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Trivia Crack (No Ads) App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Trivia Crack (No Ads) app received 108 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Trivia Crack (No Ads)? Can you share your negative thoughts about trivia crack (no ads)?

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Used to be a good game…Like me and my dad played the first one and most of the time we waited for ads to finish, but we got the ad free version and it seemed like a good deal to me. Well if your going to download this beware. I have many reasons and complaints so if your going to download this you should definitely read the comments and reviews first. Well the first thing is that it’s totally rigged it’s full of bots and fake players that are just there to make you pay for there right answers and tickets. Second of all they cheat you and even if you win the 500 points in survival sometimes it doesn’t give you the points. And it’s very rare to win 500 and it can make you rage. Third of all, after you use all of your tickets on survival they make the question way harder which makes it extremely unfair. These are my reasons for hating this game it cheats it takes and it’s just another money waist..Version: 3.130.0

PAY TO PLAYI figured that by paying for this game I would be able to play whenever I want, but it denies you turns and asks for money. Complete rip off. I'm asking for a refund..Version: 2.1.6

ANNOYINGI bought the full version so I wouldn’t get ads. I’m now bombarded on a daily basis with tournament pop ups that I can’t turn off. I do NOT want to play in tournaments, let people turn them off!.Version: 2.64

I used to love this gameI used to love this game. There have been little annoyances like when it doesn’t count the gems that you earned. You expect it get fixed and be credited what was lost, but that doesn’t happen. More recently, I have seen that the VIP trading cards go up to a huge cost! The worst and the deal breaker, is their time limit. You have to respond within 24 hours or the opponent has another turn. This has resulted in me suddenly losing a lot more games as I lose so many turns. I have a busy life. A full time job, a long commute, a house to take care of and most importantly, a child. I used to play my turns when I finally got in bed at the end of a long day. It may be 8:30-11:00 at night. When it differed, I’d lose my turn. I have enough responsibilities and I don’t want to feel beholden to a game. So I made the decision to stop playing, it just wasn’t fun anymore..Version: 2.77.0

Not Ad FreeThis version has splash screens all over the place asking you to by in app purchases. Spoils a good game..Version: 3.51.0

Paid version still displays advertsFun game but the paid version still displays adverts (mainly coin related). The adverts take up about 1/3 the screen on an iPhone 4 so it's difficult to ignore them. Other than that, an entertaining game that works well. Would be good to see if your opponent used coins tho. To me they're cheating but they are part of the game so maybe I'm old fashioned. Frequent bug fix releases..Version: 2.2.1

App won’t load!!!!!App won’t load!!!!.Version: 3.82.0

Fun but too many pop ups for paid versionI enjoy the app but it’s super frustrating to have to click out of at least 3 pop ups of additional purchase offers after already having bought the paid version, and the pop ups of the events within the game. Maybe the current events running could be in another tab so I can open it and see for myself?.Version: 3.170.1

LIARSBought this app and IMMEDIATELY had an ad pop up😡 I played 1 round and then had 3 ads in a row asking me to pay for coins!!!!!! Also hockey was NOT invented in Canada. Fix your game. Literally unplayable.Version: 3.105.0

HeartsYou need to put a limit on how many hearts you can get on free spin I’m sick of getting that 99% of the time.Version: 3.117.0

Purchasing no ads DOES NOT MEAN no more bull dustIn purchasing the no as version you will be continually hounded with non desirable options including: Feed able pet with notifications Multiple offers to spin a wheel after every change of turns continued pop ups to purchase consumables. Expectations were not met on this one and the app is much worse off for it..Version: 3.106.1

Get rid of stupid retry pages!Why after every single wrong answer must you show a stupid full page retry that you have to reach to the top of the screen to remove? Ridiculous..Version: 2.55

Too many in-app adverts (so much for ad-free version!)Used to really like this app, but since the latest update I am being plagued with adverts encouraging me to spend money within the app. Not needed. Not wanted. Even the “get more cards” section has been moved to the part where you are encouraged to spend money on gems etc. Massive step backwards. I paid for the ad-free version to avoid ads, but now I get them anyway. Please can I have the old version back? Update: the latest update has resulted in me also being plagued by full page adverts for other games, trying to encourage me to download other apps. Just what did I pay for when I paid more for the “no ads” version??.Version: 3.83.0

Used to be a 5 star gameI have played this for a few years now and always enjoy it and until the last update, I would have given it 5 stars. Last night more than half of my questions (and I answered at least 100), were dreadful picture questions. Pictures that show a city with just some boring buildings and no stand-out monuments etc, and then to be asked what city it is is ridiculous- could be anywhere in the world. It doesn’t even say what country or even hemisphere to give some clue. I had many of these, on top of pictures of teenage “stars” with just a “who is this?” question. Please limit the amount of picture questions. It is making me not want to play and I usually play about an hour each night..Version: 3.27.0

Filled with junk and nonsenseWhat was once a simple and fun trivia app is now bogged down by innumerable nonsensical extras and predatory in-app purchases. While the actual trivia gameplay is fun, it has seemingly taken a back seat to sticker albums and pointless pricey add-ons aimed at a seemingly very young and vulnerable audience. You can also just buy yourself victories. Ten bucks gets you 27 correct answers you can deploy as needed. No one is looking for that kind of “gameplay”. I play trivia with my mom as a way of keeping in touch long-distance, and it’s just dumb that we have to wade through all this nonsense. Most of the questions seem like they would be over the heads of tweens, meanwhile they appear to be the target demographic. When Grandma got them those iTunes gift cards, she probably wasn’t trying to finance pointless cheating in trivia apps..Version: 3.144.2

