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Trivia Crack (No Ads) App User Positive Comments 2023

Trivia Crack (No Ads) app received 129 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about trivia crack (no ads)?

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Trivia crack gameSince update cannot get to work. Great game, but can’t find support..Version: 3.76.1

Paid version uses more coins than free versionI recently went from the free version to the paid version only to find out that when I don’t answer a question properly my only option is to use 1000 coins to get a second chance. Whereas on the free version all I have to do is watch a video. I don’t understand why you would do that. It’s more beneficial to use the free version. So to anyone out there reading this if you think the paid version is going to eliminate the videos, it does, but in the end it takes more of the prizes you’ve earned when you want a second chance. They should give us the option as to how we want to proceed.Version: 2.96.0

ExcellentI can't stop playing! Very reasonably priced to upgrade from the free version..Version: 2.92.0

Connectivity issues fixed, but......I left a review a few months ago about the game closing unexpectedly. That seems to have been fixed, BUT there seems to be people messing with the game. Users can submit questions and answers, but quite a few are getting through that are just plain wrong. Eg - a whelp is defined as a young tiger. The good thing is that you can report the question/answer as being wrong. Just don’t rely on information in the game being correct without checking other sources!.Version: 3.91.0

Addicting like crack!!Great fun, worth paying for the Ad Free version. Make sure to set your correct nationality or other wise it'll give you US questions. Amaze yourself with how much or how little useless information you know!! ;-).Version: 2.1.2

Good game but constantly freezesI love this game but it constantly freezes whether on my phone or iPad which means I have to reboot my gadget or delete app and install it again which shouldn’t happen with a paid app..Version: 3.67.0

Love this gameBrilliant game, mostly very accessible with voice-over,but would be nice to have a setting for voice-over users,so we didn't get the picture questions! Latest version doesn't work well with VoiceOver, so if you could look into that, we'd be very grateful. :).Version: 2.1.6

Great game to extend your knowledgeI am in my 60's and love this game as it is extending my learning and making me try to remember the correct answer if a question reappears. A lot of fun!.Version: 2.1.3

Love It !!!!Absolutely love this game. So so addictive. Some questions are a little easy and some ridiculously hard. But have gotten all my friends to get it so we can play against one another. Fab !!!.Version: 2.2.1

PesterI don’t want to leave a review, but the pop-ups wouldn’t stop..Version: 3.51.0

TriviaCrackHas way too many glitches including freeze ups where one has to leave the game and start over and over and over again. Needs to be fixed!.Version: 3.59.2

AddictiveLove this game But what is the point of the gems after you have all the cards? I’m over 4000 gems with nothing to use them on. To bad they couldn’t be traded for coins or credits..Version: 3.85.0

Highly Addictive!A friend showed me this app in April and already I'm approaching level 100. I try to tell myself it's educational but nonetheless it still takes up hours that I really should be using more productively. You have been warned 😜.Version: 2.1.4

Seriously addictive!The name is very apt! Such a great game with lots of interesting questions, it has some fun features, is user-friendly and well presented, and is fun and educational at the same time. Highly recommend!.Version: 2.7

Fun challengesI made a mistake and put this game on my mothers iPad:::: Now she challenges me to a game everyday, she is hooked.Version: 2.62

Addictive but American heavy contentI love this game. Happily play for hours. But it is somewhat frustrating the number of questions that are too focused to American players only. Just need to change the grammar on many of them to fix that..Version: 2.5

Fun Knowledge BaseIt is a fun way to learn new and random things in the different categories. Also it is a great time killer. Only issue is the 3 lives and that you have to pay a substantial amount to get unlimited lives if you want. Otherwise it is a great game..Version: 2.1.1

Good for testing general knowledgeIt would be better as a straight trivia game, but the way things are, you have to mess about with silly characters. Also lots of the questions are badly worded with dubious answers. That said its a good test for general knowledge. I play every day and enjoy it..Version: 2.32.1

Annoying pigLove the game but get rid of the pig ... Please it’s annoying.Version: 2.89.1

Top knowledge testSo many facts to recall😊😊.Version: 2.2

Increase.I have been playing TRIVIA CRACK for about 6 years and reached a score of 102. I suspect they raise the hardness of the questions as I rarely get the month completely correct. Does this mean I am I am going backwards in my knowledge - probably. But I really like the game, I am learning while enjoying the cut and thrust that is going on in my memory. Jabaroo.Version: 3.73.2

