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What is EarnIn: Your Money in Advance? Description of EarnIn: Your Money in Advance

EarnIn is a simple way to access your earnings before payday—and live life on your terms. Get up to $100/day or $750/paycheck to cover any expense.[5]

Cash advances and loans can be confusing, misleading, and costly. With EarnIn, you can tap into the funds you’re already earning—for free.[1] Unexpected bill or upcoming rent? We got you. With Earnin, there’s no interest, no credit checks, and no surprises.[5]

Here’s how it works: If you transfer $100 of your earnings, you get $100. Add an optional tip to support the EarnIn community, and that’s it.[2] When payday comes around, we’ll deduct the $100 you previously transferred from your direct deposit plus any tips.

Quickly receive your hard-earned cash ahead of payday, right to your bank account. We work with Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Capital One, TD Bank, Chase, Navy Federal Credit Union, PNC Bank, USAA Bank, and more.

Access your earnings in minutes with Lightning Speed transfers.[1] By taking advantage of the funds you’re already earning, you get a smarter (and faster) alternative to a cash advance.

Whereas cash advances and loans are packed with high interest and headaches, EarnIn is designed to work for you with more peace of mind. EarnIn helps save money, manage your cash flow, and pay bills on time. [3]

Balance Shield Alerts send you notifications whenever your bank balance runs low.[4]

Questions or issues? Our Live Chat team is available 24/7, 365 days a year.

1. Add your bank account and debit card.
2. Add the employer you get your paycheck from.
3. Verify your work email. Don’t have one? Turn on Location Permissions, and we’ll automatically add earnings to your EarnIn account when we see you’re at your work address.
4. We'll verify your bank account, debit card, and confirm your hours worked. Then, you can transfer up to $100 of your earnings per day (up to $750 per paycheck) and tip what you think is fair (between $0-14). [2]
5. On payday, we’ll debit your account for the money you transferred + tips.[5]

For example, if you transfer $100 your future repayment is $100 + any tips. EarnIn has no legal right to repayment. For more information please see EarnIn’s terms and conditions: earnin.com/TOS.

EarnIn is not affiliated with Chime, Dave, Albert, Brigit, CashNetUSA, Empower, Klover, MoneyLion, Cleo, Cash App, Daily Pay, Google Pay or Credit Karma.

EarnIn is not a payday loan or a personal loan. There's no interest or APR to transfer from your paycheck. EarnIn does not require a minimum or maximum repayment time frame. It's simply your money, when you want it. Join EarnIn today, and start making any day payday.

EarnIn does not sell your personal data to third parties. Learn more about our privacy policy: earnin.com/tos.


[1] Fees apply to use Lightning Speed. Lightning Speed may not be available to all Community Members. Transfers may take up to thirty minutes, actual transfer speeds will depend on your bank connection.
[2] Tipping options will vary between tools.
[3] Tip Yourself Account funds are held with Evolve Bank & Trust, member FDIC and FDIC insured up to $250,000. Tip Yourself is a 0% Annual Percentage Yield and $0 monthly fee service. Your Tip Yourself Account and any Tip Jars are not Savings Accounts.
[4] Balance Shield Cash Outs are subject to your available earnings and daily/pay period Max.
[5] Subject to your available earnings and daily pay period max. Earnin does not charge interest on Cash Outs. Restrictions and/or third party fees may apply. For more info and for our privacy policy, visit earnin.com/tos

EarnIn: Your Money in Advance App User Reviews

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EarnIn: Your Money in Advance Pros

Awesome!Okay. Let me start off by saying THANK YOU to the app developers, the ones who run Earnin and everyone involved in this process!! When I first downloaded Earnin, I was VERY skeptical to put in my banking information. I went on and took a chance when I got into a bind and I am so thankful I did! The app works by seeing your location and how many hours you are at your work address. I thought well, I can’t do that, I work in a different location EVERY day. It does connect to Tsheets and Brink, both of which my company does not use. They provide the option to upload timesheets! Once I screenshot my timesheet and upload it, my earnings are updated within 10 minutes! (I really appreciate YOU, the person who verifies these too!) I only use this in an emergency situation and it keeps people out of debt with check cashing companies which can really financially hurt anyone with the never ending cycle they get you into. Speaking of finance charges, YOU get to choose how much you want to ‘tip’. I ALWAYS tip, even if I’m running low. This service is ALWAYS here when I need it, they need to be paid for the time, efforts, and just for the simple fact they provided me with a service. Sometimes I do tip more because I know there are the people who take advantage of it and don’t tip anything. PLEASE TIP!! Keep this service going and at a low cost for EVERYONE!!! Thanks for an awesome job Earnin and helping us when needed!! ❤️.Deblue36Version: 9.12

