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EarnIn: Your Money in Advance App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

EarnIn: Your Money in Advance app received 18 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using EarnIn: Your Money in Advance? Can you share your negative thoughts about earnin: your money in advance?

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When it’s seems too good to be true it IS!I’ve been using Earnin for about a year now. It started off great & ran smoothly there were no issues with my bank or cashing out. I recommended it to all my friends and now I regret doing so. I went from getting my questions answered within an hr to having to wait an entire day IF they respond instead of just closing my tickets. The worst part is for the last 3 pay cycles they’ve been debiting my account days ahead causing overdrafts. I’ve been going in circles trying to get the support team to correct this to no avail! They just keep asking me to send screenshots that no one is clearly taking the time to go over. Nothing has changed for me to have continuous issues all of a sudden after months of using the app successfully. My account is now in the negative & I’m receiving emails saying my bank has bounced part of their drafts so my account is on hold. You can’t draft my account 4 days early and blame it on my bank when my pay schedule is in your system and I’ve sent countless pay stub after pay stub reflecting my deposits! To make matters worse as a result of their screw ups my pay period max has been reduced from 600 back to 100 after I worked to build it and never had an issue paying back until they started debiting early. Customer service has really declined and the app really seems to be going downhill 2 of my friends with different banks have also been experiencing the incorrect debits dates . I’m really disappointed!.Version: 9.0.1

Referral BewareAs I use certain apps that I believe will be a benefit to my friends I will recommend those apps to those who will benefit from it. I used the app and certain things didn’t make sense to me nor is it explained in the app manual. For instance cash earned is based on some time interval of 1 - 2 weeks and your earned bucket starts over and is not accumulative. You will not find that out until you reach out to support. Referral portion of this app is unfortunately not streamlined, the app generated a message stating that a reward was provided but it had not been applied. Since the app does not house messages or yet has the capabilities of storing them it makes it very difficult to supply screenshots of messages to support when asked for. Support is not always helpful as some are not knowledgeable in the product they support. I was asked to provide several screenshots after explaining 3 times that there was no screenshot to provide of the app generated messages. They then ask me to provide email address so they could look at the referral. If you’re willing to do battle for an hour to receive your referral bonus by all means go ahead. However, me as the consumer if I have to go through all the steps of explaining and providing documentation of what the app should already do. I will no longer refer my friends or family and will continue to use the app for myself..Version: 9.11

Good but only for a certain subsetI downloaded this app believing that I could use it based on the FAQ section in the app. I’m salaried so I don’t have a timesheet that I can upload. The app is supposed to detect when you’re at work by using GPS. However, this has not been working for me. I do travel to other locations as part of my job and I was told that this may be why the app could not verify I was at work. I do work at the location that was verified in my app most days but it still didn’t record any of that time. I know people who have used this app when working for companies like Walmart where their timesheet is uploaded to the app and this worked out well for them. The app needs to be tailored better for those who do not use a timesheet. Customer service was okay but it took them a minute to realize that I wasn’t hourly (despite this being listed in my profile), and a large portion of their responses were obviously copied and pasted (which I don’t necessarily mind if we can figure out the issue quickly). They also listed out several factors that had to be in place for the app to work such as location services being on high accuracy, etc. which were not stated upfront (and which I could not find in the FAQs either). I’m using the Dave app now which is a better fit for me and those times when I just need a few extra bucks until payday. I’m disappointed in the lack of communication and instruction from this app upfront and it’s inability to truly track my hours..Version: 8.4.1

Great idea, not so great execution for credit unionsEDIT: Since Support could not resolve my issue and I'm unable to actually use this app, I have canceled my account. Original review is below. I love the idea of this app and it definitely came in handy the first and only time I was able to successfully use the app. However, despite Earnin withdrawing my money out of my bank account to pay back my cash out, I am now unable to cash out anymore money because they can't connect to my bank account. They have my correct banking information, they were able to deposit and withdraw money from my bank account, provided them with screen captures of my bank statement showing my recent paycheck deposit as well as Earnin withdrawal as both the app and their support department requested, but they still can't connect to my bank account saying that it's an issue with their provider that they use to connect to back accounts. This makes no sense whatsoever. Support told me that this is an issue other people that use my same credit union, but obviously they can connect to my bank account because my bank statements show that and there were no connection issues last week when I cashed out and they accessed my account to pay back my cash out. I was then asked if I have another bank account I could connect to. No, I do not nor does that some this issue. I would leave a five star rating otherwise if I could actually use the app again..Version: 6.1

