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Monument Valley app received 54 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Monument Valley? Can you share your negative thoughts about monument valley?

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Monument Valley for Negative User Reviews

It’s a cool game but way to short for the priceIt’s a cool game but way to short for the price.Version: 2.7.6

Too easy but beautifulThe visual art and the music makes it a very nice game. However it is way too easy. There is always only one move possible..Version: 2.7.21

Good but shortHi. I really like Monument Valley but it’s to short. I mean it’s $7 to buy this and another $3 to get 8 extra chapters! I mean come on, at least make the 8 extra chapters free if we have to pay $7 to get this game! Same with MV2 it’s to short. Another thing is the story for both games because in MV1, Ida goes on a quest for forgiveness; is she the one that wants to be forgiven or does she want to forgive someone (AKA) the crows and then at the end of Chapter 10 she turns into a crow and I don’t understand what the StoryTeller is talking about same goes for MV2. I think the 2 saddest chapters Chapter 6 in MV1 because the Totem drowns and it’s really sad and Chapter 6 in MV2. I mean Ro leaves her child who has no name and there both really sad chapters. And can you make some more free chapters for MV1 and MV2 please?.Version: 2.7.6

Too brief for the priceLove the game itself, very fun puzzles. But there’s not enough content to justify the price. Was very surprised and disappointed when I reached the end..Version: 2.7.21

Good game but no work 😕Hey. I've been well... Trying to play this game but it keeps crashing. I'm using an iPod 4 16GB and I don't know if its my iPod or if the game is too good.😉👍 I'm just letting you all know I don't think iPod 4s are able to use this game. I have played this game on a friends IPad and I have to say its probs the best game I have ever played. But maybe an update that let's iPod 4 users to enjoy this great game that would b awesome. THANK YOU!!! ✌👏😋.Version: 2.2.41

Too short for the priceI had high hopes for this game but £3.99 for under an hours fun is not good value in my book. The puzzles are too easy and I only spent more than 10 seconds on a task twice. It looks aesthetically pleasing and I love the music but it definitely either needs more levels or the puzzle difficulty increasing. Not sure I will be buying the latest version if it’s as short as this one.Version: 2.5.21

Nickydee33I never review games but feel compelled to do so for this game. I feel completely robbed ! After reading the reviews I was unsure, I’d always looked at the game and though can I justify the cost and always passed, but today after hearing that this is to be made into a film I thought what the heck ! I’ll give it a go see what all the hype is ...... to say I’m disappointed is an understatement. The game is graphically nice, the storyline ok. The content or lack there of is where the let down is. It’s taken me just over an hour to complete, so it isn’t value for money. The levels are easy, child's play to be honest. I’m a huge fan of these puzzle type games I enjoy trying to figure out the solutions, this game is a true let down. I would seriously think before purchasing this game. Do you really want to spend your hard earned cash on an hours worth of fun? The game makers could at least add more content or new levels with updates, make it more difficult. 10 levels on MV1 is just lazy! I suggest before you purchase this do your research. I recommend starting with Limbo or Inside. Exceptional game play and well worth the money..Version: 2.6.0

Crashing iPhone 12 miniIt is crashing for iPhone 12 mini.Version: 2.7.20

Too easy to playIt’s just way to easy.Version: 2.7.6

Not challenging, lacking creativityThe game was fun but as I just get into, it it's over after less than 45 mins worth of gameplay!! Too linear, obvious and straightforward with little puzzle to it. For 5 ish USD I bought a game where the graphics were not as 'amazing' as they could have been. The illusions were all simply versions of puzzles I had read in books as a child and I was not challenged once. The game doesn't make you think and spells out the answers for you. I paid $5 USD to watch an averagely graphical character nearly walk around as if it was a movie. Big waste of time and the music was frustrating..Version: 2.0.1

A beautiful illusion ,but needs moreThis game is a wonderful journey, but doesn’t fully develop the ideas. First of all I would like to know more like why is Ida, the main character there, who is the spirt, why does she turn into a bird, and what’s the point of it! It’s beautiful monuments and divine understanding of geometry memorized me. It was truly fun, but there was little content for the price I payed for the game and additional levels. I’m very tempted to buy Monument Valley 2 ,but I don’t really feel like spending $15 plus dollars and a very short game. So I highly recommend not to get this game if you don’t want to spend a fair amount of money. It’s content wasn’t worth its price..Version: 2.6.0

