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EarnIn: Your Money in Advance app received 31 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about earnin: your money in advance?

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EarnIn: Your Money in Advance for Positive User Reviews

Running in circlesI have been trying to no avail to set up this app. For nearly 3 weeks they claimed they were unable to verify my bank account. Everything else had been able to verify. Then suddenly things changed and while my bank was verified, they were unable to verify my payday? What changed in that timeframe? They ask me to send screenshots and then claim that the account info doesn’t match what they have on their records...the same info that I typed in 3 weeks ago, for a bank account I’ve had for nearly 5 years. I then send more screenshots with carefully worded responses because there is clearly not a blanket solution to my issue. I the receive form responses or no response at all. I’ve worked in customer service and currently work in sales, if handled my accounts with such a laissez-faire attitude I wouldn’t have a job. Would love to use the app but it’s been nothing but an enormous headache thus far. UPDATE: about a week after my initial review, my problems were resolved. I have been using the app problem free for a couple months now and can say it is truly as good as it sounds. They give you the money, and it gets deducted when you get paid. I have a partial commission payscale, so being able to pad a light paycheck with money from my large check is godsend when the weeks don’t line up well for things like rent and student loans. I’m updating this to a 5 Star review..Version: 7.4.4

Hey GuysFirst off, this is a real unbiased review! This app is really easy to use and convenient. I rather borrow money from myself than ask someone for a hand out ! When you have something due rather it’s rent, mortgage, credit or utility bill, you don’t have to worry about it being late . Hey sometimes life happens and I’m so grateful to have this app. You can easily add your employer and bank info to Earnin. It tracks your working hours in the background , and it allows you a weekly limit based off your direct deposits from your job. Your max payout weekly could be up to $500. Anyway this app is perfect but please use it wisely. You wouldn’t want to get put behind from always having deductions from your checks! Try not to spend your check before you get it ! Ps: if you’re unable to use this app it’s definitely because of your job. I work at Pfizer and my checks that are deposited weekly to my bank acc also says Pfizer . Now if some of you have jobs that aren’t even popping up on the map when you enter your employers address then naturally you’re going to have a hard time verifying your employer , and most definitely when it comes to tracking your work hours . Furthermore , if your weekly max keeps changing by the week it’s probably due to the high amount your borrow in comparison to how much money you actually make in a pay period ..Version: 9.0.3

Fantastic!I was worried that this app wasn’t legit, or that maybe there were hidden fees or something else to worry about. I ended up being short this pay period because of emergencies happening back to back during the holidays. My car battery died so I had to get a new one, I had to rent a hotel room for a week due to a family member I live with having covid, and of course, Christmas shopping. My money was steadily going downhill faster than anticipated and I just thought… if only I could get a hundred dollars or so early, just to help tide me over to buy food for myself until my next pay period while ensuring I have enough in my account for my car payment. Well, Earnin was perfect for that. I’m very glad that I found the app. I really needed it. I didn’t need a ton of money, just a little bit to help with paying for food until my next check came in. And I’m really thankful I found this app. I probably would have been fine, but it would have been extremely tight and I’m glad that I didn’t have to worry about that. Thanks so much, it really helped my anxiety and stress when I’ve been extremely stressed. All of this happened over the span of a week, and I was not prepared. Earnin basically saved me!.Version: 13.18

Earnin-ExperiencesFirst may I say the customer service employees are great! Let me explain. When starting my Earnin account I was printed for $70 then a week later another $30. However I had been deducted $170 from my bank account. I called customer service and they helped me figure it all out. Apparently I forgot to read what it was actually saying, which was that I was able to cash out $30 more dollars than last time not just an additional $30 so in fact they gave me $170. Once he explained that I felt at ease and payed brackets the $70 I didn’t need, which I didn’t spend because I didn’t know I had it. 🙏🏾🙏🏾 So all was fixed and my account was back to normal, now I know to always read the full details before clicking, OKAY!! I’ve learned my lesson and I highly recommend this app to anyone who is in need of a quick simple way to get..... let’s say $170 bucks for that new tire, we know we need but put it off. Just go get the app, get your cash when you need it and, pay it forward!! Love ❤️ and peace ☮️ my reflections Blessed sky Blessed Be Hopefully I can eat this week.. boom 💥 poofs ( EARNIN FAIRY APPEARS) “ no worries, here’s a $20, for that 20 peace Mcnugget, and there’s still enough left over to get a Marijuana Cigarette too.. now that’s a lunch break. 😂😂😂👌🏾💪🏾👍🏾.Version: 10.33.1

