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DoorDash - Food Delivery App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

DoorDash - Food Delivery app received 199 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using DoorDash - Food Delivery? Can you share your negative thoughts about doordash - food delivery?

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DoorDash - Food Delivery for Negative User Reviews

Stick to Uber EatsThis app is ideal if you’re living right in the city, any place outside, you’re signing up for long delivery time estimations. Whereas Uber eats estimation is a lot quicker. Driver took quite a long time to pick up the order therefore when my food arrived it was close to cold and wasn’t fresh. Would give this app a better review if they were more promising with delivery times. But the company offers great deals and wide variety of restaurants so that’s the only upside of it..Version: 4.90.0

Need to fix this app.Ever since it has the 30% off on certain restaurants when you apply it it doesn't even work. And when I remove the offer and try to order anything it says promotion can’t be used even when there’s no promotion. Therefore this app is usefulness to me now because I can’t place any orders..Version: 5.25.0

Doordash fell offTwo major things are wrong with this service: 1) My boyfriend pays for Dash Pass and literally almost every order we’ve gotten in the past 2 weeks has been incorrect in some way - missing items, wrong items, or making us wait 2.5 hours for a delivery of a restaurant 5 miles away and the food shows up completely cold. There is no WAY all of these restaurants can’t read the tickets they’re being given, so one has to assume there is something wrong with the app as of late. The amount of refund money Doordash has had to give back to us just in the past two weeks has probably funded his Dash Pass for three months now, but we’ll be canceling anyway. 2) Doordash lays on a MAJOR guilt trip trying to get you, the customer, to tip their drivers well. I have driven for Doordash also and am well aware that most of my income through Doordash has been from the generous tips I’ve been given during my shifts. As with all large companies, Doordash does not pay its employees well, and the onus to make up for their corporate greed is passed on to the paying customer. Two stars given on this review because, when it actually works, Doordash is of course a wonderfully convenient service with good options for different types of food. But Doordash is expensive enough as it is without it messing up every order and trying to beg us to pay their employees for them. Needless to say, we’ll be moving to a different meal delivery app..Version: 5.2.0

Customer Service Reps.The customer service representatives for Door Dash are horrible. Door Dash had cancelled my order and said they would immediately refund me. I noticed there was no refund a day later. I got in contact with their customer support and I had to go through 4 different representatives in order to finally get my refund. The first reps name was Ruth and she automatically told me the timeframe has passed for my refund and that my Door Dasher left my orders in a safe place. I then showed her screenshots of the notification from Door Dash saying the order was cancelled by Door Dash. She then continues to say that the food was dropped off when in fact it was a Vicks Vapor Rub. I was in the middle of explaining to her that the driver as well said the product was not available and they would refund me back and she ended the chat. I reopened the chat and got a different person, she told me the same thing and ended the chat without asking if they had resolved my issue. I then got a third person and she then sent me to another person. So y’all can see my frustration with their customer service. I got the fourth person and they said they would give me credits, but going through all that I wasn’t sure I would even order from Door Dash cause if they couldn’t give me a simple refund for an order that they cancelled, then what am I to expect. Very frustrating and it was such a hassle to get a refund. It took about 21 minutes of back and forth..Version: 4.112.2

Love the 11% hidden fee with taxHonestly, never using your service again. 11% on top of a delivery fee. If I could get Terroni from another provider at this hour I would. Brutal..Version: 4.20.0

Absolutely AwfulI have gotten three orders from Doordash, all from the same restaurant and all within two weeks. The first order was completely wrong- why should I spend extra money to not even receive the order i customised? The next order was over an hour late and when I looked at the map I saw my dasher was heading in the complete wrong direction and staying in random areas for no reason for up to ten minutes at a time. I got compensated for this by Doordash support who gave my a $5 voucher that would be available for up to two weeks after receiving it however when i went to use it a day after receiving it it said it was no longer available. I tried to contact support about this, waiting over ten minutes to be able to chat to customer support (despite the website saying support is available to chat in under three minutes) only for the person i was chatting with to end the conversation whilst i was writing down my problem. My third and what will be my final order from Doordash, the driver is continuing to travel further and further west from the restaurant when i live north of it, thus making this order over an hour late. I have tried to contact them yet they are still heading away from my home. Not to mention compared to other food apps, such as deliveroo and menulog, the delivery time, fees, and order minimums are much worse. I will stick to menulog..Version: 4.3.0

Delivery drivers fail to read simple instructionsI’ve ordered 3 times now (probably my own fault but trying to give them the benefit of the doubt) and every time they NEVER read the instructions and I find myself running up and down the street, endlessly on the phone with them trying to explain/ find them. It’s quite stressful and rather annoying. Won’t be using again.Version: 4.55.0

My food wasn’t completeSo I order 2 items, but when it gets home I only get one item . SO I CALLED DOORDASH. And they told me that I need to call IHOP. And then I called IHOP and they told the opposite . So I’m not with games ..Version: 3.1.94

Zero attentivenessMultiple orders were sent with missing items and/or items not similar to what was described, requested for help but only offered a 2$ compensation. Invited friends to join and spent but did not receive my perks. Overall this app is scammy and has no real human response. Only bots replies when you have issues..Version: 5.14.0

Tip overrideI plugged in 5 dollar tip and when I submitted order it said 9 dollar tip was selected! That’s not right. I should choose the tip. Not happy and unless corrected I will not use this service again!.Version: 4.21.0

Great concept, horrible executionDoordash support is horrible!!! If there is an issue with your food there is no way to get it fixed, so if you have no transportation or any other food available your out of luck. There is no way to provide feedback on restaurants or drivers to hold them accountable. For example, I had an order canceled 30 min after I placed it even though it said it would be arriving within 12-18 minutes, I had gotten home late from work so ordered that way so I could take care of things at the house, eat and go to bed, instead I’m up an hour and a half later due to no notification. I should be able to put a review on that restaurant so that others are aware of their unreliability. Another restaurant never reads special instructions, so first off, I get food I won’t eat and will only get a partial refund, um, no, I should get a full refund for the cost of the food at least. I should also be able to put a review on that restaurant so customers know they have to call the restaurant if they have special instructions and want them followed. Not to mention the driver that drove up in my YARD instead of my driveway! I mean, come on!!! The only thing you can put is driver is unprofessional ... seriously? It’s absolutely ridiculous and completely frustrating, need to be able to leave restaurant reviews and doordash needs to have some accountability for poor performance for the restaurants and drivers..Version: 3.1.86

App sucks.App sucks.Version: 3.1.95

Refund doesn’t cover costI was given a partial refund for not getting my food. The refund they gave me wasn’t enough to reorder my food..Version: 3.0.69

Countless attempted orders never pleasantI lived in Ontario and used door dash for months. after numerous attempted orders over these months 2 have been successfully delivered. One took 2 hours to arrive and one was fine. I care to Alberta and it’s even worse, I haven’t successfully received and order before, every time I try, when the driver arrives at the store, they cancel the order. I have credits I am constantly trying to get rid of but can’t because the won’t deliver my orders. Terrible commitment to service..Version: 3.1.94

Please fix ongoing order pageWhen I place an order and wish to see details of my order, I can only see the maps and the screen below it is just flashing/loading. The data isn’t being loaded properly so I do not know the status of my order, and so I have to manually check the link attached to my order confirmation email to see the order status on the web since the app doesn’t show current order progress properly..Version: 4.8.0

Disappointing first orderI used door dash for the first time. It told me 95 minutes for delivery. There are obviously not enough drivers in my area. I didn’t want to wait that long so I decided to place a pick up order (still using DoorDash) which said 35-45 minutes. The App told me my order would be ready at 7pm. Just before I left home it changed to 7.08pm so I stayed home a bit longer before leaving. When I arrived at the store at 7.08pm on the dot they were panicked to see me arrive at that time and told me there was another 15 minute wait. This turned into another 30 minute wait. The staff apologized and told me there was an issue with the DoorDash app. There were queues of DoorDash drivers waiting to pick up orders that weren’t ready..Version: 4.86.0

App Failed & the Worst Customer Support Ever!I used the app and was able to order food when traveling. The second time when ordering at work it did not process so I tried to submit again and it told me my account was deactivated. I reached out to support to find out what happened as my credit card is in good standing. Support sent me an email saying they would look into it. A week later I followed up to see if there was any resolution which they replied back with a link to their legal terms page and said I had violated their terms. THAT WAS IT. That was their customer service response to their app failing during normal use. I even checked with my credit card company which told me they had not denied any transactions from DoorDash and my card was still active and valid. I also tried to place an order using a different email address to see if I could still order and it came back as account deactivated most likely since I used the same credit card. So that was my experience with the worst customer service and app fail. Their app failed and their response was THAT I VIOLATED their terms during normal use of placing a lunch order. I find it so funny. They could’ve replied with a different response to discover what error may be happening with their service and chose to place the blame on me. Good luck with anyone choosing to use this company. I wish DoorDash the best and hope they will do better in the future with their service and how they decide to treat their customers..Version: 3.1.31

Blaming customers, horrible customer serviceI ordered so many times with this app and spent quite a bit of money. They were initially good with service. But lately back to back my orders started having missing items. They gave me credits for last 3 times for missing items everytime in my order ( only for the missing item cost, no extra compensation). Today again it happened that I had a hash brown missing in my order. When I contacted customer support, they said they can’t compensate me because I have history of taking refunds. They are not blaming themselves or restaurants but blaming me for taking refunds for the things I never received. It is so frustrating and annoying and I don’t accept that it’s my fault at all. It’s my right to get my refund if my item is not received. They even refuse to accept my request to chat with their customer service. I wish this company shuts down as they are fooling people..Version: 5.18.0

DO NOT USE DOORDASH!!!!!You will regret using them, especially if your order does not turn up. They take your money and when the delivery does not arrive Customer support are useless and just copy and paste pre written responses. When I asked to contact the driver, I was initially told driver not answering. Any further questions, on the typed help, about the driver was ignored. There is no redress at all for the customer. I’m now sorting the problem with the bank through the fraud department. They have taken my money and made no effort to investigate. I suspect the driver had a free meal that night! DO NOT USE DOOR DASH!!! I would give zero ratings if I could..Version: 4.88.0

Order was never delivered. Customer support did nothingRecently, I placed an order from DoorDash. I was waiting for the order and when I try to track the order through the order tracking facility in the app it showed that the order was delivered. However, I never received the order when I try to reach Support, they were of no use and no amends were taken. My order was for almost $70. It was not refunded back. Neither did I receive my food I feel helpless. Please let me know. How can you solve this. The date of the order was 01-feb-2023. The order was from Mirch masala. Name of the Dasher was Luis apparently the Dasher as told that the order was delivered. When I tried to call him he did not receive my calls. I have dropped him messages and he has not answered any of them, and in the tracking, he was nowhere close to my delivery address. Still DoorDash refuses to help. Never ordering from DoorDash again.Version: 5.3.1

Substitutions are ignored or not allowedI use DoorDash (and pay for Dash Pass) to get small batches of groceries delivered - there is the option for either your Dasher to contact you about a substitution if an item is out of stock, or for you to select substitutions yourself before they start shopping. First I noticed that when an item was out of stock, the Dasher would contact me about substitutions as they were supposed to, but then ignore my selection which I would update within one or two minutes. They would then check out ten to fifteen minutes later with no substitution, making my order incomplete. So I started selecting my substitutions in advance - there’s a window of time you’re supposed to be able to do this in, which is before the Dasher has arrived at the store and started shopping. Now I find every time I place an order, within 60 seconds the Dasher is saying they have started shopping, which closes the option to select substitutions, however their expected delivery time is still very lengthy, which indicates they’re not actually at the store. Why even have the option for substitutions if it’s just ignored or made unusable? DoorDash itself makes contacting them or making complaints near impossible, with a series of automated chat bots that ignore the issue. There’s no way to rate Dasher’s with good or bad feedback either..Version: 5.17.0

A complete jokeAtrocious refund/compensation policy. I recently had a completely traumatic experience with one of the stores on the DoorDash app and they offered to refund the amount for the individual items that were affected and only once pushed a $5 inconvenience payment. Mind you I had to drive to the restaurant to work out what had happened after they refused to answer the phones to find out that I had been provided with meat meals instead of vegetarian because they had run out. They hadn’t tried to contact me as I had specifically opted for when placing my order rather than letting the restaurant substitute or cancel in the case that my items were not available. The store insisted that DoorDash doesn’t provide them with my details. They didn’t write anything on the bag, have the dasher tell me, place the meat in a seperate box so I could choose to have it or not, they didn’t just send me a salad wrap or do any of the other logical things you would do when someone orders vegetarian items. They put the crumbed meat in the meals and said nothing and hoped we wouldn’t notice until we went down to the restaurant to complain! I had literally never once eaten any meat in my life until that moment! Beyond furious with the entire situation, the way everyone has handled this and the absolute lack of hospitality that’s been shown throughout! I left a review on DoorDash for the store and it hasn’t even been posted!! It’s been like 5 days!.Version: 6.1.0

Worst app ever, do not downloadThis service is horrible, the customer service is horrible and so are the drivers. I ordered from them and not only was it late and I had ordered from the 30mins or $30 return part but aswell my special instructions said that I would not be able to leave my building therefore they need to come up. So this driver instead argued with me and was hostile, waited downstairs for 20 mins already as the food was another 20 minutes late after 30 minutes, as he then proceeded to call me and abuse me as too why I couldn’t leave my building to meet him? I waited 10 minutes too get a hold of customer service for them too say they will fix it and hang up. I got another hostile call from driver saying he left the place and left the food outside infront of building. The customer service did not as they said it is at location, regards the irony that there company is called door-dash. I had to ask a co-worker to go downstairs when they went down and checked everywhere the food was not there. Worst service, DO NOT USE! Better using ubereats or Menulog..Version: 3.1.78