Play it all the time ...Trivia Crack is good, but sometimes the questions are poorly written, and spelling and grammar are often wrong. As I do not have time to write them myself I must put up with others' idiosyncrasies. 🦋.Version: 2.47.1

The newest version of treasure mine I hate, go back to just the pics version please please pleaseAs above.Version: 3.82.0

Trivia CrackHave played this for years but am now sick of it because there are so many pop ups and I have the purchased version I enjoy the trivia but not all the stupid and unexplained rewards, they seem to be mean nothing it has been cumbersome and tedious to play four friends play and all feel the same game is now ruined.Version: 3.89.0

Fun game but has its challengesThe questions need to be vetted out by those running the app and not the community of players. I’m amazed at how many errors there are with misspelled words, bad grammar, lack of punctuation, and proper nouns not capitalized. Also, I feel that the questions need to be fact checked. It’s easy to challenge an answer during a classic game but there is no way to challenge one in the rest of the games. I love the Survival and Triviatopics game, but some of the questions are way too long to finish reading before you have to answer. There are a couple of questions that are not finished because they are too long. There is a question that is not finished in the Pixar movies category of Triviatopics. The question that is asked is, “Who is this pictured”? There is no one In the picture so you can’t even possibly know the answer. There is another question that has a misspelled answer. “Where did Mike and Sully meet”? The answer in the game is Collage! Again, because of the misspelled word, the answer is technically wrong since this spelling means something completely different. These are just two examples of what I can remember. Someone needs to do an overhaul of these questions..Version: 3.83.0

Does not keep score properlyI like the game, but what drives me crazy is the way they wipe out your scoring for being able to get a crown question when you miss the crown question. You have already answered the 3 questions to be presented a crown question, then you miss the crown question and you have to start over again to earn the crown question rather than what it should be, lose your turn and then get another crown question next turn. I’ve lost dozens of games because of this bug. The latest update significantly increased the difficulty of some of the categories, so it really makes the bug mentioned above super annoying. If they don’t fix this bug, I’m going to quit playing the game..Version: 2.97.1

Give an audio warning seconds before Trivia Live startsLove the app, play every day, really love the new HQ Live game; o even like the time you play, however, it is the same a few minutes before the game starts as it is when the game is about to begin, so if one is not glued to the screen, one could easily miss the beginning of the game. I suggest you give some sort of “10 [or 15] seconds to game” announcement or a buzzer or something, so if people are doing something else while waiting, they don’t miss that first question. Other than that - great job. Questions come one after the other, so no time is wasted between with incessant & unnecessary chatter (as in that other game, which I also like and play, but which takes up a LOT of time)..Version: 2.98.1

Addicted.I have learned some fun and interesting things from this game. Now if I could only remember them during the game! I love that you have the opportunity to reach goals and obtain enough coins to give yourself an edge when you need it, but I do feel that 300 coins for winning a game is way too low, considering the cost of your optional aids (second guess and bombs) are so high. I also think the time allotted in the Triviathon is too short, as I sometimes don't even have time to read all the answers before time is up. Personally, I think you should offer a link to addiction couseling, but I guess that would defeat your purpose! 😋.Version: 2.77.0

Free version has benefitsI LOVE this game and I’ve played it a lot lately with friends. One problem I have come across however is that in the free version, you can opt to watch a video to get an extra spin before you lose your turn, whereas in the paid one, there is no option to try again unless you have enough tickets or coins. This has allowed my friend who didn’t pay for the no ad version to have more chances each time he plays than me who paid for the app. This has allowed him to win the past few games as he opts to watch the video for an extra turn every time(as I would). I know it’s the no ad version but I wish I could pay to get the rest of the ads to go away but still get the chance to watch a video for a free extra spin. Hope this is changed in the paid version soon. Love the game though and how well it’s done..Version: 3.29.0

Trivia CrackAddictive or what? It's quick and so much fun ........Version: 2.50

Used to Love thisThis game used to be my favorite. There are some new features that I love, like the crown league. I still play it frequently, but there are a few things that I would change. For example, I would love it if the questions were reviewed professionally before being put in circulation, and seriously, can we chill with the picture questions? I am blind so it is frustrating when every other question I get is a picture. I am also tired of questions that repeat over and over again. I have one last suggestion. Maybe you could add a few more categories like math. You could also add literature so that all the questions about books wouldn’t be in the art category. I will continue to play despite these issues because I am still a big fan!.Version: 3.4.0