All About MoneyI used to thoroughly enjoy this game. Now everything is about money grabbing tactics. I paid for the ad-free version because I do believe in supporting the products I enjoy. But now they stick a piggy bank on your main screen and make you believe that if you’re patient enough, answer 200 questions correctly, you’ll be rewarded. But alas, you can only crack it if you pay. Pay pay pay. Additionally, many of the questions are littered with spelling and grammatical errors. There is no real variety to the questions either. For sports, you’re definitely getting a football question. For history, you’re definitely getting something about one the King George’s. Science, just know the periodic table. Pop, just know Marvel and DC comics. Geography, learn the Great Lakes or what podunk cities are/aren’t in which state. And art... apparently the only thing to Art is colors. You don’t need to know anything past rudimentary art class, like which colors mixed together make orange. So exciting! I will finish my current games with folks and then find another trivia app. This makes me sad, as it was such a simple pleasure after a long work day. But the developers also don’t seem to care about the complaints of the customers supporting their product..Version: 2.88.0

All about paying for itThe game is great, but easily one star for me for the fact I paid for the ad free version, and there are still notifications about paying for this or for that. Notifications from the game and within the game as well, AFTER paying for ad free version. Yes, I get I no longer have to wait 30 seconds for some ads, but your other advertisements are still there and just as annoying. Get rid of that in the AD FREE version, and it’ll be 5 starts, no questions asked. Also, maybe raise the price? I wouldn’t mind paying 5, maybe 7 bucks for a TRUE ad free version. Maybe put out question packs to add. Like go in game and you can unlock a season 5 question pack (of course tied to your account to be able to play on new devices. And each new pack can help you generate revenue..Version: 3.103.0

Has a sale longer than DFSEvery time you go into it you are bombarded by “limited” time sale promotions. There should be an option to stop this it’s ruins what is a good game..Version: 3.157.0

Still Not Completely AccessibleI am a VoiceOver user, and not all of the elements are displayed on the screen with VoiceOver enabled. You can't go back if you accidentally get into a place where you didn't mean to go, there's just random different things on the homescreen, and creating new games with people isn't the most accessible. The in-game experience could be better, but it works...half the time. Creating questions in the question factory is less than pleasant. I have to enable the screen recognition feature to find the buttons to input my answers. I have to use screen recognition pretty much everywhere except for when I'm actually in a game with someone. This game would be more enjoyable, if these accessibility problems could be improved. When I get to the create new game screen, I can select the game mode that I want, but when it shows the list of suggested friends that I could play, none of the elements in that section are read buy voiceover. I can flick to an element, but it won't read. Please fix..Version: 3.101.0

Good game, annoying pop upsKeeps asking me to buy this and that, frustrating! That’s still advertising!.Version: 3.60.0

Quite fun but a little lackingI downloaded this app because the top review displayed to me speaks highly of its voiceover accessibility. Unfortunately, the app falls rather short of such a glowing review on that front -- there are elements that are poorly labeled as to not let you know what you're tapping, the card machine is a jumbled confusion, many questions that contain images e.g. "Who painted this?" appear despite there being a setting to not display questions with images, and the cursor jumps around wildly (you can't simply flick from the top of the screen to the bottom without repeatedly returning to the top). I appreciate that they tried, a bit, to make it accessible, but it feels like they gave up somewhere in the middle of the project. Other than that, the game itself is really fun, the questions are interesting and varied, and the system for adding and removing them seems to work very well.Version: 3.25.0

No regard for privacyNo regard for privacy. I began playing this game against friends. Now am caught up in public tournaments that I can’t get out of - my details on display. Have emailed developer. Lazy, disinterested response. Developer not interested in individual’s privacy. Recommend boycott until privacy concerns are addressed..Version: 3.52.0

Latest version has issuesEvery time I get on the game lately it's frozen, I have to close and re-enter for it to work. Then this week I used a card from my album to earn 3750 coins over a 7 day period... I go to see it come out after this wait only to find the card switched out for a 500 coin reward. Very annoying. Very glitchy issues which I've not seen before this version. Please fix!.Version: 2.79.0

GoodGood.Version: 1.9.3

Worth the $2I love trivia! I enjoy playing this game a lot & it’s nice playing it without ads. I’m definitely hooked. If I could change anything about it, it would be for them to spell check their trivia questions & use capitol letters when necessary & use correct punctuation. No trivia questions should have 6 question marks in it & I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people’s names in all lowercase letters. It’s Jane Doe, not “jane doe”. Also, some of the questions in this game are just straight up stupid, I’m assuming it’s people who do not work for the app creating them, but I wish they would be pickier about which ones actually get put in the game. Or perhaps fix the trivia question & answers up a bit to look professional. Not all of the questions are that bad, but a good majority of them are. Enough to slightly get on my nerves, but that could just be me. I do think the app is worth the $2. It’s fun & addicting. It’s a rare occasion I don’t play it at least once a day. Hopefully the quality of questions improves in the future! Oh & one more thing. Don’t exit out in the middle of a pic duel or any part of the game where you continuously answer questions otherwise you will have to delete the game and reinstall it. I’ve had to do it 3 times because of it. Just exiting out of the app & restarting your phone does not help it. Until you delete & reinstall the app it will not stop claiming there’s a problem with your internet connection..Version: 3.74.0