Extremely disappointedI started using Earnin a year ago. My linked checking account was a Suntrust account. In October 2021, Suntrust merged with BB&T and became Truist. While I did experience inconvenience every time I used the app after the migration, I was able to contact support to chat with a supervisor and have my repayments manually verified. Each and every time, it was verified that my repayments went through successfully and on time. And each time, a supervisor manually reinstated my pay period max. This was inconvenient but it worked. Each time, they would tell me that they were aware of the bank migration issue and their technicians were working on getting a “better connection” with Truist. This latest payday, I am following the routine by contacting support. To my surprise, I was told that my bank account was unverified and asked to wait 48 hours while they sent small transactions to my checking account to make sure they had the correct routing and account numbers. I waited until I saw a 0.01 transaction on my banking app and reached out to support again. 4 hours in chat and they verified everything was correct on my end but my bank still couldn’t be verified. How???? You obviously sent the penny, right? “Yes, but your bank still is not linked “. Please make it make sense Earnin! So now, I am unable to use Earnin as they cannot manually review for reinstatement. How??? You’ve been doing it manually for 3 months. I really don’t understand the logic here..Version: 12.15

Horrible horrible horrible - use Dave or Moneylion insteadOnce again having a huge issue with this app. I get paid Thursdays, which means I should be able to cash out from Thursday to Wednesday each week before re uploading my time sheet and paycheck deposit. I requested a boost this week, and now am being told I have to re upload a time sheet for next weeks paycheck to get my boost because they think my pay cycle restarted but it’s the last day of it. Do not recommend this app Edited 2 months later: I stopped using the app for a while (switched to Dave, it’s much more user friendly) but I had to use Earnin again due to a dip in my pay for a week. When I explained the situation and that I would not be paid from my new job they said they would stop my repayment and would t charge me if the funds weren’t in my account. The next day I woke up with a negative bank balance because they lied. Their customer service is completely useless and you might as well be talking to a computer with the way they respond, it’s always a generic message. I tried to close my account today but they are refusing to do so for 2-3 business days to ‘make sure the payment was sent’ even after I sent them a screenshot of my bank account SHOWING them the debits were made. They responded with yet another generic message saying to contact them in 2-3 days to cancel the account. How is it possible that I cannot cancel an account that is paid in full?!?.Version: 12.36

ConfusingIt’s more than those 3 things you need. They need to add the fact that companies that don’t use their time sheet system will delay you weeks. Make sure to screen shoot everything! They calculate earnings by your phones tracking/location services, screen shoot that. Then they want to see that you got credited .20cents for service, screenshoot. They want to see that you’re getting your checks in THAT account, screenshoot your next check. By the time you have everything good to go & you have the chance to cash out, be careful. It says “all users get daily max $100” what they don’t tell you is that you have a “pay period max” of $100 too. So if you take out $100 for the day you’re screwed until your check arrives because you hit the max pay period!?!?! This is confusing!!! What is the point in cash outs if then I would have to wait for my check anyway? Why? The whole point in cashing out early is so that we DON’T wait. Then after you have cashed out, your earnings doesn’t go down or change, keep an eye on that. And they never update my banks current balance. I don’t know how long I am going to keep this app around. I don’t like having to do the systems job, if you’re going to make a platform available across all systems then you need to stand true to your statements. This is all misleading and confusing..Version: 6.6.2

