awesome so fun.Version: 9.24.1

Addictive gameThis is a very addictive game, stay away if you do not have much spare time.Version: 9.4.0

Excellent but...It's amazing and I respect to developers of this game... I can say it's one of the best poker games in the Google Play and App Store. It has great graphic, nice and enjoyable game play and a lot of good points. But I have a serious new protest! I invited more than 50 person of my Facebook friends so far and after each inviting, I got 2M dollars free chip, but now it's just 50K!!! WHY??????! Give me a logical answer because I'm shocked! I'm surprised! I'm playing this game for 1,5 years, I never didn't expect something like this! Are you looking for more purchase chips? So I spent almost 200 or 250 dollars to buy chips! And I'm sure a lot of players of this game purchase chips from this game and I think you have no problem like this... I invite almost 2-5 person each week in this game! Why I should see something like this? As I wrote, everything in this game and all games of your company is NICE and really attractive, but I'm very upset about decreasing free chips for inviting friends... Suddenly from 2M to 50K????! please convince me and write why you did that? I really need your answer and I think it is the question of a lot of players of this game... we're waiting for your respond. Good luck and I wish all the best for you..Version: 2.16.4

FunGreat game.Version: 9.24.1

WeeeeeAwesome... woot woot woot.Version: 2.16.2

Best Poker APP There Is!WSOP is a lot of fun to play and the more friends you make in game, the more chips you can earn free! The APP always has contests and free ways for you to earn and get more chips free! Yes there are lots and lots of bad beats on the river, but you always have the option to fold too! It’s a great learning tool to get better at poker and always has ways to increase your bankroll! Be prepared to just collect chips all day long by setting a timer and collect as many free chips you can and play your best hands and just go have fun! Remember it’s just a game and be polite and not rude, because there are always rude players out there and don’t we already have enough problems in this world we can’t just be civilized and nice to each other and enjoy a nice game of poker? Not every hand a winner and A’s get busted all the time in the real game of poker in any casino so deal with like a grown up and be gracious and say “nice hand!” Like you should! Go have fun and enjoy the game of poker!! Remember it takes just minutes to learn, but a lifetime to master!.Version: 8.22.0

Love itGreat game.Version: 2.16.2

Covid 19 lock down essentialGreat for the month long self isolation.Version: 8.12.0

Bonne annéeBonne année et garder se rythme 😊.Version: 9.24.1

BogstarAwesome.Version: 9.24.1

Billyfahy7Love the game. Just too many bad beats. Still a great game. Too many set up hands though. I still enjoy it though. Lots of free fun !! 😃😃😃. I also feel Bella is too unrealistic. The same games should be available to all ranks all the time !! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😃😃😃👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻I really enjoy Olivia 👍🏻👍🏻 However I have never seen any dealer in any game or at any casino beat players as bad as here. 😂.Version: 9.24.1

WiredI’ve given this five stars as it’s a great game & set up well, however in the past few weeks I’ve not been Abel to win anything, the last 15 times I’ve had pair aces, kings, queens & I’ve lost, I also worked hard to reach 1.5b chips & in no time at all it was all gone, it seems they game won’t let me progress, I’m almost certainly sure it’s rigged, I will only rate it when I can see that it cannot be tampered with, I’ve also seen others go through the exact same thing & I’ve even sat there predicting what will happen like I’ll go all in on pair kings pre flop they Call on anything like 7-2 & on the turn they hit two sevens, I understand this happens but every single time for over a month is a bit to coincidental for my liking not only if they stop rigging it I will I remove this post & give you 6 stars 😊🍺.Version: 7.4.0

RateLow playing when I’m lucky to win often.Version: 7.21.0

It’s fun when you don’t take it seriousThis game when playing tournaments is so much fun!! It doesn’t feel like you are playing against a rigged machine, you are playing with real players and it certainly gives you that practice on how to bluff your opponents. For that, I will finally give this app 5 stars!! Don’t worry about giving huge jackpots because it will get spent and that feeling of spending chips is what makes you stay on the App for longer!.Version: 6.16.0

To the game captainsI’ll try to play as much as I can I really do like this game but taking away the little bit of chips we get every two or three hours taking that from me wasn’t very nice but still I’ll write you number five but not happy about what y’all recently did to me me i’ll try to play as much as I can I really do like this game but taking away the little bit of chips we get every two or three hours taking that from me wasn’t very nice but still I’ll write you number five but not happy about what y’all recently did to me but thank you all and I hope to continue——😎 I guess I repeat the same message❓ What happened to the chips down at the bottom in the middle sort of free chips couple hundred thousand that’s better than nothing but I’m not getting anything‼️ And I try to play as often as possible and helps with my disability I’m a cancer free person as of now but the chemo did a number on my heart but I’m not gonna talk about stuff like that nobody wants to hear it But y’all sure do have a nice poker site👍🏼.Version: 9.23.1