Simply put... Doesn't work on Apple Watch.I've tried loading this after resets of both my iPhone and Apple Watch but it never loads. I actually wish I had not bought this as Apple Watch was the primary platform I was hoping to use this on..Version: 2.2.1

Too many visualsI used to enjoy this game. Now I am finding a great increase in picture questions which makes the game less fair for blind people like me..Version: 3.7.0

Too basicThis is a game for kids - the graphics are childish and the whole association of categories with characters is daft. The questions are too easy and playing is too drawn out, plus it keeps trying to get you to buy more cards even though the game is paid for. Plus why the need to sign up? Just glad I gave a false email - avoid!.Version: 2.53

Decent game, predatory spendingThe requests for spending money even after you bought the no ads version is borderline predatory. Randomly after getting a question wrong it’ll ask you to pay to get a much easier question, and it puts it right where the continue button is so if you’re trying to get through your games fast (limited time like me) you can constantly accidentally click the payments (not money but in game currency that costs real money sometimes) and accidentally spend all of your tickets or gold on it without being asked for permission or confirmation. Was saving tons of tickets up only for this to happen. To think I paid for it to do this to me. The irony in being “no ads” that you paid for but they predatorily push you to buy more add ons and stuff is beyond annoying let alone trick you into accidentally buying stuff with currency you save up by putting it on the continue button. How is this legal tbh.Version: 3.122.2

The ads on this “no ad” version of the game are incessantThere are more ads... sorry “offers” for in game boosts in this game than there are in most games with ads. They never stop. It is ridiculous! This is supposed to be ad free but every lost turn results in an AD for a rip-off $13.99 in game boost so you can’t leave your kids alone with it. This app should be reported..Version: 3.51.0

Survival....I love playing this game, your Survival challenge, I have to say there are too many American based questions. Sorry, but I don’t live in the USA so I have no idea about Baseball, American Football, Hockey, and your History. Can you make it fair and perhaps delete these questions???.Version: 3.65.0

Too many In App Purchase Pop-upsTrivia Crack has fun, addictive gameplay and quite few different modes and categories to compete and answer questions in. Unfortunately, this “No Ads” version, while not containing third party ads, has an over abundance of pop ups you need to X out of encouraging you to make in app purchases. These are still ads, and have to be dismissed 2-3 times per game. These should only have to be dismissed once and never seen again. Having to repeatedly be bombarded with them after every wrong answer and after every match is frustrating and defeats the purpose of paying for the ad free version of the app. The game itself is very enjoyable, it’s too bad the developers felt the need to inject these pop ups like this to encourage IAPs..Version: 3.53.1

Stop the cheatsLove the game. Get rid of the free spins and options to cheat. What is the use of playing a trivia game if you are given the opportunity to increase your chances of getting the answers right. Defeats the purpose of playing, let people use their brain, stop cheating..Version: 2.73.1

Not ad freeDon’t bother with this ad free version… it’s still packed with ads, they are just for in app purchases. Game is fun but there are so many pop up ads :(.Version: 3.122.2

Ad free is terribleEvery time I think I can give a better review Trivia crack does something else to make me give a bad one. I felt there was no too many ads before. I decided to get the ad free app. Now I have to use my coins to get a second chance when before I got to watch a video. I have limited coins. Those coins we have to use to use the power ups. Now I’ve paid money for no ads and have to use MORE coins. No, don’t think so. I tried to go and I to the free version, and now I can’t connect my account and lost all my progress. So I have no choice but to do the ads free version where I have to spend all my coins. So if you’re going to make us use coins for everything after paying for an app then make it easier to earn coins. Update: ok I’ve now given this 1 star because now I can’t connect my account to trivia crack at all. It keeps saying my Facebook is linked to a different email, but the email that’s displayed isn’t one I’ve ever used. If this doesn’t get fixed I’m done with this game and will want a refund for paying for no ads.Version: 3.85.0

I used to gift this app to friends and family...I have gifted this app innumerable times to others for the sheer joy of enjoying it together. NO MORE! Now they have lost my income as well as all the potential income from my referrals Now it’s shameful that the Devs are constant harassing the players with ads to encourage IAPs. Ironic that I used to spend $$ in the past on/in this game but they will never see me spend any $ again until they stop their practice of still giving us adds when we pay to have them removed.... There are other good Trivia games out there vying for our attention that respect us and are not constantly shoving the “give me your money” msg in our faces!.Version: 3.94.0

Good idea, poor implementationGame is basically Trivial Pursuit. Problems are with the way it is presented and the constant bugs. The developer has claimed to be “working on” the program’s inability to turn off both sound and music for years that I personally know of. Turning off sounds in the control panel works fine as a selection, but closing the options window simply turns the sound back on. How hard can this be to fix??? Quality control on the questions is laughably poor. Many questions are challenging only for users less than four years old, while many others have either incorrect answers or multiple correct answers. A final irritation involves the “No Ads” version. After paying, you do not receive ads for outside products and services, but you ARE constantly bombarded with ads for the developer’s OWN products. NO ads means NO ads!.Version: 3.100.1

