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Street Kart Racing - No Limit App Complaints & User Negative Comments

Street Kart Racing - No Limit app received 60 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about street kart racing - no limit?

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It’s ok if you have the 5$...if not don’tI am really confused why you would have an energy system which prevents you from grinding the game. Especially, when the game cost 5$. I read in a reply that you want to “sim” the energy loss when you actually drive a cart. I don’t really know if that is the kind of sim the game needs imo. I would like to spend hours on the game and get faster, but I feel restricted by this. Also can we get a camera or different cameras with more fov, I know some phones can’t handle this. But it should still be an option. On some tracks I feel like I’m looking down a test tube trying to find the apex of a corner. With a few tweaks this game would be a more enjoyable experience for me. I just want it to be more about the racing especially on a phone, and not all the cute sim stuff..Version: 1.3

Doesn’t workAfter installing it asks to update, only available to agree. It says loading...loading. Then goes back to asking you to update. After many failed attempts I’m here letting others know..Version: 1.3.8

Racing is great but career mode poorThe actual racing is great and probably best on IOS but I was disappointed by the career mode. I’ve been playing for nearly a week and still don’t understand it. Should really go back to basics instead of being so many different things. Also ridiculous you have to wait to play on some occasions. The game has tried to copy other games instead of just being itself..Version: 1.2.2

Dark agesYou are racing in the dark most of the time gets frustrating Thanks.Version: 0.90.5

Great Game. Greedy micro transaction structureThis game is a story of two halves. The gameplay is very good, undoubtedly the best racing experience on iOS. The multiplayer lap times make for every race to be fun. However, after paying £5 for it you would not then expected to have to tap through dialogue and micro transaction heavy content. I’ve just paid for this game, do you really want me to have to pay-to-win by upgrading gloves, shoes, helmets, outfit, tyres, fuel type after every two races? The leaderboards do not contain the fastest lap times, it’s just a mirror image of who paid more for better in game equipment. This is a great shame because you can see that the game development team has created something very special, but the commercial side of the team has taken it over at the end and essentially ruined it. Do I care that I’m 0.5 seconds slower just because the other racer had bought a special tyre type? No, I don’t care, and that’s why this game is very frustrating. Please, remove these paywalls, give people the karting game that the developers built and the people want to play. Or make it free and keep the micro transactions..Version: 1.2.2

NOT A RACING GAME!!!! it’s all career modeIt’s a good game and it’s realistic about the racing, however there is way too much faf. The racing is good but the stuff in between is just very annoying. They should make the career mode optional so that people who just want to race can and people who want to spend hours doing the career can do that as well. I don’t like having to go through a thousand different pages and upgrade my tires, frame, fuel and everything else whenever I just want to have a simple race. There are a few upsides, the racing is realistic and I like how the AI players are actually good at racing which is challenging and fun. I like the career mode to an extent (it’s a bit to complicated though) and I think they could make it a bit more simple. Overall, it’s a real commitment game that you will have to commit to so please don’t do what I did and spend all the money and find that it’s not actually worth it because it’s way to over complicated. Thanks.Version: 1.3.3

Decent game with terrible privacy nag screensThe game is decent, with a good driving model. However, you get incessant nag screens to turn on ad tracking, about once after you complete each event. Pretty sad, especially for a paid app.Version: 1.3.9

Stuck on loading screenI have only played once but my game is always stuck on loading screen and I have no updates or anything for it. Pls fix.Version: 1.3.4

$7.99 dollar game that crashesWouldn’t recommend downloading this game at all. Quite surprised that they actually sell a game for $7.99 that isn’t tested properly and crashes often. I get up to the race tournament stage and then unable to select a race. Game freezes. Be great when they use proper testers and developers that aren’t half baked..Version: 1.0