Love the gameEnjoy playing the game very much. Only thing that I don’t like is the piggy bank. It doesn’t allow you to gain anything without spending money..Version: 2.91.0

Trivia CrackAddictive, challenging and good for your mind. Highly recommend, you'd be surprised how much you know and don't think you do know!.Version: 2.1.1

I wish there was more trivia and less garbageI love playing this but I’m sick of the childish contests etc. I just wanna answer trivia questions..Version: 3.98.0

GoodGood, lol.Version: 2.1.4

Addictive gameA fantastic time waster that test my general knowledge..Version: 1.9.4

MsGreat game that exercises the brain cells.Version: 1.8.2

Somewhat addictiveI play most days and in particular enjoy playing specific opponents who are around the same level or better than me. On the whole most questions challenging, although some are insultingly easy or only answerable by, for example,, British football fanatics or Harry Potter nerds. Also it's difficult to see how the rest of the world should be expected to know much about American football, baseball and basketball. However, it's surprising, assuming that you always check the answers, how you can build on your knowledge in areas of ignorance! More satisfying than most Quiz apps, although some sort of tutorial on using the app would be helpful, e.g. What are the advantages to me of collecting cards, using diamonds, etc?.Version: 2.46

Some suggestionsIf I made this app: - should be able to buy gems with coins rather than real life money - should be easier to have your questions approved for the game - question difficulty should increase as your level increases - in the tournaments, if it is a draw, the fastest player should win rather than both losing.Version: 2.62

Fun, addicting game!!..except...I love this game. I’ve been playing it on and off for years and just recently purchased the ad free version. Just a few issues I’ve noticed.... first off, the amount of coins it costs to get another chance at a question or something is ridiculous especially when you only get 300 for winning a game. And then on the tournaments challenge..... it clearly says “get to the TOP 1000 to win the big prize” and I’ve spent thousands and thousands of coins playing in it and I’ve gotten to TOP 1000 twice and gotten to TOP 900 and TOP 800 and I haven’t won anything. So I’m guessing that’s just a hoax to get you to spend your coins?... it needs to be fixed please guys. Thank you. Other than those couple of problems, I love the game and if the issues are fixed, I will definitely keep playing!!.Version: 2.54

Not compatible with iPhone 11Had no issues until I got the new iPhone. Now I can’t play the crown league or the daily question or any missions as it is no longer on the screen..Version: 3.42.0

Trivia crackNot bad however could be improved by: asking questions not in American but proper English😳: On winning a game you should be given an extra life and the questions should be checked that the answer is correct. For instance Egypt only shares borders with three countries not five!.Version: 1.9.4

Stop Asking to Buy LivesI purchased the ad-free version and it's been great until they made 2 modifications: 1) Every time you run out of lives, you get a pop-up asking you to purchase more. If I wanted to buy more lives, I could go to that section of the app and do it myself. I don't need a constant pop-up for that. It's almost as annoying as the ads. 2) When you answer a question incorrectly, it has another pop-up that asks if you want to buy another chance to answer for 1,000 coins. This is fine, except the button is almost exactly where you would push to continue to your next game and I've accidentally hit it a few times and unwillingly spent 1,000 coins for a turn I didn't want..Version: 2.52

Some ideas?I love this game, so much i was tired of ads & bought the ad free version ! I wanted to suggest a couple ideas that I feel, & hopefully others, would improve the reward system ! You all know that free spin you get after getting a wrong answer ? That wheel should definitely be updated ! Considering there are minor text bugs for whenever you get gems, etc., it’ll read &format/3 instead of “3 gems”. & I definitely feel like one heart should be removed from the wheel simply because eventually you’ll receive hearts on top of hearts & there really isn’t much to do with them other than play more games. But let’s be real, 52 hearts on top of the 15 games you’re already playing is just a waste of hearts. & COINS ! Definitely feel like there should be other ways to earn coins much faster. Perhaps a reward system, or something that mocks a “battle pass” as seen in other popular games. I feel that would really draw much more attention to users & definitely keep them more entertained. Especially with this pandemic!.Version: 3.84.0