Policy issueSo I have been having constant issues with earning where my job will give me a direct deposit on one pay period and then the next will give me a paper check. Apparently earning is the type of app where you have to have a direct deposit into ur account for them to keep it active. However, after I informed them of the situation with my employer as to why I haven’t been receiving any more direct deposits and am now receiving paper checks i was told to give them documentation proving such. Even after doing that my account was still inactive. When I explained to another agent the issue she explained to me that they can’t update my account any more because it was a one time courtesy and I need a direct deposit. however, I told her other agents have already done it numerous times without issue. I feel like this app is blaming the customer for the inconvenience of their employers. As long as the app is seeing that their debts are being paid and there is a money flow to an individuals account then it should be understandable if the way a person is paid has changed. This is covid and times are different for everyone. But no customer should be blamed for something they have no control over..Version: 12.22

Life SaverI’ve been using EARNIN for a couple of years now and it’s such a load off my mind knowing if I’m running a little short or unexpected expenses arise, I can get the money I need in a matter of minutes. Their customer service is folks are very professional and helpful. I’m so glad I discovered this app! *Update. In January 2022 all the sudden my bank wouldn’t connect after using the app for over 2 years. Granted I had to reconnect frequently but was always able to. After hundreds of hours to date with customer service help they concluded Plaid no longer supports my bank and they’re working on a fix. I changed my bank account to my credit Union and connected no problem but at least once a week I have to resubmit my pay check stub or bank transactions. Since this isn’t my main account I don’t allocate a large amount to be deposited from my pay because the bulk goes into the account I can’t use because of auto payments. Since I don’t carry a big balance My max pay out per pay period is $100. It was $500 when I could use my other account. Now once again I’m waiting on yet another screen shot of my credit Union transactions to be approved. I’ve started using Branch and I’ve not experienced these problems..Version: 12.29

Very impressedMe and my husband are a young couple in our 20s he works at Fred Meyer‘s for minimum-wage we get paid every Thursday I have to met I was Little bit on the skeptical side and wondering how much this would truly cost but I literally just set it up in about 12 minutes with the help of customer service chat which was extremely helpful and after 12 minutes of setting it up I borrowed $50 for my nail appointment so I don’t have to cancel it before me and my husband go visit his family it was in my bank in less than a minute and they honest to God let you choose the fee yourself they give you an option from no tip to upwards so you’re super tight you can Little but the tips of what keeps the community going in makes this possible are used to take cash advances from the bank on almost 2 dollars to the dollar this is an answer to prayers for people that have to have a few extra dollars for us he gets paid tomorrow we leave this weekend the only nail appointment I could get was for today on a Wednesday 24 hours before his payday this app was a lifesaver and the people who made it absolutely are putting people first so whatever you do never use the cash advance service again download this app and use it instead do yourself a A favor stop letting cash advance companies and banks rip you off switch to this app and you’ll not regret it very happy customer from Brookings Oregon.Version: 10.8

If you don’t have you need to get itThis is the perfect app when you’re just running short on cash and it won’t get you in trouble since it isn’t a loan, it’s money you’ve already earned. Even though I make a decent salary comparatively speaking, unless you’re in the 1%, nobody has had a true cost of living salary increase since the 80’s, and really I wouldn’t call all the out of proportion raises, bonuses, stock packages, and incentives not to mention the tax breaks the executives in the 1% get as a “cost of living” anyone can relate to. When you get a 10 million dollar incentivized payout when you LEAVE (aka forced out for poor performance) a position that isn’t normal. You know what regular, every day hard working people get when they leave their jobs? A security escort to their 15 year old car with high milage that still has a balance on the loan. Earnin has saved me on occasion when I’ve come up short and needed basic things such as gas to get to wink, to those other essential items like groceries, soap, deodorant, and laundry detergent - just because I am poor doesn’t mean I have to smell like it! Thank you Earnin for allowing me to continue to not starve, and effectively bathe and do my laundry when there just wasn’t enough at the end of the month..Version: 13.3