Horrible Bug Ridden AppDon’t download or use! Downloaded this app after Credit Karma recommended for quick money access, worse mistake, never again. I spent one week of frustration and anxiety. After uploading my financial information like an idiot, the app kept assigning the wrong bank account number to my user. It could never verify my bank account. It would say at one point that everything was ready to cash out, then when I attempted to test it out, the app would say that my account was not verified. The scariest part is that the app thinks I cashed out and kept insisting that I owe them money. I tried reaching customer service, there is no way to call, the chat feature on the app is the only way to communicate and that feature is a hit or miss! I spent many hours trying to reach a person. When I finally got connected via chat, the agent kept insisting that I needed to pay back money I had never received! No amount of showing them screen shots of their own errors would convince them. The app would not let me remove my information or even close my account until I “payed back” the money I never received. Finally today is my payday and I am nervously watching my bank account to see if they debit my account for money I never received. The app let me close my account, but the email confirmation still says they won’t close my account until I return money I never received! What a scam and a fraud! Never, never again!.Version: 12.35

Service was good until it wasn’tI used this service for over a year. I liked it for most of the time I used it. The issue I had with it was Earnin charged me for my debts that I cashed out a day earlier than my paycheck hit. I have not ever changed jobs with this service so for this to happen it surprised me because they know my pay schedule this did not change or need to be updated. I have had the same pay schedule the entire time I had Earnin. Since I was charged for my debts and there was 4 debts, I was charged $140 dollars in overdraft fees. I contacted the day they charged me for my debts, they asked me to wait until my bank charged me overdraft fees. When I was charged overdraft fees, I notified earnin, then they notified me that my bank usually reverses the transactions. So I would have to wait until my transactions were reversed. Then they reach out to me to ask if my transactions have been reversed and I tell them no, then they notify me that they do not know if my bank actually reverses overdraft transaction from Earnin. That left me with paying for the $140 overdraft fees and Earnin still has done nothing about it. Since this happened I closed my account because they were not adequately trying to fix my situation and I am posting this because I told them I would give them 3 days to get back to me or fix this and since I’ve heard my bank does not reverse transactions I have not heard anything from Earnin..Version: 10.86

After today I’m no longer a fanUpdate 09/06: This morning a community advocate did reach out to me and explain that my situation could have and should have been handled better and they did reimburse my overdraft fee and for that I’m grateful. My employer changed our paydays from Thursday’s to Friday’s and I reached out to support to update my pay cycle to reflect that. They told me that I would need documentation from my employer showing that the payday changed however my employer did not provide that to me. I had a debit scheduled to come out on Thursday that I wanted moved to Friday because of the new payday and they would not accommodate me. I then reached back out to support on my payday because at this point I have been charged an overdraft fee and requested that the fee be refunded. I was then told that I could not have my fee refunded because I did not provide documentation of the new pay day after I had already told them I wasn’t provided documentation from my employer so there was no documentation for me to give. If this app is supposed to be so helpful why would you cost me money instead of fixing an issue that could’ve been easily rectified? I personally feel like I’m being penalized for something that was beyond my control even though I tried to remedy the situation before this became a bigger issue. I don’t believe I’ll be keeping my account with them..Version: 10.56

Not what it seemsEventually turns into a gimme back. You end up just cashing out to keep the current amount of money you receive from your paycheck. You can’t just borrow how ever much you want and pay it back. It increases as you use the app more not because of “good spending” like it says. I eventually got mines to increase to 300 and requested another 50$ from a random person on their Facebook group. The next week when it was due to be taken out of my check, they never did. The app said it was unable to verify my check was deposited and stated it would try again but it never did. It did not give me the option to manually pay it back either. So the next week they finally took their money out of my check and reset my max withdrawal limit back to $100. So now I am not able to withdraw the other $200 dollars from the account. Like I said earlier it turns into a gimme back. Meaning you just end up cashing out because you want the money back. Everytime I get paid I think to myself, ok I owe Earnin $300 but I’ll just cash it out again so I can still have it. They’re are people on their Facebook group who are in deep like $700 and they say how much of a burden it is and wishes they never did it. Also just a reminder, you’re only allowed to take out a certain amount a day and after using the app for 4 months, it has never increased for me. It stays at $100..Version: 12.28