WSOPI have enjoyed the challenges that were presented and succeeded in most of them and lost in others overall they were difficult to overcome and expensive to buy credit to help achieve the wins I would have preferred the cost to be realistic not overcharged as some were ….but in general it was very well layed out thank you.Version: 9.9.0

WSOPHaving problems with unauthorised purchases on my account. This has been an ongoing occurrence. I enjoy the game and make many purchases but am getting a little tired of being charged for purchases I haven’t authorised. I have requested a refund for the latest discrepancy and hope you can fix this problem Thanks.Version: 8.17.2

WsopGreat game . It’s easy at first then u get played so you learn how to play . Love it.Version: 6.10.0

Great app love the speed of playGreat way to pass the time.Version: 2.16.2

PokerLittle annoyed that after playing for 18 months and getting up to 780 million chips it glitches and wipes my account . Twice this has happened to me . Great app and enjoyable but that fault needs sorting out.Version: 9.6.0

Not too many chance of getting win Too crowded also need other games tooNot too many chance of getting win Too crowded also need other games too.Version: 9.5.0

Cool game!Easy to play and follow, game goes nice and fast, am new to poker and really enjoying this one. Had some other ones which I didn’t like. Only grizzle is the ads flashing on the screen when you’re trying to play. But they don’t stay long,.Version: 7.7.0

Good graphicsGood site and strong playing.Version: 7.16.1

🤑Hi🤠, if yоu wаnt tо рlay in thе bеst onlinе сasinо, just instаll thе apрlication сalled "Western Gеms", first dеposit bоnus for all newbies, i've alreadу withdrаwn $3885... This gаme has gotten out of hand, you have ppl playing at a table with a billion chips along with ppl who have only 100 million or only 10-20 million or less...on first call some raise at a decent raise level, however, the big chip holder person will raise an ungodly amоunt so if anyone wаnted to meet it оr raise they lose their whole chip amount playing with...if thеy lose...Should be roоms with limits оn amоunt of сhips owned! The game isn't poker anymore, it is who can or is able to raise high enough to win, no skill, just keep raising!!! It boils down to EAPоker wanting purchases of chips!!! Sad! I continue to play but with much fustration!! The clubs are horrid!!! I take my chips and play and win to advаnce in rank, hоwever I can't alwAys play due to work, so you keep taking me back to lower ranks!! Take me back to level one of that рarticular suit but not all suits!! I earned it with money spent only to take it away!! Absurd!!! I do appreciate the free chips, the specials etc...I truly hope you read and absorb this writing...hope to hеar frоm you. Cheryl M I still believe wsop has gotten out of hand, but I limit my spending and just feel sorry for thе рpl that can't! Wsop could lessen the cost and still come out ahead!!!.Version: 9.24.1

GrumpyoldmanYour site is basically the same as other sites except that you take a percentage of winning pots. Why do you do this? It’s not like we play for real money. Is it so we lose our chips sooner and then pay cash to buy more. I do buy chips but very rarely and for that reason. You say the deals are truly random, well………I don’t buy it. Some of the flops to beat me have been truly unbelievable, almost orchestrated, but hey, it doesn’t matter, it’s just a fun game, the site is well designed and I play to kill time..Version: 9.23.2

IncredibleA lot of these reviews seem to be negative, I’m not sure if that’s how they are genuinely feeling or if they’re just tilted 😂 I love this game even though I’m constantly loosing! I really enjoy the limited time events because it always gives you something to try and achieve even if you have won everything else. Thus game has amazing design and it’s easy to navigate. However, I did win the recent Four Leaf bracelet and I thought I was supposed to win a share of the jackpot but I didn’t????.Version: 7.4.0

Stop blaming the app on your poor poker playThis app is awesome, seriously, yes like any poker game you get bad beats; be it in real live poker at a table or on this app, but play well and you can work your way up from 1 million to 48 million as I have in 4 weeks. Play smart, have fun, and don't blame the app on your bad choices. I love it. It's relaxing and I build my poker skills and also meet other poker peeps. Happy pokering and enjoy I say..Version: 2.16.4