DoorDash is becoming horrible - do not useWe had back to back instances where we placed an order and the first order we got the complete wrong order yet we were still charged our full order of $75 even though we didn’t get it. Then we get a drop off for someone else’s order and it was about $18 but clearly the wrong order and because the dasher took a photo in front of our house they denied the claim (even though we took a picture of the wrong order that was dropped off to us). When we tried to tell them and show them the photos of the wrong order with someone else’s name and not even close $ amount they still denied it and then we had to appeal it again. This is our 3rd time trying to appeal a refund that should have been processed correctly. When you call there is ‘no one’ in that department that you can talk to and the supervisors are helpless they say ‘they have a process to follow’ and that we should get an update within 24-48 hours and if not for us to call back and do the same song and dance. It is crazy to me that a company can mess up, not take responsibility even when there is physical proof that they messed up. The second order they just completely forgot an item and the dashers, or store doesn’t take responsibility. Ultimately we intend to stop using DoorDash completely as they have become really horrible. You’re better off going to pick up your food these days. Or use GrubHub or UberEats..Version: 5.44.1

Worst service everI ordered some items from a coles store, tipped the driver after the items had been ‘picked up from the store’ and on his way to my house he notified me that I had to cancel without a refund due to the shop being closed but it wasn’t when I ordered or when he chose that they had been picked up & there was an alternative coles open. He then reassigned my order to another driver who had no idea what was going on either. I couldn’t get a refund because he had accepted the job and marked it down that he had the items & was on his way to my house. The correspondence from the driver was horrible, I was left waiting for items for nearly 2 hours until someone finally sorted it out and issued a refund. I should have just driven myself but I guess that’s what you get for not doing things yourself. Won’t ever be using this app again & I’ve had a few people tell me similar stories about their experiences also like mine. Hire people who do their jobs and penalise them if they don’t! The least I could have gotten was correspondence as to what was going on instead of waiting without any information..Version: 5.45.0

Not recommend.The first few times I’ve used this I experienced cold food which is to kinda be expected because they drive around but the last few times has been horrible. The dasher I got delivered to the wrong address after waiting an hour. I texted her and no response. I called the customer service and complained. They asked if I would like to have credit or reorder with a different dasher. I said reorder. They just had the same dasher get my order again. She was late again, got lost, told me it was my fault she was lost and that she delivered to the right house in the first place. I told her she is the one and only dasher who delivered to the wrong place out of all the dashers I’ve had in the past. This dasher literally went back to the place she delivered my pizza too, picked my pizza up from there and then delivered both pizzas to me at the right address. That is completely unsanitary. I didn’t even know which one was the one she delivered to the wrong address and have no idea if anyone or anything touched that food so I couldn’t even eat my reordered food. I am livid. How disgusting is that? Today it took the app 30 mins to even get me a dasher. I tried to cancel my order but they literally offer you less than half what you pay. I contacted customer service text and they literally didn’t reply to me. They gave me to someone else and I told them forget it, I’m never using this delivery service again..Version: 4.92.0

They commit fraud and theftI subscribed to DashPass (the month to month subscription service) and they charged me 6.times in a single month as well as multiple charges in other months too. When I contacted support, they told me this was a mistake and I'd be contacted. I was never contacted and it's never been rectified by them. They charged me $120 for about three months membership. This company also on numerous occasions has refused to provide me with a refund for items I paid for but never received. They have a policy to prevent people from claiming excessive refunds - however, I wouldn’t have been claiming excessive refunds if they had…. delivered the food that I ordered for? They essentially punish customers for their own poor and faulty service. I also feel that refusing to process refunds for undelivered services or goods is a clear violation of fair trading act and customer rights - as this is straight up theft. I also offered to provide them with photo evidence to show they have delivered the entirely wrong order to my home (they delivered me a meat meal when I am vegan and ordered a vegan meal) and they still refused..Version: 4.98.0

Orders late and cancelled all the timeVery unprofessional and allowing restaurants to be late and to cancel after an hour. Left me hungry so many times. Customer service on the phone is completely useless. Chst is good though.Version: 4.30.0

Food Delivery Services have Killed the Hospitality SectorThis app is trash, but probably as trash or a little better than other food delivery services which are an abject failure as a concept, at least from a consumer standpoint - otherwise a genius and incredibly lucrative business venture. The system totally removes accountability from businesses and drivers alike to ensure food is made and delivered in an adequate amount of time, in an adequately presented way, with adequate quality and at adequate prices. DoorDash - though I’m sure it’s not exclusive to them - believe they can charge a service fee on top of a delivery fee and still allow drivers to make more than one delivery so your food arrives lukewarm, and get around it by offering a premium service. Create the problem. Offer the solution. It is ingenious business, but disgusting humanity. Alas these a deeper problems than just one bad delivery service. I just hope enough people wake up to this reality to stand against it. People power can always prevail..Version: 4.71.0

Deliveries always late and customer service are rubbishAll my deliveries were late, sometimes by 40 Minutes. Not able to cancel late orders despite contacting customer service (who are rude and can’t even string a sentence together properly). Use another service and save yourself the agg..Version: 5.32.1

What A JokeI placed an order and it wasn’t confirmed for 15 minutes, with a 40 minute total time of making it and delivering it. Cool. Finally got it confirmed. And another 25 minutes later it’s cancelled by the place I ordered from. 40 minutes later I have no food, and I won’t be refunded my money for 5-7 days. Even cooler. I ask them through chat why this would happen and they said it was closed. I able to order from a place when it’s closed or closing? I’m then told to call the place ahead of time to make sure they are open. Excuse me? What is the point of this app if I have to call and make sure they are closed? Hello? So their apology for keeping closed places up and able to order from is a whopping $3.77. I can’t even with this. Door dash, buh bye. Keep your pithy $3.77..Version: 3.1.94

Refund has not been receivedYour app says you will refund me, but I never received it on my end. Using AI to cover this mistake was also not a good look to the app. You should know better when dealing with wrong items delivered not just a partial refund that never actually gets refunded!.Version: 5.45.0

Did not give me a refund after order not arrivingI contacted support took almost an hour just to look at my case and they emailed me IN GERMAN when I live in NZ saying that due to the amount of times I’ve reported them previously (for not fresh food and spilled orders) they cannot give me a refund. I wasted $50 on this app don’t believe it it’s a scam.Version: 5.37.0

Was alright until I got banned for no reasonWent into the chat feature on their website to see why I got banned and they couldn’t find an account associated with my email. They said they’d look into it and get back to me then ended the chat and never got back to me..Version: 3.7.0

They’ll steal your moneyI was a consistent user of door dash for a while and I paid for the dash pass monthly. I made an order on DoorDash and the wait time on the order was over an hour so I proceeded to cancel my order and asked to have the money refunded to my card and the wait was going to be roughly three days. I was instructed to contact my bank if I didn’t see the funds after three days. Three days pass and I’m still waiting for my money to come back into my account so I contacted my bank and they tell me that there is no record of door dash attempting to refund my money. So I then proceeded to contact door dash and this time they tell me repeatedly that they issued a “refund” but I would not see any money return to my account??? After wasting my breath I finally agreed to take my refund in door dash credit. A couple days later I decided to use the credit issued to my account and made an order. I received my order and was missing 5 items from my order and when I attempted to report this issue to door dash I was immediately told that because I used credit they couldn’t do anything. I open the customer support chat and was told that because of the previous issue with my account they could do nothing to fix my order. So basically i spend money every month for a “premium subscription” to door dash and then I spent two weeks trying to get my money back from door dash just to have it stolen again and then be told that I can’t have my money or my food..Version: 4.84.0

So disappointingLong day, waited 1h30 for my food then after calling the restaurant found out all customers were waiting so long for door dash drivers that most were picking up or cancelling. Will never use this app again- use skip the dishes, more reliable..Version: 3.1.81

Stay with Uber eats! These guys steal your money!I recently ordered a meal to my hotel, the driver got lost and couldn’t get to the hotel, but said that he had delivered the meal. I contacted customer support and told them I didn’t get my meal and if they could refund me. Thankfully, they were able to refund my order and said it would take up to 7 days. It’s been 7 days and no refund, I’ve even tried to log back into my account and it keeps saying to check my internet connectivity! I made a new account and I can login fine with that one. It’s almost like they’ve blocked me out of the account so that they don’t have to pay me back! I’ve sent their contact team an email! Don’t join DoorDash they’ll just take your money!.Version: 3.1.24

Worst experience everI have been using DoorDash for at least three years recently I got a job at a shopping centre and i can’t leave the place to buy food so I resorted to DoorDash since day 1 I ordered food from there always something bad happened ( missing item, stale food, 3 hour wait time, missing utensils or even wrong food was delivered) and recently they refused to give me any solution to the problems. I understand if a lot of people do give false information or fraud. But the fact that I give picture evidence of the food being wrong,hair was in it and more, and still being rude or not wanting to resolve the situation is just ridiculous. I HATE DoorDash so much because I get sick every week because I ate late or even didn’t eat anything for the whole work shift and I am a single mum that have a baby to take care of at home. So being sick is not convenient at all, I nearly got a fatal accident from eating food that I’m allergic to when I already informed them about my allergies.Version: 4.76.0

Poor customer service responseThe main benefit to DoorDash is convenience, so making someone jump through a bunch of hoops because of a DoorDash mistake is counterintuitive. I’ve given up. This is my last order..Version: 5.9.0

Erased my creditI ordered a number of dishes from a restaurant that will go unnamed because it was the first and only time the quality bombed. One of the main dishes was so badly burnt it was inedible. I rarely bother with feedback but I did mention the dish was not edible and DoorDash offered a credit for that dish. I did not see anywhere that this had to be used by a certain date. A few weeks later I go to order and the credit has vanished. Moreover, there is no history of an order now on my account, so no proof for recourse. What completely underwhelming customer service. I went from feeling grateful and happier to use the app to appalled and will avoid it at all costs..Version: 4.93.0

Stick to Uber eats!!Worst app ever they need to fix there scammers on here some dashers will come up with some excuses and cancel your order which will give you a refund but will have to wait to 4-7 working days but I did not get my refund at all I was so furious and mad because it was the last of money I had in my account door dash really has to do something about these fake dashers..Version: 6.0.0

App won’t loadDoorDash should release a stable version of the ios app as soon as possible. After app download, when I tap the icon to open it, it fails to load and remains stuck with a loading icon. I have followed their instructions in FAQ section and tried to delete app, restart phone, etc. but it still doesn’t work. Though when I placed a food order via their webpage, the whole ordering a food experience was great and easy..Version: 5.29.0

Wish i could give it 0 starsAbsolutely horrible customer support, i order food and after the driver f*caked around for ages he finally dropped my order off, only for it to be completely wrong, i took a photo of my receipt and a photo of the order and put in a request as it was obviously not my order i received, and it instantly got declined, so i spoke to a customer support person who told me the exact same thing the robot did and kept changing when i’d expect a reply (3hrs to 24hrs). i’ve now lost my money and am stuck with a literal stone cold order (the wrappings were literally stuck to the wrap from the wrong order and the chips were actually hard and chewy) i’ve had issues with doordash in the past not helping when orders have been wrong and decided to give you guys another chance, i regret that now. do better, seriously, and stop scamming your customers..Version: 5.39.0

Always a frustrating experienceThe lack of transparency of what other deliveries the driver is making makes the wait for food super annoying. While the app might say “driver is heading to you now” .. 9 times out of ten, the driver is not on their way but rather making other deliveries around the city. Just tell me they’re on the way .. when they’re on the way, yeah? Saves a bunch of hassle of having to watch the map..Version: 4.73.1

Hidden feesFees are too high and your adding extra fees for processing..Version: 3.1.94

Taking too much timeWorst app online order.👎.Version: 3.1.06

Do NOT sign up for DashPassI signed up on a whim, and have regretted it ever since. I am charged every single month without fail, regardless of the fact that I have CANCELLED my subscription. Numerous emails later, they have refunded the previous charges, but CONTINUE to charge me $9.99 every month. I don’t even live in a DoorDash service area... I’m in the UK. This is ridiculous..Version: 4.3.0

Needs Apple Watch supportDecent app, works as expected! I just wish it had Apple watch support to allow me to track the progress of my order, map updates and maybe make orders via the watch!.Version: 3.1.01

Weird routingThe way this app decides what restaurants can deliver to you is insane. I can’t order from my local McDonald’s (6.9km drive away), instead it has me order from a different McDonald’s (11km drive away) which is only technically closer if you draw a straight line on the map..Version: 5.37.0

Absolute Waste of Time!I am someone who has used this app probably for the better part of a year. I have never had so many disappointing results from a delivery service in my life. The first few orders with them were good, enough for me to think that it was a substitute for Menulog. But now almost 80% of my orders are wrong. I just waited an hour for my order to arrive. And minutes before it was supposed to come, the service said that the order was cancelled and I would be refunded. By the time this happened every other restaurant had closed, which meant I could no longer order anything else. But my ‘partial’ credit, also couldn’t be used. Now I won’t get my money back for close to a week. (*interesting that they can take you’re money so fast, but can’t return it at the same speed $$$*) Although they have credited me $10 for some of my incorrect orders in the past. It’s really not worth the trouble, nor the hours you will spend waiting for your food to arrive. ‘IF’ it ever arrives... 0 out of 5 Stars..Version: 4.34.0