Chase Liquid- updated ReviewI am unable to use the app because my direct deposit paycheck is deposited to a Chase Liquid account, which is not considered a “checking account” and is considered to be a prepaid account. Above is my previous review which I still stand firm on and this is why I am giving a 4 star review instead of a 5 star review! However, my Chase account has now been changed to an actual bank account and therefore, I am now able to use the Earnin app thanks to chase finally allowing me to have a “Chase Secure Checking account”. Since I am now able to use Earnin, it is great! My work has always allowed us to get a pay Advance which was up to $250 but for every pay advance we got it cost a $35 fee and my work has literally made an easy hundreds if not actually thousands of dollars off of me over the years by charging this $35 fee! With Earnin I can now get pay advances and choose to tip what I feel is fair instead of being forced into a $35 fee for every pay advance. This definitely has given me more freedom with my paychecks and to be able to get some of my money ahead of “payday” which has been very helpful with managing finances! Thank you Earnin for the freedom of getting my own hard earned money when I need it instead of always having to wait until payday comes!.Version: 10.55

Earnin appI have had th app now for about two months ! Earnin is beneficial to have when you’re in need of some extra cash last minute! Especially with it being Christmas time ! It gives you the option to tip other people in which support the app in loaning money to people like us ! At the time it takes money from your account once you get paid , you end up spending from 1 dollar to 14 $ or more, you have the choice to tip out what you think is fair or what you have to offer at the time . Thanks Earnin you’re awesome ! I’ll continue to support & don’t forget guys , give a helping hand when you can , money isn’t everything, in REAL life , the higher consciousness some of us have yet to tap into , money isn’t real , it’s too bad we are so conditioned to this fake simulation as it is . Don’t be a Guinea pig , we aren’t meant to be put in a box . We are meant to thrive & the sky isn’t even the limit here . We are powerful electro magnetic beings . Remember who you are REALLY . Sending much love , abundance & blessings . Whatever it is your want in life & don’t have , act like you already have it & your wishes & dreams will flourish like a beautiful weed in the midst of wild flowers. We can find a million reasons to be angry with life , learn to accept , forgive yourself , then forgive others , your life can be anything you want it to be ..Version: 13.19.1

Worked well for a little whileI gave this review three stars because when it works it’s a great app and helps when you need a little extra cash to get you to the next payday, however recently like most reviews I’ve read they are having trouble verifying bank info and this seems to be a problem every few days. We send them all the necessary information, last pay stub, screen shot if most recent paycheck in account along with last 4 digits of bank account number and they fix it only to have it do the same thing a few days later? What could’ve changed in 2 days that it does it all over again after being fixed? I will say that customer service is usually pretty fast and efficient but as this is happening more and more the wait time for a response has been longer. They recently responded that my bank security setting make it harder for them to get the info they need so I went in and changed the settings but I’m sure we will have to wait another day for a response. Once the amount borrowed is paid back this may be our last time using this app. It was good for a little while at least. I’ll add that we have been using this app for about 5 months now and usually it’s great up until recently when we started having all these issues.Version: 8.4.1

It started off great.This app is absolutely amazing if you will know for sure that you are using the same bank account forever. I started off with a chase bank account but unfortunately things happened and I needed to open a new account with a different bank. I am trying to switch my bank account on the app considering they raise or lower the amount you can borrow based on your pay checks and money that you have in your account. Due to me not using my chase account anymore I am a little nervous they are going to lower the amount I am able to borrow when they see that there is no pay checks being deposited. I’ve been trying to contact earnin before thanksgiving to try and switch my bank account. They keep saying to do it over the app but for some reason it’s not working for me. It keeps giving me an error message saying I’m locked out of my account and to unlock hit this button. I hit the button and it’s saying I have not registered yet, every time I try it keeps giving me the same two error messages. I am questioning if I can give them my bank account and routing number and they manually change it from their end but for some reason it’s more of a problem than I thought it would be. If you have ever experienced this problem, PLEASE HELP. Because earnin customer service is not!.Version: 8.6.1