CONSTANT UNRESOLVED ISSUEI’ve used Earnin for about two years and loved everything about it up until the last six months I’ve had nothing but the same problem over and over again to where I haven’t even been able to USE the app. It started when the app just kept saying “we’re waiting on your bank to spend us updated transactions. Ok fine. But then three weeks go by and they’re STILL waiting on transactions? So I reach out to support and they said to go on a desktop computer and refresh my bank info (mind you, I’ve had the same bank and bank info for five years now, nothing to change) but I did it anyway. And it didn’t work. So I reached out another three times because they just wouldn’t respond to me and they said they were going to send two transactions through to my bank one was 10 cents one was like 12 cents, which is no problem, and then my account went back to working for a week, and then the same thing started showing up again with the waiting for transactions, ALSO I saw that there’s an option to send in your time sheet with your recent pay stubs on it which I’ve done at least twelve times so far and still nothing. I don’t understand what happened all of a sudden for it to just stop working, nothing changed on my end, but it is so irritating to keep going through the same problem for months and not have the problem resolved..Version: 8.0

App works ok but borrowing limits keep going up and downI first got the app and could only borrow 150 for quite a while, at least 6 months. Then all of the sudden my limit started going up and with in about a months or two my limit went all the way up to 500. The whole time from when I started I always followed their suggestions for how to increase your limit. I tipped the same amount every time I borrowed and my bank account never had anything over drawn or bounced checks. Then a few months later my limit starting going down by 50 each perriod and is back down at 250 despite me working more hours, getting a raise, a bonus, still following the suggested guidelines, and generally just earning more money. It seems that there is more that they take into consideration when setting limits that they don’t tell you. The service is nice when you need it but with so many other services offering the same thing, I might try one of the others to see if they are more transparent about what drives the decisions to set the limits. It seemed odd that I am now more financially healthy than I ever was in the past and my limit keeps getting cut. On the other hand I am more financially healthy so I actually do not need services like this one so much. So I guess the limit decreases don’t effect me if I don’t use the service. Don’t get into the habit of having to max out this service every pay perriod though because you could get screwed when they randomly decide to start cutting your limit..Version: 10.20

Great Service... If they could fix their constant problem.UPDATE: It has been 5 DAYS since a response regarding my issue even after being transferred to a ‘Specialist’ horrible customer service for something they caused. When I first started using Earning things were great and working just as they should, first 2 weeks went smoothly only getting funds withdrawn once my check hit my account. Then 3rd week came around and withdrawn from 2 days early leading to my account having insufficient funds for upcoming purchases/memberships resulting in MULTIPLE overdraft fees... I went through support and got 1 overdraft fee reimbursed and was told this problem should be resolved. 2 weeks go by and ONCE AGAIN, withdrawn too early and overdraft fee hits my account. Go through support get reimbursed and am told this shouldn’t happen again and the system has been updated. During the support process they asked me what my pay schedule was and I told my specialist my checks ALWAYS hit on a Saturday and she insisted this to be Monday’s with holidays being the work day before. Few weeks go by and now I’ve been withdrawn from too early again, except this time I was withdrawn from in MULTIPLE different value transactions from Earnin causing me 3 separate overdraft fees. I contacted support twice got told they’d get me in touch with someone of a higher office, the higher specialist contacts me and hasn’t responded in 2 days since..Version: 10.15