They let you order from closed restaurants. Recipe for disappointment.There have been at least 5 times in the last 3 months that they have allowed me to place an order for delivery that is “confirmed by the restaurant” only for the order to be cancelled when the driver goes to pick up the order to find that the restaurant isn’t even open. One time the restaurant had completely shut down and moved to a different city??? And they automatically refund the order rather than offering credit to reorder straight away. Sick of having $30+ refunds pending for over 3 days every time I order because something’s goes wrong. Other delivery apps at least give you the option for a credit or contact you before straight up cancelling the order so you’re not just out the money and foodless. The fact they can’t even implement a proper system for recognising when restaurants are open is ridiculous.Version: 4.78.0

Always DelayedI’ve used Door Dash 3 times and all of those deliveries were delayed by more than 1hr. Not sure if this was a driver issue or the service itself but 3/3 failed deliveries is pretty bad. I rarely experience this issue with UberEats. Will most likely switch back..Version: 4.8.0

Can’t useUnable to register, and you can’t check if there’s anything in your area without registering which is a bit poo poo.Version: 4.47.0

DiredashWe’ve ordered 3 times - first time the order was wrong, it took them three hours for them to do anything about at which point they charged MORE money and sent out the correct order at 11pm. The second order was correct, third order they told us half an hour after the order was made that the restaurant doesn’t have half of what we ordered - now it’s too late to order anything else. It’s bizzarely overpriced with massive variations in delivery fees (why aren’t they all the same given how this model works) and DoorDash use the tips you give to pay the staff their standard wage I legitimately have no idea how this company is gaining the market penetration it is.Version: 3.1.54

New userSo far so good too new to give more stars. I do love the fact they come to your door and I don’t need to step into the cold and walk down my driveway. UE u leave instructions but they still make you come down the driveway so really nice to have options.Version: 5.28.0

Good App. Good Service. Good Money Grab.I find that the app itself is easy enough to use for any of my food orders. However the pricing is a bit high just to have some food delivered. I’m talking about the delivery, and service fees. They offer free delivery on certain orders, from certain restaurants, except the service fee will then be higher. It’s just quite a leap in price from picking something up, to having it delivered through Door-Dash. I get that it’s meant to be convenient. However, something stops being convenient when it becomes quite a bit more expensive. Then they say “we’ll just sign up for our Door Pass” and you’ll get free deliveries, except again, those services fees are tricky. Not to mention, you’re now paying $9.99 a month for something you only use like once or twice a month. It just doesn’t make much sense unless your ordering food delivered several times a week, but even then with the service charges and tips added, you might as well drive the 5 minutes (2miles) and pick it up yourself. These Apps in a way take advantage of elderly people, and sick people who can’t leave their homes due to isolation, quarantine, or the fear of getting sick and who have no family or friends to help them. They have no choice but to spend the extra money to use these apps so they can eat. Which is not great in a time where a majority of people are financially struggling. End review rant..Version: 4.17.1

Order not deliveredI ordered from Wendy’s and Marco’s in Maple Grove, MN and the ordered were not delivered to my house. After looking at the photos I realised both times the order was dropped off at my neighbor’s house. By that time the food was cold. I submitted a complaint on both but no response and no refund. I’m so disappointed. I even ran outside as the driver was leaving and he wouldn’t stop. My light was on both times and the number in my house is clear, matching the address on the order but no response or refund from DoorDash. Super bad! No recommended. Drivers are probably drunk or high..Version: 4.110.2

Not worth your timeThey will accept orders without checking if there is a dasher, make customers wait for 1 hour or more, keep increasing ETA without any deadline and ultimately cancel. These are repeated incidents with DoorDash which have left me extremely frustrated and unhappy with their service. I have been unwell past few days and have had to rely on food delivery, but they have managed to make food order painful and make me question my choices. The account executives and customer support staff has little to no empathy, they don’t understand that when you have already waited for 90 mins for food, and are told that ‘It’s not our policy to refund money, but in this case we’ll make an exception’, it just tells customers how less you care about the goal of your company. Please don’t join food delivery companies if you don’t care whether your end customers get their food or not!.Version: 5.8.0

Bait and SwitchOffers promos then they don’t apply at checkout. But your cart is full so of course you order anyway. Unethical business practice..Version: 5.39.0

Unethical BusinessIt happened to me and a few of my friends. Doordash sends you emails to sign up, offering free delivery and $10 off your first order. Once you sign up and place your first order, they take your money but cancel your order at the last moment. They will issue a refund in 5-7 days, thereby borrowing your hard-earned money for a few days. This is an excellent way to make cash but extremely unethical and maybe even illegal..Version: 3.1.95

WORST DELIVERY SERVICE EVERI have tried all of the delivery services and I’ve had some poor experiences from a number, however nothing could quite top this experience I had with Door Dash last night. I’m sure we have all been there after a long day of work you get home, am starving and don’t even care what you decide on you just want something delivered ASAP. Well I ordered a pizza last night for dinner, it said it should take around 20-30 mins. After probably 25 mins I get a call from someone from door dash saying that my order needs to be cancelled as the restaurant is closed. I asked “well why am I only being told this now? How did the restaurant accept my order 25 minutes ago if they were closed?” The woman on the phone replied “I don’t know, I just need to cancel this order.” Fuming at the thought of having to WAIT ANOTHER HALF AN HOUR FOR FOOD, I responded “well what about me, the customer? Do you care about the customer or do you just care about cancelling my order?” And the line went dead. Ubereats have pretty poor customer service but I’d pick them any day over this pathetic excuse of a company..Version: 3.1.75

TOOK FOREVER TO RECEIVE MY ORDER.I placed an order for delivery that stated the delivery time would be 3:05PM. I waited till 3:25PM and called the restaurant. They said they have the order prepared but door dash didn’t come pick it up. I checked the status and it showed that my driver was not moving at all. I called him once - no response. The second time he finally picked up and said he told door dash that he cancelled the order because he couldn’t make it. This is ridiculous because door dash did not provide me with any updates whatsoever and I couldn’t reach them in any way. I sent them a support request and did not receive a response from them. It wasn’t until 3:50PM when the app finally said they reassigned to another driver. And it is now 4PM and I had to ask the restaurant to remake my order as they said it was cold by now. This is ridiculous. No customer service from Door Dash whatsoever. No time management. No communication. I will definitely NOT be using them again..Version: 3.1.08

Worst customer service experiencedI literally have not had a worse experience with customer service. I didn’t receive an item with my order, so I got a refund in the form of a credit. I asked for a cash refund as I used door dash as a once off. After two hours over three days, being transferred over 6 times, cut off from chat sessions, promised call backs within 24 hours but not following through. My refund request for a part of the order not delivered was not a substantial amount, however, it’s the principle. If you don’t deliver a good that has been paid for, you should refund it in the method it was paid. The inability to resolve such a simple request was astounding, and shows how a simple matter was handled, what would happen with something slightly more complex. Would highly recommend not using door dash as I’m sure they do this to other customers, thereby keeping money which should be refunded..Version: 4.82.0

Horribly managed!I really want to like this service, but it seems they can only get it right ~30% of the time. Most orders are exceptionally over stated delivery times- expect an order listed as 24-28 minutes to take upwards of an hour more often than not. Food will very likely be delivered cold and unappetizing. The rare delivery that goes well is totally worth it (and if your area is better than mine, DashPass is great too!), but the consistency is so far off base I can’t begin to recommend this..Version: 3.1.94

Misleading advertisement0 star. Absolutely terrible service. Referred a housemate who placed an order but I still didn’t the $45 credit as promised. Reason being my housemate who “had an account before” but actually not. I was then given $20 credit and customer support told me I will have to make another order to receive the remaining credit ($25). I went ahead and tried to place an order with the $20 credit that was given, couldn’t proceed because “card has already been used before in the previous order”. Agent told me I will have to use a new card if I wish to use my credit every time. This is ridiculous. DO NOT RECOMMEND at all. Doordash is misleading their customers who would like to choose them to be their food delivery provider. Awful..Version: 5.29.0

Thank you for giving away my user data.What a joke.Version: 3.1.69

Rude Customer SupportI’ve been unable to access the app for days now. They have deactivated my account by mistake after I asked them to stop spamming my inbox with commercial emails. They have not been able to reactivate my account since and make it work. Their customer support has been the worst I’ve ever experienced. These two agents, catherine g and chatresh m, were not able to help so they just ended the chat leaving me speechless. Unacceptable and rude. Go with other apps, if something goes wrong, they usually appreciate your business, and offer reasonable compensation. Doordash? They don’t care and you are just wasting your time!.Version: 4.12.0

Worst delivery app everFirst, the delivery guy was not willing to drive closer to the door and was asking the customer to walk across the roundabout to get the meal on his own .... in the rain!!! If I wanted to walk in the rain I wouldn’t have called for delivery. Second, the customer service promised to refund the whole amount within 7 working days. But it’s already 3 weeks, and I have to call to find out that they couldn’t issue it for me. So if I didn’t ask, they think they can just ignore the whole refund thing. Third, the whole system is nonsense. They have my reference number, and the store number, but they just cannot contact the store for their customer. THE CUSTOMER HAS TO DO IT ON HIS OWN!!!!! There is no point of the whole customer service department existing since there is no single service will be provided. And then the last, when the customer service feels not happy, THEY END THE CONVERSATION STRAIGHT UP!!!!!! Best app to use if you want to experience hypertension and stroke, because I think I’m having one after talking to them :).Version: 4.30.0

Terrible serviceI ordered a meal, was wondering where it was after an hour. Checked my app no order pending, had to contact support for them to just tell me the restaurant is closed and they just left it open and accepted the order..Version: 3.1.94

Rude staff and incompetentNot only did we receive an unusable voucher and had to contact them about the order came incorrectly completed showing the level of incompetence and they couldn’t even do anything about the fact they got the order wrong and we were met by the most rude and unhelpful customer service I have ever experienced. Just use UberEats.Version: 5.40.0

Wrong and rude customer serviceHi there, Did make my first order from the app. Everything seems fine and fast. Unfortunately did received the order. I ask for solution. Customer service cut off twice the conversation saying that they have no solution. Take Uber/Deliveroo way better platform. Problem solve in 5min and way more nicer.Version: 4.35.0

Never againI don’t think I’ll be using this service again. The driver has been making 4 other deliveries in between mine which means cold food. It is ridiculous to charge for service, delivery and expect me to tip when it’s taken more than 30+ minutes to deliver after picking up food from restaurant. Who wants to eat cold food, honestly?.Version: 3.0.37

Customers are valuedI’m gonna start with that I have a $50 credit for a week for year as an incentive from my employer. Now with that being said, there are times my family of 4 has gone over the credit limit and therefor I use my credit card for the remaining balance. In November I made a door dash order and ended up paying about $15 more than the credit. When I received my order I realized there was a lot of food that was missing. So I called the dasher who explained she just picked up what the restaurant had on the shelf under my name. So I call the establishment and asked why I didn’t get everything and they said because they were out of a lot of food, I said ok then I can get a refund for the food I bought but never received and the manager said to contact door dash. So since the end of November until last week, I was being told I’d have my refund within 7-10 days, never got it so I would contact a few more times and this last time I was able to get ahold of door dash, they stated they could not refund me my money due to their policy and procedures. So I paid for food and never got the food or a refund. I even told them I’d be ok with a credit on my account and they said sorry for this particular order we can not do that. I’ve tried to reach door dash to get a better understanding and now I get nothing. So with the rest of the credits I have until July I will NOT be using and I will NEVER use door dash again!.Version: 4.65.0

Bad customer service. No communication from driverHad a really bad overall experience with the Dasher and Customer Service. After placing my order, I kept noticing my delivery time get later and later. After about 30 minutes waiting, I tried texting than calling the dasher because I noticed they kept driving farther and farther, but she would not answer or respond. Finally decided to contact a customer service agent via chat and who informed me my order had been cancelled because the restaurant unable to fulfill my order. Mind you this is about 45 minutes into me placing my order. I had received no message from the dasher or the door dash app to inform me of the cancellation. The app still showed the order was active and assigned to the dasher. If I hadn’t contacted customer service, I would not have known my order was cancelled. The customer service agent was short and unconcerned with my frustration and kept trying to disconnect with me after every message without making sure I had my concerns taken care of. She had very poor customer service and mad an already frustrating situation even worse. The kicker is, I drove to the same restaurant right after and placed the same exact order through them and got it made no problem. I would not doubt it if the dasher stole the food and cancelled the order herself. Very poor quality overall from DoorDash and will no longer be using your services. Dashers Name: Kristin from St George, UT Customer Service Agent Name: Brenda.Version: 6.3.4

More misses than hitsPretty hit or miss - half of my orders are rejected around are supposed to arrive, the orders that do arrive, are generally around 20-40 minutes late and I have yet to receive a warm meal. There are other platforms that provide much better service - at least in central PA. The one reason I have used the app more for than once is because when your order is rejected, you are still charged and receive ‘credit’ so you have to use them again... Go to Grubhub..Version: 3.1.04

App won’t workGreat app to provide competition with Uber eats but app doesn’t work. I’ve deleted it downloaded it again and it still won’t let me order. Keep running getting ‘oops something went wrong’ when I want to select a restaurant to order from. Your help page only lets you see FAQ but how do get in touch or email someone to let them know about this bug?? Service without a simple way to get help is a bit of a nuisance. It almost as if you don’t want to help your customers when they have an issue. I see this a lot with app services where there is no way to get help when something is not working. The way your help page is set up it’s as if you’re actively trying soo hard to avoid helping anyone..Version: 4.94.0