Good people, huge hearts, selfless philanthropyAside from providing cash for those living paycheck to paycheck, this app provides an option to tip extra to help others, amazing customer service, a community of big hearted people, automated savings partitions, automated balance shields to prevent overdraft and free instant deposit. The people that made this app and their employees are really all about helping each other out. I wanted to test out the deposit speed if I was facing an immediate overdraft and pulled out a portion of my coverage. I tipped 20% of my withdrawal as it wasn’t a same day need (they cover your instant deposit fees) and I was alerted that my tip was covered by another user who paid it forward. They show how many others you can help out by increasing your tip as this is basically a free service. The quality of service they provide while being short staffed is great, they must be working night and day to still ensure that people are activated as quickly as possible. This app is all about paying it forward and helping each other overcome the financial obstacles we are faced with in our society. It’s amazing to see the power of good will in action and this app/community is a perfect example of selfless kindness. Knowing that someone has your back when your down is incredibly inspirational. They are the real deal..Version: 10.41

This is the real dealYes, I know, too good to be true, right? But I’m telling you, this app is absolutely everything it says it is. I looked into a few of these apps, & all of them have either a monthly fee or the money takes days to show up. If it’s an emergency, I don’t have days to wait, I need the money now! With the Lightning Speed it only takes a few minutes to show in your bank account. I was surprised to see that my bank was listed, since it’s a small town bank with only 4 locations, but it was there. Also, with my job, I’m only in the office for a few hours each morning, then I’m working the rest of the day driving. I was afraid the location services would only show me getting paid for a few hours a day, but this was not the case. It shows the entire day’s pay. There is only one improvement I would suggest. There have been a couple of occasions when I was off work for a few days because of illness or vacation. I was still getting paid for those days with sick leave or vacation leave, but the app showed no earnings since I didn’t physically go to work. Therefore I could not cash out until I returned to work. There should be a way to verify that these are paid days off, making it possible to cash out before returning to the job. Other than that, this app works perfectly..Version: 9.3

TEN STAR APP - WE ALL NEED THIS APP!When I first read about this app I actually had to re-read the whole thing twice! Why... it really sounded too good to be true... I man who does this ? They really do “give” you a pay day advance fo FREE! What’s the catch? THERE IS NO CATCH! I’ve borrowed 100$ a day for four days in a row... yes, $400 bucks. I’m in sales so some weeks it’s feast or famine- if that’s you too - the this app is for you. I’ve saved soooo much money in NSF fees - the fee was 35$ and sometimes I incurred it just to buy groceries for me and the kids, knowing my next check was being deposited in a day or so. Since downloading this app - I’ve never had one since - you saved me hundreds. We’ve all been there .... this app is really is a life saver. I am so pleased to know there are kind souls out there who have designed this app so we can all benefit from it if needed - When I read how som people gave this app a single star - I just don’t understand how or why as it literally costs you nothing and you can tip if you want to or not if you don’t. There’s no reason for anyone to give y’all lass than 5 stars: I’ve only given three app reviews in the last 10 yrs so it means so much to me to have this app protecting me and my children. THANK YOU AND YOUR DEVELOPMENT TEAM - I’ve told everyone I know about how great this app is! We all need help - the level is different. G-d Bless you all!!!!! ************** A+.Version: 10.60

This app literally saved meThis is too good to be true you might wonder, like I did, so when they asked for my bank information and were verifying it by adding a dollar then subtracting it I thought I just fooled myself. I waited it out because I had no other choice, and thank goodness I did. Because this app literally fed me when I was going through serious hardship and they helped me pay off my overdue credit card on time by just allowing me to get the money already earned at work. Even through this Pandemic, they’re still operating and doing the best they can. This was my only issue: my bank is a credit union, so direct deposit hit a day early but always in the afternoon, so Earnin deducted the money I borrowed that morning as they should, making my account negative and incurring overdraft fees. I thought this was part of the “catch”. I contacted their support team late at night (I think around 11 or 12) because I commute 2 hours and a half to and from work (each way. Yeah, I was really going through it that year) and told them Earnin pulled too early in the day. They asked me to screenshot the overdraft fees for a refund, which happened right then and there and allowed me to quickly get groceries before the train came. All in all, if you’re really going through financial hardship, please trust on me that this is the perfect app. I’m writing This because I’m having one of those “I’m grateful for this “ moments. Thanks for taking the time to read :).Version: 10.39.1