Pretty good gameI like that you can play against random people as well as friends. The questions are submitted by users and do come up again quickly sometimes..Version: 1.9.3

UPDATE - WORKING GREAT - Still getting ads??????UPDATE - After purchasing the ad free version, I wrote a review with a rating of ONE star. The issue was a user error and not the app’s problem. I had not exited/quit the old app (the one with ads). Once I exited/quit the with ads app and restarted it, the app informed me that I had purchased the ad free version and asked me if I wanted to use the ad free app or not. After indicating that I wanted to use the ad free app, all was working as expected- NO ADS. So I changed my rating from a ONE to a FIVE. ORIGINAL - Just purchased the Ad Fee version, but I’m still getting ads. What’s the deal?.Version: 3.115.1

Love this game! Five Years a Winner!This game is the best! No time wasted here! It entertains and gives the mind information and brain exercise in a super fun way! Who knew that you could have so much fun while doing something good for you?! The variety of ways to play especially “Survivor” when pitted against 10 random players with 10 seconds to read and respond helps the ability to focus and process. The original game that permits 20 seconds to answer if needed is also great fun with special hints such as 50-50 or second chance on more difficult questions. The variety of ways to play and the various rewards keep things interesting. I look forward to the daily question and blind random choice award each morning! This game is a healthy diversion from the stress of life that also promotes respectful friendships. On occasion, when a question is miss-worded, spelled incorrectly, or simply wrong the ability to report it is appreciated. No complaints!.Version: 3.43.0

Trivia crackTrès bon jeu instructif,et très bien fait .J adore ce jeu.Version: 3.73.1

Fun and simpleEasy to play and great for filling in the odd ten mins of boredom here and there! Just a pain when you run out of lives and wanna keep playing - even when you purchase the app this bit is still restricted which I don't think is fair. Glad I paid to get rid of the ads though as they were a nightmare in the free version..Version: 1.9.4

Halloween’s overPlease could you drop the ugly Halloween wallpaper. It’s now November 2nd and All Saints Day xx.Version: 2.51.1

ReviewI often don't get credit for right answers in survival and treasure hunt game .Timer is often very off. Many questions way to detailed for most players . Ie, sports figures colleges and Jersey numbers. Opponents often seem computerized. Many outdated questions and repetitive questions. Biggest problem is scoring incorrectly and loosing games or system failure during game . Thanks for this opportunity to give feedback. Help center used to be helpful but now does not contact back if you even can figure out how to get E Mail message sent. Barbara Brocker. Don't like loosing games that I really won. Thanks. Opponent also gets points for wrong answer often..Version: 3.122.2

Crackalacking TriviaAwesome trivia game, with a diverse variety of questions. Play continuously with one opponent or select a variety. Love this game..Version: 3.0.0

Fun, very polished, and a great way to help learn another languageIt's a great idea that is very well executed with the whole game being very slickly done. I use it to practice my Italian; it picks up the language from the phone and you can make it ask questions biased on a location too. One of my best tools when used like that!.Version: 2.39.1

Enjoyable enoughYou should really give it a go to know if it's for you. There are good and bad things about this game: Good: + The questions are easier common knowledge than trivial pursuit and made up by the players. + You can play speedy games if you don't want a full on ping pong of questions between you and your opponent. Bad: - The questions are not always correct. - Games expire too quickly. - The life system to start games is annoying. - The fact that you can get repeated collectable cards is frustrating. - I personally would like a specific language choice for British English, so we wouldn't get specific USA questions that you would only know if you live in the US..Version: 2.11

Works wellI enjoy the game. Still has Halloween symbols on our avatars - why?.Version: 2.55

Quiz funGo fun game don't understand why there are diamonds to collect or why you would want to buy them it just does nothing to enhance the game play Straight forward quiz app to play with friends or strangers it's great.Version: 2.40

Well recommended.Was recommended by family. Now we all play each other. Great for those of a competitive nature and a nice way to keep on touch. Love it..Version: 2.5.1