Customer service is a disasterI placed an order, two drivers bailed out on the order due to having to wait an extra ten minutes. Mind you we tip a ridiculous amount both being in the service industry. So, someone picks up the order drops it off and runs away. 100% incorrect order. Missing all four drinks/shakes and I don’t know the 2nd bag of the order. 100% under the wrong name… my name brings with and E not and A. Call customer service and told 100% will go back to the card…. It didn’t. So I contact them and of course there is NOTHING THEY CAN DO. This man I spoke to via text convo, told me to calm down said I was too excited and maybe I had personal problems to be upset that I was lied to again. I have loads of screenshots where I was Insulted and pretty much called a p.o.s. By someone who refused to apply the credit to my card and not an app credit. I was then promised 30+ dollars in a gift card multiple times and got a wait for it 5.00 credit… when asking to speak with someone higher up or idk maybe over the phone I was told I was old and to get with the times. No on talks on the phone anymore. I am sure the BBB would LOVE to know they are lying about their return policy and method of payment. Customer service is disgusting and a total waste of time. Just don’t use the app. Just drive to the place. Give the money to the restaurant directly. Crappy drivers are one thing. Bad customer service is a company approved problem..Version: 4.101.0

Great! When it works.Worked for me for a while but now it just won’t let me order. Every time I do it says “Whoops this promotion can’t be applied” when I didn’t even put one in.. Customer service is useless; I was just told to delete and reinstall the app. I tried everything they said before the call and nothing worked. I am so hungry rn and it won’t let me order so thanks guys.Version: 4.104.0

KPromo codes dont work.Version: 3.1.94

Referrals credit and customer serviceNever got the $20 free credit for referring a friend and the chat support has been down for weeks, the online submit a ticket help section is also broken and unusable. Only option is to call a help line in another country and sit on hold while you pay the extreme expense of making an international call. At least Uber has customer support….Version: 4.105.0

IOS 12 no longer supportedThank you for making your new app only compatible with newer (iOS 13 +) devices and completely disabling your older app. Good thing there are other food delivery services in our city..Version: 4.5.0

ScamSuch a faulty food servicing app compared to Uber Eats that will cater to your needs ASAP. Due to an additional tip I made after the order arrived, it required them to ‘correct’ the amount and charged me twice. Went through 4 customer service agents where three of them left me in the middle of a frustration and all gave me different reasons as to why I was charged twice. I felt played around with and not taken serious and needs were not met at all. Feels extremely like a scam and repeatedly told me this did not need a ‘refund’ when I was unreasonably charged twice for something I was not communicated to and informed of. Seen so much other people get terrible service from DoorDash similar to mine 😐.Version: 5.29.0

Badly StructuredTook me half an hour just to order: - Forcing me to change my password which I will probably now forget because I need to add special cases and upper cases and bla and bla. Pointless and no more secure. - App does not work out closest location to delivery address so I had to go back and change whole order. Badly structured and time consuming!!.Version: 3.0.96

Don’t bother with DoorDashNearly every single time I’ve ordered something with DoorDash, there has been an issue. Whether it’s with the delivery driver or missing items or the food going cold. I was once delivered raw meat in a meal that was too cold to actually cook the soup, which would’ve been a health hazard if I’d actually eaten the meat. The drivers are always late (keyword, always) and the ETA is never correct (it’s always later, never faster). Incredibly unprofessional service, I’ve had plenty more negative experiences than I’ve had positive. The customer service team does give good remedies but i’d rather not bother and just get my food on time. Deleting the app after this last order because the driver has chosen to wait for my order, then leave before it’s picked up and drive in the opposite direction for no reason. Please just go spend a few dollars extra with Uber Eats or even Menulog, do not waste your time with this app and it’s unprofessional delivery drivers..Version: 5.9.0

Do not use this service!!!I ordered a meal for delivery and after 1:30 I decided to ask why it kept being delayed. I was then advised the restaurant was closed by the delivery driver. When I contacted door dash I was told the restaurant closed. I was not offered an apology and then advised I was not charged. I was made to provide a screen shot of my transaction to prove I was charged. They then advised they would refund me the wrong amount for a completely irrelevant transaction which also appeared on the screen shot I sent them. I advised they were incorrect and they eventually figured it out. They then said I would get an email approving my refund. I never got the email or a refund. This is not the only issue I have had with door dash. There help service is appalling. If you use this app I hope you don’t have any issues because if you do have an issue they will not help you. I will be contacting consumer affairs about other issues I’ve had with the app as I have been charged incorrectly and they refused to help me with this advising it is not their transaction despite my bank advising it is them as well as the transaction having the exact seem details as the other door dash transactions. Im really angry and quite upset that they have not helped me with a genuine problem that was their fault. I asked to speak with a manager a dozen times and advised a manager would call me which they never did. I’ve even sent emails with no response. Absolutely disgusting service..Version: 3.2.8

Useless if you are travelling with a UK phoneTried to use this while travelling in the US to get dinner delivered to our B&B. Impossible to complete the registration as it won’t accept a UK phone number. So we went hungry :(.Version: 5.4.1

THE WORST FOOD DELIVERY SERVICESo disappointing. Hoping to support a small local restaurant, I used DoorDash to order dinner for my family. As the time for it to arrive came and went I discovered that the order had been cancelled by the driver. I called the restaurant and the lovely owner told me that the driver had been - for lack of a better word - a jerk who cancelled the order after not wanting to wait five minutes for the order to be completed. I contacted DoorDash and they were completely unhelpful. Thankfully I was able to sort it out with the restaurant directly but it was not their fault and they shouldn’t have had to do anything. I picked it up myself which made DoorDash entirely pointless. The small business would’ve been short a bit of money too had I not picked it up which isn’t fair on them either. The help desk was completely ridiculous at DoorDash and all seemed to be very generated responses that weren’t helpful to my situation at all. Use literally any other delivery service..Version: 4.65.0

Drivers frequently go 2 suburbs in the wrong direction while order says "waiting to be picked up"Doordash have burned me a few times now with absurdly late, cold and soggy food as they stretch drivers to their absolute limits with multiple deliveries at once. The absolute WORST part about this is that they will be right next to the restaurant and will then proceed to drive a whole suburb away without actually picking up the order from the counter, do some other delivery, and then come back... all without the app telling you this is happening. All you see is them driving to what seems like a completely different city then eventually back to collect your now cold food which has been waiting this entire time. Countless times now a 14-19 minute order has become 50 minutes - 1.5h and cold because of this greedy practice and order tracker that lies about what is going on to save face. I am at least grateful that support understand the frustration and will compensate for extreme scenarios..Version: 4.74.0

Used to love this service!!Giving one star because doordash has been my go to for a few years now, and when we have issues with the food they were really good at fixing the issue. I don’t blame them for the crappy food that these restaurants are serving but I do expect them to at least fix the problem when there is one. Last night I got a complete wrong order, showed the receipt in the messages so that we could at the very least get the food replaced. Didn’t open it, even offered to give it back. Or have a credit or refund. They chose to say we had did this before and there was nothing they could do. Which is ridiculous cause we have only complained one other time about this restaurant. A year ago, at that!! But also who doesn’t complain when the order is completely wrong or missing items, which has been very often lately which is why we started to use it less. And then when I think just maybe, just maybe my order will be correct, this happens. Do we just accept it even though we spent our money on it?!?!? Like I’m sorry but that’s not something I’m doing. I would rather have the food replaced than to receive the money but apparently they don’t like doing that either. So my family, friends and I have chosen to delete out accounts and go with another service. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Even tried speaking with a supervisor but still the same results. Be cautious using this app because they don’t like to do what’s right!!! Very disappointing DOORDASH! Do better!!.Version: 4.112.1

Terrible Customer ServiceMultiple times my delivery was taken to the wrong house and the wrong address, despite checking multiple times that I provided the correct address. I contacted an agent at one point to address this issue, and they offered me no resolution and stated they provided the drivers with the correct address. It got to the point where I had to contact each individual driver while they were driving to give them directions to avoid my food being taken to the wrong place. I got tired of this, so I stopped using their delivery. Then today I placed an order for pick-up and the app confirmed the restaurant was contacted. When I arrived 30 plus minutes later on my lunch break to pick up the food, the restaurant told me they received my order but were told by DoorDash they “could not make it until DoorDash calls and confirms.” I didn’t have time to sit for them to make it so I cancelled the order, and did not get to eat lunch on my break. When I contacted DoorDash, they acted as if this was not a big deal or their issue since they refunded the order. They told me they “emailed” the store. Clearly there was miscommunication between both DoorDash and the restaurant, however, DoorDash took no responsibility and did not offer any sort of compensation for their mistake. Also, they never contacted me to let me know there was an issue reaching the restaurant in the first place. I’ll never use this app again. Plus, it’s ridiculously expensive..Version: 5.10.0

Bad Customer ServiceOrdered through this app , restaurant forgot stuff in my order and complained to door dash no one got back to then complained again as it had been two days , only for them to come back stating no credit or refund. I will stick to Uber going forward. I def don’t recommend Doordash! 👎.Version: 5.49.0

Use any other serviceAfter consistently poor service - completely wrong orders delivered, food arriving more than 30 minutes after pick-up being cold and inedible, missing items, completely ludicrous substitutions - I was told I could not get a refund for food that arrived 20 minutes later than it should have and 35 minutes after it was picked up (it could not be reheated and was inedible). Their policy apparently states you are not entitled to a refund unless they make an exception. Because of asking for refunds previously (why should I pay for wrong/missing/inedible food?) I was not entitled to another. Instead of taking responsibility for poor service, they blame and punish the customer. I’m not even a Karen (although this review makes me sound like one), I order food to be delivered embarrassingly frequently and will be sticking to Uber Eats from now on. Their refunds take seconds to apply for and I’m already happy to provide proof of issues (I’m not a thief, despite being treated like one by door dash)..Version: 4.97.0

Stick with UbereatsFor the 3rd time in the span of a week my order was wrong.. first 2 they resolved by refunding the order which is only fair since I didn’t get what I paid for… but tonight I got an order that was meant for someone completely different.. in fact it was a mf Ubereats order. When I tried to dispute it they said nope sorry not in our policy?? Like bro… waste of money, please don’t trust this app….Version: 5.34.0

Ratings seem off.. let’s dive inSo I’ll be brief, DoorDash obviously the “cheaper alternative” if we must pick a delivery service app , but it makes 0 sense to see a 4.8 star-rating in App Store when everyone is deleting the app and using Uber eats/ASAP/etc.. I used to love DoorDash, had about 2-3 accounts at one point, as a dagger and customer. I only support applications who practice integrity for their users, this app did not do that. It isn’t support’s fault, they are just people like us who have normal jobs… what’s frustrating is trying to explain why you need a $20-$30 refund for a meal you either never received or was incorrect…. How hard is it to refund customers when your app has millions of users… the company has to do better it is going down hill, even the competitor apps don’t tell you “ your order isn’t eligible for refund.” I actually ordered from Sonic like we always do, not even a meal just some milkshakes etc… it’s about 7 mins from my house but I don’t have a car so it’s 20-30 min walk… nevertheless, I was contacted by a dasher and they said Sonic was out of 1/3 items I ordered, so I asked that they refund me credits to use immediately in app because I knew the refund would be some days…. I get a message from support saying my order isn’t eligible for refund or credits, and they also cancelled my order at Sonic. Great app right? Lol this app is a gimmick, use others: trust me.Version: 6.5.0

Do not trust door dash !!I have been a customer of door dash for years and have even paid membership which actually has not save me one cent and iv just realised since phoning my bank they double charge for orders door dash will take the money and then they get Cole’s to take the exact amount also so twice I have been paying for things like just a few hours ago after I made an order at Cole’s and they had accepted the order and said it was completed before they cancelled my Order and have kept my money I immediately messaged DoorDash support team only to be told they don’t care and I now have to wait for my $100 which will take at least 3 business days it’s Friday night!!!! I’m so disgusted with the treatment I revived from the support team of door dash I have never felt so violated and taken advantage . The support team offered absolutely no support or compassion and just told me Bad luck oh well I will get a refund when I get it it’s not their problem !!! To be told this by someone who is spose to be servicing customers on a support service level..Version: 6.13.1

Door dash scams with driver tax fee ontop of delivery tipI ordered on door dash and everything came but I noticed something on door dash and that was that door dash charged me for a delivery fee before paying the drivers delivery tip. The delivery fee was 8 dollars. I'm fair with my delivery drivers, so I give them a 10 dollar delivery tip. So that means I'm paying 18 dollars for delivery on a fast food meal. But the problem I had is that if I'm paying double for deliveries then is door dash paying its drivers? Well it turns out they are and I'm paying for an extra delivery fee on a fast food order. So I reached out to customer service at door dash and asked if they paid their drivers and they said they do. So I asked why am I being charged twice then when I pay. She wouldn't answer the question and tried to bribe me to get rid of me. I could care less about the refund. I just wanted answers. Well she wouldn't give me any and ontop of that she said she was only giving me a refund because she felt guilty. I just wanted to let people know that door dash and rally's are using scummy tactics to increase their profits. This order was with rally’s so I’ve included them in this cause it would be an incomplete story without it. Also: Rallys prices are higher on door dash than at the restaurant Rally's menu is limited because those items don't sell as well as others at rally's over other menu items. Ontop of a limited menu, the limited menu prices are higher than at the restaurant..Version: 4.54.0

The worst ever, stay away!!!This is the first one star review I have ever written and I don’t even want to spend the time on it after having been so frustrated by the customer service and the completely unhelpful and frankly rude agent Arvie Paul. They are dishonest and impossible to deal with and you use them at your peril. You have been warned!!!.Version: 3.0.83

TerribleHad a promotion for a 5$ meal & free delivery, yet they still charge me a fee for the delivery ( 11% of original cost) & $2 for having a meal under $12 instead of a delivery so it ends up to be the same cost anyways. Uber eats & skip the dishes doesn’t do that!.Version: 3.1.94

Not completely reliableWe had food picked up but undelivered and when we ask for re delivery the restaurant called us asking for payment. The communication about the mistake was poor with no real solutions for a mistake made..Version: 5.23.0