TEN STAR APP - WE ALL NEED THIS APP!When I first read about this app I actually had to re-read the whole thing twice! Why... it really sounded too good to be true... I man who does this ? They really do “give” you a pay day advance fo FREE! What’s the catch? THERE IS NO CATCH! I’ve borrowed 100$ a day for four days in a row... yes, $400 bucks. I’m in sales so some weeks it’s feast or famine- if that’s you too - the this app is for you. I’ve saved soooo much money in NSF fees - the fee was 35$ and sometimes I incurred it just to buy groceries for me and the kids, knowing my next check was being deposited in a day or so. Since downloading this app - I’ve never had one since - you saved me hundreds. We’ve all been there .... this app is really is a life saver. I am so pleased to know there are kind souls out there who have designed this app so we can all benefit from it if needed - When I read how som people gave this app a single star - I just don’t understand how or why as it literally costs you nothing and you can tip if you want to or not if you don’t. There’s no reason for anyone to give y’all lass than 5 stars: I’ve only given three app reviews in the last 10 yrs so it means so much to me to have this app protecting me and my children. THANK YOU AND YOUR DEVELOPMENT TEAM - I’ve told everyone I know about how great this app is! We all need help - the level is different. G-d Bless you all!!!!! ************** A+.ALL-PRO-REVIEWERVersion: 10.60

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EarnIn: Your Money in Advance Cons

ConfusingIt’s more than those 3 things you need. They need to add the fact that companies that don’t use their time sheet system will delay you weeks. Make sure to screen shoot everything! They calculate earnings by your phones tracking/location services, screen shoot that. Then they want to see that you got credited .20cents for service, screenshoot. They want to see that you’re getting your checks in THAT account, screenshoot your next check. By the time you have everything good to go & you have the chance to cash out, be careful. It says “all users get daily max $100” what they don’t tell you is that you have a “pay period max” of $100 too. So if you take out $100 for the day you’re screwed until your check arrives because you hit the max pay period!?!?! This is confusing!!! What is the point in cash outs if then I would have to wait for my check anyway? Why? The whole point in cashing out early is so that we DON’T wait. Then after you have cashed out, your earnings doesn’t go down or change, keep an eye on that. And they never update my banks current balance. I don’t know how long I am going to keep this app around. I don’t like having to do the systems job, if you’re going to make a platform available across all systems then you need to stand true to your statements. This is all misleading and confusing..LRojas15Version: 6.6.2

App works ok but borrowing limits keep going up and downI first got the app and could only borrow 150 for quite a while, at least 6 months. Then all of the sudden my limit started going up and with in about a months or two my limit went all the way up to 500. The whole time from when I started I always followed their suggestions for how to increase your limit. I tipped the same amount every time I borrowed and my bank account never had anything over drawn or bounced checks. Then a few months later my limit starting going down by 50 each perriod and is back down at 250 despite me working more hours, getting a raise, a bonus, still following the suggested guidelines, and generally just earning more money. It seems that there is more that they take into consideration when setting limits that they don’t tell you. The service is nice when you need it but with so many other services offering the same thing, I might try one of the others to see if they are more transparent about what drives the decisions to set the limits. It seemed odd that I am now more financially healthy than I ever was in the past and my limit keeps getting cut. On the other hand I am more financially healthy so I actually do not need services like this one so much. So I guess the limit decreases don’t effect me if I don’t use the service. Don’t get into the habit of having to max out this service every pay perriod though because you could get screwed when they randomly decide to start cutting your limit..Derajack007Version: 10.20

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Is EarnIn: Your Money in Advance legit?

Yes. EarnIn: Your Money in Advance is 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 238,264 EarnIn: Your Money in Advance user reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, AppSupports Legitimacy Score for EarnIn: Your Money in Advance is 87.2/100.

Is EarnIn: Your Money in Advance safe?

Yes. EarnIn: Your Money in Advance is quiet safe to use. This is based on our NLP analysis of over 238,264 user reviews sourced from the IOS appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5. AppSupports Safety Score for EarnIn: Your Money in Advance is 90.7/100.

Should I download EarnIn: Your Money in Advance?

There have been no security reports that makes EarnIn: Your Money in Advance a dangerous app to use on your smartphone right now.

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EarnIn: Your Money in Advance
Activehours Inc.
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4+ Contains no objectionable material!
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25 October 2013, Friday
Last Update:
27 January 2023, Friday - 16:38
IOS 13.0 or later

EarnIn: Your Money in Advance 14.0.3 Update Note
✱ Version History

Hello, yellow! We have a fresh coat of paint (and a new capital letter), with an updated app for our Community Members to explore. Update EarnIn now to experience money at the speed of you, and explore new ways to make your hard-earned pay work for y....

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