Love playing on my iPhone but not on iPadI downloaded this on my iPad but it doesn’t even work it crashes every time I tried to play however works perfectly on my iPhone X so had to uninstall on my iPad as it doesnt work.Version: 2.89.0

WWF? More like WTF!Trivia crack used to be a good game to keep the mind alert and ticking over. But now with this latest WWF update it is annoying and senseless. Don't get me wrong I am a huge supporter of WWF and what they do. But the game has been totally ruined with this latest update and now I would recommend avoiding it like the plague..Version: 2.10

Please STOP NOTIFICATIONSI enjoy playing the game, but am so sick of advertising notifications that I am considering deleting app. If I turn off notifications then I won't know it's my turn..Version: 2.47.1

Repeat questions do your head in8 out of 10 questions that you’re asked are repeats - with some in the hundreds of times that you’ve been asked them when you’re at the higher levels. You report them, but they’re back before you know it. Personally, I don’t think they should be put back to the person who asked them for amendments and just be automatically removed from the game never to see the light of day again. Someone else will ask the same drivel anyway..Version: 3.1.0

Still has ADS!!!Ads didn’t go away what’s the difference?.Version: 3.168.0

There Are Still AdsI paid for this version to have no ads yet, here we are. There’s an ad on the title screen and more annoyingly, they pop up after each round for you to spend money on anither wheel spin and you have to press the x at the top right hand corner to get rid of it, only to be followed by another, literally right after, each round. So you’re doing waaay more tapingsuper annoying. The no ads feature is pretty much a scam because of this..Version: 3.63.0

DON'T upgrade to NO AddsIf you upgrade you don't have ads but you also lose your free spins and you are offered after every question you get wrong to pay 1000 coins to have a second chance... does anyone know if there is a way to roll it back? I paid $1.49 and thought it was to good to be true....Version: 2.53

Used to Love itI’ve had the game close to 5 or 6 years now, and I have been playing ever since I got it. Recently with how they have changed the No Ads app I have not been very happy. I PAID for No Ads for a reason and that was to get rid of the things that popped up on my screen!! Now having No Ads is the same as having Ads. I’m here to play trivia with the two people I’ve played with for 5 years and not worry about some little side game that keeps popping up on my screen that I don’t want to play!! It’s just so aggravating when you’re trying to play your game with someone and you’re constantly having to push the red X button on everything. So, my advice would be to not pay for the no Ads. I miss the much simpler trivia crack, although it aggravates me I’ll still keep playing!.Version: 3.84.0

FrustratedI have been enjoying this game until the last few days! The game only allows me to answer a few questions and then stops loading. Very disappointing 😡.Version: 3.58.1

You can buy answers for a trivia game??I gave it two stars because the game is fun but I don’t think people should be able to buy correct answers. That defeats the point of a trivia game. I agree players should be able to buy a second chance to answer and lives to play, but playing against people that pay for most, if not all, of their answers doesn’t seem to make any sense. I would like a version that lets you choose to play against people that don’t buy answers. Also, people agree to play and never return to the game. There should be a way to make the person that is no longer participating, forfeit the game. It’s annoying and a waste of a life to play a game when someone stops playing and you can’t end it without it negatively affecting your stats..Version: 3.54.0

Fun game, but intentionally deceptive.This a really fun game, but one thing the developers do to try and generate revenue for themselves is after losing a round, they flash for the continue button for a second, just before it switches to the option to continue for e coins or tickets, incidentally causing you to tap the button to use your currencies. They do this to purposely cause you to spend and waste all your currency in hopes that you will buy more for real money. It’s a deceptive practice, and they should stope doing it. This alone was the reason for my one-star review. The other issue is that, in non-paid version, ads are way too long, and are not always the length they show in the timer; after some ads’ timers run out, it will take several more seconds for the x to appear allowing you to close the ad, forcing you to either stare at it longer, or tap the screen before the x appears, inadvertently causing you to tap on the ad, thereby generating them more revenue..Version: 3.30.0

First world problemsYes I know it’s trivial (😏) but I paid for ad free and now I have to click off a bunch of other things. Honestly not a fan of the game anymore but they already got my money. So I’ll still randomly play..Version: 3.58.3

BAD BAD BAD!!!It's not a game, it's a cash machine. I paid for a no ads version, but i got plenty of it. An ad for yourself still an ad... And their price are ridiculous. 13$ to turn a wheel, really? And they place buyin buttons so you tap on it if you're too fast. Unscrupulous!!.Version: 3.82.0

No free spinsDon't upgrade.... I upgraded and yes the game is better without ads but now we don't get free spins so why bother I always go back to the free version for the chance of getting gems and lives you don't get that in the paid for app silly.Version: 2.53

Not worth the money for “no ads”The fact that it says no ads is VERY misleading. Every game or even when I launch the app I get MULTIPLE pop ups trying to get me to buy these different packs for over 10$ (which is expensive for something digital and pretty much worthless). I hate the fact that they advertise this for no ads, just gets under my skin. Just feels like my money was stolen. Sure, the game can be fun minus all of that. Yeah there’s some questions that are somewhat ridiculous or incorrect, and gives me a headache to read. Just saying, there’s nothing wrong with keeping it at like 1 or 2 pop ups on app launch. Constantly berating you with pop ups EVERY game is just unnecessary. Fix. This. App. Keep all the offers on the home screen and just let people buy them if they want. Seriously, this makes me want to uninstall so bad..Version: 3.150.0