Like a credit card,without the credit check!!!I’ve been using Earnin for a couple months now and I have to say at first I was skeptical, I mean an app that’s supposed to link to your account?? I was really strapped for cash and my credit limit was maxed out when my car broke down, thankfully I was able to stumble across this app. It took 10-24 hours for them to verify and link the app to my bank account but as soon as I did I was able to cash out $100 within minutes it went straight to my account. If you are on the fence of opening another credit card try this app first. As of now there is no MANDATORY fee but optional tips that keep the app afloat and as with credit the better you tip and pay back your cash outs the better your cash outs can be. This pay period I got a boost to be able to front $200 from my next paycheck as opposed to the initial $100. One problem I’m seeing a lot of people have with this app is that it is like a credit card account in the fact that your payment takes up to two days to process so if you don’t have the money in the account it can definitely leave you overdrawn because it comes out of your account the day of or the day after your paycheck automatically. I have and will continue to recommend this app so long as privacy and fee policies don’t change too drastically in the future. Thanks Earnin for helping take the edge off life’s ever sharp blade! ✊🏼👍🏼💸💰.Version: 10.0

Amazing!!This app has saved me from over drafting and going without food or gas for my car. I really like how it keeps track of your hours based off your location and that when you actually get paid from your job active hours does NOT wait to take the money. There is no surprise chunk of money missing from your account a few days later because of the transaction processing. Update: I still absolutely love this app. It has saved me time and time again from over drafting or not being able to purchase something I needed. I don’t know exactly how I found this app but I found it exactly when I needed it. I was being over worked for crap pay and getting paid every two weeks. I couldn’t afford to live with my job and my work schedule didn’t allow for me to have a second job. This app saved me from so much turmoil and emotional breakdowns. I was able to get that extra bit of money I needed in between pay checks to eat and put gas in my car to get to and from my ridiculous job. I’ve since been working a job with normal hours and pays me well, I could even get a second job if I wanted to. I don’t use this app nearly as often as I used to but I am SO grateful that I have it just in case. Thank you for this..Version: 9.4

Customer ServiceI actually don’t think I’ve ever written a review for an app, but I must say that today your app and your customer service just solidified me as a huge fan of Earnin. Back in October, I made the difficult decision to relocate with short notice because hurricane Michael destroyed the area I was living in. Naturally, it took a toll on my finances and I’ve been getting back on my feet very slowly. Today, when checking my bank account, I saw a bill that I forgot was on autopay had withdrawn, leaving my account open for an overdraft fee. Panicked because holy crap why are the fees so much? Jumped on this app, saw I needed to update everything, so I opened chat support. Vince, the chat rep, was seriously more than kind to my plight and not only fixed my account but told me that if I put my bank card on file, the funds would be available ASAP, rather than 1 business day later. VINCE, thank you for helping to restore some of my faith in the customer service industry and just humanity in general. I think we can all take a page out of your book when it comes to being kinder to strangers, as you just never know what’s going on in their lives. Be the reason they can smile and forget their worries for a minute, just as Vince was able to do for me. Thank you again, Vince, and Earnin for everything you guys stand for!.Version: 9.2