MICRO TRANSACTIONS!!!DO NOT PAY FOR THIS APP!! When I pay £5 for an app, I assume that I will at the very least be able to play part of the game without limitations. I totally understand asking for more money for extra content, but if you ask for cash up front, you should NOT then limit the amount the player can play and then ask for more money in order for them to continue!! I was trying to get to grips with the game’s controls/testing out different control schemes, and before I had even really got into the game, micro transactions were already being advertised!! It’s a shame, because as a mobile based driving sim, it’s absolutely great, but sadly, greed got the better of the company who made this! Either charge more for your game from the start, or make it very clear that the price of your app is purely an entry fee to a world of subsequent payments!.Version: 1.2

Street kartI can’t do anything in this game. I can’t accelerate, reverse or steer it won’t let me do anything.Version: 0.90.2

Continuity.Be aware! The game uses Facebook and not Game Center, so you won’t be able to progress on your iPhone and continue with the same account on your iPad. This has become a pattern with games, be careful. Edit: From the developer; “Doesn’t have iCloud backup yet which is being worked on” Being worked on? So customers pay a premium for an inferior product, ok. I hope others read this and vote appropriately. We’re all aware of the Apple Eco System so why would a developer release anything that doesn’t support continuity? Plus add every social media app there is throughout the game?! For those who don’t get it, take a look at the ‘In-Game Purchase’ section! Now purchase the game and pay DOUBLE for any gains within the games progress! That plus free data collection and marketing via social media is 10x more valuable to the developer and we remain oblivious to their stealthy ways. Bottom line, research a potential purchase to see if the developer has kept the customer in mind right up until the finish line! Get it? lol.Version: 1.2

HELPJust downloaded and will not let me play as it says I need the latest version but there is no newer version?.Version: 0.90

If don’t have a controller don’t buy!As an advanced kart racer... game is junk! I see the potential for sure but the controls are trash! Needs to be a left right button! Now if I were using an actual sim wheel or a controller this game be off the chain! But for mobile I see better use of your money else where! Take this game to Xbox ps or pc but for mobile I do not recommend! Honest review! Leave the mobile games for the ones starting thier video game creating career you guys belong in the big leagues! Great game with the no assist! Please I’d love to play this on my Xbox sim! But mobile🤔 it’s a no for me!.Version: 1.3.8

SuggestionsRecently downloaded app, very hard as it states. Would be a lot better if you could tap the steering as opposed to sliding your finger to steer. The current way doesn’t allow you to be able to drive straight, you are always trying to correct yourself. Plus your thumb cramps up too. Other racing games have a tap option that works much better. Also would be good to be able to change driver views. Graphics look great, just needs the driving controls sorted out/refined. Has had a few crashes where screen went black after I crashed the kart..Version: 0.90.3

Unplayable without MFI controller on iPad Pro 12.9”Please add the support for MFI controller. :(.Version: 1.0

New iOS update bugAfter install new update to my iPhone the game can’t’s so frustrating.Version: 1.3.7

GlitchWont even let me play the game, it just glitches out at the loading screen so wont even start. Please fix this!.Version: 0.90.7

REVIEWS LOOKED TOO GOOD TO BE TRUEAbsolutely not true what i read in reviews about it being as close as reality as possible and that lvl of skill needed. I looked up the top racer and his videos. BIGGEST DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ME WHO HAS RACED NOW 2 Mo and HIM, was just the go kart. HE is able to use grass like the track , where mine would stall and stop, Able to hit the breaks full on and take off again , And cut corners over grass, with hard breaking, be too fast in corner, drive on edge over grass w no problem etc etc etc SEAMS REVIEWS ARE MADE UP A LOT from what i see. Lot of potential but far from being what i hoped it was and what it can be by making necessary changes that force more skill and i know they have to make more $ but now its 80% geared towards upgrades and skill needed too low for my taste. I wouldnt mind upgrading my car and spending $ but i would have to see that the skill factor is still the main component. The best player should be able to smoke me w my kart if i used his but in reality i would easily win as he would have to drive like a grandpa or his cart would stall on grass or anytime he breaks too fast and would even loose control otherwise...That should not be possible. He should be able to smoke me even w slower kart due to his amazing skill and of course kart would matter amongst similar players but not a beginner and #1.Version: 1.3.2