Wrong languageThe game is fun I guess, though I dislike that you have hidden the cards that give you free items as much as you can. Also, in your new Survival mode, I only seem to get questions in Spanish with no way to change it, so I can’t really play..Version: 3.51.0

Ads free isn’t really free of adsUpdate 2: Now I’m just mad! I was IN THE MIDDLE OF A QUESTION when an ad came up for a pack of right answers, coins, etc. By the time I dismissed the ad, my question timed out and I lost the round. This is getting out of control. I’m dropping my rating until I start seeing fewer of these ads! Update: What the heck with all the ads for in app purchases?!? I purchased the ad free version because I did not want to be constantly asked to buy things. I get that these ads are different, but they are still ADS! It’s bad enough when I have to dismiss an ad for in app purchases between every turn, but it’s gotten to the point where I’m having to dismiss these annoying ads after nearly every answer! It’s driving me crazy…please, knock it off! I don’t want to buy a crap ton of coins and right answers, STOP ASKING! Original Review: I love this app, always have. I’ve played for years and still enjoy keeping my mind active with this game. Might I make one small suggestion, however? Please allow for friends to be removed from the friends list! The app keeps sending me a notification suggesting that I should show one friend in particular that I am smarter than she is. The problem is, my friend passed away over a year ago..Version: 3.150.0

New update has ruined my fav game! 😫Gone from the best game ever to clunky takes forever to load at times freezes between turns and the new update has made it worse!!.Version: 3.87.0

Deceptive! Greedy! Money grabbing! No point in paid version!The developers shamelessly try to trick you out of your money, even on the paid version!! They stick a piggy bank on your main screen and imply that if you’re patient and answer enough questions correctly, you’ll be rewarded. However, once you have filled up the piggy bank you can still only crack it if you spend $20!!! Despicable!! They also trick you into spending coins by quickly changing the big ‘Continue’ button to a “Pay 1000 coins to try again” button so you accidentally tap that. They do this so you will accidentally use all of your coins and spend real money to purchase more. I paid for the ad-free version but this just makes it so I cannot complete some challenges because they are locked by an ad. They also make you use 1000 coins to get a second chance whereas on the free version you can watch a video for free. So I have paid real money, and then have to spend coins to have the same chance of winning as people using the free version!?! That’s ridiculous!! To anyone out there considering the paid version; save your money! You’ll be frustrated by the game soon enough anyway!.Version: 3.40.1

Beware of “No Ads”Yes, there are no ads from other companies, but they still bombard you with ads to buy their coins, tickets, etc. There are also lots of manipulative tricks to get you to spend your coins and other items. I feel like I’m at a casino when I play this game..Version: 3.186.0

Highly AddictiveEnjoy the challenge friends section either via 1on1 or selecting several to play against. Simple & fun to use. Be nice to have English flag option not just American, small thing no biggie. Would be great if you can lengthen the screen for correct answers, blink & you miss it at present! Still a must have game for all quiz peeps.Version: 2.3

Bug Fixes??!!Here I sit, unable to play (probably w forfeit multiple games AND lose my current ranking) because all it does is keep saying “There is a problem w your internet connection. Please try again.” Well, there is no problem and everything else works on my phone! I’ve even rebooted 3 times today w no success. So please, could someone help me through this? Cheers, Jason.Version: 3.76.1

Noisy and have "experienced problems"Really love playing the game. However, have lost out on games when playing random challenges, because the game has "experienced Internet problems" or just gotten stuck trying to load, at least once every 10 games or so. When the problem is fixed, have found I had one less game to play each time it happened. Occasionally, even when I've completed a game, game has gotten stuck, and result is lost (annoying when I've done well enough to win in that game--says later "time expired"). Have also had hang-ups when claiming cards with gems. Emails to developers have gone unanswered in all cases, so just don't bother to report anymore. (I have the $2.99 ad-free version, which I otherwise like.).Version: 3.45.0

Pretty insanely bad design decisionsIt’s the trivia crack you all know and love, but there are some truly, genuinely braindead, often simply greedy design decisions that make this sometimes extremely unenjoyable. Sometimes when your friend plays you back, next time you launch the app it’ll tell you “your friend is waiting” with a big PLAY NOW button, which even lizards have enough brainpower to assume would take you to the game they played you back in. Nope. It starts a new game. I accidentally started 5 concurrent games with the same person from this. Is this a bug? I don’t even know. But worst of all is that when you get a question wrong, the big Continue button suddenly changes into a “Pay 1000 coins to try again” button without warning just as you’re tapping it. This is a very naked attempt to trick people into spending coins and incentivizing buying more with real money. Pure scum. Make it a separate button..Version: 3.23.2

Annoyed at the scammingIt’s a fun game but it’s pretty crappy how it tricks you into using 1000 coins when you miss a question by putting the option where continue would be..Version: 3.63.0