Game Changer!Let me start off by saying just like majority of the people that download the app and give it a try I was VERY skeptical as I am with most things online these days. It honestly just sounds to good to be true. But this is not a fake review so let me be the first to tell you this app is 100% legit. Now as far as the trouble people is having you have to expect it especially when your dealing with a government banks but after the approval from your bank and employer you are pretty much good to go. I personally had times where I just needed some extra cash just to hold me to hold me over till my next payday and was force with the only option was to get a rip-off payday loan. Sometimes u may be in need of a simple credit card payment due or a bill or even gas to commute to work for the rest of the week and don’t need a loan for hundreds of dollars this app helps with that on another it’s crazy because something like this is for the average 9-5 worker who often overlooked. This app is a game changer and I def think of you are skeptical give it a try and see how it works! Do not listen to negative reviews everyone don’t have common sense use your own.. On another note I’m surprised this is even legal lol most of the good thing that are created to help society terrible people put a stop to it. I hope this app blows up and change lives and outlooks as it did mines!.Version: 5.6

I would’ve went hungry without this appThough I wasn’t fully sure on whether I was gonna like this app when push came to shove I would’ve went hungry most nights without it . My job at the time was very close to where I was staying so commute wasn’t a huge issue . When covid first hit my manager got it so I had to quarantine for two week with no pay so money was tight for about a week of that and the weeks prior waiting for a paycheck to hit my account . It was also helpful when I got covid myself . I was out for two weeks some days I spent in the hospital even though I’m only 21 . Covid hit me hard and I could only access the money that I had worked for the two weeks prior being it was bi weekly pay . It helped me stretch that money as long as I needed to with the low funds alert feature . It paid for some of my prescriptions I couldn’t wait for because I have no health insurance. Those prescriptions are one of the biggest reasons I’m alive today . I know that some may find it weird that an app like this can hold such power in simply getting money you work for when you need it , but when you live paycheck to paycheck sometimes that extra 50$ can be the reason you eat that night . I can never express how thankful I am I found this ! 🥰.Version: 10.79

Great app! 😬 Just don’t use it as a crutch!Awesome app, great service. Saves you from a payday loan hell. I used it for about 6 months, any time I had a small issue it was fixed within a couple of days. Suddenly, after almost 30 successful transactions (60 if you include them taking money back out of my account).... the app stopped working for me. possibly forever? kept getting error codes, waited over a month for all of the troubleshooting they could do. Still no idea of when or if it could be fixed. That was really unfortunate! I could see that really hurting someone, luckily the timing didn’t affect me.. but worth leaving in the review! Even though my last issue was unresolved, I do sincerely think the support did everything within their power to do. They had to rely on a third party running tests after so long, I just figured it was a waste of their time at that point and closed my account. Support always sent me messages when I was confused/frustrated or just following up... never a copy/pasted response which is refreshing in any customer service situation! The way my time with Earnin ended is the only reason for 4 stars instead of 5. They’ll get it figured out. When it worked it was such a godsend! Even though it stopped working for me, the technical issue was never resolved... I really appreciate their support throughout..Version: 8.1.1

NOT A FANI used this app for about three months. At first it was great! Took money out exactly when I got paid, and every time my account went under a 100-it would put money in there to save me. Sounds too good to be true right? YOURE RIGHt!!!!!!!!! So, one time it decided to take out what I owed them 2 days early for some reason! So I was charged 35 dollars from my bank because the money was in there-then my automatics drafts that were already set up to come out came out, and I was hit with even more charges from my bank. When it was all said and done-i was 800 IN THE HOLE and when I got paid on Friday, earning tried to take out the money they just took out 2 days ago! I wrote and complained and asked for the money back they owed me plus my charges from my bank they should cover too I feel like-it’s only fair! I sent the a screen shot and told them they are NOT allowed to touch my account ever again and I am not interested in doing business with them! Of course I have yet to get any kind of compensation back and they keep saying “they are looking into it” it’s been a month now since the incident so I’m writing this off as a lost cause. You’ve been warned everyone!!!!!.Version: 10.88

I couldn’t be more thankful to have found these amazing people.I am a Full time Single Father/Parent to Two amazing and beautiful girls (11/13). They are obviously my world and I would give the world to them without hesitation. But being a single parent without any help whatsoever from my ex wife is extremely challenging being that I’m only able to work part time so that my kids at least get some feasible time with one of thier parents since the other has chosen to live all the way across the country. The good folks at Earnin have been there for me even when I didn’t have anyone else.. I hit some hard times and fell behind on my payment because both of my girls are born in December and to top it all off Christmas is all wrapped up into it. So now I’m only able to advance $50 down from the $200 I had made it up to.. which I won’t lie really hurts because it was the only real relief the three of us felt, but it’s my fault for not managing my money better. I shouldn’t make excuses. Just pay your bill and make sure you try to pay it forward at least from time to time drop a good $10 like I just did. They deserve the support. And don’t worry about lil ol’ me, I’ll find a way for us to survive, I always do. Peace, and Kindness to, and for Everyone..Version: 10.29