BewareEarnin provides a lot of benefits, I won’t pretend they don’t. They offer a service that to many seems to good to be true and has saved me more times than I care to admit. Where they lost me was the moment they became the reason I needed saving. My payday is August 1st, which is when I was scheduled to pay back the money I borrowed. I woke up on August 30th to the money already pending on my account, therefore overdrafting me by a considerable amount. I reached out to their support and they pointed fingers at my bank, my bank pointed fingers back. No one would take responsibility for a payment being processed days before it was scheduled and leaving me without the funds to get groceries that I had counted on to survive until payday. They offered no solutions and said they couldn’t refund me until the payment processed (mind you because it’s a Saturday, it won’t process until Monday but I still don’t have access to my money anyways). Thanks to Earnin, I won’t be able to afford food until Monday. Long story short, be mindful that your debit days mean nothing and they can decide to debit your account earlier with no warning and no way to fix it. And according to my bank, this isn’t the first time something like this has happened with Earnin, yet they haven’t updated their procedure to prevent this (despite the solution being simple). As soon as my payment wraps on the 1st, I’ll be closing my account and I will be actively speaking out against them from here on out..Version: 12.41

Waste of timeThis app is a huge waste of your time and will eventually screw you over in the end. I had this app for months and it was alright at first, would allow you to cash out up to a $100 each pay period. But if you don’t pull out the full amount as the opportunity arises then you won’t be able to get the remainder the rest of the week because the app will disconnect from your bank account and then fill you with stories on how their “servers” havent updated on their end to see your direct deposit so you will no longer be able to cash out. BUT they will still take money out of your account. Isn’t that ironic, they help you one or 2 times and then basically tell you your screw from this point forward because it’s “your banks fault” that they can’t get their end to update 😂 sorry but that’s not okay especially if you can still take money from my account. I’ve been going on 2 months now being unable to cash out because of “ my banks fault and many other users with the same bank are having these issues” but want me to tip people, play their stupid bingo game and do anything else to give them money but not help me out. Please don’t waste your time downloading this app. I’ve given up on this app officially and I’m not gonna change my bank where I’ve been for 10+ years with NO issues absolutely anywhere. Even other app that give you an advance don’t have this problem with my bank. This app is a scam..Version: 10.95

So many hoops to jump through.I’m an employer looking to set this up for employees. The first time i tried using this about a year ago it took 5 days for them to say my GPS wasn’t working, to me that’s a no brainer, 5 days is an eternity for a product. So I tried again, to see what progress they have made. First off, it told me that my account “very much in the positive” was $100 negative and I needed to bring this up before they’d work with me. Cute joke. Then it went right back to the “GPS” issues again. Using my maps I took before after shots of my exact location showing where I was and sent them to the Customer Support team. So they again told me it was my GPS, I humored them and went with that explanation, turning the location settings off and on etc. This had no effect on the service. Prior to this I had taken an employee to the airport. I was shocked to find out that this disqualified me as I wasn’t in the same location for the entirety of the day. So we’re saying if you are not in the same spot for hours, you are not able to collect any money. So I asked them to ping my GPS location to see where I was at, apparently they don’t have access to that. App has a long way to go before it is a viable alternative and their customer support needs to start offering solutions and stop using every excuse to hinder the users experience. Good luck with this. We’ll find an alternative that will treat a potential client and revenue dollars as something that isn’t a chore..Version: 10.13

Bank connection issues!!!I’ve been using this app for about two years and for the last two months it’s been nothing but problems. It started when my bank made enhancements to their online and mobile banking app.( which is not uncommon most financial institutions do that all the time). I work for the same employer, it’s the same bank account and pay schedule. Every time I actually am able to cash out it’s fine I receive the funds at lightening speed. The funds come and for the next two weeks the app is fine. As soon as Earnin takes their money. They can’t access my bank, it’s connection issues, EVERY screenshot I upload “there’s a hiccup”. I chat with the customer service reps constantly to be told to update my bank login( it doesn’t let me do that, says bank is confirmed and attached), they say it’s my bank and pretty much they’re working to resolve the issue. It’s very annoying and I feel as if there’s a glitch somewhere but they don’t care enough to fix it. Update: there’s still a constant connection issue with my bank which is FedEx credit union. I’m not sure if the relationship is not available between the bank and Earnin but after they took their debit this week I was told pretty much connect a new bank or I can’t use the app due to the issue with my bank. I tried connected my second bank account first horizon and of course they have a connection issue with them as well. At this point I’m giving up on Earnin and plaid with the connection issues..Version: 12.11

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