DisappointedHaven’t played for a couple of months.. But So Disappointed with the update. The multi player challenge is ruined. Only two goes for every 76 hours?? And waiting for 100 people is ridiculous. Way to wreck a good game..Version: 3.144.1 “crack”...but annoyingThe game is enjoyable, but the fact that there is no real formal review of questions makes it annoying...many repeated questions, questions that are worded poorly, questions with errors and stupid questions: I realize it’s a “trivia” game, but the level of trivial facts is just ridiculous at all the questions regarding the periodic table (atomic weights of elements? Sorry...graduated from high school 35 years ago...don’t know, don’t care... and the number of questions of where some podunk town is that no one ever heard of...who cares?! What I don’t get is how these questions passed the 85% approval rating. Which leads me to one other annoying thing about this game. I have suggested 20 questions...several that have that 85% approval rating that are still waiting for approval...not sure when that happens...and, sure it’s my opinion, but several that are much better than many “approved” questions that don’t have the 85%... ok, done with the rant..Version: 2.80.0

Keeps nagging for feed back even though I paid for itKeeps nagging for feed back even though I paid for it.Version: 3.62.0

Love the game, love the app, but...I’m giving you two stars because at the end of every single turn I accidentally spend coins on a second chance because YOU SUPERIMPOSE THE SECOND CHANCE BUTTON ON TOP OF THE “CONTINUE” BUTTON. Who does that?? Not only that, but the second chance button doesn’t immediately appear, it comes up like a half second later so I’m already pressing the continue button and it just slips in. I hate it..Version: 2.85.0

More stupid than funThe idea of a trivia quiz is always likable, but too few of the user-generated questions seem to be moderated or corrected when they make little sense grammatically or logically. Even more stupidly are the "gems" and "lives" which can be purchased for outrageous sums yet seemingly have zero value in terms of gameplay; a vacuous money grab in any language. Needs an overhaul or a more adult-minded competitor..Version: 2.55

Christine {Christine}Updated 5 days ago and now the app won’t launch. I paid for ad free but get bombarded to purchase constantly. Why put diamonds and lives on a spin wheel when you don’t need them?.Version: 3.76.1

Stuff bothering meI really can’t stand all the pop-ups asking me to play or pay. But there is something new, abd HATE it, the fast player option. Please deactivate this!!!!!.Version: 3.189.0

Keeps crashing when opening the appThe app keeps wanting you to login but says check internet connection and won’t let you out of the loop..Version: 3.88.0

GlitchyI loved playing this app but lately is has become so glitchy that it freezes my screen, especially if I have won a round, and I cannot get out of it unless I shut down my iPad. When this happens, I typically lose the character I just won. It has gotten so bad that I can only do a couple of spins before it freezes. I have had no problems like this with other apps, but this one is a mess. P.S. Every move you make on this app is followed by an advert for you to make more purchases. I understand they need to make money but it is absolutely ridiculous how often these adds pop up and often with several ads in a row. When I purchased the ad free version, I wasn’t expecting Trivia Crack to substitute their outside advertisers with their own ads. I genuinely thought it would be ad free. I don’t mind a few ads here and there but this is ludicrous..Version: 3.58.1

Great game!Was really enjoying this game, but now I'm getting fed up with it as there is no UK choice with the flags so the only English language questions you get are American ones which isn't fair. So many sport ones which I'm not good at anyway and they're all American as are lots of the other categories like history and geography! Sort it out!!!.Version: 2.2.4

You gotta pay for your prize???I’ve enjoyed TC for at least 3 years. But recently, a piggy bank game appeared. When you earn enough points to fill your piggy bank, you smash it open to claim your prize. But that costs you $16.99 - to claim the prize you just won. What the expletive???.Version: 2.97.2

Zodiac challenge is stupidI’m trying to beat the zodiac challenge but the “computer” is answering questions faster than I can even read them. It’s impossible to beat the last level unless you’re a super fast reader and thinker. So stupid, they just want you to keep wasting your tickets so you buy more. Not fair at all imo.Version: 3.157.0

Simply doesn't work on the apple watch!Want to rate 0 stars but cannot. Tried reinstalling/deleting etc etc. It appears this is the same for a number of watch users. I have iPhone 5s (which it works on) however black screen when launched on the watch (with the app running/not running). Should be removed until fixed. Money back please...Version: 2.1.6

Waste of moneyThis app is an absolute disappointment. I bought it a few years ago when this app was at its prime to get rid of the ads. However there is so many in app purchases on top of this app that bother you until no end. The app is almost unusable..Version: 3.98.1

Paid app gets greedyPlease stop asking me to buy stuff - your in game ads are just as bad as regular ads. I paid for this game and don’t want to continually be asked if I want to spend more. It’s become less about knowledge and more about how deep your pocket is. Losing a game? Pay to win! Don’t bother with this game.Version: 3.110.0

This is the ad free version, doesn’t feel that wayAfter evey turn once you fail a question:there is a repetive spin the wheel and this was nice.(At first) but I no longer care for it I have many gems and coins and tickets I dont need anymore. I would appreciate it if it was gone or could be disabled in settings. Then there is a second wheel that asks you to spend 9.99$ for a premium spin the wheel. This is very annoying because everytime I dont even come close to considering it for the same reason as before i am more than happy with the number of hearts and coins etc. I feel I have been cheated becuase I payed for the ad free version. But there still are these in game ad’s. Please fix this, anytime i come back to the game i face this again and again causing me to leave it. This quite literally is my only problem with the game..Version: 3.114.1