Gets really boring after a whileThe TKM so called championship become really repetitious and boring 👎👎👎👎😖😖😖😖😖.Version: 1.3.7

Lost progressYou get to choose a username, however if you change devices/reinstall the app, you’re actually not signed into an account so you have to start from scratch.Version: 1.3.8

This game is not worth playing the controls are very badThis game is not worth playing the controls are very bad.Version: 1.3.12

Pay to play and pay to winThis game is not fun, if you want a game that feels good plays well and has good competition go somewhere else. This game is not only a pay to play, but also a pay to win. There are consumables that can be fitted to you kart that give you the most unfair of advantages. If you want to even have a chance of competing you’ll need to pay even more money to up your kart. Yes you could earn credits but it’s almost impossible and you’ll end up spending real money in the long run. In short this game is unfair, weird to play, and very expensive..Version: 1.3.8

Ads and energy systemThis has to be the first time I’ve seen reward videos and an energy system in a paid game. The entire marketing is all around real-time multiplayer, yet I haven’t played against a living person so far. The graphics look like they’ve got ripped off from a PS1 game, though the physics and controls feel pretty good (which is the entire point of the game). They say it’s been in development for years, but that had to be effortless development for the most parts. Lots of UI bugs (I’ve seen at least 10 in 1 hour) and things that could be improved with a few minutes of recoding and redesigning. With that said, racing games on the App Store are generally garbage, and this has to be the most promising one so far. I probably won’t be playing it as of now just wanted to support the development and maybe it will become amazing one day through updates..Version: 1.0

Not working on iPadBought to play with my kid on his ipad, but it never load past intro screen.Version: 1.3.4

Obsessed with cool-down times!Seems like it’s probably a great game but I’m not allowed to play it for long enough to find out. I run out of energy and have to wait for it to fill up, and even worse, I want to service my engine (because the kart I’m forced to buy has a beat up old engine), so I have to pay in game money for the service, and then wait 48 minutes for it to be done! Why!? This is not a freemium game so why the obsession with stopping me from actually playing it..Version: 1.1

Just one knock or 2.Unless I’m doing something wrong, I only have one knock. Camera options..... why can’t I race behind the car? Watching my car instead of being in it? I play the F1 and there’s 3 camera options . At least give the player the option. Again..... unless I’m doing something wrong and don’t know how to, it’s restrictive and I’d like to see my whole car. Also...... add the Puerto Rico flag as an option. You have every other Latin American flag except the Puerto Rican flag. I understand that we’re citizens of the USA by default but we’d still like an option to represent our Island. Add the flag please I’m an update..Version: 1.3.8

Too glitchyHey guys Loved the intent and I am sure that you will get it sorted, but right now it is too glitchy- I’ve given up for now. Kart keeps stopping mid race when in the lead - very frustrating. Drivability could be improved as well - Real Racing 3 feels more realistic. Hope you get it sorted - will check back later :).Version: 0.90.5

Good game but...Nobody seems to play it? I think I have had 1 or 2 races where I have had to invite rivals and on both occasions it has been against one other person. The rest of the time I’m on my own racing against AI? As far as the game goes it’s good and you can see a lot of work has gone into it... but what attracted me to it was multiplayer racing which has not happened. I’m not bothered about time trials etc. There does not seem to be an option just to race against others online and when you wait in the lobby / invite other people, no one ever comes in - it’s a shame. If it had the MP aspect I’d def say worth the price tag but right now, disappointed to have paid £5 for it..Version: 1.0

Doesn't workIt doesn't work.Version: 0.89

Won’t loadGreat game, but it won’t load, keeps going to load page then a little text with total pints then back to load page. What’s up?.Version: 1.0

RubbishI understand the stats with the terms of 80% paid apps use extra micro transactions but you are already asking 5 pound or 2.99 which is what we pay to start with? Most apps with micro transactions would not be that expensive to start with and we got to pay to play if we run out of energy what was you thinking ? You can respond with any excuse but you like most paid apps with micro transactions would not stop you with some “need of energy to play” it’s disgusting and greedy your already asking a lot with the play the ad to add more coins and also begging to follow everyone on Instagram I have never seen such a greedy game app in all my life most free games are not even this greedy! Shocking.Version: 1.3.8