Just downloaded this app to write a reviewI literally just downloaded this app to write a review about it. I work at a restaurant that offers three ordering services, one is a pick up, the other is Uber and the third is doordash. Out of all three this is the app I have the most issues with. Although I like the ability to change the meal prep time, I have a repeated issue and that is the dashers always arrive ten to fifteen minutes early. Even when you have the ability to adjust during the order this problem shows up. This never happens with Uber and so therefore makes me believe that it is an issue with the app itself as maybe the dashers don’t see the wait time or doordash continues to allow dashers to accept orders a lot earlier than necessary. Due to this us, the restaurant, the dashers and the customers all get frustrated. When Uber takes an order it doesn’t assign a driver until two or three minutes before pick up and so therefore allows everyone to get the food at the right time without waiting. This is a main issue with doordash from my perspective and in general reading a lot of reviews it seems this app isn’t very reliable/doesn’t compare to Uber eats..Version: 5.29.0

Don’t bother.Impossible to get a hold of ANYONE who works for the company. Had a family emergency and had to sit and wait for food because now they’ve wasted drivers time..Version: 3.0.81

Dasher didn’t arriveThe dasher went to the wrong address which resulted in me not getting my dinner. The email from door dash then said that I’m not entitled for a refund! Really?? Not gonna be using this fraud of a service. Hope you can put your kids through college with this scam.Version: 3.1.08

Delivers cold food, don’t have driversI ordered some food last night from Mcd. The order was ready at 3:20 and the driver reached there at 4. The food was ice cold and I had to literally throw it away. Their team know that it’s there fault but still they will just give a partial refund as it’s their policy. Totally not acceptable, if you don’t have drivers don’t accept orders as simple as that. Going back to Uber..Version: 6.0.0

Offered a ‘free trial’Joined on what was advertised as a ‘free month’s trial’ whereby I was supposed to pay no delivery fees, but I ordered from KFC several times and each time was charged a $3 delivery fee. They were very slow to deliver generally and on one occasion I had to wait nearly two hours for my food to arrive. The App is unreliable when giving you a delivery time and it feels quite dated. Not easy to cancel either, had to contact customer support twice. Would not recommend, and would certainly not recommend paying a monthly subscription for their services..Version: 4.65.0

Delivery never arrivedDelivery never arrived after clear instructions were given. Waited 90 mins for nothing. Also time kept switching. Started of with 25 mins and went up and down. In the end I waited 90 mins with no food..Version: 3.1.88

Worst service seriously.. it’s really badLiterally the worst food delivery service I have ever used. Food took almost two hours to arrive and had actually been waiting at the restaurant for a good 45 minutes but the driver had lied about his whereabouts to both us and the restaurant. So no surprise food was stone cold and to add to the hangriness even more, worst pad thai of my life. Please use another app or pick up instead!.Version: 3.1.45

Promo CodesApp doesn't allow me to add promo codes, however the website does. I referred my girlfriend and she tried to apply referral discount but says it's only for 'new customers' which she is. So unable to use any of the current promos.Version: 3.1.80

Customer service needs workThe app in general functions pretty well, and drivers are assigned quickly. However there are huge flaws in the customer service. If items are missing from your order they will only ever issue you a credit. I strongly disagree with this, however there’s no option to chat to someone from that screen. Only accept the offer of credit or nothing. Refunds should always be given in the case of an item not delivered. If there’s a problem with your food, the chat process is excruciating and takes hours. There’s no way to send images so you have to take the time to go over the issue multiple times with words. A hair fried into my chicken took an hour and a half to resolve. With Uber eats I could easily upload a photo of the issue for someone to review and have it quickly resolved that way. They also used to offer an extended delivery range for a higher fee, which was great for me as I’m disabled. But they inexplicably removed all restaurants more than 5km from me and then lied about it when I contacted customer service. It’s the dishonesty that bothers me. They tried to tell me that all of those restaurants must have changed their delivery zones mysteriously all at once. If they bring back the extended delivery zone then the app will be worth it. Otherwise it’s just as poor/average as the rest..Version: 4.103.0

DOORDASH HAS FELL OFF.Door dash used to be the go to app for food delivery until the drivers started eating my food, dropping it off at the wrong house, not answering my calls then door dash does nothing about it. Ordered from a kebab place, 60$ for 3 times ehh who cares BUT I do care IF THE 15$ NAAN BREAD IS MISSING AND THEY DROPPED IT OFF IN A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT AREA THEN MY HOUSE so I had to tread through the night looking around like a creep just for my door dash delivery. I’m starting to use Uber now because I’ve noticed instead of the over 45 minutes wait time JUST to get a driver, Uber has already delivered it. The Uber driver dropped it at the wrong location last week so I called Uber they gave me a full refund yet door dash gave me 2 dollar CREDIT to my next order like hell I’m ordering with them again. USE UBER! I have many stories about how bad door dash is as a food delivery app but this one, this one knocked me over the edge and I am NOT happy about it..Version: 6.11.0

Unreliable serviceThe app is actually quite good but the service is terrible. Failure to deliver food is not acceptable. The response from support is credits to your account for a future purchase!!! Absolutely no chance - if it happens to you, insist on a full refund and not credits. Then promptly delete the app. Trust me, it’s worth heading out and collecting your own order and cutting them out..Version: 3.1.33

Don’t download this! It’ll ruin your day!If you saw this, don’t download Doordash, don’t use Doordash. It is the worst delivery service ever!!! I downloaded Doordash when I saw it was high in the Apo store chart with high score. Now, I doubt the validity of the score. I ordered some food, and have to wait for over a hour to get a Dasher assigned! I tried to use the customer services chat to communicate my issue, but app crashes EVERYTIME! If you don’t want your customers to use the chat, don’t create this feature! Then I tried different buttons on the interface looking for some useful information to get refund! Next thing, I’m not sure which button did I accidentally pressed, the entire order was canceled! WITHOUT a confirmation alert!!! Literally the BASIC in the UI UX design! Unbelievable a app in the top list of Food in AppStore doesn’t have a confirmation alert. I swears within 1 second, the order got canceled, cancellation email sent, the entire interface changed. I wished my food can be delivered in such speed. After reading all other reviews, I decided not to contact the customer service, ruins the rest of my day!.Version: 4.58.2

Assignment of DashersI’m not sure how this works, but I’ve faced this issue innumerable times. So my user journey is - I check out the food/restaurant on doordash -> order food from the resto -> order is placed -> money deducted (all good till here) -> I see an ETA -> And now a dasher is assigned (which I see) -> So the dasher makes it a point to not pay heed to the ETA and bring food anytime after that. I am a human and I crave food when hungry. And that is why app like Doordash exist because of the craving and the ease to answer my craving. And when that is not satisfied, trouble begins and I write a review. So my problem is 1.) How come dashers change mid-way : is it like they bring food and in mid-way ‘Tony (namesake, the dasher who was assigned)’ met ‘Frank(new dasher)’ and they exchanged my food mid way and now Frank comes. 2.) Many times I receive my food cold. Why? If the taxes are not sufficient increase them but bring my food ‘hot’. Please. 3.) The dashers are always assigned to multiple pick-ups and no wonder food turns up cold - kindly make an algorithm so that a dasher pertains to not more than ‘3’ orders else the customer has to eat stone-cold food. 4.) Tips - I earlier used to give them, but once I started receiving stone cold food I stopped and I am afraid what else can I do. I want convenience and thanks to you I am getting that but not at the cost of delayed and cold food. Apologies but I should have voiced this out earlier..Version: 4.9.0

CovidSo crazy that you can still charge such high delivery and service fees. I.Version: 3.1.94

Terrible Customer ServiceI have been using DoorDash for a while now and I have had it with them. So many issues with missing food items, poor food quality among others but biggest problem is the customer service. I recently discovered that refunds they claimed to have refunded to my account due to various issues never hit my account. Yesterday I made an order and had food quality issues where some of the food had been packaged poorly and chucks of meat cut off. Looked as if someone had been feasting on the food. When I called customer service they said they would refund but the amount they were refunding was less than what I paid for the food and the actual cost of the food and they said they also could not refund any associated taxes. I was transferred to the tax department and the representative I spoke to could not answer any of my questions and kept giving me irrelevant information and even refused to send an email or point me to the policies she was claiming. When I requested for a supervisor she was very rude and completely refused to transfer me to a supervisor or even another representative. She kept saying that a I should keep my phone on and someone will call me back. She completely refused to get me through to someone else and was even raising her voice at me. It’s been almost 24hours now with no contact from them and this is my last straw. Completely disappointed and DoorDash has turned out to be another scam, stealing from customers even in refunds..Version: 5.42.0

No goodOrder quite often on this app but for some reason you have decided that you will not deliver to my address anymore. just eat is better.Version: 4.100.1

Terrible customer service and slow deliveryA few weeks ago I had an order come that had clearly been held the wrong way as sauce and meat through the bag. I had to clean the drink before I could have any as it was covered in sauce. I let it go. Today I had order come that I’ve been craving this week. The order was wrong, and half the ingredients were missing. I submitted a Door Dash help ticket as well as three photos. Automatically received a message to say nothing will be done. Too bad basically. The order came 20 mins late and cold as the dasher completed another delivery on the way. The whole experience was miserable and I’m over the terrible customer service where they don’t care what experience you’ve had or what you’ve received. It’s not cheap, and at $30 for a burger and chips (with free delivery as I have a dash pass) I expect some courtesy and someone to at least view the photos and look at what I’ve written. I contacted the store that I purchased from who were lovely. I will use them again, but am done with Door Dash..Version: 6.14.0

AppI’ve had problems with the app and customer service. I tried using a referral link for the $15 off 3 orders, but it didn’t work. So I downloaded the app and thought it would work, but it didn’t. Tried explaining to customer service, but they couldn’t help me..Version: 4.19.1

Terrible service and supportThe delay and customer support I experienced was completely unacceptable and misleading. Prior to 2pm I made the initial order with an estimated arrival time of 2.20pm. At 2.40pmI enquired about the status of the order with one of your customer service representatives. He informed me that the order had left the store and would be arriving by 3pm and that I would be provided with a full refund of my order in addition to receiving the order. At 3.05pm I once again had to enquire about the status of my order. This time I was informed that the order had not been picked up from the store and that there was a “technical issue” with contacting the driver and tracking the order. A new driver was assigned to pickup and deliver the order. At 3.31pm I once again had to enquire about the status of my order. This time I was informed that the order had been cancelled by the new driver because of another “technical issue”. I was informed that a new order could not be reinstated and that a request for compensation would be put through. I then had to make and pay for another order myself which finally arrived at 4.20pm. No response via email either..Version: 4.48.2

Love DoorDash…but MANY order issues1st, let me say, I do LOVE DoorDash. Very convenient, especially during this never ending Covid pandemic. I am immunocompromised & have to take immune suppressing drugs daily due to a rare condition..and I live in a state with 1 of the lowest vaccination rates..and I live less than 30 minutes from 1 of our state’s “hotspots” so..very helpful for me. DoorDash customer service is awesome. Most of the drivers I’ve encountered are super nice. So why the 3 stars right? I would estimate that 1 out of every 3 orders I place has an issue. I haven’t used the app in many months because 5 (FIVE!!) orders in a row had issues! Not minor issues either…items left out, items substituted (without contacting me and/or confirming I was ok with it), food completely wrong, etc). And I’m often ordering for my 6 yr old, who has a sensory disorder/ADHD/anxiety/dyspraxia so she often gets upset’s just frustrating because it’s all completely avoidable IMO. As I said, customer service is wonderful & helps resolve issues..but I’m still left without the items I needed/wanted, still have to get them & also take the time to get in touch with customer service & work on a resolution. Who really wants to do all of that more often than not when ordering?? I would truthfully use another service if one was available in my area. Just to avoid the hassle. But, again, DoorDash itself is wonderful 🤷‍♀️.Version: 4.52.2

Really Poor Communication/Instruction FollowingI’ve been using door dash for close to two years now and lately, I don’t know what it is, but no one knows how to deliver food lol. The past four times I’ve ordered from them, there’s been a problem. Instructions for the food itself not followed, instructions for the dasher not followed, etc. I’ve had to have food redelivered twice in the past week because of the dasher. The first time, they dropped it off at a neighbors house way down the street, and luckily they called me so I went to grab my food. On the days I order food at work in the morning, I ask that the dasher text me when they get here, as we’re closed when I order food, and the past few times I haven’t had anyone text me which door they left the food at. Today, I straight up didn’t get my food. I texted my dasher and asked where she left my food, and got no response. I checked the front and back doors, and the neighboring businesses, and my food wasn’t there, so I had to have it redelivered again. It’s just really frustrating and I feel like door dash thinks I’m just trying to get free food because I’ve had so many problems lately 😭 And I feel like a jerk even saying this but I tip really well because I know dashers don’t get paid super well and depend on tips, but I’m tired of having to tip close to $10 for someone who isn’t going to follow my instructions or even like... bring me my food lol. I have issues like this every once in a while, but never to this extent..Version: 4.32.0

Literally the worstI have used door dash a few times and 80% of those times i would get my order cancelled as the restaurant would be closed that day or the restaurant doesn’t even use door dash. i dont know how that happens as this would never occur when using uber as they are informed of all their closing times etc. doordash support is a joke too, when i got my order cancelled i called the restaurant as they were taking over 40 mins just to confirm the order for them to inform me they don’t use door dash and never have. I told this to door dash support and they did absolutely nothing to help, didn’t take accountability and tried to cover themselves by saying the driver had an issue. I told them that was not true as the restaurant told me they dont use door dash to them have them say “sorry, u will get your money back in 7 days, not our problem” DONT even bother with door dash they waste your time and money..Version: 4.75.1