Great gameI have accumulated almost 4 billion chips. I win and I lose. There are lots of free chips and there are lots of ways to earn chips. Sometimes I feel I’ve been really unlucky but other times I feel I’ve beat the odds. It is poker and you have to play strategically. For all those saying they’ve had bad beats that may not happen in a high stakes poker game, they are right because for the most the chips aren’t costing anything and players are not as tight with there bets. Because players are not money players they often don’t raise before the flop so you get to see more flops. That is always going to change the nature of the game. Don’t play on tables you cant afford to play on. Remember it is fun. It’s a good fun game and it is well run. When I had a problem of pressing the wrong button which automatically bought chips I didn’t need or want the customer service crew looked into it and corrected it in my favour even though it was virtually my fault. They are honest and fair. I can’t fault this app. Again, great game..Version: 6.8.0

So long as you don’t expect pokerI don’t know whether it is because it is fake money, or it is just full of users who have no idea how to play, but either way, you can raise 5x, 10x or even more of the blind with a premium hand and still get called, and beaten too regularly, by 2,7 off and lose. Additionally, you will have a huge favourite all the way to the river with an all in shove, to be beaten by someone needing just 1 card from the deck, which they hit... again, way too frequently. So to summarise, great to pass some time, but do not expect to play poker, as it in no way reflects real money poker..Version: 5.20.7

Amazing !! 🎄💿🎛🛰🏆📻🔊🏀🎚🍿🤝📸🍷📀Bomb.Version: 9.24.1

Fun but cause to be waryYou can play poker if you want to but you have to endure ads as well as tricky buying scams like putting “buy chips” links in the same place as “free chips” links. However, I have never had to buy chips to stay in the game as there are options every few hours of getting free chips. The daily blitz is a favourite as are the frequent Texas roulette options which require you to do all in or fold after the flop. This is a great app for the poker tragic..Version: 7.1.2

UnhappyIt’s to bad you obviously encourage horrible poker players all in /all the time and if I fold 3x in a row I get booted off the table, I guess folding bad cards is pretty stupid but the most of my experience is bad cards continuously I’ve been dealt 100 losers in a row at least 30+ times over the past 9 years Ya know your more about spinning wheels and snowflakes and such than actual poker haha I’ve never read about those things in any poker books If you could just cheat a little bit just for me and get Monica to straight deal for me I’d really appreciate that because your tech in your format is clearly the best!! But I guess every thing good has to have a devil 👿.Version: 9.24.1

Poor customer serviceAfter playing WSOP for over 3 years and happy to have deposited in excess of $500 for my enjoyment and in my opinion value, I decided 1 day to spend 2.99 on the x-streame blitz and I got lucky in the time allowed I got 10 out of the 11 correct which meant I had won approximately 600 million chips which would normally cost around $40........... I never received those chips and when I entered a support care in March/ early April to this day I still haven’t received a response which is very very disappointing indeed..Version: 8.17.1

New Zealand says hullo.I am enjoying your app. Even though a few times when your link has been down I have lost money. Best wishes to all in the USA during this terrible time. Arohanui Linda.Version: 8.21.3

Love itBe careful, it’s addictive. Hopefully my poker is improving. Have a real game Friday. Thanks for a great App.Version: 5.11.0

Excellent!Love the game , great way to pass the time. Mods are excellent. Support is excellent. Only flaw is game tends to crash every now and then and boots me out while I’m still at a table losing chips until I can get logged back in especially on beat the house..Version: 9.24.1

Best I’ve triedI’ve experimented with at least 5 free poker apps now and this is the only one that I’ve kept. Love the controls it’s super easy to pick up. Also love how you can pre-select your next move even if it’s not your turn, good for those playing with a distraction in the room. When first opening or returning to the app, the pop ups for in-app purchases are VERY intense, way over the top. Sometimes as many as seven back-to-back pop ups that you have to dismiss before you can access the game content. But otherwise I can’t fault it..Version: 6.18.0

Great poker appEverything just works and is well thought out for mobile gaming with quick ways to change bets and chat and forces a fast game that doesn’t leave you feeling like you don’t have enough time to decide your next move. The community always seems friendly too wishing you friendly comments after interesting hands played. My only gripe is the constant popups in the menu screen begging for money. But there is nothing like this in the actual game play so it’s a small annoyance..Version: 5.0.0

Tournament probsFantastic app yet lacks a few things. One of them is standing up after you have joined a tournament without penalty. You have taken a place and you decide to leave then pay a 75% penalty of the chips you spent in siting on the table. We see people do that all the time and they delay the start of the tournaments. Make them pay. Another one is bulling of players who play risky. It is their choice to go all in or decide to fold. It is their chips to play any card they feel fit to do. Tipping the dealer has no meaning at all. Lastly, reduce the fee to buy chips. Thx.Version: 5.3.1

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