Fix this gameFix this game I spent 7 dollars and it won’t even load and keeps bugging out.Version: 1.0

Boring - slow - weak controlsWouldn’t waste your time with this. Controls are weak. Cannot use a controller. Online doesn’t happen. 100% not worth 6.99. Buy when free or 1.99 In response to the devs - No - the Xbox controller doesn’t work, I have tried to get this to work multiple times. Cannot even get a refund for the game as it says “we’ve determined that your purchase doesn’t meet the conditions for a refund”. I played 5 minutes. Money grabbing devs..Version: 1.3.3

TerribleControls are terrible either too much acceration or brake causes a spin out or crash waited 4 minutes and got no fellow races not worth my time.Version: 0.90

Needs to be freeThis app should be free. Is it a great game? Absolutely. However, it is riddled with in-app purchases like a free app would be. There is an annoying energy system in the game so that you can only do 5 races at a time. Your wheels fall about, and you need to pay for gas. That is fine because it’s in-game currency, but, then your clothing starts to fall apart and effect your racing. You can spend 20 bucks and get an even faster kart right off the bat. Don’t charge 5 dollars for a game then include in-app purchases around every corner just to play the game. You can’t even practice when your “energy” is depleted after the five races. It’s absurd. Fun game, but you’ll be spending more than 5 dollars..Version: 1.3.2

Game freezesJoined and paid, initially quite good but find it impossible to race friends who joined too which was the whole part of it. Have hunted for help on the game but can’t find it, just an annoying drop down guy double thumbing freezing the game..Version: 1.3

DaggyToo much rubbish to click through to get to a race. More time spent upgrading, wanting IAP and useless info than racing. Even then the racing isn’t all that fun. It’s just a load of needless junk..Version: 1.2.2

Not worth the moneyBoring game.Version: 1.0

Horrible and complicatedI have races RR3 for many many year and I'm 100% complete after each update and I've spent money on that game . I say this so you will know I'm not a newbie to Racing games and just can't drive. BUT I CAN DRIVE THIS GAME. Graphics are good and content seems great but too much to learn. It's over powering and doesn't explain much on how to do anything. Servicing and missions and purchase. I can't find correct buttons to do anything . Driving the kart is worse . Maybe go karts are like this in real life so I'll pass on that mess too.. it's worth $5 US, b it RR3 is free and best racing game out there..Version: 1.1

Good but xBox controller won’t steerCan you please let me know if you can fix this and I’ll re-review after? My xbox controller connects but the steering doesn’t work :(.Version: 1.3.6

It’s okayFrom the standpoint of the racing, it’s great. As in mechanics and realism, then yes this game stands out. However there are lots of things which can occur and prevent you from playing. For example you have an energy bar, a system I despise in games on your phone. The bar depletes the more you race and ofc you wait when it runs out or spend the special currency to fill it back up. Also all your racing gear ( gloves suit and boots etc) has durability meaning when they run out you have to buy more and if you don’t your stats are worse. Same with fuel, tires and the kart itself. Track design contradicts with first time runs. The solo practice does not let you try all tracks, you can only try certain ones which are available for the day. As a result when you go in a track for the first time, you could be bombing 60 on a straight and have no idea if your going right or left or doing a 180 or 90 degree turn. Before people praise the map for this, you don’t get much time to react and with the sensitive steering it has a large room for error. Overall, the game has a lot of pay to win type systems and it’s very frustrating. And the design itself lacks lots of thought for newcomers to this style of game..Version: 1.3.4

Good but is it worth the money?It's a decent racing game, the controls are a bit weird and somehow I have the 3rd fastest time in the world on one of the tracks lol? I spoke to I believe the developer on instagram asking him to make the game free but add microtransactions into the game. However after I paid £5 I was introduced to a game full of microtransactions, you pay to get to the top. This is disgusting especially after I paid £5 for the game they're trying to eek out every penny from your pocket, this is extremely greedy and for this reason alone I feel like asking apple for a refund for this app. Like seriously? You have limited race energy and have to pay to have your energy regen faster? Disgusting! I already paid £5 and £5 is a lot when you got thousands downloading this app but for the greedy developers it isn't enough!.Version: 1.0