Decent game with ups and downsPros: Educative. Fun and easy interface. Possibility to chat with other players. Possibility to suggest your own questions. Cons: Card category needs to be rethinking...duplicate cards are useless just a ripoff of diamonds (maybe a re sell or swap can be a cure). Suggested questions are "stucked" at a point...not accepted nor refused. To many questions with the same category like Friends, Shakespeare, Harry Potter The Sports category consists more than 50% soccer/football. Summary: It's a good game not addictive dose not take a half life to upgrade/research hunt n kill zombies like the other "top" games on the market. So I would like to say thank you Trivia for this game! PS please look into my suggested questions..cheers. Robert NY.Version: 2.21

Update has ruined itThe latest update changed the time you had to take your turn from 48 hours down to 24 hours. This means that if you don’t take your turn quick enough you lose that game. Very annoying, please change it back to how it was at 48 hours!!.Version: 2.68

Love it!Great app, I'm hooked! Well worth opting for the ad-free version..Version: 2.1.6

Hate the new “Tug of War”!I’ve been playing this game since 2015. I play it everyday, but I have to say this... I can’t stand this recently added “Tug of War” part of the game! It’s too fast and the questions (for the most part) take too long to read. The answers are (quite frequently) too long, as well! I could do without this part of the game, and just go back to having just the “Pic Duel”. That’s just my opinion. I avoid playing TOW, but it means I have to wait hours to play PD..Version: 3.91.0

Love this gameHistory section is tough.Version: 2.2.1

A1Great game.Version: 2.1.2

Great but....The Americanised questions about NFL , history ... can’t you make it global ?!! Or location based ?.Version: 2.90.0

Love itReally enjoy this app.Version: 3.74.0

Trivia crackI’ve been playing Trivia crack for a long time. Today I don’t have the app, had to reinstall and lost all of my rewards. Over a million coins and much more..not impressed.Version: 3.103.0

Addictive!I ended up buying the ad free version of this game. It's very addictive! Being British, it's quite obvious that it's an American app but there does seem to be more British questions coming up now. Not that it's a problem but the odd question can be confusing if it's talking about football!.Version: 2.1.1

Pretty good - needs improvementPurple segment on free spin should be 10 diamonds, not another life. I have lives coming out the wahzoo, and you’re charging me 30 diamonds to get a card! User submitted questions need a system to speed up the process. It’s just stalled, and there’s nothing one can do to move it along. An unacceptable number of questions need to be edited to read correctly. Do you even have an editor on staff? Other than that, the game is fun and good to keep the mind active..Version: 2.86.0

Amazing app BUTEven tho this game (and after a small payment) has no ads anymore but there are still pop ups (not about advertising) which show up when I tap the wrong answer, the first pop up says "NEED ANOTHER CHANCE?" (and of course That 1000 gold I have to pay and that paying button I clicked it several times by fault and my gold got wasted), and the second time (which is not that logic) you tell me to spin for free while waiting my turn. But who said in these 10 seconds it's going to be my turn?? It's annoying trust me because when I play this game I play it for two hours nonstop I know these pop ups are made for helping people to get a second chance etc but I personally don't care if I lose my turn or not because I always have turns waiting for me... So plrase fix this time wasting thing... I suggest you to put a toggle in the settings of the game if you want to ask for a second chance or a free spin... please because it's so annoying that I feel I paid for nothing considering these two pop ups as ads!!.Version: 3.36.0

Good gameThe game is good and it offers a variety of challenges to test your knowledge. One thing I do not like is there is nothing to do with the gems you collect after you empty all the machines. You should be able to buy check marks at least. Or bring out more machines with even better cards..Version: 3.132.0

Fun but too much pay to winI still love it, jeopardy on craxk.Version: 3.144.2

REALLY WANT YOUR $$$$$Thought i would update my review. They decided they were not making enough money on the coins. They change the game without any warning and instead of being able to continue a game with coins. They want you to buy some new credit they have made up to be able to get the second chance. Total RIP OFF !!!! I think that The way you just went from having the second chance you could purchase on a turn with coins to some new type of thing where you have to purchase credits is absolutely horrible I think it’s a very poor business decision. You get people to buy the coins and then you make them obsolete basically for using them for everything. And you find a new way to have to make people spend money. My personal opinion is ITunes should re-evaluate your company selling games through iTunes..Version: 2.79.0