Great, but lacking in challenge & overpriced for contentI love this game, I have to say. I really do. Let me emphasize the creators clearly put a lot of time and effort into the look and feel of this game. The artistry is incredible, unbelievably beautiful for a puzzle game. BUT, I nearly always knew where to go, what to do, what pieces to move. This needs to be much more challenging!! In addition, this game (Though I realize the time and effort put into the look and feel of the game...) is incredibly overpriced for the very few levels (Chapters) and small additional add levels to this game. Come on’ve got to take down the price by at least half..Version: 2.5.21

Amusing but not enthrallingThis is a pretty little game, but there is not all that much variety as the chapters progress. It doesn’t take very long to complete and it is not, in my view, one of those games you would play again. I much prefer the likes of the Fireproof “Room” series. It is, however, a pleasant way to pass the time when there’s nothing on the telly. It has been criticised as expensive, which I find strange coming from people who have forked out for an overpriced tablet or phone. And £7 for two games is hardly a fortune..Version: 2.7.21

MORE LEVELSI managed to finish the game over night and with a game you pay for you'd expect it to have more than 10 levels. Please give us more level. Very disappointed in the money we spend on this game and there's only a few levels until it's finished will give 5 stars when you give more levels. The game is wonderful graphics are amazing I wish I had of known there were only ten levels I wouldn't of spent my money on it.Version: 1.0.3

Disappointing considering I paid for itGame is in ten sections each section split into two or three pieces. Game 6 worked up the last part when the girl did not come back out so could not complete it. Game 7 worked properly first time but then the girl never appeared second time and Game 8 never did work right. As I said disappointing. Also a bit slow and boring after a few minutes.Version: 2.5.5

I like itI do like this game like it makes me want to go out on adventures but I can't say I love it it's not the best like $6 to play for an hour!?!? Unbelievable this game is not the best but I still like it just try to like make it $2 cuz it's just like hard Thank you.Version: 2.5.5

Too shortIt’s actually a good game but not worth the money. It’s worth maybe 1$ at max if you squeeze everything of the game and replay it several times..Version: 2.7.6

Not worth your timeThis game costs way too much for what you’re actually getting. The art, and actual gameplay is fun but it lacks in every other area. First off it’s extremely short, I beat the game in a little over in an hour, if not shorter. The puzzles are extremely easy, the only time I ever struggled with one is when I didn’t notice a tool I needed to use. The sound design gets pretty annoying after a while with how using the level works. Monument valley also has a pretty bland and uninteresting story told through haiku dialogue. Overall you shouldn’t really get this game for its puzzles, length, story, or overall just something to waste time on. I genuinely feel like I wasted money on this don’t make the same mistake.Version: 2.7.21

Beautiful but too limitedThere's no doubt that this is a stunning-looking game, but for $5 I expect more than 3 hours' gameplay. The 10 levels get steadily more difficult, but it isn't possible to go wrong. I prefer a game where I have to fail a few times before I finally figure out the right way to do it. If Ida could fall off the walkways, or fail in some other way that meant restarting the chapter, there would be a whole lot more enjoyment in finally cracking each chapter. Cute but you don't get your money's worth..Version: 2.3.0

So short and easyWay too expensive for what you get. It’s like paying for a novel but getting a short story with size 20 font. I was just kinda warming up to the game and it tells me I’m done. I “won” I guess. It started out beyond easy, but I figured it was just getting warmed up so that I’d eventually be on puzzles where I’d have to take some time and give it some thought. Then it just ended. I think I spent maybe an hour and a half total on it. If that. I thought the story was just getting ramped up, but that was it. It was a lame story. I did not care about it at all and they were trying WAAYYYYY too hard to have it be poetic and serious. I swear, out of the hour and a half of playing the game I think a half hour of it was slow transitions to the next easy puzzle or lame, two-line story fragments. Ugh. What makes it worse is that I bought the bundle for $6.99 because of the good reviews and now the game is trying to sell me in-game purchases to make the story continue for another hour. I’d avoid it if I were you..Version: 2.6.0

Nice but too short!Nice game but way too short! Finished really quickly which was disappointing for the price.Version: 2.5.21