Almost unplayable.The game is just set so high that it’s almost impossible to play and enjoy. I cannot beat 54sec in Dubai. I can get within 2% but that is it. I can’t progress, I can’t play on other tracks, I cannot do anything IN A GAME I PAID $8 AUD FOR. Controls are awful. I’ve tried every setting, every style, but none of them make the kart handle predictably. Brake will sometimes slow you, sometimes do seemingly nothing, sometimes spin you. Kart will sometimes grip, sometimes plow understeer in the same corner, same line, same speed. If Dubai is a learning course, why aren’t we following another kart, or have a lit up race line that shows when to brake or lift off. Not everyone is a professional gamer or karter but I enjoy racing games and I race in my track car, but this is something totally different. I’ve been playing a few days and cannot get any further. For me, it’s unplayable. I’m going to ask for a refund because essentially I’ve wasted money..Version: 0.90.3

No players on multiplayer.I’ve been playing this game 3 weeks now my internet is good I never have problems however I bought this game because it said there was multiplayer and each time I go on multiplayer there is no people joining I have waited but it feels like am the only Person playing I have only played with AI in advertising it was made to seem like the game was very popular and I would easily be able to find a game. Also i was notified I could use my Xbox one controller to play and when I try to set it up it takes me to a page which is non existent..Version: 1.2.1

Pay to WinThis is actually a decent game. The problem that I have is that you charge to play it at all, but then almost everything is behind a paywall. I wish it was made to just be a skill based game where you rank up and progress (ie. get new carts) by playing the game and getting better. Unfortunately the only way to get the best gear and equipment is by paying for in game currency. Please reconsider this..Version: 1.3.3

FrustratedGoes back a while, 3 month or so, bought game, loading, picked name and push submit, says no internet connection detected. Joined groups , got some help which made no difference, told I would to have to change my network#, not about to do that, have to many things hooked up to it, told to delete and reload, still didn’t work. Gave up, today, deleted app and reloaded, guess what , Says no internet connection detected. Looks like a awesome game, would Love to have, this is the only app I’ve had a issue with and a have a pile of games and different apps on my iPad . Sad. To others enjoy and good luck.Version: 1.3.8

Do not buyFull of pay to win mechanics. Must buy tires , fuel and you also have an energy bar that depletes and will prevent you from playing unless you watch ads or buy in game currency. It’s a paid game already so it’s pretty scammy considering they claim it has ‘no assists’. Also 90% of the time you’ll be racing against bots, not real people.. the only competition is in lap times. Greedy devs that are misleading people, have no idea why it has so many positive reviews when it’s blatantly NOT what it claims to be. Avoid !.Version: 1.3.4

Game liesThe game says there is no assist. But I played this track same race won first place pretty easy. Then when I went to go race for a suit the handling and speed of my car went right out the window. It was making me it walls it would pull me in directions I’m not trying to turn or wouldn’t turn fast enough. Don’t advertise that there’s no assist then have assist. Then all of a sudden in the exact same class and race make the leader overly fast and no chance of winning even if your god mode. To be sure I tried it 3 times. Raced for the stock red suit and it says win 2 up races which the same track and class I’ve been winning and dominating then all of a sudden I tap the brakes once I spin in a full circle I smack every wall no matter how hard I turn my phone. And the leader creams you so no chance of winning so I’m uninstalling..Version: 1.3.3

WasteWhat a waste of time and money! Been trying to play this for days and it refuses to load. Congratulations, just got the easiest $8.Version: 1.2.2

LangueBon jeux mais je ne comprends pas l’anglais En français serait mieux.Version: 1.2