Earnin is greatEarnin has been wonderful for me. Whenever there has been a delay in the ability to allow me to cash out (change in pay plan, error in the system not calculating my time at work, etc) their support team gets it resolved right away through their chat service. And it’s real people talking, not just a robot. Sometimes I’ll cash out when I don’t even need it, because it’s great to be able to get a $100 cushion whenever I want. I know I pay that back of course, but I’ve never had an issue doing so. Also, there was a time that I relocated, borrowed $100, but costs of relocating arised and I knew I couldn’t pay it back on the scheduled date that they were going to deduct it from my account (also because my pay plan and pay dates changed) So I simply chatted with a rep and he moved my payback date to the following pay date without question or hesitation. This service is really here to help you out. And will work with you whenever you need them. Whenever you chat with support, you’ll get an email to rate your experience with the rep and a picture of them. It then gives you the option to select a reward for your review (boss buys them lunch, free Starbucks coffee, or a gift card). Be sure to always give them good reviews and click a nice reward. They truly deserve it..Version: 10.17

Unexpected Expenses meet “The Solution”When this app was installed by me at some 2 am in March 2019 I was just trying to get a bit of grocery money together since my wife and I were broke and in dire need. Now, as I write this in June on the 27th at 2:54 am I can say in confidence- to you, and anyone who reads- if you’re like me, although this is unique to my situation: a over time cramming working guy with a wife who’s in college and who’s federal aid (GI bill) has yet to hit and ease the bills that pile inevitably with one income- you need this app. I don’t mean to seem grateful, I am, I mean to sound awestruck! This app is saving my life, in that exact sense! If I did not have Earnin to help hold back the tide of hands that, honestly deserve the money from my accounts for the services I use- phone, insurances, vehicle note, credit card installments to name the choice ones- if I DID NOT have Earnin, my way of living would be thrown all the way out of proportion and I’d be lost in debt that would %100pile up if I didn’t take care of it immediately . Earnin lets me access my hard earned money fast, securely, and reliably when I need it. That is everyday nowadays mind you- everyday, and Earnin has not let me down once. :) I won’t let them down either. Get Earnin, and be sorry *only that you didn’t get it sooner! •John• ~La Porte, Texas~.Version: 10.0

One of the best apps EVERSo, I’m a dumb millennial in an expensive world working an underpaid job. Story of a lotta lives these days. With my budgeting skills (or lack thereof), I had to limit myself to 10$ a day for food after I got my paycheck. Sometimes I had to go a day without a meal out of paranoia for not being able to pay my rent. But then Snapchat showed me an ad for Earnin and I thought what the hey, right? I gave it a shot and I NEVER went back. Earnin is AMAZING!! You can choose how much money out of your work week that you need on the spot, you can pay it forward and help others unable to tip, it rewards you with more cash outs as you use it, and it’s helped me finally feel good about the work I do! Now I’m not starving myself when I get into work, and I’m able to even sometimes treat myself confidently knowing that I still get what I need for my rent yet also can get some in advance for myself! I love this app and I really wish I could help spread the word. Every time I tell my friends about it, they are scared about sharing their bank info with a third party app, but it’s super safe. I even used the chat room on my first week since I was scared and they walked me through every insecurity! In this day and age we are so paranoid about our money, but I promise, this is an app that has nothing to hide. Besides- ITS YOUR MONEY, they’re just helping you get it!.Version: 10.6.1