Great game but still getting adsI love trivia crack! Its a great game and is tons of fun to play with friends. I play the game enough that I upgraded to the no advertisement version. Only I feel like I am still seeing advertisements. Each time I finish answering questions in classic mode, finish any of the extra challenges or missions a trivia crack ad pops up about the “sales” for purchase in the game. It also happens randomly while playing. I dont mind being shown them when first opening the app but I am contently being bombarded with them during game play. That is my one complaint because otherwise this is a great game and a nice break from life..Version: 3.161.1

Fun, but requires improvementI love this game! Perfect for those few minutes just to exercise the mind. However, it is prevented from receiving 5* by questions repeated, suggested questions taking ages to be approved, and an option of solo/practice play missing. Compelling game play, colourful and one of my favourites. Please update soon..Version: 2.1

GreatCool game.Version: 2.1.2

Je suis meilleut que ma blondeJe la clanche.Version: 3.96.0

Crack rulesLove it Ya gotta play!.Version: 3.89.0

Really goodI like the way it works with my Apple Watch.Version: 2.1.3

Good fun and has the kids playing tooGreat game.Version: 2.2.1

Top game!This is a really well made game. Simple, but so much fun. Love playing with my friends and family. Would love to be able to somehow do a multiplayer game which isn't in challenge mode..Version: 1.9.4

Survival mode not workingSurvival mode is telling me I got the question wrong when I didn’t, but continues to the next round. Twice I won but didn’t get paid.Version: 3.91.1

Please get rid of the Piggy bankI love Trivia Crack.... I have learned a lot! But can we get rid of the piggy bank from the front screen? Pretty please..Version: 3.11.0

Have fun & learnAlthough some of the questions can be stupid (& occasionally wrong!), this is a fun game for lovers of trivia & you will end up with an international community of "friends" that you can play against regularly & strive to beat in weekly leagues. Be warned: more than half of the English language questions are N American so some of the questions will have you guessing (especially sports, entertainment & geography)..Version: 2.40

AwesomeBrilliant App!.Version: 3.189.0

Fantastic app!Probably the easiest to use and the most in-depth trivia app I have used to date. The ability for users to add their own questions is fabulous and really enlightens you to different areas of knowledge that would be hard to replicate. Unfortunately, this also shows numerous grammatical errors of some of the questions submitted. I paid to remove the ads, not knowing that a further purchase (£18!) would have to be made for unlimited lives. Still, one I'm addicted to and would definitely recommend!.Version: 2.1.2

Great game but way too many Harry Potter questionsInformative and educational as well as fun 👍.Version: 3.40.1

Love it!Great game, super fun and challenging!.Version: 2.2.1

Nearly!Good game, I enjoy playing. Couple of gripes... Wish it had the ability to keep the page open at the correct answer screen a bit longer without it closing quickly so I can take in the right answer for a bit longer. Also when I'm submitting questions there isn't a lot of topics to pigeonhole one particular question and tend to put them all into the entertainment section. Good game though!!.Version: 1.9.3

Cindyusher1I love this trivia game! It's fun playing against some of the same players and interesting to chat with a few people. I like that it knows whichi thoroughly enjoy playing Trivia. It’s my go-to activity for fun and relaxation. I also think challenging my mind helps keep it sharp. is my weakest subject and always indicates my recent % correct in that subject. I especially enjoy challenges & usually challenge another player in the hopes of winning a Sports character. I also love being able to look into my profile to see my achievements. Lastly, I love the borders & hats which are available for purchase. Thanks for running this site, I thoroughly enjoy it..Version: 3.40.1

Great game!Im addicted to this game. I love playing and learning new fun facts about things I thought I knew! I do however with there were more options for cookies. I STRUGGLE daily to get enough cookies for my pet. I feel like the questions were pretty regular until recently, now I hardly ever get any questions with cookies. If we could suggest, I would say maybe offer cookies in the free spin reward wheel after your turns! That would be wonderful and much appreciated! Also, the card vending machines…. Why are there so many machines, and soooo many cards, when they are all pretty much the same? 75 coins here, 3 lives there, that’s boring and not helpful. Maybe add a card for cookies? I dunno. It’s all very repetitive for that section of the game..Version: 3.140.0

Too many picture questionsI’ve played this game for years, and I would have given it 5 stars till recently. However, over the past 6 weeks or so, all of a sudden, there has been an influx of picture questions. I don’t mind a few picture questions, but I feel like I’m answering 1/3 picture questions. Most of them are far too difficult and specific. For example, “which Kpop group is this person a member of?”, Who knows! Please reduce the influx of picture questions and I will change this rating to 5 star..Version: 3.21.2