Controller doesn’t work properlyWhile yes technically the PS4 controller does work it doesn’t show up in setting and there’s no way to change the setting for it. For some reason pushing left on the right analog stick is to accelerate and pushing up on the same stick is to brake which makes no sense but at least the steering seems to work properly. Is this something that could be fixed. I only paid for the game so I could play it with my PS4 controller so this is a bit disappointing..Version: 1.3.4

Misleading...They advertise this game as pure racing, no assists. You pay £5 for that privilege so I was quite surprised when the game kept trying to get me to buy their credits to upgrade my kart, have better wheels and fuel. The gameplay is nice but I couldn’t believe it was another pay to win mobile game that you have to pay just to play. Features such as race fitness, new wheels and fuel constantly encourage you to spend more money after paying for the game itself. Hugely disappointing..Version: 1.3.8

It cheatsNot so much in the sense that braking for corners will result in your being smashed off the track by the AI, still less in the sense that you will need to spend lots of real currency to be competitive- that’s the case with all racing games. However, the game sets targets to be met in order to win in-game currency, and in four out of five cases snatches that target away when it is about to be achieved, without reward, replacing it with a less lucrative- and unobtainable owing to in-game restrictions- new target. This rather spoils what is, at its heart, a decent racing game. Either play fair or remove the targeted rival challenges altogether. Until one or the other is done, consider yourselves lucky to have clung onto three stars....Version: 1.3.8

ConesMy tolerance is pretty high on this as this game’s is top notch not everyone has Facebook yaknow. This is 2021 not 2009. Great gameplay otherwise just really difficult to complete missions with bugs and especially when everything is time dependent :L • The issue of not being able to pause the game or get countdown if you get a dialog pop up for 20% battery. I get it’s live but there must be something that can forwarn this as status bar isn’t shown. • X hrs to complete mission Surely there could be more ways to do missions?! Eg. Use 1 set of tyres for 20 laps or come first 5 times consecutively. Would like opportunity to volume down the effects and listen to my own music. And please replace cones with concrete blocks. Or give them physics..Version: 1.3.11

It’s a good game but could have been brilliantIt’s a good game but I am still yet to find a multiplayer to race against. Would be good at least to race against ghosts of other players or your own ghost. The stamina is really annoying and has lost this another star as I am now having to review when I could be playing . Not being able to race a game you paid for as you have to spend more in game money for stamina drinks is just wrong. There should be at least a stamina free practice track, actually no you should just be able to race. Yes you can earn aces but you also need them to progress in the game..Version: 1.1

Great but filled with bugs and glitchesSo first off I believe this game is to racing sims as torque drift is to drifting sims. It is the cream of the crop and unmatched in its physics and detail. However, there are a few major glitches that make the game unenjoyable and sometimes even unplayable. For example, many times (about every ten races or so) a glitch will occur where if I touch the steering while on the throttle the tires spin uncontrollably. This is not user error because I tried it with a fully repaired kart and brand new tires also it’s not me spinning out because I’m pushing the kart too much since it will spin the tires even at incredibly low speeds. Also I tried to sell my cadet kart and it never gave my account the 250 credits that it said I was selling it for. I understand you guys are working with a small development team but for a $4.99 game it’s unacceptable..Version: 1.0

BrokenThe game is broken on iPad Pro. Keeps loading and loading but does’nt start. I want my money back. And bye the way, no matter what they say, this is a pay for win game. And an expensive one..Version: 1.3.4

Looks like fun but is flakyI just purchased the game and it seems like great fun. Unfortunately it freezes when I reach the cadet challenges. I reinstalled and lost all my las test rings and it still crashes when I reach cadet challenge.... don’t mind the 6.99$ but I would love to actually play the game. Praying for an update or help....Version: 1.0

Shocking money grabExpect to pay £5 for an app which shamefully asks you to watch sponsored videos for ‘ace coins’, spend money on these coins for upgrades in the game, has no one playing online, has dodgy tilt or touch controls. Wouldn’t recommend and I think it’s a shame Steve SuperGTs face is in it because I am sure he doesn’t play this mess. If there were no in app purchases in the game it would still be mediocre at best and I would imagine the hype article on the app store is paid for. Much like the reviews..Version: 1.1

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