Address issuesI enjoy the DoorDash app very much. I’ve been using it more than other food delivery apps. Ordering is simple and easy and many Dashers are friendly and professional from my experiences. The reason why I’m giving it 3 stars is that there seems to be some strange issue with my address on the app. Now I can’t speak for everyone else cause this might not be a problem for others but for me, it’s becoming a big issue. I live in a mobile home park and similar to apartments, we have Lot numbers specific to our mobile homes. I put all of the necessary credentials in for my address. I add my Lot number to the apt/suite spot. Everything’s there. However, for some unknown reason, the Lot number does not show up on the address and this has been confusing some of the dashers delivering to me. Now, most of the dashers end up finding me (though, some of them had to circle the neighborhood a few times or will call or text just to get additional information to help find me) but there have been times where my food was not delivered to the right place and this has happened more than twice (too many times to be honest…). I find it strange that my Lot number does not show for my address during these deliveries. It only makes things difficult for me and the dasher. I hope this gets fixed because this is becoming too much of a hassle for me to add extra instructions just to help my dashers when something simple as a “LOT NUMBER” can easily fix this problem….Version: 4.60.3

Waste of TIME and moneyAlthough there is a decent selection of restaurants, my order is always pushed farther and farther back from the estimated delivery time with no updates from the driver. I always choose no contact delivery and sometimes the dasher still knocks on my door and waits. If there’s an issue with your food, the dasher will tell you to contact the restaurant. If there’s an issue with the delivery time, your dasher will tell you to contact customer support. Where is the ownership here for the dasher and their service?? Why am I constantly tipping 20% for this to “not be my problem ma’am”. Are you serious?? Check the order, arrive promptly, and don’t drop my order if the total “is too small”. You picked the job, you knew what to expect! My sister is a dasher and told me if the order is small, most likely the majority of dashers won’t take it because they want a big tip. 20% is 20%. And that’s always what I tip! I have had dash pass for 3 months and now I will cancel, I don’t care if I get free dash pass for 3 months, your dasher literally THREW my food on my porch so hard he dropped his phone!! That guy driving his mustang is not starving for a tip so what was the point in arriving late and throwing my food? I’m done door dash. I would rather go back to Uber eats with poor food quality, at least my food will show up on time and their loyalty rewards are better. You’re not getting another dime from me!.Version: 5.11.1

DisappointmentExtremely unorganized and unreliable. Took over an hour for the delivery driver to arrive at the restaurant to pick up my food and when they finally got there the restaurant had no record of my other even though I was charged for it and had the receipt..Version: 3.1.94

New update is absalutely unprofessionalI have been using DoorDash for three years now and the new update makes it so that any report you put in about your food has to go through a worker and if they think your “lieing” or think your food was fine they can choose to not give you a refund at all. So sick of these people refunding good food and ruining it for the rest of us. My food came after an hour of the dasher driving aimlessly stone cold and missing a few items. I reported it and got no refund back because the doordash worker decided that hard and cold food isn’t a “good enough” reason. Plus I never got the money back for the items I litteraly didn’t receive. DoorDash has never been like this and was the whole reason why I stayed with DoorDash because they automatically gave you a refund if ANYTHING was wrong with your food. Now the workers are rude and untrusting of everyone.Version: 5.43.0

Extremely Deceiving ETAsTime and time again my order say they’re coming within 15-30mins and end up coming 45-1hr later. Absolutely ridiculous especially when you only have a limited time for lunch break..Version: 5.39.0

Didn’t get my orderThey sent my order to a closed restaurant that doesn’t even do door dash deliveries... why was it an option on the app if they don’t have a deal with that restaurant?!.Version: 3.1.65

Poor management servicePlease trust me DO NOT ORDER FORM THIS APP unless you want you food on next day from the day you place your order😒 no like I am not even exaggerating it right now. I order from a restaurant at 12 pm today and this restaurant is like on 5 min drive from my home and it’s been 4 hours and I still haven’t got my food. I mean I can’t even imagine my driver literally went from Dandenong to Nobel park to deliver first rather than give in my order first which is just 5 mins away. It’s not the fault of driver because they don’t get the information about second delivery until they finish they first one. It’s PURELY DOORDASH’S fault they literally sent him to Nobel park first to deliver rather than to finish the Dandenong delivery first. I mean seriously???😒😒 is this a joke? FYI this is not the first time happened with me this the second chance which I gave them but still failed. PLEASE DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY HERE!!!!!🥺.Version: 4.62.0

Hoping for ImprovementI use the service frequently throughout the week to make sure breakfast & dinner is delivered to my parent when I’m at work. I’ve added specific instructions to my profile asking that the food is delivered to a person who answers the door and that the food is not left on the porch due to wheelchair accessibility issues. Lately there have been several instances where the food has either been left at the door multiple times without a phone call to ensure it gets served hot and isn’t left sitting for 30 minutes to an hour unnoticed (because no one in the house is aware the food was left at the door) or in one instance it was delivered to next door to the neighbor’s house even though there are specific directions and a description the house to avoid confusion. When the Dashers deliver the order and call if they have any questions, the deliver runs extremely smooth; however, lately, I’ve noticed that at least 5 times in the last month, the orders was simply left on the porch without even attempting to put it in anyone’s hand. The camera on the porch shows this behavior, which is the opposite of what I’ve requested. I’m hoping this gets better soon, or I’ll need to switch to another service to see if this type of issue can be resolved. At the end of the day, I just want to take care of my parent with care the best way possible..Version: 6.5.0

BEWARE !!!!!I ordered some food over the app. After placing the order, I got charged and after few mins, I got charged again and this time higher amount. Received an email from doordash saying my order has been adjusted on merchant’s recommendation. I mean like what the hell, how you are letting merchant to change my order without my input. Who at doordash came up with this idea and how did it make it to the app!!! It’s Beyond my understanding. Multiple issues here, merchant can change your order and charge you more, which is already bizarre but merchant can change your food dishes too which means you might end up receiving something that you are allergic to or you don’t like to eat. This is a food business doordash, nothing should change without customer manual input or confirmation. Get this right. I’m uninstalling this app cuz clearly these people aren’t capable of making right decision by customers and clearly favours merchants. Good bye doordash, never again!.Version: 4.29.0

Terrible serviceCouldn’t order food due to card issue, customer service clueless about the reason. Wasted my time, 1 hour trying to order food and no resolution..Version: 5.22.0

Good when it achieves what it shouldUnfortunately it’s not the execution of Door Dash that’s the problem, it’s the dashers. The quality of the staff is very mixed, with instructions going unread, long delivery times and missed items. You should be able to rate the dasher or revoke/reduce the tip after delivery if there has been a service issue..Version: 4.77.0

DriversThere should a large number of dashers for late night orders as there are people that work night hours also. I’ve waited for hours for the last 5 weeks to receive my first meal of the day from double shifts and even before I get home it’s still not delivered. Barely have time to make meals for myself and I can’t get a meal in time when I need it..Version: 5.35.0

Dont waste your money on this appI unsubscribe and cancelled my membership but keeps trying to charging me monthly. Costumer service is very unhelpful. If I can rate no star I would..Version: 5.30.0

Order correction is too difficultRecently made an error on an order. Forgot to change my delivery address. App would not allow me to correct the delivery address despite several attempts to do so. I contacted the driver who was assigned, explained my error and he assured me he would bring it to my current address. The order was reassigned to a new driver who wasn’t provided the new corrected delivery address so my order went to the wrong location despite much effort to correct the error. I love DoorDash but feel they need to improve the customers control over the delivery. My chat history with 1 driver should roll over to the next driver if the order is reassigned to a new dasher. Frustrating situation because I added $10 to the minimum tip that was meant to go to the dasher who chatted with me. Instead, it appears it went to the dasher who was reassigned to the order and didn’t follow the instructions/updated address. I did receive a full refund minus tip or service fees, I can’t determine which part wasn’t refunded. It’s a little disappointing because I did everything possible to correct literally seconds after the order was placed. Customer needs to have ability to correct or edit orders more easily. There should be a better system in place to ensure errors can be corrected quickly and easily. Perhaps add a command that will tell dasher to contact customer to discuss errors on the order prior to pick up. This would help prevent mistakes from being locked in..Version: 5.28.0

Uber eats wins my vote.Too many hidden charges and misleading discounts on here. Constantly having glitches on the app and it often doesn’t take my card payment whereas every other food delivery site does. Will be sticking to Uber eats from now on..Version: 4.104.0

Always missing food. Never wanting to refund.I frequently have food missing from my order, or it’ll arrive cold as the drivers are incompetent and take 30-50+ minutes to deliver my food. I’ve gotten refunds on a few occasions, but recently they’ve been escalating it under review and only offering me credits, or just straight up declining my refund requests. I feel like i’ve been flagged as suspicious or something when I wouldn’t try to refund my orders if they arrived complete? I spent 50$ on a hungry jacks order tonight and my driver had a drop off along the way, so my food arrived cold. It was also missing my 10pc nuggets which was supposed to go to my toddler as she doesn’t eat burgers. They declined my refund request and I now have to wait 24 hours to probably just be declined again. Every time I order it arrives cold, or incomplete, it feels like a waste of money every single time I order..Version: 6.8.0

Scam of the CenturyThis last time ordering was probably my last time. I dont enjoy expecting issues every time i come back and give doordash another chance. I dont know exactly what the scam is for the people who work for this app, but somehow every time i order no matter how simple it is, theres an issue. I ordered a couple sodas? It took an hour to get to me. How does the dasher get assigned to my order, they go sit at a location for 30 minutes and then once i finally message and asked whats up then they start coming this way? What do they gain from being assigned the order and never going to get it? I dont understand! It cost me $20 to get some sodas that took an hour to get to me from half a mile away. This app is supposed to be about convenience but i would have rather gone and got the stuff myself. Why am i paying so much for “convenience” when its the most inconvenient situation every single time. The amount of times i have gotten only half my order and the dasher says “the store” didnt give it to them…. yeah ok. Not to mention!!! The MULTIPLE times a dasher has inappropriately messaged me after the order and one was trying to see if i was alone after i had rejected their advances. As if they were going to attack me without my consent if i was alone?? And when i told doordash about it they did not a thing. Im so done with this app and the absolute scam it is. Good luck to everyone else who wants to pay $20 for sodas that take an hour to get there. I'm over it..Version: 5.32.0

BrokenThere’s a problem with your app - entered my name, email and phone number on the sign up page but then it keeps telling me to fill in all fields before I can proceed. All the fields ARE filled. Cannot use this then..Version: 3.1.95

15% Service Charge on Top of the 4$ Service Charge? SCAMM!This is a scam! They add a 15% service charge on top of the 4$ service charge! Be very careful! They try to catch when you aren’t paying attention!!!.Version: 4.22.0

Frustrated and disappointedI ordered a burrito at Chipotle but the one that I received was a leftover food. This is extremely frustrating and would never recommend anyone to go with doordash.Version: 4.106.0

Would not recommendI ordered a meal from McDonald’s about 15min before their closing time (I usually don’t order this late to a place’s closing time but my friend had yet to eat anything so I was going to order some food for them). The order was accepted and I was told it would take up to roughly 40min which is fine. I waited roughly 10min before changing my mind and wanting to cancel the order out of fear that it was too close to closing time for them only for DoorDash to tell me that they would not refund me because the restaurant had already accepted and started making my order, so I thought oh well, it should be fine then. 20 more minutes go by of us waiting and the order was suddenly cancelled??? Why accept the order in the first place only to cancel it so late afterwards!? We couldn’t even order from any other place by then either as by the time 30min had passed every other available place was only 5min from closing and we didn’t want to risk waiting another half hour for another cancellation. Terrible customer service, never using this app again.Version: 4.6.0

Horrible appSpent 7 mins attempting to load then crashed. Finally got it open, built an account and it froze before I could place my order. Tried a 3rd time and it froze so long that I left the app open, placed an order with skip and had my order confirmed before it just crashed. Worst app to date I’ve ever downloaded.Version: 3.1.08

Second and Last ChanceFirst order arrived stone cold. Decided to give DD one more chance. When I got to the final screen the app insisted the restaurant was ‘currently closed’. It’s not. I rang them to check. Moving to the competition in the hope they are better..Version: 4.20.0

The worst customer service ever never making any other ordersNot only do they fail to bring item that is missing but 8 …. They had replacement items there but not a courtesy phone call to ask if wanted replacements not even told they didn’t have the items but then it’s worse. They don’t even refund me a quarter of what is owed back to me but they decide what they are going to do with my money. So now need to wait a week over the holidays for the measly $3 which should have been much more in the first place but as I’m not well I’ve now spent the last of what I have so my dog doesn’t starve and yet again tomorrow will be ruined as senior management cannot be bothered to fix the issue now but I have to spend another few hours of my day with DoorDash again tomorrow …. To get what is mine in the first place. The amount of items that are wrong or don’t come with every single order I can’t be bothered ringing as nothing gets solved . They steal your money or give you measly credit so you are forced to order again. I don’t want to speak to DoorDash tomorrow to get them to give me what is mine and the way they have behaved as far as I’m concerned giving me the choice of yet this order leaving me with nothing left or the choice to let my dog starve. They are here to provide a particular service and that’s not even being done. You do not decide what to do with my money and if you run such a business don’t just hire people that have no clue just coz you get away with it..Version: 4.64.4

UnreliableDo not use Skip the dishes. DoorDash and Uber eats is much more professional in the ways they handle mis-deliveries and restaurant mishaps..Version: 3.1.88