Begging for ratings is aggravating.Popping up a third review request after I’ve already dismissed it twice earns you a one-star review..Version: 3.53.0

Can’t play what I’ve paid forI hadn’t played in a while, so I thought I start up a new game, but every time I open the app it tells me I have no internet connection. This has continued through three updates so far. What is it I paid for, again? Oh, right, no ads in an app I can’t play! A bargain at twice the price! Maybe this is Etermax’s way of pushing me to the pay-to-play version two?.Version: 3.89.0

Game has become a money grabA while back I bought the ad free version so I could just run the app, play the game and then be done without any hassle. However over the last few months the developers are putting in more and more in game purchase pop ups, and it greatly interferes with the ability to play the game. It’s very disappointing to know that the developers no longer seem to care about the game they’ve made, and instead are focused on trying to squeeze as much money out of the public as possible. I understand the fact that people create apps for the purpose of making money, however buying the ‘ad-free’ version of the game means I don’t want to be interrupted by this sort of thing, and a pop up for in game currency is still an ad..Version: 3.95.0

I want my money backEver since @prendi7 had taken over making the questions this game has gone right downhill. I used to love this game but now the questions are so stupid. I WANT MY MONEY BACK! Also I paid so there would be no ads and now there are constant pop ups to buy stuff . YOU HAVE RUINED ONE OF THE BEST GAMES. SHAME ON YOU! I will never play one of your games again.Version: 3.124.1

Stop the adsI like the game although there are some annoying glitches that causes drop outs, and errors in questions. But the annoying thing is that despite paying for a no ads version, I keep getting ads from trivia crack! An ad is an ad regardless of who is advertising! Stop with the ads!!!.Version: 3.50.0

Premium Version but less helpfulIn the free version you can choose to watch ads for power ups. In the premium version you don’t get this choice and said power ups cost a lot in coins. So having the free version is advantageous and this shouldn’t be the case. Think twice before you upgrade people..Version: 2.87.1

“No ads” but loaded with micro transactionsIt used to be a fun game but it’s gone downhill. The app claims to be “no ads”, but it’s overrun with pop ups and “special offers” for microtransactions. Some of them pop up quickly on top of a screen where you were about to press a ‘Continue’ button to proceed to the next screen, with the “accept microtransaction” button strategically aligned with where the Continue button was so that you‘re more likely to accidentally hit it. I’m deleting the game because of the constant ads to buy in-game content..Version: 3.51.0

If I buy the no ads version, that should include in app purchasesLove the game, but I bought the no ads version for a reason. I do not want to constantly see pop ups for your in app purchases, that are basically the same as ads. Have some respect for paying customers.Version: 3.104.0

Please get rid of the need a second chance pagePLS I’ve used coins by accident!!! This is annoying apart from all the money buy to win stuff, it’s a great game.Version: 2.91.0

Great game, terrible pop upsI paid for the ad free version of the game but when I open the app I’m bombarded by two pop ups, and after each turn a chance to get a make up question which it is very easy to accidentally hit and waste tickets/coins. Then 2 chances to spin. One of which cost 9.99 who is paying 9.99 for a spin. That’s a ridiculous price point to have to look at every time my turn is over and it makes me dread opening the app because I know all these annoying things will come up. I payed for ad free but I guess developers couldn’t commit to it being completely ad free. These should be able to be turned off or come up as a banner notification in the app and not take up my entire freaking screen each and every time.Version: 3.124.1

NO PLACE TO USE GEMSI’ve accumulated quite a collection of gems. However, there is no way to use them. The latest Card Machine was for Valentine’s Day, 2018. There was no machine for St. Patrick’s Day, and Easter is almost here with no Easter-themed card machine in sight. What good are the gems without being able to use them? Also, when one of your submitted questions is rejected, you can’t edit it in order make improvements or corrections to resend it. You must start from scratch. Another thing is that the Extra Spins have been removed from the purchased game, but they still are part of the free, ad-filled game. What’s up with that? What’s up with the pink piggy that “rewards” you with coins and right answers, as long you pay for the reward with real dollars. HELLO...IT’S NOT A REWARD IF YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR IT. Plus, there’s nothing you can do to get the pig off your screen. Support says they can’t remove it. BS. I’ve had it with this game..Version: 2.89.1

Still pesky app ads when paying for no adsThis app has pesky ads still in the app after purchasing the no ads version. I feel ripped off, every time I login in or try to use the game a screen pops up trying to entice people to spend more money to play the game. I’ve emailed the developer stating this is not acceptable as it’s still ads however they have said they are not as they are required to play the game. This is not true as don’t need to spend more and more money to play the game fairly. For this reason I am delete this app and I would also like a refund of the $2.99 I spent to have ad free when clearly it is not. Such a joke and greedy company..Version: 3.141.0

Too far right and too many adsI’ve played trivia crack for a long time. I bought the ad free version years ago, and over the last four years they keep adding more and more of their own ads. Always trying to get you to buy tickets, coins, or spins. You’ll be in the middle of going and an ad will pop up. Always in a spot where you could accidentally click purchase on something because you were about to select a character. They don’t care the players hate the ads, as I see there are numerous reviews complaining about them. In fact, I think they’ve increased them. Also, over the years it’s become more and more political (leaning Republican) and right wing oriented. The verbiage of the questions and photos chosen always tries to glorify the right wing agenda and racists. Calling a confederate general talented? Really? When I play a trivia game I don’t want someone’s political agenda constantly being tossed at me. If you offer a game for everyone then it should be apolitical. I’m over this game. Deleted. I’m testing if Trivia360 is better. So far so good..Version: 3.135.1