This saves me time & time againI’m a single mom. Life gets expensive. I work hard as a critical care nurse. People think nurses are rich. We are not. So often I live paycheck to paycheck. I would over draw & get in a bind & not know what to do. Or the gas bill would be due & I’d come home in winter to no gas. This app has helped keep me a float. I haven’t over drawn my acct since using this app. Giving a tip to this company is so beyond worth it & cheaper then over draft feels. If I can’t spare but $3 they accept it with a kind thank you. If I can give more I do. As long as you remember what you cashed out, you will be fine come payday. I get paid & they take out what I already withdrew through the app. I can see how this could get some people in a bind. What helps is they adjust what you can withdraw based on how you use the app & how you repay it. Only take what you need & remember it will deduct. I have truly been blessed & grateful to have found this app. It’s been a life saver & changer for single moms & or life those that life just seems to always happen to. Thank you for creating this and I hope it never goes away. I tell everyone about this. Great job. An idea to the creators. Maybe send a reminder text the day before payday to remind people what’s being deducted. Or at least have the feature option where if people want reminders th they can set how often to get them..Version: 10.24

Awesome!Okay. Let me start off by saying THANK YOU to the app developers, the ones who run Earnin and everyone involved in this process!! When I first downloaded Earnin, I was VERY skeptical to put in my banking information. I went on and took a chance when I got into a bind and I am so thankful I did! The app works by seeing your location and how many hours you are at your work address. I thought well, I can’t do that, I work in a different location EVERY day. It does connect to Tsheets and Brink, both of which my company does not use. They provide the option to upload timesheets! Once I screenshot my timesheet and upload it, my earnings are updated within 10 minutes! (I really appreciate YOU, the person who verifies these too!) I only use this in an emergency situation and it keeps people out of debt with check cashing companies which can really financially hurt anyone with the never ending cycle they get you into. Speaking of finance charges, YOU get to choose how much you want to ‘tip’. I ALWAYS tip, even if I’m running low. This service is ALWAYS here when I need it, they need to be paid for the time, efforts, and just for the simple fact they provided me with a service. Sometimes I do tip more because I know there are the people who take advantage of it and don’t tip anything. PLEASE TIP!! Keep this service going and at a low cost for EVERYONE!!! Thanks for an awesome job Earnin and helping us when needed!! ❤️.Version: 9.12

Absolutely Blown Away!!!At first, I was extremely skeptical with this app. I thought any app that it going to have access to pay statements and effect your money directly has to be too good to be true or just a downright scam. I was definitely wrong when it comes to Earnin. I get paid biweekly and sometimes it can be quite the stretch to go without having access to any of the money that I make over the two week wait. Earnin gives me access to the money that I’ve worked for while not having to wait for payday. I can’t be thankful enough to the creators and those on the Earnin team! And when I had a question about something involving a feature on the app called Lightning Speed (which gives you access to your money within minutes instead of a day) not only did they explain that making a cash out before activating the lightning speed feature would mean I’d have to wait, they went the extra mile and cancelled my cash out so I’d be able to do my cash out again but have Lightning Speed available. This app is an absolute must for those who want or need their money early for whatever reason. And the way that the Earnin community supports itself and everybody that has the app works together via the tip feature is utterly and absolutely genius! Would definitely recommend!.Version: 7.4.1

Awesome company!A couple years ago, I used Earnin for its cash out feature - and I was so impressed. I signed up for lightening speed, and it saved me a couple times when I was in line at the grocery store and realized my groceries added up to more than I thought (I was able to cash out while standing at the register, and then swipe my debit card). It saved me in other instances too, and I always had great interactions with customer service. Not to mention, choosing how much to tip (how much to pay for the privilege of borrowing the money) made me really appreciative and feel I could trust the company. Recently I was looking for a savings account, and saw Earnin had this new feature called tip me. It has a limit of $2k, but provides the ability to divide your savings into multiple jars (Christmas, vacation, etc). On top of that, it assigns you tickets for a chance to win some cash for every $10 you save! The account does not provide you interest, but I feel that Earnin chooses to be ethical because they cap the combined savings at $2k. So once you reach a goal, or get near $2k, you can transfer the money to another savings account that pays interest. My experience with the company has been excellent, and I think very highly of the development of their app. They’ve combined fun with money, and I look forward to see what else they develop!.Version: 10.72.2

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