Expensive for an hour of gameplay.$6 to be able to finish the entire game in an hour? Then try and charge me $3 for more levels? This game was magnificent and the cost and short gameplay has left a sour taste in my mouth..Version: 2.5.5

Disappointing!As mention by other players the opening screen promises a good challenging game. That is where the challenge ends. For £5 I was expecting something to challenge me for a few days at least. I have completed the whole game and I still have not had the invoice from the AppStore. Don’t get me wrong the graphics are exceptional, the game play isn’t. Basically I have lost £5. I would strongly recommend to think long and hard if you want to pay this much for barely a few hours games play with no challenges..... just point and click. VERY VERY DISAPPOINTING!!!.Version: 2.5.16

Short gameThis is a beautifully created game. And runs very smooth and clean, through the stages. It is rather expensive, considering you can complete the first chapter in less than 2.5 hours. Then you have to pay more for further chapters and levels. I’d say the levels would need to be harder to keep anyone bar children going for longer..Version: 2.7.21

Great! ….but too shortMy 13yo daughter and I both got the app. We completed all the levels, and bonus levels, in one sitting. After paying for the app & extra levels, we kind of feel cheated and expected a longer gameplay. For the price, I do feel there should have been more new puzzles rather than having to repeat the puzzles over and over. The game itself is beautiful and pleasing on the eyes. Each level offers challenge’s to figure out using deduction, perspective and puzzle solving. I really did enjoy my time playing it, it was well done …..just too short for the price. Maybe offer a daily puzzle or something? For now, we will just delete the completed app and find something with more continuous play. Not sure I want to buy the other apps if they will be just as short..Version: 2.7.21

Disappointing and Way Too ShortBought this game because I remember playing it on my kindle as a little kid. The kindle subscription gave the game and apparently the expansion as a part of the device bundle for free. After beating the game in under an hour, I realized all the best levels are a part of the forgotten shores expansion. It’s a disappointingly short game for the price they charge, and a rip off to charge another two bucks for a few more levels. Definitely the last time I pay for a game without knowing exactly what value I’m getting. If you’re looking for a game that you can play without feeling it’s a rip off, don’t bother with it. The animations are beautiful, and the game is kind of fun, but it’s anticlimactic. Three stars for what it once was. 👎.Version: 3.3.202

Nicely designed, boring game playWhen you first load up the games opening screen you can see what a beautifully designed game it is but sadly to say that was where all the budget went. As you start to play it’s not but ten seconds before you realise there is no thinking involved, you are guided where to press on every level and the “puzzle” parts are about as hard as an alphabet jigsaw, each step simply follows the next far to obviously. A challenge for the brain this is not so far as to say this is not a game, more of an interactive story just with out much interaction. A real shame as with one or two miner tweaks they could have a classic game for a lifetime. In my own opinion keep with the beautiful design the same one touch controls and the wonderful story but make the reassembly of the paths more of a puzzle and a challenge to solve and it will have generations hook for life..Version: 2.5.16

1 is great, 2 not so muchThe first game had great puzzles and was beautifully crafted. The second game took the art to a whole new level... but the puzzles were far too easy. Found myself disappointed if I didn’t solve the puzzle within seconds. Few challenges. But stunningly beautiful art and sound design..Version: 2.7.6

Too Short, But Otherwise GREATI just spent a few dollars on this game thinking I would have something to occupy me for a while. The game is great and the type of puzzle is magnificent. However, it took me less than an hour to do all 10 levels. Overall, the concept is truly fascinating. Easy to control and actually makes you do a little thinking to complete some of the puzzles. My wife boy real gripe is that it was too short and I didn’t come across a single puzzle that “stumped” me. I hope Monument 2 is more challenging and longer. Otherwise, I would like to say to the creators that the game is truly magnificent except for the length and difficulty. Great Job..Version: 2.6.0

Amazing Game but not value for moneyComplete rip off. The game is amazing, it’s pretty and well made, the puzzles are great fun and will make you think outside the box. But for the price - it’s not worth it. I finished both 1 and 2 in a day each, sure I can go back and replay the levels but I expected to get a lot more out of the very above average app price. I would have been happy to pay for such a quality game but to pay so much for so little game time is terrible..Version: 2.7.6

Does not live up to hypePerhaps I was expecting a real challenge of a puzzle game, or a good long collection of puzzles (for that price and review score), but this sweetly short game was very much a "try things until the level is complete" game, with a menu, slow game pace, unskippable sequences and constant note effects that quickly became annoying and by and large no real challenge to any of the puzzles..Version: 2.2.3