Trivia crack no adsMy app is not working. I paid for no ads and now it’s saying it’s my internet which it’s not because all my other apps are working..Version: 3.104.0

Love it!!Great app!.Version: 2.1.6

Great gameLove the user friendly ways players can contribute to their own app.Version: 2.76.1

Awesome - I'm so addicted!!!It's a brilliant app and well worth going ad free..Version: 2.1.6

How much I like this appVery addictive game, I have learnt so many things about sport, the world and people playing this game.....Version: 2.97.2

Lots of funFun game to play against friends or random opponents.Version: 2.1.4

FantasticGreat game, works well on my 4S, highly recommend this game to anyone wanting to challenge your learning capacity, A+++.Version: 2.1.1

This is fine for Killing timeLately, I have noticed that if I do the various missions, getting what I need to complete them is not equal. For instance, I am trying to answer 35 ART category questions, I noticed the the program waits at least 24 hours before it gives me an opportunity to answer any art questions other than earned characters. Also, some prizes are harder to obtain than others. I always get coins and new lives but heaven forbid I should get anything other bonuses. Lastly, I have collected all the “stickers” which you used the diamonds for, so what is the point of continuing to offer these? There seems to be a lot of useless “awards”. So like I said, this game is fine for killing time, but not much else..Version: 3.71.1

Trivia crackGood but change my flag from USA please!!.Version: 1.9.3

ChallengesGreat game but sad to see the group challenges go..Version: 3.1.0

Pamela61Great fun. Very addictive. Some questions odd but these are few and far between. Sport and entertainment questions are mostly American which can sometimes be frustrating if you are British but all in all a good, enjoyable app..Version: 1.9.4

GameIt is annoying that I have to keep resetting the game as it freezes all the time.Version: 3.59.1

SOEIt's ok.Version: 2.2.1

Simple & fantasticNot sure why people are angry - yes the paid version may be just ads free. But so what? The app is really good fun & great for learning! Why do people expect things for free? I'm happy to pay such a small amount for this..Version: 2.8

Ancienne configuration du jeu préféréeLe visuel n’est pas agréable à jouer.Version: 3.88.0

Well worth the money!People aren't mean, some easy questions and many challenging questions but still playing!.Version: 2.1.5

Good for the brainHeavy on the American president and American football questions - the rest of the world doesn't care - but otherwise great..Version: 2.5.1

Addictive and Fun!Hugely addictive and fun!! Learn as you play!.Version: 2.2.1

Good funGreat fun playing friends.Version: 2.2.1

Trivia crack no addsWhile I enjoy this game. Why do we still collect gems when there are no more cards to purchase.Version: 3.74.0

ChangesI absolutely love Trivia Crack and have for years. I paid a substantial amount for infinite lives, obviously my choice however we who chose this option have to put up with a free life option in gift spins. What good is that to us. We paid for infinite lives. Also of late everything is a buy this screen, purchase that screen. Enough is enough people how rich is rich enough. What’s with DRAGON BALL Z Enough is enough. Every entertainment question is about DRAGON BALL Z. Stop!.Version: 3.103.0

It’s a Great Game Except for the Wrong AnswersIt’s set up like Trivial Pursuit, but it’s not exactly. The schtick behind this game is that the questions are crowdsourced. With that, you have a way of getting a lot of questions in the game. But it’s sloppy; you get way too many hyper-obscure questions, hyper-easy questions, and just plain wrong answers. There are ways to supposedly remedy this, in that you can basically downvote a question, which has no effect on your play. You can report a question, but likewise, it has no effect on your play. And there are games within the game in which, win or lose—most likely lose—you have no chance to even report a wrong answer. It seems to me that if you’re going into business producing a trivia game, you have a responsibility to ensure that the answers to the questions are correct. Finally, if you’re going to play, don’t expect things to be random. If you’re a good player, you’ll be lined up against stronger opponents. In some of the games, such as the new Survival mode, you’ll suddenly realize that the questions are getting more obscure and it takes twice as many points to win. —Imho.Version: 3.42.0

Fab game!I love this game. Mainly voice-over friendly too if you need that. Way too many American questions though. and the categories are way too general. There are only six and lots of questions end up in the same category when it makes sense to split them up..Version: 1.9.3