DoorDash will steal your moneyI used to love Doordash. It’s an easy and convenient way to order your favorite food after a long day if admittedly a little pricey sometimes. I ended up using it so much I eventually subscribed to the DashPass which is a monthly subscription that allows you to save a bit money on delivery costs per order. Every now and then an item you bought won’t be included in the order you receive, frustrating but it happens. You used to be able to get help through the app and be able to have that item redelivered or refunded, but no longer. On my most recent order I did not receive an item I ordered. I tried to go through the app to resolve this and my request was “investigated” (they only looked at it for 2 minutes without even contacting me), and denied without any reason. I tried to contact a service representative over the phone and they essentially told me they couldn’t do anything because it had already been “investigated”. So now I’m not only left without the food I ordered, but I just lost $20 (the price of my item) without any way to get it back. When all is said and done I ended spending a decent amount of money without anything to show for it. DoorDash stole from me. This is a horrible business model and not only will I be canceling my monthly subscription to the Dashpass, but I will never be using this app again and will warn everyone I know who uses it that eventually they will scam money from you. Do not use this service..Version: 5.7.0

TippingFor some reason when I am trying to tip my dasher, I get charged the amount that I am tipping PLUS the amount that I paid for my food AGAIN. Also you cannot tip after your food has been delivered, which to me doesn’t make sense. What if I had been given bad service prior to my food being delivered although I tipped my dasher? Make it make sense door dash!.Version: 5.26.1

Horrible Customer Experience!!To whom ever it may concern, I had waited for over an hour and a half to two hours for my food before I fell asleep. I did already understand that it was going to be a long wait because of the event going on near my location, but what ended up happening was not great. Initially, someone by the name of James B was supposed to retrieve my food and deliver it to me. However, as I waited for last few minutes until the food was supposed to be at my door, within the last ten minutes or so, my deliverer changed without even notifying me, and I personally think that is an absolute inconvenience, and resulted in horrible customer experience, especially when it will significantly change your delivery time. After noticing the change in deliverers, I then found out that I would have to wait another hour to hour and a half. By that point, I was irritated and frustrated because I was really looking forward to that meal and was also extremely tired. I would’ve wished that I could’ve received either a full or partial refund, because my night definitely let down. If o would’ve known this could’ve happened, I would’ve just ordered through elsewhere. And how in the initial email are you going to tell customers that they can respond to that email, “ Please don't hesitate to respond to this email if you have any questions or concerns.” Then, once we hit send all of a sudden we can’t respond to that email..... I’ll be removing this app from my device..Version: 3.1.22

4.6 stars?Just like every big app, DoorDash is covering up all the 1 star reviews with bots or straight up manipulation. This app is trash, the drivers are lazy, nothing is as described. First order, never arrived. Second order, arrived ice cold. Absolutely trash company.Version: 4.22.0

Always delivery issuesSo let down by this company on very regular basis. Drivers giving wrong food orders, food missing. Drivers have cancelled once they pick up the food far to many times to count now. So over this - and they keep offering credits instead of a refund which is just ridiculous. Because 90% of every time I’ve ordered there’s something wrong! Very un happy with the handling of these situations..Version: 5.5.0

Food never arrivedOrdered take out for delivery. Food was never delivered despite the app stating it had been delivered. Was offered refund and credit but won’t use again as I waited for a family meal for an hour and it never arrived. Restaurant then closed so I couldn’t reorder and we went without dinner..Version: 3.1.77

Nothing specialThe app is good. Just a couple of weeks ago they delivered from restaurants on the other side of the bridge. Now they only do local restaurants which Uber does really well so they lost their point of differentiation in my mind..Version: 5.40.0

Great but the refund policy is stupidThe partial refund policy when items are missing is stupid because they give you what they think that item is worth, and it’s usually not even enough to cover the redelivery. So if they forget your item, you just miss out and get $4 that’s does nothing for you having dinner like you were supposed to..Version: 6.0.0

New changes stops refunds when order is missing items or just incorrectI have been using doordash for a very long time. It was great, no issues, was always fair in their terms. Lately however, when I order, as usual items are wrong or completely missing. Which is usually fine as it happens, but I always want to be compensated as I paid for the meal and didn't pay to get the wrong item or to not have it at all. 2 items from a previous meal didn't show up and they wouldn't reimburse me at all. I understand people abusing it, but there is no way to definitely prove or I would each time. Its ridiculous that I paid for an item that didn't even show up and I wasted money and there is nothing they can do about it. The last straw was paying $40 for meal because we were feeling extra, and the whole meal was completely wrong, they only compensated us for $19. It was atrocious, but again I know its not doordash’s fault. But it feels really wrong that they can just take your money and you just have to get what you get. No decency to what you ordered and what you specifically requested and paid for, even extra due to tips, taxes and more taxes to help the app. Which I would be totally ok with if they got my order right and repaid me for items I never got. Will not be coming back until I get refunded for the previous items I mentioned. I had no control in making sure the items were correct before it being delivered..Version: 4.112.2

Cancelled our order for no reasonDoor dash cancelled our order, claiming it was the restaurant. When we called the restaurant, they had in fact made our order, and were waiting on the door dash driver. We tried to fix this, but there is no way to get door dash to uncancel and pick up our waiting order. They were insistent that it was the restaurant… when it absolutely was not. Poor customer service and no way to address or get compensation for company error. Use at your own risk..Version: 4.64.0

Tipping before delivery doesn’t make senseThey ask for 15% tip and then the delivery person is 45 minutes late because they bundle deliveries that are 10km apart. This app is so frustrating. Prefer foodora that is much more reliable..Version: 3.1.82

Big Buck$ - little bangPAYMENT ISSUES I accidentally entered a wrong number on payment details. The app wouldn’t let me update the details nor would it let me enter or save new card details. It would say that it had but every time I went to pay, it would decline having reverted back to the previous details. I tried MULTIPLE TIMES closing, reentering, updating, saving, uninstalling, reinstalling the app but it just wouldn’t work. Unbelievably FRUSTRATING, this went on for over 45 mins until randomly it worked. ⌛️⏳DRAWN OUT DURATION - NOT A DASH 🏃🏻‍♀️ This app is great for our area as there’s no Uber eats but any order takes around 70mins- by the time ours arrived it was cold. 👏🏼SHOUT OUTS TO THE DRIVER👏🏼for being the only deliverer to follow the drop off instructions! 💰EXPENSIVE💰 I’ll likely only use this if promos are available. The average cost for 2mains &drink is around $60+ then considering over an hours wait time - it doesn’t seem worth it Great potential overall but needs refinement.Version: 4.94.0

Disappointing customer serviceI am giving a 1 star review, not only because I'm not able to use the app due to an issue with my address not being recognised as valid, but also because when I called to see if this issue could be rectified, I was spoken to very rudely, was told they could do nothing to fix the issue and was then hung up on by the apparently senior assistant I was speaking to. Very poor customer service experience. He wouldn’t listen to what I was trying to say. My address is not out of range, it’s impossible in my town to be out of range of a restaurant when they’re all 2-10 minutes away from my house. I asked if it could be looked into further, as my street is the only street in town that gets the delivery address error that I know of, and when I asked that, he hung up on me. Every street around mine can get DoorDash, something in your system needs to be fixed..Version: 4.103.0

Works fine - but won’t stop marketing notificationsYour experience using DoorDash as a customer will vary greatly depending on the quality of dashers and restaurants in your area. The service as a whole is essentially about paying a premium to be lazy, but sometimes that premium is 100% worth it. On a technical level, the app works fine. I’ve been using it on and off for years, and have never had an order disappear, or get charged twice for the same thing. Sometimes the map will go blank when the driver is on their way to me, and that’s frustrating because when that happens, the delivery estimate is no longer accurate. But I’m not sure if it’s a glitch, or is a result of dashers turning off their apps while they drive. Sometimes they do this to hide the fact that they are working for multiple delivery apps at once, or working in partnership with someone else and passing off orders. I don’t really care what they are doing, as long as my food isn’t cold or spilled when it gets to me. But it is a better experience when you can see their progress in real time. However! My biggest annoyance with the app is that it continues to send me marketing notifications, even though I’ve turned them off in my settings. A quick google search shows that this is a common problem. Isn’t this against App Store terms? I’m not sure if DD is exploiting a loophole or just assuming, “screw it, nobody will stop us.” But either way, it’s an abuse of customer trust..Version: 5.38.0

Very slow loadingThe app interface was good but the app was slow loading.Version: 3.1.91

ONLY USE IT IF YOU WANT TO BE ANGRYThis is so frustrating! I placed an order on the app yesterday and the dasher has spilt the order on the ground. And then the customer service just cancelled my order! And they have not even fully refunded my credit. I paid $23 and they only refunded me $15. If you use the online chat, they just transfer you from this agent to that one and none of them can help. And they are not even reading the notes from their system, maybe they don’t have it. And they will just make you feel like, well I have done everything I can and I just cannot refund you the credit. Believe it or not, I won’t use it anymore..Version: 4.87.0

PromoCodeApp is not adequately designed to delete past orders. Some promotions advertised don’t actually work. Not very impressed. However, some lovely restaurant choice selections..Version: 3.4.0

Order never came and DoorDash refused to issue refundPlaced order 8:50am, delivery person don’t answer phone call don’t reply messages and order never came. The delivery person just took my order and disappeared on this planet. I try to contact DoorDash claim for refund but they only issue credit. Then I tried to call customer service, they apologized on the phone but they can’t issue refund so transferred me to someone called specialist - after 20min of waiting I finally got through to the specialist to claim for my refund, and guess what - the specialist said “bare with me for a few minutes” and he hang up the phone straight away. They refused to issue refund but only credit so that customer would have to keep on use their app. But don’t do so!!! Because with DoorDash, THE DELIVERY GUY CAN TAKE UR ORDER AWAY WITHOUT PAYING ANYTHING, this is their DOORDASH COMPANY RULE. If you chose to use DoorDash, be prepared that you WON’T receive your order, and you still will have to pay..Version: 4.71.0

Doordash pass is a jokeCalled up twice to figure out why my free trial of doordash pass won’t work. Both times the call centre people didn’t want to understand how frustrating this was, especially that my card was charged. The first lady said that if I spend $20 the delivery would be waived, it wasn’t though so maybe don’t lie to a customer. The second guy was a little more useful but unfortunately he seemed to think I was calling up about getting a refund on an old order and I had to say 3x that is for my doordash pass before he actually understood. He said that an email has been sent to fix my issue, but I doubt this will be resolved. Doordash should maybe hire people to work in a call centre who are based in Australia because it was very hard to communicate with them UPDATE just deleted my account. They have ZERO care factor to helping a customer who received an incorrect order. Who the hell do they think they are. I’m disgusted..Version: 5.32.1

DoorDash is the inferior delivery serviceThis is my first time making a review but I really have to say that DoorDash has been the worst experience with delivery services I have ever had, I would give it 1 star but I don’t want to be super petty over issues that probably only happened to fewer people. I have been scammed MULTIPLE TIMES by DoorDash. My order sometimes won’t arrive and nobody would get back to me for hours on end even when I call them! I managed to get a refund once, and they issued it like 6 weeks after the incident when it barely mattered anymore. On top of that, the times that they actually do deliver my order it comes SO LATE, and I know this may be on the dasher but things are almost always missing. Dashpass is nearly useless and doesn’t really do much. In all honesty I would recommend Uber eats, they deliver too soon sometimes and after my first experience with them I never used DoorDash again. I don’t know what to suggest, but maybe DoorDash needs to make it easier to maintain contact with them if the dasher is bad, they need to give refunds faster and maybe add a speed delivery feature like Uber eats. Instead of DoorDash I recommend Uber eats. In fact id probably sooner order from Instacart or shipt than DoorDash. I say all this respectfully, no hate to the developers it’s a well made app, but I just can’t stand how aloof the workers that manage it are when it comes to reports. Uber eats for the win!.Version: 5.46.0

Charged me for no reason and wouldn’t give money backI got charged for no reason after not using the app due to it not working for me as well. I provided a screenshot where it shows how much I got charged and how much was left after that transaction which is what they wanted, but they still requested a bank statement after I previously already gave them that. I was not using DoorDash for a while and got charged. I’ve seen several others getting charged after not using the app for a while. I gave up after realising this would go nowhere. Recommend removing your card credentials straight after. Horrible, be careful..Version: 5.43.0

Information StolenMy DoorDash account was somehow hacked. The person stole my credit card/bank information and ordered nearly $80 of food. They were in the middle of making a $100+ order when I locked my card. I managed to get the first order cancelled before the food was picked up, but DoorDash was offering only $44 as a refund with a credit of $17 on my next order. I’m a broke college student, so every cent counts. They kept ignoring when I said it wasn’t me just changing my mind and cancelling my order. I had to literally beg a representative for the full refund. I haven’t received it yet. I know it’s only been a couple days and it takes time to process, but I currently have no money to pay for food or medication I HAVE to have, especially not with a compromised card. I’m thankful I have caring friends that are trying their hardest to help me (they are also broke), but there is obviously a serious privacy/security issue. I had not used my card for anything or anywhere in the area since moving into the dorm as I was saving up to do a much needed grocery shop, and it was not linked to any other app. I really really hope no one else has to experience this. It’s extremely stressful and I’ve been on the phone with my bank trying to secure my account and get reimbursed, which can’t happen until DoorDash completes the refund. If you’re gonna use the app, PLEASE watch your bank account closely for any unauthorized charges. You might not be able to get your money back..Version: 4.52.2

Easily the worst food delivery appI’ve used DoorDash, Deliveroo, UberEats - you name it, depending on what’s big where I am. DoorDash is years behind. It’s buggy, unreliable (frequent cancellations) and downright dishonest when it comes to order status and anticipated times. The other apps work fine. This one makes you angry each time. Skip it..Version: 4.94.0