Sports and EntertainmentGreat if you are into sports and entertainment. Very few other questions.Version: 3.140.0

CrashingGame keeps crashing just been updated too 😲.Version: 2.51.1

Fun game, but...I love this game! It’s fun and usually pretty challenging. However, the 2 things that I can’t stand are the spelling and grammar errors (SO MANY OF THEM!) and the fact that they don’t give you enough cookies. If my pet needs 9 cookies every 23 hours and I answer tons of questions in that time frame, I should have enough cookies to feed my pet! Instead, I’m always struggling to find cookies. Give us cookies more often! The more cookies my pet requires the less I get! Lately it’s 1 cookie per 30 questions! It’s ridiculous! Also, who’s doing the writing, editing, proofreading, etc.? Please learn to write and spell. And, some of this questions and choices are so ridiculous, inappropriate, and silly. This game needs a facelift..Version: 3.107.0

Same Old CrapThis game is so tedious. I’m so tired of all the repeated questions, the horrific spelling and grammatical mistakes, religious questions in the history section instead of art, and the length of time I have to take my turn. I spend most of my time within the app reporting questions rather than playing. There is nothing new in the app anymore. I have 3 million in coins and over 5k in diamonds. I have all of the cards for my album. I literally have nothing to spend the diamonds and coins on within the app. Having less than 24 hours to play each game gets really frustrating. Sometimes you literally have to stop whatever it is that you’re doing to go and play your games. That’s not a fun thing to do. And games are supposed to be fun but this app has lost a lot of its fun. And the new form of greed. I open the app and I’m asked for money. I end my turn, do my free spin, then I’m asked for money. After every single game. I answer the daily question then I’m asked for money. It’s gotten very old very fast..Version: 3.73.0

I just want triviaYo, firstly every time I open the game I don’t need that annoying pop up asking if I want to start a new game. Secondly when I get a question wrong, don’t put the pop up to spend coins to try again right on top of the button to quit that game, it’s blatantly obvious you’re making people waste coins here (just don’t make it pop up at all!). Thirdly, I just want trivia, I don’t care much for these coins, diamond and hearts (whatever they do), and there are too many pop ups and things asking me to spend them, or to spin a wheel to get more. Whoopty do. If my friend didn’t ask me to play this with her it would not be on my phone that’s for sure, and I deeply regret giving you money to remove advertisements. P.S. I forgot the main reason I went to write a review, I keep getting notifications to open the app but there’s no game to play, it’s just the app making me open the game for no reason. Go figure. Probably hoping I’ll spend more money, good luck with that..Version: 3.2.0

AnnoyedLove the game but you purposely put the retry button where the continue button is so I keep accidentally hitting it and spending coins. If it happens again I’m just gonna delete the app..Version: 2.92.1

So many adsThere’s ads for game upgrades non-stop what a scam.Version: 3.117.0

What’s the point of the green check?Why would you have a trivia game with a prize feature (green check) that gives you a pass on answering the question? So you do a challenge with another player who can use the green checks to automatically win all of the questions? What’s the fun in that?.Version: 3.104.1

Trivia crackCrown league didn’t give me a crown in my performance!! 😫. Very disappointed. Also way too many boring American sitcom show Friends and football questions!!.Version: 3.5.0

Explanation neededDoes anyone know why I can't re-download Trivia Crack? I've been told it's incompatible with my iPad.....I've been playing the game for 3 years!!!.Version: 3.89.0

Language choice no longer availableI used to play in English and German now I don’t get a choice. That’s not an improvement but a restriction for anyone that’s bilingual. Im very displeased by this..Version: 3.23.2

I mean sure...The amount of pop-ups for in game currency, pet food, etc completely ruins the flow of the game... You might as well just play the free version.Version: 3.134.0

Honestly not ad freeWhat on earth? I have never been so bombarded by advertisements in my life. This game is basically a pop up blockers dream. Like, I bought the no ads version but you’re really going to replace the ads with offers and limited time specials and other desperate attempts at in app purchases??? Come onnnnn.Version: 3.124.1

Not Very “Ad-Free”I got this version of the game to avoid the annoying pop ups after I answered a question incorrectly. I get the developers need to make money so I can understand the ads. An ad-free version seemed like a healthy compromise, as I would give them a one-time payment and in return I could play the game without interruptions. How I was wrong! On this version of the game, an incorrect answer bombards you and your screen with 3 separate offers/ads for in game prizes/currency. Please add an option to disable this because otherwise this purchase misleading and not worth it!.Version: 3.143.1

Too many adsToo many ads.Version: 3.114.1

Data collecting is awfulReally upset that a paid app collects so much data, especially because I love the game and was glad to be supporting it. Not happy now knowing that my data is stolen for no reason other than....Version: 3.106.1

Brilliant except...Do NOT waste your money if you are outside the USA. Half the "Global" questions are on US States, NFL, NBA or America presidents or history *even though* it's designed as an International game. Ridiculous and totally unfair since most people you play against are players from the US so you are massively disadvantaged. Rip off for the coins too..Version: 2.22

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