So much lost potentialThis game has an amazing aesthetic. The graphics and scenery are beautiful. They do a great job with the visuals and music creating a mystical “feel” to the game. It gives the player the sense that they are on a quest for something deeper, something profound....however the story does not back this up at all. It is terrible. As this is supposed to be a puzzle game, It shouldn’t really matter that the story is terrible as the puzzles should be the focus of the game but this game clearly tries to make the story a major aspect of the game. This leads to my second and more important criticism of this game, THE PUZZLES ARE TERRIBLE! They are not even puzzles, you just click this and watch stuff move. A 4 year old could do them. The Escheresque concept/feel to the “puzzles” set up is a brilliant concept but totally underutilized. I was so excited when I first started playing and saw the concept but became more disappointed with each level as it was never fully utilized to create an actually puzzle. By the end I felt like I just wasted my time. The game felt like it was created by a team of amazing visual artists who unfortunately did not have the foresight to hire a puzzle creator or a story writer. If the developers happen to read these, the aesthetic and Escheresque concept are brilliant, please make another one except this time hire someone who know how to make challenging puzzles!.Version: 2.6.0

Fun but shortA very fun game which challenge your mind and perception. My inky complaint and hence the loss of 2 stars is the length of the game. It took me less than an hour to complete the whole game which in my mind does not make it worth the price tag. 10 levels taking less than 5 minutes to complete each made me feel like this was only a small taste of the game, and not a standalone title. Will go over to playing the second game in the family, and may be buying the extension pack with 8 more levels (30 min play time?) for $3. Hopefully those levels are a bit more challenging. The visuals and feel of the game is stellar tho, so well done to the developers. I just want more tbh..Version: 2.7.6

Good, but..I loved this game when I first bought it, I completed the whole first chapter within hours, even minutes. However, i am confused and annoyed how despite paying for the game with only a few levels we are forced to pay AGAIN if we want another chapter. Would have given more stars if we weren't made to pay for the added levels, it was an enjoyable game at the start which is why I've given it 3 stars..Version: 2.0

Too expensiveThe game was amazing, i like these kinds of weird stories, and i liked the puzzles and how you needed to solve them. The problem were after about half an hour, i had already completed the game. It is way too expensive and needs to be cut much shorter..Version: 2.5.16

:(1 year ago I bought this game and it was perfect. I reinstalled this game today because I wanted to do the game again but each time I open it, it crash.Version: 2.7.20

Beautiful but a waste of moneyThe graphics in the game are beautiful but ultimately both the first game and the second are a waste of money. I (and I’m quite incompetent when it comes to puzzle games) finished them both in a day or so. For £6.99 I was hoping they would last a bit longer that 24 hours. Maybe if there were more levels added in the future (free of charge) it would be great! I’d suggest that if you were wanting to buy this game, find someone who already has it and just use theirs because there is not point in buying it for yourself..Version: 2.6.0

Too pricey for fun that lasted an hour!It was a good game with goo graphics but I was extremely disappointed that after an hour the game was over! I would like my money back if I could because the app is not worth $6. There are a lot of good apps out there that do not cost much. How can they justify the cost of this game? At least throw in Part Two for free! I am not happy..Version: 2.5.5

Crash :(Running on a Mac M1. First five chapters ran smoothly, but locked up in chapter six. Too bad, interesting game..Version: 2.7.21

Nice graphics but too shortGraphics, sound and atmosphere are great but for 4GBP all you get is an hour’s worth of gameplay with 10 levels ONLY. It wasn’t that challenging and difficult. Not going to buy the second game because it’s poor value for money. Also why make the extra 8 levels paid? Just include them to add value for the original purchase. Nonetheless, if you think it’s worth an hour of interesting puzzle gameplay with optical illusions, go for it!.Version: 2.7.6

Not bad but not really worth the moneyDon’t get me wrong it was a good game if you like puzzles games which I do... however, you only get ten levels with the game which for me were very easy so I finished it in a day. And then for eight more levels you have to pay an extra £1.99 which I don’t think is good because again they were easy as well. I don’t think I’ll get the second one just because it a lot of money for a couple of levels what are pretty easy..Version: 2.6.0