Great game with one personal disappointmentI love this game. I enjoy learning little tidbits of information. The only thing that has bummed me out is the gems. And the cards. I played and played with the self challenge of getting all of the cards. I thought there would be SOMETHING after working up to the last 99 gems and the last card. Some kind of tada or something. I got the last card and that was that. I know it doesn’t say there is anything about one but at least an acknowledgment that you got them all. Great job or something! And now I am back up to a couple hundred gems and nothing to do with them. Other than that, I play every day and enjoy the missions. I have shared with others who now play too..Version: 3.105.0

GoodGood.Version: 2.96.0

Great fun!This is a very cool app, the best trivia one I have seen. It can take up as little or as much time as you want, which is great if you're always out and about..Version: 2.32.1

More time for opponent to answerThere seems to be only for 2 days for each person’s turn...this is not long enough time & games keep expiring! The time needs to be extended!!.Version: 2.61

Great game, but there are some annoying featuresIf you’re looking for a fun trivia game, you found it, the add free feature definitely is worth it for a better experience, (you can even play with multiple people) but.... I’m going to go ahead and start with the most annoying thing, every time I get a question wrong, this sign pops up for 1000 coins or 120 tickets to redo your turn and continue playing, but the button is right where you would press, so I’ve lost many many coins because of this clearly money grabbing feature (so you buy more coins) The second annoying thing is that some of the questions are inaccurate (the questions that were wrong were due to the year) Either way, I still enjoy this trivia game, I just watch out for that annoying button (already lost several thousand coins 👏).Version: 3.6.0

Like- ButI really like the game and it's very challenging for me. I am an older person and it's hard for me to remember things. I think this game is a good challenge for me. I have two people that I play with my daughter and my husband and it's really fun. The big BUT for me is that when the answer is not correct you don't leave the correct answer up there long enough for me to get it! You took care of that. Thank you!!! But now I notice that when it’s fun and a challenge to get the cards and e’s I really work to get them. Not any more because you upped what it takes to get them. Not I’m disappointed and think you have jacked it up to much! It’s not fun anymore! If I weren’t playing with my best friend and my cousin, I would stop playing all together now!.Version: 2.97.0

Love itLove this game. Only thing that would make it better is if the missions gave gems instead of coins that are useless.Version: 2.63

Francais...En français SVP ! Si 8 joueurs sur 10 sont francophones à « Survivant » c’est pas normal que les questions soient en anglais! La question survie se termine alors que le temps n’est pas fini. Mine au trésor en anglais. J’ai acheté le jeu en FRANÇAIS. Tug of War : finalement les francophones ne servent qu’à faire gagner les anglophones !.Version: 3.134.0

Awesome!I love this game! So much fun and so addictive!! Some of the questions are in funny categories but that's really my only complaint, which is very minor.Version: 2.2.1

Too American basedGreat game but far too many American based sports and entertainment questions plus sports questions do not differentiate between various world cups and types of football, hockey or bowls..Version: 2.5

Fun and EngagingGreat game to test your knowledge. Simple to use and nice to look at..Version: 2.38

Trivia CrackGood afternoon. I have been playing this game for years but in the last few months I cannot play. Is tells me thatI can view only. It is very frustrating as I am losing all of the games. I’ve done an update today but nothing has changed. Please help..Version: 3.83.0

Great, but not PerfectI've been playing Trivia Crack for years, even bought the unlimited lives version, and I have to say that while the no ads is way less annoying, I find it unfair that the prize spin wheel that occurs after you miss a question in Classic Mode is gone. I paid $4 so I can play without ads, and now I have to solely use my in game currency to get a second chance. I didn't mind watching a video for extra opportunities, it was my choice. It's nice not to watch an ad show up every other round, but the extra opportunity for coins and gems would be appreciated. Otherwise it's a great game..Version: 2.47.1

👍🏻Latest update is amazing, thank you for finally adding in the free spin like in the free version, also the single player mode. now I don't need to have both apps on my phone :).Version: 2.55

Don't like history!A great way to compete with friends and family and to test your knowledge, it's surprising how much u really know :) and actually how much you don't, I thought I liked history but I am constantly reminded it's my worse category :p.Version: 2.1.4

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