This app sucksDelivery of food went opposite direction of my house for 30 minutes. Fast food took almost 1.5 hours!!! And 1.25 hours was in someone’s car while they drove around I assuming doing other orders... No support from DoorDash Deals don’t work.....Version: 3.1.94

DO NOT USEApp is not fully developed. Customer service and order status links are non-functional. No live agents. Help line phone number does not work. You have to wait over 1 hour or twice the approx delivery time before you can get a full refund on your order. Less than 1 hour, you only get the delivery fee and tip refunded, should you cancel. If the restaurant is closed for renos/shortage of food or is having issues do not expect door dash to provide updates. If you email a concern, expect 2 days before getting a response via email.....on food you ordered 2 nights before. Avoid the headache..Version: 3.1.81

Customer Service Down The Drain.I recently used DoorDash to buy headphones from a retail store. The headphones would stop playing sound whenever a loud bang would occur and so I was unsatisfied and just wanted to return the item, not a refund because that would just be crazy. Immediately after contacting support they submitted a ticket on my behalf to escalations. I barely said a word. A few minutes later, I received an email saying my refund request was denied. I specifically said I didn’t want a refund, just to return the item, so I figured there was a miscommunication issue. So I’ve tried contacting support again, and the person just said to return the item to the store and I’ll get a refund. So I did, and the store gave me a return receipt, took the item and said 5-7 business days. This was February 5th, and now it’s the 26th. I contacted them again and they said to keep waiting and just ended the chat. I didn’t even time to reply. And this has been a recurring thing lately. They’ll give me a quick answer, and then end the chat before I can answer. Today, I reached out one last time, and they literally told me I should have gotten store credit instead of a refund. They said my refund request was already declined and ended the chat. I’m calling my bank tomorrow to dispute the charge tomorrow morning, and I have the receipt of the return, but no thank you, never using DoorDash again..Version: 6.7.0

Terrible serviceDoorDash used to be fine . Nowadays they have complete incompetent people working for them , from countless drivers taking multiple orders to the point your food is cold and you were the first to order as a whole to them bringing completely wrong orders you know are wrong just by looking at the size of the bag . Then they blame the consumer and refuse to give refunds . It’s alright because I will be disputing this with my bank and they can take it up with them . I find it ridiculous that they have support systems and suddenly when they say they can’t issue a refund then suddenly nobody has access to anything anymore . The lies with this company to keep your money for a service not given is absolutely ridiculous . I have cancelled that ridiculous dash pass account that offers no real benefit anyway (a scam within itself ) , and I will be deleting this app for good and moving into Uber or Grubhub . This app has really fallen from grace and it’s only going to continue the more they steal from people . A $23 order to only receive $8 worth of food and refusing my money back ? Yeah I’ll let you all think that . Then guilts you to tip the drivers when they can’t even take 2 secs to notice everything isn’t in the bag , nah . It was very simple I could’ve gotten a partial refund or a redelivery (which for some reason they don’t even do that anymore ) , but now I’m just going to dispute the entire order and get ALL my money back . Yall are really stupid for real ..Version: 6.1.0

A complete scam, $1 delivery is a lieThey say you can get $1 delivery for a month as a kind of welcome to being a new customer with them (on the app it comes up as a pop up) I tried to place my second order order expecting to get $1 delivery fee but they wanted to charge me the full rate so I contacted DoorDash support via live chat and the agent just wasted my time. It says on their T&Cs itself that new customers get $1 delivery for a month. The agent kept asking me to provide a screenshot of this when it’s literally there on the site?? And then he told me to go through with the order and when the promotion didn’t come through then to contact them. Why should I pay full amount for delivery when I was told before I’d get it for $1? They’re just trying to rip you off!!!! The agent himself just tried to deceive me and relied on me not knowing what’s on the T&Cs but I had read it and ended up taking a screenshot from the site and sent it. Don’t fall for their trap!! Just go with some other food delivery service..Version: 4.36.1

Horribly unreliableDoordash sucks. The delivery is unreliable at best. The support is non existent. If you receive your order correctly and on time it will be a miracle. I’ve had countless issues and not one resolved appropriately..Version: 3.1.81

Just go to skip the dishes or somethingAt first I really liked this app because it was the only fast food Delivery that had McDonald’s on it because I live far. But literally the 3 times I order they have had to contact me because they didn’t have something in the menu, but the menu does not make sense at all, how can they have a double quarter pounder and NOT have single? The menu is so confusing and the last time I ordered there a “dasher” accepted my order BUT NEVER PICKED IT UP so I waited a WHOLE HOUR for this guy to get out of his house and I couldn’t cancel the order because he already accepted it!! I had to contact the “dasher” who by the way did not pick up at all so I had to contact the door dash people who also couldn’t get hold of my “dasher” so I asked for a refund and i don’t even get in 5-7 business days. Really bad..Version: 3.1.15

Poor customer care-AvoidOn the off chance your order doesn’t arrive the chances of getting any compensation are slimmer than an anorexic instead you’ll get a rude service followed by being ignored. Left with no food and money😂.Version: 5.35.0

Needs ImprovementIt would have taken me less time to pick up my own food than to deal with this glitchy app. Why can’t I give it 0 stars?.Version: 3.1.10

Horrible customer serviceI had for quite some time been a doordash customer and I was paying the membership. Despite problems with the app, showing restaurants as closed when they weren’t, showing everything as unavailable, and even showing all restaurants as pickup only, I still used the app. But recently I made a single order from two different restaurants, and I only got an order from one. I submitted a support receipt saying I didn’t get the order delivered, and their response was that I wasn’t getting a refund because I got too many recently. I only submitted a note saying I didn’t get my order, I hadn’t even asked for a refund, and they didn’t even ask what happened. Regarding the recent refunds on my account: two were because THE RESTAURANT cancelled, another was possibly because an order had a mix up (I didn’t submit for one). There was only one refund that I actually asked for was a mix up, and it was $9..Version: 4.96.0

Good app but can’t tip after delivery due to bugI’ve had this problem for the past 2-3 versions. If I try to tip after the delivery I get an error saying ’We experienced an issue. Please try again’ but retrying causes the same issue. Presumably this bug costs drivers a lot of money so please fix this asap.Version: 5.44.0

Horrible horrible businessHave had so many issues with door dash the last few times I ordered and every time it’s a pain dealing with their customer service. If I could I would give their customer service a 0. They consistently try to shrug you off when you ask for help and blame it on “inactivity” or something that isn’t their fault..Version: 3.1.06

NopeBeen waiting two hours. Terrible terrible terrible app..Version: 3.0.41

Stopped workingI used to use this app when I travel to the the US and it was super helpful for getting food delivered to my hotel when I didn’t have time to go out. However on this trip I am unable to complete orders. I get through to the payment screen, the payment is authorised before a modal window pops up seeming to need a phone number, this dismisses itself quickly before I can do anything. Trying to update my phone number in the my profile does not allow adding a UK mobile number either.Version: 5.30.0

DisappointedBoth times I have tried the service I was let down. First time my order was cancelled after waiting a long 2.5hours. The second time the food was on its way then was never received but showed on my app as being delivered..Version: 3.1.72

Used to be a loyal customerHowever their delivery drivers get worse and worse. They can’t follow instructions, deliver it to the wrong location, are impossible to get ahold of, and then are incredibly rude about helping you when it comes to fixing their mistakes. Just had a driver named Luis who could not speak or read a lick of English (this is America) and I spent my entire lunch break trying to find my food. This has happened too many times to even count. I will no longer use the app but beware a lot of restaurants still use doordash as a third party delivery service. So even if you order from the restaurant directly, it’s doordash that delivers it and then it is even more difficult to fix issues the driver’s cause, because the restaurant will tell you to call doordash and doordash will tell you they can’t help you since you didn’t place the order through their app. Granted they are good about issuing refunds, but a lot of the time I don’t need or want the money back, I just want my order delivered correctly. Also the doordash subscription is purposely very easy to sign up for. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve accidentally hit that button and didn’t know it until my account was being drafted. It happened on my work credit card once and they don’t issue refunds so I had to pay my company back the money out of my pocket. My recommendation is to skip doordash and stick with a different delivery service. Uber eats has always been great for me..Version: 5.24.0

Crappy serviceCUSTOMER COMMENTS NEVER ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!!! They like to take the money then claim the restaurant can’t fulfill the order. Of course the store can’t because you guys never send the order to the store!!! Then say it will take us 5-7 days to get our money back after you took it! Bunch of crap . Never order again or recommend this company to anyone!!!.Version: 3.1.93

Use skip the dishesNone of the coupon codes work even though I am a new customer. Very frustrated..Version: 3.1.95

Horrible experienceThis was horrible it took way to long and I asked for a venti iced caramel macchiato and I got a medium hot caramel macchiato and I mentioned it to the delivery person but he just said oh well and drove off I do NOT recommend this Service I’d recommend skip the dishes or Uber eats🤬.Version: 3.1.15

ThievesThe drivers on this app are starting to become desperate. 3 of my last 4 orders were a complete disaster. If I have to spend 90 minutes on the app trying to speak to support after a failed delivery, is it really worth it. My driver pretended to deliver my order, took a picture of the receipt on the dashboard, and left. Door Dash tells me the driver delivered it to the correct address & gave me about a 25% refund for any inconvenience. Any subsequent action I took to resolve it, resulted in me being told a credit was already issued. I had to call my bank to dispute the charge. A few weeks ago, the driver gets my food, waits for me to text her about it because she was taking a while, then she says she got a flat & asked ME to cancel the order. I know, because I used to be a driver, if the customer cancels, you get to keep the food. I asked her to cancel it if she couldn’t deliver it & she refused. Told me I would have to wait an hour for triple A to come so she could deliver it. I called support & they had the nerve to ask me if I can wait for cold food to arrive. No other solution, just wait. I cancelled it knowing that person just wanted the food. I have since developed a relationship with that restaurant owner & he says it happens all the time. He gets a big order, then he ends up making it over again, knowing the driver must have stolen it. I now go to him directly. He doesn’t deserve that. Thieves!.Version: 5.33.0

Cancelled orderOrder cancelled 40 minutes after ordering. Not able to call customer service or chat in the app. Poor quality - not sure why highly regarded.Version: 3.1.77

Never using DoorDash again. So many better optionsMany issues with missing items or over an hour deliveries but this last one was where I drew the line. Had a call after 40 minutes of ordering my meal, it was the driver who asked how I ordered when the store was closed? As if it was my fault? Anyways, I contacted support and they first offered me a $2 refund… mind you this order was $25. I couldn’t believe it and said I would like my full refund since I’m clearly not getting my order that I ordered. Support said it could take up to 24hrs for approval for whatever reason and asked if I would like it back as my original method of payment or credits. Obviously I was done with DoorDash so I said my original method of payment which was my card payment.I’ve just received it completely back in credits… what an absolute joke. Please just use Uber eats, they’re way more reliable. I wish I could 0 star this..Version: 4.80.0

StupidDoesn’t even like you change it 2 pounds or like any address in England You’re so annoying it’s you in if I tied a house in America cousin my cousin is living it still say no restaurants near you and I know there is a restaurant name of a live so yeah I get a Uber eats if I was you.Version: 3.1.25

The app is good, but…The restaurant's option to change your order to whatever they want being hidden is a terrible feature. I found out the hard way by receiving food I'm allergic to. Make this option more visible, not hidden!.Version: 5.31.0

Worst customer serviceMy food was picked up by the driver but he didn’t deliver for over 30mins so food was cold and sundae had melted. Complained and they just send a stock answer saying your important and they’re sorry. six emails later I eventually got an answer saying they could do anything. I’d never used again $19 wasted..Version: 3.1.82

Never using againI ordered a small meal (2 go buckets&2 drinks) from kfc murdoch at around 11:20am, The Doordash driver Accepted my order whilst being no where near the restaurant, my order was made in around 10 minutes, expecting to arrive around 11:40 which i didnt mind, however at 12 i looked at my drivers location noticing it hasnt moved from where he was when he accepted it, i then messaged my driver asking why he hasnt picked it up yet, and why he would accept it when he wasnt even near the restaurant. he changed the status to he picked it up coincidentally as i messaged it, then i checked my estimated arrival time being 12:30pm. he arrive around that time with my food being cold. as he was driving i watched his location the whole time, didnt go to the restaurant, went the LONG WAY, to my delivery destination. i then proceeded to complain to doordash’s customer support which i had to make an account just to do so. I expalined what happened and they simply “noted down my feedback” and cant do anything further. Im extremely disappointed and would still like my money back on behalf of doordash as kfc wasnt the problem here and had my food ready in a quick amount of time. never using doordash thru any service again, would much rather walk or drive..Version: 6.7.0

Bad customer service, slow delivery serviceDoor dash is not comparable to uber eats at ALL! Food is always late, takes 1.5-2 hours to arrive each time. No number to call for immediate customer support if something goes wrong. The wrong driver picked up my order once and I didn’t receive my food for 2.5 hours and it was freezing cold. They offered me $5 compensation lol..Version: 3.1.15

IssuesBeing have a problem in the last few days trying to order or open up any food options in my area. A message comes up to “Oops something went wrong. We experienced an error while executing your request. Please try again”. Otherwise it’s been great, it’s my preferred delivery service..Version: 4.93.0

Orders are always wrongWe have used this app three times now and the order has been wrong every time. I have dietary requirements meaning I’m unable to eat the items sent incorrectly. DoorDash do not offer refunds, just credits to keep you stuck in the cycle. The issue seems to be from DoorDashs end as the restaurant’s ticket is not what we ordered on the app..Version: 4.105.0

Sign in with  do not workThe button to sign in  does not work. All other buttons works. Please provide update..Version: 3.2.4

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