Overpriced artI love puzzle games, and this one had so many people raving about it, that I thought: "Why not?" At $6 AUD, I was expecting A LOT more. I breezed through the 10 levels available, and paid almost $3 for more. Also got through those quite easily. Would also like to add that I couldn't hear the sound unless I had my headphones plugged in, which is annoying. Beautiful design, poor execution. Would like to see more challenging levels released - make it worth the purchase..Version: 2.5.21

Barely a puzzle game, not worth the priceThis really is a terrific app, it’s just advertised as a ‘puzzle game’ when it’s really just a youth-friendly adventure app: not to mention over-priced. The look and feel is sublime, but the puzzles are hardly puzzling. I finished them all in under an hour. If you’ve completed a Zelda or Mario game, or just have adult-level deductive reasoning skills, you will probably find Monument Valley not the least bit challenging. Which is fine for kids and parents who are inexperienced — but if you’re even modestly practiced with puzzles of any kind, I would not recommend this game. Your money would be better spent elsewhere. (I hope the makers of this app enjoy the profits, some developers -even mobile devs- actually care about their customers and choose to market their products honestly.).Version: 2.6.6

CrashThe game crashes 1 sec after opening it everytime. Not worth it..Version: 3.3.202

Beautiful but too easy and shortThis is more of a visual triumph than a great game. It's astonishingly clever how they can devise and create the mazes but it's too simple to complete, and there's no punishment or time limit on labels, so you can just walk around without much strategy until you happen to find connections to complete the level. Hopefully the next set of levels they release will have time limits and life points or something for punishing you for getting moves wrong Update: mon valley 2 is the same: looks beautiful but too easy and short again! Takes about 50 mins to complete the whole game for £5. They go to all the effort for beautiful graphics but make the moves too easy.Version: 2.5.16

OkayThe game itself was fun - was even tricky at times. I really have no idea what the storyline was though, it made no sense to me. I think the price is over the top for a game that took less than two hours to complete!! Was fun for a little while but not worth the price in my opinion. I’m disappointed after reading such great reviews, but I’m surprised there aren’t more people complaining about its very short length..Version: 2.7.6

Great game but you need to pay to keep goingLiked the game and thought into it but it is over in a few days if not day and then they ask for more money for more levels that is disappointing.Version: 2.7.6

Way too short and simple for the priceI played the first monument valley and loved it. I found the puzzles challenging enough to keep me interested without getting frustrated. However, MV2 is way over-priced. The production company seem to be cashing in on the success of the first game by releasing version 2 that is incredibly short (took me less than an hour to complete) and very easy. The puzzles were far too straight forward and logical. The look of the game is great and it is very clever but I wouldn't rate it anywhere near as good as MV1 and that was a lot cheaper..Version: 2.5.5

Bad gameI thought it was ok but I found out the truth 30 minutes later. I would not suggest it.😡.Version: 2.7.21

Where’s the puzzle?Can’t deny the graphics are superb and there are some fascinating optical illusions and tricks of perception... but as a puzzle game it simply fails to deliver. Really enjoyed the previous 2 incarnations as they kept me thinking and figuring out how.. and what... to do for some time. Was really looking forward to playing this but was very disappointed and felt pretty duped into paying the not insignificant fee. Finished it in a single sitting. I have other puzzle games around the same price that are leaps and bounds ahead of this in gameplay and have kept me occupied for weeks. This has kind of put me off this series if there are plans for any further. It is quirky but now a little dated.Version: 2.5.21

Waste of moneyI bought the game just for it to crash every time I open it..I haven’t even played once need a refund.Version: 3.3.202

Too shortToo short for the price..Version: 2.7.6

Too few levelsI can't believe I spent $6.99 on ten levels + one bonus level. If it had been about $3 I would've thought it was money well spent but for something that didn't take me long to finish it wasn't a good use of my money. It is very beautiful but it's asking too much for what it is..Version: 3.3.202

Beautiful but not worth the moneyHonestly, I’ve always wondered about this game and recently I finally decided to purchase both this and the Monument Valley 2 and let me tell you, I finished this game in 3 days. The graphics are amazing, just beautiful. However, this doesn’t make up for the lack of content. There are 10 chapters which can all be done in a day if you keep playing it. Very sad with the outcome and if I’m being completely honest, if I had read other reviews I wouldn’t have bought this..Version: 2.5.21

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